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  • Published on Jan 25, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • XG
    3rd Single💫SHOOTING STAR💫
    2023.01.25 Wed
    ‘SHOOTING STAR’ Music Video
    🎥 • XG - SHOOTING STA...
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    STEEZY Month ago +1594


  • kingb youchoob
    kingb youchoob Month ago +1480

    XG is an obsession. I'm not even into girl groups but they blow me away. Their talent and charisma is just insane. All of their MV's are so totally different.

    • otashu
      otashu 15 hours ago +1

      Can we please keep the other GGs off of this please. This channel is about XG, and them only. Also, you’re being disrespectful to other GGs by saying they’re “falling off” last i’ve seen they’re still thriving. Please show some respect, idols are humans with feelings. They all worked hard to get to where they are.

    • Sir Leo
      Sir Leo Day ago

      @Fong Dang, and that was the era of songs I got introduced to red velvet that really made me like their group, kinda wished they'd do more of those style.

    • lo
      lo 6 days ago

      @Fong Oh Okay I can agree with that I don’t think they fell off though but Peek A Boo era was just peak

    • Arianna Sowder
      Arianna Sowder 6 days ago

      Btw what is your other favorite band? Mine is BTS personally. I'm mostly the same as well. I like guy groups a whole lot. But I do love theses ladies!♥

    • Fong
      Fong 8 days ago

      @lo I miss the peek a boo and bad boy eras. Good mix of their “red” and “velvet” sides. Nowadays they just wanna do trap versions of classical songs lol. It’s good in its own way, but i feel like red velvets peak was their 2017/18 years.

  • matsuokei
    matsuokei Month ago +334

    THIS, children, is a group of all-rounders. The level of professionalism, the flawlessness... they're just jaw-dropping.

  • カビ
    カビ Month ago +43


  • dai1
    dai1 Month ago +181

    Honestly, they deserve the best in dance performance awards.

  • astronomy
    astronomy Month ago +6303

    I am so glad that Hinata has proper lines. she literally DESERVES IT.

    • Neil Almosa
      Neil Almosa Day ago

      ​@Lexus Lee 😅😊😅

    • AkiraCai
      AkiraCai 15 days ago

      @Amalio _ fr lol 😂😂

    • leeweinan
      leeweinan Month ago

      @Matt🤍I guess she is chisa

    • Bigger Uruha Rushia Simp Than Zero
      Bigger Uruha Rushia Simp Than Zero Month ago


    • Gerts Kook
      Gerts Kook Month ago +1

      I wonder why that was. I know rumor is for some idols if they aren’t too fluent in Korean or English they tend to not get many lines. It happened with Felix (stray kids) for awhile until his Korean got better. I just being here XG stan since day one like I’ve only been here for like two girls day 1 and XG is the second SKZ 1 😭 4th gens are killing me. And Hinata is my bias wrecker this era though she’s my bias ultimate 😅 cocona is up there as well

  • Loremae Tuvilleja
    Loremae Tuvilleja Month ago +80

    I love Jurin's Charisma

  • æsh
    æsh Month ago +461

    These girls are such great performers. The amount of commitments they put in every of their move even the small ones so they look really synchronized deserve respect. They are the standard. No one outdancing anybody, theyre just so cohesive and such great girls put in one group. I love XG 😭💙🔥

  • ☆みほパンマン☆


  • hanana1123
    hanana1123 Month ago +17


  • A M
    A M Month ago +32


  • Gonzalo Martinez
    Gonzalo Martinez Month ago +1488


    • LuvMinji ☆
      LuvMinji ☆ Month ago

      But what about newjeans,IVE,le sserafim and other girl groups??

