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Pokémon Violet Hardcore Nuzlocke - ELECTRIC Types! (No items, No overleveling)

  • Published on Jan 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Can I beat a Pokemon Hardcore Nuzlocke challenge in Scarlet and Violet using only Electric types?
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    Twitch: www.twitch.tv/antlerboylive
    Minecraft Channel:
    Nuzlocke rules:
    Fainted Pokemon must be permanently boxed
    Only the first encounter on any given route may be caught (dupes clause)
    All pokemon must be nicknamed
    Hardcore Rules:
    Always Set mode
    No items from the bag option in battle (held items are ok)
    No overleveling the next gym leader
    #pokemon #nuzlocke #pokemonscarletviolet
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Comments • 768

  • Night
    Night Month ago +382

    These nuzlockes are some of my favorite pokemon content to watch

    • Enola seldenrust
      Enola seldenrust 4 hours ago

      dont like doing nuzlockes but i love watching them i think alot of people can relate

    • Icy
      Icy 2 days ago


    • •{-Dusky-}•
      •{-Dusky-}• Month ago

      It’s so addictive for some reason

    • Reach For the Stars
      Reach For the Stars Month ago

      It’s fun and addicting but when the Pokémon your routing to get to the end dies it’s sad.

    • Emilaw
      Emilaw Month ago

      Best thing to watch before sleeping

  • J Shadows
    J Shadows Month ago +173

    The brick break sound effect during Larry’s gym battle had me laughing 😂

  • Byakko
    Byakko Month ago +92

    I love that Eelektross is in Scarlet and Violet just so it could be in this run. It's so underrated with its awesome move pool.

    • M M
      M M Month ago +2

      I know right, it’s amazing

    • Hello
      Hello Month ago +3

      I accidentally found one in my play through and it surprisingly carried my team through the end

    • Isaac Lim
      Isaac Lim Month ago +6

      Happy that it made it all the way to the end

  • Ricardo Santos Marques
    Ricardo Santos Marques Month ago +146

    1 thing you forgot, you setup bulk ups so even though your attack was +6, your defense was also +6, meaning you would hit yourself for neutral damage if confused.

    • z3ro.qw1rtz
      z3ro.qw1rtz 9 days ago

      ​@Nightmarish Nightmare agreed

    • Bonez DaLucario
      Bonez DaLucario Month ago +1

      @Antlerboy yeah but it would still equal the same amount of damage if he didn’t have bulk up

    • Pisa
      Pisa Month ago

      @Ricardo Santos Marques because of its stats. Pawmot has a much more higher attack stat than its defense stat

    • Ricardo Santos Marques
      Ricardo Santos Marques Month ago +1

      @Antlerboy are you replying to me? Didn’t you use 6 bulk ups that raise your attack and defense equally? How would it do more damage.

    • Antlerboy
      Antlerboy Month ago

      @Dalton Woodard nope pluck from wattrel would eat it

  • Alpha Stoutland
    Alpha Stoutland Month ago +41

    Raichu definitely was a mainstay on the team, though I did like how most of the team got their moments to shine. Always enjoy watching these challenges! 😁

    • Alpha Stoutland
      Alpha Stoutland Month ago +1

      @NDHolme149 yeah, I feel like Pincurchin did more for team support than Toxtricity did. That Toxic Spikes helped tremendously, and surviving to land a Poison Jab helped against Turo.

    • NDHolme149
      NDHolme149 Month ago +1

      Like he was only useful against penny

    • NDHolme149
      NDHolme149 Month ago +1

      Because I think toxtricity was just in the box the whole time

    • NDHolme149
      NDHolme149 Month ago +1

      Key word most

    • Fe4rlicia
      Fe4rlicia Month ago +2

      Ampharos lookin sus

  • Gamer Gabe 4.0
    Gamer Gabe 4.0 Month ago +64

    That Raichu… who knew the OG Pikachu would have carried so much. The encore, the charms, the reflect… perfect for that endgame. What a carry.

