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Top 5 Hero Calls ♠️ Poker Top 5 ♠️ PokerStars Global

  • Published on Dec 1, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • PokerStars
    PokerStars  2 years ago +211

    ♠️ Would you have called with Jack High? ♠️

    • Ghost
      Ghost Month ago

      At times ..... all day

    • Aziz Khammassi
      Aziz Khammassi 2 months ago

      Robbi just did that to Garrett the other night

    • Micah Lawrence
      Micah Lawrence 4 months ago


    • Aon J9
      Aon J9 Year ago

      @RRC จตตตจตตตตจจตจตจตต

    • Infradig
      Infradig Year ago

      I would have folded to the bet on the turn lol

  • Muharem Redzic
    Muharem Redzic 5 years ago +5545

    I called with high 8 once, but the opponent had triple kings.

  • AGDrones
    AGDrones 8 months ago +38

    Seidel's call is legendary. All these hands are crazy, but one thing is calling with A high or a small pair, another thing is doing it with J high. So not only did he correctly figure his opponent had nothing. He put him on a very specific part of his "total air" range.

    • Micah Lawrence
      Micah Lawrence 4 months ago +1

      The balls to call that are astronomical

  • Reno Raider
    Reno Raider 2 years ago +80

    I like how Urbanovich smiles after seeing Eric's cards. A lot of players would have been pissed at Eric for calling with such a crumby hand. I never would have made that call.

    • Raphael
      Raphael 3 months ago

      @rick a that’s the hand with jason mercier

    • rick a
      rick a 6 months ago +3

      A player that loses their whole stack with 10 3 off should only be mad at themself.

    • Jason Swaglord
      Jason Swaglord 8 months ago

      He is conscious of the fact, at the end of the day poker is still just a game.

  • Michel Mees
    Michel Mees 2 years ago +6

    Kitai should be number one all day, the board texture was the only one in this list that wasn't paired and he made the call with Ace high on the river raise. He made major soulreads back then in every tournament he played and was among the greatest live players of that era.

  • Olivier Auberger
    Olivier Auberger 8 months ago

    Seidel winning that ept shr grand final was something else. He was short most of the day until doubling during the final table then managed to win with a much smaller stack than Urbanovich.

  • Thomas A. Anderson
    Thomas A. Anderson 6 years ago +87

    Jason Mercier is first because it's a PokerStar channel but trust me Kitai's call is much difficult. Chen is a great player with a perfect poker face while Koskas looks like a weaker player with technical problems ans soooo much tells (he instantly stood up completely desoriented). That's a few reasons why Davidi made the best hero call on TV to me.

    • Nikola Soldo
      Nikola Soldo 9 months ago

      Everyone is a gangsta until Phil Laak or Jason Mercier are at the table.
      Greatest poker villains of all time.
      Seidel call was insane, but there was a lot of missed draws in Heads-Up battle. Other guys had a lot of tells.
      Kitai's call was probably the most impresive

    • masanet thomas
      masanet thomas 2 years ago +1

      @D D
      I don't remember the exact analysis but kitai explained his reasoning, he really counted all the combos and the price was still really good

    • D D
      D D 2 years ago +1

      what i wanted to say is - even if kitai picked some live tell on chen that he is bluffing, chen actually has a better hand majority of time that he tried to turn into a bluff (AQ or 65 for example)

    • D D
      D D 2 years ago +4

      actually, kitai's call just might be the worst call i've ever seen considering the number of hands he beats on that specific board, not to mention he even blocks some of these hands with a 3 in his hand.

    • תומר חג'ג'
      תומר חג'ג' 5 years ago


  • Annu Nakian
    Annu Nakian Year ago +67

    "WHAT IT DO?!" followed by a "thank you" and a gentlemanly handshake 😂

  • Stacks Cx
    Stacks Cx 6 years ago +985

    13:58 I love how good he is at bluffing, drinks form an empty bottle. lol

    • Seiya Ryuuguuin
      Seiya Ryuuguuin Year ago +1

      Yeah dude was clearly nervous as hell

    • Massive Moon
      Massive Moon Year ago

      Legit I thought he was acting like he was bluffing on purpose ...

    • Patches Driftwood
      Patches Driftwood Year ago

      The water bluffed him

    • Q Tip
      Q Tip Year ago

      Its not empty.

