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Crazy Poker Fight! Cocky American Accuses Italian Pro of Robbery!

  • Published on May 17, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Jeff Lisandro and Prahlad Friedman nearly come to blows during the 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event when Friedman accused Lisandro of not posting his ante. Things got so heated that Lisandro threatened to kick Friedman's teeth in and take his head off!
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Comments • 1 233

  • Joe VAN DIJK
    Joe VAN DIJK Year ago +444

    You can't call someone a thief or liar in public without 100% proof.The moment it was known that he was wrong and caused a disturbance and calling someone a cheat he should of been removed from the game. The problem is the game organisers ignoring it.

    • Leaving Crazy For Italy
      Leaving Crazy For Italy Month ago

      should have

    • Aaron Smith
      Aaron Smith 3 months ago

      You need to be certain if you think someone didn’t ante. If you suspect cheating then strong suspicion should warrant an investigation. It’s like a hand I watched where an Asian guy went all in and the guy deciding to act said I’ll show you a card if you show me. The Asian guy said I might show you but he was bluffing and all in so he had no benefit from showing the guy debating his turn a card. He obviously is never going to show him a card and the guy waiting to act turns his cards over and then gets very upset that the all in refused to show any cards. He said, “I said I might show”. He didn’t speak English well and he was forced to show which made it an easy call as he sees the bluff. Was a disturbing decision by the floor man and absolutely gross from the accuser because once he saw the hand he knew that the guy would never have shown but he threw such a fit that they sided with him. Poker players can be the biggest children I’ve ever seen

    • Aaron Smith
      Aaron Smith 3 months ago

      They literally showed the replay and he did ante So the accusation was totally wrong

    • Aaron Smith
      Aaron Smith 3 months ago

      I disagree about being removed but do believe he should have had to sit out 5 minutes and then if anything but an apology is said then he gets another penalty. To keep saying I don’t know for sure was prettty bad. I knew right when he said that he was wrong

    • Christian The Jew
      Christian The Jew 4 months ago

      He said he saw him put it out.

  • Robert Martinez
    Robert Martinez 5 months ago +89

    “Mom can we please have a Tony G!”
    “No, we have a Tony G at home.” 😂

  • Massive Moon
    Massive Moon Year ago +387

    Friedman is wrong at so many levels even if he's right.
    - You never disrupt a hand
    - You report to the floorman

    • dopewars ZH
      dopewars ZH 9 months ago

      @abysmalvoid How is calling the floorman letting someone getting away with it? Just makes sure i think it does not get to personal.

    • Massive Moon
      Massive Moon 9 months ago +2

      @abysmalvoid NOPE, you report to the floorman, and you never disrupt a hand like this

    • abysmalvoid
      abysmalvoid 9 months ago +1

      @dopewars ZH Think about what you are saying. You are saying never accuse someone of cheating unless you are absolutely sure. This is how cheaters propser. You have to call it out and if you're wrong then you're wrong. Better safe than sorry. Better to be wrong and clear up the facts than let potential cheaters get away with cheating.

    • abysmalvoid
      abysmalvoid 9 months ago

      Of course you disrupt a hand if you think cheating just took place. The most wrong thing in this video, and it's not even close, is threatening serious physical violence because your feelings were hurt.

  • B. W.
    B. W. Year ago +704

    Tony Saprano had every right to be mad. You gotta be 100% before insulting someone's integrity.

    • antzooma
      antzooma 2 months ago

      We needed another player to step in and start sweeping the cheese from under Lisandro's chair

    • LongSack
      LongSack 4 months ago +1

      Sal, Pauly take care of it…

    • Speedwave
      Speedwave 5 months ago

      The video hasn’t started because of ads and I was thinking of Tony soprano and boom your comment is top comment. You’re a legend.

    • Mark Rosenquist
      Mark Rosenquist 6 months ago


    • Barry French - Session Drummer
      Barry French - Session Drummer 6 months ago

      @Rob DeMartin what kind of slavs are these?

  • cardigan3000
    cardigan3000 9 months ago +51

    i love how everyone talks like lisandro is some sort of angry random rather than the 2009 WSOP Player of the Year and a 6 time bracelet winner.

    • harout k
      harout k 3 months ago

      Be my backer

    • abysmalvoid
      abysmalvoid 9 months ago +3

      He's nothing more than an angry random in this video.

