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David August - live @ MELT Festival 2019 - ARTE Concert

  • Published on Aug 4, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • Sein Werdegang wurde ihm mehr oder weniger in die Wiege gelegt. David August stammt aus einem musikalisch geprägten Elternhaus und hat eine klassische Ausbildung zum Tonmeister hinter sich. Sein Streben gilt der Symbiose musikalischer Formen. Bei seiner Faszination vom physischen Aspekt elektronischer Musik, bleiben Gigs ein treibender Faktor.
    Issu d’une famille où il a baigné dans la musique, David August a suivi une formation classique d’ingénieur du son. La symbiose des formes musicales, voilà désormais l’objet de sa quête artistique. Chez ce musicien littéralement fasciné par la dimension physique de l’électro, la scène constitue une motivation majeure. Plutôt de bon augure pour son passage au MELT !
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  • Xzibo
    Xzibo 3 hours ago

    David August- D'angelo listening live and on youtube is not even close to the same. He was on Apgrade in Belgrade and it was amazing.

  • çağdaş özgür özkul

    he's making art in his own way, this's beyond electronic music

  • Guido Quiroga
    Guido Quiroga 9 hours ago

    47:00 oh he did it

  • John
    John 12 days ago

    Very very good!!!

  • MrJuckreitz
    MrJuckreitz 26 days ago

    Wirklich klasses Concert :-)

  • Nagham kurdi
    Nagham kurdi 29 days ago

    You are more than great! ❤️

  • Ali El-Samra
    Ali El-Samra Month ago

    Imagine we could travel through time and make Pink Floyd and David August combine in an artistic creation. It seems so right.
    David August's music is unbelieable. It goes far beyond any DJing we see or hear. This is complete artistry.

  • Fridayek
    Fridayek 2 months ago +1

    46:42 classic!

  • Sacha Muratori
    Sacha Muratori 2 months ago +23

    What I got so far from the comments.
    00:00 - 4:21
    4:21 - X - David August- D'angelo
    12:25 - X - David August - Narciso
    28:00 - 31:00 - David August - Definition of happiness
    36:00 - X - David August - 33 Chants
    42:06 - X - David August - Elysian Fields
    57:00 - 59:40 - David August- The Life of Merisi
    1:06:10 - end - Lucio Battisti - Amarsi un po'
    Set ends with an italian sentence:
    La veritá si trova al di lá, ma é sempre presente. Truth is on the other side, but it's always present.
    al di lá = beyond, on the other side
    aldilá = afterlife
    quite a little artistic game with italian words

  • Yigitcan Birinci
    Yigitcan Birinci 2 months ago


  • Manolya Ardic
    Manolya Ardic 2 months ago

    The best there is 🙏🏻

  • HerrProf
    HerrProf 2 months ago

    12:30 to 20:48 is just wow! Anybody has an idea what track is that?

  • Issa Muhammad
    Issa Muhammad 2 months ago +1

    I really hope I can hear those live songs in one album.. Definitely a very unique style!

  • mert özdemir
    mert özdemir 2 months ago +1

    Finally i have something to beat David August Boiler room set on my thankful living the same times he first create these music.

  • jakob Aller
    jakob Aller 3 months ago

    anyone know the Song `18min?

  • Sodaba Kh
    Sodaba Kh 3 months ago

  • szmut
    szmut 3 months ago

    korszakos zseni

  • Leyendo RnB
    Leyendo RnB 3 months ago +1

    El humano es el único que se va para volver. se va para volver a fornicar

  • Leyendo RnB
    Leyendo RnB 3 months ago +1

    18:42 David we will make music together. Sure.

  • Leyendo RnB
    Leyendo RnB 3 months ago +1

    No sé que veo pero te quiero David

    NATALIA ROMERO 3 months ago


  • BenTastic
    BenTastic 3 months ago

    47:00 still giving goosebumps! #grandeDA

  • BenTastic
    BenTastic 3 months ago

    since 2010 quality history in the making! #ARTe

  • Victor Ramel
    Victor Ramel 3 months ago +4

    hi! is someone knows the second song? between 12:15 and 20:30? such a crazy intro!!

    • Emre Yavuz
      Emre Yavuz 2 months ago

      Its live man, you probably cannot find the exact tune even if it is a piece from someone, but sounds so august, check his albums

      NATALIA ROMERO 3 months ago +1


  • Rafael.I Retamales
    Rafael.I Retamales 3 months ago


  • awkwardius
    awkwardius 3 months ago +5

    Minute 57:00 to 59:40

    • awkwardius
      awkwardius 3 months ago

      @Fuks Laurent David August- The Life of Merisi

  • Paul Flynn
    Paul Flynn 3 months ago +29

    One of the best moments of my life: I was near the front and beside the lakeside- there is a full moon left of stage over the water and on the right a giant metallic crane like superstructure covered with lights. The whole set with the visuals was immense and then when he took out his guitar I honestly thought my mind was about to explode.

