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Xochimilco: Is it Worth It? (Mexico City Floating Gardens)

  • Published on Mar 28, 2018 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 310

  • sfdko
    sfdko 5 years ago +84

    Fun fact: those rivers in Xochimilco are remnants of Tenotichlan. Tenotichlan was the capital of the Aztec empire and was called the "Mexican Venice" by the Spanish.
    The entire city literally floated on water and the Aztec used to gwt around on boats in order to navagte the city or use the bridges. When the Spanish came, they drained the rivers and started building their own structures. Including the churches on top of those pyramids you see in Mexico City.
    That's because Mexico City is where Tenotichlan used to be. Thats why Mexico city is seemingly sinking into the ground its because of ghe original water bed that Tenotichlan was on

    • Chido Boy
      Chido Boy 5 years ago +3

      You know watts up brother 🤘

    • Kinetic Kennons
      Kinetic Kennons  5 years ago +3

      That's all so interesting Kaldur! It was amazing to take a boat ride back in time!!

    • Rogelio Rodriguez
      Rogelio Rodriguez 5 years ago +1


  • Barrón
    Barrón 5 years ago +24

    just as xochimilco looks now, that's what Mexico City was like in the time of the Aztecs ! the water channels were created to transport the goods xochimilco is what remains of the great lake of Texcoco was founded the city of Mexico. On 1325 the city of Mexico was founded!

  • Javier Morales
    Javier Morales 5 years ago +29

    ahi es donde los Mexicanos acuden los dias domingos junto con el bosque de Chapulgepec los mas concurridos , en cuestion de reunion familiar son los mas populares buen video Weros .

  • interliz
    interliz 5 years ago +15

    Precioso lugar, lleno de leyendas. ¡Buen video, chicos!

  • Adrian Mendoza
    Adrian Mendoza 5 years ago +19

    One of the many attractions in México City... Is one of the last vestiges of the original lake that used to cover the Valley... Aztec were the first ones that started the cover the lake with artificial islands... Enjoy!

  • Dialoguemos bien.
    Dialoguemos bien. 5 years ago +1

    Kinetic Kennons: ¡Hola Goyo y Wera! Da gusto verlos conocer y disfrutar tantos lugares. No se olviden de seguir haciendo videos en español. Ya en el de los Perms se vio un buen avance en el español.
    Un saludo y bendiciones.

  • Vancouver_Dan
    Vancouver_Dan 5 years ago +1

    Hi G & H: As fans from your PV days, my wife and I are very happy to see that you are settling into Mexico City and back on your game. I really like how you are picking specific attractions to visit in each video. My wife has wanted to ride the trajineras but we thought it would be a bit lame to go alone as a couple. It is good that you have teamed up with Dan and Niri to enjoy these adventures with (BTW - we bumped into them in Roma Norte when we were there in early March - wish we bumped into you two as well). We had so much fun on our recent second trip to CDMX (also Guanajuato and San Miguel), that we are coming back in December to Oaxaca, Puerto Escondido and CDMX with our university aged kids. Watching this video, we made a decision - the kids will be our wing people for our party on the trajineras in January 2019!! And I really appreciate the comments with the history of Tenochtitlan and tips for the best embarcaderos for better prices. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • Larali
    Larali 5 years ago +11

    Oh guys, I know Xochimilco and the Trajineras look a lot like a boat ride with drinks. And believe me, for many mexicans that is what it is so I dont blame you. But actually there is much more else to explore and see in Xochimilco: there is the Dolores Olmedo museum (she was an art collector, like the Borgias in Mexico... she commisioned most of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera's paintings, and her house alone and the animals in it, are something worth seeing).
    There is also El Museo de la Acuarela that if you are into art, you will definitely enjoy. The town of San Pedro Atocpan is in Xochimilco and it is one of the best places to get mole. At the Cuemanco embarcadero (pier) you can find the best taco campechano I ever tried haha. The flower market is also something worth seeing.
    There are also a lot of interesting facts about Xochimilco: how those pieces of land you stepped into were man-built. Built by the Mexicas (by using wood posts and piling up mud on top) in order to have some land where they could grow food on (since the valley where the city now sits was not a valley but a lake). Even today a large percentage of the food we eat in the city and the flowers we buy are still grown there. Yes, the champiñones in your quesadillas and the corn used to make the tortillas, probably were grown there. That is why it is a concern that the water level is lower each year because our government is pumping the water out from there.
    On those canals an endemic specie called Ajolote lives and it is the only reptile in the world that can grow back its limbs and so there is a research center right there where scientists are studying how the Ajolote can help with humans regenerating skin tissue and so forth. And I believe it is open to visit. It is incredible to see how this little being regrows a whole arm.
    Another interesting fact is that the water canals used to be connected all around not so long ago (60 years ago maybe?), for example from Xochimilco to Tlatelolco (which is two miles away from the Centro Histórico) so almost the whole city was like that: water channels, islands made by men and then the pyramids in the Centro Historico... all surrounded by volcanoes. And the only place left where you can picture what that image looked like, is Xochimilco.