    • hazel
      hazel Month ago

      @mina ri search the meaning of MAMA award

    • jnmg127
      jnmg127 Month ago

      Yass they shouldd

    • hazel
      hazel Month ago

      MAMA means Mnet ASIAN Music Awards....
      So it means should not only for Koreans

    • Bunny 🐰
      Bunny 🐰 Month ago

      They can’t win in Korea music show bc all the member are Japan they are promoting in Korea

  • 色んなオタク
    色んなオタク Month ago +6


  • Vibhi Solanki
    Vibhi Solanki Month ago +28

    chisa and hinata stood out so much in this comeback i absolutely loved this

  • hong길그
    hong길그 Month ago +64

    XG ! 방금 알았는데 KBS 뮤직 뱅크 출연하러 오셨죠? 지난 여름 한창 더울 때 한국에서 활동한 게 엊그제 같은데...
    이번에도 성공적인 활동이 되길 기원하겠습니다. XG 파이팅!

    • 찰비빔면
      찰비빔면 Month ago

      프로필 누르면 이전 댓글 기록 볼수있는데..이댓글 말고 다른댓글은 번역체가 넘 티나서 쉴드 못해주겠네 ㅋㅋ

    • 루어매니아
      루어매니아 Month ago +3


    • 광야의가오나시
      광야의가오나시 Month ago +7

      너 한국인 아니지? 모를 것 같냐? 댓글을 조작하네...........일본애들 대단하다....

  • silver dragon
    silver dragon Month ago +25


  • deza
    deza Month ago +14

    A Jurin cantando mds que perfeição

  • Nasrun Sj
    Nasrun Sj Month ago +2039

    imagine being XG... LITERALLY a triple threat. this idol is so talented

    • Burban
      Burban Month ago +3

      @ㅇyou don’t know what live means or sum?? Also a few of the members are singing live.

    • Trooth
      Trooth Month ago

      @vell愛 ***they’re***

    • Trooth
      Trooth Month ago

      ***these idols***

    • alvareo92
      alvareo92 Month ago +2

      Autogenerated bot comment you can find being equally successful in any other idol video

  • tagaISLA ako
    tagaISLA ako Month ago +48

    They move as one, smoothly synchronized cute but not cringey...refreshing to watch!

    • Ardyn
      Ardyn 12 days ago

      except Harvet, she is hard to watch

    DANANNARTS Month ago +35

    Кажется, я открыла для себя новую классную группу😌❤

  • X달력3개
    X달력3개 Month ago +33

    그동안 들어본 xg 곡중에 가장 좋네

  • U luv
    U luv Month ago +14

    노래 너무 좋아요❤

  • deza
    deza Month ago +14

    Tô tão feliz de ver elas crescendo o número de seguidores no yt e spotify aaaaaaa q orgulho

  • Moonlight
    Moonlight Month ago +935

    Ain’t no way you can have a bias in this group, everyone shines so damn bright and are all so talented!

    • Thomas Kim
      Thomas Kim Month ago +1

      @nirvana Twice has 2 Japanese albums are they considered j-pop or k-pop? BTS has English songs are they J-pop artists? XG is all Japanese group formed in Japan and produced by Japanese company. Does that mean we can call Taylor swift j-pop artist?

    • nirvana
      nirvana Month ago +2

      @Thomas Kim it's literally just pop music in different languages

    • Aael R.
      Aael R. Month ago +1

      You're right! All of them are so charismatic in their own way~

    • Éclair Ecsposura
      Éclair Ecsposura Month ago +2

      @Thomas Kim And?

    • Thomas Kim
      Thomas Kim Month ago

      J-Pop over K-Pop? Puhahahahahaha

  • Dai affs;; 🦊
    Dai affs;; 🦊 Month ago +16


  • Minji
    Minji Month ago +8

    Já tem 1 milhão aaaa minhas mulheres arrasam p crlh

  • laughingfox26
    laughingfox26 Month ago +6

    xg is really giving me the 2nd gen vibe when they perform its all or nothing. when given the stage they just killed it like there's no tomorrow at the same time they are enjoying the stage.

  • Stephany Alves
    Stephany Alves Month ago +5

    se superaram nessa aqui, viu? que musicão ☝🏻

  • ******
    ****** Month ago +15


  • gongzhu
    gongzhu Month ago +275

    These girls are phenomenal. I adore how serious and passionate they are with their chosen craft. You could feel their deep understanding to what they got themselves into thus they are such a delight to watch. Their synchronicity is flawless yet you won’t find them robotic, you can feel their genuine joy with what they do hence they were never boring to watch over and over again. Their charisma is overflowing and so innate that they don't need to try hard looking fierce yet you can still feel their strong presence. I just love them so much to the moon and back. Huge kudos to Simon for forming this incredible lovely team! Looking forward to their further success in their career!!!

