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Watch Cops Seize Combat Vet's Life Savings [RARE FOOTAGE]

  • Published on Nov 29, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Stephen Lara did everything right. But, as subscribers of our Clip-Share channel know well, even innocent people aren’t safe from civil forfeiture.
    Stephen is a 39-year-old retired Marine from Lubbock, Texas. He is a devoted father of two teenage daughters and, once a month, he drives from Texas to see them in California, where they live with their mother. Eager to be closer after spending the pandemic in Texas caring for his elderly parents, he has been shopping for a home near the California-Nevada border.
    In February 2021, Stephen was making his usual trip west through Reno when he was pulled over by the Nevada Highway Patrol for supposedly following a tractor-trailer too closely.
    The officer complimented Stephen’s driving, thanked him for observing the speed limit, and explained that NHP was “conducting a public information campaign” to help drivers avoid danger. Confident that the officer was only there to help, Stephen cooperated with his escalating investigation, even volunteering that he was carrying a large amount of cash.
    Ninety minutes later, Stephen had been robbed of his life savings-$86,900-which he carried with him after a spate of robberies in his parents’ neighborhood. The officer who pulled Stephen over wanted to let him go; he was overruled by NHP Sergeant Glenn Rigdon, who ordered the money seized specifically so that it could be “adopted” by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.
    “Adoption” is a process by which federal law enforcement agencies can take over a seizure by state and local law enforcement. If the federal government is successful in forfeiting the property, its “equitable sharing” program guarantees the state or local agency that seized the property up to 80% of the proceeds for use in the agency’s budget.
    In Stephen’s case, the DEA sat on his life savings for months, ignoring the legal deadlines requiring it to charge Stephen with a crime, begin a civil forfeiture case against his property, or return the money within six months of seizure. The DEA did none of those things. So, on August 30, IJ sued it in federal court on Stephen’s behalf.
    Early the morning of September 1, the agency announced it would return all of Stephen’s money. In less than 24 hours, it had learned of our lawsuit, answered hard questions from The Washington Post, and committed to reviewing its policies for federal adoptions.
    When we learned he would be getting his money back (filled with joy), he told us, “This isn’t over.”
    And it isn’t. At the same time we filed in federal court, we also filed a major constitutional challenge in state court. Our state case aims to make federal adoptions impossible in Nevada as violations of the state constitution’s guarantees of reasonable seizures supported by probable cause and due process of law-not based on mere suspicion or for the financial benefit of the seizing agency. If we are successful, it will be the first time a state court has struck down federal adoptions. And a victory will take the profit motive out of roadside seizures.
    Filmed with a Canon C70 with a 50mm 1.2 lens. Aputure 300d, 120d, and amaran.

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  • Institute for Justice
    Institute for Justice  Year ago +1229

    Check out our latest video in our Policing for Profit series. This one is about local police terrorizing a small town. They even got a tank. clip-share.net/video/-cil2gdCa-k/video.html

    • Things4yougaming
      Things4yougaming Year ago +29

      Did you guys get an update on this?

    • Michael Wimberly
      Michael Wimberly Year ago +24

      GD. I need to watch Ronald Reagan speeches. SOMETHING, to make me believe in America, again.

    • Peter Veenstra
      Peter Veenstra Year ago +11

      Only in America

  • Eric Thompson
    Eric Thompson Month ago +1723

    Citizens shouldn’t have to prove their money was acquired legally. Law enforcement should have to prove it wasn’t.

    • Flow
      Flow Month ago +137

      Guilty until proven innocent. What a shame

    • Grinxh Ru
      Grinxh Ru Month ago +10

      Burden of proof us what its supposed to be

    • kg 810
      kg 810 Month ago +14

      U say that untill somebody lining their pockets w ur bread😂

  • Ian Battles
    Ian Battles 4 months ago +2771

    The fact that they returned the money as soon as legal pressure was applied to them demonstrates the flimsy legal footing on which they base these seizures.

    • Micha x
      Micha x 4 months ago +45

      Absolutely as a victim of this it hurts seeing it happen again

    • section8usmc53
      section8usmc53 4 months ago +87

      That's not typical. Usually people end up spending half or more of the seized money on attorneys and other expenses. This happens A LOT. Like all the time in the US.

    • Sara Ohara
      Sara Ohara 4 months ago +58

      @Ian Battles did actually get all his money back though? I thought he had $100k seized? Only $80-something thousand was returned to him. He deserved to get at least double the amount for having to go through this crap in my opinion.

    • GAMMASP8
      GAMMASP8 4 months ago +29

      This is crazy he had bank receipt

    • TriumphanT Tizzy
      TriumphanT Tizzy 4 months ago +18

      @Sara Ohara and he has to pay legal/court fees

  • Stephen L
    Stephen L 16 days ago +130

    The fact that he said “Nice” when the dog picked up the cash pretty much tells you all you need to know.

  • Nancy H Newton
    Nancy H Newton 2 days ago +43

    Never ever allow law enforcement to search your property, car, or home, without a search warrant! Never!

    • JamesT
      JamesT Day ago +3

      Easier said than done. Specifically when it comes to traffic stops. Cops use all kinds of tricks and excuses to do as they please. Refusing to comply to a search is a great way to hear that they suspect you of something or that your car smells like weed and could you go ahead and step out of the vehicle for me please.

