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  • Published on Nov 28, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Aizu
    Aizu 2 months ago +12530

    “Just go the speed of light- then push the accelerator a little more.” This man has single-handedly solved physics.

    • Urza Vectivus
      Urza Vectivus 3 days ago +1

      @Keila Fleischbein anytime I think of Rich Evans as SpaceCop in SpaceCop I smile and laugh so this could now be considered a joke. Watch out

    • Urza Vectivus
      Urza Vectivus 3 days ago

      @DiscipleofPentagon because now isn't now, that was then. This is now

    • Urza Vectivus
      Urza Vectivus 3 days ago

      Ah the old "remove the governor Bolt from the accelerator cable" theory. As a Professor of Logic down at the University of Science
      I can confirm,
      this is a great stride for the field

    • MediaSubliminal
      MediaSubliminal 8 days ago

      I guess you see the humor.
      How ridiculously funny.
      I guess if our planet can handle almost infinite density and mass...well, we're all set!
      These guys know this. They're smart dudes.

    • Sylvia Plath
      Sylvia Plath Month ago

      I want to force pokimane

  • Rhys Powell
    Rhys Powell Month ago +2413

    Whenever I see you have a new video i leave it until Friday evening after work, grab a beer and have a good laugh watching it through. I always enjoy your content and discovered your channels during the pandemic, and through your the channels of your collaborators who are also excellent. You've lifted my spirits through some hard times buddy, so thanks a million! :)

    • Frosty
      Frosty 9 days ago

      wholesome ending

    • Johnny Anda
      Johnny Anda Month ago

      wow. That's so cool to know

    • Ælfric Cårpøj
      Ælfric Cårpøj Month ago

      Wholesome asf
      Good on yous man

    • SparkleSparkleSparkle
      SparkleSparkleSparkle Month ago +1

      @mags your just jealous I'm living the life of my dreams doing whatever I want all day while you're stuck at work. suffering and alone.

    • mags
      mags Month ago

      @SparkleSparkleSparkle bruh 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Oh So Simple
    Oh So Simple Month ago +1116

    I know Internet Historian thought he was making an outlandish proposal for a launch system in the CERN bit but SpinLaunch is essential what he described and is actually getting rockets off the ground

    • Tillman Gressitt
      Tillman Gressitt Month ago

      @AakeTraak hahaha, you can put it on your skyscraper suspended from an orbiting asteroid 🤣

    • Rusty Shackleford
      Rusty Shackleford Month ago

      @Voodoo already the governments standard business model.

    • AakeTraak
      AakeTraak Month ago +3

      @Tillman Gressitt But, hey. If you put a tube on the spinning room up to the edge of space it wouldn't need a seal. I'm genious. Is the edge of space that far up, really?

    • Mattsoup
      Mattsoup Month ago

      @______ Launching small payloads is waaay cheaper if you just launch a lot of them at once on a larger launch vehicle.

    • Mattsoup
      Mattsoup Month ago +2

      Spinlaunch is a meme. The benefit of the launch velocity is barely worth anything. It would be far cheaper and far easier to design payloads for a launch vehicle that just had a low performance solid motor instead of getting launched from the accelerator they're trying to build.

  • Ripperer :D
    Ripperer :D Month ago +366

    I love how when IH is talking about the space race, he's saying "we beat them" despite him being Australian lol

    • Epic Gamer 69 420
      Epic Gamer 69 420 6 days ago

      @Hecatom The US won the space race because the moon landing was a more difficult feat than anything the soviets accomplished

    • Moses Goldbergshekelstien
      Moses Goldbergshekelstien 19 days ago

      @Ryan Flood so America beat the shit out of his dad and every year he has a party celebrating that time he beat the shit out of his dad for being a dick?

    • Steve Pickford
      Steve Pickford Month ago +3

      @Ryan Flood Interesting take. Australia and USA are both English colonies. If anything Australia would be the child and the US would be the brother. England has never seen Australia as a equal

    • Leif Iverson
      Leif Iverson Month ago

      IH is kiwi isn't he?

    • FuciMiNaKule
      FuciMiNaKule Month ago

      @Jack Hazardous why would anyone pretend to be american either?

  • Rebecca Immel
    Rebecca Immel Month ago +331

    I know I’m about to grin for 22 straight minutes when Internet Historian and Ordinary Things get together. Thanks guys!!!

  • Yobamos
    Yobamos 2 months ago +971

    #14 on trending for gaming
    sick gameplay in this vid I can’t wait to see you hit more insane shots

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    • Aka DADA
      Aka DADA Month ago

      Someone’s been taking notes from the Spiffing Brit

    • Trixy Lizard
      Trixy Lizard Month ago

      @Ethan Bash That does most definitely get picked up by the algorithm, erroneously. This isn't a gaming video. That's the whole point what are you smoking?

    • Ef o'Vex
      Ef o'Vex Month ago

      @Trixy Lizard no

    • Ethan Bash
      Ethan Bash 2 months ago +1

      If you look closely starting at 4:35 there is about 4 seconds of gameplay used in that bit by Ambiguousamphibian. Not sure if 4 seconds of another channel's gaming video used for a short bit makes for this being a proper gaming video but nevertheless, shouts out to his game play channel!!

