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Tour My 1987 Micro Camper Van - Bedford Bambi

  • Published on Jan 27, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Here's my 1987 Bedford Bambi camper! I've had her since September and I'm planning lots of adventures this year.
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  • Amberbamber
    Amberbamber  Month ago +449

    Planning to make lots of travel videos and more videos about the van, especially as the weather gets warmer!

    • Towanda!
      Towanda! Day ago

      Hello. New chick here! I like you already! I'd love to do what you and apparently thousands of others!😎✌️✨❤

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ 9 days ago

      Repent to Jesus Christ “Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and shun evil.”
      ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭3‬:‭7‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • Eduardo Espinoza
      Eduardo Espinoza 10 days ago

      You can put a diesel heater:)

    • Morgan Beck
      Morgan Beck 21 day ago

      What is the fuel economy like in this van?

    • Sasha fierce18
      Sasha fierce18 Month ago +1

      Omg this is absolutely adorable ❤️🩷💜

  • Lolamom S
    Lolamom S Month ago +1734

    Amber, you are totally adorable. I love your van and that you are having this adventure. I'm 75 yrs old today and wish I was healthy enough to travel around and live in a van. You go girl. It's wonderful to see you enjoying your life and doing things YOUR WAY. Hugs from a grandma in Pennsylvania.

    • Manda
      Manda 2 days ago

      It's not really her way, it's a massive trend on tiktok etc

    • Jackie Jeffries
      Jackie Jeffries 2 days ago +2

      And more hugs from 75 year old grandmom in Maryland who also wishes she could travel it’s something I did for many years. Due to health reasons can do a little traveling enjoy Amber and may only good winds blow your way😊

    • Kristi R
      Kristi R 3 days ago

      Happy belated Birthday!

    • katcry
      katcry 3 days ago

      It's never too late 😌

    • TasticTravels
      TasticTravels 6 days ago

      Happy late birthday! I love your comment!

  • Trixie Mattel
    Trixie Mattel 17 days ago +216

    So beautiful!

  • BigRobsVan
    BigRobsVan Month ago +559

    You and the entire van are simply adorable. Can't wait to see future camping videos!

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ 9 days ago

      Repent to Jesus Christ “Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and shun evil.”
      ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭3‬:‭7‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • sdnlawrence
      sdnlawrence Month ago +1

      Both are cute! She reminds me of a young Prunella Scales!

    • Xpuc01
      Xpuc01 Month ago

      Came here to say this. The cuteness of everything and everyone in the vid is off the scale

    • Curtis Loftis
      Curtis Loftis Month ago +5

      Agreed...and interesting too

  • Janner Oz - Photography on a Budget

    Once a relatively common site, now unfortunately they're becoming slowly extinct. I'm glad this little un has a new keeper who'll look after her and cherish her. A lovely video, thank you for uploading.

    • Chris Boycott
      Chris Boycott 9 days ago

      @bronte1987 Grammar police... F O.

    • Mathilde71
      Mathilde71 Month ago +2

      All I wanted back in the day was a Bambi ❤

    • bronte1987
      bronte1987 Month ago +3

      Sight not site. 😏

    • Nancy Heneghan
      Nancy Heneghan Month ago +2

      Love this! Would love to find one here in the US!

  • David Struve
    David Struve Month ago +258

    That van is simply too cute for words! 😊Just goes to show you don't really need huge vans or buses to have a perfect little travel space for adventures! Especially if it's just one or two people. Seems like this adorable camper has everything you could want! I love the addition of LED light strips and the roof solar panel - shame you can't power everything off that system, but tiny size does have it's limitations after all, and it's not like you'll be going without the essentials as long as you plan journeys ahead of time to pick out the right camping spots!
    Can't wait to see what sorts of adventures you get up to in this cutie! 😁

    • J.C —
      J.C — 27 days ago

      This comment is so wholesome and I totally agree

    • Lin
      Lin Month ago +3

      I have a Beautiful little Bambi too. Enjoy. Look forward to seeing your adventures

  • Spideera Rants
    Spideera Rants Month ago +177

    I'm an avid van conversion viewer but OMG this is the cutest van, video and owner of the van I've seen in like years!! This whole set up is so adorable! I've never seen a van fit the personality of the owner as well as this one does! Great job! It should be fun following your adventures. Looking forward to seeing more. :)

  • PB200559
    PB200559 Month ago +162

    You and the van were made for each other. Love your enthusiasm. Hope you have many happy adventures in it.