    • DXAB91
      DXAB91 Month ago

      Just like in basketball, the assist is what pushes you over the edge to victory

  • Antônio Moreira
    Antônio Moreira Month ago +17

    I really didn’t expect magnezone to be this helpful in the run. Thanks for bringing the power out of my favorite electric-type! :)

    • ncinsanity96
      ncinsanity96 19 days ago

      did his magnazone not have levitate? i was confused why he was afraid of ground moves

  • Slimey Bob
    Slimey Bob Month ago +26

    I’ve tried to watch other Nuzlockers, but Axl just has so much character and great narration skill. I love him.

  • Vesdus
    Vesdus 10 days ago +1

    That Pawmot death was the saddest one yet. Truly a shining star on your team. He will be sorely missed.

  • Pachi Zuppi
    Pachi Zuppi Month ago +6

    The power of friendship really saved this run in so many occasions.

  • Angry Flamingos
    Angry Flamingos Month ago +9

    For someone who is only useful for intimidate, luxray seemed to last quite a while.

  • Ryan Choi
    Ryan Choi Month ago +2

    Miraidon for MVP. Even if it didn't fight until the very end, don't forget that it was Miraidon who carried you on its back the entire way

  • Helente
    Helente Month ago +4

    Eelektross carried so hard, is nice to see this kind of underated pokes carry runs

  • Aly Shrum
    Aly Shrum Month ago +4

    I really enjoyed the changes in nickname depending on the form for Rotom!

  • Sariix
    Sariix Month ago +7

    Excellent video! MVP was certainly Raichu, what a beast through and through.
    I've actually been slogging my way through steel only run in Inclement Emerald. Maybe someday you'll have a video for that! Haha

  • z3ro.qw1rtz
    z3ro.qw1rtz 9 days ago

    Rotoms death crushed me, they were such a great team member, absolute MVP

  • David rawtinez
    David rawtinez Month ago +9

    Thank you for sticking with the new games, the rest of the nuzlocke community is just ignoring this game, or just getting to the Greeta fight and not actually completing the game

  • SlumpyWumpy
    SlumpyWumpy Month ago +7

    My favourite Leccy type is always gonna be Luxray. Purely because of Mystery Dungeon. There’s a boss fight where you fight Luxray and a bunch of Shinx and it stumped me for weeks as a 13yr old, but god I loved it. Made me want a Luxray on my team, not knowing that myself (shinx) would eventually be allowed to evolve into one.

  • Devan Kranz
    Devan Kranz Month ago +2

    I know it’s pretty recent, but I have to say Boltund is one of if not my favorite electric types. You can’t go wrong with the goodest of floofers!!

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith Month ago +3

    Would be crazy if they ever made Pluck take leftovers in future games

  • JasonMADX
    JasonMADX Month ago +1

    I love MonoType, keep doing it!
    Recommendation: Instead of using, for example, Raichu with Flying TeraType, limit yourself more to Monotype and catch a Pokemon of another type with Electric TeraType, like Gym Leaders do! Increases the amount of usable Pokemon and doesn't make a Pokemon (like Raichu) turn into a type that theoretically breaks the challenge.

  • Nathan Nebres
    Nathan Nebres Month ago +7

    My favorite electric type is the Pichu line, a little unsurprising lol but also have you done a Water Nuzlocke for Pokémon Violet and if not i would love to see one

  • JayTFrost
    JayTFrost Month ago

    37:31 Magnezone was the MVP. It carried so much and helped a bunch, he was and is such a GigaChad, RIP Magnezone

    • Didi Montana
      Didi Montana Month ago

      I have a surprise for you 🎁🎁🎁✍️👆

  • Justin Hale
    Justin Hale Month ago +1

    Literally binge watched every nuzlocke

  • IntrepidSword
    IntrepidSword Month ago +1

    Man, it’s actually insane that they gave a Nasty Plot Pikachu right off the bat, especially if you can find a thunder stone before the first gym

  • Gabe Williamson
    Gabe Williamson Month ago +1

    My favourite Electric type is probably the Shinx line, they're so cute 🥺 And SxperPotion's videos have enamoured me so much to Rotom-Frost

  • chickenboi795
    chickenboi795 Month ago +1

    Looking forward to an all grass type nuzlocke somewhere in the future.