  • Tuto Pro Play
    Tuto Pro Play Month ago +132

    As a Mexican, I cracked up with the 50B Alien Pesos in the middle of a meeting. You are the very best, keep up with these videos! They make my days even better

  • Kelnef
    Kelnef Month ago +57

    Heres a fun fact. Anatoli Bugorski is an ex russian particle physicist who ended up inside a particle collider while it was still running. The particle pierced his skull and he alledgedly saw a bright light like looking at the sun. He is still alive today and has somehow outlived the said particle collider that shot him.

  • CanadianGuy
    CanadianGuy Month ago +67

    “Why don’t we just call them the big planets and small planets.”
    Congratulations you just explained the dwarf planet classification.

  • Sigurd Jensen
    Sigurd Jensen Month ago +89

    As a person who is not actively working for CERN but has in the past. You can get a guided tour into the area where the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) is. Unfortunately you can't, to my knowledge, put anything into the pipes the size of poop. It's a pretty airtight vacuum in there. About as vacuum as we can make vacuums.
    Also it's one sometimes, so don't go in when it's on or you'll die of radiation poisoning :)
    Good luck

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    • Ty_teynium
      Ty_teynium 7 days ago

      @Sigurd Jensen Still plenty helpful! I barely a Phsyicist or an engineer, just genuinely curious. I basically wanted to work on a sci fi story that uses a made up element and explores subjects such as transhumanism, AI and the like in a Thriving Utopia / of a Metropolis using a made up element. I know " real original", I just wanted to get some pointers from people in the field.

    • Sigurd Jensen
      Sigurd Jensen 8 days ago +1

      @Ty_teynium I am not sure I understand the question. Many parts of the world already use nuclear energy for everyday use with a nuclear reactor.
      If you mean particle fission, using that as an every day energy source seems like a bad idea as the tech is right now, due to radiation, and the fairly high risk of malfunction resulting in meltdown and a lot of radiation spilling out.
      Fission is a process used for heating stuff up, which wouldn't do much for our modern appliances which rely on electricity. A fission reactor converts water into steam pushing a magnet, creating electricity. To create something like that for an everyday appliance wouldn't work because we don't have enough uranium on earth for it.
      The other method is fusion. This is an expensive process, but it is much safer than fission. It requires a lot of energy input, but afterwards it becomes self-sufficient. This is not really doable for a local small appliance in real life.
      If we go more into a science fantasy setting, a house could have a fusion reactor which is always running, which you could connect your household appliances to. As for batteries there could be a fusion reactor in their place, but to start the reaction you'd need to harvest some energy from the main reactor. That said, some radiation is still present for fusion, so the appliances would have to be properly insulated.
      I do not believe it would make sense with the current methods for converting heat into electricity, and having any reactor in your home, seems like a huge liability, and the amount of either radioactive material you'd have to carry around, or the amount of water you'd need would be annoying.
      TL;DR: Fission is dangerous, fusion is delicate. Neither would be convenient in a car/phone/hair dryer, and a local reactor in a house seems silly, because you could just make the same reactor, slightly bigger, and provide multiple houses (which is what we do already).
      All this said, I don't actually know much about the subject, I am only an engineer after all, not a physicist.

    • Ty_teynium
      Ty_teynium 8 days ago

      I have been working on a story incorporating some elements of Sci fi involving Nuclear and Particle energy. One question I've had was is how safe or convenient is it for everyday use? What are some things to keep in mind when studying it, and what are some unanswered/ unsolved issues regarding its uses?
      Edit: Okay, so turns out I've had a *few* question 😄

    • Psecter
      Psecter Month ago +1

      @Sigurd Jensen El Psy Congroo

  • BuzzLightYearPFP
    BuzzLightYearPFP Month ago +58

    i love when the editor makes his own jokes. the battery in the ocean killed me

  • Brielle Elise
    Brielle Elise Month ago +54

    This is the first time someone in a video set off our Alexa, and it pulled up a mixed playlist of Who Let the Dogs Out. Well played, sir.

  • Joshua Kennedy
    Joshua Kennedy Month ago +635

    Not just once, but twice he calls the firmament a "filament."
    What a legend.

    • Louie Vito
      Louie Vito Month ago

      Or maybe he's dumb?

      I AM JURELL Month ago +3

      @DubyaDubya That's why I think it's bait.

    • Lydia Pasitos
      Lydia Pasitos Month ago

      I had to double check the first time.

    • DubyaDubya
      DubyaDubya Month ago +10

      I laughed so hard at that flub--especially since the earlier joke about "nobody thinks you're smart!" Internet Historian, you madman, we love you.

    • KC Cobra
      KC Cobra Month ago +6

      What if that's exactly what he meant.

  • Salty Sea Of Tears
    Salty Sea Of Tears Month ago +11

    There are only two persons on earth who can do advertising correctly - Ryan Reynolds and the Internet Historian.

  • Goddess Redina
    Goddess Redina 2 months ago +964

    I like to imagine they freeze you, send you to alpha Centauri, but when you wake up... You find out that during that time they invented wormhole travel, and have already colonized the system before you got there.