    • Pat R
      Pat R Month ago +14

      Well pointed out! XG may still be in their rookie year, but they definitely have “IT” from the get go to make it big! Excited to witness how they continue to flourish as more people begin to appreciate and support these talented ladies. Alphaz, we gonna ride or die! 💙💫

  • C
    C Month ago +30

    omg juria’s vocals are so good

  • eyesooya
    eyesooya Month ago +2


  • mariana rojas
    mariana rojas Month ago +11


  • boombayuna
    boombayuna Month ago +139

    0:36 *CHISA'S PRE-CHORUS WOW >>>* ♥ her vocals are insanely beautiful, best part of the song for me! :)

  • Muu
    Muu Month ago +3


  • MyNameIsHaruto
    MyNameIsHaruto Month ago +516

    Their movement is so swag and their facial expression is not cringey... They are not boring to watch.. I think they are the only GG I can watch on replay.. Their live performance is fun to watch..

    • Luden's Echo
      Luden's Echo Month ago

      @Nick okay kid

    • BloonsTDpro4
      BloonsTDpro4 Month ago

      youre so swag...

    • Andcris Bitancor
      Andcris Bitancor Month ago +14

      ikr!! I've seen their relay dance on mascara and I swear its too good! plus I think they're the most balanced GG out there

    • MyNameIsHaruto
      MyNameIsHaruto Month ago +3

      @Nick use google translate.. It might help you..🤣🤣

    • Nick
      Nick Month ago +1

      @MyNameIsHaruto wdym?????????? The hell?

  • Boy who dances barefoot

    Eu tô surtando do tanto que essa música é boa, i Love it ❤

  • Emanuely Estevam
    Emanuely Estevam Month ago +34

    A parte da Juria simplesmente não sai da minha cabeça. A Chisa não sai da minha cabeça!! E a Hinata a cada minuto me encanta mais

    • Juh calva
      Juh calva 26 days ago

      A Chisa é minha, vai procurar a sua😭😭😭😭

  • _m_i_x_e_r_
    _m_i_x_e_r_ Month ago +9

    Elas sempre arrasam, uma música mais viciante que a outra!!

  • Carlo Muñoz
    Carlo Muñoz Month ago +5

    Juria's vocals, aww loving it

  • U H
    U H Month ago +8

    dude that star move was everything...i felt genuine joy. Their choreo is amazing

  • Nisk kuis
    Nisk kuis Month ago +856

    Que decirles, nuestras niñas se merecen todo! Vamos ALPHAZ

  • Cheese is delicious
    Cheese is delicious Month ago +1

    I love when girl groups are dressed in coordinated outfits, everyone is an individual, but it feels united when they stand together.

  • 不思議の国のありー


  • Yona hime-sama
    Yona hime-sama Month ago +3


  • Stephany Alves
    Stephany Alves Month ago +6

    deve ser a centésima vez que venho aqui ver a harvey e a hinata brilhar pqp SURREAIS que orgulho dos meus bebês

  • Minji
    Minji Month ago +8

    2:24 eu amo essa parte, no caso a dança, parece uma coisa tão vibes sabe?

  • 萩猫
    萩猫 Month ago +47


  • Luz Periche
    Luz Periche Month ago +3


  • Vicky Mizzi
    Vicky Mizzi Month ago +7

    I love XG, everything form the wardobe to the choreography, the vocals, everything is amazing and extremely well put together. The only problem I have found is the lyrics of their songs. I just feel like whoever is writing their songs is just trying too hard, or not trying hard enough. The lyrics of every song up until now is "wow look at me I'm great, I'm expensive, I'm great" and I think they are, but I feel like the songs lack essence, it feels way too superficial and I think that, because of the amont of raw talent and potential all of these girls have, any song with a slightly more serious tone or a concise theme would just blow up (even more lol). I love literally everything else , and I hope they are actually letting these girls rest and have fun, not just exploiting them like the industry tends to do.