  • raockstarconds
    raockstarconds 3 months ago +11

    Saw him playing once in Brooklyn , it was dream come true.
    There is something about his music that is gloomy but in a beautiful sense, nobody else even comes close.

  • Vincent Heirman
    Vincent Heirman 3 months ago

    What a darkside ripoff

  • Shargiyya Dadashova
    Shargiyya Dadashova 3 months ago

    This is '' ohh My god ''

  • Manuela Tabacaru
    Manuela Tabacaru 3 months ago


  • leconte blue
    leconte blue 4 months ago +1

    I feel he copies Nicolas Jaar in everything including the set-up.. Not quite authentic in my opinion!

  • Nathanael. D. Kennedy
    Nathanael. D. Kennedy 4 months ago

    7:06 🙌🙌

  • Requies Art
    Requies Art 4 months ago +2

    His music is so beautifully haunting, but in a very euphoric way

  • Requies Art
    Requies Art 4 months ago

    So phycedelic

  • Виктор Фоминичев

    track list please!!!

  • Requies Art
    Requies Art 4 months ago

    This is amazing

  • Requies Art
    Requies Art 4 months ago +2

    Saw him live at the Roundhouse in Camden last year, it was amazing

  • Atif Saleem
    Atif Saleem 4 months ago

    Track id around 39:00?

  • 4man101
    4man101 4 months ago +1

    You can hear the excitement in the crowd when they think he's going to perform Last Day, love that transition into his current music production style

  • girl in a gale
    girl in a gale 4 months ago +1

    First minute feels like I just put on a new Gentle Giant album in 1978.

  • TheFlashyAshy
    TheFlashyAshy 4 months ago

    48:20 track anyone?

  • smrsgv
    smrsgv 4 months ago +2


  • Ida Jor
    Ida Jor 4 months ago

    Wieso habt ihr den Auftritt von Bon Iver auf dem Melt gelöscht???

  • M P
    M P 4 months ago +1

    i intended to produce something and relax a bit with my sound but listen to this mesmerizing set i let it go and forget completely where i was,,, just had time to grab a whisky

  • Eddie Moore
    Eddie Moore 4 months ago

    Leave the vocals out Dave much better staying intrumentals

  • Tim Berteld
    Tim Berteld 4 months ago +4

    Mega geiles Set einfach!!! Und man hat ja lange kein Konzert auf Clip-Share gesehen 🤙🏻
    An ARTE gibt es die Möglichkeit dass Set mal in die Post zu schicken und das mal nachzumischen und zu mastern? Würde mich über ne HQ Version auch zum Kauf Mega freuen!!! 😍🖤

  • Florencia
    Florencia 4 months ago +1

    This is electronic MUSIK concept

  • Santiago Ceballos
    Santiago Ceballos 4 months ago +15

    I can definitely feel the Italian influences surrounding he’s whole composition... This guy is a harmonical genius and a very complex musician... Please stop comparing him to Jaar, they are completely different.

    • Thomas H
      Thomas H 4 months ago +3

      people are comparing them because his earlier work sounded very, very similar to nicolas jaar's style.. let them make the comparison

  • Nikki Norwood
    Nikki Norwood 4 months ago +1

    Genius!I would die to see him alive!

    • Le Vancho
      Le Vancho 4 months ago

      He is a truly genius. He is also very calm person. I met him in Georgia, Tbilisi on a live set, but that set wasn`t so good and strong enough that I have listened before in other platforms. But still, he is a genius!

  • Nikki Norwood
    Nikki Norwood 4 months ago +29

    25 people listening to David Guetta

  • Squashy
    Squashy 4 months ago +1

    Didn’t like it. To slow and weird. It’s chill out beach music not club. (In my opinion)

  • Kalan Quash
    Kalan Quash 4 months ago +3

    David August really makes me love music even more than I do now.

  • llifeform
    llifeform 4 months ago +1

    This REALLY needs to be shared out more, Arte.. @Boiler Room.. @Sony Music take the bait... #SonyMusic

    • llifeform
      llifeform 4 months ago

      @Sofa #Cercle

    • Sofa
      Sofa 4 months ago


  • Papá Olvidado
    Papá Olvidado 4 months ago +7

    Look, son, it's David August! 👆

  • Simon Simon Hernandez Compean

    This guy...

  • Pyo Ahn
    Pyo Ahn 5 months ago +1

    As Jaar did, he's doing same way??

  • the flox
    the flox 5 months ago +1

    I loved his previous sets and mostly his Boiler Room. But It's s shame he started to sing. His singing skills are not to the levels of his DJ skills and it undermines the quality of his music. His guitar solo is actually pathetic in my opinion

    • Kalan Quash
      Kalan Quash 4 months ago +2

      I think he is stepping out to something different, and it's not necessarily a bad thing. I, for sure, could not pull off what he does.

  • Daniel Whyte
    Daniel Whyte 5 months ago

    Amazing artist

  • Sabrina Dylewski
    Sabrina Dylewski 5 months ago +9

    4:21 D'ANGELO
    36:00 33CHANTS