    • Gosia K
      Gosia K 17 hours ago +2

      He would just get a dog and do a false flag to search it anyways

  • Jacob Moreno
    Jacob Moreno 4 months ago +245

    Can't believe the cop even saw all the receipts and still set this guy up and robbed him. Unbelievable.

    • Jay Bloomfield
      Jay Bloomfield 2 months ago +30

      That's what makes this even worse. He had the withdrawal receipts with the money. They knew that the money was not obtained illegaly .

      FACE OF BAD Month ago +8

      lol as soon as he said nice when the dog was put on it was over

    • Bobby G.
      Bobby G. 28 days ago +4

      You can’t believe? They get a kick back. That simple.

    • Sha Panther
      Sha Panther 25 days ago +8

      This is the reason people should never talk to them. He spoke to him answered him and was respectful and look what happened to him.

  • Jay W
    Jay W Month ago +134

    These officers that orchestrated this absurd abuse of power need their identity made public nationwide. Their crimes need to be attached to them for life, this is disgusting!

    • skillethead15
      skillethead15 Month ago +7

      Civil asset forfeiture is legal. The government is what allows this criminal behavior to continue. I wonder how the chief of police, the judge, the DA or the prosecutor would feel if someone came up and stole all their cash just because someone thinks it could have been obtained illegally. I bet you they wouldn’t be ok with it. Civil asset forfeiture is illegal.

    • Susan Richardson
      Susan Richardson Day ago +2

      They will still just transfer to another Police department

  • Lead slinger
    Lead slinger Year ago +5618

    The fact they don't need any evidence to do this is straight up criminal.

    • N3WB Zero
      N3WB Zero Year ago +122

      Yeah now imagine living in Nevada where I do where all this money taking originated. Cops literally show up to your house if they think you’re even a little bit suspicious and will pull you over for doing the speed limit and accuse you of suspicious driving or say they believe you’re driving a stolen vehicle just because they think someone like you shouldn’t be driving it. They’ll pull up behind your parked car and run your plates to keep an eye on you for later to try catching you doing something wrong.

    • Tony Lohi
      Tony Lohi Year ago +142

      @N3WB Zero I put a motorcycle for sale ad in the paper, I didn't know the true value of it 1.200 miles Yamaha 650 maxim black and chrome like new so I just put it for 1.200$ which was dumb 1st motorcycle but i traded an old car for it I paid 1.200$
      I didn't need it and almost got hit trying to drive it and my wife hated it the 1st one at the door was a cop in uniform offering me 800$ he had ran my tag 1st and admitted I'm " All aces" = 0 criminal record not even a ticket. I was upset that he even did that before coming to my door offering me the 800$ I politely said no thanks the phone was still ringing with buyers. He said I know you have a clean record and probably want to keep it that way ( like suggesting a frame ) and support your local police, and pulled out exactly 800$ so go ahead and sell me the bike, I did, but felt more like being robbed it was worth more like 8000, than 800. It was really sad watching this guy be robbed by the cops. I used to play cops and robbers as a kid, wtf is it now Robbers and Robbers?

    • N3WB Zero
      N3WB Zero Year ago +53

      @Tony Lohi sounds about right I had a cop follow me home while off duty in an undercover car and light me of in my driveway to say I was speeding and he would leave me alone to buy my car. It was a 2000 Pontiac firebird I told him no and he couldn’t do anything because he wasn’t currently actually on duty.

    • Tony Lohi
      Tony Lohi Year ago +47

      @N3WB Zero Ive noticed they like to play down a "cops salary," but it seems they have a lot of expensive gun and watch collections, motorcycles, boats, and classic sports cars - they know where and when police auctions are held, I think a lot they just plain steal or intimidate to have the most toys so I don't doubt you, he was probably more into Firebirds than what speed you were going ... Glad you didn't get burned like I did. ( I only asked later what that bike was worth from a dealer ) And like the guy in the video and probably many other guys keep cash cuz they don't want their wives, ex-wives and girlfriends knowing every penny I'm your bank account

    • N3WB Zero
      N3WB Zero Year ago +33

      @Tony Lohi they really do downplay how much money they have. One lives up the street from me in a 3 story house with 2 brand new trucks and a boat.

  • P H
    P H 3 months ago +423

    I am a medical retired military police officer and a Purple Heart recipient…I have never felt such mistrust of law enforcement until leaving the military. It’s sad for me, my respect for law enforcement was the reason for me becoming a military police officer in the first place. And every time something like this happens, it erodes my trust. Citizens deserve better law enforcement.

    • Karina Z
      Karina Z 3 months ago +12

      What’s it going to take? Erodes your trust? Why are you trusting them begin with? This organization is in place because SO MANY people have been violated. What’s it going to take before you get it? O

    • Frequent Man
      Frequent Man 3 months ago +1

      You need to go postal

    • Thomas Springer
      Thomas Springer 3 months ago +1

      Those citizens deserve what they ask to receive.

    • Pax Humana
      Pax Humana 3 months ago +7

      @Karina Z , wow, you sound like an anti-cop Anarchist. Police departments are needed to make society not fly off the rails. What you mean is that you want police departments that are actually held accountable to the citizens.

    • Derrick904
      Derrick904 3 months ago +2

      @rickalbrooks Thank you for you service. 💜✊🙏

  • John
    John Month ago +256

    There’s absolutely nothing “rare” about a police officers abuse of power. It’s a very common glimpse

    • Ausaris
      Ausaris Month ago +1

      Statistically rare, common if you browse audit/case review channels often.

