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The Most Messed Up Transformers Movie

  • Published on Aug 30, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Harvey Fox
    Harvey Fox Year ago +6708

    I'll always remember Optimus Prime as a kind, wise leader. Who executed a man, begging for his life, at point blank range with a shotgun.

    • Logan B.
      Logan B. Year ago +757

      He spent years with the U.S. military, they were bound to rub off on him

    • Chris Hardin
      Chris Hardin Year ago +352

      The begging old man who was just about to kill him while he was begging for mercy and was also responsible for the death of 13k people

    • Electric Fever X
      Electric Fever X Year ago +204

      @Logan B. Sentinel killed Optimus's men, human civilians and nearly killed Optimus himself. How does that make him wrong for killing a turncoat?

    • Songbird
      Songbird Year ago +311

      @Electric Fever X it's a *joke* it's pretty clear Optimus was justified it's just funny the absolutely unnecessarily brutal way he kills him.

    • CountJoe1
      CountJoe1 Year ago +135

      My ftwo favourite Optimus Prime quotes from this movie:
      "We will kill them all" and "You Die"

  • Erin Bockenstedt
    Erin Bockenstedt Year ago +2087

    sam's mom's delivery of "it reminds me of bumblebee... if bumblebee were a sad piece of shit" is genuinely funny

    • Tonin
      Tonin Year ago +204

      Hot take: Sam's Mom is actually pretty funny in a ironic way through out all the movies she's in

    • whiterabbit75
      whiterabbit75 Year ago +38

      Kinda sums up the whole series.

    • Batchall_Accepted
      Batchall_Accepted 3 months ago +55

      That's cause Julie White is a great comedic actor and is doing the best she can with the dredge bay writes for her
      I wouldn't be surprised if she improv'd that

    • IndorilTheGreat
      IndorilTheGreat 9 days ago +1

      ​@ToninI like your profile pic. Great game.

  • El_Ashes!
    El_Ashes! Year ago +1144

    The "We saved the city" joke absolutely describes *all* hero movies.

    • J Root
      J Root Year ago +60

      Marcus: How does this end?
      Optimus: Time to find out.

    • Etam
      Etam Month ago +2

      I mean they paid the price in AOE for that collateral damage

    • Joe Hasbro
      Joe Hasbro 24 days ago +2

      It’s more like “we saved the entire human race from being enslaved”

    • ironmaster64
      ironmaster64 23 days ago +1

      In this case is justified since for once it was the humans fault for believing the DECEPTICONS!!!!

    • IndorilTheGreat
      IndorilTheGreat 12 days ago +2

      "The problem is over!"

  • Young Blood
    Young Blood Year ago +2603

    I still can’t get over the fact that Optimus Prime, a cartoon character made to sell toys to children, tore Megatron’s head off with an axe if it were God Of War, and then proceeded to blow Sentinel Prime’s head open with a shotgun as he was begging for mercy….
    This franchise is wild

    • Spike Spiegel
      Spike Spiegel 4 months ago +92

      Prime went for the double tap let's not forget.

    • Generic Protagonist
      Generic Protagonist 4 months ago +52

      _"Well I'll be, a booby trap that actually catches boobies."_
      _"There he is my little guy, he is so cute."_
      _"Give me your face."_

    • Mr. Ballergaming77
      Mr. Ballergaming77 4 months ago +14

      To be fair these aren’t the cartoon versions of negation and sentinel they have murdered thousands and was bout to end life to human so I see Optimus as just cause he didn’t start out this brutal it was progression

    • Robinson Cruz Ramírez🇵🇷
      Robinson Cruz Ramírez🇵🇷 3 months ago +6

      "Wild" is a compliment this days, my good buddy.

    • Brooke{&Jon}
      Brooke{&Jon} 3 months ago +3

      ​@Mr. Ballergaming77 What is wrong with you? Do you not know what writing is?

  • Black Knight Rex
    Black Knight Rex Year ago +1471

    What's funny about the ending of this film is that apparently it wsnt the original ending.
    The novelization, which is based on the script at the time, ends it with Optimus only killing Sentinel, and not only he is more conflicted about it, but him and Megatron even decide to end the war with a truce because they are both just done with the fighting.
    There is even a little jab at the usual characterization of Optimus when he goes "unlike you, I wont kill someone who is looking for peace" when Megatron tries to goad Optimus to try killing him for a moment.

    • Christoper Palagonia
      Christoper Palagonia Year ago +112

      Why couldn’t we have that movie?!

    • Bea Minor V
      Bea Minor V Year ago +17

      @Christoper Palagonia yeah I would've liked that too

    • LTB
      LTB Year ago +4

      @Christoper Palagonia I wish.

    • Glendian
      Glendian 6 months ago +60

      @Christoper Palagonia The Novel ending was accidentally leaked, so Michael Bay and the crew scrapped for the ending we got in the movie

    • accidental madness
      accidental madness 4 months ago +18

      @Glendian that happens way too often.

  • Confused Cabal
    Confused Cabal Year ago +3439

    It’s honestly kinda sad how badly the movie turned out, the original draft actually leaked a few years back and had things like Megatron actually talking with Optimus about how far they had both fallen before teaming up with with him to try and save both planets. It’s a shame we’ll never get to see how that story panned out.

    • JimBobJoeB0b
      JimBobJoeB0b Year ago +239

      I mean, the movies *are* being rebooted (starting with the Bumblebee movie), if the people behind the movies smart enough and caring enough, we may actually see something like that!

