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THE NIGHT SHIFT: i took my ex-girlfriend shopping

  • Published on Apr 16, 2021 veröffentlicht
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    on today's episode, we take the good ole ex shopping on rodeo for some new chanel, we confront harry jowsey over the alex cooper x logan paul dilemma, plus randy the mop returns.
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    so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.
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Comments • 6 437

  • SeanDoesMagic
    SeanDoesMagic Year ago +1417

    these videos are getting better & better :,)

  • BabyBlue
    BabyBlue Year ago +21

    This is literally the best episode of the night shift. I couldn’t stop smiling the whole video! 💗😁

  • Omar Cedillo
    Omar Cedillo Year ago +4

    Stay positive bro Ik your always the one with the positive feedback but even those with great feedback deserve to hear it in return you a hustler and a legend get that bag Mike !!! 🤙💯

  • Affe Banane
    Affe Banane Year ago +2563

    I feel so sorry for him
    He is having a midlife crisis but instead of getting a stupid tattoo or shaving his head he breaks up with Lana and moves into a house with some kids.

    • Destyon996
      Destyon996 Year ago

      @stfu bro I just said looks

    • stfu bro
      stfu bro Year ago +1

      @Destyon996 search it up he's 36 and he's even said his age a couple times

    • Destyon996
      Destyon996 Year ago +1

      @stfu bro he looks like his in his 40s

    • stfu bro
      stfu bro Year ago

      @Destyon996 he’s 36

    • P 01
      P 01 Year ago

      @Rick Astley JB That´s the point dude

  • kiara jassmin
    kiara jassmin Year ago +1

    I love you two together so much ❤️😍 this video made my day :)

  • Haris Sabovic
    Haris Sabovic Year ago +1846

    This is literally the most entertaining not a relationship relationship on the internet, I am fully invested

    • explicit_201
      explicit_201 Year ago

      ru serious u think they acc broke up that thumbnail is full of 🧢🤣🤣

    • Awesome Men
      Awesome Men Year ago +1

      @Haris Sabovic opa ima i nasih ovdje hahaha

    • Haris Sabovic
      Haris Sabovic Year ago

      @Tristan Sta ima Tristane? 😅

    • Tristan
      Tristan Year ago +1

      @Haris Sabovic harise brat moj

    • Haris Sabovic
      Haris Sabovic Year ago +3

      I would say Mike’s ROI on the Chanel bag is astronomical 🚀💪

  • Dorin Lucian Herescu

    Man this video was great, you know how to tell a story, and make a pretty entertaining ad on the fly, Keep it UP!

  • Phranklyn Allen
    Phranklyn Allen 2 months ago

    My God I'm loving these guys, I keep watching non-stop

  • Jordan B
    Jordan B Year ago

    You are the man, love how real and open yous are

  • ShrimpySquad
    ShrimpySquad Year ago +4

    Mike really knows how to drive the women mad 😳 good witholding of validation. Great job not just giving all your power away as a man. Round of applause 👏👏

  • Enxrgy
    Enxrgy Year ago +2228

    I think I need a therapist trying to comprehend how the heck Mike and Amara’s relationship together works lol

    • LJ
      LJ Year ago +2

      @Karina J yup, your right. They are most likely in a fake relationship just for the clickbait and views. Why you ask? Because in reality they are most likely friends that fake their relationship on the internet.
      Dont believe everything on the internet.

    • L56D45
      L56D45 Year ago

      there actually is a video on youtube about this check it out 😂😂

    • Jon Hop
      Jon Hop Year ago

      @PodcastPunks i dont know about that...