    • Kevin Peck
      Kevin Peck Month ago +2

      Oh na man they're God's people... They'll tell you all about it too. 😂😂😂
      Been making me sick for 20 years.

    • Rusk
      Rusk Month ago +10

      @Ausarisspare me, almost everyone has had at least one negative experience with an officer - especially if they have not led rich or priveliged lives. Policing in America is fundamentally broken, if you spend any time in many other countries you will see there does not need to be this hostile relationship with the public.

    • Ausaris
      Ausaris Month ago +2

      @Rusk Yeah you'd probably think that being chronically online.

    • Rusk
      Rusk Month ago +3

      @Ausaris I’m speaking from personal experience as someone who is successful now, but has been homeless and poor.

  • Robert Ennis
    Robert Ennis Month ago +17

    What an awful way to treat a vet who was cooperating, doing nothing wrong, and had receipts for all his cash! Hope Stephen gets himself a nice well deserved settlement!

  • Jeff S
    Jeff S 3 months ago +874

    The officers & Agent involved deserve no less than 20+ years in prison. They STOLE 100k, they weren’t ignorant, starving or living in squalor and they made no mistake - they’re just greedy, dishonest and willing to abuse the power they’ve been given. Jail time

    • CRYSIS
      CRYSIS 3 months ago +34

      Ok not 20+ because that’s literally insane (like what???😂), BUT they definitely deserve a substantial salary cut (if not a straight up termination) and a year in prison. Truly DISGUSTING behavior on their part 😤.

    • Phatt Johnson
      Phatt Johnson 3 months ago +24

      No less than... TWENTY YEARS!! FIRE AND BRIMSTONE!! 😅
      How about just 6-12 months of unpaid leave.. that's probably about how much and for how long Stephen Lara was without cash.

    • NiteBurly
      NiteBurly 3 months ago +4

      20+ years a bit too much lil bro

    • Tunoi Veil
      Tunoi Veil 3 months ago +53

      @CRYSIS 20 years its perfectly acceptable for trying to rob someone of their life time savings.

    • Nunya BeesKnees
      Nunya BeesKnees 3 months ago +19

      If people think 20 years is asking for too much... then put your 100k up, because money talks and the love for it is evil.

  • Matt G
    Matt G 2 hours ago +1

    This country is hopeless as long as police abuse of power is not addressed

  • Angry Britches
    Angry Britches Year ago +8587

    As a former Marine, I can tell what just happened. You took an honorable man who loves his country, his family, and believes in the Constitution, and state laws, and now has informed him, his service has no value and that the state & Feds are his enemy.

    • Pink Noodle
      Pink Noodle Year ago +375


    • Nosy Wendigo
      Nosy Wendigo Year ago +190

      Yeah. Pretty much.

    • Rob Olijkan
      Rob Olijkan Year ago +337

      With all respect: you don't have to be a (former-)marine to make the statement but, yeah, I am in full agreement with you. This man gave his life for the country twice and this is your reward.

  • Hudiburgh
    Hudiburgh 3 months ago +505

    Couldn't sleep tonight thinking about this story, then just saw he sued and got all his money back plus interest. So happy for him!

    • Dave
      Dave 3 months ago +33

      Good for him. Should've never happened to him .

    • x
      x 3 months ago +39

      but he had to have spent a ton of time and money to get the original amount back... still a horrible situation including the stress during that time period

    • Dub4Lif3
      Dub4Lif3 2 months ago +18

      This is the comment I was looking for!! Im so happy he sued the F**K out of them and won! Got all his money and made some money off of it too! I thought they pulled the classic "it is what it is" and screwed him out of 100K. Thank God for the lawyers that helped him get his money back rightfully so.

  • Kurt
    Kurt 3 months ago +229

    The fact that this man admitted right away that he had a large amount of cash on him is a sign of his innocence. Nobody who's a criminal would have answered honestly and that fast

    • x
      x 3 months ago +29

      its pretty obviously they knew he was innocent

    • おらば気 Ch.
      おらば気 Ch. 3 months ago +39

      They don't care if he's innocent. They want a payday.

    • stelity
      stelity 2 months ago +3

      It don't show whether he was innocent. It shows that he knows that if his car was searched, they would find it anyway.

    • zhou sei
      zhou sei 2 months ago +1

      @stelity then don't let them search it...

    • Deploy
      Deploy 2 months ago +6

      @zhou sei then they call in a k9 unit that will either smell the cash and alert or be used as a tool with false alerts to simply search your shit anyway. You think saying no to a cop is that easy?🤣

  • David
    David 19 days ago +10

    I've seen many civil asset forfeitures and this, by far, comes the closest to making me physically sick to my stomach.

  • Steve Anjo
    Steve Anjo 3 months ago +92

    Steven, you’re an American hero and these cops are criminals! Thank you for your service!! You’re the best this country has. God bless you!!

    • Amar Srayer
      Amar Srayer 2 months ago

      Well in Iraq and Afghanistan, it was all about robbery, looting, destroying, killing innocents and lying so yes the best you have...

    • RM Studio Imphal
      RM Studio Imphal 24 days ago +1

      ​@Amar Srayerare crazy u r defending the lies. Shame this is developed. I am from India 🇮🇳

  • Casual Level Expert
    Casual Level Expert 3 days ago +3

    Thank you for standing up for him and helping him!!! This is unacceptable

  • Sam Wright
    Sam Wright Year ago +10365

    I spent 33 years in law enforcement I can tell you this is corrupt no matter what the pretense is. If police can't understand why they are hated by the public look no further then these actions.

