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The Ultimate GTA V Stunt Race!

  • Published on Sep 1, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • These custom racing maps in GTA V are the craziest you'll find.
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Comments • 32 783

  • Sargi Rahman
    Sargi Rahman 2 years ago +1400

    Chandler: It's not my fault, my controller broke.
    Chandler's luck: No Sir. It's my fault.

  • HydraBhraj
    HydraBhraj 8 months ago +256

    Nothing in my life was more smoother than Karl's landing in 3rd race

  • Mr. Sharky
    Mr. Sharky 8 months ago +243

    I love how Chandler is casually wearing $850 shoes and uses them for the punishment lol

    • Yyyyyy
      Yyyyyy 3 months ago

      Have you seen jimmy’s net worth?
      It’s like $80 mil
      u worid abut 850 dOlaRs

    • Yyyyyy
      Yyyyyy 4 months ago

      do you know how much money 💰💰💰💵💵💵 MR.Beast has?
      to much

    • Adventures WithTA
      Adventures WithTA 6 months ago +1

      @Frostburn that doesn't mean people have seen it:/

    • Isaac Jasper
      Isaac Jasper 7 months ago +1


    • Frostburn
      Frostburn 7 months ago +2

      @TheGoatedGk it’s a year old video

  • R. Kay
    R. Kay 7 months ago +152

    I love when Chandler says "Controler must be nice."

    PAIMAD Year ago +284

    Chris is like a "jack of all trades" type of person because of being good enough if not just good in anything he touches

    • rook
      rook 7 months ago

      Translation: Chris is like a jack of all trades because he’s usually good enough to not get last in challenges and if not good enough, actually good.

    • MeLisa Stone
      MeLisa Stone 8 months ago

      I do and don't understand at the same time

    • Captian Baker
      Captian Baker 9 months ago

      @Ubernerd ثب 8

      JAM_YT_FURRY 9 months ago +1


      BRAHIM DJAHLAT Year ago +2


  • Lionsfan69
    Lionsfan69 Month ago +2

    Anyone else love the GTA gaming channel videos more than any of the others? Swear I’ve re-watched them all about 5 times minimum lol

  • Jacob Vautier
    Jacob Vautier 2 years ago +700

    Hearing little Karl scream, “IM A THUG!” Made my day lol

  • PRE-MO
    PRE-MO 3 months ago +3

    8:41 karls laugh is like he was a maniac

  • The Beasty 1
    The Beasty 1 3 months ago +7

    Chris is the kind of guy that doesn't care about winning, but making Chandler and Karl lose.

  • AustiBoss_YT
    AustiBoss_YT 2 months ago +2

    Seeing the peanut butter squeeze out of chandlers shoe when he stepped in it was so funny. Sorry Chandler lol.

  • GraffizPlays
    GraffizPlays Year ago +491

    As Chandler showed us, the controller is everything!!

    • JAKEOP
      JAKEOP 7 months ago

      @Bartłomiej Sułek that's why it has auto aim, and the camera isn't as bad if you're good with controllers, but again, as i said I respect your opinion even though I would beg to differ

    • Bartłomiej Sułek
      Bartłomiej Sułek 7 months ago

      @JAKEOP Camera controll and aiming sucks so much on controller

    • JAKEOP
      JAKEOP 9 months ago

      @All_teslasrnotbad that is very true, as u have to use the num pad to fly on keyboard, but i feel gta is one of the games where controller is just more easy, again it's just my opinion

    • All_teslasrnotbad
      All_teslasrnotbad 9 months ago

      @JS 09 but I mean that’s my opinion

    • All_teslasrnotbad
      All_teslasrnotbad 9 months ago

      @JS 09 Honestly if I wanted to drive in gta I would probably use a keyboard but if I wanted to fly I would use a controller

  • RX9 | Flop | XS
    RX9 | Flop | XS 8 months ago +28

    Karl and Chris are always really good on the gaming channel. I'll put my bets on them any day

  • PickleAladeen
    PickleAladeen 2 years ago +1266

    i think chandler is the only one genuinly just playing cus its fun

  • Brandon Ruckman
    Brandon Ruckman 4 months ago +3

    I'd just like to point out that they played him because it was supposed to be Chris and Jimmy putting peanut butter in their shoes.

