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Daniel Negreanu gets Phil Hellmuth STEAMING in three successive hands!

  • Published on Nov 3, 2019 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 705

  • Carl Ragsdale
    Carl Ragsdale 3 years ago +1068

    What I really want to see are videos of poker players reacting to bluffs they got fooled by during the game. Imagine Hellmuth seeing his full house get bluffed by 86 haha.

    • Vinay Easwaran
      Vinay Easwaran Month ago

      @Random Reviews he means watching it back afterwards and then reacting

    • AnthonyBravoUSMC73 - Roll Them Bones, Boys!
      AnthonyBravoUSMC73 - Roll Them Bones, Boys! 7 months ago

      @Random Reviews I don’t think you know what that means.

    • PokerXpress
      PokerXpress  Year ago +1

      We've done a couple of such videos! Take a look: clip-share.net/video/WaPF-SE3RU4/video.html and clip-share.net/video/yGn4sMmxzcE/video.html

    • PokerXpress
      PokerXpress  Year ago +5

      We've done a couple of such videos! Take a look: clip-share.net/video/WaPF-SE3RU4/video.html and clip-share.net/video/yGn4sMmxzcE/video.html

    • flewkisdead
      flewkisdead Year ago +4

      @Random Reviews No they weren't. You literally see them look at their cards in the video.

  • njmcw126
    njmcw126 3 years ago +808

    Phil is so funny when he blows up and Daniel knows it. Phil Laak in the booth is also very funny.

    • Billy B
      Billy B 2 months ago +3

      Phils Poker Rules:
      "if I'm losing, you're playing the wrong way."

    • Derek
      Derek 3 years ago +11

      2% extra juice from walking away and putting your coat on lol

  • Stephen Cutting
    Stephen Cutting 3 years ago +2040

    Phil plays the cards, Daniel plays the man

    • Big Chungus
      Big Chungus Day ago

      I play their wife

    • Tony Simms
      Tony Simms 5 days ago

      Phil Helmuth is the Barry Bonds of poker. Barry bonds wouldn't by his grandma a $5000 wheelchair because she was old and would be dead soon. No Class.

    • Tony Simms
      Tony Simms 5 days ago

      If he's the goat, what a horrible face for the game.

    • Tony Simms
      Tony Simms 5 days ago

      Phil Helmuth SUCKS!

    • JOHNizSiK
      JOHNizSiK 10 days ago

      @Teabagonyou for real. I think for some of them it’s about tv as well.

  • Marianna Lovegood
    Marianna Lovegood 2 years ago +650

    On the one hand, seeing Phil freakout is hilarious, on the other, this is absolute what every player who goes against Daniel is like on the inside, Phil just let's it out.

    • Marianna Lovegood
      Marianna Lovegood Year ago

      @joshualeniger I mean if I won as much money as he has on Poker I'd have an ego too lol

    • joshualeniger
      joshualeniger Year ago

      I disagree, he thinks he is smarter than everyone and when they play when he thinks they should have folded yet still win he can't belive it...ego

    • William Gullett
      William Gullett 2 years ago

      @Anonymous Haha Matesow can also get Hellmuth worked up but Hellmuth can get Matesiw worked up too

    • William Gullett
      William Gullett 2 years ago

      @Anonymous Haha I think my favorite was when Hellmuth ended up down to the final two in some tournament and Annie Duke tore him up. She had him so flustered and pissed it was awesome

    • William Gullett
      William Gullett 2 years ago

      @Anonymous Haha in those big cash games the mistake I saw Gold make over and over was getting into hands he didn't have the cards for...then...it was like he was stuck after putting a bunch of money in the pot...and his ego wouldn't allow him to fold...so he stayed in throwin more money in...and then was stuck having to really throw a lot of cash in the pot...like huge raises with nothing to try and buy the pot....and the guys knew it. He was trying to get lucky on the river a lot and that almost never works. I actually felt sorry for him at one point. I would yell at the tv stuff like "Jamie!!! What are you doing?"...and "no...no..no...Jamie...FOLD!!!" And most of the time it was ore flop I was yelling those things because he would be out of position with hands like 7J offsuit...or 46 offsuited....it got to the point when they went on air and I saw Jamie Gold I was already feeling bad for him

  • Josh Stein
    Josh Stein 24 days ago +12

    "Just bad luck" from Negreanu after the first straight bluff is just savage. Completely outplayed him and knows he outplayed him, and just shrugs. Stone cold killer.

