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Reaction to Cowboys-49ers, Bengals-Bills, Giants-Eagles, NFL Playoff Divisional Rd. | Colin Cowherd

  • Published on Feb 4, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Aron
    Aron 13 days ago +1059

    Cowboys doing cowboy things. The universe remains balanced

    • 1burnman
      1burnman 10 days ago


    • Charlie
      Charlie 11 days ago

      @Comedic Genuis yo team is trash

    • Michael Martinez
      Michael Martinez 11 days ago

      It's sad though, I Love Hating the Great CowBoy Teams!!!

    • Kenneth Ng
      Kenneth Ng 12 days ago

      @Comedic Genuis u cant even beat one guy lol

    • Jon Schlottig
      Jon Schlottig 12 days ago

      @Riley Haley crazy. That's badass.

  • CIA Murdered JFK
    CIA Murdered JFK 13 days ago +204

    This game has to be a real gut punch to Bill Mafia.
    Losing a competitive game is one thing. To be dominated from start to finish on your own home field is another.

    • Swigword
      Swigword 11 days ago

      @Rodolfo Hilliard Lol HE DID ACTUALLY DIE GENUIS! He got brought to life idiot.

    • Anthony Jones
      Anthony Jones 12 days ago

      I'm glad the Bengals won, they definitely deserved it after the disrespect from the NFL. Why didn't they consider compensating them for that canceled game when they could've won and had the #2 seed in a tie-breaker?

    • Gary Leahy
      Gary Leahy 12 days ago +1

      The last few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster for this team and the last two games have basically been given to Josh Allen to win with his legs. Way too one dimensional. Fortunately, he did spread it around a little in this game, but Cincy was too well balanced. Their ability to run the ball with relative ease surprised me a little, especially with the injuries they've had on the offensive line.

    • Austyn Wright
      Austyn Wright 12 days ago +1

      Bills have no run game, and the loss of Von Miller was more devastating than anyone could have imagined. Think the OC was calling plays just to call plays, there was no plan or scheme.

    • Wat
      Wat 12 days ago +1

      especially after a great regular season.

  • steele smith
    steele smith 13 days ago +223

    Not a niners fan but I felt like purdy did everything you could hope for scrambling on the plays he was pressured to not get sacked and then delivered whenever he had time against a very good pass rush. The one almost interception was initially tipped and he was very accurate.

  • andgainingspeed
    andgainingspeed 13 days ago +118

    Kudos to Shanahan for not giving up on the run, even though it didn't yield results until the 2nd half, after the Cowboys defense started running out of gas. When Prescott had the chance to bail out his defense after they picked him up following his picks, he was not up to the task.

    • Branden Furlow
      Branden Furlow 13 days ago +1

      @george way flawed logic. The Niners always weigh on the opposing defense 2nd half. The physicality always shows in the end.

    • Deez
      Deez 13 days ago +1

      @george way remember the Giants are not the Niners.

    • Smoovy
      Smoovy 13 days ago +1

      facts shanahan stuck to his game plan of running it down their throats & just pounding. it takes a toll on a defense

    • drbob s82
      drbob s82 13 days ago +1

      We’ll see…

    • george way
      george way 13 days ago +1

      ya ... but that's not going to happen against philadelphia ( mr . purdy and the running game will be getting their collective butts handed to them ... ) and mr hurts is not mr prescott ... ) the niners are about to run into a nightmare ... on both side of the ball .......

  • Nerveroxis
    Nerveroxis 13 days ago +66

    Burrow has the passing touch of prime Drew Brees, dude is handing the ball to his receivers while 30 yards away. Only a handful of QBs in NFL history can throw a covered receiver open and Burrow is one of those guys.

    • James Sanders
      James Sanders 6 days ago

      @Skye Horvath That is a lie. Burrow is running an easy system. With big time receivers. Burrow can't hold Elway's jock.

    • Skye Horvath
      Skye Horvath 9 days ago

      @James Sanders Elway never looked half as good as Burrow at the same age. Do not for one second compare Elway to Montana. Nonsense. Elway was Bernie Kosar with an arm, nothing more.

    • James Sanders
      James Sanders 10 days ago

      @Skye Horvath Elway played in a very different system and when he was young, he was a show-off because he was a superior QB and gunslinger. He learned in the WCO that he just needed to pass in the pocket and make it easy. Elway is a superior QB and don't you dare say Burrow even sniffs him. Montana's own coach was going to trade a prime Montana for Elway - Elway was that good homie.

    • Livinthedream
      Livinthedream 11 days ago

      @Skye Horvath Dan is just one of the rag time gang. He's such a nice guy it's hard for anyone to get down on him. But I could see him just liking Elway because he was a back in the day guy and Dan likes to reminisce. Truthfully I never liked Elway cause he looks like a self absorbed stuck up prick. He could be a cool guy but he sure gives off a scumbags air of importance. Lol

    • Skye Horvath
      Skye Horvath 11 days ago +1

      Watch throw after throw from Burrow, then replay some donkey garbage throws with Elway.
      How can Dan Patrick and every fool in donkey land claim that Elway is a top 5 passer in nfl history. They are all high.
      Over the next 5-8 years Burrow, Mahomes, Lawrence, Allen, Purdy, and that kid at the Chargers will put smiles on many faces with their accomplishments.

  • 0168196250
    0168196250 13 days ago +411

    Joe burrow is the real deal….. control the game masterfully in a bad weather.

    • Matthew Alexander
      Matthew Alexander 12 days ago

      @YothyThoty "Arguably", being the key word here. Many would argue he's not the best. I think you can put him on there for now, but 10 years from now, I believe Burrow is viewed as the QB with the best career. But saying the Chiefs were going to end up beating ANY team by 30 is a garbage statement.

    • YothyThoty
      YothyThoty 12 days ago

      @You think you know Me Mahomes arguably best of the bunch 😴. Be would’ve lost by 30 to these chiefs

    • Narbalous
      Narbalous 12 days ago

      @Chris Hunt Facts ≠ excuses

    • Matthew Alexander
      Matthew Alexander 12 days ago

      @Ryan Bradshaw I never said Allen had zero good throws. As I said, I thought he played well, all things considered, with the exception of a few boneheaded mistakes. I also think he got helped by the officiating crew, especially on his 2nd fumble ruled as a "pass". The ball literally dislodged before his hand started going forward, it was a ridiculous overturn.
      You act as if stats are gospel. Burrow didn't need to throw the ball 42 times like Josh Allen did. Burrow also had a rating and completion percentage FAR higher than Allen had...is there a reason you're not posting those stats, or are you just going to cherry pick your favorites? Josh Allen literally picked up about 100 yards during garbage time. Does that show up on your "tape"? Not everyone is going to agree with you when you start saying these two QBs played at an even level, I hope you DO realize this lol.