    • Domenic Lewis
      Domenic Lewis Year ago +43

      This was a actual good movie

    • umbralDickass
      umbralDickass Year ago +120

      Didn't the Decepticon faction originate from transformers who wanted to abolish an oppressive caste system that put the value of a life on the usefulness of their alternate form? I mean ok the conquering thing is bad but casteism is fucked up broh I wouldn't be rooting for the Autoboys too easily

    • Confused Cabal
      Confused Cabal Year ago +95

      @umbralDickass that’s how it was in the IDW continuity, things are a lot more vague in the bayverse.

    • Honest A.K. 126
      Honest A.K. 126 Year ago +40

      @JimBobJoeB0b That movie was awsome, using more orginal designs and had a first scene straight out of war for cybertron.

  • JC Lombardi
    JC Lombardi Year ago +15747

    In a franchise filled with absolutely batshit insane moments, Optimus publicly executing Sentinel with a shotgun while he begs for his life is certainly up there.

    • Flaverage Joe
      Flaverage Joe Year ago +684

      The wording of this comment has me cackling

    • Michael M
      Michael M Year ago +425

      I mean... Sentinel wasn’t gonna stop, he had several chances... bearing in mind Megatron had ripped his guts out already, so was already in pain.
      But yeah, not the best idea in concept.

    • Dog God
      Dog God Year ago +903

      @Michael M Considering they're robots, the filmmakers could have just "deactivated" him or had him "power down" or something, but they made the active decision to show him kneeling and begging for his life as our hero, Optimus Prime, sets a shotgun against his head and blows his robo brains out. With robo blood effects.

    • Alex Denton
      Alex Denton Year ago +854

      I still can’t believe that Optimus Prime, the goodest of good guys, fucking ripped Megatron’s head and spine out of his body and then shot a man in the back of the head while he begged for his life.

    • Qprah
      Qprah Year ago +519

      @Alex Denton Not only that, he ripped Megatron's head and spine out of his body less than a minute after Megatron saved Optimus from being executed himself.

  • Shrews4life
    Shrews4life Year ago +1304

    Fun fact, Laser beak is an actual Decepticon that acts as Soundwave's pet/friend. He is extremally loyal and acts more like a bird and doesn't talk in the original series.

    • Zap-Master
      Zap-Master Year ago +64

      There’s also his golden brother Buzzsaw

    • Daniel Onciel
      Daniel Onciel Year ago +35

      Another fun fact, in the OG marvel comics, Laser Beak once ran the whole Decepticons after a power play for leadership.
      then started the car wash of doom.

    • LTB
      LTB Year ago +14

      Laserbeak is terrifying in this movie, but cute in the cartoon lol.

    • LTB
      LTB Year ago +12

      @Daniel Onciel That was actually Ratbat, another casset-bot.

    • CaptainBrexit
      CaptainBrexit Year ago +1

      @LTB No, Buzzsaw is a genuine golden version of Laserbeak. He's just so unknown. I literally only found out about his existence through Transformers Devastation

  • Spiny Slasher
    Spiny Slasher Year ago +1574

    In this one movie you have:
    1) An entire city getting destroyed and its civilians massacred.
    2) Robots getting publicly executed by firing squads.
    3) Robots dying violent deaths, like getting their heads blown off from bombs in their eyes, getting torn limb by limb etc.
    4) Optimus just decapitating Megatron and then domes Sentinel twice in the head as he begs for his life.

    • Callsign-YukiMizuki
      Callsign-YukiMizuki Year ago +41


    • Goo
      Goo Year ago +57

      Mind you that the entire city gets demolished over the course of like 6 quick cuts. Like half of the movie is this akward expositional slog and then before turning into its own trailer for a minute and the entire city of chicago is leveled lmao.

    • FreshlyXpyr3d
      FreshlyXpyr3d Year ago +40

      The OG ending was Optimus Prime making a truce with Megatron and they helped re-construct Cybertron.
      Lowkey sounds like a better ending

    • Some Random Guy on the Internet
      Some Random Guy on the Internet Year ago +39

      He doesn’t just decapitate Megatron; he violently digs an axe under his chin and uses that to rip his head off vertically. Like, holy fuck.

    • Spiny Slasher
      Spiny Slasher Year ago +23

      @Some Random Guy on the Internet Along with his spine.

  • rockyraccoon24
    rockyraccoon24 3 months ago +151

    i love how the entire second half of this video is just Marcus literally shaking in his seat with laughter while Dan stares with wide eyed disbelief at the movie’s bewildering series of events.

  • Conner Dearing
    Conner Dearing Year ago +735

    The scene of Optimus quietly picking up a gun while the old robot begs for his life unaware and Marcus’ reaction has me losing my mind

    • J Root
      J Root Year ago +24

      Marcus' reaction was what officially got me man!🤣

  • Real Waifus?
    Real Waifus? Year ago +728

    And once again we watch Optimus Prime’s decent into sociopathy deepen as the stress of fighting a war for thousands of years that has cost him his home and countless comrades strips away his morality, forcing him to greater and greater acts of violence, compromising his capacity for mercy in an endless struggle against an enemy that threatens to push him beyond his limits and force him to abandon his morals in a desperate hope he will still be the lesser evil. In this episode we watch a crucial moment in his story as his mentor betrays everything he thought he believed in, challenging Optimus in a way no other foe ever could and cementing that there is indeed no way back from everything he has seen and experienced and that the struggle of Optimus Prime to retain himself in a world that only seeks to break him in mind body and spirit is far from over.