    • Nice Guy
      Nice Guy Year ago +1

      I took a drink of water at the poker table and had my bluff called, drinking water means they are bluffing

  • Supreme Bandodger
    Supreme Bandodger 6 years ago +972

    10:30 "Kitai is not taking his gaze off chen at all, it's like me with a chubby red head"
    I love this commentator

    • Random Z
      Random Z Year ago +10

      @Christopher Gomez social justice warrior alert

    • n n
      n n Year ago

      a comment like that today would get your fired that same day

    • JohnRamirez007
      JohnRamirez007 2 years ago +3

      “It’s like me with a chubby red head...” I feel u brutha, I feel u

    • Guten Man
      Guten Man 3 years ago +8

      @Christopher Gomez would you rather people said he is staring at him like a ginger with no soul .

    • Sam BA
      Sam BA 3 years ago +23

      @Christopher Gomez No that sounds like fun:)

  • Cliff Taylor
    Cliff Taylor 6 years ago +379

    The Seidel and Kitai calls were out of this world. I can't even think of 5 hands Kitai beat lol.

    • Matt Neil
      Matt Neil Year ago

      @BimbleFeelsFIFA™ if it makes no sense there is probably a big tell they have. It's not like the players are trash.

    • Antoine Cringemann
      Antoine Cringemann Year ago +1

      @Marc M Even if I was a time traveler or a fortune teller, or the other guy peed on his pants and cried momma, I would still not call this. I guess that's why I am not a pro✌

    • Marc M
      Marc M Year ago

      @Antoine Cringemann he has seen something to make him call. We all know that's a fold in theory...

    • Marc M
      Marc M Year ago

      @D D you are wrong. If I said what he has won its because its thanks to his reads and live tells, 100%. And he says himself that technicaly he's average. But please don't be rude

    • Marc M
      Marc M Year ago +1

      @Connman 8d Davidi plays 100% exploit. Many players even Davidi close friends say that he's terrible about theory but amazing about tells.

  • John Rupesh
    John Rupesh Year ago +7

    Sidel's call was truly epic.

  • Razzi07
    Razzi07 3 years ago +132

    Seidel with J high is the best ever, he was 7 to 1 down in chips

  • InsideOutBH
    InsideOutBH 5 years ago +14

    Best one is Kitai's ace-high hero call.
    Seidel's J-high call was on a paired board with AAKxx runout. So it's actually one of the better unpaired hands a player can have there. A queen actually has showdown value and would likely check back the river.
    Urbanovich limped preflop, whereas he'd open with a raise for value on the botton HU if he had a good ace or king. It was a terrible bluff as he was representing a hand that checked back the flop and picked up a flush draw on the Kd turn... then bluffed the river on a card that DIDN'T complete the flush lol.
    If you have Jack-high on Q9542, because of card removal the opponent is much more likely to have an ace in his hand, and be bluffing with the better hand, making such a hero call almost impossible to pull off.

    • Bart Joosten
      Bart Joosten 2 years ago

      Underrated comment

    • Bary Marsh
      Bary Marsh 4 years ago

      InsideOutBH Urbanovich probably overthought it. If you had a flush wouldn't you try to come of as if you didn't?

  • khure
    khure Year ago

    Sipple check on the turn did him in. By doing that he represents a straight draw from his flop bet. If he had two pair, 3 of a kind or full house he would’ve bet the turn too. Then betting the river made it look like he was trying to steal the pot because a 3 couldn’t have helped him. That’s my take on it at least.

  • Trevor White
    Trevor White 2 years ago +1

    The #1 spot I would have made the call being the opponent stood up after going all in and was pacing, walking, etc. it’s a tell that if he gets called he is most likely going to be headed out. Can’t think of any hands where if the opponent knew he was good, or even had a chance and shoved, stands up and walks around. Maybe one hand comes to mind but that’s only one

  • Konstantinos Dedas
    Konstantinos Dedas 2 years ago +1

    Sorry guys but Koskas's bluff was very easy to read (nervous, going all-in instantly & standing up, higher-than-the-pot bets instead of value betting every street), plus a pair of 5s is usually good on this board and in these kind of situations, plus the fact that Mercier would have so many chips left even if he was wrong...not a "hero call" at all!

  • scoubidoubiboy
    scoubidoubiboy 5 years ago

    The fun fact is that in every hand of this selection, it happens to be a good call but overall, these are almost all losing plays in the long run because they don't pick good combos for heroing.
    From worst to somewhat good: Kitai

  • ChuckNola
    ChuckNola 6 years ago +9

    Man I can't imagine playing for several days and making it all the way to a big money live tourney final table and completely donking off my entire stack in the way Koskas did.
    I don't think that I'd be able to look myself in the mirror after that one.