    • Ryan Bradshaw
      Ryan Bradshaw 12 days ago

      @Matthew Alexander Lmao I watched the game back with attention to film and to credit Burrow with only slim windows is patently false. I acknowledged that Allen missed a couple throws. He also was negated by a couple dropped passes. Buffalo stayed over the top so Burrow made efficient throws that were essentially checkdowns most the time. We already know he throws with precision but that majority came in the 1st qtr and early 2nd.
      Unbiased? I quite literally am giving you the most unbiased take with actual stats. You gave opinionated analysis. We ARE arguing the passing offenses being identical when the main impact was execution in the running game that allowed the passing game to take easy chunk plays. When the passing games in fact did equate to nearly identical stats then you can look to the details of what actually drove them apart, line play/running game.
      Allen threw mostly open? I mean genuinely throwing into double coverages Gabe Davis, his sideline throw to Gabe Davis was about as slim margin as any throw. If anything you can harp on his read of the defense but once again no on credits the other side of the ball, of the bengals defense either. I know the context of the game but I’m getting argued how they weren’t close but they were. The main factor which I detailed over and over was the pressure Allen experienced on 3 man rushes and lack of gameplan by Ken Dorsey. He didn’t set them up for success versus the Benglas gave Burrow quick reads for quick gains and then some shots when they were available, very Brady like. He had a couple reads like the Chase td that was a defensive bust because the LBs and Corners played up trying to keep them in front. And stay before the first down marker, completely losing chase on the post which Burrow took and that’s an easy td in the eyes of a qb.
      There’s nothing biased. I’m not a buffalo fan. I like Burrow and Allen the same. It’s just insane to me that people don’t look at the game actually from the standpoint of what actually was the cause for success/failure. Just hot takes on quarterbacks without any understanding of what caused these circumstances. Intangibles by default is not anything objective lol. I don’t need to argue this further. The tape and stats tell the story.

  • DM
    DM 13 days ago +15

    Don't want to hear about how Buffalo lost the game. Clearly they weren't the better team today. Lets talk about the Bengals and how it's scary that with backup offensive lineman they just smoked the Bills.

    • JtotheT
      JtotheT 13 days ago

      Bills Defense was overrated to begin with. They were hardly getting at QBs all season and only play nickel zone schemes.

  • rubbersole
    rubbersole 13 days ago +75

    Brock Purdy's amazing. 7-0 in the reg. season and 2-0 in the playoffs, and not one mistake today.

    • The Point Gawd
      The Point Gawd 12 days ago +2

      He had multiple bad passes not be intercepted one of his passes hit trevon diggs in the chest dak was just ATROCIOUS 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • David Petrosky
      David Petrosky 12 days ago

      @Golden Wook wasn't referring to his play. Was commenting on the question of why it's not praised as much as some believe it should be. I agree he's played very well. Was just saying, had he come onto a 2-9 Texans team, and led them to where he has, he'd get a lot more love. The fact that the niners are top three team in the entire league, is why it's tempered a bit.

    • Golden Wook
      Golden Wook 12 days ago

      @David Petrosky its not normal at all...in fact, it is completely abnormal for any rookie qb, let alone a 7th rounder, on any team stacked or not to reel off 6 wins in the regular season then 2 in the playoffs...the kid also led the league in almost every meaningful passing stat during those 6 games...thats normal? Ok.

    • David Petrosky
      David Petrosky 13 days ago +1

      @Golden Wook You act like it's not normal. That's life. You're not going to get as much credit, working with something that's stacked, as you would, taking something mediocre, and elevating them.

    • Golden Wook
      Golden Wook 13 days ago +1

      @denroy3 dak was bad. But the story is big 🐓 brock, the last pick in the draft leading the team to the nfc championship. For every fanboy there are about 50 haters who dont give this kid credit for what he is doing.

  • Nathan
    Nathan 13 days ago +19

    Definitely the best final 4. I don't think there are any flukes with this outcome.

    • Robert Catlett
      Robert Catlett 12 days ago +1

      Nailed it governor! I couldn't agree more. We're looking at a handsome playoff.

  • Gabbagool
    Gabbagool 13 days ago +81

    Dak “We wanted this matchup” Prescott 😂😂😭

    • Marc D
      Marc D 12 days ago

      Dak shouldn't have said that

      CONSOLETRUTH2 13 days ago +2

      If ever trhe phrase "Be careful what you wish for..." ever applied...

    • Kelsey Kjarsgaard
      Kelsey Kjarsgaard 13 days ago +1


    • LoloLomo
      LoloLomo 13 days ago +6

      Dak is almost required to say BS like that. Should zip it up next time.

    • Christian Gonzalez
      Christian Gonzalez 13 days ago +4

      Did he? 😂😂😂

  • Jonathan Haven
    Jonathan Haven 13 days ago +24

    The thing about the Bengals offensive line though is that it might actually be better now than it was before the injuries. Jackson Carman is way bigger and stronger than Jonah Williams, Adeniji is quicker and more athletic than La'el Collins at this point of his career, and Sharping is a serviceable player to fill in for Alex Kappa. Carman and Adeniji are younger players who are arguably still developing and getting better.

    • Easy E Network
      Easy E Network 12 days ago

      @BenHe only gave up one sack to Baltimore, I believe. Though he is sort of the reason Burrow almost got wiped out.

    • Easy E Network
      Easy E Network 12 days ago

      Cappa was the big one that hurt. He was an anchor. Karras admitted Capps was his confidante.

    • Ben
      Ben 13 days ago

      Idk man, I’m not quite sold on Carmen yet. We’ll see how he holds up to the Chiefs Dline

    • JtotheT
      JtotheT 13 days ago +6

      It might be but honestly the Bills D line and defense as a whole was overrated all season.