    • Vancouver_Dan
      Vancouver_Dan 5 years ago +1

      Thanks so much for the info! I think there was a big painting of what Tenochtitlan looked like in the Anthropological Museum in Chapultepec Park. I will be thinking of your comments, and that mural, when we visit Xochimilco next year

    • Guillermo Ochoa
      Guillermo Ochoa 5 years ago +1

      Larali Lots of great info, thanks. One thing though an Ajolote is an amphibian not a reptile 😂 it’s actually a type of salamander but it also is unique in that it stays in its larval stage its whole life, it doesn’t grow into the land dwelling adult. It lives in the water it’s whole life, pretty cool indeed

    • Larali
      Larali 5 years ago

      Guillermo Ochoa haha...you are absolutely right! Now everyone knows why i always sucked in Biology class haha.

    • Larali
      Larali 5 years ago +1

      Northview59 if you do come and visit Xochimilco, take a trajinera (boat) at the Embarcadero Cuemanco (pier). That is definitely the best one to picture what the ancient city once was.

  • Vancouver_Dan
    Vancouver_Dan 5 years ago +2

    One more comment - Guanajuato was amazing and is highly recommended! We took the ETN bus from Mexico Norte. Without question, the prettiest, most colourful city in North America! We loved wandering up and down all the alleys and staircases and went on a great walking tour ($200 pesos each for over 2 hours) with a cool 77 year old local (Manuel aka "Mannie the Moose"). We met him where the licenced guides hang out across from the Teatro Juarez. GTO has great energy - lots of university students. If you want hipster fun, visit Ocazzo - a dive bar for pulque, mezcal and grasshoppers (oh and beer), across from the Diego museum. Another great spot (but a lot more $$$) is the rooftop cocktail bar at the beautiful and swanky Hotel Casa del Rector. We enjoyed craft cocktails and a beautiful sunset behind the Cristo Rey statue 30 or so km away. We also liked the Mercado - friendly and chill. We went from GTO to San Miguel, which we did not love - maybe too many ex pats. So while you are in central Mexico, you have to visit GTO. Oh, and thanks to you two - Puebla is now high on our list! Keep it up!

  • Arturo Olvera
    Arturo Olvera 5 years ago +1

    There was a time right after the spanish conquest that the main mode to transport items from one side to the other was by boat. La Viga, Rio Churubusco and many other avenues today used to be waterwas until the early 1900's. Xochimilco is what remains of those days.

    ROSA TEXANA 5 years ago +6

    Hi guys! another great visit, but you would have done more longer shots of the landscapes and talk about them to appreciate better, saludos Güera y Goyo 🤗🤗

  • Jennie W
    Jennie W 5 years ago +25

    Love it so much! Tasty elote and great friendly mariachis! So much fun and beautiful!

    • Abel Guerrero
      Abel Guerrero 4 years ago

      Jennie W hola guapa it's beautiful culture dia de los muertos celebration ahaa I would love to be your friend saludos from Houston Woodlands

  • Vegan Voyagers
    Vegan Voyagers 3 years ago

    Wow you guys had a completely different experience than us!! We went on a Saturday and it was WILD. Boats everywhere, music everywhere, people dancing, definitely not the tranquilo time you had

  • Belina Garcia
    Belina Garcia 5 years ago +3

    Xochimilco is much more than a fun place for an outing, did you know the Xochimilcoans (?) had them built with very progressive ideas even before the Aztecs arrived? And there were 100 times larger back then.... Maybe they copied them for the building of CDMX! They've been in continuous use since then using organic and sustainable methods! The most prominent Chefs in CDMX, i.e: Pujol's Enrique Olvera gets his fruit and veg there from young people who are now providing service to many. You can purchase from them too. Very interesting area....