      LORRAINE AKERS Year ago +392

      My dad is a retired New York City cop and he never behaved like this. No wonder people are distrustful of police. Can you imagine if this victim was a black man. He would have been arrested. This needs to be addressed ASAP and robo cops need to get rid of their ego's and clean up their image.

    • Josiah Kepley
      Josiah Kepley Year ago +248

      You're all corrupt.

    • sploomph
      sploomph Year ago +132

      @Josiah Kepley how is that? Please explain your logic

  • romeazn
    romeazn 2 months ago +92

    You can tell by how cool and collective he is that he had been in worst situation before. respect and salute to this man.

  • ZV
    ZV 4 months ago +50

    This injustice comes from the top. This is beyond law enforcement. Absolutely ridiculous

    • hemmojito
      hemmojito 3 months ago +4

      The "nice" comment as soon as the dog sniffs the money sickens me. It's as if his eyes suddenly turned green.

    • ZV
      ZV 3 months ago +1

      @hemmojito agreed. I’ve been on both sides of the system and it’s absolutely f***ed.

    • Travis William
      Travis William 7 days ago

      They used to be called horse thieves.

  • Poul Nørgaard
    Poul Nørgaard 25 days ago +11

    I am sitting on the other side of the Atlantic, and are aware of these forfeiture laws in the US. How come absolutely not everybody over there knows this inside out, and know what not to do and say? Its been going on for years. Its a real tragedy.

    • Titan Flare
      Titan Flare 16 days ago

      Because people "if you don't have anything to hide, you have nothing to worry about"

  • BlueSkeletonKing
    BlueSkeletonKing 3 months ago +17

    The people who robbed this guy are honestly more like criminals than some of the lowlife people I’ve run into in my life. These guys are worse. Cause they’re suppose to be “the good guys” and are robbing people with the power they have. It’s evil

  • Nick Hammac
    Nick Hammac 11 days ago +3

    That's a strong man right there! If that was me I would've been crying my eyes out 😭

    • Timbrock1000
      Timbrock1000 2 days ago +1

      And the cops would mock and laugh at you as they took your money.

  • todd black
    todd black Year ago +22115

    This guy literally was an open book, cooperated, gave his trust...
    They took advantage of that, this is as sickening as it gets.

    • B B
      B B Year ago +411

      Bet the next encounter goes differently.

    • Lp K
      Lp K Year ago +360

      This idea of cops as your friends where did that come from? Some time during Jim crow,. Keep so after the white flight? There is a pattern here many of you refuse to accept. Even ignoring this truth the idea that eventually the sheriff of Nottingham will be knocking on your door next is how you should behave

    • Lp K
      Lp K Year ago +116

      @E33ENTIAL it's a dumb law that allows Robin hood story esque villains to exist.

  • Altruistic Germs
    Altruistic Germs 2 months ago +51

    Oh when the officer asked “will you give me permission to search your vehicle today” and he says “yes” my heart sank. People you gotta stand up for your rights! Cops will call you rude if you’re not compliantly handing over your civil liberties which is nothing more then classic double speak. The only way to make this all stop is if we stop being complacent about our civil rights! 🇺🇸💪

    • dregga
      dregga Month ago +2

      Well, some people haven't experienced enough bad with other people in life to think like that. I'm sure this guy has learned his lesson and won't be as forthcoming towards the police next time.

    • Altruistic Germs
      Altruistic Germs Month ago +1

      @dregga for sure. I probably would have let them search once upon a time myself to “be polite”. People are waking up though, I’m one of them.

    • Ed Baker
      Ed Baker Month ago

      Maybe if never give them consent to search, it would turn out different, maybe arrested r shot

    • Altruistic Germs
      Altruistic Germs Month ago

      @Ed Baker that’s ridiculous, you gotta stand up for your rights.

  • ♢ The Dream Arena
    ♢ The Dream Arena 4 months ago +16

    A moment like that would turn me into a 'law abiding citizen'. Especially if I was a Vet who put his life on the line for the country

    • Ek Banks
      Ek Banks 3 months ago

      Lol right. But watching videos like this definitely We'll have meat in voking my 1st amendment( I think that's it lol) And not saying a damn thing to the officers even when they're telling me " Hey man you're in really good shape what gym do you work out" or " This is a really nice car I've been trying to get one of these for years now where did you get it".

  • Dumb Reach
    Dumb Reach 4 days ago +7

    This is absolutely disgusting. This happens very frequently in my county and the neighboring county. Two of the largest law enforcement agencies have come under fire for scandals just like this one.

  • Ruby Gilliam
    Ruby Gilliam 2 months ago +15

    That's a disgrace 😮 This serviceman have all of his receipts for his currency, yet they stole this man's life savings even though he has proof???? No one's safe in this place 🙏🏽 The corruption comes from the top down. That's an abomination to this Man that has served in the military 😢 WOW Stephen I'm so happy you received your life savings back from those highway robber's 🙏🏽💞🙏🏽

    • zhou sei
      zhou sei 2 months ago

      your money is guilty until proven innocent

  • Jalen King
    Jalen King Month ago +2

    This genuinely made me nauseous. To think this has happened to so many people who had no way of fighting back breaks my heart

  • People’s News Network
    People’s News Network Year ago +3347

    It is absolutely insane that the cops can literally rob a marine veteran on the side of the highway. They are worse than the cartels if they can legally do this. Absolutely disgusting! Thank you for your service Steven and so glad you prevailed in the end. As for the Nevada Highway Patrol, you earn the hate when you engage in criminal activity like this!!