  • # Guiltless
    # Guiltless 10 months ago +130

    There was a time when accusing someone of cheating like that would lead to a shootout.☠️

    • Aaron Smith
      Aaron Smith 3 months ago +2

      I think it would have lead to
      Dude losing his head if this wasn’t so publicized. He had a lot of protection. He hid behind the floor guy

  • Brian Symmes
    Brian Symmes Year ago +907

    Shouldn’t the title be “Pralad Friedman falsely accuses someone of cheating and make a total fool of himself.”

    • The Soon to be Purged Jack Me-Hoff III
      The Soon to be Purged Jack Me-Hoff III Month ago

      @Martin Köpberg lol no, it isn't a crime to threaten to punch someone. Don't be soft.

    • leanl0rd
      leanl0rd 8 months ago

      I want to say this to him every time I see him

    • abysmalvoid
      abysmalvoid 9 months ago

      I think when you threaten to batter someone because you don't like how a game of poker went, then you are the one making a fool of yourself. Difficult to top that. We should be praising Friedman for highlighting what he thought was a discrepancy.

    • cardigan3000
      cardigan3000 9 months ago

      yeah but hes a jew and you cant criticise jews

    • Chris Laforest
      Chris Laforest 9 months ago

      Lol American

  • The Corbinator
    The Corbinator Year ago +158

    Prahlad is like that annoying bully kid on the playground who just can't keep his mouth shut, isn't smart enough to realize he needs to let it go, and then plays the victim when he gets called out for his behavior.

    • Luther Blissett
      Luther Blissett 4 months ago

      He was a Pos but also an incredibly talented player. Simply one of the best back in the day

    • abysmalvoid
      abysmalvoid 9 months ago

      A guy twice his size threatens serious physical violence and you're calling him the bully? I get that he is unlikeable but that's a ludicrous statement. Man the comments here are completely crazy.

    • Hot Bot
      Hot Bot 11 months ago

      Prahlad isnt a bully, he runs scared easy.

    • Alex F
      Alex F Year ago +2

      @salty dog Lol I don't even come from the same country as you guys, but it's so obvious that the flustered and deluded one in this exchange is, without a doubt, you

  • Brooks Butler
    Brooks Butler Year ago +188

    This commentary crew is unbeatable.

    • Tom Delay Beats
      Tom Delay Beats 9 months ago +4

      @91 vanced you called it.

    • LazyLion
      LazyLion Year ago +2

      nobody will ever be as good as Lon and Norm.. Gabe and AJ were great but it didn't feel as natural.. Lon and Chad were flawless

    • asherisraeli
      asherisraeli Year ago +1

      Nobody can top Gabe kaplan

    • hgb0005
      hgb0005 Year ago +4

      @xxCxx Gabe is better. AJ adds nothing

  • Nicbo688
    Nicbo688 Year ago +554

    If you close your eyes, you would almost assume it was Tony G.

    • Danny Tran
      Danny Tran 6 months ago

      Friedman wouldn’t do Tony like that.

    • D C
      D C 9 months ago

      This is one of the best comments I’ve seen

    • Samuel LP
      Samuel LP 9 months ago

      Tony G would have cut him up with words and made him eat every word and it would be great entertainment for all of us and not for prahlad.

    • Ken Cur
      Ken Cur Year ago

      @peter nagy he was also an MEP, earning some more money for doing absolutely nothing.

    • Wilford Brimley
      Wilford Brimley Year ago

      @peter nagy bring the russians on

  • Tstan Da'ManDontChanoo

    I remember watching this when it was aired. This was a great time for poker. Plenty of all nighters playing tournaments with friends

    • Jordan S
      Jordan S 12 days ago

      The peak of the wsop was 2004-2006 imo

    • harout k
      harout k 3 months ago

      Somebody find me a backer

    • Marco Estiercol
      Marco Estiercol Year ago +3

      Exactly! And I am from South America. This era was broadcasted everywhere!

  • Alex_Bets
    Alex_Bets Year ago +57

    Poker was different then. The personalities from the players and the commentary from Lon and Norman’s jokes made poker so much fun to watch. Now it’s just different

    • Arran Vid
      Arran Vid 24 days ago

      @MukD Thank you :-)

    • MukD
      MukD 26 days ago +1

      @Arran Vid Game Theory Optimal

    • Arran Vid
      Arran Vid 9 months ago

      @Ben What is GTO?

    • juan antonio
      juan antonio Year ago +1

      And it's another different way of being enjoyable and fun.

    • Woozy
      Woozy Year ago +3

      Everything is a solver now.

