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Zimbabwe - How NOT to Run an Economy

  • Published on Jan 5, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • From trillion dollar bills to extreme inequality, let's look at some of Zimbabwe's failures in running an economy.
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  • Sam Sam 2
    Sam Sam 2 2 months ago +7825

    Zimbabwe might actually become a space fairing nation due to their inflation rate.

    • Boyd Mcree
      Boyd Mcree 15 hours ago

      can't float on nitrogen unless you are in water.

    • Scenic Depictions of Chicago Life
      Scenic Depictions of Chicago Life 4 days ago

      ​@Nathan Seper I came here to say this and I am both not at all surprised and extremely disappointed that I was beat to it. 😂

    • Elijah Moore
      Elijah Moore Month ago

      Don't give Poland ideas

    • Bobby Wasabi
      Bobby Wasabi Month ago

      if I had the required money to buy a zimbabwean sandwich, I could just stand on the money and be in space

  • orbo Akin
    orbo Akin 2 months ago +4805

    As an African (Nigerian) I really appreciate these videos you do on various African countries👍👍. Your coverage is objective, well researched and presented, and fun to watch. You also don't use the same excuses that most westerners and Africans give when discussing Africa's issues i.e. you don't just blame colonialism or racism for our problems but focus on geography, corruption, national unity, and economic systems. I truly appreciate that. Also, this video is a perfect comparison with your Botswana video. While Zimbabwe has more resources and better land, their terrible leadership undermined their post-colonial development while Botswana used good leadership and socioeconomic policies to improve themselves.

    • Leos Lit
      Leos Lit 2 days ago

      @Bowser301 imagine asking a question!?!?! dude you're racist!
      man the US is so lost its insane, because you just know everybody that antagonised you over that has never even left north america

    • Xianxia
      Xianxia 2 days ago

      The geography aspect seriously needs more attention. Even with all the human elements fixed, the African geography is still harsher than Westerners will ever know until they go there.

    • Obviously
      Obviously 10 days ago

      The guy narrating the video was literally mocking Zimbabwe🤬

    • Verified Toxic Angel
      Verified Toxic Angel 18 days ago

      @bla blup WTF is 'mbit' ?
      i thought internet speed was measured in mbps
      anyways, something new to learn on youtube

  • Donald McRonald
    Donald McRonald 2 months ago +4066

    As far as I know, Zimbabwe imported printed bank notes of their own currency from Germany (they couldn‘t print enough money on their own). By the time the money had arrived, it was already worthless. It‘s a shame seeing a country fail.

    • Leos Lit
      Leos Lit 2 days ago

      @Maza Azi yeah youre a yt american girl or "girl" in her late teens or early twenties.
      but sure buddy tell us more about livin in africa. hows your copper internet cable doing?

    • Thomas Henebry
      Thomas Henebry 5 days ago

      Captain Dementia will bring us to this.

    • Bandit, Keeper of the Zone
      Bandit, Keeper of the Zone 7 days ago +1

      @Maza Azi A VERY specific Nambian man then goes to Zimbabwe...

    • Gorzo bruh
      Gorzo bruh 15 days ago

      ​@Maza Azi you SJWs are funny as fuck no 🧢 🤡🤡☕☕

  • Kuro Usagi
    Kuro Usagi 2 months ago +583

    Just so folks know, the $10 trillion notes he’s got is worth $30 USD. But only as a collector’s item.
    When it was finally removed from circulation in 2015, the Zimbabwean government offered $1 USD for $175 Quadrillion Zimbabwean “Third” Dollars. So the $10 Trillion bill H0ser shows in the beginning was worth .00005714 US dollars at the end of its life. Or about over 1/200th of a US penny. The largest bill was the $100 Trillion bill and that was worth about 1/20th of a US penny or .0005714 US dollars.

    • Champernowne π
      Champernowne π 2 days ago

      Those $10 trillion notes on ebay are fake. They are nowhere near worth $30 maybe 10 cents...

    • envix
      envix 10 days ago

      how much is that worth in lithium?

  • Some Kek
    Some Kek 2 months ago +1649

    Its sadly a common trope in Africa, that government is either educated and oppressive or uneducated and incompetent. Only a few countries managed to break this curse.