  • Arturo Ramos Bueno
    Arturo Ramos Bueno 5 years ago +4

    Just imagine that the whole city used to be a lake and that around Mexico-Tenochtitlan city used to be a kind of those gardens named chinampas. Byt the way, those boats are not a gondola, they are trajineras instead XD. I suggest you to experience the "La Llorona" show that takes place in October, it is preferomed at the canals but at night :D

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia 4 years ago

    Este video le salió muy chido porque tomaron cerveza y lo transmitieron medios borrachos felicidades me gustó mucho su video sigan mostrándonos lugares maravillosos de México salud amigos

  • Vick Hernandez
    Vick Hernandez 4 years ago +1

    I enjoy different parts of Mexico my aunt who is a nun refuses to take us there because she said it is too dilapidated in comparison to what is was years ago. My grandparents would share stories of what it was. I have a friend that her grandmother would sell flowers there over 100 years ago. great history she was Indian Azteca.

    • Kinetic Kennons
      Kinetic Kennons  4 years ago +1

      she refuses to take you to the city or to Xochimilco? I bet your friends Abuelita has some amazing stories!!

    • Vick Hernandez
      Vick Hernandez 4 years ago

      To Xochimilco@Kinetic Kennons She lives in a Convent near La Villa, not a great neighborhood they serve the poor in that area.

    • Vick Hernandez
      Vick Hernandez 4 years ago

      To Xochimilco@Kinetic Kennons She lives in a convent near la Villa.

    • Vick Hernandez
      Vick Hernandez 4 years ago

      If you are ever interested in visiting a cloistered Poor Clare Convent they would enjoy sharing how they serve the community and their way of life.

  • B4 Now
    B4 Now 5 years ago

    It's amazing to see true your eyes what is Xoximilco without knowing the place, what it's mean and the history. You guys have fun by your own and are good peaple. Thanks for showing us your experience. By the way, there is a Tour in Cancun called Xoximilco, I had so mich fun because the exelent your and my family and friends; it's about 90 US dls per person, included transportation, food and drinks

  • vainvane
    vainvane 5 years ago

    They totally played you guys on the price! 😭 but it is quite an amazing experience, totally a Mexico City MUST DO.

  • Fremen Warrior
    Fremen Warrior 5 years ago +1

    I've been to Mexico City several times, been lots of places, I have relatives there, but I've never been to Xochimilco. Awesome guys. Pulque used to be big in Mexico before the introduction of Pulque. You can't bottle pulque and store it so beer won.

  • Arbitrary Exploration
    Arbitrary Exploration 5 years ago

    The trip down the river was beautiful and unique I can understand why so many people want to go and experience that.

  • Alex Cabson
    Alex Cabson 5 years ago

    Yo encantado en Xochimilco. Fuimos muy felices en nuestra visita

  • Carmen
    Carmen 5 years ago +10

    Hmmm, I don't remember it being that expensive. Of course, xochimilco like other tourist attractions, will have operators charging different pricing ;-). Sundays there can be super busy...but fun too!

  • gui gui
    gui gui 5 years ago +1

    Mi Xochimilco lindo y querido 👍

  • Jose Mejia
    Jose Mejia 5 years ago

    Greetings from riverside ca, you guys kick ass truly keep doing it. Yeah that place is really chill compared to the city I like knowing it’s been there for years and it’s still going. I like the history of the place well everywhere I go in Mexico I’m always thinking how old is it? Here in the USA things aren’t as old cause it’s a new country. I really like the toltecs and Aztecs history I feel like the gods still watch over them. I hope they take down the old airport when the new one is up and they build a lil forest and artificial lake.

  • Jlanzelot
    Jlanzelot 5 years ago

    As a local from Xochimilco. I can say that 500 pesos is the new official price for the Trajineras ride. BUT if you know someone that lives in the area, you can hunt for a better price, if your contact has relatives that own Trajineras of course. Also, Fernando Celada (the place that you did go, in my opinon, is the second best place for Trajineras, after Nativitas.
    *I think my grammar sucks, forgive me for that :( *
    Xochi Loves You! :D

  • Eileen Aldis
    Eileen Aldis 5 years ago +5

    We loved visiting Xochimilco!

  • Joshy Rhodes
    Joshy Rhodes 5 years ago

    Xochimilco antes era más hermoso pero vale la pena ir

  • Tenamaxtli
    Tenamaxtli 5 years ago +21

    Cuemanco is one of the best entrance to the canals.

