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Satisfying 3D Printed Marble Machine Build

  • Published on Jan 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 125

  • Harmonic
    Harmonic Month ago +271

    I really like the half thread on each side assembly method. That seems like a really neat way to have a fully 3d printed part with no glue or rods needed for putting it together.

    • Gaming+Programming OOOOIH
      Gaming+Programming OOOOIH Month ago +1

      the amount of nuts here is nuts

    • alex mendelsberg
      alex mendelsberg Month ago +1

      Yeah I wouldn't care if the machine didn't work, the screw knob connectors were a win for me

    • Thedudeamongmen Gs
      Thedudeamongmen Gs Month ago +4

      It's also a cool way to line things up pretty precisely. I've never seen it used before

    • davidf2281
      davidf2281 Month ago +25

      Agreed, that's a cunning method I'm definitely going to steal

  • Jared Champagne
    Jared Champagne Month ago +20

    How the heck do you even construct everything like this to work together flawlessly like that...this must’ve taken an outrageous amount of time to get it all perfect! I wish I had this amount of creativity and patience.

  • Brick Machines
    Brick Machines Month ago +37

    I was blown away even before the marbles entered the track! Superb job on the design!

    • Brick Machines
      Brick Machines Month ago

      @Möhre no, but I've done quite a bit a few years ago. The designs from this channel are quite good, and I especially loved how the individual parts have half a thread each and get held together by a nut. Pretty awesome!

    • Möhre
      Möhre Month ago

      @Brick Machines are you in 3d printing yourself?

    • Brick Machines
      Brick Machines Month ago

      @Möhre oh hello to my longest channel member! 🙂 Yep, I loved this video. Awesome design by 3D Printer Academy!

    • Möhre
      Möhre Month ago +2

      Oh, hi Brickmachines. Never thought I would find you under a 3d printing video

  • Rick Seiden
    Rick Seiden Month ago +15

    That connection system is brilliant! I was wondering why some of the screw on caps were smooth and some were "geared".

  • Tips
    Tips Month ago +27

    This is insane, def was worth the wait.

  • Jared Champagne
    Jared Champagne Month ago +5

    How are people this creative, patient and talented, yet I can barely even repair something that has already been built by someone else with direct fit pieces...this is absolutely incredible.

  • Leonardo Santos
    Leonardo Santos Month ago +1

    Magnífico seu projeto, parabéns e saudações do Brasil

  • Creative Mindstorms
    Creative Mindstorms Month ago +5

    It is so satisfying to watch all the mechanisms work at once!
    Great job! I'd say the time was worth it!

  • bowieinc
    bowieinc Month ago +4

    Awesome! The mounting method is genius.

  • pifnet
    pifnet Month ago +8

    Not sure if that is possible in the US but here in Germany, bottle caps may easily fit instead of the red gear caps to hold everything together - and they are cheap and easy to come by (just collect them off the drinks you are buying anyways) 🙂

    • Schwarzer Ritter
      Schwarzer Ritter Month ago

      I collected these bottle caps and am now printing a marble machine around them.

  • Obsession Archery
    Obsession Archery Month ago +1

    Any chance you can do a tutorial on how you designed the half thread assembly method. Awesome.

  • Dont Stop
    Dont Stop Month ago

    such beautiful project, congratulations for the results.

  • Nicholas Crow
    Nicholas Crow Month ago

    It's been said, but the split threads and caps to hold it together is genius!!!

  • The Fish
    The Fish Month ago

    This is amazing. I can’t even get a simple pair of threads to fit correctly.

  • Joey Medici
    Joey Medici 27 days ago

    Very interesting assembly! How much plastic does this take? Seems like at least 2kg?

  • Avery Colthan
    Avery Colthan Month ago +2

    ugh. I'm saving up to get my bf a 3d printer for xmas 2023 (it'll be for "us") and this video makes me want one even more! it's got my favorite words in it! "3d printed" "marble machine" and! you sped up the footage like some Greek gawd that knows we were gonna speed it up anyways! so satisfying. i can't wait to see how the technology advances in the future to make even better ones! this is so cool!

  • Adventure km
    Adventure km Month ago

    Wow very interesting I like the part where the marble changes direction one after the other.

  • Rob Guyatt
    Rob Guyatt Month ago

    That's gorgeous. great idea to connect segments via half and even quarter threads. I love to design and it is my business but I never would have thought of that. Is there a mechanical reason why you used planetary gears for those two big gears?