    • Jose Vazquez
      Jose Vazquez Year ago +1

      Must of never heard about ddg and rubi rose

    • GoodNewzzs
      GoodNewzzs Year ago +3


  • Maria A
    Maria A Year ago +1233

    Lana needs to love herself, she’s hurting herself by being around him because he doesn’t care about her he’s not ready to settle down

    • francesco
      francesco Year ago +1

      @schweizer93 people like you really make me unhappy about the world we live in. Do you realise how many stupid, unlogical and unuseful biases you have towards people who you don't even know, but still categorize and judge private aspects about their lives just cause of their work? You guys are so backwater, you don't even understand that there's a whole world behind your prejudice. A person "IS NOT EVEN ABLE TO SETTLE DOWN" just cause in the past they decided to have sex as a job?😂 Do you realise that in every job we use our body as a conduit? A workman, a doctor and everyone else does. And more generally, everyone exploits their capabilities and opportunities to take the best of them, so what's the big deal with something that so many of you still can't keep in mind that is just a job like any other? And most of all, do you realise that there's so many sex workers cause the request is just incredibly high? So what's so wrong about it? Isn't it a job which reflects so many people's needs?😂 So please, explain the logic about judging someone who works in this industry not able to build up a normal life and take normal pleasures (which are everyone's rights) from it. Start thinking before saying that women "are not able" to do something cause you say so, luckily men don't have any control on their body or actions anymore, so just start dealing with it and open your mind. Not everyone who defends a nice, sweet girl who has also been very strong and brave to build up a new life despite all the daily insults she received just because of her job, has to be a simp. Luckily some of us have more noble values than that

    • schweizer93
      schweizer93 Year ago

      Stop Simping. A Pornstar is not even able to settle down. So what's your point.

    • Alexander Chrystall
      Alexander Chrystall Year ago

      Honestly I don’t think you are correct, Mike does seem to care for her. He also by her accounts is one of her true friends where most people cannot see past her career he sees her as a human being. They are perfect friends. Also she is a world class actor so some stuff she says and does could be altered. But with her kid on the way and her moving out of LA I would say she is definitely working on herself.

    • TikTok Ms
      TikTok Ms Year ago

      you are so right and he gets many views from her

    • francesco
      francesco Year ago

      @Organic Potato really? So close minded, what a stereotypical old mentality. She hasn't killed anybody bro, what's the matter that disturbs you so much in having a more open way to live sexuality? Do you really think that because of it she cannot be considered a positive person till the point that no one will want to build something serious with her? Prejudice just makes people sick. You don't even know her as an individual but you've already judged her just because of the industry she's worked in (and I repeat she's WORKED, cause she doesn't even do it anymore). Like ok, Many people had sex with her, sooo? They all had regular check ups on their health so no deseases and no danger for anyone, just fun and pleasure for both sides (besides something she also regrets cause it was excessive, but everyone's made mistakes and in my opinion hers are much less serious than many others', cause they affect just her and don't involve anyone else, and in fact she's already very frustrated about it and doesn't need a bunch of people reminding her her slip ups everyday for sure), so what's the matter? Does this decrease your virility or what? Cause you have to be the one and only to have touched your girl right? If a man fucks all L.A. not only is it fine but he's a legend while if a girl does it she's a 'door lock opened by too many keys' and deserves all the insults in this world, right? Or does the camera change something? Would it be better not to be honest showing something so obvious like the fact that everyone enjoys sex? Why is this still so difficult for you guys to accept that it's a job and there's many sex workers cause our request is so high, so maybe there's nothing wrong with it, and watching porn (or enjoying it anyways) and then criticizing and insulting whoever works in this industry is just stupid, while they would deserve respect as any other kind of worker? Is it so hard (staying on topic)?😂

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab Year ago +414

    "if two people can stay friends after a breakup they either never really loved each other or still do"

  • Jessenia P
    Jessenia P Year ago +40

    Honestly, this is what people want to watch? I’ll add this man and his group of friends to people that physically give me pain.

    • Jessenia P
      Jessenia P Year ago +1

      @Aiden vogeli cared enough to respond to this comment. Bye

    • Aiden vogeli
      Aiden vogeli Year ago

      @Jessenia P I can honestly tell you no one cares if you add him to ur "List"

    • JPassaro 94
      JPassaro 94 Year ago +3

      @Jessenia P didn’t ask, but want a medal?

