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The Chris Hedges Report: Ukraine and the crisis of media censorship

  • Published on Sep 1, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Throughout the Ukraine war, Western news outlets have mindlessly parroted the opinions of a ruling elite and overseen a public discourse that is often unhinged from the real world. 
    Patrick Lawrence was a correspondent and columnist for nearly 30 years for the Far Eastern Economic Review, the International Herald Tribune and The New Yorker. He is the author of Somebody Else's Century: East and West in a Post-Western World and Time No Longer: America After the American Century.
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  • Darin Singleton
    Darin Singleton Year ago +2754

    As always: "Looking for news in the corporate-media is like looking for love in a brothel.
    Not saying it can't happen. Just that it comes at a price."

    • CatTreeOfLife
      CatTreeOfLife Year ago +76


    • Bobby H
      Bobby H Year ago +142

      Wow! What a metaphor!! First time hearing this!! 😂

    • Rick Lee
      Rick Lee Year ago +45

      "Love in a brothel" is a result of too much TV such as a movie with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Or perhaps a man inundated with feminism his whole life. Nonetheless an interesting concept.

    • Robert Birchall
      Robert Birchall Year ago +6

      @Rick Lee Piaf Edith

    • Gordon Pkm
      Gordon Pkm Year ago +14

      @Bobby H ,your new ..
      The saying is alot older than you then ..

  • Andrew Emery
    Andrew Emery 8 months ago +569

    I'm British. I've worked in many countries, and never fail to be amazed by the false information the BBC puts out, until now I have no trust in the British Broadcasting Corporation.

    • Daphne Thurlow
      Daphne Thurlow 3 months ago +56

      You are not alone ..they are flat out liars..

    • terminallychill
      terminallychill 3 months ago +31

      As an american I used to watch the BBC because I thought they were at least a little more truthful than American new networks. Maybe I was wrong. In any case, I don't know what's real anymore.

    • Karen Kelly
      Karen Kelly 3 months ago +9

      Interesting use of English for a Brit!?!?

    • MeMe
      MeMe 3 months ago +7

      Tell me ,when were they false?

  • passinthru
    passinthru 11 months ago +357

    Thanks, Chris; always a breath of fresh air when you expose the hypocrisy of the media

    • daniel creveuil
      daniel creveuil 5 months ago +2

      Who is media who is (are) owenrs ? Few bunchs of... Censure

    • Peter Green
      Peter Green 4 months ago +3

      Well said and well OBSERVED.

    • EZriderSpewsTruth
      EZriderSpewsTruth 3 months ago +2

      Oooooo this looks Sooo Good. TRUTH IS FEW N FAR BETWEEN

  • steve carter
    steve carter 6 months ago +159

    Thanks to Chris for trying to get the truth out there

  • J G
    J G 11 months ago +159

    The world would be a better place with more journalistic type conversations like this.

    • MeMe
      MeMe 3 months ago +2


    • myparcel tape
      myparcel tape 7 days ago

      They have got to make a living.

  • Duncan Wheeler
    Duncan Wheeler 6 months ago +90

    I love Patrick Lawrence's way of open thinking as he's speaking. Brings a depth to his words. Thanks Chris Hedges for this.

  • Andrey Che
    Andrey Che Year ago +1398

    Censorship is a sign of weakness. And extreme censorship and suppression of any real news on Ukraine war that we observe now is a sign of an extreme weakness.

    • john smith
      john smith Year ago +31

      Yes ur math is correct

    • Ruen Rhekwon
      Ruen Rhekwon Year ago +26

      @john smith Cant see any flaws in his calculations.

    • bilgyno1
      bilgyno1 Year ago +39

      Do you mean the censorship of being thrown in jail for calling the 'special military operation' a war?

  • Elias Hruska
    Elias Hruska 11 months ago +46

    Excellent report as always. Chris Hedges keep up the important contribution you make to democracy.

  • prschuster
    prschuster 6 months ago +79

    I remember, as a child in the 1950s, hearing that there was no freedom of speech in Soviet Russia. Fast forward to the 21st century, and the age of innocence is gone.