    • Mr. Bryan
      Mr. Bryan Year ago +45

      This is why he is my fav version, a PTSD stricken soldier

    • Media Detective
      Media Detective Year ago +116

      People who say this genuinely are giving the Bayformer writers way too much credit

    • Real Waifus?
      Real Waifus? Year ago +42

      That’s the joke

    • Media Detective
      Media Detective Year ago +11

      @Real Waifus? I know I’m just saying

    • Real Waifus?
      Real Waifus? Year ago +17

      @Media Detective ahh ok true true

  • Movieblocks
    Movieblocks Year ago +6372

    Its very weird how optimus always calls them a "peaceful race" when they were literally an isolationist slave state that was genociding the low class cybertronians.

    • Solidest Snake
      Solidest Snake Year ago +189

      Up there with Carbombya

    • XNINE玖久W XW
      XNINE玖久W XW Year ago +166

      Ccsnt believe they made trbansformer polfitical

    • Ike Matthew
      Ike Matthew Year ago +201

      so basically the british empire

    • Nick Asaro
      Nick Asaro Year ago +300

      Optimus is pretty much parroting Autobot propaganda.

    GEEKFREAK01 3 months ago +60

    Transformers 3 is honestly the most violent PG-13 movie i can think of. There's so many deaths where it makes you question "how did this get pass the test screenings?"

    • T Mac
      T Mac 12 days ago +3

      Yes when I first watch this in 2011 I thought it should’ve been rated r. Even if they are robots lol

    • ARNathan
      ARNathan 3 days ago

      There’s even 2 f-bombs in the movie

  • aarcade
    aarcade Year ago +351

    If it helps to encourage you guys: while the transformers movies do get worse and worse, the later ones also get *less* racist.

    • CaptainBrexit
      CaptainBrexit Year ago +15

      Bumblebee's really good though

    • Margot Preston
      Margot Preston Year ago +26

      @CaptainBrexit Compared to this absolute trash? Maybe, but that is not a high bar to get over.

    • Bethany Chatman
      Bethany Chatman 3 months ago +11

      Wow that's a very low bar. It would've just been great if the toy movies weren't racist to begin with.

  • StorybookStone
    StorybookStone Year ago +204

    I don't often laugh out loud whenever I'm alone; But Marcus saying "What is this.. GHOUL" took me tf out LMAO

  • Eric Wheeler
    Eric Wheeler Year ago +317

    I mentioned this video to a friend yesterday by talking about how crazy the War Crimes were in this movie and we were both surprised that "War Crime" wasn't just a Decepticon's name lmao

    • Superxav XII
      Superxav XII Year ago +23

      Honestly, this is a good TF name. Lots of Transformers are just two cool names but together. (Ironhide, Blackout, Cliffjumper, Knockout, etc)

    • Jacob Hill
      Jacob Hill Year ago +7

      In the Transformers franchise as a whole all of the best characters have committed several pages worth of war crimes, especially in the comics.

    • LTB
      LTB Year ago +8

      That should be Flamewar's new name if Hasbro loses the copyright, lol.

  • StirFriedBadger
    StirFriedBadger 4 months ago +75

    God this video is easily a 10/10, so many hilarious quotes:
    “We’ve been democratically voted off the planet”
    “There are no days off in Megatron’s regime”
    The Decepticon being ripped apart like the demon from Smiling Friends
    People’s clothes lying around like they were killed by Cell
    Truly a classic.

    • Bowser Builds
      Bowser Builds 2 months ago +2

      best comment!

    • Jobo
      Jobo 20 days ago +6

      "I know who can help us my old boss he's just a little racist"

    • Doodle Croc
      Doodle Croc 20 days ago +3

      "What is this.... GHOUL"

  • AAR_23
    AAR_23 Year ago +2476

    “This is like a little kid playing with his action figures” is the most accurate way to describe this movie ever

    • persona fanatic
      persona fanatic Year ago +48

      my husband calls it "explosions: the movie"

    • Superxav XII
      Superxav XII Year ago +6

      @claire ☝️yes, yes it is

    • Grim
      Grim Year ago +62

      If your playtime doesn’t have an elderly prisoner of war begging for his life right before being brutally executed, then what are you even playing?

    • Prakash Singh
      Prakash Singh Year ago +2

      @Grim a post-geneva convention war

    • The Damned
      The Damned Year ago +2

      @persona fanatic Uh, your husband might want to think of a more specific name since that description applies to basically *every* Michael Bay movie.

  • J Trent
    J Trent Year ago +513

    14:25 Marcus said “Oh My god not my favorite…autobot” I started dying because he Ironhide (the one who was shot) actually was my brothers’ favorite and he screamed when he was shot 😂

    • Superxav XII
      Superxav XII Year ago +68

      It's sad because to thats probably the average reaction of any average audience member. Bay didn't do enough to make the characters distinct and memorable. We fans know them, but everyone else only knows Megatron, Bumblebee and Optimus.

    • Wes
      Wes Year ago +44

      @Superxav XII Yeah that plus the "who are you" at Ratchet at 26:58 really show that Bay did not do a good job designing the autobots lol.

    • Hawk
      Hawk Year ago +3

      @Wes he did a great job

    • Trey Tucker
      Trey Tucker Year ago +13

      Jazz was my favorite. . .
      My mouth was to the floor when Megatron ripped him in 2 I was like 9 then and that scene alone stuck with me

      TFUNIVERSE16 Year ago +9

      I didn’t scream but he was my favorite character as a kid so it definitely hurt hard.

  • Callum Adams’ Toaster
    Callum Adams’ Toaster 4 months ago +211

    Big up the guy who had this reuploaded for months, we won’t forget

  • Ed B4ll1
    Ed B4ll1 Year ago +242

    the worst part is the the CGI in these movies actually looks really good compared to current marvel VFX

    • Superxav XII
      Superxav XII Year ago +50

      Yeah, TF movies always looks great with their CGI. It's always the story and character designs that fall flat on their face.