  • rojie choi
    rojie choi Year ago +95

    everytime chandler loses, chris also loses his mind like he's the one who lost. lol what a friendship

  • extinctpower
    extinctpower Month ago +1

    Seeing them struggle on pc truly lightened my heart

  • Rachel B
    Rachel B 8 months ago +12

    I can't believe Chandler did that spiral jump and landed it at the final race

  • Saw Saw
    Saw Saw 9 months ago +38

    chris not knowing how to respawn even though it said hold f to respawn was hilarous

  • Crawfed
    Crawfed 2 years ago +677

    Karl is like the MJ of esports. He’s always either a pro or a semi pro, nothing less.

    • Thefatcat
      Thefatcat 6 months ago

      One name of a youtuber: GrayStillPlays

      GODSGENERAL  8 months ago

      Thats pushing it. You can't compare MJ to someone like karl

    • SwiftyJoe
      SwiftyJoe 10 months ago

      why are people hating on karl so much? i think hes fine

    • Jonah Altenburg
      Jonah Altenburg 2 years ago

      Bruh y u simpin for Karl

  • Theycallme Lokes
    Theycallme Lokes 2 months ago +1

    Karl's "little brother noises" had me laughing this entire vid 🤣

  • f
    f Year ago +7

    These videos literally never get old ❤️

  • A weird guy
    A weird guy 3 months ago +27

    Karl in the final race, when he was talking but looking calm.. that was the pure rage voice. I never had it cuz my rage is to every bad thing in one...

  • Almond
    Almond Year ago +37

    I like how Jimmy just casually puts peanut butter in a 1000 dollar pair of nikes

    • Rasco2021
      Rasco2021 7 months ago

      Sneaker head be like(no offense im sneaker head too)😭

    • boom
      boom 8 months ago

      There the Nike sbs

    • castlers
      castlers 8 months ago

      @POPinZ 👑🐷 yeah those are really expensive

    • POPinZ 👑🐷
      POPinZ 👑🐷 9 months ago

      for real?

  • Cindy Wolfe
    Cindy Wolfe 5 months ago +2

    whenever Carl laughs in any video makes me laugh🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣ROCK ON CARL

  • Christine Silvia
    Christine Silvia 2 years ago +270

    Chris: it doesn’t matter which car I use I’m just good at driving
    Also Chris: using one of the best handling cars in the game

  • Melon TV
    Melon TV Year ago +4

    dude Chris is the funniest of all time🤭🤭🤫🤫🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Deetheking
    Deetheking 10 months ago +2

    Is no one talking about the shoes Chandler chose to put peanut butter in 🥺

  • Tellawi
    Tellawi Year ago +32

    Chandler made me laugh so hard

  • J M
    J M 5 months ago +1

    I like When Chris was literally raging😂

  • Jeeezer
    Jeeezer 2 years ago +166

    Idk why but I like watching Karl struggle in these challenges

  • Jackson
    Jackson Year ago +7

    Chandler really put peanut butter in a thousand dollar pair of shoes

    HEHEHE Year ago +39

    Lets admit it they dont fail to make us all smile

    VAJRRAJIT SUDHANVA 7 months ago +4

    The difficulty level is nowhere near how masochistic Gray's maps are

  • Youssef fadlallah
    Youssef fadlallah Year ago +15

    i died of laughing at 2:41 chandler just makes me laugh

  • Mr.TuffyBuffy
    Mr.TuffyBuffy 8 months ago +15

    I wonder if they made Chandler walk all the way of the Wall-Mart store and just use the sidewalk footage

  • Sam Brown
    Sam Brown 2 years ago +455

    Chris: “Just get better”
    Also Chris: proceeds to drive through water at 2 miles per hour

    • Orion
      Orion 2 years ago

      @Gamble aight

    • Gamble
      Gamble 2 years ago

      @Orion Yeah but mine isn't completely white its a nuclear explosion that is basically impossible to see.