    • Man
      Man 3 days ago

      Pretty sure this is a bot guys

    • Ivan Petrov
      Ivan Petrov 12 days ago

      @PlebNC what's gonna be the conflict? The protagonist stays frozen until the end

    • Sanguine Skull Ch.
      Sanguine Skull Ch. Month ago

      Basically Elite Dangerous' Generation Ships.

    • FuciMiNaKule
      FuciMiNaKule Month ago

      @Shoug Honestly agreed, like Ordinary Things said in the video, in any other case you wake up after 100 years and then just die there because it's a barebones wasteland with no chance of survival. If I get sent there now then they better colonize that shit before I arrive.

    • Shoug
      Shoug Month ago

      That would be a great relief, right? Like, you thought you were embarking on an arduous and perilous mission to colonize space, and then you wake up and it's all done. That's like best case scenario.

  • Gordon Slamsay
    Gordon Slamsay Month ago +23

    a field of muk followed by miles and miles of tundra leading to a mysterious cursed mountain range is actually kinda cool

    • darmam0o
      darmam0o Month ago +11

      It's called "Russia".

  • Phoenia
    Phoenia Month ago +95

    As someone studying astronomy for my Major, the third criteria that the IAU added to demote dwarf planets has always driven me insane.

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    • Innocent Smith
      Innocent Smith Month ago +3

      @Drew Feille it's kind of a tautological, but still useful, statement that asteroid belts are made up of asteroids, so a planet can't be part of an asteroid belt. That then gives a minimum size for planets based on their Hill radius, in a roundabout way.

    • Innocent Smith
      Innocent Smith Month ago +1

      Planetary scientists are such nerds. Imagine not studying stars and galaxies.

    • Michael Clifford
      Michael Clifford Month ago +1

      @Drew Feille The other interesting bit is the prevailing theory that Ceres was previously the core of a rocky planet which got destroyed at some point in the past, likely due to all the debris in that band of the solar system

    • Michael Clifford
      Michael Clifford Month ago +1

      @Phoenia Ah, I wasn't aware of that. I thought I'd read it was a Kuiper belt object that got captured

  • Lil Fellhurt
    Lil Fellhurt Month ago +17

    Im pretty sure i've rewatched all his videos more than 5 times at this point there's, just something so relaxing about his voice and the weird shit he is spewing out.

  • tehbertl
    tehbertl Month ago +88

    I can't believe nobody has mentioned Ordinary naming a cube-shaped Earth "Cuba" at 19:20. That's brilliant and it has gone completely unacknowledged.

    • Vapor_YT
      Vapor_YT 7 hours ago

      "Cube Earth" he says

    • Spuddywesker
      Spuddywesker 29 days ago

      @Matt yeah its cube earth

    • Mr. Original
      Mr. Original Month ago +2

      OK, so I'm not crazy.

    • Sam Mitchell
      Sam Mitchell Month ago +3

      @Matt Yeah me too...

    • Matt
      Matt Month ago +17

      sounds like "cube Earth" to me

  • massimo cole
    massimo cole Month ago +4

    8:52 I realize this is a bit of a jest, but I feel like I have to point out that a bunch of short ropes linked end to end is the same strength as one long rope. That's what long ropes are.

  • Dr. Pepper
    Dr. Pepper Month ago +9

    I am 100% convinced that the guy in the picture is a time traveller who intentionally aliased himself as "John Batman" during the first inception of Australia as a Prison Colony so that he can name everything over his favorite superhero while doing a little bit of morally ambiguous trolling since it's the early 17-18th Century in world history

  • Nesli
    Nesli Month ago +2

    one thing i love about the "do aliens exist?" debate is how someone approaches it. like if both parties believe that life on earth is very unique and know how massive the universe is there is two ways to argue their belief/non-belief in aliens: "our life and existence on earth is so unique that it is impossible to recreate it in a similar way anywhereelse in the universe" and the other being "the universe is so massive and unknown to us that it is impossible to be the lone intelligent lifeform" - either way i love theorizing about this topic.

  • Zorro9129
    Zorro9129 Month ago +1

    This was an entertaining video, and I never knew that facet of the flat earth stuff. Goes to show that at any given time there is a difference in beliefs between plebs and intellectuals.

  • Jeb Broham
    Jeb Broham 2 months ago +1095

    I will always cherish these rare moments when Internet Historian comes out of his cave to release more magic into the world.

    • IamOutOfNames
      IamOutOfNames Month ago

      @MrMaselko Is he still there?

    • MrMaselko
      MrMaselko Month ago +3

      Last time he even told us about the cave

    • James Salsman
      James Salsman Month ago +1

      Hear, hear!

    • Zero
      Zero Month ago +8

      @Lucas Rueda Is Wendigoon STILL in there?

    • Lucas Rueda
      Lucas Rueda Month ago +8

      You know who didn't get out of his cave?

  • Whu Dhat
    Whu Dhat Month ago +9

    I never tire of the sublime editing, plus you and Mr.Things have extra... *ordinary* chemistry 😏

  • Geoff F.
    Geoff F. Month ago +229

    I love how he invented a space elevator in like the worst but still feasible way ever.