  • Beto Man
    Beto Man Year ago +79

    Phil and Daniel are the soul reason I even got into binge watching poker games lol

    • Ishan C
      Ishan C 4 months ago +5

      still a better love story than twilight! XD

  • Zoso
    Zoso 3 years ago +1884

    How do the dealers not laugh when hellmuth blows up

    • Felix
      Felix 22 days ago

      I once laighed my ass off while dealing, like screaming laughing bc of how someone played

    • Sean Daugherty
      Sean Daugherty 3 months ago

      They can't but we are in are heads I use to deal not to them

    • Jman Polo
      Jman Polo 4 months ago

      They can keep a better poker face than the actual pro poker players

    • Ottorockz
      Ottorockz 5 months ago

      It's called composure... Phil is a big fave just not from lady luck...

    • Ken Davis
      Ken Davis 5 months ago +1

      Imagine when they get home to their spouse, though. They're busting a gut. "Then Hellmuth jumped out of his chair, hair on fire, etc"

  • algo
    algo 3 years ago +157

    Man Negreanu is fucking good. Those first two plays were great. First one he made Phil fold a full house with an amazing bluff! Second he made an amazing read on Phil and stone cold called it with a weak pair. What a player man. He outplayed the shit out of Phil here but Phil can't admit it. I would have loved to see Phil's face when he undoubtedly rewatched this shit later.

    • robert punu
      robert punu 4 months ago

      algo, no way in hell would I fold a boat. I'll just let the cards fall as they may. bonus. clip-share.net/video/vyAh9OENJPU/video.html

    • Digibullet32
      Digibullet32 10 months ago

      you forgot the final hand ...when daniel bet and phil moves his hands in a way saying fucking bet....he shoulda calmly waited and reraised...he woulda had it... when he did the little hand flurl it basically thru any reraise options he had out the window

    • Synesthesiac
      Synesthesiac Year ago +1

      @Sayan he tried trapping and got too nervous when the trap worked *too* well. Phil knows poker extremely well and will even call out exactly what's happening, but for some reason sometimes he just doesn't follow his own knowledge or intuition. Anxiety?

    • Sayan
      Sayan 2 years ago +2

      Phil actually bet small 50k and showed weakness. And folded the raise which he should have expected. He could rather have checked Or bet big.

    • sctr1235
      sctr1235 2 years ago +1

      Phil did say of course ill shake your hand. he definitely respects Daniel

  • Jonas Ohlsson
    Jonas Ohlsson Year ago +20

    Daniel’s joy when frustrating Phil is just the best.

  • Jason Perez
    Jason Perez 4 months ago +17

    This was actually light for Hellmuth. You can tell the respect he has for Negreanu. And Neegreanu is just a straight savage through it all - doesn't affect his gameplay one bit. Legend.

    • Aaron Smith
      Aaron Smith 19 days ago +1

      They are opposite personalities. It’s interesting. Daniel is very matter of fact and doesn’t care. Helmuth almost creates the run bad with his attitude. I am sure he gets compensated well for his blow ups though. I sure hope he has good sponsors

  • JOOT X
    JOOT X 3 years ago +386

    To me tho, The fact that Hellmuth didnt EXPLODE here shows his respect for Negreanu

    • E. T
      E. T 4 months ago

      @Max Scherzer loo wut?