  • soulslicr
    soulslicr Month ago +2

    My favorite electric type this gen is probably either Kilowattrel or Iron thorns, but my all-time favorite electric type is probably lanturn

  • Elis Jones🇺🇦
    Elis Jones🇺🇦 Month ago +5

    Great video as always love your content

  • George Wells
    George Wells 24 days ago

    Brilliant video again antler, enjoy them like it’s the first time I watched an antler video 👍

  • Thewindyfan
    Thewindyfan Month ago

    Finally got around to this video, awesome stuff! Now can’t wait for the egglocke!!

  • Savannah Simpson
    Savannah Simpson Month ago +1

    I love the nicknames in this one. (Particularly Grumpy Cat and Zaptres.)

  • TomTheSnom
    TomTheSnom Month ago +2

    Yes, my boy Eelectross is getting some love

  • Alex M
    Alex M Month ago +1

    Gotta love a fresh antlerboy nuzlocke! Love the content! #excusemewhat?

    HAKAI GONZALEZ Month ago

    I dig the pawmi line in the game. I likes how they walk.

  • David Showalter
    David Showalter Month ago +1

    I just did a run of all Electric types in the original Blue. It was tough. This ought to be amazing to watch. So excited!

  • Chris Cunningham
    Chris Cunningham Month ago

    Bellibolt with screens is OP, I used one for my first playthrough. I was surprised none of your mons were using screens.

  • Pika Rose
    Pika Rose Month ago

    Jolteon is my absolute favorite Electric type because he's super fast and with Terra being a more niche hidden power I love running a Water terra Jolteon with Volt Absorb and she is slaying out there.

  • Fortnite king
    Fortnite king Month ago +1

    its been a while but I'm glad ur back bc I love this content

  • lorealAmpharos
    lorealAmpharos Month ago

    Ampharos. Good special defense, good bulk, and awesome coverage. Although its frail in defense it has always been my favorite electric type.

  • The Bandit
    The Bandit Month ago

    You did my boy Raichu justice ❤️

  • Mike Goldberg
    Mike Goldberg Month ago +7

    Pawmot is a freaking beast he swept through 4 of nemonas pokemon by himself with nuzzle and close combat

  • MST545
    MST545 11 days ago

    Spinx is kicking tail in my Scarlet playthrough, same with Amphy with Rain Shower-Thunder

  • The Frog Gal
    The Frog Gal Month ago +2

    You know it will be a good day if antler upload😊

  • Solis Astral
    Solis Astral Month ago +12

    I look forward to your nuzlockes so much, you've been such an inspiration to me over the past few months for the ones I've done. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

  • Saksham Singh
    Saksham Singh Month ago +1

    Note- never underestimate electrical types

  • Xyler Ramsay
    Xyler Ramsay Month ago +3

    What's "shocking " is how amazing these nuzlockes are, anyone else think they get better every time!

  • Toast Gaming🦖🍞
    Toast Gaming🦖🍞 Month ago +1

    I gotta love the content u make on this channel, Pikachu is sooooo cute!!!Keep it up!:)

  • RustyGreen
    RustyGreen Month ago +4

    I like the electric type, pretty simple and has only 1 weakness
    I think my favorite electric type is Eelectross!

    • Didi Montana
      Didi Montana Month ago

      I have a surprise for you 🎁🎁🎁✍️👆

  • EgoChally
    EgoChally Month ago +3

    My favourite electric type gotta be Pichu. Love that little mouse

  • Ethan gaming
    Ethan gaming Month ago

    One of the best nuzlocke channels ever

  • billy marshmallow
    billy marshmallow Month ago

    Sad I didnt get to see Iron Hands in action but I loved the video and all of your content! Keep up the amazing work!!

  • Connaeris
    Connaeris Month ago +1

    Loved the nicknames man! Washington, Zaptres and SteelyShocks were my favorites, and I'm definitely going to steal them. Great job!
    My favorite electric type is Eelektross, which I was glad you used. However the only time I liked its sprite was in gen 5, the way it's swimming horizontally now really doesn't look appealing to me :(

    • Didi Montana
      Didi Montana Month ago

      I have a surprise for you 🎁🎁🎁✍️👆

  • Ionized_Salmon
    Ionized_Salmon Month ago +1

    It's a very tough one but I'm gonna have to go with Tapu Koko, Electivire and Toxtricity are close though. Electric doesn't actually have that many Pokémon compared to most of the other types

  • Tina Russell
    Tina Russell Month ago

    Finally! My favourite type in a nuzlocke!