    • Jessenia P
      Jessenia P Year ago +2

      @JPassaro 94 that’s exactly what I did. It was the first and the last….

    • JPassaro 94
      JPassaro 94 Year ago +1

      Then don’t watch it tf 🤣

    ROYAL NAVY VETERAN Year ago +55

    You never know how much you love someone until they are gone, you can clearly see these 2 can make a good couple but you are blind to it all when you get comfortable.

  • Slumberchunder :
    Slumberchunder : Year ago +2171

    I think that the world would be a better place if they could just make their relationship work

    • Maximo Garcia
      Maximo Garcia Year ago +3

      It’s literally all Mikes fault because he doesn’t want to commit and instead wants to live in a creator house with guys much younger than him when he is almost 40 hahah

    • Ari Gold
      Ari Gold Year ago


    • Hasir4only
      Hasir4only Year ago

      Yo you realize some yt keep breaking up their gf like jake and Logan Paul

    • TheAmishRifle
      TheAmishRifle Year ago +7

      Nah...they might seem like a big deal on Clip-Share (or PHub I guess) but 99.9% of the world’s population doesn’t give a shit about their relationship.

    • CJ Lute
      CJ Lute Year ago


  • StrongArm28
    StrongArm28 Year ago

    I enjoy this relationship, I hope mike comes around I have very similar issue as him and am working through stuff, hope you find happiness brother

  • Dj Walker
    Dj Walker Year ago +2

    Mike you can do what you want to do don't let anyone bring you down and tell you what to do. Your content is amazing and you are an amazing youtuber.

  • Elijah Rodriguez
    Elijah Rodriguez Year ago +3

    The vlog feels like a sitcom 😂 love it

  • Jimmy Lo
    Jimmy Lo Year ago +6

    They should make it work again. They seem nice together!

  • NICO
    NICO Year ago +4354

    "if two people can stay friends after a breakup they either never really loved each other or still do"

    • Gino Wrld
      Gino Wrld 5 months ago

      Or maybe there’s a third option which both people are mature and really care for each other.. someone people really only have their significant other as their only friends and decided to stay friends instead of trying to make new friends which really never happens because people suck and usually only use people for their own good.. so yeah fuck everything u said

    • Wolfie Singh
      Wolfie Singh 7 months ago

      I feel bad for the cameraman

    • mattt__
      mattt__ Year ago

      Id say never i dont even think their relationship was real tbh but itis what it is

    • Risorius.
      Risorius. Year ago +1

      Sadly, one person never did and the other person still does...

    • Ayden
      Ayden Year ago

      Let’s be real man, they are still hooking up😂

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab Year ago +4

    This is literally the most entertaining not a relationship relationship on the internet, I am fully invested

  • Mark
    Mark Year ago

    That was really fun content. If that continues, I’ll subscribe.

  • GHOSTfvceG
    GHOSTfvceG Year ago

    I don’t know Mike. Obviously we don’t see the behind doors stuff between you and shorty but fuck... it’s hard to let go of people thay love you unconditionally. Eventually this shit will get old and the people that rock with the everyday you will be the ones still standing. Just throwing thay out there my guy. All love.

  • Bboy16
    Bboy16 Year ago

    Honestly you guys are just naturally funny and you just click aside personal stuff you guys really should try again 💯

  • Adam Salti
    Adam Salti Year ago +2114

    Mike and George aren’t always on the same page, but when they are it’s gold

    • Cityboy Danny
      Cityboy Danny Year ago

      @Eaton Beaver than why are you on his Chanel if you think he’s fake

    • Mr Unknown
      Mr Unknown Year ago

      @Eaton Beaver You can’t even spell

    • Reilly James
      Reilly James Year ago

      It’s because mike is a d bag

    • Connor Auer
      Connor Auer Year ago +3

      Back in the day I didn’t know how I felt about George but he just keeps showing up and honestly he’s funny asf

