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The Sandman creator Neil Gaiman on the future of the show: Happy Sad Confused

  • Published on Jun 5, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • The Sandman creator Neil Gaiman joins Josh Horowitz for Happy Sad Confused to dive deep into the origins of his comic, the many stops and starts it had in getting to the small screen, his future plans, and the Doctor Strange movie he once pitched Marvel!
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  • Aaron Hoffman
    Aaron Hoffman 9 months ago +56

    People think Neil acquiesced to 'wokeness' in the casting, but really his works have pushed society towards greater acceptance of diversity, not the other way around.

    • AngelaLuntian
      AngelaLuntian 9 months ago +7

      This is true. No creative choice was out of malice, or "trend". Thats an insult on his capabilities to think.
      Even though I am uncomfortable with sex in general I understood its narrative necessity in the episodes. Others should learn to do the same.

    • Tanith Broom
      Tanith Broom 9 months ago

      I dare you to tweet that to Neil. Or you can read his tweets to those who have already done it…

    • Aaron Hoffman
      Aaron Hoffman 9 months ago

      @Tanith Broom is that in response to my comment? Perhaps you misread it.

    • Bruce Campbell
      Bruce Campbell Month ago

      We have always been a divergent species; just like every other species. It's the culture that we have communally adopted to support the whole that is wasting a lot of talent and creatively dampening the human experience. It's Monster's Inc. for real.

  • wolfpackcub
    wolfpackcub 9 months ago +36

    I could listen to Neil talk about paint drying and be totally enthralled with the conversation. Loved it!

  • The Sayyadina
    The Sayyadina 9 months ago +10

    I’ve been waiting decades for a Sandman adaptation worthy of the original source material, and this series is PERFECTION!

  • Aaron Hoffman
    Aaron Hoffman 9 months ago +27

    Also, Neil if you somehow read this, I love your 'grumpy' comments defending your cast and creation. I'm always impressed at how you can call out the bullshit while avoiding unkindness.

  • iellash Isidoro
    iellash Isidoro 9 months ago +33

    I hope they release Tom Sturridge and the rest of the cast's audition tape.

    • 8BLOO8
      8BLOO8 6 months ago +1

      Right? I think that would be so interesting. I also want to see bloopers and stuff of the cast just hanging out and being friendly but in their costume it would be so cute 😭

  • DrMythos
    DrMythos 6 months ago +1

    One of my favourite storytellers. It’s fun to see a full interview like this with Josh!

  • Phoenix Dawn
    Phoenix Dawn 9 months ago +8

    Death spin-off needs to happen though! Those comics deserve their stories with Kirby at helm for sure!

  • ginniesoh
    ginniesoh 7 months ago +4

    I wish Josh would interview Tom Sturridge one day. It would be fun to complete the Brit pack

  • Soon Lee
    Soon Lee 9 months ago +9

    4:58 "I sort of think of those millions and millions of people as being the yoghurt starter, to make an unfortunate analogy, who got to sort of bring us out into the world." --- Neil Gaiman
    (It's an apt analogy because yoghurt starters spread culture.)

    • Bruce Campbell
      Bruce Campbell Month ago +1

      I somehow missed that specific phrase… which is a pure delight. Every time I re-experience one of his stories, I gain so much new appreciation for the delightedly assembled experience. Oooh, look at the loving stitching holding that pocket together!

  • MarlaTheBigTourist
    MarlaTheBigTourist 9 months ago +5

    He has the perfect speech pace and voice to listen to.

  • Wendy Flores
    Wendy Flores 9 months ago +7

    12:39 ..... Completely agree with his take on powerful characters, the powers are not the problem.... 🤨😅.....

  • xerosereify
    xerosereify 9 months ago +7

    Ok a Gaiman/Del Torro Dr Strange would have been incredible

    • Tanith Broom
      Tanith Broom 9 months ago

      I’m now devastated this didn’t happen

  • 681278
    681278 4 months ago

    My question/votive would be will there be some sort of final season/tv movie to adapt the final two seasons of Neil’s five season American Gods plan or with the goodwill building at Amazon with Good Omens (season 2/new material 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉) & now another season of Sandman which if we maintain & I think the audience will we’ll get at least all of the man sandman run if not more in the universe-destiny willing

  • Karalyn Zemene
    Karalyn Zemene 7 months ago

    The bit at 16:00 is great because my husband got me to read Sandman when we started dating.

  • Avocado the Cat
    Avocado the Cat 2 months ago

    I wanna see bloopers so bad

  • Aaron Hoffman
    Aaron Hoffman 9 months ago +3

    Man... Secret rooms within rooms that I know are a big feature in my dreams.

  • Iris Martinez
    Iris Martinez 9 months ago +7

    16:22 Neil & The Sandman being an STD 😂

  • Andri Mufid
    Andri Mufid 9 months ago

    Josh Horowitz on World Domination Business

  • Jessica
    Jessica 9 months ago


  • Josep
    Josep 8 months ago +1

    Neil Gaiman created his storied against a backdrop of a strong society. He was standing up against bullies. That society is now catastrophically failing. Yet Neil Gaiman goes even further in his commendation. He is now the bully.