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The Boys Season 2 - Official Trailer | Amazon Prime Video

  • Published on Aug 3, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Get ready for another round of taking Supes down! Season 2 is coming in hot, mates… are you ready?
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    About The Boys:
    The Boys is an irreverent take on what happens when superheroes, who are as popular as celebrities, as influential as politicians and as revered as Gods, abuse their superpowers rather than use them for good. It's the powerless against the super powerful as The Boys embark on a heroic quest to expose the truth about "The Seven", and their formidable Vought backing.
    About Season 2:
    In a more intense, more desperate Season 2 of THE BOYS, Butcher, Hughie and the team reel from their losses in Season 1. On the run from the law, they struggle to fight back against the Superheroes. As Vought, the company that manages the heroes, cashes in on the panic over the threat of Supervillains, and a new hero, Stormfront, shakes up the company and challenges an already unstable Homelander.
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    The Boys Season 2 - Official Trailer | Amazon Prime Video
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Comments • 8 101

  • Jes Fernandes
    Jes Fernandes Year ago +1616

    Am I the only one who watches the entire season first and then the trailers ?😐

    • Mato2188
      Mato2188 23 hours ago

      We are in the same boat

    • rupal suthar
      rupal suthar Month ago +1


    • RISKYZ
      RISKYZ Month ago +1

      No I am also

    • ij ONI
      ij ONI Month ago +2

      Weirdos Ill never do that.

    • Mikki O
      Mikki O 8 months ago +1

      Same with me bro

  • MFWAI- Asif☑️
    MFWAI- Asif☑️ Year ago +3361

    Homelander's wife gets pregnant
    Doctor : congratulations sir
    Homelander : no no it's not me, it's you, you guys are the real heroes

  • Vipin Deshmukh
    Vipin Deshmukh Year ago +2632

    Everyone talking about Homelander but to be honest Butcher is kinda impressive

    • MaxineBabas
      MaxineBabas 6 months ago

      impressive how?

    • Sloul Des Tucs
      Sloul Des Tucs 7 months ago

      @Sonit so you're saying having a motive makes you no evil? So serial killers are no evil? You very sure he didn't have a motive to kill shapeshifter? hurr durr.

    • Akash Sarkar
      Akash Sarkar 8 months ago

      That angry smile makes that he know every single move

    • Mikki O
      Mikki O 8 months ago

      Also funny with his accent and the ways he talk

    • Mikki O
      Mikki O 8 months ago

      Very impressive

  • Orange Sheep
    Orange Sheep Year ago +2137

    "We got lucky with Superman. He shared our values. The next Superman might not"
    - Amanda Waller

    • Knaby 142
      Knaby 142 2 months ago +1

      @Aarav Kumarwhat about man of steel and Snyder cut joker James Gunn suicide sq had and peacemaker

    • Muhammed Razeen Gabru
      Muhammed Razeen Gabru 7 months ago

      Sure but Amanda waller, Atleast the comic version had no values all she was good at was covering up the government's dirty secrets, that's shown properly in the new suicide squad movie

    • Sam Gomez
      Sam Gomez 11 months ago

      @Siddharth Anbarasan Not at all, this show is much darker, as well as actually competent and well made

    • Saitama
      Saitama Year ago

      @Aarav Kumar snyder cut is amazing, if you disagree i punch you

      LUKE OUTCOLD Year ago +5

      @Shriyansh Pandey Snyder’s cut was great

  • Jonny Beddow
    Jonny Beddow Year ago +814

    Crazy how until now we have never seen an actually realistic depiction on screen of what a world with superpowers would truly look like...

    • For Hax
      For Hax 2 days ago

      I mean My Hero Academia, although animated, did a brilliant job

    • Zhik Ose
      Zhik Ose Month ago

      Man of steel, BvS..

    • Slayrix
      Slayrix 2 months ago

      Check out invincible if you wanna see real life depictions of what it would be like if super heroes were real, there is lots of gore in it as well

    • Jubin C
      Jubin C Year ago

      @BHowardify yeah they lightly touched because it was still superhero movie

    • Jubin C
      Jubin C Year ago

      Batman V Superman literally did that

  • Zhong Xina
    Zhong Xina Year ago +2032

    I can't drink milk the same way again...

