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  • Published on May 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Zachary Levi chats about his journey towards self love and acceptance, finding the role that suits him so well in SHAZAM!, plus his favorite games and the superhero auditions that didn't pan out.
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    00:00 Introduction
    01:00 Staying sane on the press tour
    05:01 Being grateful
    07:27 Learning to love himself
    11:03 Criticism
    16:38 Starlord/Captain America auditions
    25:52 Joy on set
    28:20 Helen Mirren
    30:36 Wonder Woman cameo
    33:18 James Gunn
    36:13 Loving musicals and superheroes as a kid
    40:24 Favorite games
    43:18 The Last of Us

Comments • 64

  • Josh Horowitz
    Josh Horowitz  2 months ago +24

    Thanks for watching my chat with Zachary! Remember to subscribe to my channel so you don't miss any of my chats!

  • Rufaro Asuquo
    Rufaro Asuquo 2 months ago +6

    Zachary Levi is speaking honesty and from the heart.

  • Tinu Asha Joseph
    Tinu Asha Joseph 2 months ago +11

    Zac is so perfect for the role of Shazam and it's so refreshing to see such beautiful family oriented take on Superhero movies without going too dark.

  • Brianscli
    Brianscli 2 months ago +12

    I've got a few mins left in this interview but I just have to say I was very much surprised listening to Zach. I had heard him in a couple interviews before, but he seems so open and self aware in the most important ways, I feel like a lot of people could learn from the way he carries himself, and views the industry and his place within it. Hearing him talk about receiving criticism online, auditioning at different points in his life, learning and going through major transitional periods, all the while he seems very kind and personable. I do think he has the chops to be considered for a new role at DC Studios, but even if it doesn't happen, he seems very grateful for all the blessings and lessons he's had at this point. All considering the time, resources, and budget, I love the first Shazam, and although I've been busy working, 'm finally going to see fury of the gods in a couple hours

  • Anna
    Anna 2 months ago +32

    Zach is exactly the right person for Shazam, it's one of those things where you can't imagine anyone else in that role. I'm happy for him.

    • kenny
      kenny 2 months ago +1

      he's really energentic

    • Corey Farnham
      Corey Farnham 2 months ago

      Unfortunately it's been a bummer for him tho. I actually really loved both movies. Especially the sequel, however the masses don't agree ☹️

  • Libby Audrey
    Libby Audrey 25 days ago

    His memoir was great and introspective. I appreciate that he’s not the stereotypical celebrity/Hollywood star. He’s done the work and continues to do the work to improve himself and love himself. I admire and adore him. Great interview, Josh!! Appreciate that you have a variety of celebrity guests on your podcast-will be watching my favs now that I discovered your video interviews ❤

  • Kevin in the USA
    Kevin in the USA 2 months ago +8

    Levi seems like a nice guy but he should not blame toxic fans if his movies don't do well at the box office. He needs to face the fact that the movie didn't meet some fans' expectations and move on from it. I can say that I saw both Shazam movies and while I liked the first one a lot, I found the disconnect between Levi's performance as Shazam and the other actor playing Billy to be too different and it was quite jarring. It seemed Billy was much more mature and it didn't fit that Shazam would be a lot less mature. I think many people are also experiencing fatigue from all the CGI in movies today and it seems that there is no care in crafting the movies and simply putting out products for steaming. BTW, I don't think James Gunn did you any favors by implying that Shazam would be rebooted after this movie.

    • AD
      AD 14 days ago

      I agree with you on Levi. Personally, I find there’s no depth to the Shazam movies. Marvel studio sure knows what they want for both Cap Am and Star Lord. I am glad that they didn’t cast Levi on either roles. He emotionally exaggerates in acting.

  • Tylam Philo
    Tylam Philo 2 months ago +4

    dont know why but Ive always pictured him to be Mr.Fantastic,,he is a great guy,big up Zach🔥🔥

  • _ChoccooMilkk_
    _ChoccooMilkk_ 2 months ago +2

    I still find it crazy that DJ Catrona and Adam Brody went from almost being Superman (DJ Catrona) and The Flash (Adam Brody) in George Miller’s Justice League Mortal, to now being superheroes in the Shazam franchise.

  • Carl Brose
    Carl Brose 2 months ago +6

    Love both Shazam movies!!!! Well done movies with heart and action. Highly recommend.

  • Jordan T. Maxwell
    Jordan T. Maxwell 2 months ago +6

    i was pretty underwhelmed by the first one and bored by the second one...but damn it, I ADORE this man, so I'll keep going to see him as the Big Red Cheese and any other part he does!

    • MsTriangle
      MsTriangle 2 months ago +1

      The first one was great tho. It didn't click for me the first time I saw it but then boom, I loved it.