  • Networth
    Networth 13 days ago +104

    "Dak is a good Quarterback, but he needs a lot of pieces around him. He is not the type of player that will put the team on his shoulders and will them to victory." - Jimmy Johnson

    • Easy E Network
      Easy E Network 12 days ago

      Jimmy was a,ways a decent evaluator of talent I thought.

    • Barbara Lovenvirth
      Barbara Lovenvirth 13 days ago +1

      You can stop after "not a great QB"

    • my account
      my account 13 days ago

      @Billy DaBaus who was ravens QB who was carried all way?

    • my account
      my account 13 days ago

      Neat, pretty much say that aboutevey quarterback

    • Billy DaBaus
      Billy DaBaus 13 days ago +1

      Except you need an elite QB in this pass heavy Era of the NFL to win a Superbowl. We are now starting to see that with the QBs remaining in the playoffs. Currently, Purdy is good enough to get you to a Superbowl but he won't be the reason why they would win it. If Purdy continues to grow beyond this season, he will become an elite QB.

  • David
    David 13 days ago +20

    Bengals org needs credit for flipping a switch after 16 years. Fired Marvin, stuck with Zac, FINALLY active in free agency, brought in burrow and sold the name to pay him. Thank you!!

    • Rinavani 1300
      Rinavani 1300 12 days ago

      Marvin Lewis kept his job entirely too long.

    • troy mash
      troy mash 12 days ago

      @Gracialon Ignasiver Katie Blackburn deserves a ton of credit for changing the culture there as she's taken over running the show in Cincy.

    • Gracialon Ignasiver
      Gracialon Ignasiver 13 days ago

      I mean, 10+ seasons of top draft picks helps...
      Last season ESPN read a stat that the Bengals' were nearly all 1st and 2nd round draft Picks with a few 3rd rounders thrown in.
      On top of that they, got the no brainer best college QB in the last 10 seasons, and added a no brainer #1 WR in Chase.

    • Polish Pimp
      Polish Pimp 13 days ago

      You also hit on your draft picks which helps a lot.

    • Kevin J
      Kevin J 13 days ago

      Hopefully they keep Mike Brown in the background, not making decisions. He's always been a tightwad idiot. Check their records after his Dad Paul Brown died in 1991. The 90's were horrendous. Keep it up Katie! And Joe Burrow is the Real Deal!

  • Rek Rad
    Rek Rad 13 days ago +14

    Loved the Bengals-Bills game. Beat up O line and Joe made my day! 😁🎉 on to KC.

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog 13 days ago +502

    Purdy is just really solid. doesn't make dumb mistakes, knows where to miss, makes the easy lay ups, hits the hard stuff enough, and is mature. i'd take him

    • SHAWN
      SHAWN 11 days ago +1

      Until he meets a real defense that's seasoned..

    • Kirk Trussell
      Kirk Trussell 12 days ago

      Easy layups?? LOL, Purdy threw 5 or 6 big time, laser passes in the game. What you smoking?

    • The Point Gawd
      The Point Gawd 12 days ago

      He threw the ball into trevon diggs chest yesterday and the ball just wasn’t caught he does dumb shit and a good defense like the Eagles will take advantage

    • Parithian
      Parithian 12 days ago

      @Carlos Peraza all just a bunch of haters who don't know shit about football. Watch them disappear when there teams have losing seasons. Best just to laugh at em

    • Parithian
      Parithian 12 days ago

      @Lars Svensen Josh Allen is overrated and gives the ball away. Not impressive

  • Dangitdan
    Dangitdan 13 days ago +30

    A one footed Mahomes is most likely going to have to wait till next year to beat Burrow and the Bengals defense.

    • Ryan Gulley
      Ryan Gulley 12 days ago

      He hasn't yet what makes you think he would have healthy

    • Cowboy
      Cowboy 13 days ago +2

      Jimmy G had a high ankle sprain a few years ago and it took over 6 weeks for him to recover. I think Curry was out for 2 months with a past ankle injury. I'd be very surprise if Mahomes starts. Bengals will probably win next week.

  • Karl Malone
    Karl Malone 13 days ago +42

    The only thing Colin hates more than defensive coaches is Aaron Rodgers.

  • Gifted Ruler
    Gifted Ruler 13 days ago +9

    The bengals look like a dynasty team. Them boys are gonna get a ring this year

  • Eric Hickman
    Eric Hickman 13 days ago +14

    The Bengals are just good defensively and Offensively regardless of injuries.

    • Wesss
      Wesss 13 days ago +5

      Also best coached team in the league

  • Josh
    Josh 13 days ago +255

    I enjoy Colin’s takes on the volume more than his show, and I really like the show.

    • Jim Brown
      Jim Brown 13 days ago

      The podcast like real time. The show is a show.

    • Isaiah Hunter
      Isaiah Hunter 13 days ago

      I’m pretty sure he drinks when he watches the games sometimes that wine gets him loose 🤣

    • Jazz
      Jazz 13 days ago

      @Crandon Borth he still does his stupid takes acting like offensive coaches can do no wrong. This dude keeps trying to push a stupid narrative

    • Vegeta King
      Vegeta King 13 days ago

      @magicvoice31 Ding ding ding winner winner chicken dinner! We've a winner here ladies & gents! This man right here nailed it on the mothafucking spot with his comment 👍👍👍💯💯💯 Good shit yo! Stay safe & god bless! Peace ✌️

    • magicvoice31
      magicvoice31 13 days ago +8

      He's "dancin' for the man" on FS1..he's his real self here

  • Shaydy Luke
    Shaydy Luke 13 days ago +4

    Ima eagles fan. Purdy earned my respect today. Extremely hard to do that in the NFL. Super competitive league. Dallas played him very tough. Idk if there’s any kind of regression from him against Philly or next yr. But it’s clear the kid has more experience than Trey lance through college and now in the pros.

  • Didier Duplantier
    Didier Duplantier 13 days ago +13

    That last play by the Cowboys said it all about them. Zeke as the only offensive lineman, so the rest of the players on the field were playing receivers, yet Dak threw 7 yards down the field with 2 seconds left on the clock 😂

  • Nonewhere Listens
    Nonewhere Listens 13 days ago +40

    Purdy impressed me. Quickly scans the passing route options and quickly delivers a strike to his receivers. How he handles Philly's rush will be the only question mark I have about him for next week.