  • xenaguy01
    xenaguy01 Year ago +220

    Lisandro *WAS NOT* out of line. He had been continually accused of cheating for several minutes, and Friedman *WOULD NOT STOP!* Even at 6:00, Friedman *STILL* wants to talk to Lisandro about it.

    • Anti social Warrior
      Anti social Warrior 7 months ago

      @Nick Raad the other player is lucky that is all he got

    • xenaguy01
      xenaguy01 9 months ago +3

      @abysmalvoid He did call an official, who did nothing. The floor man should have remained within earshot and immediately stepped in when Friedman continued. He didn't, so Lisandro took it upon himself.

    • abysmalvoid
      abysmalvoid 9 months ago

      He was, that's not how you handle these situations. Call one of the officials over. The only way his behaviour could have been worse is if he actually hit Friedman.

    • Mister Wallace
      Mister Wallace 9 months ago

      @xenaguy01 not very smart are you..............................................

    • xenaguy01
      xenaguy01 9 months ago

      @hotdog This is long over. I've given my views, and you yours. I'm not discussing this any more.

  • munckymagic
    munckymagic 7 months ago +10

    When Friedman says ‘I don’t trust you sir’ I think that gives it away that he was just trying to put Lisandro on tilt

  • OxfordU
    OxfordU Year ago +658

    Mannn they really don't televise Poker like this anymore. Good ol' days...

    • siyen7
      siyen7 8 months ago

      Lol yeah hellmuth what a soulful guy.

    • jAS Ras
      jAS Ras 10 months ago

      Before Instagram, TikTok,. 2006, my early to mid-20's w/ no job living at my mom's trying to make money playing poker lol. Those were the days! I still play from time to time and cash out decent, but have lost more than I've made. Like tenfold. Miss PartyPoker and PokerStars for US players.

    • RodJeez
      RodJeez 11 months ago

      People who play poker without testosterone. It's gambling

    • John Rose
      John Rose Year ago

      @Elephant Grass huh? Lol

  • Anti social Warrior
    Anti social Warrior 7 months ago +5

    Saying that you saw someone rob someone and that you don't trust them, that was the beginning of the entire conflict. Then he just kept repeating it and egging him on. He got the response he deserved.

  • steve hammond
    steve hammond Year ago +132

    After watching this countless times over the years , I feel , Lisandro was within his rights .
    He may have overreacted but that was the way things were done as he grew up and Mama´s boy would just not shut up

    • G0LD
      G0LD Year ago

      This guy needs "several years" to come up with this comment 😂🤣

    • steve hammond
      steve hammond Year ago +1

      @Moonwired Not exactly , the film will show him placing the bet .

    • Moonwired
      Moonwired Year ago

      He was right tho, there WAS a missing chip, and it wasn’t infront of Lisandro.

    • B D
      B D Year ago +1

      The real question is who robbed Lisandro of his eyebrows??

    • John Reilly
      John Reilly Year ago +4

      Imagine what would of come of this if Friedman had said that to someone like Phil Hellmuth, Tony G., Mike Matusow, heaven forbid Doyle Brunson. Friedman wasn’t wrong in questioning Lissandro if he thought that he didn’t ante he was wrong in directly accusing Lissandro multiple times and not dealing directly right away with officials. It’s only when Lissandro after even politely telling him not to accuse him of robbing the pot again that when he finally told the kid he’d kick the shit out of him that Friedman panicked like a bitch. Guaranteed Lissandro would have taken this kid outside after day was done if he hadn’t stopped & kid knew it.

  • chody
    chody Year ago +59

    I'm not even a pro poker player, but the reaction at 1:57 is a big enough tell for me that I'd probably believe Lisandro believes he threw his ante. Dude looks genuinely hurt.

    • Jon Postigo
      Jon Postigo 6 months ago

      @Charlie Andor there's a limit for that

    • Gabe Lincoln
      Gabe Lincoln 10 months ago

      @Charlie Andor Og

    • Charlie Andor
      Charlie Andor Year ago +6

      @g Hang out with poker players more and you will become a lot more cynical

    • g
      g Year ago +4

      @Charlie Andor I highly doubt anyone would cause such a scene just to try and get a sort of advantage over their opponent.

    • Charlie Andor
      Charlie Andor Year ago +1

      @dopewars ZH It's a poker game. He is trying to get into Lisandro's head

  • Daniel Kirby
    Daniel Kirby Year ago +161

    Call me a noob, but doesn't the dealer have a responsibility to check everyone antes?