    • steve beer
      steve beer 16 days ago +4

      I remember, as a child , hearing that my dads parents had been released from Siberia in the 1950s , when Stalin died. My dad was imprisoned in the Lubyanka prison in 1940, after Stalin had done a deal with Hitler to carve up Poland and western Ukraine between them(1939) and 20 thousand Poles had been murdered by Russian troops in the Katyn forest. My dad was 18 years old at the time and had been studying at a Ukrainian orthodox seminary. (this was how you got a further education as a Ukrainian peasant farmer, but my dad was thinking about becoming apriest before the Russians invaded his country). He was arrested as a political prisoner for being unable to grass up his neighbours for non existent transgressions.. This apparently made him an enemy of the Soviets. He was 18. He had committed no crime except for being a Kulak. ((Ukrainian peasant) His younger brother was shot , in the late 1940s for distributing pro democratic literature.. By this time my dad had settled in England , after fighting with the Polish forces, against the Nazis in North Africa and Italy (Monte Casino). He was not to hear from his parents for another 10 years. Stalin murdered millions of Ukrainians < indeed he murdered millions from other subject nations, afte4r which time he settled many Russians in the areas of Ukraine denuded of its native population- There are great historical parallels with the American treatment of Native American populations. This happened to the grandparents of Ukrainians now fighting against a russia which,on its own, internal Russian tv admits its genocidal intent in Ukraine.

    • orange1666
      orange1666 15 days ago +2

      @steve beerreplace soviets with Russians !

  • Isabel Toro
    Isabel Toro 2 months ago +18

    Thank you for bringing light into “all” the obscure corners of journalism and the way it is practiced ( i guess self preservation is humanly more important than being loyal to the truth)

  • neil friedman
    neil friedman 11 months ago +220

    Love Patrick Lawrence's writings on Sheerpost. I'm in south africa, and I remember Patrick going to jail for not releasing the name of his informant in an article he had written in a large daily newspaper. Keep up the great work Patrick

    • Barrie Reid
      Barrie Reid 7 months ago +18

      It is what those of us who ARE journalists do. Other than that; like my bureau partner, we pay with our lives. I have a spot marked on my world map where he died and is; allegedly, buried.

    • Liz Jordan
      Liz Jordan 6 months ago +6

      So sad. 💐😥

    • Dennis Tofvesson
      Dennis Tofvesson 6 months ago +4

      @neilfriedman Well South Africa doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to human rights and coruption. It's sad that you haven't been able to fully set your country free but I have hopes for you.

  • William Sledge
    William Sledge 27 days ago +11

    Thank you, guys! I wish I could do more for the true investigative writers that you are, you are my lifelong heroes bringing heartfelt smiles of admiration as you blow the whistle or point out incongrouties on our social systems and their often grotesque players, on the one hand, and on the other, shinning light on the best paths forward and on those leading us there.

  • christdragon
    christdragon Year ago +480

    I'm a massive Chris Hedges fan. He is one of the best social critics I've ever heard. I hope many more people see this very important video. Thank you.

    • Dave Martino
      Dave Martino Year ago +9

      Why? He’s a propagandist

    • GeorgeKanakaris
      GeorgeKanakaris Year ago +5

      @Dave Martino Exactly.

    • shaughan gould
      shaughan gould Year ago +4

      And a really bad one.

    • x
      x Year ago

      You are massive

    • shaughan gould
      shaughan gould Year ago

      There are vacancies for Conscription Officers in Ukraine and Russia. Great pay but short life expectancy.

  • HARobbJr
    HARobbJr 10 months ago +119

    I am an American and a Christian. What I have sadly come to recognize is the role of the American Church in shaping public opinion about this war and maybe every war. They have endorsed the Ukraine cause as just and noble. Am I the only one who is waking up?

    • John Laube
      John Laube 6 months ago +17

      Whatever label it is given. It is always about power and control. Sadly

    • AnimeFaNBoy
      AnimeFaNBoy 6 months ago +11

      Maybe because Ukraine didn't invade Russia.