    NOODLES Month ago +66

    It's always awesome to see young people keeping these unique little classics on the road. Such a pretty little camper

  • Paul B
    Paul B Month ago +61

    Adorable, These vans are as you say quite rare now, I used to work and assemble these trucks when they were in production, ( a good chance I welded this chassis together in the Luton Plant) Good solid chassis, and also were available as a flat bed version. Enjoy her and long may she continue.

    • Patrick F. Dolan
      Patrick F. Dolan 6 days ago

      Stop fibbing

    • Paul B
      Paul B Month ago +3

      @Debrajoy Ah, I no longer work in that industry, but if she can find a good mechanic, the vehicle both mechanically and structurally should survive with some tlc.

    • Debrajoy
      Debrajoy Month ago +1

      So you could totally work on her van! 💕

  • Geoffrey Carter
    Geoffrey Carter Month ago +112

    Love the van and your presentation. Just a thought.....instead of a window up in the "kids bedroom" (which could be a source of leakage in the future) you could put a mirror in its place. Would give the impression of more space and probably light as well. Good luck with your project, love it.

    • Debrajoy
      Debrajoy Month ago +3

      Now that's an awesome idea! 💕 Now I know to put that long mirror I have in my back window which is covered with window covering! Thank you!

    • Amberbamber
      Amberbamber  Month ago +25

      Love this idea!!

  • Simon S
    Simon S Month ago +76

    This is one hell of a cute little home on wheels. So cozy. Love it

  • Adventures with Bettie Bambi

    Your van is adorable! (And in WAY better condition than mine!). So funny, I have very similar stars-and-moons curtains between the cab and the back and the same colour throws on my cushions at the moment! Love what you've done in the inside it looks fab. Hope you have many wonderful adventures this year and can't wait to see your next vid

    • Archie Diggins
      Archie Diggins Month ago +3

      Hey Bettie Bambi, When are you going to be back on the road? Have missed your vlogs.

  • ZombicidalMadMom81
    ZombicidalMadMom81 Month ago +57

    OH. MY. GODS. This is THE cutest van I've ever seen!!! I have an obsession with miniature things, which is what got me into tiny living, and I've seen tons of totally adorable tiny homes/skoolies/vans but seriously this has got to be the cutest! It could also be because purple is my favorite color, my hair is even purple lol

    • Manda
      Manda 2 days ago

      Bless His holy name

    • Debrajoy
      Debrajoy Month ago

      I so totally agree with you! Except for the favorite color, mine is baby pink! But purple is in that same family 😂💕

  • Patricia Tusay
    Patricia Tusay Month ago +22

    Adorable and has a lot of potentials. More storage available in that baby room lol. Also you just need one side of the couches and the other you can create toilet and shower area quite easily and storage. It is cute in its original form but can be an incredible modern build! Good luck!

  • Peter
    Peter Month ago +12

    What a fabulous little camper! Everything you need in a tiny package! Great video thanks for posting.

  • Tara Naughton
    Tara Naughton Month ago +5

    Congratulations on the new van! I am looking forward to seeing where it takes you! One bit of advice I have is to camp as much as possible in it before you make any changes, everyone's camping style is different and it's good to figure out what your priorities are. If you are nervous starting out stay in campsites until you feel comfortable even if your longterm plan would be to wild camp.

    • Debrajoy
      Debrajoy Month ago +1

      This is excellent advice! And don't take a whole bunch of stuff because then you'll just be getting rid of it! 💕

  • Melissa Arellano
    Melissa Arellano Month ago +6

    I'm so glad to have stumbled across your video,it really made my day to see your adorable little camper and how happy you are with it, thanks for sharing with us all! 🌼🌸

  • Jayne Read
    Jayne Read Month ago +9

    What an adorable van, you're going to have so much fun! 🙂

  • Sherry Hooker
    Sherry Hooker Month ago +13

    The van fits your personality, perfectly. You’re both adorable. Safe journeys.

  • Neal Fricker
    Neal Fricker Month ago +6

    That was a great little video, your van is cool and looks great! Often the older vehicles are better, they're much simpler, no expensive and temperamental electronics to go wrong and cost you a fortune to fix! Look forward to watching your future adventures 🙂

  • Jethro
    Jethro Month ago +7

    I'm usually not attracted to small vehicles but I'm absolutely in love with your micro camper van. It's awesome and I appreciate you explaining everything. Thanks and look forward to seeing 👀 more.