    • Orion
      Orion 2 years ago

      @Gamble interesting, you both have the first name Sam, and both have white profiles

    • İyki Gugu
      İyki Gugu 2 years ago

      EEEEEEE Thoclip-share.net/video/yooHzsgHd6k/video.html

  • Gaming with Eve
    Gaming with Eve Year ago +14

    Karl’s laugh is so funny LOL its just impeccable LOLLL

  • PewDiePie x
    PewDiePie x Year ago +15

    Karl just entered God mode 😂😂

  • Sulagna Dastidar
    Sulagna Dastidar 8 months ago +9

    Poor Chandler. You should do more Among Us and make sure that Chandler gets an impostor round. Great job!

  • Dominique Snijders
    Dominique Snijders Year ago +4

    Bruh i somehow KNEW Chandler was losing this despite finishing the last race when Jimmy and Chris didn't XD

  • Carkid67
    Carkid67 2 months ago +2

    Are we not gonna talk about how Chandler put peanut butter in $1000 shoes

    AMAZING!! 2 years ago +440

    Seeing jimmy when he rages is HILARIOUS

    • Carlos Pamatz
      Carlos Pamatz 2 years ago

      Stop making fun of him

    • Among us
      Among us 2 years ago

      @lavamaster-icemaster jackston I agree I mean Chris or jimmy?

    • night fall
      night fall 2 years ago

      I know right it is funny because it is like the meme that said noooo

    • Zaid
      Zaid 2 years ago

      @lavamaster-icemaster jackston am I right?

    • Zaid
      Zaid 2 years ago

      @lavamaster-icemaster jackston I’m guessing 8/9 years old

  • DarK Dragon
    DarK Dragon Year ago +7

    Chandler ...
    1) Before switching setups with Chris: My pain is greater than yours!
    2) After switching setups with Chris: It seems you have an idea of what pain is.

  • junkbot man
    junkbot man Year ago +10

    let’s just appreciate chris wearing the flex seal hat THATS A LOT OF DAMAGE

  • Multifandom nerd💜
    Multifandom nerd💜 7 months ago +4

    damn would have loved to see karl's full pov on the last one

  • MyGuy
    MyGuy Year ago +41

    Chandler being so happy that he makes a cool jump when literally the only way you can make it is by landing cool

  • Awesome Animals In Florida
    Awesome Animals In Florida 7 months ago +10

    I love Chris he is so funny 😂

  • Joep Boesveld
    Joep Boesveld 2 years ago +411

    He attack
    He protec
    But most importantly Chandler losing challenges is back

    • Colin phan
      Colin phan 8 months ago


    • Annoying
      Annoying Year ago

      @Jimmy Santiago what do you want

    • Noobmaster69 Fortnite suxs
      Noobmaster69 Fortnite suxs 2 years ago

      That doesn't make sense

    • Sophi
      Sophi 2 years ago +2

      @DeepBlackness - Roblox this is the meme bro ;-;

  • Zlyx Gaming
    Zlyx Gaming Year ago +2

    How come Jimmy never loses a challenge?

