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How MUCH to Rent this in NYC?

  • Published on Nov 2, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Daniel Toomey
    Daniel Toomey 3 months ago +185805

    someone buy me a fridge plz

  • ° Miraculous NL2.A。
    ° Miraculous NL2.A。 Month ago +3066

    I can't tell if he's nerveous, seeking for attention, tired, or stress
    But he's adoreable in some way

    • Cinemaximum
      Cinemaximum 27 days ago

      @Solus the older you get, the less you tolerate narcissism

    • Solus
      Solus Month ago

      @Cinemaximum you know you can be neutral to people, right lol. Assuming the worst of everyone immediately is just harmful

    • Cinemaximum
      Cinemaximum Month ago

      @Solus aight go befriend him or someone like him

    • Solus
      Solus Month ago

      @Cinemaximum that doesn't give you the right to judge people like that though..

    • Cinemaximum
      Cinemaximum Month ago

      @Solus believe me I've met dozens dear

  • Franklin Urban
    Franklin Urban Month ago +810

    More of this guy please, what a character!!

    • Machspeed03
      Machspeed03 20 days ago

      the real ones love him

    • dipset
      dipset Month ago +2

      I could see this guy on Suits, were it still on

  • Yéssica Rodriguez
    Yéssica Rodriguez 21 day ago +569

    He’s completely insane, I love him 😂

  • Alyssa Kreber
    Alyssa Kreber Month ago +602

    “Whats that”
    “Shut up”
    The best way to end a conversation you don’t want to have 😂

    • RikuRicardo
      RikuRicardo 14 days ago

      Translation: We are a crypto currency scam operation, don't remind me of my poor choice in occupation, or I will be forced to yeet you out the window. Thank you, have a nice day.

  • The League of Shadows
    The League of Shadows Month ago +306

    He looked so proud to say “we are a decentralized finance company” 😂 dude your are the better actor then most of Hollywood bruh 😎

  • ZYA_dabest
    ZYA_dabest 2 months ago +9366

    “There was a fridge there” and “shut up” was the funniest lines 😂

    • ZYA_dabest
      ZYA_dabest Month ago

      @713 JMilly yea that was good too

    • 713 JMilly
      713 JMilly Month ago +1

      What about the brick wall line 😊

    • Eli Wa
      Eli Wa Month ago +1

      Defi company?? Which one !?!

    • dani
      dani Month ago +1

      And “Yeah im fine”

    • 👺samurai boi
      👺samurai boi 2 months ago +13

      Hey at least the fridge was doing its job to be a F R I D G E during conference meetings

  • Tristan Poehland
    Tristan Poehland Month ago +1850

    He got that Wallstreet main character vibes

    • Tristan Poehland
      Tristan Poehland 15 days ago +2

      @Allan Truong doesn't change the fact that he got that vibes lol

    • Allan Truong
      Allan Truong 15 days ago

      Cause it’s staged lol

    • Tristan Poehland
      Tristan Poehland 18 days ago

      @mithun mohan definitely

    • mithun mohan
      mithun mohan 18 days ago +1

      Definitely lol. . Leonardo DiCaprio

    • Piglin Brute
      Piglin Brute 18 days ago +2

      ​@Brabus 76 Carly b inside my cardigan they call me shordie mr tardy man

  • Rei_san0218
    Rei_san0218 Month ago +45

    This guy is officially my favorite guest of this channel!

  • Marina Gomes
    Marina Gomes 23 days ago +100

    Why aren’t we talking about the “do you ever think about jumping” line? It’s perfectly delivered

  • Melissa
    Melissa Month ago +539

    "Oh theres a rat"got me dying🤣

  • BunnnyxBelle
    BunnnyxBelle 2 months ago +579

    This guy could be a famous actor or something. His humour is so good 💀💀

    • RubiX
      RubiX Month ago


    • RubiX
      RubiX Month ago

      reminds me of my mom before I was born

    • Tyler Durden
      Tyler Durden Month ago +4

      Reminds me of Jim

    • Master Furon
      Master Furon Month ago +1

      Reminds me of a guy that would do a training video of the work place

    BRANDED AWESOME Month ago +114

    Lolol the stress level is high with this young man . Part 2 is needed just to see if he's ok lol