  • Jarman Gill
    Jarman Gill 2 months ago +1

    Great conversation. Been watching your interviews and also a subscriber for some time and feels really good to interact with actors in long talks . Good

  • Kenny Codes
    Kenny Codes 2 months ago +10

    Zachary is a cool ass dude. Great conversation

  • István Nagy
    István Nagy 2 months ago +6

    It would be interesting to sit them together with Henry Cavill and let them just talk about games :D

  • enid
    enid 2 months ago +9

    I loved him as Eugene Fitzherbert

  • Michele Bowman
    Michele Bowman 2 months ago +3

    So glad that he is able to share this information so honestly, which may help others.

    • Giuseppe Ianniello
      Giuseppe Ianniello 2 months ago +7

      He helped me through a difficult time. (i was suffering from depression from 2016 to early 2019) I’ve read his story about the struggles he faced and it made me cry because i thought i’m not alone anymore.
      I decided to go to therapy, lose weight, helping people in need, etc.
      In short: i’m forever grateful to him for saving my life.
      And i’ve had the pleasure of meeting him at the Fury of the Gods premiere in Rome earlier this month.
      He’s a very sweet and kind man, I talked to him for 3 minutes thanking him for inspiring me to change my life for the better and he signed Radical Love (the book he wrote) which is a fantastic piece about self-help.
      Once again, he helped me to love life again.
      Saw the film on Friday, it’s such a great movie!

  • Терри МакГиннес

    "nooo they write bad things about me on the Internet, I will whine about it for two minutes, although no one asked me!"
    Levi must feel powerless and that tearing other people down helps him feel bolstered😢

  • Debbra Lehrman
    Debbra Lehrman 2 months ago +1

    Thanks Josh that was great. I enjoyed this very much. 👍🏻

  • Sjmaliz M
    Sjmaliz M 2 months ago

    Zach seems great. It isn’t fans fault he was in two bad movies

  • Bill Hobart, Clairvoyant Medium Psychic

    Zach is an extremely good looking man! Everything about him is hot. Love that he did the work on himself to clear out his baggage to be more magnificent in his life. 🙏❤️🙏

  • sai vignan
    sai vignan 2 months ago +2

    I’m a fan of snyderverse not snyder may be , but I liked shazam 1 and 2 but it was levi who made fun of snydercut because he played a puppet of old regime he said it doesn’t exist etc etc in the promotions of his 1st film . It doesn’t even concern him, he couldn’t have cared less but yet he went on and said things. And it upsets snyderverse fans because that was the only cohesive thing present atleast until shazam 1( even now tho). But Levi somehow felt he can promote the new walter verse through his SHAZAM1 promotions. And now he acts like fans are being toxic, when he who was clearly the one started it. Atleast he could have stayed silent after the relese of snydercut, but he went on and talked how snyderverse is dark toxic not how it should have been and how it is supposed to be etc etc. Not everyone takes it lightly like I did and just enjoy his films right. Fans are being fans and acted against him because he talked stuff against them. And I blame Levi for ruining his good films with unnecessary twitter fights.

  • Kalvin Patel
    Kalvin Patel 2 months ago +3

    Great convo Josh!

  • Rina L
    Rina L Month ago +1

    What a big cute boy when talking about games lol. He IS the ideal Shazam!

  • Batfleckfan16
    Batfleckfan16 2 months ago +2

    He did not just say the second one was better. Gameplay wise. YES. Story wise. No no

  • Nothingness
    Nothingness 2 months ago +3

    some people on tv lack killer charisma for some reason, they are still being pushed into new projects, but customers are apathetic. levi is one of them

  • jjstarrprod
    jjstarrprod 2 months ago +1

    I just realized Zach and I are actually of the same age, AND were huge Mario Kart 64 fans, AND HUUUUGE Hades fans (I completed it and done more than 1200 runs on it, each run playing for approximatively 30 to 40 mins, I let you do the math on how much time I spent on it ! This game is the videogame equivalent of crack, it's so good it just keeps pulling you in !).
    I'm super sad Shazam 2 is bombing so hard at the box office. None of the people who have worked on it deserved this. You can tell, just by their onscreen and offscreen chemistry that everybody had a blast working on it and all of them absolutely loved it ! And the movie, while having its flaws, still is better than a good 80% of what both Marvel and DC have given us in recent years. It's one of those movies that has heart, and that is rare enough in nowadays superheroes movies landscape.

  • Righteous Rawb ➊
    Righteous Rawb ➊ 2 months ago +8

    Where's the timestamp I'm looking for?