    • B JAD
      B JAD 19 days ago

      ​@Memento Mori lol

    • AntillarPlays
      AntillarPlays Month ago +1

      it's a common trope in America and Europe too

    DJ MUPSY ZW 2 months ago +183

    As someone from Zimbabwe I would say you did a pretty good job researching and presenting this video. Most of the Zimboz have left the country and more continue to leave. The working age is now working outside the country and clearly that spells more disaster for Zim. I pray that one day things change for the ordinary Zimboz because Zim is a very beautiful and naturally rich country but it's just not benefitting the ordinary person. God bless Zim

    • lymac
      lymac 7 days ago +1

      sanyepere vanhu sha zimbabwe yakamama translation: dont lie to the people zim is trash

    • emily lufty
      emily lufty 23 days ago

      He just called your country a boring land ?

    • Van
      Van Month ago

      @Cruz Gomes The Selous Scouts

    • Van
      Van Month ago +3

      It was when Rhodesians were running it

  • Chairman M
    Chairman M 2 months ago +1468

    My girlfriend is half Rhodesian half South African (White) and I asked her grandfather (Rhodesian) how bad the crime rate is over there considering how bad it is in South Africa and he just said “Agh it’s not bad over there because there’s nothing to steal”. Which in hindsight makes sense…
    Also not everyone just up and left by their own decision , her grandfather and their family lived on a farm and got told they have 24 hours to leave or they’d be “dealt with” aka murdered.
    So yeah they chased away the only competent workforce they had and subsequently went from the breadbasket of Africa to starving to death.
    He grandfather has old Rhodesian notes of $5 and so on which we’re equal to the USD. Next to these notes hangs the Zimbabwean trillion dollar notes…
    Fuck Mugabe, I hope the Zimbabwean people one day get out of this desperate situation. It’s truly tragic what ensued there.

    • Cxarhom’ell
      Cxarhom’ell 5 days ago

      ​@Trazyn the Infinite How did he fail at fighting off abject failure? Do you even know what that means and how that is relevant here?
      Saying random things to sound smart is not smart.

    • Cxarhom’ell
      Cxarhom’ell 5 days ago

      ​@Msbeastinator Half Rhodesian, considering that she lived in Rhodesia when it still existed.

    • DrHouseMusic
      DrHouseMusic 12 days ago +1

      rhodesian gf, based

    • Tuco Ramirez
      Tuco Ramirez 15 days ago

      @Benjamín Dibịa | 🪬 Many people now residing in Rhodesia migrated illegally there from other parts of Africa. South Africa has similar problems.

  • Somebody
    Somebody 2 months ago +476

    Printing more money to combat a bad economy is something I'd like to call an economic aneurysm

    • Leos Lit
      Leos Lit 2 days ago

      @Jon Doe inflation overtaking economic growth basically.

    • Jon Doe
      Jon Doe 3 days ago

      @Comrade Hellas What causes a currency to devaluate to the point of practical worthlessness, then? This is an earnest question.

  • Kevin Arogunmati
    Kevin Arogunmati 2 months ago +561

    There are several steps that Zimbabwe could have taken to avoid hyperinflation. One option would have been to implement more effective fiscal and monetary policies, such as controlling government spending and limiting the money supply. Another option would have been to adopt a more stable and widely accepted currency, rather than relying on their own inflated currency. Additionally, increasing international trade and investment could have helped to stabilize their economy. But Nooo, print more
    Money and go to war with Congo. Like bruh.

    • DarkShadowsX5
      DarkShadowsX5 5 days ago

      they did try to adopt another currency and then decided to try zimbabwe dollars again. they failed NOT ONCE but FOUR TIMES.
      currently as far as i know they are on another nations currency since i think 2009, because they cant handle their own.
      Zimbabwean demonized currency codes are ZWD, ZWN, ZWL, ZWR

    • Verified Toxic Angel
      Verified Toxic Angel 9 days ago

      the bright side of Zimbabwe situation is that atleast we got to see Trillion dollar currency notes, something we would never see in our lives.....now i can die fullfilled

    • l
      l Month ago

      @Kevin Arogunmati They did eventually switch to the U.S. dollar.