    • bip slone
      bip slone Year ago +216

      Why do people keep bringing up "marine veteran", like they are a special class of people... If it wrong it's wrong

    • Moonrunner Life
      Moonrunner Life Year ago +47

      What's crazier that your seemingly now just realizing it.

    • Venom286
      Venom286 Year ago +51

      I have know cops worst than crimanals , but believe it or not there are some good ones . It makes me sick knowing they give the good ones a bad name .

    • bip slone
      bip slone Year ago +110

      @Venom286 The barrel is rotten, any good ones become rotten very soon.

  • jRustyxo
    jRustyxo 3 months ago +9

    This guy is so calm, and cool throughout the entire ordeal. Props.

  • douglas jore
    douglas jore 7 days ago +8

    Thanks for your service Marine I hope they repent there sins and learn a better way to live 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Sonoma Calendar
      Sonoma Calendar 5 days ago +1

      I am sure they will. The moment lions start eating hay, these creatures will repent and become monks.

  • Mark Piepers
    Mark Piepers 24 days ago +7

    WTF! You can't trust anyone anymore! So much respect for staying that calm.. I would freak out!

  • DM3
    DM3 4 months ago +7

    This is nuts and ridiculous. How many freaking people have touched the damn money? The fact that he was able to maintain a calm demeanor is shocking. Just shows the caliber of guy he is. I’m glad there is an organization like this to help people like him.

  • Kezberry
    Kezberry Year ago +4159

    This poor man fought for the country and this is how he is treated. Heart braking

    • ShouldYouCare
      ShouldYouCare Year ago +93

      How do you know the fight he had for his country is not another robbery under so called “justice”.

    • Tony England
      Tony England Year ago +63

      Man, it really is tragic. He must look back at his service, then look back at this and think _"This country owes me a national apology."_

    • Edward Peak
      Edward Peak Year ago +6

      @TylerDurden cops especially lol

    • Leonardo
      Leonardo Year ago +5

      ​@TylerDurden as you can see in the video lmao

  • Brian Morrison
    Brian Morrison 4 months ago +13

    God Bless You Stephen..Thank you for serving this corrupt country and I am so sorry you had to go through what you did..

  • ๖ۣۜℜeƵeℝo
    ๖ۣۜℜeƵeℝo 3 months ago +7

    Stand for your rights boys! Don't let yourself be manipulated and abused 😤.

  • Phil_theAnimal
    Phil_theAnimal 25 days ago +3

    I hope he wins. God speed on your case!

  • Endless Void
    Endless Void 4 months ago +7

    Thank you for pursuing justice ,and I am so glad this good man got his money back from those disgusting police.

  • T N
    T N 17 days ago

    God bless you IJ. I mean that. My 25$ a month support ain't much, but you have it and my prayers and my pride. I'm glad there are people grinding it out for true justice.

  • TayZonday
    TayZonday Year ago +7269

    Ending civil asset forfeiture. Legalizing weed. Right-to-repair. There are SO MANY nonpartisan, home run issues that [a political party] could use to excite a support base and win elections. But it’s just crickets.

    • Valhalla13375
      Valhalla13375 Year ago +354

      You should write a song about it..............

    • Nerdlin Geeksly
      Nerdlin Geeksly Year ago +167

      They are only partisan issues if the politicians aren't in on it, getting campaign donations from the companies that benefit benefit from these laws.

    • Rockee Rockey
      Rockee Rockey Year ago +167

      Add in "qualified immunity"

    • MoJo Pare
      MoJo Pare Year ago +99

      Animus Invictus Not just farmers - try every Ford or Chevy owner who is now locked out of the purchase of a factory/dealer shop manual and is now at the mercy of some very unscrupulous dealers.

  • Grxy 59
    Grxy 59 Month ago +4

    Love what you guys are doing, great video! ❤️

  • Tonya Medsker
    Tonya Medsker 4 months ago +8

    Omg… This is just as much heartbreaking as outrageous! My heart is hurting hearting this man of integrity simply be so forthcoming. Idk how he remained so calm watching them take his life savings. I hope he everything he wants from life comes true. ❤

  • Ashton Allen
    Ashton Allen 16 days ago

    Wow. This is unbelievable. Who in the world gives these people their authority? They need to go threw much sticker and thorough screenings

  • xxivhourshift
    xxivhourshift 3 months ago +5

    Stephen kept his cool until the very last minutes against these badged robbers, who took away his time and his provision for his family. God bless this kind man to achieve anything he want future in life.

  • James M.
    James M. 13 days ago +3

    That officer knew exactly what he was doing. As soon as he found out the amount, he immediately wanted to secure that bag. So he talked with the combat vet nicely and then hit him with the bad news

  • R.C.S II
    R.C.S II Year ago +2634

    I'm 57 years old and was raised to be pro police as my father worked as an LEO for a few years. I've always supported law enforcement, even with financial donations. That ends today. This is a fucking disgrace to a man who risked his life for my freedoms. The cops confiscation motives are driven by a Service Award Commendation related to theft in office. Until things change I have to distance myself from further law enforcement support.