  • GHF
    GHF 2 months ago +4

    WB was flooded with hate mail when Keaton was cast as Batman. He proved people wrong by being awesome at it, and won everyone over. He's now the most popular Batman of all time and the only reason people will see The Flash.
    Trying to intellectualize why fans do what they do, or making excuses for why your work didn't meet expectations is redundant. The simplest explanation is often the correct one. Some people may not be great at expressing themselves and being too harsh or cruel in their criticisms, but if both the critics and the general consensus are split, then perhaps the movie really is not the best that it could've been and the criticism is in fact warranted, regardless of whether you did your best in it or not.
    The best thing to do is not beat yourself up over the things that you have no control over, and move on to better and greener pastures.

  • Tinu Asha Joseph
    Tinu Asha Joseph Month ago

    there is a line the wizard says to Shazam wen he asks wizard to take all his powers back..
    it's not ur brain ...Your heart is Wise!
    and that's the main msg of this film..the crux!
    and trust me no one cud do this role of Shazam better than Zac!
    those who cudnt handle the film didn't even understand what the film is about...and without understanding or may be not properly watching the movie..criticized and judged the movie?

  • MrMainmantone
    MrMainmantone 2 months ago

    OMG he literally antagonized Snyder fans, laughed about it… and now he’s playing the victim. He incorporated himself into the middle of the disputes. Notice gadot, mamoa, Idris, cena… none of them got trolled. But Mr High and Mighty decided to troll and now he’s a victim? LMFAO!!!!

  • Cato Baskerville
    Cato Baskerville 2 months ago +2

    Thankfully we are done with Levy after his movies horrific performance . I would not be surprised if he’s kept around since Gunn & Safran have shown nepotism is their guiding principle.

    • Jay Guero
      Jay Guero 2 months ago +2

      Bro relax, you’re getting your Snyder cut part 2. Let it be. No need to let out this huff of toxicity

    • Cato Baskerville
      Cato Baskerville 2 months ago

      If they were doing a full reboot we would have this problem. Shazam’s box office speaks for itself, and that’s even with China.

  • shawn Chibwana
    shawn Chibwana 2 months ago +2

    Don't antagonise people. Period

  • flourchylde49
    flourchylde49 2 months ago +1

    You had me at Z...

  • Zeref8991
    Zeref8991 2 months ago +1

    I mean Zach as Shazam is great. What's not working is the writing in the movie.
    Both movies have been plagued by mediocre villains who add nothing going forward. They are more like obstacles.
    Now a Shazam movie with black Adam as the antagonist, hype. Sad that the rock, and the studios had other plans. Opportunity missed actually

  • Nabeel Soofie
    Nabeel Soofie Month ago +1

    Thank u

  • Adarsh Mishra
    Adarsh Mishra 2 months ago +2

    Is he literally calling out the Snyder fans?

    • ChrisGoodman
      ChrisGoodman 2 months ago +2

      He’s talking about the marks in all the various comment sections and is absolutely right. They are miserable, powerless, hopeless people.

    • The Razter
      The Razter 2 months ago

      ​@ChrisGoodman thought it was a minority and couldn't hurt the movie 😐

    • ChrisGoodman
      ChrisGoodman 2 months ago +2

      @The Razter it’s pretty pathetic they’re blaming us Snyder heads except they aren’t going to see it. I’m taking everyone I know it’ll be 4x soon

    • The Razter
      The Razter 2 months ago +1

      @ChrisGoodman yeah he's just pushing away more people, I want the Snyderverse to continue, and I loved Shazam, and would love to see his Shazam being part of that JL, but acting like that doesn't really help his image

    • ChrisGoodman
      ChrisGoodman 2 months ago +1

      @The Razter damned if he does damned if he doesn’t . It’s a shit show out here

  • Agent 9762
    Agent 9762 2 months ago +1

    Yayyyy ❤

  • MACE Harris
    MACE Harris 2 months ago +10

    SHAZAM!! FURY OF THE GODS: Global box office $70 million...and counting.👍😅👈👉😢👎

  • Hndra
    Hndra 2 months ago +8

    Zachary mocked fans first, and now play victim. Its called KARMA bro.. what you do goes back to you. Also the reason your movie flop, is because you dont have much star power like others DC leads. Dont blame the fans 😅

    • Diggy Slick
      Diggy Slick 2 months ago +3

      most fans deserved to be mocked , like snyder fans ( not all).

    • The Razter
      The Razter 2 months ago

      ​@kenny thought it was just a minority

    • Cato Baskerville
      Cato Baskerville 2 months ago

      He won’t have to worry about it any longer

  • George Tsioup
    George Tsioup 2 months ago +2

    Zachary levi what about your flop movie shazam fury of the fallen!! Ha ha ha!! The situation with warner and shazam is everything everywhere all in trash!!!!

  • Sara Cardiff
    Sara Cardiff 2 months ago +1

    Another amazing conversation. Ahem, I mean an "Unpack with Zach".....One day, he'll have his own podcast.
    @joshuahorowitz Would you be a guest?