  • loey kim
    loey kim Month ago +2

    vi a propaganda paga desse stage no tt e n dei muita bola no começo, mas parei pra ouvir uns segudinhos e amei?! é realmente mt boa a música

  • Kevin Rizzo
    Kevin Rizzo Month ago +12

    Es un grupo bastante completo, a comprarla en Apple Music

  • Minha vida é um drama

    Minha gente que música boa

  • • monty •
    • monty • Month ago +505

    XG is gonna be on top of the world. How can they stand out as a group but also as individuals? They’re amazing! You can see how confident they are.

    • Lambert Torres
      Lambert Torres Month ago

      @You and me 2023 where exactly did they say this?

    • k k
      k k Month ago

      Interview with JAKOPS, the producer of XG and representative of the office "XGALX"
      New genre "X-POP"
      I didn't have a conventional word that XG was aiming for, so I was worried about how to define it. Our music is a new attempt in 'J-POP', and when we say 'K-POP' strongly, there may be some inconvenient eyes. Therefore, although it is a little bold, we used the expression "X-POP" to create our own music and genre. The letter "X" has the concept of "mix", but it has the meaning of being mixed without various prejudices. I want you to look at it with an unbiased eye.

    • You and me 2023
      You and me 2023 Month ago

      @Christopher Riley well they recently said they want to represent Japanese idols and show the world what they are capable of. I would say they're jpop. Kpop idols promote in Japan with whole Japanese albums and promotions, promote songs in English and are still considered kpop.

    • Christopher Riley
      Christopher Riley Month ago +3

      @Jae Hyun Lee I agree, but if you really were to categorize their music I don't think it would be Kpop either. They are an international group (per their own statement) therefore I feel they would literally just fall under pop as a whole and not be region based since they sing in all 3 languages (Korean, Japanese and English)

    • Jae Hyun Lee
      Jae Hyun Lee Month ago +10

      @Thomas Kim This is neither kpop or jpop?? also the CEO of their company is Simon from DMNT (Korean) Avex maybe a Japanese company, but essentially they don't categorize under either, a quick google search however states they are based in Korea so if you had to categorize their genre it would be kpop

  • エミエミ
    エミエミ 26 days ago +7


  • Claudio Pantoja
    Claudio Pantoja Month ago

    I wanna hear them live live. Not just dancing live. I bet they are sooooo good. I’m obsessed.

  • chan
    chan Month ago +7


  • LPS MissSkity
    LPS MissSkity Month ago +1

    they literally ROCK IT

  • Lina
    Lina Month ago +4

    I don't even care that they're lip singing here, this song kills and i love the choreo

  • Ivan Mockvin
    Ivan Mockvin Month ago +426

    Песня фантастическая и прекрасная, хореография суперский и восхительный, мне очень понравилось.

  • SKD
    SKD Month ago +56

    It's not just a synchronized dance. Their vibes really work together well. Appreciate their hard work!

  • samuri2011
    samuri2011 Month ago +2

    This is my vibe for the rest of my life!

  • Dream of the day
    Dream of the day Month ago +2

    this girls is amazing

  • Tatsuya Tainaka
    Tatsuya Tainaka Month ago +3

    I am in love with Juria's singing in this one

  • naneun nugu?
    naneun nugu? Month ago +8

    the world should to be proud of this xtraordinary girl

  • Bernalieths
    Bernalieths Month ago +447

    XG son lo mejor, está es la definición de talento, rap, vocal, baile, visual y mucho mas. Amo a estás chicas

  • fruitpirate
    fruitpirate Month ago +2

    they really are from another galaxy...awesome performance~!

  • ******
    ****** Month ago +25


  • Arlet Thom
    Arlet Thom Month ago +2

    Make XG popular like their music hit different!!!

  • Wanderingjew
    Wanderingjew Month ago +2

    The choreo is amazing as usual

  • Lesly Gómez
    Lesly Gómez Month ago +139

    they ALL got the spotlight in this comeback. I'm so so happy to see how EACH MEMBER is so mesmerizing to watch, definitely a proof that they're all rounders. My favorite girl group for SURE!