    • Bhavdeep Singh
      Bhavdeep Singh 9 months ago +1

      Yea bro Homelander just drank MM

    • Nostalgic memories
      Nostalgic memories Year ago +2

      people with breast milk fetish are offended

    • David Hickling
      David Hickling Year ago +6

      @Rushikesh Chavan I had a stroke trying to read your comment!

    • Washy. ke
      Washy. ke Year ago

      😂😂Only true fans of this movie will understand your joke

    • Cole
      Cole Year ago

      @Mehdi Nid lmao🤢🥴

  • CloisForever29
    CloisForever29 Year ago +1422

    Frenchie is my favorite character on the show.

  • Victor D'lonsod
    Victor D'lonsod Year ago +1664

    i literally just finished season 1 minutes ago, boy am i excited

  • Dew It
    Dew It Year ago +6187

    Everyone: You can't possibly have a more perfect casting than RDJ as Iron Man.
    Hugh Jackman: Am I a joke to you?
    Homelander: Hold my breast milk

    • For Hax
      For Hax 2 days ago +2

      Chris evans as Cap? How is this not mentioned.

    • Toby Rosewell
      Toby Rosewell 19 days ago +1

      Henry Cavill as the witcher

    • Zhik Ose
      Zhik Ose Month ago

      Most of the Dceu is perfect casting, MOST i said..

    • Yunidh Kumar
      Yunidh Kumar 11 months ago +1

      @IrisDoesEverything 101 nah Tobey is better

    • Amit Sahgal
      Amit Sahgal Year ago

      U got me 🤤😅😅😅😳

  • Bishant Pokharel
    Bishant Pokharel Year ago +102

    Homelander is great but THE BUTCHER IS DIABOLICAL. Best character of the series.

  • Vitor Frota
    Vitor Frota Year ago +124

    Hughie: "We can't just kill everyone"
    Butcher: "That's exactly what we're gonna do"
    This show is so epic. Butcher is a freaking legend.

    • Apex
      Apex Year ago


  • jatin raj
    jatin raj Year ago +161

    Can we give the casting director of homelander a freaking award please.

  • ಠಿ_ಠ
    ಠಿ_ಠ Year ago +19

    Honestly Hughie gasping and being surprised when people are murdered or blood covers him is the cutest and the funniest thing ever. 🤣

  • eltontrebajo
    eltontrebajo Year ago +6277

    This looks 10x more crazier than last season and that’s saying a lot

      SAAD KHAN Year ago

      Check out The boys Costume collection only at www.marveljacket.com/

    • Tony Stark
      Tony Stark Year ago

      @SunOnShine pls stop MCU is for everyone and this show is just for more mature audiences I love this show for what it is

    • Kanad Niyogi
      Kanad Niyogi Year ago

      Season 2 is on a whole new level lads

    • Matias Morales Jara
      Matias Morales Jara Year ago +1

      *laughs in a maniac way
      I did things

    • Durga Prasad Panneeru
      Durga Prasad Panneeru Year ago

      True AF

  • Gopal Shankhdhar
    Gopal Shankhdhar Year ago +381

    Butcher is like a combination of Tyler durden and jack sparrow

  • Aditya Ojha
    Aditya Ojha Year ago +5

    The whole selection of cast is great. There acting skills made this series super great. Can't wait for next season.

  • Shush Bitchards
    Shush Bitchards Year ago +2

    I will always remember how excited I was when this trailer came out. We all hyped it up and season 2 actually delivered!