    • Liaminator
      Liaminator 4 months ago +20

      Its not like theyre making 10 transformers projects a year

    • Leaf Finite
      Leaf Finite 4 months ago +15

      Actually as i think about it thats probably largely because marvel keeps trying to put cgi on ppl, while these movies use the cgi almost exclusively to create entirely cg robots that only ever look like robots or like, inanimate objects. Its gotta be way harder to make convincing cgi nanobot armor or whatever

    • Ed B4ll1
      Ed B4ll1 3 months ago +3

      @Leaf Finite Very true, and whenever CGI is layered over people in these movies it looks a lot worse so I guess they just chose to avoid that as much as possible

  • Suiga
    Suiga Year ago +250

    I remember seeing this movie in the theater. I walked out of that building feeling like I had just been through a lobotomy.

    • NeoNovastar
      NeoNovastar Month ago +7

      This is the kind of shit they'd play for Alex when he's getting Ludovico'd in A Clockwork Orange

  • Francisco Aguilar
    Francisco Aguilar Year ago +202

    Optimus in G1: *Hesitates in killing a Decepticon pleading for their life, as he values lives of even enemies to a degree*
    Optimus in Bayformers: *executes a pleading Decepticon without hesitation*

    • kingslayerx17
      kingslayerx17 Year ago +2

      And that’s why I’d rather follow bayverse prime

    • B. SR
      B. SR Year ago +15

      @kingslayerx17 Behold, Kingslayerx17: The Lord-of-edge.

    • J Root
      J Root Year ago +1

      But Sentinel Prime is an Autobot

  • Gatherway
    Gatherway Year ago +2417

    I just adore how the most consistent reaction to Optimus murdering Sentinel in cold blood is uncontrollable laughter.

    • Iván Marcelo Gutierrez Ugaz
      Iván Marcelo Gutierrez Ugaz Year ago +62

      It's so fucked up there is justi no other possible reaction

    • Luigi Nastro
      Luigi Nastro Year ago +66

      It made me remember when RedLetterMedia made that video where Mike, Rich and Jay watched the first three Transformers simultaneously. The trio's reaction to that scene is glorious.

    • Wisemankugel Memicus
      Wisemankugel Memicus Year ago +3

      I mean Sentinel Prime earned it

    • Apollyon The Destroyer
      Apollyon The Destroyer Year ago +11

      @Wisemankugel Memicus Actually, Sentinel is ultimately right. he wants to go home. The humans are kinda racist and the Autobots are fascists :/

  • Austin Amestoy
    Austin Amestoy Year ago +150

    You know, I unironically think this is the best film in the series. I kinda love it

    • Littleserote
      Littleserote Year ago +27

      Agree everyone D riding these guys hard

    • Shoto42
      Shoto42 Year ago +4

      Idk, age of extinction went kind of hard

    • blarghinatelazer
      blarghinatelazer Year ago +7

      The first one and this one are the best, 2 is just kind of a mess. Except for Optimus tearing The Fallen apart.

    • LTB
      LTB Year ago +18

      Dark of the Moon is unironically the best out of the Bayformers movies. An actually sympathetic motive for the villains (wanting to revive Cybertron), plot twists, dark tone when things get serious, etc.

    • Fellas Films Inc
      Fellas Films Inc 3 months ago +3

      Honestly had the best action for sure. Just skip the first half

  • Jobas Cantu
    Jobas Cantu Year ago +237

    Marcus summed the franchise up perfectly in the first transformers video: “we are simply war mongering cars”

  • ENiX
    ENiX Year ago +75

    26:30 I've been watching this movie since it came out. I don't think I could describe how unintentionally funny this is without sounding like a sociopathic madman.

  • Diego Beltran
    Diego Beltran Year ago +113

    I love that they just turn into full on war criminals for absolutely zero reason.
    They're just there and lay water to a whole planet just because

    • Winjin
      Winjin Year ago +5

      "The Badgers! They are the Badgers! They are the ter-rorr-rists and like to eat bab-ies!"

  • Bloody Raptor
    Bloody Raptor Year ago +150

    26:33 Holy shit, Sentinel's lips actually quiver after hearing Optimus' one-liner

  • popodono
    popodono Year ago +4723

    I forgot how insanely brutal this was. The amount of executions of robots begging for their lives is honestly fucking insane.

    • Yuri Fairy
      Yuri Fairy Year ago +394

      in the original cut, the racist twin robots get executed by firing squad too
      wish they kept that

    • Murcia doxial
      Murcia doxial Year ago +79

      @Yuri Fairy imsorrywat

    • Santander
      Santander Year ago +136

      Optimus was fackin right to kill sentinel prime, he literally brought sentinel back to life and sentinel repaid that by killing ironhide and killing thousands of people, so whats your point? He should have not killed sentinel even though he betrayed optimus???

    • matt
      matt Year ago +17

      @Santander correct. he should not have killed sentinel.

    • D D
      D D Year ago +32

      @Santander In a bastardized version of Optimus, which these movies are for the entire franchise lol

  • Theatre Josh
    Theatre Josh Year ago +207

    In regards to the plot operating on "nine-year-old" logic, yeah, that's deliberate. A lot of the major plot points apart from Sentinel Prime being a traitor (the Decepticons convincing Earth to banish the Autobots, destroying the Autobot ship as they are leaving, taking now-defenseless humankind as slave labour, and transporting Cybertron into Earth's orbit) are pulled directly from episodes of the 1980s cartoon series. Specifically, the episodes "Megatron's Master Plan" and "The Ultimate Doom." Even Megatron sitting on Lincoln's throne is a nod to the original cartoon. Honestly, I find that to be a breath of fresh air into the films. It feels like the start of them making at least some effort to evoke any of the lore from elsewhere in the franchise. Of course, by the time _The Last Knight_ comes around, it devolves into utter incomprehensibility.