    • Arran Vid
      Arran Vid 9 months ago +1

      @I3AcKP4cK Oh, I thought it was another player saying that lol, my bad.

    • I3AcKP4cK
      I3AcKP4cK Year ago +16

      It's no wonder why the dealer was asking them to please drop it

    • MrHouserobot
      MrHouserobot Year ago +7

      Even in my city, when all the players are high skilled and known by everyone on the table and in the casino, the dealers just enjoy the game and dont think anyone of those players with thousands of hours on the tables would make any kind of mistake...

    • Vee Kay
      Vee Kay Year ago +29

      Yes, but dealers are commonly incompetent.

  • weareallanimals
    weareallanimals Year ago +45

    To be quite honest, this is why I quit playing. It started to become a regular occurrence where a player at the table worked any angle just to upset another player. In the old days, they didn't put up with it. If you accused someone of stealing or cheating.....that's a problem right there man. That'd be considered the first swing.

    • Chris H
      Chris H 9 months ago

      @Arran Vid Blinds are not antes... And Lissandro was on the button...

    • Arran Vid
      Arran Vid 9 months ago

      @Brooks In no-limits Texas Hold'em Poker, you have the big blind and the small blind. Both have to put their chips in before the game starts. The small blind puts half of the big blind. I don't know whether Lissandro was big blind or small blind, but he was one of those two therefore he was forced to put a certain amounts of chips in. He did put the right amount in, as shown by the camera, but the other player, Prahlad, accused Lissandro of not putting the chips in...which would be cheating. Prahlad was wrong.

    • Commenter
      Commenter Year ago +2

      @DMac740 the clue that it's needling is the way he kept it going. And going. If it was about the chip he would have made his comment and that would have been that. Repeating it thirty times didn't serve any legitimate purpose in relation to the accusation. But once he saw Lisandro reacting the way he did notice how he got quieter and calmer about it and how he structured his comments to keep at him every few moments with timed pauses. Then saying he didn't trust him. That he "knows how it is". Then how he told the floor that he was threatened, like an innocent child who couldn't understand why. His agenda is very clear. And it wasn't his place to do any of that and he knows it. He's not the ante police. AND he was wrong. There was no basis fire and of it. I think he knew he was making it up. But most of all, playing poker professionally, I see this kind of routine often enough to recognize it. His tone of voice was designed and intended to annoy the guy. And when he was told what was on the video he didn't apologize. He's just kept insinuating the guy was untrustworthy and that even if he hadn't done it this time it didn't really prove anything. He didn't say those words but it was in his tone. There are guys who do this kind of thing constantly in one way or another. Not this accusation specifically but the same attempt to upset someone, whatever it takes. There's no mistaking what this was if you see it often enough.

    • DMac740
      DMac740 Year ago

      @Commenter It didn't seem like it looked more like he honestly thought he got over on them.

    • Commenter
      Commenter Year ago

      @DMac740 they did rewind. And it wasn't about chips or cheating. It's called needling. It's extremely common.

  • Grayson Mendenhall
    Grayson Mendenhall Year ago +49

    If this wasn't WSOP, wrongfully accusing someone else of cheating in a card game would very likely result in violence.

    • Incurable Romantic
      Incurable Romantic 9 months ago +4

      It's hilarious listening to all the internet tough guys on here who think they're characters in some old western.

    • Moshe Sheckel
      Moshe Sheckel 9 months ago +1

      @Christopher Suswal LOL, you'd throw down yourself in tears!

    • Arran Vid
      Arran Vid 9 months ago +1

      Time to be civilized, folks.

    • MadDashECHO
      MadDashECHO 10 months ago +1

      lol welcome to Commerce Casino in LA

  • castricv
    castricv Year ago +14

    Everything Jeff did was in the right. Even the outburst was controlled but firm. It was not a one off, that guy kept at it and at a game without cameras and security would have gotten beaten

    • ryan anthon
      ryan anthon 6 months ago +1

      100% agree!!! And the way Friedman cried to the organizers about did you hear what he said to me. It was so pathetic. You can’t make an accusation like that then get offended when the man stands his ground

  • alexsnvs
    alexsnvs 4 months ago +4

    Lisandro’s face at 2:00 is like “Oh lord give me patience not to break his teeth” hahahah

  • puirYorick
    puirYorick Year ago +20

    I just can't believe how badly the Floorman let this escalate. Should have made a definitive ruling on this matter way sooner.