    • Kevin Legaspi
      Kevin Legaspi Year ago +2

      underrated comment

  • Isaac Chua
    Isaac Chua Year ago +881

    When she eventually stops being interested in him, he is gonna regret it. Dude you're in your 30's. You won't be attractive much longer. Ik everyone has their own time but you gotta consider this dude

    • schweizer93
      schweizer93 Year ago

      Bro a Man peaks at around 35-40. He will de perfectly fine. But Lana? Well she not only gets older she also is a Pornstar... RIP.

    • J.J.
      J.J. Year ago

      @Joey Reidelbach Yeah man that's why all the smoking hot girls in Hollywood go after 30-year old male models w/6-pack abs & ignore 40-year old slightly chubby movie producers, agents, managers & studio executives? You can see how dumb that sounds right? Go to Gold's Venice and just LOOK at how COMMON it is to be physically attractive. It's SO abundant it's almost boring while being rich is FAR less common & there is ALWAYS an imbalance between the number of available rich men & the number of women who want to date/marry them.
      If a girl can choose between two equally RICH & HIGH-STATUS men then she will usually choose the better looking one. But that is FAR down the list of must-haves while fame/status & wealth are always 1/2 or 2/1 on any woman's list.

    • Lazkraft
      Lazkraft Year ago

      @Joey Reidelbach Sure my point is just because someone looks good doesn't mean people should glorify their existence and be obsessed with their life i mean we all grow old eventually so.

    • Joey Reidelbach
      Joey Reidelbach Year ago

      @Lazkraft looks are important in life since its the gateway to alot things in life.

    • Joey Reidelbach
      Joey Reidelbach Year ago

      @Ilikecommenting Actually being male and good looking is important along with success, A female would rather go with a guy that look like a male model and successful in life then a male who is ugly but successful..

  • Mr. Gful
    Mr. Gful Year ago

    your vlogs are just different and i love it

  • Positive vibes
    Positive vibes Year ago

    Love her!!!😀❤️ I subscribed to her channel she’s amazing

  • Pratham Samuchiwal

    Bro she's a keeper... don't let her go... you will regret it later on in life...you both look fucking awesome together...🤦

  • Supermanthology
    Supermanthology Year ago +2685

    I feel embarrassed of how invested I am in this relationship.

    • Harvey Spectre
      Harvey Spectre Year ago +1

      @MrSeeker287 I don't care this is not off until I say so!
      These are gonna marry end of story.

    • Cityboy Danny
      Cityboy Danny Year ago

      @Craig Taylor check his last 4 vlogs without her all did a milly

    • jjj
      jjj Year ago

      @S Hawk clown 🤡

    • Ohio State Cavs
      Ohio State Cavs Year ago

      You should be

    • LJ
      LJ Year ago

      @MrSeeker287 called clickbait bro. No offense. But he does this for the views. He probably is still dating her or they are just friends but is lying about their relationship.

  • Miss Noelle Christine

    I could watch these two all day long

  • Andrew Bohannon
    Andrew Bohannon Year ago +9

    I can’t even lie I was more entertained by this than I’d like to admit

  • Chase Klusendorf
    Chase Klusendorf Year ago

    Cmon man one mistake after another call them failures BC that’s what I would and only BC it should learn from it make it a good thing don’t wallow in the bullshit literally fucking rise above it and be mike find your routine stop with the bullshit and focus on one thing you love and start from there! It’s not over man fuck everyone you got this I believe in you but only you dictate you like your brother logan says.. others beliefs don’t dictate fuck the numbers saying it’s over no way you have a chance! Love you #TIMETOFUCKINGCLOCKIN!!!!!