    • Telvin Kamenwa
      Telvin Kamenwa Month ago +2

      As an Econ major, I can tell you that fiscal policy can’t work, this would mean an increase in taxation and government spending, but you can’t increase taxes as the people literally have no money and can’t increase government spending as that would lead to an Increase in aggregate demand hence increasing inflation even more, monetary wouldn’t work as that’s based of controlling intense test rates and credit regulations however that isn’t the problem, the root of the problem is printing money so the only reasonable option would be to return the land to the whites and encourage more investment

    • Mic Theory
      Mic Theory 2 months ago

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      The Biden administration has acknowledged that supplies of platinum group metals (PGMs), including iridium, were a critical issue for the development of the low-carbon hydrogen industry that was endorsed in the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed last year.
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      World iridium supply is currently dominated by South Africa, as a by-product of platinum and palladium production. South Africa accounts for 87% of global iridium production, with a further 8% coming from Zimbabwe and 3% each from Russia and Canada, according to the US Geological Survey.Haitis supply which is illegally mined to keep the nation porr is not mentioned but the UN security forces currently guard irridum mines from use by Haitian nationals. South Africa also has the great bulk of the world’s PGM reserves: about 91%, followed by Russia with about 6%, Zimbabwe with about 2% and the US with about 1%, again according to the USGS. The green tech industry is aiming to grow rapidly, and a materials supply chain that is rooted almost entirely in southern Africa looks like a critical vulnerability that the west wants to exploit by starving Zimbabwe and offering them pennies so they can steal billions.
      Melany Vargas, Wood Mackenzie’s head of Americas hydrogen consulting, said: “From an energy security perspective, there is certainly the potential for disruption to supplies that would be a constraint on the growth of green hydrogen production.”Meaning they are looking for ways to cause unrest and steal the resource before it can be sold. The likely increase in demand for platinum looks manageable, but iridium could be much more of a challenge. Total world iridium production this year will be about 255,000 ounces, Irridiums price on the world market is currently 45 billion per ton. Is iridium more expensive than gold? Iridium, which is also used in spark plugs, has climbed to $6,000 an ounce, according to Johnson Matthey Plc data. That makes it more than three times more expensive than gold.

  • Gabriel Fraser
    Gabriel Fraser 2 months ago +123

    We have a lot of problems in South Africa, and it's very, very common to hear people say that we're just 10 years behind Zimbabwe. But we've actually remained surprisingly strong. Zimbabwe is an absolute shitshow. I've met a number of Zimbabwean immigrants who were delighted to be farm workers in SA.

    • envix
      envix 10 days ago

      i would rather be a farm worker than starve to death or get shot in the head too

    • Lux Caeca
      Lux Caeca Month ago +4

      If you ask me, SA could end up a whole lot worse than Zimbabwe if that Uhuru shit keeps picking up steam. I shudder to think what that would lead to in a place like Joburg.

    • Dominick Destine
      Dominick Destine Month ago +3

      SA collapse can be seen in real time though.

    • Jeffrey Bue
      Jeffrey Bue Month ago +13

      I think SA is definitely going the wrong direction. I don't think they're too far gone but if they don't change things soon, I believe they'll be suffering the same fate as Zim.

  • Shaetteb
    Shaetteb 2 months ago +469

    As a person who has read multiple books on the Rhodesian Bush war all of Rhodesia's units where mixed race and fully integrated it was Mugabe and Nkomo's Forces that where committing the racially motivated attacks and crimes against Rhodesians. There are also interviews with Rhodesian bush war veterans talking about how important the Africans in there units where to mission successes the best examples are the Rhodesian S.A.S. And Everyone hates Zimbabwe because of their commitment to genocide.

    • Lucas Holguin
      Lucas Holguin Month ago +1

      huh just like the Confederate States of America

    • gahelo 1227
      gahelo 1227 Month ago

      @Mobin oh, them can you show where he supported warrior culture?

    • gahelo 1227
      gahelo 1227 Month ago

      @Baker Boat Rhodesia was not supported and neither really defended

  • Daniel Mandy
    Daniel Mandy 2 months ago +56

    Just here to confirm some numbers. My last Zimbabwe dollar paycheck before we all adopted the US$ was 3.5 trillion. It was locked in a bank account. We only had access to 200m withdrawals per day and the queues to draw were hours long sometimes. Often the bank would run out of cash before a small number of us could withdraw anything.
    That 3.5t was worth about a months groceries. Within a week, it was worth a weeks worth.

  • MboShu
    MboShu 2 months ago +416

    As a Zimbabwean, I can disagree on the part when he said the land is BORING. Its actually fun because of not having these strange rules such as "No noise after 10pm" so you feel more free. A bit

    • Akhisu Njeya
      Akhisu Njeya Day ago

      Bro whaaatttttt???????