    • drbob s82
      drbob s82 12 days ago +1

      @Wow do it you’re wrong. Time will tell.

    • Gary Leahy
      Gary Leahy 12 days ago +1

      @Wow do it Give the kid a little credit. Did you see him thread the needle at least 5-6 times into double and triple coverage right on the money? No, didn't think so. He didn't turn the over, Dak threw two picks and could've thrown two more. His decisions were solid and didn't make any stupid "rookie" mistakes. As the most important player on the offensive side, I think he did pretty well, especially going against Dallas' defense. Not too bad for a kid who's only started 7 games (won them all) against a guy who's started nearly 100. They may lose to Philly, or may get to and lose the Super Bowl, but I think he's alright as a rookie, given the stakes and stage.

    • Ow Lova
      Ow Lova 12 days ago

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    • Catch These Shanahands👊🏾
      Catch These Shanahands👊🏾 12 days ago +1

      @Nonewhere Listens 🧾 I'll be back!

    • Gracialon Ignasiver
      Gracialon Ignasiver 13 days ago +4

      This is gonna be Cooper Rush all over again. Backup QB looking elite until he plays that Eagles defense and they get behind early so he's forced to throw more downfield. Brought Cooper Rush back down to Earth, and it'll most likely play out the same with with Purdy.

  • saul lederer
    saul lederer 12 days ago +3

    This was one of my favorite herd clips! Felt like genuine thoughts and brainstorming rather than persuasion.

  • ShadowCaster3214
    ShadowCaster3214 13 days ago +162

    Even as a 49ers fan, I have to say the Cowboys earned my respect for this game, more specifically, the defense did. You can tell it was a huge defensive game with such low scoring. You could tell it was the number 1 defense vs the number 5. The defense played their ass off. In my opinion the cowboys are just missing pieces offensively. Zeke hasn’t been the same since his pay day and outside of Lamb and Pollard no one is really consistent, especially Dak up and down as always. Even Pollard tapered off a little but the offense needs more weapons or a better QB. Good game to the team and to the fans. Wasn’t easy.

    • Somerset Bassett
      Somerset Bassett 13 days ago

      I think the cowboys defensive scheme was solid af too.

    • Anthony Savedra
      Anthony Savedra 13 days ago

      Very true. BtW what happened to Pollard? U guys know if he broke ankle or??

    • Victor Vasconcellos
      Victor Vasconcellos 13 days ago

      The Cowboys are worse than the Eagles in every single position and sector, except special teams. And it still was a hard game for the 9ers.
      This showed me the 9ers have cracks on their armor and actually bleed. If it bleeds, it can be killed. Next week will be a great game.

    • Mel Turnboo
      Mel Turnboo 13 days ago

      @Jay Rulez Same with eagles and you know Shanahan played basic football lol! Save best for last

    • Billy DaBaus
      Billy DaBaus 13 days ago

      @Matthew Guerra but couldn't get back ever since. Hence why he was traded for Stafford who got the job done. Heck, even a 45 year old Tom Brady with the O-line, weapons, and defense that Trash Pisscott has would have beaten this Niners team. Pisscott is just not that guy. I think the current playoffs are showing us that in this pass heavy Era of the NFL, you need an elite QB to win a Superbowl. Jalen Hurts has vaulted himself into that Elite QB conversation and I believe he will be the reason why the Eagles will beat the Niners in the AFC championship game.

  • Jimmy Vara
    Jimmy Vara 13 days ago +14

    Bangles Got what it Takes this Year to Win it All! I Believe It’s Their Year! Burrows is One Bad Dude!

    • kcorpora1
      kcorpora1 12 days ago +1

      I hope you are right

  • das_man
    das_man 13 days ago +12

    As a Bills fan that game hurt but I honestly can't be that mad. After all the bullshit this year I think we had a pretty good season and the Bengals are the real deal.

    • Ben
      Ben 13 days ago

      I, along with everybody else, was expecting a shootout just like the Bills/Chiefs Divisional game last season. After this game though, I gotta be honest but the offense just doesn’t seem as high powered as it was when Brian Daboll was there. It was a let down in all reality because this was such a highly anticipated game.

    • Denazify Ukrainsky
      Denazify Ukrainsky 13 days ago +3

      🙏 for Hamlin's full recovery. ❤️#3

  • GeraltofTexas
    GeraltofTexas 13 days ago +9

    Cowboys fan living in Dallas here. Safe to say the veil has been lifted, we can’t go on a deep run with Dak. That defense gave us every chance. Dak throws no picks, we win. Regardless what happened to Pollard.

    • Gorilla Pimp
      Gorilla Pimp 13 days ago

      Hahahaha right all that fcng loser had to do was basically NOTHING an they would a won lmfao

    • Fe R
      Fe R 13 days ago +1

      @Gris Sotelo yup. Beat up weak teams all year. Hyped on beating the 8-9 Buccaneers

    • Gris Sotelo
      Gris Sotelo 13 days ago +1

      As a cowboys fan living in Frisco. Dakota is overrated. He can’t win against good teams.

  • Esdras Aldana
    Esdras Aldana 13 days ago +13

    Purdy is been so close to making a mistake! But ALMOST doesn’t count 😂😂😂

  • Mike Hernandez
    Mike Hernandez 13 days ago +11

    Dak got outplayed by a Rookie quarterback!! Humiliating!

    • B Cornel
      B Cornel 13 days ago

      So did Brady a few weeks back

  • Allan S
    Allan S 13 days ago +11

    Terrific discussion as always. Your unscripted analysis is so remarkable !! Out of the 4 quarterbacks left Burrows scares me the most -what a gladiator he doesn't care where he plays or under what conditions

  • zType
    zType 13 days ago +4

    100% agree with the takeaway from the Bills... as a Bills fan you never know what to get offensively as far as play calling, there's no identity. And the lack of adjustments time and time again by both Sean Mcdermott and Leslie Frazier has been embarrassing in the postseason.

  • Anton Chigurh
    Anton Chigurh 13 days ago +5

    Dak actually did his darndest to complete 5 INT's except the 49 receivers had fumble fingers

  • Numb Mind
    Numb Mind 13 days ago +28

    Hubbard and Henrickson do a good job of keeping QBs in the pocket that like to run.

    • Easy E Network
      Easy E Network 12 days ago

      @Nathan McClungAnd with a healing broken wrist.