  • Victor Burnett
    Victor Burnett 2 years ago

    4/5 were on paired boards - there's a big characteristic of boards you should not be bluffing. 3/5 were flops unconnected with high card J - maybe a sign of flops you don't want to bluff at either..

  • hellaclownin
    hellaclownin 6 years ago +212

    That call by seidel god damn.

    • devyn
      devyn 2 years ago

      ♠️ Would you have called with Jack High? ♠️

    • Raynier Reynoso
      Raynier Reynoso 3 years ago +24

      +Sneaky Games bro he won all the hands heads up in that PTA. God luke

    • Sneaky Banks
      Sneaky Banks 4 years ago +4

      Not really only reason he called was to see how he played the hand and he ended up winning and get the info about how he played the hand

  • redrobotmonkey
    redrobotmonkey Year ago +2

    10:31 This was so funny and it deserved acknowledging.

  • S1ickJoe
    S1ickJoe 6 years ago

    A few weak checks from behind, still clutch calls!

  • Samuel Wallace
    Samuel Wallace 2 years ago +11

    Dyer’s bluffing in the first clip was awful 😂

    • Brett Lewis
      Brett Lewis 10 months ago

      100% should of just shut it down after the mishap with his wording. He looked annoyed on the turn and river changed nothing. Was always getting called down at that point i feel like

  • Eli Christopherson
    Eli Christopherson 2 years ago

    The call by Seidel makes sense. His limping range has some 6 5 or K combinations but with those hands he would check down with his cheap showdown value. He also had no aces in his range because he would raise every ace preflop. The only risk is if he is bluffing with Queen high. That why I may raise in this spot but that opens you up to a re raise all in that would be really tough to call. I like the call

  • BlackCatt _
    BlackCatt _ 3 years ago +8

    that last hand... so many tells... jason knew what he was doing xD

  • Dylan Martino
    Dylan Martino 2 years ago

    My boy really had the confidence with 4-2 lol 😂

  • A C
    A C Year ago +3

    The Seidel call was amazing.

    CRYPTO VIBES 2 years ago +3

    That call from seidel right there was sick.

  • Poker4Pros
    Poker4Pros Year ago

    Kitai call i think is the sickest one along with that jack high call. Kitai knew that raise on the river was straight or nothing bc sets two pairs or pairs are only going to call. Very nice poker. And the jack high argument is bc he is only betting with a strong king as QK or trip aces, a 5 or a 6 rarely would bet for value after sidel calls the turn putting him on a possible king. If he is bluffing turn he is bluffing the river and his bluff iis only loosing against Qx or J7 J8 J9 J10. He beats 4x 7x 8x 9x Tx bluffs

  • M1keyfreshhh
    M1keyfreshhh Year ago +1

    Urbanovich smile after seeing J high was pricelessly funny

  • den525
    den525 4 years ago

    Can only really comment on the last one... the number of by the book tells from Koskas... the "aggressive" raise... the "aggressive" shove... betting so quickly is always a standard tell that shows weakness... the drinking water tell...
    Of course, it's easy for me to say all these knowing the hands lol

  • Cameron Wong
    Cameron Wong 6 years ago +4

    The Kitai call is the only one that makes sense to me without specific reads.
    The turn being a 9 is key. Chen would've bet turn if he had an 8 for the inside straight draw. If he had a jack, he'd bet his top pair too. Overpairs and sets bet flop and turn to price out draws so those are out.
    So that only leaves two hands he has after checking back the turn > a middle pair of 5s or 7s or straight air. A nine is very unlikely because any connectors with it up or down complete a pair or better (7, 8, J) which would bet the turn.
    After Kitai's river bet designed to put pressure on middle pairs, a raise there makes no sense. A middle pair would either fold or make a flat call. A rivered 10 would also call there not raise. Pocket pairs are unlikely to play this way too since they'd just check back flop. We've already talked about how there's no way he can have an 8 or a J so what's left?
    When Chen raises river here, he eliminates the middle pairs that Kitai loses to which leaves only the air which Kitai's ace high beats. I imagine Kitai had already decided to call a river bet by Chen so by donking out he sets the price to pay and can catch any raise that's out of line.

  • InvestMore
    InvestMore Year ago +1

    Woah Mercier!! Boss Call on Another level.
    Final table for a Huge Pot. He's a PRO no-doubt.