  • Frank capone
    Frank capone Year ago

    My favourite episode really well made 😀

    VEE3RDEYE Year ago +13194

    If only my ex girlfriends were this cool

    • Zidan
      Zidan Year ago

      Being a pornstar 😂

    • Hood Meme Central
      Hood Meme Central Year ago

      Does mike realize that there will never be a girl as attractive or sexually gifted as lana. He will never find another girl like her in his lifetime

    • Crecerinsta
      Crecerinsta Year ago

      If only y bought Chanel bags to your exes

    • G
      G Year ago

      Then you're not a mike fan and shouldn't watch anyways

    • Abhinav Sharma
      Abhinav Sharma Year ago

      You guys are having exes? 🤐

  • Xzavier Racedo
    Xzavier Racedo Year ago +4

    Why is everyone hating on mike? My man is killing it and he knows it. He’s got her no matter what. She’ll always be there

  • Raissa Sindlinger
    Raissa Sindlinger Year ago +15

    She’s so cute 🥺 she clearly deserves so much better , someone who treats her like a princess

  • misha
    misha Year ago

    Lmao Lana needs a channel she’s so funny

  • Vortex Lunaa
    Vortex Lunaa Year ago +31

    They still have so much chemistry its so damn obvious lol

    WEZMA Year ago +11779


  • Crowd Controlz
    Crowd Controlz Year ago

    Mike I know your not gonna see this but I just wanted to say your an amazing person

  • Phillip Meeholz
    Phillip Meeholz Year ago +7

    Hey Mike I am 3 weeks sober cuz of you...thank you for inspiring me!

  • 1nonly_gio
    1nonly_gio Year ago +375

    Lana: gtfo of my house I don’t want to be with you
    Also lana: mikes next gift is my engagement ring

    • Isabella Jones
      Isabella Jones Year ago


    • Kentaki Cheeken
      Kentaki Cheeken Year ago +11

      @Hood Meme Central He will. Lana ain’t the only sexy girl alive in the world. Also, her face and body is plastic. So...

    • Ryvull
      Ryvull Year ago +21

      @Hood Meme Central Yeah he prolly does but attractiveness fades and just cuz you have good sex doesn’t mean you have a great connection in other ways. You’ve obv never been in a relationship b4

    • Hood Meme Central
      Hood Meme Central Year ago +19

      Does mike realize that there will never be a girl as attractive or sexually gifted as lana. He will never find another girl like her in his lifetime

  • Nihal Tavin
    Nihal Tavin Year ago +25

    Mike and lana are so funny as friends

  • Alex smith
    Alex smith Year ago +4715

    This girl literally wants to be with you and you broke up with her because you're too afraid to commit and want to live with all your friends in your mid 30s bro grow up and accept her as your wife

    • Dean M
      Dean M 18 days ago

      He was with her for views. I doubt he actually liked her like that.

    • Rachel Roussel
      Rachel Roussel 19 days ago


    • Don Summers
      Don Summers Year ago

      You should write a book, about simping.

    • Danny Munagvin
      Danny Munagvin Year ago


    • Timestamp Plug
      Timestamp Plug Year ago

      Who in the right mind marries a pornstar

  • ketchup Party
    ketchup Party Year ago

    We love you guys 💕💕💕

  • Lex McVicar
    Lex McVicar Year ago +54

    amaera: "other girls who mike is talking to lmk when he buys you a channel purse"
    THE ENERGY I CANT so funny

  • EP _5
    EP _5 Year ago +1

    Love the work my guy

  • Madeline Smith
    Madeline Smith Year ago +5

    Lana running away after acquiring the Chanel bag is my every day motivation

  • Drew Your mon
    Drew Your mon Year ago +3644

    Never doubt mike in trying to figure out a way to clickbait lana

    • Luis Garza-Rios
      Luis Garza-Rios Year ago

      yes daddy andrew

    • explicit_201
      explicit_201 Year ago

      @jason gray ikr ppl actually fell for the clickbait either they secretly together or they defo smashed after this vid im jus saying