  • Ian Meana
    Ian Meana Year ago +252

    The real jerk here is the player between them that didnt throw the ante and just let pralad accuse lisandro

    • michaelmaccrazy
      michaelmaccrazy Year ago +2

      It's an honest mistake. Those guys have been playing 12-hour days for 5-6 days straight, its easy for have a lapse like that.

    • MPETE1976
      MPETE1976 Year ago +2

      @dezignateddriva Unfortunately some players get away with petty moves like "forgetting" to post ante or making short-changed splash calls for way too long Not because they are so slick or not being picked up on, but because of "etiquette". Cheating is not the worst breach of poker etiquette. Accusing someone of cheating is. It's the gravest of insults. Even a vague suggestion quickly escalates into a real situation. As this clip shows.
      So even if these moves get noticed many players will still be reluctant to point them out.

    • ITSjustWOOL
      ITSjustWOOL Year ago +2

      @dezignateddriva because skipping out on 10% of a BB once per table or once every 10 orbits would be so profitable and worth the hassle

    • dopewars ZH
      dopewars ZH Year ago +4

      @Daan Demeyer I agree. I think it is fine to ask someone or even the floormanager. But to just acuse someone without being 100% sure is so bad...

    • Everett01
      Everett01 Year ago +6

      @Daan Demeyer And if you really aren't sure you can ask the floor to check the cameras. Accusing Lisandro repeatedly and saying "I don't trust you" is WAY out of line.

  • Michael K
    Michael K Year ago +20

    The good days of poker

    • Shukuladay888
      Shukuladay888 Year ago +3

      Yea when most players were bad. Now there’s a lot of good players

  • Sean Ang
    Sean Ang Year ago +177

    Friedman was outta line no matter right or wrong . And indeed in the end he was totally wrong and should’ve faced a penalty for being totally classless . And Dustin was a prick not speaking up honestly to admit he missed paying the ante .

    • Jamal
      Jamal 8 months ago

      So you condoning stealing no matter what, you must be Caucasian

    • Gordon Owens
      Gordon Owens 9 months ago

      Classless and shld of been penalized after they checked the play back

    • salty dog
      salty dog Year ago +4

      @Dan Ender some tournaments an ante will be used to speed up the action. they still have blinds too

    • Dan Ender
      Dan Ender Year ago +1

      It is for a first time I am watching Texas Hold'Em poker played with antes... Every time before I have always watched and played Texas Hold'Em poker with the blinds.

  • TheSeriousSean
    TheSeriousSean 10 months ago +10

    “Eric Molina looks reasonable” that’s how you know there’s something off

  • Tone Retro Gaming
    Tone Retro Gaming 7 months ago +3

    Prahlad was hiding behind that pit boss like he was really about to get that work lol

  • Ceri Edwards
    Ceri Edwards Year ago +18

    You call someone a thief you better expect repercussions

  • Rich J
    Rich J Year ago +22

    The funny thing about this whole thing, is that the kid that was supposed to throw it in, knew he didn’t. If he just said something, this would never have happened.

    • fomori2
      fomori2 Year ago

      BB ante solves this nicely, and speeds up collecting it.

  • Septic Womb
    Septic Womb 4 months ago

    Friedman could easily have gone about this by just asking something vague like, “Is there an ante missing?” He could have requested a check without accusing anyone specific. Counting the pot before it was scooped would’ve shown the missing ante. Even though an ante was actually missing, if you’re not 100% you can’t accuse someone specifically or go at it so aggressively.

  • c0nc3ntr8d
    c0nc3ntr8d Year ago +18

    I almost feel like that was planned to upset him. One of the best players at the table to become tilted. He knows better than to make such an accusation while hands are in play.

    • HunterG_YT
      HunterG_YT 9 months ago +2

      Definitely, it worked too, he took him down with 9 duece unsuited after the flop.

    • Ben Foster
      Ben Foster Year ago


  • Lubomir Radev
    Lubomir Radev Year ago +55

    12:08 take him with you , its a one way ticket . hahahaha thats fucking hilarious and gangsta at the same time

  • Denyse Phenix
    Denyse Phenix Year ago +2

    Alessandro cannot be blamed for getting mad and being accused of such a thing.. , Prahlad was totally out of line

  • Bradley Lauterbach
    Bradley Lauterbach 7 months ago

    "These things tend to fester like a cold sore" hahaha legendary commentary.