  • Joe Serrano
    Joe Serrano 5 years ago +1

    Xochimilco is CHIDO! So ya all just drank Micheladas and Coronas? No food, mole with rice and beans and plenty of blue-corn tortillas? Well, maybe next time glad ya all enjoyed the time spent there along with Dan and Nori and the french people! :)

  • Ivan Cardenas
    Ivan Cardenas 5 years ago

    Went there with my family and it definently was fun and cool to experience,but not something I'd do often tbh

  • Dr Worst
    Dr Worst 5 years ago +2

    Cuemanco is one of the best entrance, because you can find the flower and plants market, ecological park and the best views of the Xochimilco canals. Xochimilco and Tlatelolco is where used to live the indigenous people in spanish viceroyallity times, by this reason you can't find palaces or ancient mansions, maybe just a few of them. But the interesting thing you can find there is called "chinampas" , it was an aztech invention to cultivate and inhabitat over the lake, Tenochtitlan was created by this technology and instead of streets you could find canals to sailor through the cities. Also Xochimilco has his own museum, There you can find archeological pieces found in this area. Good look!

  • Ava Rey
    Ava Rey 4 years ago

    The Chalupa rides may seem touristy but the Chalupa's have been floating around in their little canoe like flowered boats, selling flowers to the people and lovers on the other boats since preColumbian times.

  • Riana Dilley
    Riana Dilley 5 years ago

    I visited Xochimilco last Monday (3/26/2018) and paid 350 pesos/ hr/ person. I think it would have been more fun to be with more people, friends or new friends, because we were just two people on the boat.

    • Riana Dilley
      Riana Dilley 5 years ago

      Also, how do you recommend getting there? We took the metro from Napoles and it took over an hr each way!

  • Antony Rios
    Antony Rios 5 years ago +1

    tambien pienso que los hubieran llevado a ver la isla de las muñecas (ahi en xochimilco) its too creeppy!

  • Melisa Rios
    Melisa Rios 5 years ago +1

    buen paseo por xochimilco buen video saludos guera y goyo 👍

  • Eddy Aldana
    Eddy Aldana 5 years ago

    Espectacular !! Colorido xochimilco muy chido como dice Goyo !! Love it these video 👌🏻

  • Edgar Morales
    Edgar Morales 5 years ago

    Cool video weros! I would love to visit there someday!

  • Peggy Pearson
    Peggy Pearson 5 years ago

    That was so cool! That is something I would enjoy doing. Very relaxing!!

  • SJ K
    SJ K 3 years ago

    I had a wonderful time there last weekend~~~ I met doggies there and they were so lovely, so I should have had some healthy snacks for them^^ Fortunately while enjoying your video, I can meet two cute doggies at 5:5 minutes from the start. I would repeat your video to see the doggies. Thanks a lot.

  • DaBoss Fraga
    DaBoss Fraga 5 years ago

    La guera makes my day "everytime" es bien chistosa and has an awesome personality. Again,great video Goyo e Hilaria!!!!!!!!!!

  • luis reyes
    luis reyes 5 years ago

    Cuando van a ir a La lucha libre en la Arena Coliseo??? la lucha libre es parte fundamental de la cultura mexicana!!!! saludos Güeros!!!!

  • Zen
    Zen 5 years ago +5

    Lol I got the impression none foreigners like xochimilco :) most of them say things like "It's kind of interesting" Nevertheless there is a beautiful flower market next to the "parque ecologico" which, in my opinion a better place to visit!

    • Can you hear me Major Tom?
      Can you hear me Major Tom? 5 years ago +1

      if you get drunk, it's probably more fun i guess lol

    • Kinetic Kennons
      Kinetic Kennons  5 years ago +2

      I definitely think it's easier to appreciate as a Mexican versus as a tourist. It's hard to explain why but Hillary and I said the same thing. We can appreciate it more for some reason now that we have spent more time in Mexico. If we came to Mexico for a quick trip I don't know that we would have appreciated it as much.

    • Can you hear me Major Tom?
      Can you hear me Major Tom? 5 years ago +1

      george xxx hmm me pregunto si cuando vayas a otro país donde no hablen español, hablaras su idioma?

    • Pelon
      Pelon 5 years ago

      @ george xxx Que comentario más rudo. Greg y Hillary son una pareja encantadora y si por no los sabes, muchos Mexicanos vivimos en USA y somos muy agradecidos con los que nos ha dado este maravilloso lugar, independiente de lo que digan politicos corruptos. Me da mucho gusto ver que Guera y Goyo se han enamorado de Mexico.