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    • Stratosphere
      Stratosphere Month ago

      @Mark Aspen For the Earth ship to traverse across space water, would that mean that the inside is hollow and that is what allows us to float?

    • Stratosphere
      Stratosphere Month ago +1

      Ship Earth Theory, the Earth is a giant ship floating on space water that we need to anchor down

    • Eldenbolt
      Eldenbolt Month ago +1

      Clearly all we need is the elevator from Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator.

    • onewhosaysgoose
      onewhosaysgoose Month ago +3

      No he didn't: the problem remains tensile strength. Parts of the cable are being help up because they are suborbital. Earth's gravity and rotation means no material can hold such a cable together.
      Using the moon as shown makes it MUCH worse because there is a lot more cable with a suborbital period (which therefore must be held up be the cable)

  • Prysn
    Prysn Month ago +8

    If it’s as big as a planet, but cube shaped, I would definitely say that’s an ancient alien megastructure.

  • Mark Sigmund Ziolkowski

    You reminded me of Laika and I do not like to be reminded as her story is always changing based on who is telling it. But one thing is for certain - she was the best astronaut and always will be.
    Sidenote: I am surprised you mentioned the poles of Mars and magnetic launches of shuttles but not stabilising Mars with a magnetosphere that would help with the storms as the theory is that putting magnetic arrays on the poles would do so. And, the best place to land on Mars is anywhere near a stable underground lava tube because it a wide enough can work as a base. There could be water downwards as well we do not know. I'd like Venus explored more as it turns out most of our assumptions about it were wrong but getting anything there is a hurdle.

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    • Vítor Monteiro
      Vítor Monteiro Month ago

      Hey, sorry for the bother, why is Laika the best astronaut? Not questioning, but I'm more into astronomy and constellations than space exploration, so I'm curious on your take on it. Also because my father had a dog which was named after her (Lord, she was huge then).

  • Little Heck
    Little Heck 2 months ago +754

    I will always cherish these rare moments when Internet Historian comes out of his cave to release more magic into the world.

    • M E
      M E 13 days ago +2

      @Tisto Almenio isn't podcast defined as episodic audio recordings of discussions?
      The heavy editting of these videos kinda betrays that "audio" part I think.
      Or are you talking about some other series from him?

    • Mr Croob
      Mr Croob Month ago +3

      @Tisto Almenio You do realize this video is basically a podcast with some edits for visuals right?

    • Tisto Almenio
      Tisto Almenio Month ago +2

      Unfortunately, it looks like he's going the "podcast" route. Snoozefest...

    • Jatopian
      Jatopian Month ago +22

      We're very lucky because as a previous video showed, when people go into caves they don't always come out again.
      ...Too soon?

  • Pickle Lad
    Pickle Lad Month ago +3

    The thing about the whole CERN launcher idea is that we’ve already thought of it with the concept of mass driver cannons. It could legitimately work.

  • Trygve Plaustrum
    Trygve Plaustrum Month ago +1

    *Did you guys hear about the manhole the Americans might have shot into space?*
    They used nearly the full force of an atom bomb to project it!
    If they did shoot it into space, it would've predated the Soviets' Sputnik launch!

  • GunShocka
    GunShocka Month ago +2

    Ironically, There is a company that literally has the same idea as them for cern. Literally fling things into space by rotating them super fast and letting momentum carry it. It actually has promise

  • Uber Laufer
    Uber Laufer Month ago +7

    Imagine we're the first sentience to enter space and by like millions of years of heads-up, and we end up the end boss of the galaxy.

  • Sourojit Ganguly
    Sourojit Ganguly 2 months ago +934

    it's so funny hearing the historian and mr ordinary things call the large hadron collider "the cern" for three minutes straight. that's like calling a space rocket "the nasa" lmao

  • U R Phake And Gey
    U R Phake And Gey Month ago

    Actually, that rule kind of does target Pluto. I wouldn't be surprised if we found "binary planetary systems" one day, where it's an object much bigger than Pluto, but shares its orbit with another planet like Pluto.

  • John Stamos
    John Stamos Month ago +3

    I’m honestly really impressed by this argument for Pluto still being a planet. Like they didn’t have to do them like that. You clearly did your research

  • TheNiennaTasartir
    TheNiennaTasartir Month ago +3

    haha, including the mass effect space map theme was a very nice touch, love it

  • Caoilfhionn Dunbar
    Caoilfhionn Dunbar Month ago

    my favorite model of the universe is an old greek one. guy thought the solar system was a tine o beans. earth at the center, everything rotated around it, and the stars were holes poked in this giant cylinder that had the planets in it/ everything outside that cylinder was just infinite fire, and thats why the starts were bright. its so fucking funny.

  • Sheauwn
    Sheauwn 2 months ago +3299

    Australia is kind of like a dwarf continent, as it was unable to pull in the contents of Oceania to form a proper landmass. Count your lucky stars that NASA hasn't taken you off the map yet.

    • That Freedom Guy
      That Freedom Guy Month ago

      @Mike Sendec LOL!