    • Rob 51
      Rob 51 6 months ago +29

      ​@AnimeFaNBoy u still don't get it - - it all started 2014 - - do some research - - reactions always follow actions - - get it ? Sometimes there are justifications for that

  • Alistair Page-McGill
    Alistair Page-McGill 6 months ago +20

    I only came across this video today. It's incredible how many people are still as committed to believing the doublethink now as they were 6 months or a year ago

  • Vegas Rick
    Vegas Rick 7 months ago +24

    Great report, considerations an informed public needs to understand when digesting an article they read.

  • Emilie
    Emilie 15 days ago +5

    This is true journalism, with honest passionate journalists. based on humanity, facts and independence

  • Mikael S600
    Mikael S600 11 months ago +438

    I accidentally came across this video and I'm so glad I did! great conversation and substance. hearing so much logic is so refreshing in a time where the facts and truth are intentionally ignores and many times admonished. great job guys!

  • Tom Martin
    Tom Martin 10 months ago +88

    Thanks for keeping a spotlight on the American proxy war and Ukrainian war crimes.

    • myparcel tape
      myparcel tape 7 days ago +2

      It will be even better when they follow the missing arms.

    • Wendell Rider
      Wendell Rider 2 days ago

      @myparcel tapeUKRAINIAN WAR CRIMES!? You can’t tell the difference between these and the wars for profit of the last 30 years.
      Can’t you tell the difference?

    • myparcel tape
      myparcel tape 2 days ago

      @Wendell Rider
      It's good that you are on the spot to honestly report and not allege.

    • Briventamo
      Briventamo 2 days ago

      ​@myparcel tape
      Still waiting to hear exactly what role we are to attribute to 300,000 Russian combo troops attacking contested villages and cities populated by surrounded civilians and non-combatants. Scorch doors artillery bombardments eviscerating infrastructure, public housing blocs and roadways used for evacuation.

  • David Pearson
    David Pearson 7 months ago +39

    First time listening and I am glad I did! Very good interview and a little insight into what journalists must be going through no days!

  • Goran Vujasinovic
    Goran Vujasinovic 11 months ago +28

    Chris and people like him give me hope that humanity still has a chance

  • Liz Jordan
    Liz Jordan 6 months ago +10

    Excellent show, thank you gentlemen.

  • Mf1971
    Mf1971 Year ago +665

    Essential viewing . Two fine eloquent journalists who remind us of how integrity and courage are utterly lost to the entirety of the mainstream media hacks

    • Cynthia DeMario
      Cynthia DeMario Year ago +13

      Their daily show is full of easily debunked garbage.
      Look them up online before saying they have integrity and courage. Their Wikipedia is interesting isn't it?
      You call them two fine eloquent journalists. I think, because they happily fill their daily videos with content from unreliable and unconfirmed sources (often pro Russian) they are not journalists, they are a shameless pair who would say anything for additional subscribers and more views.

    • Jason Nacci
      Jason Nacci Year ago +17

      The mainstream media is my soap opera. I come to Hedges for behind the scenes bloopers.

    • John Royce
      John Royce Year ago +35

      @Cynthia DeMario don't know if you're a ridiculous spoof or not, but you're giving a spot-on example of what this interview is about. Good job!

    • Barnard Carbajal
      Barnard Carbajal Year ago +5

      @Cynthia DeMario Russia Times US allowed to headquarter in Kansas long ago. Why did you come here? Oh you thinking for yourself. Good.

  • Dorothy Loose
    Dorothy Loose 9 months ago +16

    Very much enjoyed this interview. Have been a big fan of Patrick Lawrence reporting over the years. So true the only reliable truth reporting is with independent media.