  • Proyecto mundo
    Proyecto mundo 4 years ago

    You should had gone to the "new Embarcadero" which is about 15 minutes from there, and is where the big big party is, is really incredible, maybe that´s why you didn´t fall in love completly.

    VALKEN ONE 4 years ago

    Please do a video in Talpa de Allende Jalisco ! It's like a few hours from Vallarta !

  • Pau Zumaya
    Pau Zumaya 5 years ago

    cool!!! you guys should have visited the doll island. the ride is usually cheaper than that tho :/

  • Zoldyck Wolff
    Zoldyck Wolff 5 years ago

    ¡¡Hola Amigos!! Hashtag The New Travel, hahaha. Wow, you visited the Mexican Venice, that's cool, I never tought that you will do this so soon. I am a little sad, a #really MUST PLACE TO VISIT if you go to Xochimilco is "The Island of the Dolls". You can see Mike's video just in case you wanna give it a shot, if you ever visit again Xochimilco. Til next time guys :)

  • Pelon
    Pelon 5 years ago

    Las Trajineras de Xochimilco bring back a ton of memories.

  • crw1149
    crw1149 5 years ago

    I thought it would be more colorful, like with flowers and exotic plants

  • Gabriel Félix
    Gabriel Félix 4 years ago

    Vengan a Sonora a aprender el acento sonorense y así en el resto de México los confundirán con güeros de rancho xD

  • Bolder
    Bolder 5 years ago

    Must go to grutas de cacahuamilpa, guerrero mexico
    Y'all are gonna love it. I was there 2 year ago.. it's a great field trip..

  • Frank Varell
    Frank Varell 3 years ago

    All the people that love México everybody are welcome.come to visit us

  • Ale Sánchez
    Ale Sánchez 5 years ago

    Those pulque smiles made the 1000 pesos totally worth it 😂

  • George Marshall
    George Marshall 4 years ago

    MMM...😜😝 Se me antojaron sus micheladas 🍹🍺

  • King B
    King B 5 years ago

    It looked like a FUN DAY WITH FRIENDS!!!!!

  • Beto0700
    Beto0700 5 years ago +1

    Gracias amigo Greg, you guys r pretty cool 😎

  • Alberto _07 Avila
    Alberto _07 Avila 5 years ago +4

    Thanks for say the true about everything it's better if you recommend the places saying the true if they worth it and I think my Mexican partners te estafaron por ser extranjero and sorry about that love my Mexico

  • Edgar eduardo CE ,
    Edgar eduardo CE , 5 years ago +1

    Chido video 🇲🇽💗 amigo

  • Edmundo Maza
    Edmundo Maza 5 years ago +17

    Aww guys, I feel a bit sorry for you guys haha you got hunted. Boat ride averages 350 pesos and usually you can pay 100 more for some music on the boat. The best embarcadero, in my opinion, is "nativitas". But yeah, its such a known location youll pay extra if you dont know your way around it. Ask for more advice next time haha Im sure we couldve helped you get there faster without being hunted by sellers. Although I guess thats part of the experience as a tourist.

    • jornar10
      jornar10 5 years ago +5

      Mundo Maza I agree, would've been good if they had asked for advice beforehand. Embarcadero Cuemanco is the best ducking station imo. It's removed from the urbanization and the huge flower market is 5mins away walking.

    • Bake With Me
      Bake With Me 5 years ago +5

      I agree, Nativitas is the best. They recently raised the official hourly price from 350 to 500 so you paid the right price. The bikes try to tell you that Nativitas is closed but it isn’t true. Another advantage of Nativitas is the cute artesanal market. I live in Xochimilco...I’m from CT.:)

    • Pray for Naps
      Pray for Naps 5 years ago

      Good to know! We'll be there soon, whats the parking situation like?

    • Edmundo Maza
      Edmundo Maza 5 years ago

      Pray for Naps they have parking right outside the trajineras in nativitas. Theyll charge you around 50 pesos to "check" your car. But dont worry its perfectly safe.

  • LeonAlpha
    LeonAlpha 5 years ago +5

    excellent place, good choice

  • Raul Patino
    Raul Patino 5 years ago

    Music was amazing..tropical and mariachi are so cool

  • Francisco Martinez
    Francisco Martinez 5 years ago

    At night xochimilco gets very intimate. On a full moon you get to see that reflection in the water. It's very nice.