    • kingslayerx17
      kingslayerx17 Year ago +9

      This movie had a ton of foreshadowing as well

    • tom gu
      tom gu Year ago +2

      @kingslayerx17 yep.

    • 023 Studios
      023 Studios Year ago +9

      These guys *sigh* they just don’t understand film, art, imagery. Their eyes just don’t work. Lol

    • LTB
      LTB Year ago +4

      Funnily enough, I watched this movie before I watched the original cartoon, so I retroactively got a lot of the references after watching the show.

  • My 9th Account
    My 9th Account Year ago +312

    I wish they brought up the parts where Starscream dies after somebody sticks a spike grenade in his eye and the standard anti-transformer strategy used by infantry is sniping out the eyes so other troopers can blow off their legs.
    This movie is a fuckin war film using transformers and I kinda love it.

    • Marei W1ngz
      Marei W1ngz Year ago +7

      screamers death was low key my favorite action scene even tho it was clearly written for Sam to look cool

    • Superxav XII
      Superxav XII Year ago +12

      I was hoping for that too, that death was morbid but funny considering that Screamer got killed by two fumbling humans

    • LTB
      LTB Year ago +4

      Kind of a fitting death for Starscream.

  • monsterjambrony
    monsterjambrony Year ago +52

    Marcus: "How is this going to end?"
    Optimis: "Time to find out."
    Those two clips fit perfectly together!

  • Heresplitatom
    Heresplitatom 2 months ago +24

    fun fact
    optimus's voice actor was extremely reluctant to say "we'll kill them all", going as far to say "optimus wouldn't say that"

  • So basically I suck
    So basically I suck Year ago +11

    Seeing Sam calling bumblebee collector's item and then freaking out and screaming at the cops is definitely one of the greatest things I've ever seen in a movie

  • Some Relativley Uninteresting Seal To Listen Too

    The funniest thing about Optimus point-blank executing seminal prime is that he doesn’t just hit him once, he goes in for a double tap. Man really wanted grandpa dead

    • Mr Puss
      Mr Puss Year ago +455

      Grandpa's racist jokes got out of hand.

    • Simon-peter Williamson
      Simon-peter Williamson Year ago +176

      He was still alive after the first 1. Notice he goes for a headshot the second time and you can see a big gash in sentinel's skull

    • Ash B
      Ash B Year ago +74

      No half measures

  • Alien429
    Alien429 Year ago +121

    You know, I can appreciate a protagonist who has no chill when it comes to killing his enemies but when that character is Optimus Prime… maybe you shouldn’t have done that

    • Winjin
      Winjin Year ago +20

      Not only enemies, also former-ish enemies who come to save you from the brink of death, and stone cold executing another enemy after that!

  • Octopancake
    Octopancake Year ago +51

    23:30 “optimus is stuck in the web” had me dying laughing for a good five minutes straight

  • Ar caii
    Ar caii Year ago +54

    i love how by the end cosmo is laughing so hard he looks and sounds like he cant control his movements and the laughters taken over him entirely

  • Darth Insomnis
    Darth Insomnis Year ago +64

    This is the most and hardest I’ve seen Mark laugh probably ever

  • Minedude33YT
    Minedude33YT Year ago +19

    I just wanna say something about the "People still at work" bit. It would be kinda hard to walk outside while robots are literally slaughtering anyone who is unfortunate enough to be on the streets.

  • Alex Nieves
    Alex Nieves Year ago +2323

    I forgot how batshit insane this one was lmao. Seeing Marcus continuously lose his mind over the amount of executions in this was hilarious.

    • Mr. Cranker
      Mr. Cranker Year ago +47

      This movie is a damn fever dream

    • N’More
      N’More Year ago +58

      This is the funnest of the movies to watch cause it’s on nitrous the entire time

    • halfmettle alchemist
      halfmettle alchemist Year ago +20

      This movie starts at like a 5 or 6 and then the third act ramps it up to, like, 50 out of nowhere

    • Captain Obvious
      Captain Obvious Year ago +5

      Also the added blood

    • Justin Arzola
      Justin Arzola Year ago +4

      @Mr. Cranker I barely remember anything from this movie after the first hour, I don't remember Optimus brutally killing everyone but now it's hilarious.

  • Mmicb0b
    Mmicb0b Year ago +45

    I love how Marcus went from hating the robot scientist(I think it's Wheeljack if not Wheeljack it's supposed to be him) to saying "NOOOO" when he died
    EDIT ok for some dumbass reason in the movie he's called Que but in EVERY OTHER tie in (Toys/comics/games) he's Wheeljack

    • Bloody Raptor
      Bloody Raptor Year ago +6

      You're good bro. real fans know him as Wheeljack

  • Strymoon
    Strymoon Year ago +44

    I watched it when I was 10 and I remember being scared by the sheer amount of brutal balls to the wall war crimes this "peaceful" race of robots was committing

  • ErgieTalks
    ErgieTalks Year ago +33

    I wish we knew how the transformers went from “we were once a peaceful race” to “NO OPTIMUS NO-“

  • Beefsupreme1996
    Beefsupreme1996 Year ago +20

    I love the visceral reaction Marcus has to the movie, not knowing what to do with his hands as he laughs.