  • Christina Navarre
    Christina Navarre Month ago +13

    What an adorable home. Quite proper I'd say. Bambi &Thumper pillow was very appropriate

  • Husky Mama
    Husky Mama Month ago +3

    You and the van are both adorable! I mean that in a very complimentary way -- your excitement and love for your van just bubbled through the screen, made me smile. Please do post updates!

  • Liberty4Ever
    Liberty4Ever Month ago +13

    Cute little micro camper van. I lived in a 1968 VW van one semester in college. Your Bambi might be good cheap student housing. :-) I recently got a 1996 4WD Hijet mini truck. Mostly I want to use it as a mini truck to haul stuff and as a simple and fuel efficient vehicle for trips around town, but I've been getting a crazy notion to build a drop in camper box for the zombie apocalypse. It'd be a great little micro overland vehicle.

  • Rafael Rodriguez
    Rafael Rodriguez Month ago +4

    The van is the cutest and so is the owner! Absolutely lovely 😍

  • Lili J
    Lili J 10 days ago +1

    Not having the top window is likely why the box is in such good shape- those windows tend to leak and cause rot. Your van is adorable!

  • Patti Burton
    Patti Burton 10 days ago +2

    Looks like such a cozy space for tooling around town or a weekend trip. Can’t wait to see all the new items you add to the van. You seems like great fun! Enjoy your adventures!!

  • MomokaStrae
    MomokaStrae 3 days ago

    Your enthusiasm is inspiring! You and your van are twins: both of you are adorable and unique. Hugs from Virginia, USA.

  • Calico Critters Crafts

    I would totally watch a series of you just making this van all yours!

  • jade leth
    jade leth 25 days ago +3

    Aww your van is so cute! I was thinking of getting one myself until you mentioned the headroom.. with both of us being 5'10" that would definitely not work for me and my husband. Doh!
    I've never seen your channel before but I hope to come back and see what fun adventures you are having with your van and what improvements you make :)

  • LauraBidingCitizen
    LauraBidingCitizen Month ago +3

    Awww! I was born in 86’ & I remember seeing a few of the Bambi’s bobbing around through the 90’s, we even had someone local who owned one, painted in bright colours, I think I nicknamed it the scooby mobile! 😂
    I remember when vehicles didn’t even have seatbelts! It’s so nostalgic to see a vehicle with wind down windows etc. I almost miss the simplicity of older vehicles, but I’ve got an old head on young shoulders & often miss times gone by.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this video, I know you’ll have so many little adventures in this to last a lifetime! I’ve subscribed to see said adventures 😁 all the best! x

  • Teallie
    Teallie 8 days ago +1

    I appreciate how your outfit matches the decor 🥲
    Never knew these little vans existed!

  • Susan Burns
    Susan Burns Month ago +4

    This is brilliant 👍 and so well organised as well! And a brilliant year in the 80,s 🥰. You must have a great time and envy you young lady 💕 and so wish you all the very best on the journeys your sure to take. And you're braver and more capable than I would've been when younger 🤭👵🇭🇲

  • Elvia Ortiz
    Elvia Ortiz 18 days ago +2

    This was so lovely! I love how much character this van has! Safe travels!

  • Andrea Ewert
    Andrea Ewert Month ago +3

    Such a cute little camper van! Looking forward to watching your renovation videos and camping in it!! 💖

  • Paul Thompson
    Paul Thompson Month ago +2

    So glad you’re enjoying the Bambi, and that her adventures are continuing! 😊

  • Jacques Tamlyn
    Jacques Tamlyn Month ago +7

    A great little Bedford, love the camper it’s the perfect size for traveling.

  • Oliver Robinson
    Oliver Robinson Month ago +13

    Hi Amber, Clip-Share sent me to your channel by some odd algorithm!
    Please do more camping adventures; your enthusiasm is great!

  • TopChelsea Girl
    TopChelsea Girl Month ago +1

    OMG this is so cute. Many years ago my work colleague said one morning that she had dreamt about me driving a car/really small camper van - maybe I should get one of these lol. I remember the days of manual choke (if ever it doesn't want to stay out, what everyone used to do is pull it out and clamp a clothes line peg around the shaft and that keeps it out) More videos please!