  • Daniel Timbs
    Daniel Timbs Year ago +3

    Friedman would be totally squished by him lol

  • John Labry
    John Labry Year ago +8

    So funny how for ten minutes he messed with him. Then was like I didn’t do anything lol

  • Josey Wales
    Josey Wales Year ago +15

    2006 is ancient history in WSOP but certainly entertaining sequence

  • MrHouserobot
    MrHouserobot Year ago +16

    Friedman had to accuse the dealer and not Lisandro. Its the dealers job to count the chips.

  • DaveKraft400
    DaveKraft400 Year ago +5

    "please don't threaten me in front of everybody! did you hear what he said he said he'll knock my teeth out!"
    Mate, you have to laugh at that

    • Danny Tran
      Danny Tran 6 months ago

      Real mafia vibes with that threat. Teeth removal and decapitation.

  • Larry Wheels
    Larry Wheels 11 months ago

    It never ends. One or the other keeps the drama show going .

  • Foufs
    Foufs Year ago +67

    It's mind blowing how many people can't see this guy is doing this on purpose.

    • Simon 1985
      Simon 1985 9 months ago

      It’s mind blowing how you can assume you know he’s doing this on purpose with absolutely no evidence.

    • Arran Vid
      Arran Vid 9 months ago

      @Don Pablo Some people will do anything to get under a player's skin.

    • kristoffer nilsson
      kristoffer nilsson Year ago

      @dennis beckham Soon he's a legend at the bottom of the sea also :P

    • Don Pablo
      Don Pablo Year ago +5

      It’s mind blowing there are 60 people that thought this guy was doing this on purpose. You dont randomly accuse someone of cheating / stealing as an angle. Even Prahlad

    • Fan Fan
      Fan Fan Year ago +1

      Of course he's not

  • Anand Renwa
    Anand Renwa Year ago +10

    I just love these commentators ❤️

  • Scott Hill
    Scott Hill Year ago +5

    Hard to avoid the conclusion that Prahlad is intentionally spinning up Jeff. Just look at that smile from Prahlad after he was threatened.

  • Eric Thompson
    Eric Thompson Year ago +26

    Dude needs to let it go before he gets his ass kicked. Lisandro has been a gentlemen long enough.

  • Jameson Vex
    Jameson Vex 8 months ago

    That point at 3:29 is so dominant

  • cheftalks
    cheftalks Year ago +120

    Lisandro "I'll take your head off"
    Other guy " you hear what he said? He said he'll kick my teeth out"

    • KlariK420
      KlariK420 Year ago

      You heard wrong

    • Tony England
      Tony England Year ago

      Google Translate

    • Pez
      Pez Year ago +4

      You missed the part just prior to that when Lisandro first approached the Friedman and the floorman when he said something like "If you keep (something inaudible) buddy (more inaudible) Right? I'll take your teeth out!"

  • anibaldk
    anibaldk Year ago +28

    "He's out of line threatening Prahlad"
    WTF man? You call somebody a thief without proper proof and you expect him to remain cool?

    • REKognition 12
      REKognition 12 Month ago

      @Real Talk he’s a lib. Don’t mind him. Mean words are violence to him

    • Arran Vid
      Arran Vid 9 months ago

      I agree with anibaldk

    • Real Talk
      Real Talk 10 months ago +2

      You don't need proof to accuse someone of something. Just look at college campuses.
      Can you imagine what the world would look like if choosing violence was an option because someone said something you didn't like? Do you even realize the implications of what you're saying?

    • Alex F
      Alex F Year ago +1


  • Freeursoul Park
    Freeursoul Park Year ago +41

    Dude I lost all the respect for this Friedman guy when he faked called during 1minute clock countdown and survived main event just because tournament director didn't hear him say call. That was dirty.

    • REKognition 12
      REKognition 12 Month ago

      @Riggs187 ok so you’re just lying to make him look worse? Got it

    • Riggs187
      Riggs187 Year ago

      @DoctorChained Yes I've seen a million times. You don't need to explain it.

    • DoctorChained
      DoctorChained Year ago +1

      @Riggs187 Did you not watch the video? He literally said call before the countdown finished and the floor ruled it a dead hand. He had no say in the ruling.

    • Riggs187
      Riggs187 Year ago +1

      @DoctorChained What ever you say, dude..