    • Mike Sendec
      Mike Sendec Month ago +1

      @That Freedom Guy well I have a plate if you can't even afford to put anything on it

    • Mike Sendec
      Mike Sendec Month ago

      @That Freedom Guy sounds like continent copium

    • Keirnoth
      Keirnoth Month ago

      @Klobi for President Considering their PM, GOOD.

    • SynthwaveHyena
      SynthwaveHyena Month ago

      @Aidan Literally the same thing

  • Cup Cake Unleashed
    Cup Cake Unleashed Month ago

    What about a focused magnet station on the moon that attracts the ships the moment they get out of Earth's atmosphere. Then they can slingshot off the moon toward mars?

  • MeowTheRainbowX
    MeowTheRainbowX Month ago +16

    Don’t forget that when Eris was discovered, it was a candidate for a tenth planet. It was soon found to be smaller than they thought but still slightly larger than Pluto. Haumea, Makemake, and a couple other known objects are also comparable. The rationale was that they needed a new category for these Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud objects. It feels like an arbitrary distinction to me, though.

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    • Hecatom
      Hecatom Month ago

      Not really, since the logic is sound, those are bodies on their orbits that have not cleaned it

    • s
      s Month ago +1

      @I don't know you'd hate Hawaii that's for sure

    • I don't know
      I don't know Month ago +1

      I'm glad dwarf planets are out because they all have really shitty names, like Haumea and Makemake

  • OverestimatedForesight

    For the space elevator, you're right that you can basically just pull things across it if you have a strong enough rope and it's anchored in the right place.
    Anchored in the right place means geostationary orbit. You still have to fight Earth's gravity to climb up it but it's waaaaay easier than putting things into orbit with rockets. The moon isn't in geostationary orbit so we generally think about using an asteroid or artificial station as the anchor.
    The strong enough rope is the big problem. Even carbon nanotubes aren't strong enough.

  • Jiří Láska
    Jiří Láska Month ago +2

    They are actually making a spinning launch system for orbital rockets. It seems really cool.

  • Satanas Ex Machina
    Satanas Ex Machina 2 months ago +2816

    The important thing is, no matter what we choose to do with all that space, I think we can all agree a nice rug and coffee table will really help tie the room together... and maybe a lamp.

    • Ding Ding The Youtube Buddy
      Ding Ding The Youtube Buddy 7 days ago

      @bornana gaming fuckn-A

    • 450FI🇮🇹
      450FI🇮🇹 29 days ago +1

      A nice pizza oven for the weekend with the boys

    • bornana gaming
      bornana gaming Month ago +2

      That rug really tied the room together

    • 123apacino
      123apacino Month ago

      Maybe the answer to space was the friends we made along the way?

    • Caleb Cox
      Caleb Cox Month ago +1

      @Vincent Valentine I unironically have all these things in my living room, did I use my space properly?

  • hugh hogan
    hugh hogan Month ago +67

    I like how they basically described a fallout style random loot encounter for space. Dead bodies, cola, and a gun. If that isn’t something I’d likely find together in fallout then I dunno what is.
    Also I think another few things about Pluto is it’s mildly elliptical and has a tilted axis.

  • Stefan Malic
    Stefan Malic Month ago +5

    "If the space is so big, why won't it fight me?"

  • Magic Medic
    Magic Medic Month ago +1

    Can we talk about how genius of a gag it is to have a green screen on the moon, so you can fake the moon landing

  • Sagi Nox
    Sagi Nox Month ago +2

    Was as entertaining as Super Mario Galaxy and just as accurate on space.^^

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    raycon's noise cancelling is so competent that raycon have never heard a complaint since their earphones were introduced

    • PippyM
      PippyM Month ago

      @motifcycle Damn bro where did you get something like those?

    • motifcycle
      motifcycle Month ago +4

      I got these baller earbuds last week. They come attached to a wire so you don't even have to charge them!

    • PippyM
      PippyM Month ago

      @jffry890 funny enough i bought some cheap chinese raycon knockoffs for like 1/3rd the price of the regular ones. and they sound better than the actual ones. also better waterproofing so i can use them in the shower.

    • Ebola
      Ebola Month ago +6

      the raycons in my back yard wont stop screeching and fighting in the middle of the night

    • john john
      john john Month ago +1

      I heard raycons are pretty shit

  • eric kilo
    eric kilo Month ago

    6:53 I like that idea. Make a giant vertical tube underground and at the bottem was a capsule. Using magnets to propel the shutttle up thru the tube and ultimately give a giant fuck you to the sky. Brilliant

  • Pyratheon
    Pyratheon Month ago

    The acceleration into space is a real thing! Real Engineering did a video on it 4 months ago. For Satellites though

  • Jose
    Jose Month ago +3

    This is the only channel I could watch an entire 20 minute video of and still not know what's going on

  • Stefan i
    Stefan i Month ago +1

    9:30 holy fuck. isnt that like a great way to generate shitloads of free energy? think about it. just have the moon pull something on this infinite railtrack that goes around the earth? RIGHT? what am I missing?