  • Muaz Adam
    Muaz Adam Year ago +385

    Everyone else: struggling to beat the level
    Karl: I'M A GOD

  • Joel Edmondson
    Joel Edmondson 5 months ago +1

    Karls THUG landing was smooth tho🔥

  • Al
    Al Year ago +60

    We should all appreciate chandler he’s the best

    • 🤨Nathan
      🤨Nathan 9 months ago


    • 🤨Nathan
      🤨Nathan 9 months ago


    • Leonardo Psg
      Leonardo Psg 9 months ago

      The number of challenges he lost says otherwise

    • Samantha Buyle
      Samantha Buyle 11 months ago

      i love it

  • luvlyxxrose
    luvlyxxrose 11 months ago +1

    Rip chandler a big fat salute for him 👏

  • Little Cesar Reinoso
    Little Cesar Reinoso 3 months ago +1

    I laughed so hard and became so sad at the same time when chandler came in last

  • ItsAverage
    ItsAverage 2 years ago +220

    Chris: OH MY GOD
    Chandler: What is this camera angle?
    Karl: IM A GODDDD

  • Kenshin Pangilinan
    Kenshin Pangilinan Year ago +5

    i think chris is the type of gamer that trashtalk you but if he fails he complain others or the game

  • Jasper Lee Jia le
    Jasper Lee Jia le Year ago +11

    I like when Karl says I'm ice skating and lands in the hole perfectly 😎

  • Infurious Gaming
    Infurious Gaming 9 months ago +13

    Others: he's right behind me
    Chandler: Yo!! Chris is on my booty


    I just found out about mr beast a few days ago why do i feel like ive been robbed of amazing content for all these years holy crap

  • L. Renaud
    L. Renaud 10 months ago +1

    the moment we were all wondering were Chandler went

  • Narkar Bros
    Narkar Bros 2 years ago +14313

    2:05 Chris "I've been doing this for 10 years I'm just good at it"
    9:10 Also Chris "I've been doing this for 10 mins now, when is this going to end?"

  • LouisPlays
    LouisPlays 6 months ago +4

    I love how when Chris was crying about his camera angle he screamed and he sounded like a party popper

  • Xenonboy26
    Xenonboy26 9 months ago +6

    Jimmy: What am I meant to do??
    Chris: How do I do it!!!
    Chandler: w h a t ?
    Karl: RRRRRRRRGH!!! 8:52 9:12

  • Graham B
    Graham B 8 months ago +1

    Chris is making other people feel bad and laughs at them

  • DJ Shepard
    DJ Shepard Year ago +57

    Chris: I’m just good at driving in gta
    Also Chris: gets mad at Karl for bragging

  • Gaming With Mushfiq yr👑
    Gaming With Mushfiq yr👑 8 months ago +16

    Chris literally distroys everyone on GTA V🤣

  • Cricket & Gaming
    Cricket & Gaming 2 years ago +221

    Being Jimmy's friend is a career option.

    • XF SOLD
      XF SOLD 2 years ago


    • Roopendra Singh
      Roopendra Singh 2 years ago

      Yeah true if we are him friends think

    • Alexandria Fracchione
      Alexandria Fracchione 2 years ago

      @RL Galaxy Clan

    • Mauve
      Mauve 2 years ago +2

      Not only has the been used so many times, its rude to Jimmy and basically saying he is not a friend and used for money only

    • Menard Agpalo
      Menard Agpalo 2 years ago

      Copied 1 billion times

  • Remix Beats
    Remix Beats  Year ago +2

    Karl and chandler both doing jumps that you can literally not fail unless you try
    the editor: adds intense music

  • Benjamin Naman
    Benjamin Naman 8 months ago +5

    I want to see Gray Still Plays compete in one of these races against the boys.

  • Bailey Mueller
    Bailey Mueller Year ago +4

    Jimmy never loses!

  • Grgin Silni
    Grgin Silni 7 months ago +1

    Its so funny seeing Jummy raging

  • Michael Jiron
    Michael Jiron 2 years ago +335

    Chandler: " you (Chris) would be complaining so hard right now if you were in my position"
    I cannot agree more with chandler

  • InvoluntarySinkPisserMcRizzler

    Jimmy really is the master of rock paper scissors

  • FineImNotYourFriend
    FineImNotYourFriend Year ago +2

    the way how chris got stuck there for years was funny

  • SpiderMax2023
    SpiderMax2023 9 months ago +7

    I love these videos with Mrbeast it’s so amazing.

  • MineAblock
    MineAblock 11 months ago +22

    karl: saying I haven't crashed into one thing chris: just get better!