  • Val Valiant Thor
    Val Valiant Thor Year ago +38

    I started laughing at 6:44 when lisandro brings it up again after he threatened friedman not to bring it up

  • Behind the Bar with JR

    ive never met an italian with an australian accent

  • Zach Good
    Zach Good 9 months ago +4

    So many great quotes.
    "I don't trust you, sir."
    "I'll take yer head off...boddy!"
    "Ah ya gonna stope?! Ah ya gonna stope?!"
    "Please don't threaten me in front of everyone."

  • Ignacio Godoy
    Ignacio Godoy Year ago +1

    The funny part is Friedman acting like a badass poker player, when at first run to the flood manager

  • World's most average magician

    Plot twist: Friedman didn’t put his ante in

  • Roli Rivelino
    Roli Rivelino Year ago +1

    This is why when I play with friends, we make sure that chips stay in front of the person until everyone's happy and the round is over.

  • LazyLion
    LazyLion Year ago

    nostalgic poker at it's finest.. Lon Mchearen and Norman Chad are the goats of this format

  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago +1

    He said he'll knock my teeth out😭😭

  • Muntazir Ali
    Muntazir Ali Year ago +1

    Best decade of poker

  • -Chris-
    -Chris- Year ago +4

    11:11 …that was insane.

  • Mia Fora
    Mia Fora Year ago +8

    “Erik Molina looks reasonable over there, what a twisted world”

    • michaelmaccrazy
      michaelmaccrazy Year ago

      I vividly remember him and Jamie Gold being the biggest douches in that main event. It wasn't my favorite Main Event to watch, never seen someone get the run of cards Gold got.

  • Francesco Iadicicco
    Francesco Iadicicco Year ago +9

    Apart from the squabble, they played pretty much well.

  • collin rasmussen
    collin rasmussen 11 months ago

    Way to put him on tilt. Didn’t last long tho, that’s a emotional pro

  • Gubii Impact
    Gubii Impact 9 months ago

    "Eric Melino over there now looks reasonable. What a twisted world"

  • Jeeperz Creeperz
    Jeeperz Creeperz 3 months ago

    Geez Eric Molina over there now looks reasonable 😂😂😂

  • obiwon76
    obiwon76 Year ago +1

    15 years later and Dustin Holmes is still wondering if he was robbed or not.

  • Luka Milas
    Luka Milas Year ago +8

    Prahlad “I don’t trust you sir!” Friedman 😂

  • Marvin Nash
    Marvin Nash Year ago +3

    2006 was the best main event!

  • CapsGivinMeHopeIDontLikeIt
    CapsGivinMeHopeIDontLikeIt 10 months ago +1

    All Holmes had to say to clear it up was he put his blind in but forgot the ante. Perhaps he was enjoying the drama

  • Smokey 66
    Smokey 66 Year ago +1

    “Please bitch slap me”-Prahlad

  • JohnDaWhale3
    JohnDaWhale3 Year ago +4

    9:59 "Now we're playin' poker..."
    So badass haha

  • Ron F
    Ron F Year ago +1

    11:55, classy. lol . Lisandro is a class act.

  • BigGustago
    BigGustago Year ago +31

    Are we sure he's Italian and not an Aussie? Could have fooled me, mate!

  • Union Sentinal
    Union Sentinal Year ago +7

    Lisandro gets props for untilting and holding his sh together

  • ALF8892
    ALF8892 Year ago +1

    Like the commentator said, that Molina guy is a trouble maker as part of his game too

  • Cygnus X-1
    Cygnus X-1 Year ago

    Freidman..class act.

  • Zach Spurlin
    Zach Spurlin Year ago +2

    Lisandro is a good player. I’d be pissed too saying that, but especially so on television...

  • DoctorChained
    DoctorChained Year ago +2

    I honestly think Prahlad is trying to tilt the guy here.

  • Manny Ram
    Manny Ram Year ago +3

    Friedman didn't give a shit about a 5K chip. He was angling to tilt out the other guy

  • Konrad Kozyrski
    Konrad Kozyrski Year ago +36

    I remember Lisandro winning like 5 bracelets in 1 year @ WSOP around 2009 or something

    • Jamil Neto
      Jamil Neto Year ago

      Phil Hellmuth got close to 4 in 1993. 3 bracelets and a 2nd place finish.

    • Justin The Great Ponte
      Justin The Great Ponte Year ago +2

      Yeah I won 4 in 2023 you just haven’t seen it yet, my time machine told me.. but I die right after otw home calling my mom excited to tell my family and swerve off the road because their was a woodpecker in the road and I drown in one inch of damp grass because the car flipped over on me.. they gave the wings to my ex girlfriend whom I was about to break up with the next day because I caught her cheating with one of the well know pros in his hotel sweet… so I haunted her beyond the grave and eventually after years of me doing that she committed her self in a psych ward where she has been since then.