    • Nathan McClung
      Nathan McClung 12 days ago +2

      I'm interested to see how well a banged up mahomes fairs against them. Hendrickson almost did some serious damage to Josh Allen.

  • Anthony Sanchez
    Anthony Sanchez 13 days ago +4

    Purdy just came off of starting 4 straight years at Iowa State with 4 years of winning records. He's poised in the pocket and mobile. Not the typical rookie.

  • King Engine
    King Engine 13 days ago +3

    He wanted Dallas to go for it on 4th & 10 from their own 15 with 4 minutes and 3 timeouts left. Seems like a great way to make the 49ers win by 2 TD’s

  • BenFrankFriendly
    BenFrankFriendly 13 days ago +6

    Colin you the only person that really give us our just do. The bengals have been under looked for two years . Everyone else was thinking last year was luck. And I just love how we proving everyone wrong. But you . Appreciate you . Nice to see someone that sees what we see in Ohio . Who Dey!

  • Michael McIntosh
    Michael McIntosh 13 days ago +18

    Can’t blame McCarthy for punting on 4 and 10 on your own 20 when you’re already losing by 7 with 2 and half minutes left and you’ve got all your times outs. To try and get a stop and get the ball back. Which they did. So I think that was the right call under the circumstances

    • Orange Viper AU
      Orange Viper AU 13 days ago

      Mccarthy is a hack, ok 12 wins seasons but what a really bad decisions

    • Phillyd 0712
      Phillyd 0712 13 days ago +2

      I’m an Eagles fan and I told my Cowboy fan friend while we were watching the game that punting right there was the right move. If you don’t convert right there, San Fran likely scores and ends the game. The defense was playing pretty sound so punt and give them a chance to get you the ball back… not that I thought Dallas was going to win anyway🤣

    • Timothy Ngan
      Timothy Ngan 13 days ago +4

      If mitchell stayed in bounds on the last first down run instead of running out..... the game would have been over before they even got the ball back.

    • Anthony Pallante
      Anthony Pallante 13 days ago

      Yup..awful punt.

    • casimir3636
      casimir3636 13 days ago

      Yeah I agree that’s probably what a great coach would do , Hats off to McCarthy With that call but what’s up with that last play? lol DAX That’s gotta hurt. I want him to win but he’s A turnover machine. He almost pulled it off I think, if Pollard didn’t get injured good football but this shit is sad

  • Jetplane Hollywood
    Jetplane Hollywood 13 days ago +3

    The Buffaloes definitely made defensive adjustments, they had to get out of zone when they realized that Burrow was going to completely eviscerate them if they didn't change their coverages

  • LZA Reefer
    LZA Reefer 13 days ago +15

    Eagles played such a great game yesterday but 49ers are in different league than giants hopefully its a great game and 49ers win but would not be surprised if eagles win

    • Leonardo Moore
      Leonardo Moore 12 days ago

      LZA Reefer the eagles will dismantle the niners just like they did the giants just wait and see.

    • David Nelson
      David Nelson 13 days ago

      @Daniel Trickey the eagles are a better team than the cowgirls. See either team winning tbh

    • Daniel Trickey
      Daniel Trickey 13 days ago +1

      Remember, Cowboys had a blow out too before this game.

  • Stevietooyoung
    Stevietooyoung 13 days ago +19

    Collin has progressed so much with his knowledge and takes on the NFL. he knows wtf he is talking about and articulates it flawlessly. Also go 49ERS we are going all the way this year we have everything we need.

    • BillyHawk
      BillyHawk 13 days ago

      Yea I have fallen into his trap too. Wait til the niners loose, he will tell you the most ‘obvious’ issues they have that he’s been telling us all along.😳 By the way Bill Belichick - defensive coach……..

    • Scyon13
      Scyon13 13 days ago

      Lmao yall gonna get massacred in philly playing like that...

    • Keyton
      Keyton 13 days ago +2

      Maybe you thought so because he only said good things about your 9ers… but I watched this whole thing and didn’t hear him say a single smart take the whole time. He talks about the obvious a lot, and overplays stupid narratives. His takes on adjustments, units, and coaches is all talk with 0 brain power and 0 experience.

    • Chuck Cartee
      Chuck Cartee 13 days ago +3

      You must be talking about after the games ...lol. Colin went 1-3 on his picks this weekend!! Hardly call that knows what he's talking about. He even missed the Bill's & Cowboys games straight up.

  • David Harrison
    David Harrison 13 days ago +3

    Eagles r loaded...they draft excellently...I knew giants were gonna be pummelled..been a giants fan 35 years...

  • Matthew Harmon
    Matthew Harmon 13 days ago +3

    Cincy Staff amazing. Mike Brown deserves credit. Bengals have spent money. Paul Brown would be so proud.

  • Brett Zimmerman
    Brett Zimmerman 13 days ago +8

    Love these post game posts Colin! I think the 49ers deserve to win today, they were the better team, and I was suprised that the Bills didn't show up today, but the conditions were horrible and it made it a pick'm game.

    • Brett Zimmerman
      Brett Zimmerman 12 days ago

      @Asteroid 2020 I'm a die hard Bears Fan, so doesn't matter to me, we are on the uptick.

    • Asteroid 2020
      Asteroid 2020 12 days ago +1

      @Brett Zimmerman doubt it. Buffalo sucks in every facet

    • Brett Zimmerman
      Brett Zimmerman 12 days ago

      @Asteroid 2020 A one and done game is always hard, give him another year, maybe they can adjust.

    • Brett Zimmerman
      Brett Zimmerman 12 days ago

      @Monnica I agree, they had home field advantage and didn't use it.

    • Asteroid 2020
      Asteroid 2020 12 days ago

      Josh Allen will not work out in buffalo. He should.demand a trade

  • The Casual Reviewer
    The Casual Reviewer 13 days ago +3

    LOTS of dropped passes by the Cowboys receivers.
    And yeah, Dak wasn't happening unfortunately, especially with those nasty INT's.
    I was wondering if they'd bench him for C-Rush in the 2nd half.
    Seems as though they play better 'as a team' with C-Rush.