  • Sudeep J
    Sudeep J Year ago +480

    If I am going to be hanged today and someone asked me my death wish I will say that I will watch Boys season 2 on 4th Sep

    • Random Manny
      Random Manny Year ago


    • Sun Tzu
      Sun Tzu Year ago

      Bad choice!! your wish should be " i wish to live" and boom your free

    • Rester Tabernilla
      Rester Tabernilla Year ago

      Then you'll be dying sad because you're not gonna witness season 3

    • Levi Ackermann
      Levi Ackermann Year ago

      @sudeep j Bhai why are you everywhere 😂😂

    • Warrior of The Light
      Warrior of The Light Year ago

      @Aakash Sehrawat jashwa saswa lish hiwiwi neewi

  • Hunter
    Hunter Year ago +19346

    They couldn't have picked a better actor for homelander. He's terrifying

      THE MUSTACHE GAMER 2 months ago

      You know they could've also picked that actor who played Bryce Walker from 13 reasons why...he did an amazing job too

    • louis webtser
      louis webtser 2 months ago

      He’s the same as his character. He’s just got arrested in real life

    • Sumit Sinha
      Sumit Sinha 2 months ago

      @TomyMcCoidmy fav char buddy

    • Gagan Rai
      Gagan Rai 4 months ago

      If you really hating it means he is perfect for that act...

      ARJUN DAS Year ago

      He is the most underrated actor🙌

  • Noah Iellina
    Noah Iellina Year ago +111

    “We can’t just kill everyone”
    “That’s exactly what we’re gonna do”-Billy Butcher

  • Chinmay Naik
    Chinmay Naik Year ago +24

    I dont know if anyone thought about it or not but Karl Urban is the best actor for playing Wolverine after Hugh Jackman .
    I know anyone can't replace him but this is the best option after him.

  • SpaceMarine Doom
    SpaceMarine Doom Year ago +60

    Season 2 is amazing so far. Too bad they wont release the whole thing right away. I guess its best so i can savor the show and not watch the whole thing in one go lol

    • cheez-it man
      cheez-it man Year ago

      @1xtrarice [Chukas Roman] too bad I cant see the recent episode tonight. My free trial ran out

    • 1xtrarice [Chukas Roman]
      1xtrarice [Chukas Roman] Year ago

      I wouldn't be able to handle watching it in one go. College fuccs everything up!

    • cheez-it man
      cheez-it man Year ago

      @Omry G the boys is an amazon original so it wouldnt be on any other streaming service. I have 1 week of free trial left so I can watch the next episode tommorow but that's it

    • Dominico Mucci
      Dominico Mucci Year ago

      You spelt savour wrong!

  • androssteague
    androssteague Year ago +1

    I've had this show on my watch later list on Amazon for about a year now. I watched the first episode and finished in three days and now I'm kicking myself for not having watched this show sooner. This show is amazing and I'm so hyped for season 2.

  • Freshy
    Freshy Year ago +5

    If you watched this and didn't watch season 1 and just had a huge plottwist spoiled in the first 10 seconds my heart goes out to you

  • Infaq khan
    Infaq khan 5 months ago +1

    I watched season 1 in a single go. And boy was it awesome but s2 looks even more insane. Gonna start watching right away.

  • Sagar Rao
    Sagar Rao Year ago +2

    We want season 3 fast 😍

    GUSSYMANE Year ago +1

    You know it's a good show when you get hyped after watching it

  • Jus-7
    Jus-7 Year ago +3930

    Was it just me or did Homelander just try to teach his kid to fly by tossing him off the roof?!
    LMAO 🤣 😂! Dude is psycho.

    • rupal suthar
      rupal suthar Month ago


    • Normie Peachey
      Normie Peachey Year ago +1

      @dan shire No, thankfully. She did try contacting me on social media last year but it's very obvious she has some sort of disorder. I honestly wished her all the best but declinded her offer to stay in touch.

    • dan shire
      dan shire Year ago +1

      @Normie Peachey hoping she not anywhere near u now ..

    • Martín González
      Martín González Year ago

      It’s called yeeting

  • Painx7
    Painx7 Year ago +3

    Crazy thing about the boys is season 1 is just as good as season 2.Usually in shows like Arrow and flash season 1 and 2 was the peak.But this show maintains the momentum

  • Ravi Rajyaguru
    Ravi Rajyaguru Year ago +41

    After seeing the Homelander, Thanos is now an angel to me - complete with a golden ring on his head, white wings, and a harp with 6 infinity stones embedded into it.