  • salomie pieterse
    salomie pieterse 11 months ago +32

    Very good journalism rare to find in media

  • Eric Vollmer
    Eric Vollmer 5 months ago +12

    Thanks, Chris, for this remarkably frank and revealing interview with seasoned journalist, Patrick Lawrence. I watched it the first time that you broadcast it last year - and I suppose I would be happy to revisit it, again and again. To me, you have gained a lot of wisdom in your News careers and a noticeable incredulity of what passes for mass media News, nowadays. Patrick was being polite when he referred to the correspondents he mentioned as political "Activists." In my mind, they are simply complicit with the powers-that-be, who all hold "Money" as their almighty God. I have a background in studying the Humanities - and I believe in "Advocacy Journalism" - at least when it is based on seeking to advance the best interests of humankind over the expedient interests of the monied interests who have us all by the 'balls,' so to speak, anyway...

  • Michael Dusso
    Michael Dusso 7 months ago +14

    I have ALWAYS viewed Hedges’ astute insights, and stories of his experiences, as being the single-most comprehensive voice of OBJECTIVE reasoning alive today. THIS is what journalism looks like !!!

  • Wildgoose59
    Wildgoose59 Month ago +27

    When British politicians can call for Putin to be declared a war criminal without any sense of irony you know you're in a dark place.

    • OK! But then again.
      OK! But then again. 8 days ago +1

      Name one UK politian who has acted or commited actions that are considered a war crime or are considered to be a war criminal. And don't use Blaire as he got a UN resolution get out of jail card for his antics.

    • Anno Nymus
      Anno Nymus Day ago

      ​@OK! But then again.lmao you said it

  • Cliht Yeastwood
    Cliht Yeastwood 10 months ago +63

    EXCELLENT content Chris.
    Just discovered you, and I love the balance and approach you are bringing here.

  • Burlington Park
    Burlington Park Year ago +73

    Thank you Chris and Patrick for shinining light on this toxic and shameful darkness.

    • Bazball1080
      Bazball1080 4 months ago +1

      totally agree. thank god people are out there combatting tge myth that putin is not a great guy

  • viralfire
    viralfire 9 months ago +18

    Really enjoy reading Mr. Lawrence's articles. Thank you good sir for the thousands of enjoyed column inches.

  • sstchan924
    sstchan924 10 months ago +26

    During the Vietnam war , the first casualty of war was truth. Embedding newspaper reporters with the small army units was the most clever way preventing them from getting the over all picture of the war if they were allowed freely to investigate on their own as traditionally in previous wars. Since then all news on foreign wars was controlled and propagandized.

  • JR260CC
    JR260CC  4 months ago +7

    And let us never forget what General Smedley Butler said, "War is a Racket". In his book he discusses how everybody, meaning the politicians, suppliers, and financial institutions all make enormous profits at the expense of the poor soldiers who are sent to fight.

  • Uwant Tono
    Uwant Tono 7 months ago +9

    Am very happy that I came across this substack because it refuses to recycle the slanted garbage of the MSM (and I'm a liberal btw!! I appreciate honest, independent journalism and Chris Hedges background and working career is testimony to the integrity of this vlog. So a new subscriber here!

  • Dee Marie
    Dee Marie Year ago +485

    Great interview. So grateful for this level of discourse when everything is reduced to being a Putin apologist if you actually desire honest war reporting, not propaganda.

    • john ward
      john ward Year ago +6

      This in Russian apologia.

    • Vicki Nikolaidis
      Vicki Nikolaidis Year ago +40

      @john ward open your mind and listen again, please

    • Some One
      Some One Year ago +38

      @Vicki Nikolaidis John is just doing his job as instructed by his masters. He just does as he is told and critical thinking is not allowed.

    • Paul Heydarian
      Paul Heydarian Year ago +23

      @Vicki Nikolaidis
      Vicki dear, it could be that John's - paycheck - comes attached with specific instructions not to have an open mind.

    • niarlatotepbasset
      niarlatotepbasset Year ago +4

      @john ward, ok, Klaus 🙄…

  • colin turney
    colin turney 8 months ago +68

    This interview is standing the test of time . Way ahead of its time

    • colin turney
      colin turney 7 months ago +5

      Wars niiether funny or a joke

    • Dave Martino
      Dave Martino 7 months ago

      @william hugh You got new sense of humor then

    • colin turney
      colin turney 6 months ago

      @Richard Liu what does ppp mean

  • Brian Lewis
    Brian Lewis 10 months ago +10

    Reporting it as it is the truth thank you Chris for keeping it real

  • Rene Stover
    Rene Stover 2 months ago +10

    I have been following Chris Hedges in his reporting and commenting for atleast 20 years, and have the utmost respect for him!

