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KEMPER Artist Talk - LA session guitarist Rod Castro

  • Published on Feb 1, 2020 veröffentlicht
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    We talked to LA session ace Rod Castro about his use of the PROFILER and which artists he is working with right now.
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  • Mookytc
    Mookytc 2 years ago +1

    Curious about live playing into the Marshall cab. Using traditional guitar speakers (or FRFR's) in that set up?

    • Geoff Cone
      Geoff Cone Year ago

      @Kcussrebutuemos Hey Mike - I think using the FRFR is better for any modeling amp like the Kemper. It gives you what was profiled exactly. Of course this can be tweaked. I use alot of profiles from Top Jimi and they sound amazing. you can still add those effects, distortions to the Kemper to give it more color. When I turn down my guitar volume using the profiles I got they clean up just like a real amp. Its really amazing! If you are using a reg guitar cab you may need to adjust the Cabinet sense or space sense settings and see how they sound. With the Top Jimi profiles I have that off because of the way he profiled the amps

    • Kcussrebutuemos
      Kcussrebutuemos Year ago

      @Geoff Cone do you think it sounds better than a regular guitar cabinet or you just haven’t tried it? I hate to spend anymore money on these things. My favorites are still a great tube amps and a pedal. Distortion, overdrive or fuzz. Sometimes a compressor for funk. No pedalboard just a great amp. And it took forever to work my way up to it. The Kemper and modelers on their own seem to need help with as I said a real pedal. If you turn them down they don’t feel it sound like a tube amp. It gets a weird sound and I’m using great profiles.

    • Geoff Cone
      Geoff Cone Year ago +1

      I've been using a HeadRush FRFR and holy smokes! It makes the tone from the kemper so much better! So big and when in the mix sounds great. I used to use George Lynch GenzBenz 2x12 cabs but the FRFR really gives you the sound from the amp

    • Kcussrebutuemos
      Kcussrebutuemos Year ago

      @Julien dr agree. I use a 1x12 real guitar cabinet with a GH-75 speaker sounds fine. I do use a real pedal with the Kemper though.

    • Rod Castro
      Rod Castro 2 years ago +2

      That cab was a rental in Brazil just for Rock In Rio. It sounded great but I think it was just for stage volume and for the look. Had DI going into the house and we were on in-ears. The rest of the tour was just a profiler head on a rack behind the stage.

  • David Andrade
    David Andrade Year ago


  • Colin J Williams
    Colin J Williams 2 years ago

    What profiles does Rod use?
    Did he say Syncrofuzz ??

    • Kcussrebutuemos
      Kcussrebutuemos Year ago

      @TheMusketeer did you
      hear when he said he uses clean profiles and real pedals? Yea that’s what I do to get the feel and sound I prefer. Same with helix.

    • TheMusketeer
      TheMusketeer Year ago

      @Rod Castro Cool! I just got a kempee, as i need it for this band i joined, and i am trying to find my own sound and there are a great deal of amazing tones. I'm wondering tho, what do you listen through when dialing in your tone? Headphones, pa or cab🤔 every single sound sounds amazing in my headphones, but it gets a bit more dull when playing through some speakers.. ideally i would have the kemper kone, but they're cab is only 1x12 and unpowered going for 550 bucks in my country..

    • Rod Castro
      Rod Castro 2 years ago +3

      I use MBritt’s “Bangor” profile. I believe he profiled a Naylor Amp. I use the lowest gain stage profile of that set and I tweaked it a bit and use it as a clean platform. My drive pedals do all the work.

    • marzzz
      marzzz 2 years ago

      He mentioned the Michael Britt profiles; they seem to be readily available in the Rig Packs in Rig Manager?