  • König der Welt
    König der Welt Month ago +83

    I used to work at CERN. While the LHC is not running you may be able to book tours to the detectors. (Those are the places where the particle streams colide)
    If you go to Geneva some time you should try and visit. It is one crazy impressive piece of equipment.
    They are running a lot of interesting experiments.

  • Knightly
    Knightly Month ago

    4:00 same can be said about every improvement we've made as a society! We we're making substantial progress in almost everything, then the soviet union fell and the western world got fat and lazy at their victory party. We're reaping what we sowed! ( complacency)

  • Ruben
    Ruben Month ago +1

    If we're going to categorize big planets and small planets I think I found a really good name for the small ones like Pluto; let's call them dwarf planets

  • Jacob Green
    Jacob Green Month ago

    That description of flat earth at the start is the exact same description of the current model with different words. Habitable earth-Mediterranean, waters-sky, inhospitable mud- inhospitable space, ice-idk some kinda cmb analog, mountain range-edge of observable or inobservable universe

  • Heilon Iris
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    The editors must be doing inhumane hours for 2 IH videos to be out on the same day

    • Mygg Jeager
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      @Delvinfortreasure Thank you kind sir.

    • Delvinfortreasure
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      @Mygg Jeager it's on his storymode channel

    • ToothpikcOriginal
      ToothpikcOriginal 2 months ago

      I doubt it, the editing on this one was a bit lacking compared to other In The Fields sadly :/

    • The Grey Turtle Entertainment
      The Grey Turtle Entertainment 2 months ago

      @Purple Perfection do they celet thanksgiving in new zeaustraland?

    • Purple Perfection
      Purple Perfection 2 months ago +8

      IH actually keeps them in his basement and calls them his little rats. For Thanksgiving all they had were the picked clean bones of the turkey. He feeds them once a month, and gives them just enough water to survive. They also pee in corners and scurry away quickly when you flash a light at them

  • Hardrockkiller777
    Hardrockkiller777 Month ago

    "Why don't they just call them big planets and small planets?"
    That's... that's literally what they did... They just changed the small ones that aren't gravitaionally dominant in their orbits to dwarf planets. That's literally what you're complaining about for the entire segment and then you pose the same solution that they chose while under the consensus that what they did was stupid. xD

  • Treska
    Treska Month ago +4

    "you know when you're a pirate"
    Excellent callback.

  • sour grapes
    sour grapes Month ago +42

    also IH, i wonder if you're at all interested in doing a D&D series of some sort. you've got a talent for collaborative storytelling, multiple good friends with which you have great chemistry, and a wonderfully rich voice that's suited for narrative (as demonstrated by storymode). not to mention the style of editing on this channel would make the visual aspects of such an endeavor uniquely entertaining. i think quite a few people, including myself, would be interested in seeing what sort of roleplaying shenanigans you could cook up. my favorite video of yours is definitely the horror movie bit with sumito where you both navigate horror cliches through roleplay. just a thought.

  • NorikSigma
    NorikSigma Month ago

    "call them the small planets" that's literally what they did bruh. they're called dwarf planets
    also Ceres was considered one of the main planets for several decades and schoolkids learned it

  • Devadas44
    Devadas44 Month ago +1

    The bit about China's flag being great for Mars, another thing that would make it fit is that there's 1 big star, and 4 small stars. The big one is the sun, and Mars is the 4. planet. Boom! symbolism

  • Dan of Antiquity
    Dan of Antiquity Month ago +2

    Speaking of space love: you forgot to mention that in zero gravity, doggystyle and reverse cowgirl are the same thing. Think about it...

  • James Guy
    James Guy Month ago +1

    Funny thing is, they are taking about magnets making a velocity to launch something to space, but Spinlaunch is already planning something similar with their Slingshot method.

  • Mallory Lamb
    Mallory Lamb Month ago +1

    These videos are great at reminding me that I probably know too much random nonsense, because I find myself frustratingly yelling random facts at Internet Historian every time one comes out.

  • Charlie St. Niklaus
    Charlie St. Niklaus 2 months ago +2688

    One time as a child I paddled an air mattress to a tiny island way out in a giant lake.
    Once I got there i stepped on the shore and sunk knee deep in bird crap. So I totally buy the mud at the edge of the world theory

    • Jebber
      Jebber Month ago

      @Squeewa Vile squeewa

    • Squeewa
      Squeewa Month ago

      @Jebber gross furry

    • Charlie St. Niklaus
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      @relaxation station I was 9. That should answer all your questions

    • Nojuan Atall
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      So you started the pandemic lolol

    • HE’S coming soon
      HE’S coming soon Month ago

      Hey guys 🤝. Our Saviour Jesus Christ died so that we will live. Jesus said, "I'm the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me". John 14:6.

  • Connor Munro-Flanagan
    Connor Munro-Flanagan Month ago +3

    20:33 "why don't they name them the big planets and the small planets and be done with it?" That's literally exactly what they're doing with the term dwarf planet hahaha

  • Arsonist
    Arsonist Month ago

    So my main take away from this video was that Ordinary Things did a Ted Talk which I've just now watched.
    And my main take away from *that* that has no one seriously found out his real name by now?
    I am kidding of course the Ted Talk was very interesting do go check it out.