  • Twenty-Seven
    Twenty-Seven 4 months ago +13

    The hilarious part is that every time he said "Is that John Malkovich?!" The character _did_ slightly resemble John Malkovich

  • Harmonmj13
    Harmonmj13 Year ago +2271

    Fun fact: the scene where Megatron sits in the Lincoln Memorial is lifted straight from the original cartoon, except in the cartoon he just lifts Lincoln out of the chair whereas in the movie Megatron pulls a John Wilkes Booth

    • Cade Thumann
      Cade Thumann Year ago +122

      Ironically, like the assassin, he doesn't live much longer after desecrating Lincoln.
      I bet as his head was ripped off, Megatron thought of his body as "Useless..."
      Lol. Sorry, I was trying to be somewhat clever. I guess I was not.

    • Murcia doxial
      Murcia doxial Year ago +58

      @Cade Thumann another bit of irony is that megatron got shot in the head on the same side as lincoln

    • Toku Waffle
      Toku Waffle Year ago +48

      A few other plot elements are lifted from the cartoon - for example, the Autobots being exiled by rocket, then being thought to have been killed by the Decepticons was from Megatron's Master Plan (although in that episode, the intended method of killing was to program the rocket into the sun).

    • tom gu
      tom gu Year ago +4

      @Toku Waffle the cartoon is of course smarter

    • Toku Waffle
      Toku Waffle Year ago +11

      @tom gu wouldn't say smarter, but it is better.

  • krombopulos michael
    krombopulos michael Year ago +18

    You can't argue these movies are some of the most fun to watch. Also the score from all 5 movies were great

  • Le Pie
    Le Pie 4 months ago +52

    Cosmonauts battle with paramount is a better story than the actual transformers movies

  • Comical Peculiarity
    Comical Peculiarity 4 months ago +43

    Shout out to the dude that had a re-upload posted whilst Marcus fought hard to get this re-published

  • Crystalin_
    Crystalin_ Year ago +33

    Sentinel: “All I wanted was for our species to live.”
    Optimus: *You’ve seen Old Yeller right?*

  • Frito The Demon
    Frito The Demon Year ago +19

    The bit with the robots tearing that one apart with the smiling friends cut in actually made me choke on my food

  • Jagorim_Jarg
    Jagorim_Jarg Year ago +2916

    I've been trying to tell my friends for YEARS, this movie is one of the funniest films I've ever seen. I'll still never get over Optimus Prime, hero and role model for kids for decades, walking into frame and boldly proclaiming "We will kill them all" while pumping a shotgun.
    Also I always tried to imagine how brutal these kills would look if they were humans, I'm glad Marcus picked up on that.

    • halfmettle alchemist
      halfmettle alchemist Year ago +80

      This is certainly one of the films ever made

    • Superxav XII
      Superxav XII Year ago +141

      G1 Prime is what he should be tbh, Bay Prime is a fucking Mortal Kombat character, lol

    • Jesse
      Jesse Year ago +67

      @Superxav XII I still love them both for who they are, it's fun seeing a childhood hero engaging in some ultraviolence now and again

    • Chris Hardin
      Chris Hardin Year ago +40

      @Superxav XII you mean the same Optimus who slaughtered every decepticon and went straight to kill megatron when autobot city was ransacked

    • A Name
      A Name Year ago +16

      I really wish we got to see the reaction to Optimus brass knuckles

  • Robbie Schertz
    Robbie Schertz Year ago +10

    I remember I saw this in theatres when I was 11 and it actually traumatized me a bit with all the vaporizing human shit

  • Stephen Witte
    Stephen Witte 4 months ago +12

    Glad to see you got this one back up! One of my fave variety hours!

  • James Chapman
    James Chapman 4 months ago +34

    Congrats on winning the Paramount war!

  • John
    John Year ago +52

    I was THIS CLOSE to walking out of the theater during Shai's meltdown scene. I was kinda glad I stayed though cause the battle in Chicago was dope. Wild movies man.

    • kingslayerx17
      kingslayerx17 Year ago +17

      What? That scene had my entire theater laughing

    • LTB
      LTB Year ago +5

      Dude that scene was peak comedy, what are you talking about?

    • John
      John Year ago +4

      @kingslayerx17 The theater I saw it in was packed and literally no one was laughing.

  • Alister Tate
    Alister Tate Year ago +10

    I love that Marcus calls Epps “Roman” in these videos, literally might as well be the exact same character. Same universe. Vroom vroom shooty boom.

    • Marei W1ngz
      Marei W1ngz Year ago

      I wish Epps did do car fu, Lennox gets to do his stunt on the bike in the first movie

  • Linus Ekström
    Linus Ekström Year ago +1602

    I love the way Marcus laughs at the grotesque robot violence, like the movie really did make him go mad

    • Ken Norcott
      Ken Norcott Year ago +50

      Not just laughter. Full on hysterical laughter

  • michael
    michael 9 days ago +3

    I really like that they needed to keep Optimus out of the fight for a while so the Autobots didn't win before the climax, but they couldn't think of anything good so they had the mighty, incredibly intelligent Optimus Prime just get tangled in some wires that he couldn't free himself from

  • Inde Cummings
    Inde Cummings Year ago +13

    The commentary on the "Car Death" almost made me choke on my water. You guys are so funny!

  • Micron
    Micron  12 days ago +2

    Its always so funny to see people react to transformers. I was obsessed with the Franchise as a child.
    Its so funny to see how a regular person sees these Movies. This video had me wheezing

  • FatNinjaWalrus
    FatNinjaWalrus 4 months ago +5

    as usual, marcus' uncontrollable cackles at the insane shit in this movie fuel my existence. can't wait until the next movie haha

  • KazQuala
    KazQuala Year ago +52

    My favorite part was when Optimus said ”It’s transformin’ time” and Primed all the desepticons

    • Hyper Smash
      Hyper Smash Year ago +4

      And the crazy thing is, that’s exactly what happened

  • José Fonseca
    José Fonseca Year ago +1588

    I always love the speeches optimus prime gives at the end after brutally murdering the decepticons

    • Qui-Mono
      Qui-Mono Year ago +160

      Yeah like the other two movies ends with a long hopeful monologue and this one just fucking ends. Like the bad guys are death, the end. Now leave the theater.