  • Carson Creel
    Carson Creel 10 months ago +2

    Did Chris get his set back for the last one? I assume yes.

  • Cornally
    Cornally 2 years ago +394

    Chris: "OH MY GOD
    Chandler: "What is this camera angle?
    Karl: "IM A GODDD"

    • Gooze
      Gooze 2 years ago

      Don't use God's name in vain

    • Drunken Doggo
      Drunken Doggo 2 years ago

      Yawning Dog :clip-share.net/video/bZNKSzMwxVs/video.html

    • Bysectors
      Bysectors 2 years ago

      Why does this have so many likes this is just typing what people said in the video

    • O h a n a
      O h a n a 2 years ago +2

      HelLo DArKNEsS mY oLd friEnD!!!~ fuRriES aRE nEvER gonNA EnD!!!~🎵🎶

    • Ozomini
      Ozomini 2 years ago

      Jimmy: **screams and rages**

  • Bacon
    Bacon Year ago +14

    Chris: How do i respawn on keyboard?

  • 1532mary
    1532mary Year ago +2

    Those last couple jumps by Karl though

  • izzy the pug
    izzy the pug 6 months ago +1

    i love how chris is wearing the flex seal hat

  • GameFalcon
    GameFalcon Year ago +15

    Chris: im just good at driving in GTA, i’ve been playing this game for 10 years
    Also chris: is rank 5

  • Meghan Seher
    Meghan Seher 7 months ago +1

    They should include Greystillplays in these GTA races. They are epic at GTA!

  • Ty Pulliam
    Ty Pulliam 2 years ago +2825

    Is no one going to talk about the 3,000 dollar shoes he’s wearing

  • Luckyzz
    Luckyzz Year ago +18

    Chris: I think my car is not fast enough
    Jimmy: we all have the same car

  • Boywithsabers
    Boywithsabers Year ago +6

    I love how when Chris is on the keyboard he complains about gravity

  • Boog Euginea
    Boog Euginea 9 months ago +14

    Chris “I am just good at any car in GTA!”
    Also Chris “I don’t think my car is fast enough.”

  • TheCarSoundsGuy
    TheCarSoundsGuy 11 months ago +5

    Karl's laugh is hilarious

  • Syed Ayaan Ahmed
    Syed Ayaan Ahmed 8 months ago

    I just realised Chandler was the only one who did not come first place in any of the races

  • Sweety TikTok - BigBank Twerk Shorts

    Chris: Imma put my controller down
    Chandler: Oh a controller must be nice

  • Johnny Kramer
    Johnny Kramer Year ago +34

    Chris: Im such a good driver in gta
    Also chris car: FLips over

  • R3l1x
    R3l1x Year ago +7

    Carl Jumping over Mount chilliad:
    Oh my gad, YAAS I jumped over the highest part of the map!!!
    Chris: your good Karl, Your good

  • 3meraldZGamer
    3meraldZGamer 8 months ago +1

    It’s funny how Chris asks how to respawn and no one how on keyboard when it tells him on the top left corner when he “quits” 😂

  • Fernando Smoove
    Fernando Smoove 11 months ago +10

    I wanna game with the boys. That sounds fun as hell

  • Lil Nexus
    Lil Nexus 6 months ago +1

    What Karl did at 8:30 is insane 😭😭😭😭 like bro what

    ILY MOST 2 years ago +492

    I haven’t played GTA V in like forever. This makes me wanna play.

  • CipherZ
    CipherZ Year ago

    it’s not a mistake ✨it’s a masterpiece ✨

    BOLDKHW Year ago +19

    Jimmy: who want money💵
    Karl: yeeehaaaa😝
    Chris: Sabotage🔪
    Chandler: Bonk🔨

  • PhantomYT
    PhantomYT 5 months ago +1

    The way that Karl tried to say (woooooow)🤣

  • Patrick Caldwell
    Patrick Caldwell Year ago

    Chandler still was a big baby.😂😂😂Chris did good!😊😊