    WYTROSE 10 months ago +20

    Thanks Chris for the Truth. and no matter how much it hurts to hear you have told the truth . ❤️❤️ 🙏

  • KJ Clark
    KJ Clark 6 months ago +3

    Chris's introduction said it all; the conversation, the ugly and disheartening substantiation. A ray of sunlight in the darkening prospects of our once cherished "West", and for that matter, humanity. Thank you Chris and Patrick.

  • Maseef Mandic
    Maseef Mandic Year ago +276

    Thank the Universe we are fortunate enough to still have intelligent reporters like yourself who work so hard to get the truth out and into the real word. 👏👏👏👏👏.

    • Talisi Kid
      Talisi Kid Year ago +2

      Thank the universe? A collection of space bodies & dust? Ok…

    • Maseef Mandic
      Maseef Mandic Year ago +3

      @Talisi Kid It's better than thanking god, I know that the Universe is there.

    • wolfthequarrelsome
      wolfthequarrelsome Year ago +6

      @Maseef Mandic oh... The one who made the universe... IF God doesn't exist then how does the universe exist?

    • John Martin
      John Martin 10 months ago

      How do we know what these guys are saying is the truth. I mean have they been to Ukraine, where's their war footage?

  • Khalda Yaqub-Stevenson
    Khalda Yaqub-Stevenson 7 months ago +32

    Came to watch this report through George Galloway 'Moats' report. Thanks to people like George and Chris, I know the thoughts in my head are NOT just 'conspiracy theories' that the media would have me believe.
    Just subscribed to every report from this channel. Thank you Chris Hedges❤

    • Rob Plazzman
      Rob Plazzman 5 months ago

      George worked for RT, a news outlet run directly by Moscow. Officially, he no longer works for them. But, do they still pay him ?

    • Andy aka Rudolf Hessiansack
      Andy aka Rudolf Hessiansack 3 months ago +2

      ​@Rob PlazzmanThat's like saying a BBC reporter is paid by Britain. What's the difference?

    • Rob Plazzman
      Rob Plazzman 3 months ago

      @Andy aka Rudolf Hessiansack Very little, both will have a bias. But as state control is stronger in Russia, I imagine so is the bias.

  • Louise Rose
    Louise Rose 8 months ago +29

    The Ukraine war has pushed demands for everyone's Loyalty to the established Story, the established watchwords to heights we have not seen in the West since the last days of Stalin. Ever since then, the right to make one's own opinions on current policies and to question "your own side" has been seen as a given thing, at least in principle. Even as a sign of strength: we're strong enough as a society not to need constant affirmations of loyalty and sloganizing.
    But the Ukraine conflict suspended much of this, on our part. Anyone who dares question the wisdom of NATO and EU policies, the reasonableness of Biden, Blinken and Stoltenberg or the heroic qualities of Zelensky is now seen as a Russian collaborator, an agent or a jerk. And most of the western news media have really ditched their normal principles of careful fact-checking, criticism of hyperboles and attempting to get behind political spin, because "we don't want to hurt Kiev's effort of selling the war and marshalling support", therefore they won't really scrutinize what Kiev and their cronies are saying in any useful way.
    This is a massive let-down of the standards the news media claim to live by.

    • Susanna Pavelkova
      Susanna Pavelkova 4 months ago +4

      Totally agree. I am now labelled as a Putin Supporter, a commie-red, etc etc ....

    • Louise Rose
      Louise Rose 4 months ago +2

      @Susanna Pavelkova Yes indeed- I've been called a "Russian whore" and such myself. And the worst bit isn't even the individual name-calling but the climate of zero tolerance for any kind of complications.

    • Kevin Campbell
      Kevin Campbell 4 months ago

      Did you say budin-dueche is reasonable ?