  • bobby Newcomb
    bobby Newcomb Month ago

    Bambu Labs probably cut quite a bit of the print time. Nice build

  • Davids Tolkacevs
    Davids Tolkacevs Month ago +3

    😂I am literally working on the exact same project right now! Except my model is also a piece of fantasy castle-like architecture as well as a marble tower. Cool coincidence

  • GoldenReverie
    GoldenReverie Month ago +1

    do faster printers burn out belts, wheels/bearings noticeably faster? Considering upgrading my ender 5 to the point where I can run it fast but I don't want to have to replace parts every 50 prints

  • Aleksandr Ivin
    Aleksandr Ivin Month ago

    That is cool! Is there a way how to make gears work silently? I’m also trying to print a gearbox, but it is so loudly…

  • Glenn's AI Collaborations

    This reminds me of putting mouse trap together. Love it.

  • Dhinesh D
    Dhinesh D Month ago

    That's so satisfying 😍

  • Erik Schmidt
    Erik Schmidt Month ago

    This is freaking insane dude!!

  • Lee Pritchard
    Lee Pritchard Month ago

    This is the first time I saw your video. I instantly said... Oooo what else did you build 🙂

  • Mechadense — Realm of Mechadense

    🤩 - no metal screws all printed
    - overhang free design

  • Dawson's Tinker Shack

    Thank you for saving the info for advertising stuff at the end , thats god video editing 👍 i like to watch the video not advertising for products but having it at the end i accually stayed and watched it all , thank you , nothing worse then getting into a video and people throw product ads in the middle .

  • oinky momo
    oinky momo Month ago +1

    the connector screws are really clever

  • Out Of Marbles
    Out Of Marbles Month ago +1

    Holy mother of gears. love it :)

  • Antitheist
    Antitheist Month ago

    Outstanding, my autistic son is obsessed with marble runs, he would faint if he saw this! 🙂
    Absolutely marbelous work 😛

  • Natalia Wegiel
    Natalia Wegiel Month ago

    This is so fun! A bit loud though

  • Edward Fletcher
    Edward Fletcher Month ago

    I love everything about this 👍😲

  • Johan Schwarz-Nielsen

    This is VERY impressing!!

  • KevinGroninga3D
    KevinGroninga3D Month ago

    That is just awesome!

  • Paul Alexis Asuncion

    This could be a nice way to distract your self from the anxiety you get by forgetting to do home work

  • Joesaint Yaw Gomuru

    Back then when you want to create something new model you have built out of something or start with a paper plan drawing model, now this day the technology are getting better and more advance with help of computer systems and adding with the 3D model printer you can create or built any examples model you want to start working on it 😲😉👍👍

  • 3D Printing Ideas
    3D Printing Ideas Month ago +1

    True marble marvel!

  • Blakes Makes
    Blakes Makes Month ago

    I love it!

  • PrintFabLab
    PrintFabLab Month ago

    Awesome 😍

  • Rene Olmos
    Rene Olmos Month ago

    This is something the guys at Corridor Crew should see!!!!

  • Baldy Makes Stuff
    Baldy Makes Stuff Month ago

    Amazing - and a cute cat at the end!

  • Diana May
    Diana May 8 days ago

    That is super cool!

  • Le Go
    Le Go Month ago


  • Heruhcane Dean
    Heruhcane Dean Month ago

    Shows a nice quiet and fast 3D printer. Check it out, no head phone warning, ITS ALIVE!

  • Brett Fafata
    Brett Fafata Month ago

    About how many spool of filament are needed for this? I'm trying to estimate the cost.

  • christina
    christina Month ago

    C'est une course perpétuelle

  • DZ - About technique
    DZ - About technique 25 days ago

    Excellent video! 😁😁

  • coolnewpants
    coolnewpants Month ago +1

    Oh this is so cool! I love rube goldberg machines

  • David Do
    David Do Month ago +1

    do you allow resale?

  • Naseer BK
    Naseer BK Month ago

    So satisfying sound


    will you can make a box to the controller?

  • MASI
    MASI Month ago

    Wo. You are genius 👍👍

  • fahri agung
    fahri agung Month ago +2

    4:10 best part XD

  • Ahmet Karagöz
    Ahmet Karagöz Month ago

    Do you share the design ?

  • K.I.S.S. Data Technologies

    Wow ypur assembly method is amazing

  • José Santos
    José Santos Month ago

    Next time you could create an automaton that is able to write 😁

  • Aubree Setzer
    Aubree Setzer Month ago


  • Kinetic CGI
    Kinetic CGI Month ago

    clever assembly method

  • jitu jitu
    jitu jitu Month ago

    Too cool

  • James Z
    James Z 12 days ago +1

    lubricate bit, it will be way more smoother!!