  • War Peace
    War Peace 13 days ago

    One of your best reaction videos Colin. Hard to argue with any point you made and your insights on the Bills were very illuminating.
    In general, coaching is an underrated aspect of the game. It is the Cowboys biggest weakness. The one advantage Cowboys were supposed to have was QB and Dak got exposed as a "deer in the headlights". The poise of Purdy was a dramatic contrast.
    Cowboys play calling has improved last 3 seasons but is still poor. There are too many play designs that are head scratchers. Their use of plays often does not fit the situation. The way they use their weapons on offense looks more like a lucky dip than having an understand of who and what they are capable of. I can't see how they can improve significantly without addressing these coaching flaws even with a better QB.

  • p stick
    p stick 13 days ago +10

    Bills and the mafia fans were stunned when cinci scored on first drive , never recovered when they went up 14-0

  • Dylan Flynn
    Dylan Flynn 13 days ago +1

    Congrats to the bengala for making it to their second straight super bowl!

  • Jonathan S.
    Jonathan S. 13 days ago +3

    Giants had a disappointing end but a nice season. That was just a good ol' fashioned butt whooping. Shows they really need to rebuild but they have a coach and front office that is capable.

  • Ben Woods
    Ben Woods 13 days ago +273

    49ers vs Eagles will be a smash mouth game!

    • Vegeta King
      Vegeta King 9 days ago

      @christopher I think u just talked me into bettin the farm on Bengals bro lol. I kinda convinced myself talkin bout how good Bengals K is lol so let’s gooo Bengals+1 I’ma do Bengals-1.5 to get plus money at I think +115 or +120 which is pretty great odds imho for a pick em game💯💯💯 Goooo Bengalssssssssssss👍👍👍💯💯💯🙏🙏🙏🤞🤞🤞🤑🤑🤑

    • Vegeta King
      Vegeta King 9 days ago

      @christopher Yeah it’s ridiculous how good they’re on on O. The weapons on O for Bengals is fuckin absurd. Higgins is a legit #1 on most teams in the NFL so they’ve two #1 WRs on their O & then Hayden Hurst & Tyler Boyd is both some studs along with the 2 headed snakes at RBs they’ve. Plus the D is better imho than Chiefs but it is Mahomes in his house & that mfer is hard af to beat him at his house bcuz he’s just so good lol. Double team Kelce & let the chips fall where they may fall bcuz u can’t let Kelce get loose bcuz it opens up their whole O even with Tyreek being gone fishing lol🤣🤣🤣💯💯💯

    • Vegeta King
      Vegeta King 9 days ago

      @Michaeljackson69 Yeah I wudnt be too sure on that! Mahomes at home is fuckin deadly! So we'll see on Sunday can't wait! Both game is sooo freaking sick! Both matchups!

    • Vegeta King
      Vegeta King 9 days ago

      @California Patriot Nah before Hurts got hurt? It was a battle between em & Jalen had the small edge just bcuz of his team's record! But he baller also! Mahomes wasn't the clear cut MVP before Jalen got hurt c'mon now & I say that as a bigger fan of Mahomes than Hurts

    • California Patriot
      California Patriot 11 days ago

      @Melvin Fisher not a chance John

  • Phil Greco
    Phil Greco 13 days ago +1

    Been saying it for years…. Bills coaching ALWAYS is the weak link. This was the case in the 90s Super Bowl years as well. Always got out-coached in the biggest games. Frustrating and sad. I am not sure that the Bills current SB window hasn’t already closed. 😒

  • Angel Gonzalez
    Angel Gonzalez 13 days ago +2

    The Final Four is pretty much what was expected. Buffalo and Cincinnati was a coin flip

  • archie15900
    archie15900 13 days ago +1

    I've never been a big Colin Cowherd fan but I've been enjoying these segments on The Volume and his takes on the games have been good.

  • Tanner Stultz
    Tanner Stultz 13 days ago +20

    Burrow has come in a turned our Franchise into a future dynasty... There's not to many QBs like Joe..This Bengals team is built to win Football games and that's what they're doing.... These Bengals are getting a SUPERBOWL RING this year baby! WHO DEY 🧡🖤🧡🖤

  • Scott M
    Scott M 13 days ago +442

    Dak is a turnover machine.

    • Vegeta King
      Vegeta King 9 days ago +1

      @Mike Z Yeah I agree withchu bout Dak & Allen. Allen does be doin too much boneheaded plays💯💯💯

    • Big Load 992
      Big Load 992 12 days ago

      @Key Field 🤣🤣🤣

    • Big Load 992
      Big Load 992 12 days ago

      Dak being DAK

    • Easy E Network
      Easy E Network 12 days ago

      @RossYes they did. One resulted in a FG, right? They were in FG range when he threw the second INT.

    • Ross
      Ross 12 days ago

      @Shawn Hooton don't matter the better team won and for no reason Philadelphia will take them out tom.Brady was smart he could have beat Dallas but knew he will lose next game so way waste time travel for the reason

  • Taylor Bell
    Taylor Bell 13 days ago +9


  • Boycott the Suoerbowl
    Boycott the Suoerbowl 13 days ago +19


  • MAT.
    MAT. 13 days ago +16

    Burrow is the real deal 💪🏼

  • T. Scott
    T. Scott 13 days ago +2

    Spot on Colin! You are the Tom Brady/Joe Burrow of analysis!

  • Wint_62
    Wint_62 13 days ago +3

    Colin a massive miss on taking the Bills. Great job.

  • Matt
    Matt 13 days ago +4

    Josh Allen: same numbers as last year.
    Bills: better record than last year.
    Colin: "Josh Allen has regressed."

    • BayouBengal84
      BayouBengal84 12 days ago

      Allen regressed a tad over the extent of this season the last half of it for sure.

  • D4K4MVP
    D4K4MVP 13 days ago +2

    Purdy is Def playing the bus driver role perfect. Man it must be nice when your coach gets your players wide open 10 yards away with room to go after catch.. I love Burrow (hope he wins) but man it must be nice to have Chase Higgins Boyd Mixon. Kidding me 😆

  • djj
    djj 13 days ago +3

    the Steelers o-line was formidable in 2018, 2019, and 2020 btw... pouncey, decastro, feiler, Alejandro V., okorafor. they suffered from injury to Ben's elbow in 2019.
    The last season (2021) with Ben was a mess. Mostly due to an inflated cap! 5 years is not accurate.
    The bengals are a problem though. runner-up does not mean much!! Gotta finish. 🖤💛

  • Benjamin
    Benjamin 13 days ago +13

    Burrow been better than Allen just took a game to prove it. That’s why I couldn’t wait for this one. I still think Mahomes is better than Burrow despite Burrow being 4-0 but if Burrow wins next week…… idk mannn lol

    • Brice Hatcher
      Brice Hatcher 13 days ago

      @B Cornel Allen falling behind. Another year like this year and we'll be saying mahomes burrow and Lawrence instead of mahomes burrow and Allen.