  • Juan Manuel
    Juan Manuel 5 years ago

    You must have to go to Querétaro, Guanajuato, Yucatán or Quintana Roo are places with a lot of culture, food, places to go and with securitie

    • Mystic Blade
      Mystic Blade 5 years ago

      Bax Man they have been to some of those places. Look for them in older videos.

    • Guillermo Ochoa
      Guillermo Ochoa 5 years ago

      Bax Man they’ve been to Querétaro already they have a few videos on it

  • Jorge Islas
    Jorge Islas 5 years ago

    Can I hang out with you guys? :( I live here in Mexico City and I would really like to show you some crazy things here, even if it is unrecorded.
    I will go to Chapultepec to see the ballet of Romeo y Julieta on Sunday.

    • Jorge Islas
      Jorge Islas 5 years ago

      My city is crazy, if you want some recommendations, you just ask 😁

  • Patricia GM
    Patricia GM 5 years ago

    You miss the island of dolls and the flower market! The latter is unforgivable

  • Alejandro Arroyo
    Alejandro Arroyo 5 years ago +5

    you guys most go to Taxco. you will not regret!!

    • Pelon
      Pelon 5 years ago

      Ernesto Alejandro Arroyo Islas Great suggestion. The Silver in Taxco is amazing.

  • Alejandro Sutono
    Alejandro Sutono 5 years ago

    Someone please tell Gringo Greg the gondolas are called trajineras, if he wants to improve his Spanish. SuperHoly would be a great teacher and coach, whom they've met!

  • Jim Cornwall
    Jim Cornwall 5 years ago

    I am traveling to Guadalajara. Can you comment on the water there?
    Is street food ok? Also what about ice used in drinks? My wife got sick in Cancun years back and is still leery.
    Thank You
    Jim Cornwall

    • Vancouver_Dan
      Vancouver_Dan 5 years ago

      We spent a week in Guadalajara in December. It was great. We stayed in Colonia Americana and visited many trendy bars and restaurants on Chapultepec without any stomach problems. We also went on an excellent food tour in Centro (booked through trip advisor) and tried many local dishes in historic restaurants (carne en su jugo; tortas ahogadas!).
      As great as it looks, I would not eat street food, or in "hole in the wall" restaurants, in any Mexican city. The Kennons have been in Mexico long enough to build up immunity - but occasional visitors do not have the ability to fight off bugs. It is prudent to stay away from berries, vegetables that are hard to wash and salsas in bowls that are left on tables. Most restaurants use purified water for ice and drinking water (but we still use bottled water, including to brush our teeth). As long as the restaurant looks clean you can assume that ice is OK. Bottom line, you know your tolerance so trust your instincts. Some people are more sensitive than others. If there is any question, order simple dishes and just drink beer. GDL has great craft beer - try Minerva. Be sure to visit Tequila and Tlaquepaque. Have fun!

    • Adrian Mendoza
      Adrian Mendoza 5 years ago

      Bring your own! And also your bubble where you live in... Is a city with more than 4'000,000 of walking zombies that died of stomach disease...

  • juan monge
    juan monge 4 years ago

    When I visited we took a tour from the hotel. It first stopped at Frida kahlos house. Went to the canal. Guide had it set up. A boat pulled up, and hooked up to our craft. We were offered food , the guys wife cooked it where we couldn't see her hands. A boat with Mariachi s pulled up and hooked up. Ten songs- 1000 pesos. Boats came by offering all kinds of crafts. we were told that there we 9 canals. Great time food was good. I suggest that you go with a guide to get the full experience and history.

  • Linda Cristal
    Linda Cristal 5 years ago

    I feel like its more for families celebrating something. Theres a haunted dolls town inside aswell

    ABEL OROZCO 5 years ago

    I think Xochimilco even when is nice and pretty. Is a place just like 👱‍♀️ say. If you have no others plans for the day. Go 4 it. It would take half of you day. Easily.. Thank you for sharing Greg & 👱‍♀️

  • Five Star Vegetable 오성급야채

    When I was there, I was able to get a private ride for two hours for 400 pesos! I guess it depends where you go and how much you bargain

  • Max Maximux
    Max Maximux 4 years ago

    Nice video guys viva mexicoooooooo

  • emma aguirre
    emma aguirre 5 years ago

    There are some collective trajineras, it is a shorter section but much cheaper

  • Keyla Hernandez
    Keyla Hernandez 5 years ago

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