    • Young Ming
      Young Ming Year ago +1

      @n1fundz he clocked out and cocked in lol

    • Evylin Burke
      Evylin Burke Year ago

      @Greek_Freak do you really think that’s true?🙈

    • roy camp
      roy camp Year ago

      @Mike Majlak Vlogs u going to 1099 her for the day? Lol

  • Bunga Booga
    Bunga Booga Year ago +37

    your ex is good at drama. she should be an actor

  • DallasWC
    DallasWC Year ago +1

    Might have been the smartest Instagram and Twitter plug I’ve seen when Lana said she was blocked and she wanted to see what was on his story

  • Joe Richardson
    Joe Richardson Year ago


  • Mike AKA GranRey
    Mike AKA GranRey Year ago +37

    Que grande el puto salva , cumplió el sueño de todos nosotros

  • JosephTheChemist
    JosephTheChemist Year ago +717

    That 3200 dollars you spent on the bag was worth it. Lana is hilarious 😂

  • user
    user Year ago

    amara is so hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jonathan Mathes
    Jonathan Mathes Year ago +1

    Lana is hilarious! Hope these two end up together.

  • A G I B
    A G I B Year ago +2

    I pray that they get back together 😞

  • G
    G Year ago

    Mikes sktis are always funny because they give go nigthshift vibes

  • Zach
    Zach Year ago +612

    Amara and mikes repore in this episode was hilarious. No lie I really hope they get back together at some point in the future after mike gets his shit together.

    • Morgen Teart
      Morgen Teart Year ago

      @PussyIsMyDiet sammmmeee like they still have that chemistry together it’s very obvious I wish the best for them and hope they end up together later down the road

    • alberto sandoval cuevas
      alberto sandoval cuevas Year ago

      Its so true

    • Alex
      Alex Year ago

      @Zach someone does

    • James Green
      James Green Year ago


    • PussyIsMyDiet
      PussyIsMyDiet Year ago +8

      I think when he’s ready she’s gonna find another and it’s gonna be like those movies

  • Two Money
    Two Money Year ago

    Grande salva cumpliendo nuestros sueños de conocer a lana rhoades y a mike

  • Tori Walker
    Tori Walker Year ago +1

    I love her attitude 😂 you think your free of Lana but little do you know you two will likely end up together again🥰

  • Will Findley
    Will Findley Year ago +674

    Dude is bringing Lana back on the channel now that he sees how much veiwership he lost when they broke up" lol

    • Skilur
      Skilur Year ago

      @wocky Really? With whom?

    • wocky
      wocky Year ago +1

      @Skilur Lana cheated on him

    • Skilur
      Skilur Year ago

      Why did they broke up btw?

    • Ugly Unicorn
      Ugly Unicorn Year ago +4

      Like a mill

    • Tae Fitt
      Tae Fitt Year ago +2

      @wocky 😂

  • Uriel alejandro Guevara gomez

    I enjoyed this vlog si much
    Lana is really an entretainer

  • Lucas Vitullo
    Lucas Vitullo Year ago +2100

    imagine they get back together again. they clearly still like each other lmao

    • Lucas Vitullo
      Lucas Vitullo Year ago

      @Mac na i bet he still does, he just doesn’t want to get back with lana

    • Mac
      Mac Year ago

      Lana definitely is. Mike was never.

    • Lucas Vitullo
      Lucas Vitullo Year ago

      @jeff _ 😅

    • Calvin H.
      Calvin H. Year ago

      @Lucas Vitullo Talking about dumb! Are you like 12 or something??
      Do you think Lana GOT WITH all those other men she made videos with because she loved them?? lmfao! She is AN ADULT ACTRESS!! An ACTOR DUMMY!

    • richard allen
      richard allen Year ago

      They so still like eachother, they broke up because they want to go different ways in the near future

  • Cynical697burst
    Cynical697burst 13 days ago

    5:29 when Mike clapped back with the "that's not what you said online" the little laugh in the distance made the whole video

  • frazer
    frazer Year ago +1

    I can literally forecast a scandal with him involved . I meant this is what they do!!