    • Jay Desrouleaux
      Jay Desrouleaux 13 days ago

      Burrow on a better team by far

    • B Cornel
      B Cornel 13 days ago

      Nah, Allen is more talented but Burrow is on a better team. Eye test over the entire season has Allen and Mahomes as biggest football studs. Burrow is barely an athlete.

    • Mr Anarchy
      Mr Anarchy 13 days ago +3

      Mahomes is better than Burrow, if only marginally better. However, if Cincy beats KC again next week, I think a precedent is set, in that Zac Taylor is Andy Reid's kryptonite.

  • Satan
    Satan 13 days ago +5

    George Kittle has a connection with the 4th dimension that he reaches into at the most opportune time.

  • Jochen
    Jochen 12 days ago

    Those Playoffs played out great.. we are getting amazing games..

  • Man Of Chai Tea
    Man Of Chai Tea 13 days ago +1

    As a Bengals fan, while we have had amazing success against the chiefs, its the one team im super nervous about playing. We know what they can do, they move the ball obscenely well, mahomes is awesome.
    Our offense is just as good, the key factor is our defense, they just know how to shut KC down 2nd half. Some teams have anothers kryptonite, I feel that is us with KC. Yet, take Browns who usually dont have nearly as good as a team and we struggle. Sometimes I feel they have a copy of our playbook. It doesnt make sense but it happens.

  • The Nickerman
    The Nickerman 13 days ago +1

    The more things change the more they stay the same, for all the change in the NFL, the only new team in the final 4 is the eagles and they were picked by a lot of people to go to the superbowl this year

  • Cincy Whiskey
    Cincy Whiskey 13 days ago +5

    I just remembered when Burrow was drafted, Colin said his comp was Tony Romo lmao

  • michael dailey
    michael dailey 12 days ago

    Your Bolts /Bills comp was spot on !!! Both have superstars at QB , both have a young , defensive coach ( meaning success offensively means coaching turnover often ) , both rely way to much on their 6'6 gunslinger !!

  • Shruggz Da Str8-Faced Clown

    On Colin's prognostication re. the upcoming conference title games after this wknd's divisional round results and how the victors looked, I agree that the Bengals match-up well with the Chiefs. Especially now with Mahomes playing on one leg, I think Cincinnati definitely has a serious chance of besting the KC squad and in their effort to repeat as the AFC's representative in the Super Bowl. As for the NFC Conference Championship, even though I'm a Niners fan, I have a feeling that Brock's amazing run will come to an end against Philly. I think that the Eagles' dominating performance against their division rival, the Giants, on Sat. was a statement game wherein they were saying that they were not only the overwhelmingly superior team in that game but that they were ready for whomever would win in the other Divisional Round game, whether it be the '49ers or the Cowboys. I think that they likely would've preferred the latter over the former option as they'd probably have an easier time deconstructing the Dallas offense and defense, but I think that their strengths match-up very well with the Niners'. The one question mark being Jalen Hurts' game-time health status come kick-off. Whatever the case, I think that this will be a close game but not as low-scoring as the Niners-Cowboys game was. I see a 28-24/24-21 scoring result -- perhaps one of the two teams might reach the low 30s, but I think that the likelihood is slim.
    I'm rooting for the Niners, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Eagles beat them.

  • johnny bush
    johnny bush 13 days ago +6

    Colin analyzing team play after watching a game at home is entertaining.

  • Scott Davidson
    Scott Davidson 13 days ago +3

    Dallas has had 26 starting quarterbacks since Aikman.

    TECHNOORALAMNN 12 days ago +1

    Cowboys doing cowboy things the universe remains balanced ❤

  • Alex Walker
    Alex Walker 13 days ago +2

    Duck Prescott choked again 😂😂😂 Go Niners!

  • TheKlutchsletsplays
    TheKlutchsletsplays 13 days ago +313

    As a Bills fan that was a painful and embarrassing loss. I mostly blame the coaching

    • Official B.N.A.Music.88
      Official B.N.A.Music.88 13 days ago

      Josh Allen is a NFT.

    • LMiranic
      LMiranic 13 days ago

      @Sin Dilacion the bengals have beaten the chiefs 3 straight - should be a close game

    • Theresa Turner
      Theresa Turner 13 days ago

      The bills fans are a weird bunch they were out in the parking lot before the game drinking from bowling balls passing them around f from stranger to stranger last yr they were jumping on tables and breaking them in half thank GOD they lost because who knows what they would have done probably run in front of moving cars

    • Mike Moore
      Mike Moore 13 days ago

      @Shawn Ford I was worried about this game for Buffalo after Miami put up 31 against them last week,With their third string quarterback,Because I know like everyone else that Cincinnati is a lot better than Miami ya know?

    • rambam77
      rambam77 13 days ago

      Where to begin...
      Bengals showed up and deserve all the credit and I hope they beat the Chiefs
      All our flaws were exposed in one game...
      Against a depleted Bengals offensive line, missing 3 starters - Bills managed (checks notes)
      •1 sack!?!, no QB pressure, and a whopping two tackles for a loss in the snow
      •Our one and only QB is also our RB1
      •Zone 2 High coverage scheme was atrocious allowing wide open completions, adjustment to man coverage too late
      •Multiple dropped passes, yet a cameraman made a one handed catch
      •Diggs only got 2 targets in the second half
      •Hines who is amazing on screen plays with Colts in the red zone, completely forgotten and relegated to kick/punt returner
      •Bills are boom or bust with K-Gun, 20+ air yard throws

  • Dave
    Dave 13 days ago +2

    Joe cool is looking dialed in for Championship football! He said this is when he plays his best in big moment games.

  • beachhunting69
    beachhunting69 13 days ago +11

    As they say, the cream always rises to the top. The best 4 teams in the NFL are playing in the championships.