  • Andrew Hoult
    Andrew Hoult 2 months ago +3

    Chris hedges and your fellow colleague are the real deal the real proper journalists we need today

  • Alien2799
    Alien2799 7 months ago +17

    I have just stumbled upon two wonderful human beings. I look forward to following you and learning the truth. Thank you so much!

  • Duncan Greenoak
    Duncan Greenoak 3 months ago +4

    Chris Hedges is a real journalist...but he is also a real listener. He has opinions but understands that other people might have opinions to. That is why his audience are faithful to his programme ... and his guests.

  • Dave Kirk
    Dave Kirk Year ago +656

    It's a breath of fresh air to hear real journalists and war reporter's, most of my friends don't even know the war on Dombas has been going on since 2014.

    • Dave Kirk
      Dave Kirk Year ago +55

      @Diego KRUGER read my text again, i didn't mention Russia, i said the war on Dunbas meaning the unelected government of ukraine, the azov battalion of nazi's was killing people in Dunbas, i didn't know i had to explain who was doing it because it's fact if you look it up.

    • Dave Kirk
      Dave Kirk Year ago +21

      @Diego KRUGER yes we are on the same wavelength, most people only read the false headline, thank you Diego.

    • Talisi Kid
      Talisi Kid Year ago +2

      Or before.

  • Reshad Soobhany
    Reshad Soobhany 8 months ago +10

    Good morning Chris. We would be interested to hear your views on the apartheid Israeli regime and the treatment meted out to Palestinians, the daily killings, the theft of lands, the impunity of the settlers, the arrests of children, the daily night raids in Palestinian areas awaking young children of 2 to 10 years at 3 a.m. aiming awful weapons at them, the beating of women and the treatment of old people. We leave it up to you to report on these subjects. So far the western media has been silent on them only Al Jazeera has been fearless enough to reveal these issues and it paid a high price with its journalists being killed cold bloodedly and beaten with broken arms and legs. All these have been posted on Clip-Share and tik tok. Hope to hear you in the near future.

    • helen kelly
      helen kelly 10 days ago

      Thank you so much for your request. It is an ongoing sadness in my life that these people have been ignored 💔

  • Godfried Kruger
    Godfried Kruger 6 days ago

    Excellent interview! Keep the good work up!

  • Ivana
    Ivana 7 months ago +10

    Thank you for reporting FACTS and TRUTH!

  • Mari Mar
    Mari Mar Year ago +56

    Thank you Gentleman for your work
    It feels good to hear that there are still real journalists with the Courage to speak up

  • Gordie Stevan
    Gordie Stevan 11 months ago +9

    We need more discussions like this!

  • Катерина Мальханова

    Great points, wonderful show, thank you so very much for your work

  • Brian Thomas
    Brian Thomas 6 months ago +6

    "They liked playing boy scouts" absolutely brilliant collective description. I agree that careerism was a designed process to replace collective bargaining with the aim of "blackmailing" employees. Is it akin to the days of J Edgar Hoover? Control the messenger and you control the message. I am nowhere near your league of knowledge or intelligence concerning this matter but I commend myself that instinctively one knows that this is what is going on.. Thank you so much for this broadcast. I even love your intro music. 😊

  • Friendsof Jesus
    Friendsof Jesus 7 months ago +20

    Keep feeding us with the truth.

  • Casey Nevell
    Casey Nevell 7 months ago +7

    Great reporting it's about time people knew the truth about Ukraine....

  • Stephen Van Woert
    Stephen Van Woert Year ago +280

    Thanks for the excellent conversation. Thr runup to the Gulf War was a turning point for me. The media bias, the steady drumbeat for war, was sickening.

    • Nana
      Nana 11 months ago +7

      Well said my friend

  • Sea Griffon 101
    Sea Griffon 101 8 months ago +25

    Thanks Chris. Eva K Bartlett is a wonderful, smart and brave young woman who everyone should follow. She has her own channel.