  • Михаил Вовденко

    After reading the comix:
    - How dare they turn Stormfront into instagirl?
    After watching this trailer:
    - Nice

    • Littlewhite Rabbit
      Littlewhite Rabbit Year ago

      I felt the same way at first but I like how they added demands to Stormfront still don’t like her but you get her and she is a human. Love Homelander and Bucher they are the point of the show

    • 1xtrarice [Chukas Roman]
      1xtrarice [Chukas Roman] Year ago +5

      Me: Wtf they made Stormfront a girl?
      Me, after watching episode 6: HOLY FCUK, THAT WAS SUPER EFFECTIVE!

    • Jay Esparza
      Jay Esparza Year ago

      Sive Mdlalose and $240 to complete the set

    • Jay Esparza
      Jay Esparza Year ago +1

      Juan M. Q the comic was finished in the early 90s

  • Andrew DeVerse
    Andrew DeVerse Year ago

    Love this show, such a great concept for a super hero show!!!

  • Luke Johnson
    Luke Johnson Year ago +2

    I love when sadists die most of all. You can have a horrible past life, but that can never excuse torturing and slaughtering droves of innocent people. The majority of superheroes may be superhuman, but they're not immortal.
    The Boys are coming for them all.

  • Larissa Camillo
    Larissa Camillo Year ago +10

    I just finished season 1 yesterday and I'M SO EXCITED for season 2

  • Vonn C.
    Vonn C. Year ago

    This show man. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen. You never know what’s about to happen even in the minor scenes I’m so tensed thinkin somethin bad is about to happen!!!

  • Adriano S.
    Adriano S. Year ago

    Prestes o último episódio a chegar e eu fui achar esse trailer somente agora. 😆😆😅
    Ele entregava muita coisa da temporada toda.

  • Spider-Flash
    Spider-Flash Year ago +3800

    Superman and Batman: *what humanity wants to be*
    Homelander and Black Noir: *what humanity typically is*

    • kiki jihan
      kiki jihan Year ago

      @Kasey Clark from what i Saw , they most definitely wont be going the comic route

      SAAD KHAN Year ago

      Check out The boys Costume collection only at www.marveljacket.com/

    • Harsh Jain
      Harsh Jain Year ago

      @Vinh Vo lmaoooo

    • Mithilesh S
      Mithilesh S Year ago


    • Tobi's PES World
      Tobi's PES World Year ago

      Black noir is a clone of homelander

  • Solegin 1
    Solegin 1 Year ago

    i just came to thank the boys cast for bein the best series i ever watch and enjoy for a long time

  • Leozin_mc💰
    Leozin_mc💰 Year ago

    Melhor série

  • Uncomfortable Cat
    Uncomfortable Cat Year ago +1

    I loved the ending. Good show.

  • Craniax
    Craniax Year ago +8

    Cant wait for episode 8 just seen episode 7. If you look at 1:57 in the trailer you see meave and stormfront fighting, which means kimiko and starlight will team up on stormfront too

  • HM4 Hill
    HM4 Hill Year ago +3900

    Hughie: We can't just kill everyone
    Kimiko: Not with that attitude

    • winwin's attorney
      winwin's attorney Year ago +1

      Asian women best

    • Blyoda
      Blyoda Year ago +1

      Kimiko can't speak.

    • Ecchi Kun
      Ecchi Kun Year ago +1

      SunOnShine Ngl but the guy who plays Butcher would b a good replacement for Wolverine! Who's with me?

    • Bernie Poncik
      Bernie Poncik Year ago +1

      * Of course we can do this! The only question is how many of you are gonna be there when it happens...

    THe REVIEW MASTER Year ago +1

    I became a fan of Karl urban after this web show ❤️❤️

  • roxana c
    roxana c Year ago

    what a cast! goodluck with this new season guys. you deserve it!

  • Jimmy DcRiKet
    Jimmy DcRiKet Year ago

    I just finished the first season and I am so ready for season 2

  • The Human
    The Human Year ago +258

    i literally want to see homelander killing stormfront.