  • mannaminne
    mannaminne 2 years ago +4

    Erik seidel.. what an absolut legend

  • Z. A.
    Z. A. 3 years ago +1

    John Hesp's all in call with pair of 8's in 2017 was epic, I know this video was made earlier than that :P

  • Kelevra
    Kelevra 3 years ago +18

    Urbanovich getting called with a 2 4 just like he called when that breather was holding a 2 4. It's like poetry, it rhymes.

  • ardaorhan
    ardaorhan 3 years ago +40

    Seidel makes one of the sickest calls in history and acts like nothing happened.

  • James Fregia
    James Fregia Year ago +1

    The last one I wouldn't say it's much of a hero call. The body language of the guy who went all in. Who went all in real quick, stood up and was drinking water like he was nervous

  • ShaianH10
    ShaianH10 Year ago +2

    I was drunk and called with 6 high and won 😂

  • VivaValdez
    VivaValdez 6 years ago +23

    Expected 5 hands with Kitai

  • OfficialMaddeck
    OfficialMaddeck Year ago

    Such insane calls that almost looks like the caller has x-ray vision.

  • Tony tone
    Tony tone 2 years ago

    I did love the sippl vs odwyer episode. It was a 100k buy in.

  • Teodor Mavrodiev
    Teodor Mavrodiev 4 years ago +1

    I really don't like that Kitai A3 call. Chen is basically representing KQ, an 8 or air there. I think it's unlikely he'll raise an 8 all the time, so that leaves all his KQ and airs. The reason I don't like the call is that even if you are sure he doesn't have KQ, his most likely bluffs are hands that block the KQ, so AQ or AK, which both beat A3.

  • Bmccarth315
    Bmccarth315 Year ago

    Man when you’re bluffing and they call you it’s one of the worst feelings 😂

  • ilovebrandnewcarpets
    ilovebrandnewcarpets 2 years ago

    The first hand- the guy exhibits just about every single tell in history (Not to mention the board bricks off).

  • Jireh Choo
    Jireh Choo 3 years ago

    Hero calls are just so satisfying

  • Tiziano Cauli
    Tiziano Cauli Year ago +1

    poker casters are on an other level

  • Thunder Chunky
    Thunder Chunky 4 years ago

    No. 4 WTF?! I wish I could have seen the whole thing from his angle... There MUST have been a tell. A big one!

  • Greg Heffernan
    Greg Heffernan Year ago +4

    Seidel is one of the best poker players of all time ... terribly underrated because he has the presence of a law court clerk ... but boy can he play!!!

  • Mustafa Q.
    Mustafa Q. Year ago

    The guy who folded in the first had would've had a full house!

  • Michael Maiolo
    Michael Maiolo Year ago +2

    10:31 had me dead.

  • Slice
    Slice 2 years ago

    Nr 4 was the best one. The one with Eric Seidel.

  • Ponrussell xxx
    Ponrussell xxx 2 years ago

    1,2,3 место какие-то невероятные коллы. Особенно заколлировать рейз

  • Nivan Nair
    Nivan Nair Year ago

    Never back down with the Ace. Win or lose, just make the shot

  • wallythewhale
    wallythewhale Year ago

    With regards to the Kitai hand. The guy can be bluffing with better hands than A3, making it a really horrible calldown with a good result in this case

  • Bla bla Bla
    Bla bla Bla 6 years ago +1185

    Seidel jack high should be at 1st

    • golfaddict9
      golfaddict9 Year ago

      @Gabriel Osternaud thank you... These fools in the comments don't understand situation and context, so they would insta-fold any time they miss "because it's Jack high" and someone merely breaths on the pot. SMDH. And, they have no clue who Erik Seidel is.

    • Victor D
      Victor D Year ago

      Jack high was almost the highest possible unpaired hand after queen high. Someone with jack-ten or Queen-ten there would check and hope to win at a show down. Peobably same for small pair. What was a small pair expecting to get value from?
      I disagree that he was not beating all of the bluffs. He pretty much was.

    • i3 13
      i3 13 Year ago

      Cause he didn't win the title?

    • Sull
      Sull Year ago +1

      Insane call.

    • AzeOfSpadez
      AzeOfSpadez Year ago

      @Gabriel Osternaud thank you, i literally don’t understand how this is a bad call. Buncha fish on here.

  • Joe Gug
    Joe Gug Year ago

    Called with King high once to an all in and won. Loose player knew he was on a draw. It was a rebuy tournament so he bought back in. Next hand he raises I look and have pocket Queens, I three bet and he calls. Boards all low cards with a Deuce. He bets I go all in he instantly calls with six deuce. Lol I won the pot.