    • Brian Y
      Brian Y Year ago +1

      Pretty sure Ivey won three in one year too

    • Chris Thompson
      Chris Thompson Year ago

      Yep, WSOP player of the year as I remember.

    • Justine Luiz Pedriña
      Justine Luiz Pedriña Year ago +4

      @Dancindazed yeah I think 3 is the record, the Grinder won 3 too when he won the player of the year

  • ZugZug
    ZugZug Year ago +11

    Prahlad was out of line. you don't call someone a thief in front of everyone unless you are 100% sure. in the old days he would have gotten his head bashed in.

  • snaggs107
    snaggs107 10 months ago

    He literally said "I don't trust you sir"

  • Stevil2007
    Stevil2007 Year ago +2

    Sitting around a poker table at a tournament is amazing. You meet all sorts of characters. A great experience.

  • Jimmy Mcgill
    Jimmy Mcgill Year ago +1

    I'm with lisandro on this one...and he's australian not italian aha

  • Keith Lovell
    Keith Lovell Year ago +11

    This incident may be the reasoning behind the WSOP changing the format. Now, instead of each player posting an ante, they now have a big blind ante. The person in the big blind now posts the table ante.

    • Tommy O Donovan
      Tommy O Donovan Year ago

      Save the drama foe yoo mamma.

    • Gringomusicboy
      Gringomusicboy Year ago

      @Andy Smith big bling ante makes the game move faster. It’s more simple. Regular antes you can play like half the hands per hour compared to bb ante.

    • Andy Smith
      Andy Smith Year ago +3

      I believe it was just popularity and effenciency of the BB Ante, but I could also see this really reinforcing the push for BBA. I never liked regular antes: consolidated antes are SO much better, saves time and headaches.

  • John S
    John S Year ago +1

    In the middle of Lisandro and Friedman is the white shirt snake who knew what he did and keeps smiling about it or acting all quiet. True instigator right there.

  • Basketball Fever
    Basketball Fever 8 months ago

    That’s called trying to solve an issue, that’s not a bad thing.

  • Frank Reynolds the II
    Frank Reynolds the II 5 months ago

    the most Aussie sounding Italian I've ever heard wtf lol

  • Robfenix
    Robfenix Year ago

    Lisandro only got really mad after everyone had told Prahlad to stfu and then Prahlad hadn't done so.

  • Sean Murphy
    Sean Murphy 7 months ago

    That little young man need to learn respect 😤

  • emanuel martinez
    emanuel martinez Year ago +4

    PPL who think lisendro was in the wrong for threatening violence have obviously never played in a tournament let alone a high stakes one. Doesn't matter if you'll be found innocent or not the accusation alone could tarnish your reputation and effect future invites to tournaments.

  • Philip Hoskinson
    Philip Hoskinson 12 days ago

    Thieving call is a serious charge, the physical threat drew a "next word is a penalty" ruling... manager handled it well.

  • PokerJunkie83
    PokerJunkie83 Year ago +16

    Jeffrey Lisandro is the Tony Soprano of the poker world 😂

    • Lush1017
      Lush1017 Year ago

      @Mazinger Z huh ? I see y u can’t satisfy a woman

    • Mazinger Z
      Mazinger Z Year ago

      @Lush1017 That's why your home has no mirrors. BOOM, all in gagagagagagaga!!

    • PokerJunkie83
      PokerJunkie83 Year ago

      @Lush1017 and yet you took the time out to read and comment. Look at you

  • Minna Räihä
    Minna Räihä Year ago

    So apparently he cant say it anymore cause this other dude threatened him. NICE

  • Will Klein
    Will Klein Year ago +2

    Man this Italian player has the exact same voice box as Tony G

  • Riggs187
    Riggs187 Year ago

    Prohled really needed a good hard slap here. ✋😐

  • 1954Stevied
    1954Stevied Year ago +18

    This was 10-11 years ago. And Lisandro is an Aussie living in Italy.

  • Weatherlol93
    Weatherlol93 Year ago

    Friedman crossed the line here. Just drop the accusation and get on with the game

  • rodgal87
    rodgal87 Year ago +1

    "Jeff, can i ask you a question?" LOL
    Prahlad does not know how to read the room.

  • Noondroid
    Noondroid Year ago +1

    And thus the idea of the big blind ante was born.