      BRANDED AWESOME 19 days ago

      @Grav G 😅😅😅

    • Grav G
      Grav G 21 day ago +7

      Part 2 is him chasing the guy that stole his fridge

  • Ronnie Hicks
    Ronnie Hicks Month ago

    Love the office space

  • LittlestPikachu
    LittlestPikachu Month ago

    I want to meet this man

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa Month ago +1

    why do i love him

  • MrFabulous
    MrFabulous 2 months ago +7784

    "Hey man you okay?"
    "Yeah I'm fine"
    also him:
    "You ever think of jumping fr- okay" 💀💀
    This is gold

    • BrainLoading
      BrainLoading 2 months ago +3

      ​@Chloe M.yeah but let's not speed up things

    • REM_Style
      REM_Style 2 months ago +1

      oh ye i dont have ears thank you

    • Holo Scope
      Holo Scope 2 months ago +2

      Jumping for joy

    • Chloe M.
      Chloe M. 2 months ago +6

      Jesus loves you

    • Lul Kash
      Lul Kash 2 months ago +7

      Funniest shit ever

  • Margo Magoo
    Margo Magoo Month ago

    He's got some video tapes to return

  • Manganeko
    Manganeko Month ago

    He is stressed bout for real ☕

  • gd2234
    gd2234 Month ago

    Genuinely curious now how much office space will be converted into apartments if companies downsize physical workspaces after the pandemic. I feel like this could solve some other issues

  • U•N•K•N•O•W•N

    Who tf took his fridge😂

  • Rob D.
    Rob D. 2 months ago +123472

    This guy has the perfect level of stress for what he's expressing I love it

    • Karslı
      Karslı 29 days ago


    • Zion Sanders
      Zion Sanders Month ago

      @Re’l still it don’t matter

    • Funk Master
      Funk Master Month ago +1

      The fact people think people think these videos are real is mind boggling to me.

    • Yoel Walker
      Yoel Walker Month ago

      Down in Ohio

    • Jax Pax
      Jax Pax Month ago

      ​@Brockalee he got to pay that rent & his residence expense & no income looks like it's coming in from that business

  • Sonia Blount
    Sonia Blount Month ago +6

    He needs a show lol this was perfect!

  • Joanne Arnold
    Joanne Arnold 19 days ago +1

    Okay yea this one is by far my favorite one. Camera guy asked “can I see it?” And homie heard “free advertisement to sell an office I pay way too much for and just had a fridge stolen from.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • saman
    saman 17 days ago +1


  • Johnny Allen III
    Johnny Allen III Month ago +27

    This was Gold lmao.
    All the little things.
    Rat, Brink wall, Jumping, Fridge, shut up.
    You probably know exactly why those words were said and smile just reading them and remembering those parts lmao 😅

  • Ayan RBLX
    Ayan RBLX 2 months ago +11649

    This man can be a Netflix level actor

    • Rabia Seemab
      Rabia Seemab 19 days ago

      Plus he is handsome

    • Trollathii
      Trollathii 20 days ago

      He is so cute.. iam kind of having a crush on him

    • Mary-Jane (really not Sarah)
      Mary-Jane (really not Sarah) 22 days ago

      @Michelle Lee since they briefly had Mike Flanagan.

    • Michelle Lee
      Michelle Lee 22 days ago

      I swear that sounds more like an insult than a compliment 😂. Since when is Netflix any bar

    • Mary-Jane (really not Sarah)
      Mary-Jane (really not Sarah) Month ago

      @Ayan RBLX some Netflix OGs are incredible. But then Netflix goes and cancels awesome ones too! Wtf Netflix? I want Midnight Club season 2 instead of ope we cancelled it sorry.

  • Denise Bacher
    Denise Bacher Month ago

    This guy is fantastic! His level of sarcasm is magnificent!😁

  • Staci K
    Staci K Month ago

    Love this dude’s energy.