    • iso
      iso Year ago +158

      Optimus: “We must stand as symbols of hope for this planet”
      5 minutes earlier: * rips out someone’s spine *

    • halfmettle alchemist
      halfmettle alchemist Year ago +112

      Optimus Prime: “Peace and justice will always prevail. We must work towards building a better future, not just for ourselves, but for all who will follow in our footsteps.”
      Also Optimus Prime: **fucking executes a defenseless non-combatant in cold blood**

    • Landyn Crockett
      Landyn Crockett Year ago +16

      Pure Giga Chad energy

  • AGuyWithFood
    AGuyWithFood Year ago +26

    Damn man, I just watched this movie again, and found a new appreciation for it. Kinda sad to see these dudes laughing at scenes I found to be well done.

    • Conor O
      Conor O Year ago +16

      This is all for content, maybe they liked some scenes but still said they were bad to get some laughs in. As long as you enjoyed it, that's all that matters man 👍

    • kingslayerx17
      kingslayerx17 Year ago +13

      Same. I kinda got disappointed when they called some of good scene stupid or just laughed over it

    • LegoWafflesThe1st
      LegoWafflesThe1st Year ago +5

      That’s kinda what it feels like when it comes to liking these movies. Almost no one really talks about these movies except to talk about how terrible they are and bring up how good g1 is. I like both of G1 and the movies, and the movies got me into transformers. These movies do have a bunch of flaws, from the bad jokes, and the brutality that I don’t think anyone likes, but man I wonder how these movies blew up in the first place, because it seems like literally everyone and their mother hates these movies anyways. Hm likely it’s because of the toys and the kids watching the movies.

    • Joe Ker
      Joe Ker Year ago +1

      Eh. This movie still a** and freaking bonkers 😂

    • Way O' The Fro
      Way O' The Fro Year ago

      @LegoWafflesThe1st I mean, these movies were always considered bad movies, with the first one being the exception. The only reason people tolerated them and the movies did well financially was because they were big blockbuster action movies that came out at a time when dumb action movies could thrive regardless of quality. Plus, they had a recognizable brand. People do appreciate parts of these movies, the fight scenes and CGI, but that's about it.

  • Mistah J
    Mistah J Month ago +5

    Sam Witwicky went from hating being a loser in the first movie, to resenting the attention Bumblebee brought him in the sequel, to then hating that his previous involvement in saving the world didnt translate to job offers in this one. Its like an anti-arc

  • Generic Protagonist
    Generic Protagonist 4 months ago +5

    I actually do remember the highway Decepticons from this movie for some reason. I mean yes in a way they are designed to be generic fodder but they had a couple recognizable traits. You have Dreads who's the Decepticon with the dreadlocks, who have Crankcase who's the clumsy crackhead, and you have the dog one... B... Bulldog Joe?

  • Gear SCRAP
    Gear SCRAP Year ago +3

    The face Marcus makes when Dan talks about shaving is priceless. I don’t even care if it was scripted.

  • Spence Duggs
    Spence Duggs Year ago +7

    Calling Alan Tudyk "the chicken from Moana" feels like calling Rami Malek "that vampire from Twilight"

  • tbailey264
    tbailey264 Year ago +680

    Corporations expecting people to keep going to work while the population gets vaporized is the single most realistic part of this movie

    • Fupo Flapo
      Fupo Flapo Year ago

      Insert hobo Santa

    • My 9th Account
      My 9th Account Year ago +39

      Similar shit happened on 9/11. Some people didn’t leave the second tower after the first one got hit.

    • Lorenzo Garompolo
      Lorenzo Garompolo Year ago +4

      @My 9th Account WHAT.

    • Anthony Duran
      Anthony Duran Year ago +17

      They were “essential” workers lol

    • Zimmernic
      Zimmernic Year ago +17

      @Anthony Duran I was working at Walmart RIGHT when Covid started happening. This feels too real. I stopped working for them a year ago.

  • Mev God
    Mev God 4 months ago +8

    This is genuinely one of your funniest and entertaining videos major W for u getting it back

  • Firefly
    Firefly Year ago +28

    Look at yall go, getting unblocked and filming in your fancy new set! Honestly though, pretty excited for new picture show episodes and hope the Cosmo Crew is doing well!
    Edit: I hope we can still get some cameos from Ruax

  • AnderMike Studios
    AnderMike Studios Year ago +17

    13:57 I love how they both acknowledged that this guy looked like the Predator.

  • I have no ideas
    I have no ideas 4 months ago +7

    The "NO, OPTIMUS!" will never fail to make me giggle like a little kid

  • Tim Strong
    Tim Strong 4 months ago +30


    • Dev
      Dev 4 months ago +3

      Welcome back
      We missed you

  • azuill
    azuill Year ago +13

    I remember being hyped as hell for this movie cause Paramore released a single for it, and then falling asleep halfway through it the first like three times I attempted to watch it, which has happened with only one other film in my life: Eragon

  • Schaef
    Schaef Year ago +9

    11:41 "it's the chicken from Moana!"
    poor Alan Tudyk. I love him so much, and he keeps ending up in stuff like this.

  • William Catala
    William Catala 22 days ago +2

    Dan's "What?" followed by Marcus's "WHAT?" when Mr. Chang pulls out his guns is amazing.