    • TopChelsea Girl
      TopChelsea Girl Month ago

      Also to make the back lighter you could recover the seat cushions in a lighter coloured fabric (it could still be lilac to keep the colour theme going, just a lighter shade. Also if you changed the curtains to a lighter colour, might need to have blackout lining, that would make a big difference, you could still have ones with stars on them.

  • Kiki Ariel
    Kiki Ariel Month ago +3

    Aww love it! So cute and you've made it so cosy :) hope you have lots of fun adventures in it!

  • Linda Marie
    Linda Marie Month ago +2

    Love the decor, especially the stars! It looks so cozy! The whole van is adorable!

  • Carenza
    Carenza Month ago +8

    I saw one of these yesterday down by the local beach, but it was uh, a bit different lol. The guy was telling me his son used it as an engineering project for university, completely rebuilt the engine, removed the whole back 'box' down to the bare frame and rebuilt it. It now all unfolds electrically with a raising roof and expanding sides. It was quite something! It's bright yellow and black as well and called Bumblebee as it transforms. Your original is super cute, so much space in the back for such a tiny vehicle! I love it, can't wait to see what you do with it and how you make it yours! Have fun with it, it's really looking good for the age!

  • Labradoodle Tofu Boy
    Labradoodle Tofu Boy Month ago +5

    Soooo cute. They need to bring this precious treasure back !!!!

  • Catalina Island
    Catalina Island 25 days ago +2

    I love how traditional - yet aesthetic the van is ! ✨

  • Angel MacCarthy
    Angel MacCarthy Month ago +3

    That van is so tiny and so cute!!!
    Love the conversion!

  • Ellis ✨
    Ellis ✨ 16 days ago +1

    What a delightful tour of a delightful vehicle! It’s clear how excited you are about this cute little van. I hope you have tons of adventures :)

  • keeponpainting
    keeponpainting Month ago +5

    I have an old 1992 hiace, it's very basic like yours, the best thing is that there's a lot less to go wrong :) . Your van has everything you need. ❤

  • ricus serfontein
    ricus serfontein Month ago +3

    Adorable. I would happily cruise and camp in that.

  • The Repairer
    The Repairer Month ago +13

    I’ve often wondered what’s inside these cute mini motor homes thanks for the tour.

  • Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith 18 days ago +1

    What a really sweet young lady ! Great to see young people being original & following their own paths in life !

  • J Murry
    J Murry Month ago +4

    Darling lady. Just as cute as she can be. Full of life

  • Just Someone
    Just Someone Month ago +2

    Very cute Camper Van! I am 23 and just bought a camper van as well. I think it is great to travel at a young age and have a small home, we can do whatever with (no renting barriers haha)

  • Chloe S
    Chloe S 13 days ago +1

    This is the cutest little van!! I literally love the shape of it. And the interior is adorable! I especially adore the moon and stars pattern throughout. ✨️

  • markpirateuk
    markpirateuk Month ago +6

    I had a Bambi for 12 years, great little thing, had many good holidays in her, but watch out for roof leaks, a common problem with these, mine needed the roof to be removed & re-sealed, not a trivial job!

  • Karis Iverson
    Karis Iverson 17 days ago

    To cute!! I love it! I am one day hoping to have adventures in a little travel trailer also! Can't wait to see your adventures have fun!!

  • LovingAtlanta
    LovingAtlanta Month ago +2

    👍🤩💝OMG I love it. You and your little camper are so adorable. It’s so awesome that you found it and it’s being recycled / reused with you on your life’s journey instead of sitting in a junkyard, waste field/dump/pile or backyard somewhere. It’s interesting how vans today are pretty much designed the same way in the back sleeping/living area. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you the absolute best. 💝

  • Kaylee Wilson
    Kaylee Wilson 23 days ago +1

    You're so magnetic and fun. Your van is so unique, it really suits you. I was feeling pretty sluggish and you really picked up my mood. I hope you get to do all of your upgrades that you mentioned very soon.

  • Simon H
    Simon H Month ago +2

    That was a great find being in such good condition, and with the star decor, you were meant to be together! Re. a toilet if you were going to go camping a lot, I'd recommend putting a chemical cassette toilet in (Thetford Portapotti), they're only about 60 quid and trust me you get zero nasty smells from them due to the chemicals. Just a bit of a pain to empty. I hope you've checked the rubber tubing and connections to the gas cooker and replaced it if neccessary.

    MADBULL Month ago +3

    So cute project ! Have safe trips and camps with it !!