    • Benjamín Dibịa | 🪬
      Benjamín Dibịa | 🪬 16 days ago

      ​@Aussie Shitposter I'm sure "aussie shitposter" knows more about Zimbabwe than a Zimbabwean

    • Sniper B
      Sniper B 16 days ago

      @Emille Thornicroft of course. There's nothing to steal and Zimbabweans are friendly hardworking people.

    • Towering Horse20
      Towering Horse20 Month ago

      That’s just called anarchy.

    • Michael Cap
      Michael Cap Month ago

      Better as Rhodesia.

  • Tlogang Mosupye
    Tlogang Mosupye 2 months ago +246

    Interesting video and it had a more comedic undertone so certain things were a bit wrong like Ndebeles don't completely dominate the country they're actually the second largest tribe, Shonas are the ones who dominate Zimbabwe, Mugabe is Shona and ZANU PF is dominated by Shonas and the 20 000 political opponents massacred were mostly Ndebele civilians.
    The land being given back to black Zimbabweans was part of the Lancaster Agreements between the white & black Zimbabweans, and the British under negotiations to end the Rhodesian Bush War and to set up a proper democracy, which under Tony Blair was broken which Mugabe did use it as a political opportunity to exploit into building support for himself and his party.
    Relatively speaking in the 80s and 90s Mugabe and Zanu PF did improve living standards for black Zimbabweans but it wasn't sustainable.
    Things really went south in the 2000s when Mugabe didn't want to leave power, the Rhodesian bush war veterans were grabbing land, Zim forces entered into the Congo War and the hyperflation issue.
    Another part not properly explained was how hyperinflation began because Mugabe had to pay War Veterans their pensions, monthly salaries and other benefits that they could not afford so they decided to print money as an easy solution.
    And Southern Africa didn't really turn its back on Zimbabwe but rather was complicit in a lot of its crimes like when Mugabe didn't accept the 2008 election that he lost.
    Otherwise the video was good and laughed here and there.

    • Baker Boat
      Baker Boat Month ago +4

      Agree, but one small problem. If one is do fair land reform, compensation MUST be provided; otherwise it is intimidation and coercion to force someone to give up land that they personally did not steal. It should be expected that people will try to take their land back if the government isn't honoring their end of the bargain.

    • Comrade Blanc
      Comrade Blanc 2 months ago


    • liquidtunes
      liquidtunes 2 months ago +14

      Now this is a comment that should have more visibility. Thanks for sharing.

  • Dark Mattter
    Dark Mattter 2 months ago +489

    The most important economic decision is to never piss off those who can sanction you

    • Sheriff Din-Gabisi
      Sheriff Din-Gabisi Month ago +1

      @Caffeine addict 2020 People can get rich for different reasons. Have you never read _"War is a Racket"?_ Or _"Confessions of an Economic Hitman"?_ If someone's riches were stolen, why do we need more of that?

    • Forrow
      Forrow Month ago +1

      @Cashew Nuttel Zimbabwe is... what do you mean?

    • Baker Boat
      Baker Boat Month ago +3

      @Caffeine addict 2020 As it turns out, economic investment has to come from somewhere. This hard reality has stumped even many in West, who do not understand what either a market economy is or capitalism.

    • Meta Mind
      Meta Mind Month ago +1

      @Христијан Божиноски Mate you are on Clip-Share, you are also contributing to the Western economy (very little, just the price your country's businesses are willing to pay to show you an ad)

  • Nimbus Minx
    Nimbus Minx Month ago +20

    Have friends from Zim.
    They left because the government required that all businesses suddenly had to have an African majority partner. If they didn't, a partner was assigned to the business. "He was bloody useless." Their assigned partner gave away stock to his friends and family without thought, and certainly not consulting is "partner" to do it. It got so bad that they just up and left. Rather than go back to Goa--a country they hadn't seen in 20 years--they came to the US. Eventually they got a pittance of the money by selling the land. Buy then, the country was broken.

    • Nimbus Minx
      Nimbus Minx 13 days ago

      @A Son of Liberty Actually, a lot of Chinese investors in Africa got screwed over by that same program.