    • R.P. McMurphy
      R.P. McMurphy Year ago

      Killing? Idk. Fucking? Sure.

    • Shocky
      Shocky Year ago

      well ryan killed her so close enough

    • Joseph Madder
      Joseph Madder Year ago

      @the earth cringe

    • the earth
      the earth Year ago +1

      Spoiler alert ,,,,His son killed her 🤣

  • goodcat1982
    goodcat1982 Year ago +1

    It really is one of the best programs ever made! I'm struggling to comprehend how good this really is !!!!

  • Saurabh
    Saurabh Year ago

    Woahh what a coincidence 😍 today I just finished boys season 1 and tomorrow season 2 is coming 😍😍 I'm tooo excited for it ❣️

  • Ducky MoMo
    Ducky MoMo Year ago

    We want the next season NOW. Don’t leave us hanging for a whole year.

  • Junaid Khan
    Junaid Khan Year ago

    I just finished season 1 and looking for season 2 trailer find out season 2 is out now today ❤️❤️

  • Shubham Kumar
    Shubham Kumar Year ago +2447

    This is the reason why Batman has plans for destroying Justice League.

    • Pump DaddyC
      Pump DaddyC Year ago

      Shubham Kumar Tech nite is Batman’s counter part in the bous

    • Ahmad Ali
      Ahmad Ali Year ago

      @Mihayan1 Y'all watch read something new that and start comparing it with the pioneers of superhero comics that has been going on before even your dad was born😂

    • Superwholockian Life
      Superwholockian Life Year ago

      Jared tech knight is more of the Batman. Don’t know if you read the comics or not but tech knight is a rich billionaire that has a suit made of iron and kind of uses a knight symbol. So it’s pretty much iron man and Batman together

    • skele boi
      skele boi Year ago

      Probably techknight

  • Chris Hudson
    Chris Hudson Year ago +1

    Epic season, loved it, anyone here after season 2 finale?

  • Bupe Mofya Longwani Kunda

    Since Translucent died, I think John Cena would be a perfect replacement

  • BASU
    BASU Year ago +1

    Karl urban as Butcher and cooper as a Homelander perfect cast and their actings 💯💯 💯

  • KeiandBoo
    KeiandBoo Year ago

    So far so good, liking the direction for current show. At episode 3, have to wait till October for the rest. Whale scene was perfect. Stay safe everyone.

  • SurferMan127
    SurferMan127 Year ago +2009

    In a show that has super “heroes” crushing people like ants, still nothing feels more badass than Billy the Butcher looking “all business” with an assault rifle lol. Karl Urban is the most underrated actor of his generation.

    • J E
      J E Year ago

      @Chris Roy "Dredd" was perfect because it set things up to be completely Episodic... meaning you need little to no plot from the first movie to make another film. you could easily make a "Dredd: Episode 2" and all you need is Karl Urban being Dredd and handling another insane incident in Mega-City One.

    • Alex G
      Alex G Year ago

      @Cult Boy Burt Angel, interesting

    • Claire Louise
      Claire Louise Year ago

      @Elliot Rathmell Genuinely thought he was supposed to be Australian and that everyone describing the 'british guy' was a joke about Americans mistaking english and Australian accents sometimes but then found out he was trying to be cockney. AKA doing his kiwi accent but saying the word 'oi' and 'bollocks' a lot.

    • Nathan
      Nathan Year ago

      There is no such thing as an assault rifle

  • Muhammed Razeen Gabru
    Muhammed Razeen Gabru 7 months ago +5

    This show is amazing, it's really a good interpretation of how "superheroes" would be in the real world, and people talked smack about batman having precautions in place for each justice league member incase they went bad

  • Sachin Choudhary
    Sachin Choudhary Year ago +3

    Waiting for Season 3

  • Tripple A
    Tripple A Year ago

    Homelander and Butcher both have the perfect cast in fact all of the cast is perfect for their roles

  • Mark Mata
    Mark Mata Year ago

    I hope some members of the 7 join The Boys. Can’t wait for the rest of the episodes!!!

  • Ducky MoMo
    Ducky MoMo Year ago +1392

    I hope we get more Kimiko. Maybe she’ll finally talk too.