  • Jennifer Check
    Jennifer Check Year ago

    Why does he treat her that way shes so nice and funny.

  • Fabian T
    Fabian T Year ago

    I envy Mike, he’s on his grind. CHASE A BAG NOT A BITCH

  • JayCeeRest
    JayCeeRest Year ago +304

    The dynamic that mike and Lana have when on camera is actually insane. They’re both soo good.

    • Bobby Jones
      Bobby Jones Year ago +1

      @Matthew Smith yeah she should should get into acting or something

    • David Sesh
      David Sesh Year ago

      @MS.E Flevoland LOL

    • MS.E Flevoland
      MS.E Flevoland Year ago +1

      Matthew Smith literally

    • Matthew Smith
      Matthew Smith Year ago +18

      yeah lana is really good on camera

  • DR NO
    DR NO Year ago

    Mike is definitely the dad that bag was his first child support payment

  • Kyle Sanders
    Kyle Sanders Year ago +2

    Bro you’ve got a queen, pinnacle of your female attraction life. Understand, evaluate, accept, and retain

  • Saint Nicholas
    Saint Nicholas Year ago +67

    My moms a therapist for divorce and rehab clients, it would be so funny if she did a session with and Amara 😂... lmk fr.

  • Rebekah Kircher
    Rebekah Kircher Year ago +3

    Your heavy sigh after she said engagement ring we freakin’ hilarious 😆 ♥️

  • Jagger Onstott
    Jagger Onstott Year ago +742

    Now we need part 2. Amara taking Mike to get what he wants lmao

    • J C
      J C Year ago +23

      Part 2 on the hub

  • Zyann
    Zyann Year ago +6

    It's pretty contradicting of Mike to say that he overlooked the fact that Lana used to be in the porn industry, yet it seems like he only used her for his sexual desires because of that reason. It just doesn't seem right.

  • Only Me
    Only Me Year ago

    Finally the dream couple is back together

  • norris ramos
    norris ramos 10 months ago

    "You're a sell out and you're a biiitch" Mike I love you dawg

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    Keem balla Year ago

    id say this is quality content

  • SirPapiChulo
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    they may be broken up but the chemistry and dynamic between them is still there

  • Built Cheaply
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  • Augustine
    Augustine Year ago +1

    She clearly still has feelings for him and he has the jackpot and doesn’t want it 😂

  • Grayhat
    Grayhat Year ago +9

    Playing hard to get actually pay his bills, he is a clever man.

  • Thijs Kardijk
    Thijs Kardijk Year ago

    This is great content

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    this has to be the most unhealthy relationship I ever seen😂

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    • Pabz
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      Nicole Gonzalez Year ago

      @Uncle Iroh and some want them back together 😂 it won’t work well on the end

    • Caleb Stephan
      Caleb Stephan Year ago

      @Uncle Iroh from what I remember Lana wanted to get married and settle down with kids but Mike didn't want that so he broke up with her but it's clearly that she's still in love with him though.

    • evilcleaver
      evilcleaver Year ago +2

      You mean Mike and Randy, right?

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    Liam Collins Year ago

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    3 weeks later: Buying my Ex-girlfriend an Engagement Ring!

  • zach utley
    zach utley 5 months ago

    The amount of views he gets for featuring Amara is very well worth him stringing her along for. FACTS.

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    Mike she literally wants to marry you and your out here sighing wtf are you doing 😂😂

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      @Boutabag that’s one of the most idiotic thing i have read .

    • Milite Ghebre
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      @coreybau1 pre nups still don't hold up for the man. The woman can still take a percentage.

    • coreybau1
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      @Milite Ghebre ifs it’s not for the money then the girl would sign a prenup therefore she can’t take his money

    • Vences103
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      @Milite Ghebre thats why theres prenups

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