    • J B
      J B Year ago +97


    • None YoBusiness
      None YoBusiness Year ago +151

      I have added their annual Support drive to my spam list.

    • Just Eck 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
      Just Eck 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Year ago +116

      Wish more that support the cops took our view, this was blatant robbery however they try to gloss it, disgusting practice being able to take legit hard earned money just like that.... Not law enforcement I want

  • OohLaLaCaralina
    OohLaLaCaralina 3 months ago +15

    This was so upsetting to watch… I actually cried for Mr. Lara. I can’t imagine how sick inside he must’ve felt when they took all his money like that. These videos make feel very nervous about the way things are done in the U.S. this makes me seriously consider moving to Canada, but tbh, the police and government there are likely no better.

  • Aqua Respecter
    Aqua Respecter 3 months ago +3

    Thank you for what you do and for shedding light on this issue

  • tony nazzaro
    tony nazzaro 17 days ago +1

    Unbelievable. The police should be brought up on charges of theft.

  • M C
    M C 4 months ago +7

    I’am so incredibly disgusted, unbelievable. That veteran is such a respectful, stand up guy. Every day I wake to new corruptions I never new existed. The fact the feds made 34 million last year off of some adoptions of cash seizures 💰 and then give kickbacks to those policing agencies, wow everything is a dirty business.

  • JamesT
    JamesT Day ago

    Shout out to the Institute For Justice for their work in this case. All too often innocent hard working people like Stephen face unfair unjust treatment at the hands of broken systems with broken rules exploited by rotten people. It's as equally important as it is commendable that someone out there takes a stand and helps serve real justice.

  • Elliot Taylor
    Elliot Taylor Month ago +489

    Pure evil! Lesson learned. Never consent to a search, always plead the 5th. Cops are NOT your friends.

    • Cenacles
      Cenacles Month ago +18

      Yep, the worst of the worst and literally never ever to be trusted. They are not your ally.

    • xDrake PlayZ
      xDrake PlayZ Month ago +15

      Plead the 5th, don’t consent to a search, and you’ll still end up like this guy by our men in blue.

    • destrocrimson
      destrocrimson Month ago +4

      and id say dont travel with a shit ton of cash.

    • GiveMeLove
      GiveMeLove Month ago +2

      100% true. they were pulling 2 guns at me after the instruction to get out of my car and i just did it

  • Travis D
    Travis D 3 months ago +4

    I grew up in Nevada and heard stories like these quite frequently. Its very unfortunate.

  • aembusiness
    aembusiness 2 months ago +1

    This man’s concern for providing for his children is super nice to see but also super heartbreaking considering he worked more than hard for his earnings. Keep up the hard work and make these overreaching assholes pay!!

  • nolan scire
    nolan scire 11 days ago

    God I hope these people sue the heck out of the departments that did this to them!! God bless you all

  • Faith Perez
    Faith Perez 4 months ago +4

    Yessss. We shall support your operations of following through to seek Justice, thank you!! You mustn't stay oblivious in this nation... You must be aware of what really goes on and what could happen, the possibilities are endless. Good luck to you all and thank you for bringing awareness, IJ!

  • Eco Centrist
    Eco Centrist 6 days ago +1

    Thank you to the lawyers and other team members persuing this injustice. For us to have a peace force that truly serves the people, we need to tame or even completely reimagine the increasingly militarized police institutuons and mass incarceration system.

  • Tina B
    Tina B 4 months ago +1454

    This guy just lost his whole life savings and still gave those officers respect. he kept his cool the entire time. I hope that this man gets whatever he wants in life and more.

    • Dougie
      Dougie 4 months ago +59

      I would have been on the ground with a tazer on me for sure. He's one cool customer

    • bumbleboo twiddletoes
      bumbleboo twiddletoes 4 months ago +1

      Comment copier

      LONE WOLF 4 months ago +9

      ​@DougieYeah,i personally would've went to war with them right then and there!

    • Dwwolf
      Dwwolf 4 months ago +35

      Respect ?
      This is highway robbery.

    • Karina Z
      Karina Z 3 months ago +4

      @Kaczor Europejskiafter that video went viral and high powered attorneys announced the lawsuit.

  • LLG TV
    LLG TV Month ago +2

    God bless him for his service is patience how he conducted herself true inspiration a true hero. It’s just sad that there’s people out there that cannot use common sense the receipts right there. How can these people sleep at night knowing that they took this man’s life savings and food out of his children’s mouth this world’s gone crazy.

  • paaabl0
    paaabl0 17 days ago

    Unbelievable. I never heard about such a case in Europe. How come police can "earn" taking people's property?!

  • Jed Zluticky
    Jed Zluticky 3 months ago +3

    Awesome composure, tact, and bearing by my fellow Marine! Very admirable! Semper Fi brother!

  • Tyler Alexander
    Tyler Alexander 11 days ago

    Thank you so very much for your service

  • Prince Moore
    Prince Moore Year ago +2945

    This is what being transparent,complying and being respectful will get you when the system is corrupt to its core

    • Alfred Arreguin
      Alfred Arreguin Year ago +9

      OLGA KOGAN would that have kept them from taking his money?

    • Alfred Arreguin
      Alfred Arreguin Year ago +88

      It's unreal how they had already decided they would take his money. It's like that's all they were out for. He had all his receipts. Are you gonna tell me those cops didn't know that all cash had cocaine on because of money counting machines? Those two cops should be thrown in jail and fired.