  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson Month ago +5

    I think we’re all looking forward to seeing how you go about making your Bambi truly your style.

  • lam
    lam Month ago +1

    this is very cute! i do worry about safety with the manual locks and being very recognizable. it may be in good interest to install some remote locks for emergencies. If you travel alone make sure you have panic buttons too.
    As someone who lives in a city neighborhood full of trucks and vans i wish microvans were more of a commonplace, not fun to see a full sized one taking up 2 spots in front of your house lol. i did see a tiny wv van once and was impressed by the size of the vehicle while taking up so little roadspace.

  • ColorMeMag
    ColorMeMag 20 days ago +1

    Your van is so cute! I too have manual windows and the youngsters were amazed the first time they saw them. 🤣

  • J T
    J T Month ago +2

    lovely little Bedford. I've always loved Bedfords and was going to buy one once, but it had too much damage. Your Bambi is so cute!!

  • NanaBananaInAVana
    NanaBananaInAVana Month ago +1

    What a magnificent little camper van! I think you’ve now introduced me to my DREAM vehicle! I had never heard of one before. What a perfect size! 🎉

  • Samantha James
    Samantha James Month ago +4

    Bambi's are so cool. I wish they were still sold today. I'd love one.

    • Samantha James
      Samantha James Month ago +2

      Watched the video right through now. Love it. Love your presentation too. Looking forward to following you on your future adventures.

  • Sonia Vanous
    Sonia Vanous Month ago +3

    Your van is so so cute! Enjoy your time in it !!

  • Crystal Rusmisel
    Crystal Rusmisel Month ago +1

    It’s adorable and so many things you can do with it!

  • Mrs. Bee
    Mrs. Bee 21 day ago +2

    This is so cute!!! Thanks for sharing this with us! 🤍👍🏻

  • LottaTroublemaker
    LottaTroublemaker Month ago +1

    I just LOOOOVE your camper van! When I grew up, in the early 70’s, we had what must be this van’s caravan cousin, it basically looks like it has the identical interior, only ours was a trailer/caravan. This one is just even cooler! I also love the space for a mini portable toilet. I’ve seen they now have small ones that comes with bags, so when you’ve done your business, you seal it up, then when you csn, you dispose of the bags. Seems very practical. I’ve seen other great solutions too, like small incinerator toilets or whatever they are called in English. Having a toilet makes the camper a lot more usable and gives you added freedom as to where you can camp… Bet you’ll get a lot of fun with this camper! 🤗💓

  • Eva van Woensel
    Eva van Woensel 27 days ago +1

    I am IN LOVE, in love with the van, in love with your adorable personality. I can't wait for those adventuring video's and see your van change with you 😄

  • Hailey Clement
    Hailey Clement 18 days ago +1

    This camper makes me think of the ones in animal crossing pocket camp. It’s so cute!!

  • Fix3r J0e
    Fix3r J0e Month ago +4

    Both you and that van are absolutely adorable.

  • Hilvert Scheper
    Hilvert Scheper Month ago +2

    Great video, and the van should be really happy with its new owner!! Your van is instantly recognisable, Hope to meet you on a nice campsite some time in the future!!

    ASMRA Month ago

    Hi Amber, thank you for sharing your adventure with us! I'm praying for your safety and and memory making! Love, a gal from Mpls, MN

  • Jennifer Newman
    Jennifer Newman Month ago +1

    Love to know more about your adventure with the Van it's too cute, and looks so much fun. So excited for you. 🤔😁💜🦄

  • NOVA
    NOVA 20 days ago +1

    Not always into these but this was quite awesome and a cool van,especially that musician who picked star themed for the inside ❤

  • Nia Nia
    Nia Nia 4 days ago +1

    Cute! Would love to be able to do that but unfortunately health and old age made it impossible for me. So, thank you for taking us along on your future travels.

  • KaileyAnnaLee
    KaileyAnnaLee Month ago +4

    This is the cutest little van I've ever did seen 😭💕🌈

  • mccallum
    mccallum Month ago +2

    Definitely do more videos would love to see camping in it when you’re done with the Reno’s!!! I also think a composting toilet would be good for in a pinch if you don’t need that storage space!