  • starwarsfreak999
    starwarsfreak999 Year ago +4

    I'm super excited for this one because I know you fought for it and there was no guarantee this would come at all. So, thanks Marcus!!

  • Nick Moore
    Nick Moore 4 months ago +16

    if the transformers movies taught me anything it was that killing prisoners of war is the right thing to do.

  • Jeebus 23
    Jeebus 23 Year ago +2693

    "What if he's actually like really racist?"
    It's funny you say that, actually, because in one of the tie-in comics for this movie right before he kills Ironhide (or after, I don't remember) he says something about how he never liked his "kind", since Ironhide was mentioned previously as essentially being a different sub-type of Cybertronian.
    So in other words, yes, Sentinel Prime is racist.

    • sheena
      sheena Year ago +198

      Robo racism

    • Gatling Hawk
      Gatling Hawk Year ago +260

      @sheena “Clanker”

    • Callous2k
      Callous2k Year ago +36

      @Gatling Hawk nice Star Wars reference

    • N.O.M.M
      N.O.M.M Year ago +74

      Yeah but I mean there's also that one moment where he decides to enslave the entire human race to rebuild his own race in the movie so...

  • TheDeviantDon
    TheDeviantDon Year ago +4

    We need to see you react to either Bumblebee or the next 2 movies, your reactions and commentary are just so good

  • Frozar Burst
    Frozar Burst 3 months ago +9

    "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings," Optimus from the cartoons and comics
    "We will kill them all," Optimus in Bayformers

  • FlavoredScroll5
    FlavoredScroll5 Year ago +4

    Funniest picture show episode so far, I’ve already rewatched this countless times🤣

  • Logan I guess
    Logan I guess Year ago +19

    "It's chaos. I'm into this. It's so fucking stupid"
    And thus, Cosmonaut, why people thoroughly enjoy these movies so much.

  • Noc
    Noc Year ago +8

    This ending will go down as one of the all time greatest Picture Show moments

  • Scott Becker
    Scott Becker Year ago +1526

    "They voted for Optimus to leave, and he did."
    Now I'm imagining Optimus standing on the launch pad yelling, "This is democracy manifest!"

    • pcrana1
      pcrana1 Year ago +80

      "get your hand off my rocket!"

    • Robert Borland
      Robert Borland Year ago +59

      @pcrana1 "What is the charge? Eating some steel? Some succulent, low-background steel!?!"

    • Paul Rudd
      Paul Rudd Year ago +13

      @Robert Borland Your comment has brought me to literal tears. My sides are aching imagining that line in Optimus' booming bassy voice

    • Twitchy Bristles (Mick)
      Twitchy Bristles (Mick) Year ago +6

      "Ta ta, and farewell - ", as the Decepticons shoot down the shuttle.

  • Talha Islam
    Talha Islam Year ago +19

    Now I guess we wait another year to watch them react to the next transformers fully knowing how bad the franchise gets with each film that comes out

  • waluigipinball
    waluigipinball 4 months ago +1

    so glad this vid is back, it’s one of my favourite picture shows you guys have ever done

  • Big Bert
    Big Bert Year ago +8

    You know the plot twist really works when these two are invested with Sentinel's story and the rest of the movie.
    Ironhide really died for reason: writing.

  • z beeblebrox
    z beeblebrox Year ago +8

    I distinctly recall that it was shortly after this movie that I stumbled across someone's insane 100 page treatise on how Megatron is secretly the hero of these films and the Autobots are the real bad guys. Just goin HARD into film analysis, philosophy, and meticulous scene breakdowns. And thing that stuck with me the most about it... is that the author literally didn't need 99 of those pages to convince me.

  • Christian Sepulveda
    Christian Sepulveda Year ago +2

    With the office workers' scenes, I think it could be played off by the fact that it was a multi-day siege, they stayed in the building to stay safe and lived off of whatever they had on hand at the time (I assume) that’s the only reason that they could still be there in my eyes

  • Nicholas Danger
    Nicholas Danger Year ago +1470

    Transformers: Dark of the Moon a movie that's fun for the whole family! Only the most wholesome examples of murdering POWs, ripping enemy combatants limb from limb, and executing old people in the streets. Remember its all ok because they're just silly robots

    • Radioactive bleaxh
      Radioactive bleaxh Year ago +5


    • Web Browser
      Web Browser Year ago +21

      I'm fairly certain the robot at 6:25 would freak some kids out though

    • Electric Fever X
      Electric Fever X Year ago +17

      Compared to the IDW comic run, yeah this is tame. In IDW they had mass genocides, torture, cannibalism, and that's being done on both sides. Also the war started in the film more or less the sameway in the comic, with Megatron being a miner turned philosopher and gladiator leading the oppressed Cybertronians to rise against their high council, who were being protected by the Autobots.

    • Ash B
      Ash B Year ago +6

      @Electric Fever X God I wish Michael Bay had the balls (or the writing chops) to make Megatron that based.

  • YungBoiTj
    YungBoiTj Year ago +1

    We need a Crisis Protocol video! I’d watch hours of you guys playing that. Some painting vids would be dope too

  • James
    James 2 months ago +2

    I'm 100% certain "car death" was supposed to be "car bomb" but either Totoro flubed the line and they went with it; or someone thought "bomb" was a little to close to home.

  • JimberJamber
    JimberJamber Year ago +8

    To be fair, when an alien invasion happens when you're at work in a skyscraper, you ain't getting out of there.

  • Llama Lad
    Llama Lad 19 days ago

    I’m watching this at midnight and I’m in tears over Marcus’s reactions to the brutality of this movie 💀💀💀