  • くえくえくえりん


  • Tymzr Achangin
    Tymzr Achangin 14 days ago

    If that's not cool then what is!
    I cant imagine all of the time and work to design and then print all of that

  • GSII Sp64b
    GSII Sp64b Month ago +2

    Don't let @wintergatan know... or the MM4 will be completely 3d-printed ;) (...and perhaps never finished)

    • GSII Sp64b
      GSII Sp64b Month ago

      @3D Printer Academy 😎to be honest... no one really understands his breaking with MMX... "Playing tight music" is not a reason for most of us as we don't hear it anyways... "Consistency, Reliability, Resilience..." well.. if it plays music on a stage that might be good enough, even if there are marble-souvenirs flying around or something breaks... How often will strings tearing off of guitars or misplayed beats on drums and you don't even recognize it in the audience... It's just Martin's perfectionism. (which we all to witness - for sure) 😄

    • 3D Printer Academy
      3D Printer Academy  Month ago +1

      haha I like how you're already mentally prepared for the MM4 and MM3 is barely started😂

  • Electro
    Electro Month ago

    I seriously have to get a 3d printer

  • MilkyClay
    MilkyClay Month ago +1

    Many people say that my artworks are printed 🙃

  • Robert Hicks
    Robert Hicks 13 days ago

    Better than marble machine x 🤣

  • David Crandall
    David Crandall Month ago +1

    Only needs an inverted laundry basket to slide down a pole and trap the mouse!

  • C a t
    C a t Month ago

    How to make infinite 3d printers:
    Buy a 3d printer
    Print a 3d printer with the 3d printer

  • Nathaniel Cutajar
    Nathaniel Cutajar Month ago +2

    2:03 loud sound warning

  • cjmerobot
    cjmerobot Month ago

    Very clever fasters!

  • BassClefGamer
    BassClefGamer Month ago +1

    Wintergatan be like

  • Rubens Bardelli Jr
    Rubens Bardelli Jr Month ago

    I really need that screw driver. Can you tell me where to buy it?

  • christina
    christina Month ago

    Concernant you print 3d little plane ?

  • jessica con
    jessica con Month ago

    this dude has a FAST AS FUCK printer

    • Rebecca Wallent
      Rebecca Wallent Month ago

      It's a bamboo printer lol it's absolutely insane

  • Daniel Harris
    Daniel Harris 5 days ago

    How much filament was this print job?

  • Pocik Prostoi
    Pocik Prostoi Month ago

    Скрежет металла по пластику не очень приятный

  • Jamie Evans
    Jamie Evans Month ago

    nice try some oil on the cogs

  • Luis Moré
    Luis Moré Month ago

    That is so f.. cool. Which is the motor?

    • 3D Printer Academy
      3D Printer Academy  Month ago +1

      I added a link in the description. Its a 12v geared DC motor, 100RPM.

  • rainbow impostor
    rainbow impostor Month ago

    Nice bowl

  • Isaac Ibbotson
    Isaac Ibbotson Month ago

    Sounds like a combine

  • fossfeen
    fossfeen Month ago

    i sense mmx inspiration

  • Your Local Chilean
    Your Local Chilean Month ago +2


  • Nyxiality
    Nyxiality 28 days ago

    Now make it play music

  • onlylettersatozornum

    YT description mentions 100rpm but your pledge page description mentions 60rpm?

    • 3D Printer Academy
      3D Printer Academy  Month ago +1

      60 RPM removes the need for a speed controller. I used a 100 RPM motor in the video but with a speed controller to slow it down slightly.

  • Leite Chou
    Leite Chou Month ago

    I have this stl file for free , let me know if u need it.

  • Happi3r
    Happi3r Month ago +2

    New video!!

  • Ligiman
    Ligiman Month ago

    We should replace all Newton's Cradles with this.

  • Hazy
    Hazy Month ago

    It feels illegal to be this early.

  • Errorist
    Errorist Month ago

    5:54 what was his opinion?

  • Brant Goose
    Brant Goose Month ago

    That's where you got your printer? Microcenter? Mine doesn't work good.

    • 3D Printer Academy
      3D Printer Academy  Month ago +1

      These are Bambu Lab X1 printers. They are the best printers available and are very easy to use. Hopefully Micro Center will sell them in the future. Right now these printers are only available on Bambu's website. (Link in the description)

  • game populer
    game populer 3 days ago

    this free energy or no

  • Rd-180 union
    Rd-180 union Month ago


  • CommanderCody
    CommanderCody Month ago

    Lol Wait for me dang it i missed it

  • CommanderCody
    CommanderCody Month ago

    send link

  • weckar
    weckar Month ago

    TD, was not satisfied.

  • Rosie Rose
    Rosie Rose 15 days ago

    Do fidgets

  • MR HBR
    MR HBR Month ago


  • CL Family
    CL Family Month ago +1


  • Emil Zur
    Emil Zur Day ago