  • 티알지805
    티알지805 Month ago +4

    Is it just me or does this guy look like he should be an actor? His expressions are just pure gold

  • Marusia Phillips
    Marusia Phillips Month ago +1

    Of all these shorts, this is the one i watched the most times! I love this guy!

  • Stardust.
    Stardust. 2 months ago +1499

    The stress in his eyes when he sees the missing fridge even before the camera pans over to it 😭✋

  • Tiffany Black
    Tiffany Black Month ago +43

    This just turned out to be perfection 💀

  • BriaE
    BriaE Month ago

    I love his sarcasm, it adds to his charm. 🤣🤣

  • 1anfinity
    1anfinity 15 days ago

    The shut up in the end is very helpful and inspiring. Now I wanna start my own decentralized finance company

  • Ardel Leonard
    Ardel Leonard Month ago +1

    I love that guy so much! He's so funny I can't.

  • leggo my aegyo
    leggo my aegyo Month ago +2275

    "Beeeeautiful view. Do you ever think of jumping from- okay" 💀 I felt that

    • Neil Aaron
      Neil Aaron Month ago +2

      Bro almost let the intrusive thoughts win

    • me
      me Month ago +3

      Fr bro 💀

    • CabbyJo
      CabbyJo Month ago +4

      FRRR 💀💀😭😭😭

  • 8206 Surya Das
    8206 Surya Das 22 days ago

    Just the right level of anger and comedy in him 🤣🤣

  • Enjoy the Moment
    Enjoy the Moment 18 days ago

    This man needs his own television series…. Now.

  • Chelsea Beaupierre
    Chelsea Beaupierre Month ago

    This guy is a lot funnier than I expected XD

  • Successful_Manager
    Successful_Manager Month ago

    Decentralized finance fits him perfectly!😂

  • Space Dino
    Space Dino 2 months ago +6947

    he’s slowly getting more insane as the video goes on

  • James Nuku
    James Nuku Month ago

    He is inspiring in a seriously funny way 🙂

  • Tea Parker
    Tea Parker 22 days ago

    This is so funny, but he makes me cry at the same time 👏

  • Kjws Mother
    Kjws Mother Month ago

    I like him 🤣😂🤣🤣 even though he’s what I imagine my anxiety looks like

  • Charles Hamilton
    Charles Hamilton Month ago +2

    Dude needs to be an actor immediately, if that's not what's going on already LOL

  • Random Name
    Random Name Month ago +4948

    “Do you ever just think about jumpin fro- okay” *intrusive thoughts*

  • Tiger9294
    Tiger9294 Month ago

    My favorite video of this Rent in NY… has me rolling 😂

  • Gigi Tulip
    Gigi Tulip 29 days ago

    The way he covered his mouth about the fridge like it was a freak accident 😂😂

  • OFW'S WITH FARMS : a place to share your thoughts

    Should make it as a shelter house while the employees are working at home!😂

  • Orange Bottle
    Orange Bottle Month ago

    great vibe for a manhattan suit. cool guy

  • caramel coffee cloud
    caramel coffee cloud 2 months ago +4171

    someone hire this guy for like a movie or something his own personality is straight up perfect for it

    • Bearical
      Bearical Month ago +2

      i could see him in a show like how i met your mother or something

    • Humble
      Humble Month ago +27

      ​@JbatI think he is doing a great job, and that's why we are noticing and thinking the same thing that he belongs in show business.

    • Jbat
      Jbat Month ago +7

      ….he’s clearly already acting here and not doing that good if we’re being honest 😕

    • JayeFreeman91
      JayeFreeman91 Month ago +2

      Our lives our story

    • Nikolas
      Nikolas Month ago +16

      My exact sentiments! 😭😭💀

  • Brittney Popovitch
    Brittney Popovitch Month ago

    For a stressed person he’s funny 😁

  • D Davis
    D Davis Month ago +42

    "Hello? Who's that" "it's opportunity" 😂 I like that.