  • dormghost
    dormghost Month ago

    " They've been sending people to space, when they should have sent space, to people!"
    Hahahaha I was like, he's right tho, why didn't we thibk of that lolol

  • Jago Sutherland
    Jago Sutherland Month ago +1

    “Why don’t you just call them the big planets and the small planets?”
    What do you think dwarf planet means?

  • Little Heck
    Little Heck 2 months ago +179

    I think about that dog we sent to space with no plans to get it home a lot. Apparently they found dogs that were strays in Moscow because it was assumed they'd be tougher and better at handling the cold. Laika basically means "barker" because she would bark loudly

    • EasySneezy
      EasySneezy 14 days ago +1

      @Zorro9129 that sounds like an anime title. "How I Went From Being Homeless to a Galactic Emperor."

    • Bruhbba Wallace
      Bruhbba Wallace Month ago +8

      however bad you think laika's fate was, it was probably worse than what you're imagining. won't go into details but it was a very unpleasant time inside that capsule, and supposedly russia has recorded audio of her final moments, so there's another cool thing to think about.

    • Jack Hazardous
      Jack Hazardous Month ago +5

      Just think of how many jobs that dog could have gotten if it nailed this opportunity though. No ordinary dog can do that.

    • Bluecho4
      Bluecho4 Month ago +12

      Poor Laika. :(

    • Draexian
      Draexian Month ago +5


  • OverestimatedForesight

    "Why didn't we call Ceres a planet?"
    We did! We called it a planet when we first discovered it. Then we discovered the rest of the asteroid belt.

  • Linus Lundquist
    Linus Lundquist Month ago

    "Why don't we just call them the big planets and the small planets and be done with it." If only there was a term that meant "small planet"... Something like "dwarf planet" or something...

  • Dr. Doctor Lee
    Dr. Doctor Lee Month ago

    i love, absolutely love how he depicted the switch there.
    very nice

  • Thomas Someone
    Thomas Someone Month ago

    "why don't you just call them the big planets and the small planets and be done with it?" kings they do that, they're called the planets and dwarf planets.

  • Average K
    Average K 2 months ago +361

    My grandpa has a lot of stories about the space race in the 60s, and one of my favorites he’s told me is when all of the physicists and engineers responsible for getting the rocket off earth couldn’t figure out how to get the fuel tank to be light enough to lift off but big enough to hold the necessary fuel because it was just a little bit too heavy. Then a painter suggested not painting the tank and that somehow took off enough weight for the math to check out lmao.

    • aeong
      aeong 2 months ago +1

      @Mahfi K exactly, it increases the speed by at least 20%, this is a scientifically accurate statement and no i will not provide sources

    • Mahfi K
      Mahfi K 2 months ago +3

      @DominatorofGAMING with flame paint job it goes faster

    • Pete Ard
      Pete Ard 2 months ago

      @DominatorofGAMING I mean that's like asking "why shower before a date?".

    • Nunya
      Nunya 2 months ago +6

      But if they had painted the rocket red, we'd have gone to Mars. RED WUNZ GO FASTA

    • Gore Obsessed
      Gore Obsessed 2 months ago +6

      If it ain't red does it go fast

  • Ryland Plassmann
    Ryland Plassmann Month ago

    If anyone wants to know about some underrated space shows here's two that I know:
    The Expanse series on Amazon Prime Video. Based on a book series it takes place centuries in the future in our solar system where war between the United Nations of Earth and the Martian Congressional Republic are in the brink of war. While the Belters are oppressed by both governments varies terrorist groups form the Outer Planets Alliance to attempt independence. All the while an alien life form threatens the existence of humanity. Praised for depicting life and combat in space vary accurately. Note: the books were written when it was assumed there was not much water in space, now we know there's plenty.
    For All Mankind on Apple TV (an original). An alternate timeline where the late 1960s the Soviets get to the Moon first. The Space Race continues as both the U.S. and the U.S.S.R one-up each other in space colonization. Water is discovered on the Moon 50 years earlier, helium-3 stops climate change, economic priorities are geared towards space exploration and communism becomes more mainstream around the world.
    There are probably some others but I don't know them.

  • Ander
    Ander Month ago +3

    This is by far the best IH combo. MORE ORDINARY THINGS!!!

  • UnexpectedBonk 404
    UnexpectedBonk 404 Month ago +1

    Unironically IH described exactly how some of the Hadron Collider works with his ship launching idea.

  • Kasopea
    Kasopea Month ago

    So you can't even have any particles that have mass move at the speed of light, because of physics or something I don't know...

  • william dittmann
    william dittmann 2 months ago +2087

    "They should just separate them into big planets and small planets." That's... literally what it means to be a dwarf planet...

    • Michael
      Michael Month ago

      @Jay Eisenhardt there are different types of stars the really big ones are classifies as "supergiants" my point was if Pluto was classified as a planet then the moon would also classify as a planet.