    • A Son of Liberty
      A Son of Liberty 13 days ago +1

      Sounds like the Chinese model

  • Dane the hero
    Dane the hero 2 months ago +32

    I gotta say, I followed you for about six months, and you've easily been the most consistent source of mine on global politics (a big hobby of mine). Not just that, but the quality of your videos has only gotten better with time - keep up the good work!

    • Mike Bean
      Mike Bean 2 months ago +1

      i saw in increase in quality in the last few videos

  • Austin Wilburn
    Austin Wilburn Month ago +11

    I haven’t finished the video but I wanted to add a little fact. The 100 trillion bill is actually only worth around $0.14 cents. A few years ago they reformed the billing of their paper currency and now no longer use such large bills. After they did this, the 100 trillion dollar bill that was only worth .14 cents went up to $25 usd because it became a historical item, as a example of the largest hyper inflation in human history.
    I always found that funny how it became so more valuable after it was disestablished.

  • NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip

    Time to educate myself about economy watching a mad lad with nice commentary

  • Ivan Babravitski
    Ivan Babravitski 2 months ago +18

    What's coincidental is that in my math class, we had a problem where we had to find the final compound interest amount by continuously compounding monthly using Zimbabwe's annual interest rate in 2007 which was 2200%. Hours later, I see h0ser talking about Zimbabwe's hyper-inflation.

  • Romas
    Romas 2 months ago +340

    When it was Rhodesia (until the 1970s) this country was known as the breadbasket of Africa and was known for good living standarts

    • philip koekemoer
      philip koekemoer 12 days ago

      Ndebele isn't the only ethnic group in Zimbabwe

    • NormalPlayer737
      NormalPlayer737 Month ago

      @Lucas Holguin Thank you for proving Godwin's law. Have a good day.

    • Lucas Holguin
      Lucas Holguin Month ago

      ​@NormalPlayer737was hitler and the confederates vindicated?🥱

    • NormalPlayer737
      NormalPlayer737 Month ago

      @ano nihme "Rhodesia was a racist state built on blood". Amazing, every word of what you've just said is wrong.

  • Mad Maximus
    Mad Maximus 10 days ago +6

    I was in Zim twice to vacation in the 1990s. The first vacation was one of the best I ever had. Met bunch of people backpacking from all over the world. It was cheap. For about US$ 2 you could buy a nice meal. After whites were kicked off there land things went downhill quickly. Something not mentioned in this video is that one of the reasons Zim stopped print their own money was because the Zim government run out of foreign currency to buy the ink from Germany to print their own currency. South Africa (my country of birth) is heading the same direction as Zim.

  • MrAsianPie
    MrAsianPie 2 months ago +148

    For the closing, I think there was a missed opportunity to say, "Of course they knew how to run an economy..... An economy to the ground!"

    • Drown
      Drown Month ago


    • Cashew Nuttel
      Cashew Nuttel 2 months ago +7

      Nah, I like the original about Zimbabwe having the most trillionares.

    • Cavaleer Mountaineer
      Cavaleer Mountaineer 2 months ago +10

      That's what I was expecting. But more trillionaires was toooooo tempting. 🤣🤣🤣

    • TimesNewLogan
      TimesNewLogan 2 months ago +10

      My thoughts exactly! “They ran it right into the ground, and just kept digging.”

  • evan polkki
    evan polkki Month ago +2

    i love your videos! ive only recently gotten into geopolitics from the war in ukraine. your videos are hilarious and well-researched. do you have any usual spots where you find all this information? i know I could find it if I looked hard enough......some youtube journalist channels post their references in the description and I would appreciate it if you did the same. or course you don't need to and ill still be grateful for the videos

  • Nathan Seper
    Nathan Seper 2 months ago +1388

    It is depressing that Mugabe was so horrible and incompetent that people are nostalgic for the racist regime that came before him.

    • Lucas Holguin
      Lucas Holguin Month ago

      ​@Ian David Villalobos Wongwhite supremacists trying so hard🤣

    • Lucas Holguin
      Lucas Holguin Month ago

      ​@0816 M3RCsaid no intelligent person ever

    • Lucas Holguin
      Lucas Holguin Month ago

      ​@Ptolemy the firstwhite supremacists be like

    • Dr.Demon
      Dr.Demon Month ago +1

      Every nation was once racist, it is naive to think the Rhodesian regime was so much different from the UK or any other western nation. If anything, they were more innocent and willing to invest in the population.