    • Heart of thunder
      Heart of thunder Year ago +3

      I agree to a point, it kinda makes ya a easy mark.

    • Alfred Arreguin
      Alfred Arreguin Year ago +21

      OLGA KOGAN no, but it would take cops with horrible judgment off the streets.

    • Wilder
      Wilder Year ago +2

      Sad but true.

  • Alex videos 2016
    Alex videos 2016 2 months ago

    Wow, thanks for helping the innocent people out there. I can't imagine how it goes for a non-respectful difficult person. Thank God for videos. He is definately the lucky few with a good ending after all that incredible stress, time, courts, travel, put on him and his entire family.

  • SunnyV1
    SunnyV1 Month ago +3

    I feel so sorry for this guy omg I almost cried .

  • Stephen Thorpe
    Stephen Thorpe Day ago

    This happens all the time, mostly on highways.

  • Sean Scottie
    Sean Scottie 4 months ago +2

    I commend this man for remaining calm & respectful. You can tell this man has a big heart & would do anything for anyone in time of need. These thieves need to fired & charged for what they are doing to people that travel this hwy of robbery.
    Thank you from 🇨🇦 for your service sir. Best of luck with the lawsuit also.

  • Savina King
    Savina King Month ago

    I hope He got it all back, this is a TRAVERSTY of JUSTICE.

    GRIGORI JOGA Year ago +2004

    How he remains so polite is heart breaking.. you could see the pain in his eyes but he still stayed respectful. What an unbelievable human.

    • Kevin Fisher
      Kevin Fisher Year ago +14


    • S D
      S D Year ago +83

      Usually love cops but these guys are filth. He had years of bank withdrawal receipts. The bank teller says you keep these with the money you are golden.

    • eurovisionwtf
      eurovisionwtf Year ago +11

      Yeah.. unbelievable.. looks suspicious, we better seize his property over it.

    • Matt Daniels
      Matt Daniels Year ago +50

      He's a vet. These guys are trained to not flip out. Hell. At times they're treated better overseas then they are here by the locals.

    • Ivan The Great
      Ivan The Great Year ago +1

      @Matt Daniels Americans are not treated better overseas. What rock are you living under.

  • Jesus
    Jesus 27 days ago

    Its crazy how they treat you based on if your a “Good guy” or not. You dont have to be a criminal for them to treat you like one. Anyone they dislike or disagrees with them they will treat them this way or worse.

  • Ironfistk
    Ironfistk Month ago +2

    Absolutely shameful. Steven, blessings… your integrity is supreme

  • tori iacoviello
    tori iacoviello 2 months ago +2

    This poor guy!!! I'm so disgusted and sad at the same time😢 Thank God he got his money back! I'm just shocked at this whole situation!!!

  • Austin Orth
    Austin Orth Month ago

    Seeing so many heartbreaking stories of how our police treat the people that keep their lives free. A highway patrolman didn’t fly over seas for us and couldn’t even imagine the struggles that come with it. We’re allowed to hate an entire group of people don’t let anyone tell you you can’t. We need to start standing up against all of these cops.

  • Radu Vladimir Mihalache

    I am happy to know that this veteran won the case and got his money back.

  • Digital Duelist
    Digital Duelist Year ago +2165

    The more people who know about civil asset forfeiture and how it's abused the better. Thank you for your work.

    • colesrk
      colesrk Year ago +22

      Everyone that needs to know does know. They just don't care. Everyone else has no power to do anything about it other than complain.

    • Joe Momma
      Joe Momma Year ago +22

      @colesrk not recommending anything but they won’t stop unless they are afraid of us. In Minecraft. FBI don’t kill me.

    • Miguel Castaneda
      Miguel Castaneda Year ago +1

      Along with national resource bill..your bank accounts can be taken .. home...you

  • Ubermensch
    Ubermensch 3 months ago +2

    Nice.. I remember seeing the original video when it happened.. I actually just searched this up to see if there was a video of the outcome. I'm so glad to see he got his money back and that this whole thing could serve as a catalyst for change.. And I'm also glad these things are being exposed more and more everyday...🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • jessica Hummel
    jessica Hummel 4 months ago +3

    Thank you for your service marine and i feel for you on everything and im so glad you got it back.

  • Daniel Steven
    Daniel Steven Day ago

    It’s a shame that military personnel are treated so badly in this day and age. It seems they don’t get the respect they deserve from most people, let alone police or politicians. And they’re the ones risking their lives for our freedoms.

  • SouthernMamaMagic
    SouthernMamaMagic 3 months ago +10

    This was absolutely heart breaking. This shit could cause people to commit crimes or even suicide... one second they're just driving down the road, living their lives, minding their business and then boom, their entire fucking world is snatched away.

  • T
    T 4 days ago

    I can’t imagine what was going through his mind. He will surely have trust issues with police

  • Ricky Ah-See
    Ricky Ah-See Year ago +5752

    “He was driving under the speed limit which is odd” “he has his bank receipts which is odd”.. you can’t even do the right legal thing without it being odd

    • Jeremy R
      Jeremy R Year ago +386

      Overly following the law must be guilty.

    • The Man With No Name
      The Man With No Name Year ago +297

      @An2nio Clip-Share trusting a bank with 86k dollars doesn't sound too sweet for some people, people would prefer the money to be with them, regardless, it was legal for him to carry that amount of money.