    • NewNecro
      NewNecro Month ago

      @Jay Eisenhardt The are stars smaller than Jupiter. Size isn't what determines what a star is or isn't.
      There are too many of objects with size of Pluto. The very reason Pluto was classified as a planet was because its surface was brightest for an object that far out that could be detected with technology of the time, nothing to do with size.
      It's also specifically because of Pluto that scientists were pushing for redefine what planet is otherwise we should've gone instead of 9 to 28+ planets.

    • Civilized Unicorn
      Civilized Unicorn Month ago

      @Wave mercury orbits a star, the moons orbit planets, there's the doffwrence

    • Civilized Unicorn
      Civilized Unicorn Month ago

      @Filip Bitala they don't orbit stars they orbit júpiter which it orbits a star

    • HE’S coming soon
      HE’S coming soon Month ago +1

      Believe in our Lord 🙏. Our Saviour Jesus Christ died so that we will live. Jesus said, "I'm the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me". John 14:6.

  • Place Holder
    Place Holder Month ago

    "Just call them the big planets and small planets"
    That's why we have dwarf planets

    • Frank Bandera
      Frank Bandera Month ago

      We've always had big planets and small planets but they were known as Major planets and minor planets before astronomers voted to have planets and dwarf planets and decided the universe has only eight planets.

  • Kay Murakami
    Kay Murakami Month ago

    someone actually did sit inside a particle accelerator (well his head went in) and got hit by a particle so it wouldnt be the first time

  • zues121510
    zues121510 Month ago

    The Helium shortage no longer exists, it was more an economics type thing than supply, since helium is a byproduct of natural gas extraction from the ground, and a new to extract just the helium from natural gas reserves has been found so you don't need to worry about continued use of fossil fuels for helium extraction.

  • Elliot Nolan
    Elliot Nolan Month ago

    20:31 “Why don’t you call them the big planets and the small planets” or maybe rather than small planets they call them ‘dwarf planets’… oh wait, they did do that…

  • Matt
    Matt Month ago

    20:29 "why don't you call them the big planets and the small planets?"
    the people who classified Pluto as a dwarf planet: "?????"

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford Month ago

    Damn, I was kinda hoping they'd talk about Operation Paperclip and the hilarious implications that come with it.

  • Syntonox
    Syntonox Month ago +2

    The sound of capital class ship jumping out of hyperspace made my day. Thank you Internet Historian.

  • Cutie Patrol
    Cutie Patrol Month ago

    Not all planets are spheres though, they found a planet that's more the shape of a rugby ball.

  • BASA Bromander
    BASA Bromander 2 months ago +23

    I love that they half discover some genuine space travel ideas like magnetic catapults and space tethers, then just imagine the worst ways possible to implement them

  • brent bandy
    brent bandy Month ago

    This was very funny and informative XD I clicked new to me, and found you today!

  • Chadder McNadder
    Chadder McNadder Month ago

    Never thought id hear sea of thieves music in a space video, love it!

  • Žygimantas Šilobritas

    "Just teach the kids all the big planets and ignore the small ones!"
    But.. but isn't that literally what dwarf planet classification is for?
    Which still means Pluto isn't a "real" planet.

  • Okie G8
    Okie G8 Month ago

    I never got the space suit In space, there’s space in the suit while you’re in space inside a space suit, but if you leave that space you’re in space.

  • Nayle
    Nayle 2 months ago +6012

    I love the idea that there were just a bunch of scientists in a room like "I don't care about Pluto, we can't be adding more planets to the solar system! We'll look dumb!"

    • FuciMiNaKule
      FuciMiNaKule Month ago

      @NewPaulActs17 There is difference between having moons/objects in orbit and having objects in the neighborhood. Having clear neighborhood means that there are no objects around that are NOT ORBITING the planet. So our Moon is orbiting the Earth, Jupiter's moons are orbiting Jupiter, however Pluto is too small to clear the neighborhood, and so there are objects around it that are not orbiting Pluto, they are just flying around orbiting the Sun, just like Pluto. Charon is also not strictly speaking orbiting Pluto, they are kinda orbiting each other and so like IH said in the video, if you want to consider Pluto a planet you'd have to consider it a binary Charon-Pluto planet, not to mention the dozens and dozens of other objects that would all suddenly classify.

    • Dreadstone
      Dreadstone Month ago

      @NewPaulActs17 what a clown

    • NewPaulActs17
      NewPaulActs17 Month ago

      @Stoned Viking ben kenobi- from a certain point of view...

    • Stoned Viking
      Stoned Viking Month ago +2

      @NewPaulActs17 because then planets would basically just be anything spherical that orbits a star.
      Like if Pluto is a planet then every round moon is a planet.

    • NewPaulActs17
      NewPaulActs17 Month ago

      @Gavin Wilson because we like to argue over meta thought. There is no practicality

  • Kyle White
    Kyle White Month ago +2

    "One rope is not gunna stay strong"
    "Two ropes" 🤣

  • Jerry Williams
    Jerry Williams Month ago +2

    The true mystery of the universe is the friends we made along the way

  • Meatwad Baggins
    Meatwad Baggins Month ago

    When I go to Mars I'm bringing a Declaration of Independence

  • tomwesfog
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    IH getting mad props for an upload, I'm out here waiting for the next house flipper stream on 'live laugh live' x