    • Maniacal Michael
      Maniacal Michael Year ago +2

      @Ducky MoMo i know. Now we gotta wait another year. Im actually googling what can i smoke to get a 1 year coma

    • Ducky MoMo
      Ducky MoMo Year ago

      @Luis Paz i just finished the last episode. Dang!

    • Luis Paz
      Luis Paz Year ago +2

      She laughed

    • Chính Phan Minh
      Chính Phan Minh Year ago

      @Maniacal Michael she played Kantana in Suicide Squad 2016, u can figue it out

    • Tom Jon
      Tom Jon Year ago +1

      @Awekening Bro She does, actually. She utters one single sentence in the entire series :P

  • D623
    D623 Year ago +3

    Loved Anthony Starr in Banshee he’s perfect as Homelander

  • suraj bangari
    suraj bangari Year ago +316

    I hate homelander more than Thanos 😤😂😂

    • Rajatgamerspro
      Rajatgamerspro Year ago

      I hate Becca more than homelander

    • nivedh
      nivedh Year ago +1

      Thanos was quite likeable villian. At least in Infinity War. Endgame kinda ruined his motives.

    • afternoon vibes
      afternoon vibes Year ago

      tbh thanos could snap homelander like a twig.. homelander is probably 2 times weaker than superman

    • afternoon vibes
      afternoon vibes Year ago

      tbh thanos could snap homelander like a twig.. homelander is probably 2 times weaker than superman

  • Paul Lopez
    Paul Lopez Year ago

    The best amazon series, i love this serie , i hope it lasts a long time

  • Nikhil Chadha
    Nikhil Chadha Year ago +7

    Why is no one appreciating butcher man just killed it!!

  • Goof
    Goof Year ago +631

    This show literally has the perfect cast imaginable.

    • Jonathan Lund
      Jonathan Lund Year ago

      @18BIS015 BILAHARI ah, I could see that. He's a bit old now but not a bad choice.

    • 18BIS015 BILAHARI
      18BIS015 BILAHARI Year ago

      Jonathan Lund ik its karl urban. I am saying liev shreiber would also make a good billy butcher

    • Jonathan Lund
      Jonathan Lund Year ago

      @18BIS015 BILAHARI Liev Schreiber? That's Karl Urban.

    • 18BIS015 BILAHARI
      18BIS015 BILAHARI Year ago +3

      liev shreiber is also a good billy butcher

    • Adwiteeya Agarwal
      Adwiteeya Agarwal Year ago +11

      @Sven bruh this a comic book adaptation.

  • ActMyAge No way
    ActMyAge No way Year ago +1

    Just finished the first season now I'm here
    This is looking amazing

  • Tarun Raj Kumar
    Tarun Raj Kumar Year ago

    This series need more recognition

  • Irfan Osman
    Irfan Osman Year ago +107

    Why isn't anybody taking about Erin Moriarty and how cute she looks in this

  • Black K Star
    Black K Star Year ago +2

    season 2 is brilliant

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker Year ago

    The best TV show! Great job 👍👏👏👏

  • Topher Drew
    Topher Drew Year ago

    This show gives me goosebumps.

  • Srta. Carlota
    Srta. Carlota Year ago

    Just watched The Boys season 1 in 2 days, i gotta say this series is awesome

  • DreamForAll
    DreamForAll Year ago +3

    Okay coming back, I think that girl with the shaved head in the hospital was the one who killed Raynor. She had very similar powers

  • Fun and Party
    Fun and Party Year ago +1688

    Hughie: We just can't kill everyone
    Butcher: Yet... Because we need more for season 3...

    • Dream Scape
      Dream Scape Year ago +1

      This has given me hope for season 3

    • Wizard
      Wizard Year ago

      Susan Marble I know. Looking forward to both of them.

    • Susan Marble
      Susan Marble Year ago

      @Wizard season 3 we get Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Jensen Ackles. Both of which were on Supernatural for 15 seasons. Thanks to Mr. Eric Kripke and his diabolical mind :)))

    • Superwholockian Life
      Superwholockian Life Year ago +2

      And now Jensen Ackles... great job eric!!!