  • TheRamblingSoul
    TheRamblingSoul 2 years ago

    5:42 I'm not an expert at Poker by any means, but did Seidel call Urbanovitch based on the bet size relative to his pot? If he had anything bigger than 4 high he would have made a much bigger stack to bet with? Just trying to figure out the logic here, because otherwise it'd be super reasonable to fold Jack high.

    • Steggy Q
      Steggy Q Year ago

      It's always super reasonable to fold Jack high, he probably had a great read, and as the commentators said, Urbanovitch tries to win every hand so the price + reads = call.

  • TheDudeSvU
    TheDudeSvU 3 years ago +3

    Man, hero call should be restricted to:
    - All-in to call
    - Against a bullying player with bigger stack
    Ryan Riess calling all-in with ten high in the EPT 2019 left me absolutely speechless...

  • Mago Blanco
    Mago Blanco Year ago

    I don't agree. Most of the calls are in the final table, where you have a lot of money, and can afford those calls. I would like to see that calls when you are running out of chips in more lower stages of the tournament

  • George Owen
    George Owen Year ago

    Sidel should have raised. If he really thought he had chance of winning with a Jack high he must have seen that his opponent was weak and could have pushed him off.

  • A Random Bard
    A Random Bard Year ago

    I'm pretty sure Dyer was angle-shooting with that. He gets to rep a big raise without having to actually make it.

  • jabrooonni
    jabrooonni 6 years ago

    The second hand was no hero call. Heads up, against an aggressive player, with a Jack in the hole. Not a very big pot either.

  • Sven Arne Rasmussen
    Sven Arne Rasmussen 2 years ago

    Checks in the blind flop, bets 220k turn and shoves all in instantly on 8's river. No way Mercier ever puts him on an 8 here. He might've put him on J and folded but he wouldnt have shoved all in that quick with J J 8 8. Rushed play From Koskas. Not the hardest call imo. But then again this is old idk.

  • Brandon McBride
    Brandon McBride 4 years ago +15

    Calls with Jack high lmao what a legend

  • Yann0uBZH
    Yann0uBZH 10 months ago

    Koskas standing up and looking so confident was such a big tell

  • Dutch Blades
    Dutch Blades 2 years ago +1

    10:32 Commentator gold right there :')

  • t j
    t j Year ago

    Last dude who lost showed some class

  • Robbie White
    Robbie White 2 years ago

    The Seidel call was by far the best

  • JustGame
    JustGame 2 years ago +7

    First guy surely called $11k on purpose, he probably knew he’d have to put $11k down but wanted it to look like he had a bigger hand, saving his chips but keeping the bluff going

    • Tyler Bullock
      Tyler Bullock 2 years ago

      Maybe, he seemed pretty flustered though

  • Fenix Flores campos
    Fenix Flores campos 2 years ago +4

    The last player looks so nervous , sure i will call

  • saveIR
    saveIR Year ago

    1:20 as soon as this guy miss clicked the bet, wallowing all over the place he dug his own grave.. I would have insta folded to save face after that one lmao

  • Harshavardhan Agarwal
    Harshavardhan Agarwal 2 years ago

    Thing is, look at the chipstack. With jack high, that is definitely a call.

  • GeneralSnowball43 Realkeeper

    I'm amazed by Kitai....... Like the commentator said : SOULREAD !!!!!!

  • Josh Daily
    Josh Daily 9 months ago +1

    Lot of stubborn players just can’t lay it down when they brick. Sometimes you just gotta eat that 10% loss of your stack Vs risking half or more on the chance they fold.

  • Azael
    Azael Year ago

    11:09 The Chen guy blinked like crazy after the raise. Maybe Kitai was able to pick that up from possible earlier hands of Chen? To me that looks nervous yet Im not a great player and obviously have never played anyone of their caliber. Just something that looked off to me, so maybe it wasnt a losing play in general.

  • Chad Greer
    Chad Greer Year ago +1

    Koskas was so nervous he was trying to drink water from an empty bottle.

  • Mingi
    Mingi 2 years ago +1

    Kitai and Chen play really well but Chen got really unlucky with some hands

  • Bao Nguyen
    Bao Nguyen 2 years ago

    One time I called with 10 high and win, 20 -40 limit hold'em though!
    Very big pot. I had 9-10 diamonds, the guy had 6,9 spades!
    Flop 7,8 ,2 rainbow, everybody got out of the pot when he bet and I raised, he come back three bets.
    The turn was a 3, river another 2!
    He bet turn and river, I just called $40 to see what he had, turn out winning $400 pot!