  • TrapKoda😈🐻
    TrapKoda😈🐻 29 days ago +12

    “Hello ?
    Who’s that ?
    Oh it’s an opportunity “ yup this guy is legit 😂

  • mi girl
    mi girl Month ago +1

    I love this. Poor dude. 😄 He should do comedy 🤣

  • RHK
    RHK Month ago +618

    Uff, his stress level is so high. He's very straight forward.

    JOURDY’S WORLD 🤍 20 days ago

    This man is going to be on Netflix or something very soon I call it now!!!

  • Kadlin28
    Kadlin28 17 days ago

    "Ever think of jumping fr- okay"
    This man explained my daily routine in one sentence

  • Smallstudio Design
    Smallstudio Design 25 days ago

    He’s like my husband when he was young starting start ups … now he’s so mellow … older, successful & well-off 💕 … this guy will get there with perseverance.

  • Fernando Fernandez
    Fernando Fernandez Month ago +1

    Give this guy a sitcom 😆

  • Aparajita
    Aparajita Month ago +413

    Unsure if he needs a Counsellor or a hammer.
    Some nervous, anxious, exciting, chaotic energy he has.
    Love him.

    • Kory Ogden
      Kory Ogden Month ago +1

      Mad but high on life

    • Emma Biran zeiring
      Emma Biran zeiring Month ago +11

      He might need a fridge tho. Then I’m pretty sure he’ll be fine.

  • Paola Guzmán Bravo

    I want to yell at empty spaces like him. I just wake up as stressed as if I had an empty office where I used to have a fridge and I don't own any of that. I feel related.

  • We’re all gay bro

    I want to be friend with this man 😂😂

  • Minolta Araya
    Minolta Araya Month ago

    “Decentralized finance…” It’s crypto y’all 😭🤣👏🏾 Nihilism warranted, this guy is great. 😍❤️

  • SadHeaux
    SadHeaux Month ago +1

    Someone get this man a hallmark movie role his acting is so cheesy it’s perfect or a netflix series

  • imnothereforthefood
    imnothereforthefood 2 months ago +731

    This guy is a born entertainer and you can't convince me he's an office worker

    • Paladium
      Paladium 2 months ago +6

      Absolutely 💯

  • Juuko Isaac
    Juuko Isaac Month ago

    I love this guy's energy

  • En4m3y
    En4m3y 25 days ago

    This was actually really good 😂

  • Heather P
    Heather P 18 days ago

    "How many places in Manhattan can you just stare at a brick wall" got me dying

  • Adriana Martinez
    Adriana Martinez Month ago

    Interview him again in 6 months...that would be so cool 💯

  • Weffrey
    Weffrey 2 months ago +38547

    “Hello? Who is that??”
    “Oh, it’s Opportunity”
    Killed me

  • Arty Mars
    Arty Mars 21 day ago +1

    He’s a maniac I love it 😂

  • ༈෴ะGloria Regaliะ෴༈

    He's like a walking sitcom🤣

  • Max Soroka
    Max Soroka Month ago

    i like this dude. he's hilarious!

  • vijayan vishnu
    vijayan vishnu Month ago

    So basically everything he owns is decentralized, from the home to suits ,who knows even more

  • A Lonely Chocolate Bar
    A Lonely Chocolate Bar 2 months ago +10727

    "How many places in Manhattan can you just stare at a brick wall?"

    • Frog on the bike
      Frog on the bike 2 months ago +9

      @Cønner ψ sometimes, but then the window won't budge to open

    • H A
      H A 2 months ago +15

      Lol its expensive enough to stare at.

    • Cønner ψ
      Cønner ψ 2 months ago +131

      "This is beautiful man, do you ever think of jumping from"

  • DJmarie
    DJmarie 24 days ago +11

    “Shut Up” 💀 got me on the floor!