  • Reach For the Stars
    Reach For the Stars Month ago +1

    I love when the starter or a Pokémon you like gets to the end I could never do a nuzlocke but fun to try

  • John Kirk
    John Kirk Month ago

    Great content! Keep up the good work!

  • Upton D. Campbell
    Upton D. Campbell Month ago

    I give Raihu the MVP of the run 😌

  • Samsung TV
    Samsung TV Month ago

    I honestly have 3 electric favorites. 1. The Magnzone line. 2. Mirandion. 3. Sandy shocks.

  • FishyWeeb
    FishyWeeb Month ago

    For future Nuzlockes, you can dodge the affection hax by boxing your members when you make sandwiches.

  • Bianca Armstrong
    Bianca Armstrong Month ago

    I'll say it once and I'll say it again. My favorite Electric Pokemon is Ampharos. Ampharos is such a cute pokemon plus it's shiny is pink, pink and fabulous! Not just that this pokemon reminds me of my youngest sister I love very much. I always name my female Ampharos after my sister, Cassidy. The reason why is because in Ampharos's Pokedex entry that it's light is so strong and bright that it can be seen from space and can help people and pokemon that if they are lost they can find it's light and be safe. That's why when I think of my sister Cassidy she has a strong and bright light that can bring my family together reminding us we will never be apart. Ampharos will always hold a special place in my heart cause it reminds me of my youngest sister I love very much.😊

  • SacredKoopa
    SacredKoopa Month ago

    Electric Type... Zeraora. Not only is it a very fast Pokemon, but he looks like a badass.

  • Joey Young
    Joey Young Month ago

    Love my bouncy boy Regieleki
    And it feels like Terastalizing into a type different from the Nuzlocke type kinda goes against the spirit of the challenge, as you arent 'using an electric type' anymore. But of course you have to play as you like!

    EERIE ERIC Month ago +2

    The next video you should make should be an all rotom play through of scarlet

  • (Insert clever name here)

    By the way, you can get a Pawmi at the beginning of the game, before Miraidon/Koraidon, at the end of the bit of land overlooking the sea, just before where you fall off the cliff. It's a fixed spawn too, so it'll be there every time.
    (Edit: 1:18 yeah, that one.)

  • Brandon Green
    Brandon Green Month ago +1

    Saddened at the lack of Pachirisu, but you had so many electrics already and getting use from Pincurchin kind of makes up for it.
    If you do a full Electric Rodent playthrough when those are released, i fully expect justice for The CHAMP

    • Didi Montana
      Didi Montana Month ago

      I have a surprise for you 🎁🎁🎁✍️👆

  • Big Fuan
    Big Fuan Month ago +1

    your the most entertaining nuzlocke youtuber hands down

  • sweet wolf Steve
    sweet wolf Steve Month ago

    I love these kind of challenges my favorite electric type is Jolteon

  • Kevin Bibow
    Kevin Bibow Month ago

    Damn you are lucky that you can change your team in between fights :D

  • Robert Perez
    Robert Perez Month ago

    Antler-plays Pokémon Violet
    Also antler- says he’s playing scarlet

  • TheSphero
    TheSphero Month ago

    My favorite Electric-type is Galvantula; kaiju is my favorite theme team, and not only does it make a good Kumonga, its movepool is actually really good for making the team more viable in general. Sticky Web, as most 'kaiju' mon are relatively slow, solid special attack pool compared to most team options favoring physical attack, and some interesting support moves. Plus its just adorable, like a big fluffy puppy with more legs!
    Magnezone and Iron Thorns are close seconds; Magnezone is just a solidly strong mon. Doesn't really have a wide movepool, but what it does, it does well. Iron Thorns is just cool.

  • Gabriel Murad
    Gabriel Murad Month ago

    Love the run !! Love electric types

    • Didi Montana
      Didi Montana Month ago

      Great comment ❤️
      I have a surprise for you 🎁🎁🎁✍️👆

  • Scennic Monster3333
    Scennic Monster3333 Month ago +1

    Miridon literally carried him the whole run without battling once XD

  • The God Sea
    The God Sea Month ago +1

    Your videos are so enjoyable!