  • Ryan Robichaud
    Ryan Robichaud 2 months ago +18

    Ihad a roommate a few years back that was from Zimbabwe, of English decent had a big farm that was 90% taken by the government and then when production went to almost zip the renter's left the land and asked the old owner to manage it again and work for them. They still do to this day as far as I know, all the kids left and got an education elsewhere and never want to live there again. The stories I heard of with inflation where insane!
    My cousin studied in Kenya and while there met a fellow student from Zambia and they married it's pretty crazy to hear how he grew up, and how he got out of it ( He is not of European decent) is a top meteorologist in the world in America now and is always talking about how China has too much influence in Zambia. Just some interesting connections to the area.

  • random guy
    random guy 2 months ago +24

    love seeing ur videos and ive enjoyed all the videos since the first ive seen but ngl i love the channel even more since we have alot of african content coming from it, finding good interesting content about how african countries are doing is hard

  • M.J
    M.J 2 months ago +22

    My grandfather use to live in Rhodesia and once all of the political situation began to flair out of control; and the whites were being forced out, he had to leave and eventually moved to New Zealand, then Australia where he lives to this day. He told me how the situation was, it was not good and very racially divided. Thanks for making a video about it.

    • M.J
      M.J 2 months ago +1

      @kay juta No doubt it was worse. Just one long shitshow really

  • justDT
    justDT 2 months ago +15

    Good video, this really educates people about the immaturity of modern governments and dictators. It's amazing to have education about problems about the world so we don't repeat it, respect.

    • Shaun Cameron
      Shaun Cameron 2 months ago +3

      The ruling ANC share the same far-left views Mugabe had. It figures when the ANC was a Soviet-founded organization.

    • hoser
      hoser  2 months ago +14

      Unfortunately South Africa seems to be getting closer and closer to enacting the same sort of fast track policies Zimbabwe did in the 2000s. Hopefully they don't but politics is ruthless

  • Lmao It’s Mitch
    Lmao It’s Mitch 2 months ago +4

    Amazing video, very well researched and really entertaining! I’m not a history guy, but I might be now!

  • Scanda
    Scanda 2 months ago +275

    I love 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, 500 billion Zimbabwean dollars

    • PiousMoltar
      PiousMoltar 2 months ago +6

      @Kuro Usagi Let's just round it down and call him 50 Quadrillion Zimbabwean Dollars

    • Kuro Usagi
      Kuro Usagi 2 months ago +7

      In 2015, the Zimbabwean government offered 1 USD for 175 Quadrillion “3rd issue” Zimbabwean Dollars. So 50 cent would actually be 87.5 Quadrillion Zimbabwean Dollars.

    • Tori_VA
      Tori_VA 2 months ago

      This is brilliant😂😂😂😂

    • honk honk
      honk honk 2 months ago


    • Groxcima
      Groxcima 2 months ago +5

      Easy joke

    WAZZUP :P 2 months ago +65

    “We’re free! The Zimbabwean government has saved us all!”
    “Oh I wouldn’t say saved, more like *under new management.*”

    • Vintce
      Vintce Month ago +2

      African coups in the nutshell.

  • Sir Burgerton The 3rd
    Sir Burgerton The 3rd Month ago +2

    First video I've watched of you, and I LOVE IT!
    I liked that instead of countries being represented by a countryball, or a flag, they are represented by their national animal.

  • hkmp5s
    hkmp5s 12 days ago +2

    A perfect example of being careful what you wish for.

  • Zack
    Zack 2 months ago +5

    You’re videos are not only really informative, but hilarious at the same time 😂.

  • Sherlock_XD
    Sherlock_XD 2 months ago +2

    Thank you, on this educative video on how to not run a economy my economy is failing and I rate it a 10 out of 10 It has a 100 percent success rate and I approve it to any aspiring anti economists

  • Ben
    Ben 2 months ago +194

    Zimbabwe used to be the bread basket of Africa while under competent government

    • DsiakMondala
      DsiakMondala Month ago

      @Baker Boat I will not be legally responsible for your copium's bill. I hope your health plan covers it.

    • Baker Boat
      Baker Boat Month ago

      @DsiakMondala Considering the degeneration caused by Mugabe's rule, the burden is on you to prove that any of this is cope.

    • DsiakMondala
      DsiakMondala Month ago

      Levels of copium never seem before.

    • Legendary #43
      Legendary #43 2 months ago +2

      @Donovan Locust better than Zimbabwe.