  • Kenneth  Miller
    Kenneth Miller 13 days ago +2

    Get some rest collin g. I appreciate your grind and hard work

  • Suzanne Miley
    Suzanne Miley 13 days ago +3

    Love how you call out self awareness as a good quality.

  • Marlonious76
    Marlonious76 13 days ago +5

    The Cowboys defense held the 49ers to 19 points. Dak couldn't get us 20 points ? With that Defense most NFL qbs could atleast get to a SuperBowl.

  • Michael Root
    Michael Root 13 days ago +7

    Last week Colin was telling us Daniel Jones was a top 10 QB. Gotta love week to week Uncle Colin.

    • J. R.
      J. R. 12 days ago

      @Tom Van Daniel jones is mid. Not top ten, not bottom ten. Mid.

    • Tom Van
      Tom Van 13 days ago +2

      Daniel Jones is not a top 10 QB. He just lucked out and played in the postseason a team with the worst defense in points allowed and points scored against. That defense made Mac Jones look all-pro. Minny went 13-4 based almost on their offense.

    • Steven Gordon
      Steven Gordon 13 days ago +1

      The fall off after the top 6 or so is precipitous, with the next 10 or so too inconsistent to rank with any confidence.

    • get brain seeds
      get brain seeds 13 days ago +1

      he had daniel jones at #8 and there were only 8 qbs colin had jones as the last place qb lol

  • Foe Fin
    Foe Fin 13 days ago

    Good luck bills I always loved that team and the fan base sad things had to come out that way

  • jeffery beckham
    jeffery beckham 13 days ago

    I really want a SB win by Buffalo before we lose Jom Kelly. And I'm a Hawks fan

  • Tami B
    Tami B 13 days ago

    Great show Colin…always right on the money

  • The Greg Moore Show
    The Greg Moore Show 13 days ago +2

    Colin looked right in the camera and lied when he said “ I’ve been saying it all year Cincinnati is the one team that matches up well with the Chiefs” 😂😂😂 no you have not!! You been saying Josh Allen Josh Allen Josh Allen all year and that tone started to change about a month ago when we all knew who was who in the NFL…U had Buffalo going to the Super Bowl sir

  • DivineMizE
    DivineMizE 13 days ago

    Good take, Colin. Thanks. NY was an embarrassing loss, you got that right. They did not come to play.

  • Thomas Reynolds
    Thomas Reynolds 13 days ago

    Colin really puts in the time preparing and it shows up on camera... so thoughtful..and balanced ... and coldly analytical ... love the guy ... and he was spot on with his predictions in these 2 games today despite landing on Dallas at + 3.5 ... and for the record, Chad Milliman should probably tone it down around Colin ... he was dead wrong on both sides today as usual ...lol

  • Jarhead Charlie
    Jarhead Charlie 13 days ago +311

    Purdy now has as many playoff wins as Dax. Please quit telling me Dax is a good QB.

    • J Thebox210
      J Thebox210 13 days ago +1

      Dak like Kirk Cousins is a good Qb but he isn’t a elite Qb. That’s really what it comes down too.

    • Eli Nino
      Eli Nino 13 days ago

      Lol damn

    • Mr.SoloDolo
      Mr.SoloDolo 13 days ago

      @whiskylitt8880 Uh don't disrespect Dax like that he's an independent rapper who has lyrics with substance unlike 95% of current music. Dak doesn't deserve to be called Dax

    • Daniel West
      Daniel West 13 days ago +1


    • Aaron Kosharsky's White Knight
      Aaron Kosharsky's White Knight 13 days ago

      @whiskylitt that k in his name got bent over into an x. U right my boi dont deserve no k

  • David Cunningham
    David Cunningham 13 days ago +2

    God bless Brock Purdy and my Niners!

  • Samuel Ault
    Samuel Ault 13 days ago +5

    I can feel McDermott’s seat getting hotter, I wouldn’t be surprised if ownership was thinking “why’d we keep him and let Daboll walk?”

  • Curtis Jackson
    Curtis Jackson 13 days ago +11

    Prescott is a pick machine

  • Westcoast Native
    Westcoast Native 13 days ago +1

    Dak always been suspect. I've been saying it since he took over for Romo. He had that one great year when Romo went down. But I tried warning Dallas fans what would happen long term. Dak isn't better than Tony Romo.

  • Eric Roth
    Eric Roth 13 days ago +1

    49er fan here: I almost shit myself when Dallas punted when they were clearly in 4 down territory. Yes, Dallas has a great defense, but that was soooooo risky. Case in point: Had Mitchel dropped to the ground after getting a first down instead of going out of bounds the game would have ended then without a final Dak flameout. Yes, the odds were against them getting the first, but so were the odds of getting the ball back with any reasonable amount of time left on the clock. 2:06

  • Kevin Samuel's Ghost
    Kevin Samuel's Ghost 13 days ago +3

    Kudos to Brock Purdy Hollywood couldn't have made a better story last year's last pick of the draft (Mr. Irrelevant) leads his team to the NFC Championship I don't know if he will be a franchise quarterback but it looks promising thus far. As for Dak I think we all need to finally say he's just not that guy and that's ok not a knock on him personally but he is not a franchise QB that can take over a game and win when it matters most he just an above average QB that will win some games but just not the most important games in the playoffs

  • Tyler Cramer
    Tyler Cramer 13 days ago +2

    It is so understated how bad the Giants receiving Corp is. You compared him to Burrow and Herbert coming into the league, they both had incredible athletes out wide from jump. Giants guys can't get open, since Daniel has been there. Darius Slayton, love the guy war eagle, but he is their number 1 and he is a 3 on a good team, probably the 4th reciever on the Bengals.

  • Thomas Higgins
    Thomas Higgins 12 days ago

    Love your podcast and I love your show with Jason also I'm in first place in my playoff pool a lot has to do with you and Jason I need your best this weekend next to win the cash have a great day Tolland looking forward to your show right about now

  • Pimp named slickback
    Pimp named slickback 13 days ago

    14:16 spot on man. He’s just an avg guy. If my giants give big money to this guy they’ll be like the Vikings

  • Peter Hawkins
    Peter Hawkins 13 days ago

    I love these instant reaction videos

  • David Perez
    David Perez 13 days ago +1

    Colin is the master of straddling the line. After the fact, he sticks his neck out like a big risk taker. LOL He is who we thought he is.