  • RF99
    RF99 Year ago

    12:56 Koskas realizing that Mercier wouldn't fold

  • Nick
    Nick 3 years ago +8

    Chen blinked the eyes out of his head after his raise

  • S. Shephard
    S. Shephard 2 months ago

    Some of these hands show the importance of taking some of your bluffs for three streets instead of checking the turn

  • Flavio Suarez Rabanal
    Flavio Suarez Rabanal 2 years ago

    13:10 cualquier persona sin haber estudiado psicología sabría que el tipo estaba muy nervioso. Se delató.

  • iRonic CrucyFix
    iRonic CrucyFix 2 years ago +2

    Seidel after the J.high call was visited by MIB and was warned never to play that good again or he'll get exposed.

  • Tony L
    Tony L 2 years ago

    To be fair the way Dyer played I would have called with 22s

  • ihajeeorbis
    ihajeeorbis 6 years ago +1

    It's all heads up though lol ... I think it's more heroic at 6 max or full ring

    • Ryan Johnson
      Ryan Johnson 3 years ago

      ihajeeorbis Mercier’s hand wasn’t heads up...take a look at the table....

  • Sam
    Sam 6 years ago +8

    im wondering how many times those hero calls didnt work before they do lol

  • Francinei Araújo
    Francinei Araújo 2 years ago

    Achei o call mais fácil o do Mercier

  • Theze Gunz
    Theze Gunz 3 years ago +7

    The Jack high should have been #1

  • Stan s
    Stan s 5 months ago

    the last one was ten time more easy than Kitai !

  • S. Shephard
    S. Shephard 2 months ago

    My hero calls end up with the opponent flipping over the nuts and everybody mad at me for calling so light

  • Ben Bigelow
    Ben Bigelow Year ago

    Stu Ungar's 10 high call. Shame it wasn't on TV.

  • Martin Abraham
    Martin Abraham 6 years ago

    If he didn't mess up on the bet beginning of the hand he would of won it showed weakness at that point

  • zeek man
    zeek man 4 months ago

    Eric call with just a Jack is amazing

  • Dane Cerney
    Dane Cerney Year ago

    My best hero call was when I had a pair of 5’s and my opponent had a pair of 4’s. He raised the flop with a bluff on aces and I saw the bluff through his eyes. What a great feeling

  • Jeremy Lawrence Amadé Hill Edwards

    None of these come close to the call I saw last week playing 1/3 live. Villain with tight table image UTG+1 raises 5BB. TAG Hero calls HJ. Flop A89r. Villain continues for 2/3 pot, Hero calls. Turn 10r. Villain bets 4/5ths pot, hero calls. River 5. Villain overbet-jams, putting hero all-in for ~275. Hero tanks and calls with KQ. Villain shows KJo-I nearly lost my mind.

    • Jeremy Lawrence Amadé Hill Edwards
      Jeremy Lawrence Amadé Hill Edwards 2 years ago +1

      @Spencer Ingermanson The most outstanding plays are always -ve ev, otherwise it's simply a matter of calculation. Hero made a stone cold read Villain was on KJ and I still don't know how he did it based on the betting tells. He tanked the river so may have gone with a live read. A naked ace is not going to bet turn, over-jam river on that board very often at all. But there are still plenty of straights, sets, and A10 combos that might, which is why it is easily the best call I have ever seen. Perhaps Hero thought Villain was a tight old guy who is just not going to take that line unless he has the nuts or air, and hero is blocking QJ. In hindsight, I can see how Hero might have got to a call, but it was still an absolute legendary way to call off your stack.

    • Spencer Ingermanson
      Spencer Ingermanson 2 years ago

      TAG but calling down in a 1/3 with K high? He could have very well had an A.. that's definitely a -ev move i wouldn't tell anyone about. Fold pre if KQo fold flop if KQs

  • Tr0ph¥_Hunt£r
    Tr0ph¥_Hunt£r 2 years ago +4

    RIP for that guy (in the first video) who folded his J-4.. he had a Full house

    • david dabs
      david dabs Year ago

      Was looking for this comment sometimes you gotta play your cards

  • Yoffo
    Yoffo 4 years ago

    in the first hand, the one folding preflop would have got two pair at the flop, haha

  • akash Akash
    akash Akash 2 years ago +1

    Not only the calls...actually the folds are much more heroic according to even though u have a 3 of a kind...oppo having a full house....whow...