  • Marina
    Marina Month ago +58


  • min kim
    min kim Month ago +20

    다음에는 라이브로 SHOOTING STAR 해주세요.
    라이브 공연도 보고 싶어요.

  • peachyhyunjin
    peachyhyunjin Month ago


  • 트뢀라블라
    트뢀라블라 Month ago +19

    주린님 진짜 매력있어요 완전 잘생기고 예쁨

  • Eddy Setiawan
    Eddy Setiawan Month ago

    The beat is so powerful

  • TM
    TM Month ago +4


  • Анастасия Коровина

    Не устану это повторять - девочки просто потрясающие! Смотрю на них и душа прямо расцветает и радуется!

    • Анастасия Коровина
      Анастасия Коровина Month ago

      @Виталька Каменский ну если для вас - то понятно. Для меня это совершенно разные понятия

    • Виталька Каменский
      Виталька Каменский Month ago

      @Анастасия Коровина Лучшая и любимая - по сути одно тоже для меня.

    • Анастасия Коровина
      Анастасия Коровина Month ago +1

      @Виталька Каменский а зачем выбирать "лучшую"?)
      Выбирайте самую любимую! У меня вот это Джурин. Хотелось бы мне с ней дружить)

    • Виталька Каменский
      Виталька Каменский Month ago +1

      И выбрать лучшую не просто... Однако, я выбрал, правда двух🙂 - Хинату и Кокону.

  • Xiomara Luna
    Xiomara Luna Month ago +6

    Las escucho desde el anterior comeback, y sus canciones tienen algo que te atrapan. No paro de escuchar esta canción, me encanta. 💖

  • 𝓑𝓪𝓶𝓫𝓲𝓴𝔂𝓾𝓷

    They are getting better every time I'm impressed

  • Aldi Saputra
    Aldi Saputra Month ago +9

    I addicted to Chisa's voice

  • Đồng Nguyễn
    Đồng Nguyễn 28 days ago +2

    It was so wholesome how the episode ended and then seeing the restaurant was closed was like someone threw me a bucket of cold water

  • Estefany milagros Choquepata Andres

    xg es un gran grupo de chicas, es super completo son increíblemente talentosas, deberían ser mas reconocidas espero que lleguen a alcanzar el éxito se lo merecen realmente.

  • 걸뱅이
    걸뱅이 Month ago +43

    그루브가 느껴지는 R&B스타일이 매우 듣기 좋습니다. 응원합니다

    • Kpops honeyಠ◡ಠ
      Kpops honeyಠ◡ಠ Month ago +2

      they will attend the music show in the afternoon. would you please be with them?

  • Mariel batuhan
    Mariel batuhan Month ago

    They deserve to be known and a recognition for their talent.

  • Lily K
    Lily K Month ago +4


  • ny
    ny Month ago +4


  • きゅうす
    きゅうす Month ago +5


  • MatthewDRobles
    MatthewDRobles Month ago +4


  • うさこ・
    うさこ・ Month ago +13


  • mgrtt
    mgrtt Month ago +3

    This group is just full of talent and nobody's lacking imo

  • ユカ
    ユカ Month ago +5


  • Li Xin
    Li Xin Month ago

    They should winnnn this song is so freshhhhh and the concept 😍😍😍😍

  • Clydee Borrel
    Clydee Borrel Month ago +41

    I’m freaking out everything is perfect, visuals, dance, rap and the vocals omggg they sound so good Cocona I swear this kid is an ace

  • Seham Usudan
    Seham Usudan 22 days ago +2

    I am literally obsessed with XG now!!!

  • つたつた
    つたつた Month ago +13


  • Camila Nery
    Camila Nery Month ago +1

    Como são divas 🤧❤️ quem sabe faz ao vivooooooo

  • Idol
    Idol Month ago +2

    They deserved to get recognize that they're great vocalists too😁😁

  • 땡
     Month ago +25

    Es que la coreografía va tan bien con la canción que lo hace perfecto. Felicidades por su regreso chicas, espero sea exitoso.