  • Amanda McBride
    Amanda McBride Month ago

    This guy is awesome😂

  • Esoteric Enigma
    Esoteric Enigma Month ago

    Dude this one was absolute gold lmfao

  • Spilled Juice
    Spilled Juice 20 days ago

    "Oh good, exam gloves"
    *starts putting them on* 😂😂

  • Leftover Takeout Food
    Leftover Takeout Food Month ago +969

    Bro is so passive aggressive and it’s making me wanna apply to this workplace shit, I ain’t never went to college but sign me tf to that job mhm mhm

    • pau l
      pau l Month ago +1

      you dont need a degree fore that kind of job just a passion to work with people earn money and be trainable

    • Basil Valentine
      Basil Valentine Month ago +10

      He's got the kind of energy you could like to stand for maybe 22 minutes plus commercials, once a week.

  • Bourass Idris
    Bourass Idris Month ago

    this dude is hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Gavin Pate
    Gavin Pate 17 days ago

    Really smart on what y'all did here. Hope you get it sold

  • Pinkrevenge101
    Pinkrevenge101 Month ago +2

    this feels like a movie lol I love him

  • Th1ng51n33d2say
    Th1ng51n33d2say 22 days ago +1

    This guy is just adorable lol. I'm in stitches!

  • Caely Clifford
    Caely Clifford 2 months ago +2441

    Dudes in the middle of a crisis giving a tour of his office. I love it

    • israel campbell
      israel campbell 2 months ago

      @Pie Squared dont check your crawl space, no one drilled a whole in the wall and dumped 3k cock roaches inside

    • Pie Squared
      Pie Squared 2 months ago +2

      Don’t click my profile🥶

    • Diamond Beast53
      Diamond Beast53 2 months ago +36

      "There was a fridge there" only getting worst for him

    • Ruth Bird
      Ruth Bird 2 months ago +43

      Passive aggressive

  • Anthony Rudolph
    Anthony Rudolph Month ago

    Pure New Yorker stress at it's finest that man is on the edge 😂🤣 I don't miss that stress but I will always love New York

  • Jaster Mereel
    Jaster Mereel Month ago

    This guy is hilarious!

  • pallas275
    pallas275 Month ago

    Bro this got me flashbacks of wall street

  • BrandonL Rushman
    BrandonL Rushman 25 days ago

    He giving “American psycho” vibes and I’m living for it! 🔥

  • K C
    K C Month ago +627

    “Hey man are you ok”
    “Yeah I’m fine🫠😐”

    • Belizean Gal
      Belizean Gal Month ago +3

      But I seriously hope that he is ok.

  • Charise Sowells
    Charise Sowells  Month ago

    this is the epitome of timing is everything

  • Taylor's Lyrics ♫
    Taylor's Lyrics ♫ Month ago +22

    He reminds me of Shawn mendes for some reason.. anyone else?
    Maybe because of how chill he is, loud he talks, and how aggressively he said “yeah I’m fine” 😂

  • Live, Laugh, Love, LOKI!

    "Kind of company are you guys?"
    "OH were a decentralized financr company"
    "Whats that?"
    SHUT UP!!!
    Had me weak!!!

  • Girl in the Striped Sweater 🏳️‍🌈

    First second I saw him and I totally clocked him as an NYC finance bro 😂

  • Misha
    Misha Month ago +3142

    What’s that?
    “Shut up”
    Priceless I’m dying 😩
    Edit: mum Get the camera I’m famous!!

    • dill smacker
      dill smacker 28 days ago +1

      @Misha your 10 view videos are really popular 🤡

    • Misha
      Misha 28 days ago

      @dill smacker my fame 😎😎

    • dill smacker
      dill smacker 28 days ago

      @Misha jealous of what exactly?

    • Misha
      Misha 28 days ago

      @dill smacker jealously got the best of you 😏

    • Don SQ
      Don SQ Month ago

      Famouse is the new word for stupid.

  • t0nyxgq
    t0nyxgq 24 days ago

    $6400/mo for an office space of that size is outstanding!!

  • dipset
    dipset Month ago

    The look on his face when he said they were a "Decentralized finance company", while putting on the glove...

  • Gboyega Okunoye
    Gboyega Okunoye Month ago +4

    Yeah, he needs a TV show

    • WestyC
      WestyC 15 days ago

      Agreed. He has a great personality!