    • Harshvardhan Patil
      Harshvardhan Patil Year ago


  • Alexis D'souza
    Alexis D'souza Year ago

    Antony Starr deserves an Emmy.

  • iAb
    iAb Year ago +4

    Honestly butcher is my favourite in this show 🤩

  • arjun choudhary
    arjun choudhary 2 months ago +2

    Butcher and hugie are my favorites ,🔥

  • androssteague
    androssteague Year ago +2

    Antony Starr gives the perfect balance between sadism and charm playing Homelander.

  • Moevision
    Moevision Year ago +666

    Homelander teaching his kid how to fly by throwing him off the roof is some daddy goals right there!!

    • Kaps
      Kaps Year ago

      So basically he's being a bird dad or mom 🤣

    • Martin XY
      Martin XY Year ago +1

      Well, it's not that different how I learned how to swim
      Dad: *Drops me into the deep end* SWIM BOI, KICK THE WATER

    • Christian E. Y.
      Christian E. Y. Year ago +5

      Well, to be fair, I used to jump off the roof when I was that age. It wasn't high enough to hurt me (I did jump unto the grass, though. I bet concrete would be a different story). Also, poor homelander, he was a saint until Black Noir made him into a psychopath :(

    • ChaCha
      ChaCha Year ago +3

      Lol 😂😂😂

    • JON ALEX
      JON ALEX Year ago +15

      It good to have a father who doesn't put you on ground, but pushing forward be stronger .
      Some father like to put their son on ground 😔

  • Tech Info
    Tech Info Year ago

    I waiting for this over years. Finally season 2 is here

  • junn sahara
    junn sahara Year ago +1

    after watching untill episode 7, i find that this trailer is so good

  • Anil Kaushik
    Anil Kaushik Year ago

    This season is going to be a blast

  • Tanbir Nr
    Tanbir Nr Year ago +1

    This season will be full of action

  • Suman Semwal
    Suman Semwal Year ago +1136

    Director:- How many people are going to die this season.
    Writers:- Yes.

    • Dante Lipschits
      Dante Lipschits Year ago


    • Maniacal Michael
      Maniacal Michael Year ago +6

      how many lobsters are gonna lose their heads this season lol

    • L1ngy
      L1ngy Year ago +4

      How many sea creatures though?

    • Ziyad Tooles
      Ziyad Tooles Year ago +6

      Writers- “how Many will die” 😬 I think a more appropriate answer is that enough people will survive for a potential new season or 2

  • GoodluckGamer
    GoodluckGamer Year ago +1

    IF you haven't seen season 2 yet, watch it NOW. Imo trailers ruin movies/shows, but they did a pretty good job with this one. However.. jumping in without any trailer is farr better! You already now it's abouta be good, just watch it!

  • Nitesh Yamgar
    Nitesh Yamgar Year ago

    This trailer has so much detail I mean they shouldn't have to show that much just in trailer it could spoil the whole show. but I am freaking excited for this season 😁😁😁

  • Nahuel Maldonado - V
    Nahuel Maldonado - V Year ago +22

    how am I supposed to watch another superhero series if it's not like this

  • Haymant Singh
    Haymant Singh Year ago +1

    am i the only one who loves hughie? because he is the best positive and caring man out there.

  • Rabindra Singh
    Rabindra Singh Year ago +712

    Nobody, literally nobody can play Billy Butcher better than Karl Urban !

    • Manuel
      Manuel Year ago

      @Nem Nymeria i just thinking, butcher have a pretty similiar character with brat pitt role in every tarantino movies

    • Priyajeet Ghosh
      Priyajeet Ghosh Year ago

      @Chris Dee nope, it's just it suits the character of Billy Butcher so well. It's not only his accent it's that deep I don't how to describe but his voice it's just relaxed and determined you could say..

    • Chris Dee
      Chris Dee Year ago

      @Priyajeet Ghosh Is this a joke?

    • Chris Dee
      Chris Dee Year ago

      Apart from anybody.