  • tunasheep
    tunasheep Month ago +3

    As a Zimbabwean i can confirm everything you said is true 🙃

  • Devon1798
    Devon1798 2 months ago +21

    Your videos are a very interesting mix of education, humor, and morbidity

  • EARL Briggs Mashanda
    EARL Briggs Mashanda 13 days ago +1

    We seriously need people that illustrate stories the way they are ...

  • basedboi88
    basedboi88 2 months ago +30

    The ending is wrong. Hungary in 1946 had more trillionares than Zimbabwe. The highest denomination note issued was 10^20 pengős = 100 quintillion pengős. Hungary still holds the record for the highest rate of inflation in history. When Hungary abandoned the pengő in favor of the forint (at a conversion rate of 4*10^29 pengő = 1 forint) all the money in circulation in Hungary was worth about a 1/100000 dollars.

    • skullkrusher
      skullkrusher Month ago +1

      more trillions =/= more trillionaires. so the ending is still right i think

    • JoDoFe
      JoDoFe 2 months ago +5

      @James Dulak The thing about hyperinflation is that it goes super fast. Fixing the underlying economic problems that cause hyperinflation or even just taking stopgap measures takes time. And when the rate of inflation is so high that prices are doubling every day, you just end up with really, really high numbers in only a matter of months or even weeks.

    • James Dulak
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      Jesus, it's crazy that countries let things reach points like that. How high does the number have to be before the dudes realize yo maybe adding more zeroes isn't fixing things.

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    • F Gohnson
      F Gohnson Month ago

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    • F Gohnson
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      @PandaScopeXL yeah, in the first half of the video he said that things were pretty good if outside trade was stable, but if there were shocks in prices and shit, everything went to hell.

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    If you go to places that have experienced this, you'll find that the working folks just won't voluntarily work for less than it takes to live. If it costs a trillion dollars for a loaf of bread, nobody is voluntarily working for less than three trillion a day.
    It does freak the shit out of people who don't understand markets though.

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      Zimbabwe is suffering Hyperinflation
      Nd Sanctions ruining the Economy
      SA could Revive with Good leadership

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    If you have USD, (and a-lot of it) your life in Zimbabwe will be fun.
    If you have no cash in Zimbabwe it becomes hell.
    Corruption is rampant all over Zim, and its sad to see what it is.

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    Actually the whole land situation was not an "idea" it was part of the Lancaster agreement which was made by the British , Rhodesians and the Zanu Pf Government in 1979 (1 year before independence) stating that the British government would compensate Zimbabwe for the stolen land which the Rhodesians profited from. This agreement was made during Thatchers time as PM iand part of the conditions was that the Zanu Pf government should not appropriate land for a period of 20 years which Mugabe actually honoured, however when the time came for the British to honour their side of the deal, Blair, chose to treat this agreement like "choice" , sighting corruption and economic mismanagement which is what actually led to the famous "keep your Britain , Ill keep my Zimbabwe " speach and the fast track land reform program. Many people like to make Zimbabweans look like the bad guy in this story but the truth is that the British are actually responsible for ALL the chaos that unfolded in Zimbabwe. One could argue that human rights abuses was what led to the sanctions placed on Zimbabwe in the early 2000s but those sanctions were only put in place because the victims were white farmers, while there are well documented incidences such as the Gukurahundi massacers that happened in the 80s and voter intimidation dating as far back as 1980. The British and the rest of the world didnt bat an eye then but only cared when it came to "white owned" land. So yeah sure ZImbabwe was ruined but to be fair it never had a a fair chance in the first place.

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    *In his best Doctor Evil voice*: ONE HUNDRED TRILLION DOLLARS.
    Ponder that for a moment. A modern, 21st Century nation, whose fiscal policy of printing money to keep supporters paid off became so severe that, in just two years, they went from a ONE CENT note being worth printing, to that $100,000,000,000,000 monstrosity being utterly worthless, even less than the cost of printing it.
    Could that happen in the US? Perhaps not so quickly, but net taxpayers are now outnumbered. It would be prudent to set aside a store of physical goods, and not just food, for the hard times to come. And when they do, the riots in 2020 will look like a Sunday school picnic, compared to what our entitlement class, going on four generations of entrenched, institutionalized poverty, will do when the goodies stop coming.
    Big cities will not be the place to be. ='[.]'=

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