  • Angie De
    Angie De Month ago

    This is a lovely introduction to you and your van. I am now subscribed! I am subscribed to many van-lifers, I find it incredibly relaxing of an evening watching lovely people having wonderful times in their vans - they bring such freedom with the comforts of home. The Bedford van is incredibly cute and such a great design inside, extremely roomy and versatile for its size. I wish you many, many fun filled and exciting adventures & I really look forward to watching more of your videos in the van. Best Wishes xx

  • Mercmad
    Mercmad Month ago

    I've never seen a camper version of those, but we had a fleet of them in van form at one time for our bakery business. They are very reliable and I found the engines really easy to work on. Keep it serviced more often that the factory recommended intervals and it will reward you with lots of smiles per miles. Incidentally a friend of mine holds a land speed record with the same engine in a Suzuki hatch. 129 MPH.....

  • A.J. Fisher
    A.J. Fisher 21 day ago

    How cute! I'm not even sure how this was suggested but I loved watching it. I'd never heard of the Bedford Bambi. They're adorable!

  • Jan Lint
    Jan Lint Month ago +1

    That van is adorable! I’ve never heard of it before. I’d love 💕 to see what you do to it. Thanks for posting. I’m subscribing.

  • A Miles
    A Miles Month ago +5

    I've always wanted a Bedford rascal, so I love this! You should start "Bedfest" where we can all camp out in our Bedford campers haha

  • Denise Kenney
    Denise Kenney Month ago +2

    Anxious to see what you do this little RV and May I say you’re both adorable 😊

  • Essentially You Holistics

    You are literally the cutest. I always wanted a bigger campervan but this is just adorable. I’m only 5ft so plenty of headroom 🙈

  • iLya
    iLya Month ago +1

    I wish I could find a mini camper like this in the US, there's never anything this small😭

  • Bernii Morrall
    Bernii Morrall Month ago +1

    So darn cute!😊. I bet all those stars glowing at night is marvelous. A petite camper for a for acute person.. A learning curb sounds like your got it.. a simple camper with less to breakdown.

  • 88.Bailey
    88.Bailey 14 days ago +1

    you are absolutely adorable! i’m glad you are living your best life 🎉

  • Nikki Elmore
    Nikki Elmore Month ago +5

    Lovely video and van. I wish they still made them like this. All the best x

  • FS. Rain
    FS. Rain Month ago +1

    Your van is soooooo cute! Pls share more videos on your refresh or redecoration of your van!

  • sassy class
    sassy class Month ago +2

    That is the cutest van ever!!!! So tiny but very spacious!! Incredible video! And you are adorable!!!

  • Gail Kellum
    Gail Kellum Month ago +1

    Loved your cute little van and your cute giggles! I laughed out loud. Safe travels !

  • Allena Weber
    Allena Weber Month ago +2

    That's so adorable!I love the flowers and the stars decorations.

  • sha wing
    sha wing Month ago

    Great little camper and rather unique now given the age!
    Like all your little touches and ideas for extra modifications too.
    If it were me I'd probably looks at adding a leisure battery with a split charge relay so you could use lights without worry about draining the starter battery.
    Hope you get out in her soon for some camping! still kinda chilly but if you got a decent sleeping bag you'd be fine, plus if you keep it sorta local and it sucks after a few hours it's nice and easy to just head home 😊
    Keep on keeping on! 👍

  • flawed1
    flawed1 Month ago +40

    I’m from the states. I had no idea these even existed. It’s awesome, and knowing that you have one of the few makes it even cooler.
    I kind of feel like an old man though. I was alive when your van was made. I wasn’t very old, but I was alive 🤣

    • Elizabeth Grinningson
      Elizabeth Grinningson Month ago

      This van is my age))

    • Nellie Hagen
      Nellie Hagen Month ago +4

      Oh geez I feel really old lol 😆 I was already married and had 2 kid’s and 1 on the way.All you guy’s are youngen’s.

    • Kerly Gerl
      Kerly Gerl Month ago +3

      Ha! I was two years away from graduating high school. 😂

    • CBAmakingAusername
      CBAmakingAusername Month ago +2

      Me too😁

    • Amberbamber
      Amberbamber  Month ago +9

      Aw haha. I wasn’t even born for another 13 years after this van was made 😂

  • small footprint
    small footprint Month ago +1

    Great van. Yes, it would be fun to see you do the improvements. Enjoy your new digs.

  • Lori
    Lori Month ago +1

    Your van is super nice and cozy! Cant wait for your camping adventures!

  • Sinejorine
    Sinejorine Month ago

    What an adorable little van!