    • Didi Montana
      Didi Montana Month ago

      I have a surprise for you 🎁🎁🎁✍️👆

  • Logan Thomas
    Logan Thomas Month ago +1

    My favorite Electric-type has got to be Boltund. I'm an avid dog lover, which is why. My second has got to be Magnezone, though.

  • elmer leagogo
    elmer leagogo Month ago

    The Iron Treads Titan Scared the shiz out of me when he literally tried to run antler over

  • Thewindyfan
    Thewindyfan Month ago

    Does thunder become 100% accurate for electric types or in electric terrain?

  • Gavin Alldredge
    Gavin Alldredge Month ago

    I wonder if it would be possible to do a randomizer type lock?

  • Rogelio Meza
    Rogelio Meza 20 days ago

    You are so adorable I can’t! Especially the pawmot bit 😂❤ i low key kept laughing at that part

  • XxmarniexX
    XxmarniexX Month ago

    Love you, keep up the great work

  • Jaxson Fanta
    Jaxson Fanta Month ago

    So fun to watch man!

  • Lewvinf
    Lewvinf 3 days ago

    Pikachu at home I love this video. These jokes crack me up. Keep up your good work😊

  • Coline
    Coline Month ago

    My favorite electric type is Luxray
    And the shiny looks so good

  • Paul McCreery
    Paul McCreery Month ago

    That was a ton of fun thank you

  • Eelektross Train
    Eelektross Train Month ago +2

    The fact that my two favorite electric types made it to the final battle is awesome.

    • Eelektross Train
      Eelektross Train Month ago +1

      @BoboPlayer324 it might be in scarlet too idk

    • BoboPlayer324
      BoboPlayer324 Month ago

      @Eelektross Train That's cool. The only problem is that I play Scarlet, and not Violet.

    • Eelektross Train
      Eelektross Train Month ago +1

      @BoboPlayer324 In Violet, there’s one of those random small islands that has a dragon type Tera Eelektross

    • BoboPlayer324
      BoboPlayer324 Month ago

      @Eelektross TrainThose are pretty cool Pokémon. I remember using a Toxtricity in my first Pokémon Shield playthrough.

    • Eelektross Train
      Eelektross Train Month ago +2

      @BoboPlayer324 Eelektross and Tox

  • AlexTsukino
    AlexTsukino Month ago +1

    I would love to see you do a fire red/leaf green nuzzlocke with poison types.

  • Chimpanzee Destroyer

    This felt like watching a how-to video. That's deep Think about that

  • Acwengile Taho
    Acwengile Taho Month ago

    You should do scarlet more often Love you vids

  • Wes Crew yet lonely

    I like hisuion electrode but my 2 favorites are shinx (due to adorableness) and luxray(he's Saving my run in legends arcsus)

  • AngrySnack
    AngrySnack Month ago

    MVP was Electrode for sure. Taking itself out so the team can survive until the end

  • Kevin Wiseman
    Kevin Wiseman Month ago

    I think it's raichu. It's been there on your team the journey and lived through it all

  • MPH
    MPH Month ago

    Raichu saved the run, but Magnezone carried it

  • Amen Binyam
    Amen Binyam Month ago

    Raichu did a lot to help from the very start

  • CMe Fly
    CMe Fly 13 days ago

    The MVP was definitely Raichu because it made it all the way through the play through

  • Al-Hamid
    Al-Hamid Month ago

    I click on this nuzlocke, excited to see you use Luxray, probably my favorite Pokémon ever… and as soon as you catch Shinx you immediately slander it. -_-

  • David Trabelsi
    David Trabelsi Month ago

    I'm ashamed at how much time it took me to realize ZapTRES is a pun on ZapDOS 🤦🏻‍♂️
    Also my favorite Electric type has gotta be Electivire

  • Cortland Bernhardt
    Cortland Bernhardt 11 days ago

    evolving pikachu was good in the beginning but later when u can get a light ball its a big mistake it doubles both attack stats but only for pika

  • Gastrodon enjoyer
    Gastrodon enjoyer Month ago

    I had a Rahicu on my first team and when I call him The Titan Slayer I mean it, that criminally underrated mouse destroyed every titan in my path!!
    (except for the ground type one)

  • Aids McBalls
    Aids McBalls Month ago

    the fact that he called toxtricity a reject is crazy

  • Swavey the saiyan Uchiha hybrid

    A great day when antler uploads