    • Jeremy R
      Jeremy R Year ago +215

      @An2nio Clip-Share its called freedom, banks aren't freedom

  • Maximus Storm
    Maximus Storm Month ago +1

    This is why (in the US/places with similar cops), you never give the police permission to do a thing, no matter what. They just can't be trusted. Never let a cop search your car/house if you have the right to stop them.

  • Noman Takrim
    Noman Takrim Month ago

    Loved it what you are doing IJ

  • Rog Rambo
    Rog Rambo 19 days ago +4


  • Creations 2022
    Creations 2022 4 months ago +1

    I've been following this story since I heard of it and it's truly broken my heart ever since. Did you manage to recover your money? Even my self I saved up $12k cash to go buy a car as I don't trust the bank in case of bank runs, I was nervous to get pulled over and the cops basically rob me. It's nerve racking to carry cash on hand. You feel as though you live in South Africa.

  • Vlow Del Rio
    Vlow Del Rio Month ago

    Gives someone more of a reason not to trust anyone!!! I believe we shouldn't have to prove anything to anyone. This just shows the amount of corruption that goes on and we the people need to stand up against this. The fact that he had to sue them to get his money back is really telling and sad for many who couldn't afford a lawyer because they seized their money.

  • Driver Eddie
    Driver Eddie Year ago +32410

    one of the worst parts about these cops is that their actions create a distrust of all law enforcement. The amount of damage a bad cop can do will always drastically outweigh the benefits of cooperating with police

    • Eee Tee
      Eee Tee Year ago +1374

      This was a perfect example of that. This guy clearly had a ton of respect for law enforcement and trusted them (too much). I doubt he is ever going to trust a cop again.

    • Joseph Kanowitz
      Joseph Kanowitz Year ago +44

      Can you own land in Nevada without being DoD?

    • Chris Parkhurst
      Chris Parkhurst Year ago +557

      You should always distrust law enforcement, even the good ones. There is an inherent power imbalance between citizens and authority. The DA, the courts, and the jury start at the point of fully trusting the officer's judgement and honesty, and reserve skepticism for the citizen. If you do not start at the point of skepticism for the officer then there is no counterbalance to law enforcement's authority

    • Colin Mack
      Colin Mack Year ago +193

      Yeah if they did this to the tune of 344M just in 2019, this seems like a systemic strategy within numerous police forces.

  • CRIS G.
    CRIS G. 2 months ago

    You guys are awesome!!! Thank God for organizations like IJ!!!

  • Brianna Marie
    Brianna Marie Month ago +3

    Thank you to Stephen for fighting for justice and shame on those people!!!! So Corrupt!!! 😢😢

  • Kristian Kumpula
    Kristian Kumpula 2 days ago +1

    My heart sank the moment I heard him consent to a search. Never ever let the police search anything without a warrant. Their job is to make your life harder, so there's no point in helping them with that.

    • JamesT
      JamesT Day ago

      It probably wouldn't have mattered. He already told the cop that there was money in the car (which if he lied about would also just get him in trouble) so the cop probably had already decided he was going to search it. "Can I search your car?" "No I don't consent to that." "Okay well you already told me there's money in the car and drug dealers usually carry a lot of cash and we pull over a lot of drug dealers around here so I'm going to have to search the vehicle because I suspect you might be dealing drugs alright? Go ahead and have a seat for me on the curb right there okay" What Stephen did was probably the best thing he could have. He was honest, he was cooperative, and when he got taken advantage of he took it to court.

  • Corr Investors
    Corr Investors 2 months ago +2

    This guy was calm as heck for what just happened

  • PxM
    PxM 16 days ago

    I never been in the military before . . I never been a police officer. . Nothing like that. Im just a normal guy. This is how we treat people that have given their lives to protect us . . ? Brings me to tears

  • revokdaryl1
    revokdaryl1 Year ago +2446

    The amount of restraint this man showed in this situation is unfathomable. To be so calm and composed while watching your life savings being taken is just next level.

    • Merry Maya
      Merry Maya Year ago +50

      That’s what I was thinking! So calm & respectful! Total gentleman while they try to rob him of everything! Thank goodness he had guardian angels helping him sue! Keep on suing anyone & everyone involved! Shame on them!

    • Joe Lore
      Joe Lore Year ago +37

      @Merry Maya that’s what military does to you creates a human unlike others

    • Coppertop1SG
      Coppertop1SG Year ago +10

      That’s why you never tell the complete truth!

    • Mike
      Mike Year ago +28

      "Taken"? I would say "robbed" is a more fitting word.

  • d3n4c3
    d3n4c3 2 months ago +6

    Damn! This brings a whole new meaning to highway robbery.

  • Jacob Roberts
    Jacob Roberts 3 months ago +1

    I’m impressed how calm he was. I would have wanted to swing on that officer so bad. It must have took a lot to hold in that anger.

  • kristi wetsel
    kristi wetsel 12 days ago

    And he had bank receipts wth! Steven is beyond one of the kindest people even saying after i know your doing your job 😢

  • Ben Thompson
    Ben Thompson 4 months ago +2

    It's so sickening and disgusting how corrupt, and just flat out evil these people are. How law enforcement ever let so many evil people work in the profession is just astonishing. They know this guy has all the receipts, they know it's his money, they just don't care. That's pure evil. That's theft. These aren't police, they're not law enforcement, they're thieves, they're corrupt, they're not law enforcement, they're government thugs that can legally rob and steal from people without any consequences.