  • musashidanmcgrath
    musashidanmcgrath 7 months ago +68

    A perfect example of this is the Zelensky 'fundraising' visit to the UK last week. He was there unashamedly, with hat in hand, despite the buried story from some months back that 17 million pounds of military aid, donated by the UK a few months before, had just 'disappeared' without a trace. No inquiry. No investigation. No request from the UK to uncover the whereabouts of that donation. Nothing. It was as if it never happened, and Zelensky was still being paraded around and championed and showered with more millions, no questions asked.

    • Henrik Frandsen
      Henrik Frandsen 7 months ago +5

      Can you link to info about that disappeared military aid. I can't seem to find it anywhere.

    • Hannah Z
      Hannah Z 7 months ago +5

      I am wondering where the info about stolen donations came from. I mean Ukraine should be even stronger then the media says if it managed to keep winning the war against 3 times bigger country and in the same time steal smth

    • Deni Deniro
      Deni Deniro 6 months ago +1

      ​@Hannah Z clown

    • Deni Deniro
      Deni Deniro 6 months ago +5

      Поймите, на этой войне отмывают огромные деньги как США и Великобритания так и их союзники, ну а Украина берёт себе процент.

  • Shelley LaBar
    Shelley LaBar 5 months ago +3

    Congrats to both you both. EXCELLENT VIDEO _ AGAIN !

  • Shaun Hill
    Shaun Hill 10 months ago +11

    Awesome information. Now this needs to be seen by everyone who has missed out due to cencorship.

  • Laurent H
    Laurent H 8 days ago +1

    Excellent.. it's so rare to hear something so sound and well said.

  • Elizabeth H
    Elizabeth H 11 months ago +274

    We have been lied too for decades and those in media have played a huge role!
    Treasonous acts have serious consequences...

    • Orto3000
      Orto3000 8 months ago

      Palpatine- it's treason then

    • ana ruiz
      ana ruiz 8 months ago +6

      No they don’t. That’s why they keep doing it and cashing in at the expense of real journalism

    • Elizabeth H
      Elizabeth H 7 months ago +2

      @Extraneus yeah, but you have to do a bit of searching for the truth and decide for yourself.
      It's good to have different opinions on matters important to you, but when certain people and topics are censored , that's when you have to ask yourself why .
      Example ... 2016 election there were claims that Pres Trump colluded w Russia by Dems n Hillary n alot of public heard the accusations and decided for themselves if they believed it.
      But it was much different in 2020 elec
      When the opposition was censored.
      There's alot of examples and the Senate hearings are underway by the rep Congress that are telling us who was involved

  • S
    S 9 months ago +7

    This man is a legend 🙌 👏

  • Pro Lim
    Pro Lim 10 months ago +9

    Great reporting Chris.

  • Noxolo Tshabangu
    Noxolo Tshabangu 3 months ago +1

    Thank you for this. Suddenly so many things now make sense.

  • kelly wilkins
    kelly wilkins Month ago +5

    I loved having a Twitter account because I felt like I had a voice, able to post my views and opinions, all well-researched, on a number of subjects. I turned my attention to Ukraine & posted information given to me by citizens remaining in that country. Overwhelmingly they reported that once the Russians landed they felt 'safe' enough to leave their homes at will and walk the streets whenever they wanted with family or friends. Clearly this didn't match up with the mostly Western mainstream media's view of Zelensky as a SAVVY POLITICIAN AND saviour of the people. Many unimpeachable political commentators attributed Zelensky's success in the 2019 general election as being due to his recognizability, having been a comedic performer in Ukraine for years, and most of all for having NO political experience as a sudden surge of republican sentiment gripped the nation following years of oligarchic rule. Pointing this out resulted in a sudden and unforeseeable (according to Musk) issue with some Twitter accounts. My account, history and followers was wiped.

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      I get called "Russian agent" by idiots who think victory is just around the corner

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    Such an excellent point (and truth) saying that “embedding” didn’t exist prior to 1990. In Vietnam, the war correspondents went without being embedded with a platoon or other military groups (thus, seeing and writing what the military wanted them to say).
    They wrote and took photos of what they, as journalists who knew what WE citizens should know about a war that was tearing us apart.

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