    • Fenil Parekh
      Fenil Parekh Year ago

      @Pepito I wanna see Jason momoa as Wolverine

  • John
    John Year ago

    omg cant wait for this.I waited since last year and finally its here omg

  • Shradha Ray
    Shradha Ray Year ago

    Butcher and Homelander...The perfectly cast guys!

  • Sam Ellery
    Sam Ellery Year ago +45

    Noones going to notice after frenchie says “ofc we’re in” you can clearly see Becca behind kamiko

    • Armando Galindo
      Armando Galindo Year ago

      0:27 looks like homelander and men from vought. Probably becca escapes and they're searching for ger

    • köiZü
      köiZü Year ago

      And Kimiko is more like Himeko from Honkai impact .

    • Outskirts of Infinity
      Outskirts of Infinity Year ago

      @Hiago 22117 I know but I prefer The Female. Her name is a reference to Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “The Female of the Species.” The refrain of the poem is “For the Female of the Species is more deadly than the Male” and fits her character perfectly.

    • Donald Trump
      Donald Trump Year ago +2

      Bro! I'm hiring you for the C.I.A

    • Hiago 22117
      Hiago 22117 Year ago

      @Outskirts of Infinity but in the show she is Kimiko

  • Duhsaka DSOUL
    Duhsaka DSOUL Year ago

    these actors are good at acting and i love the name and their attitude like Mothers Milk is a tough name man and Butcher sound badass i love it and Kimiko Miyashiro / The Female i really love her a lot and starlight is already loved by many from Jessica Jones

  • Joshua Spencer
    Joshua Spencer Year ago +1722

    Hughie: We can't just kill everyone
    The Female: Shame

    • Joshua Spencer
      Joshua Spencer Year ago

      @izzy beatz no I just forgot her name was Kimiko and that it was even revealed

    • It's Kiya Whitaker
      It's Kiya Whitaker Year ago +1

      izzy beatz ok got it. It had been awhile since I’ve seen the show so I only remembered her as Kimiko for some reason. Thanks!

    • izzy beatz
      izzy beatz Year ago +1

      @It's Kiya Whitaker yeah it's kimiko, but just like Mother's Milk's real name is Marvin, it's just what they are known by. point being, OP wasn't just saying like the girl one, he was calling her by her moniker

    • It's Kiya Whitaker
      It's Kiya Whitaker Year ago +2

      Daniil Ilchenko huh? Lmao how does knowing her name make me simp? I do not care that the show is called “the boys.” I was simply confused

    • salaah khayr
      salaah khayr Year ago

      Imagine a movie named the boys with most females as superheroes lmao. Hollywood and feminists and simps literally in one movie.

  • Altamash Shams
    Altamash Shams Year ago

    This series is lit 🔥

  • Rajani Anil
    Rajani Anil Year ago

    I love this series bcoz they broked the sequel " superheroes are always heroes"

  • Damien CA
    Damien CA Year ago +9

    producers :" If we do a season 2 has to be 10x crazier"
    HBO people : "yes"
    me : "cannnoootttt waiiiit"

  • Erika Freeze
    Erika Freeze Year ago +1

    Did anyone notice that Maeve and Storm Front are fighting? In the scene with Maeve punching someone pause it and see who it is! Also, did you notice that Storm Front’a chest is burned when she asks Homelander to laser her? It looks like she might not be as invulnerable as I originally thought.

  • Mr. Tintin
    Mr. Tintin Year ago +2661

    Netflix: I have Stranger Things.
    Amazon: We have The Boys.

    • Mr. Gunk
      Mr. Gunk Year ago

      @Meme Clip Archives correct

    • Meme Clip Archives
      Meme Clip Archives Year ago

      @Mr. Gunk Yeah they are

    • Joaquin
      Joaquin Year ago

      Stranger things is bad compare to the boys. I thimk season 1 is great but the rest are just naah.

    • Kurdati
      Kurdati Year ago +1

      Netflix: We have Cuties
      Amazon: Ugh, that’s messed up

    • Anand Pandey
      Anand Pandey Year ago

      Tbh stranger things stand nowhere near the boys