    • Cosmic Toolbox
      Cosmic Toolbox 6 months ago +1

      Even after totally outplaying and bluffing him, Negreanu still just replies with "I hear ya buddy" when phil says he got lucky. Very classy. He knows he doesn't need to shit-talk Phil because he makes himself look bad all on his own lol.

    • Angel Rivera
      Angel Rivera 10 months ago

      He can't because Negreanu is better and Helmuth knows it.

    • Littlemugger5
      Littlemugger5 Year ago +8

      @Synesthesiac “diarrhea of the mouth” I always remember daniel saying that cause it’s so true lol

    • Max Scherzer
      Max Scherzer Year ago +13

      Synesthesiac I get what your saying..as far as shit taking goes he’s not big on it unless he’s playing with Phil or someone starts yapping..generally he’s not a loud mouth is what I was saying..

  • Mike Benwah
    Mike Benwah Month ago +12

    The Daniel Negreanu in this video is exactly why I think he's the greatest. The way he just punishes Phil in this series should be a crime. The way Negreanu goes about his moves... it's a masterpiece!

    • Joe Hawkins
      Joe Hawkins Month ago

      I think it speaks more to how weak Hellmuth is in these games as he plays very exploitative and yet allows himself to get so easily exploited himself.

  • Caleb Mantle
    Caleb Mantle Year ago +32

    Phil is my favorite overall for the comedy factor, but Daniel and Doyle are my favorites as it relates to staying cool and relaxes.... I've *never* seen Daniel or Doyle *ever* give anything away on their composure.

    • JOHNizSiK
      JOHNizSiK 10 days ago

      Daniel definitely lost his cool in early seasons of High Stakes Poker. His version is still quite calm in comparison to others, but his version usually entails a lot of outer monologue, reading hands that he’s likely against and knows he will lose, and then calling anyways. He starts doing that often because he’s almost playing the reverse odds, “at some point they HAVE to go my way”

    • Gambler Dom
      Gambler Dom Month ago

      They know you can’t be all loosey goosey eating a sandwich

  • Lands - Blockchain Property Trading Game

    Phil Hellmuth: The king of checking when he's ahead, and betting when hes behind

  • Alberts stuff
    Alberts stuff Year ago +65

    "I think I'll call you with a 5" is almost as brilliant as "He called me with a Q 10 hun" 😂

  • Chris Islas
    Chris Islas 4 months ago

    Can't go wrong when Hellmuth is on the table. Always entertaining as usual.

  • Isaac Harris
    Isaac Harris Year ago +7

    There is literally no worse opening hand than an off-suit 7 and 2. Phil must have hated to see that 🤣

  • basp 2005
    basp 2005 Year ago +19

    I've probably watched this 25 times. Love it every time.

  • The_Real_Granmy of 6
    The_Real_Granmy of 6 4 months ago

    I’ve never been as happy, any time I’ve watched Phil play, than I did when Phil folded on Daniel’s bluff. I’m going to do a happy dance, all by myself, in my front yard, so I make sure I look totally foolish. I’ll do that in honor of Phil walking around talking to himself.
    This is my favorite video of watching Mr Egotistical play poker 🤣🤣🤣

  • Fábio Palma
    Fábio Palma Year ago +17

    Negreanu can read Phil Hellmuth like the back of his hand, after all these years playing against each other. I don't think there's anything Phil can do or try against that.

  • Matt Carty
    Matt Carty 2 years ago +22

    Imagine playing with Daniel and watching it back on here 😂😂😂😂

  • Boudica X
    Boudica X 8 months ago +10

    I watch this clip a few times every week. It never gers old and it never fails to cheer me up.

  • Synesthesiac
    Synesthesiac Year ago +21

    7:01 you can really see here that Phil and Daniel are actually friends. He's essentially Bill Burr ranting at this point for both their entertainment and his own sanity 😂

  • red5llaw
    red5llaw Year ago +5

    I love Daniel making Hellmuth & Tony G lose their minds! Daniel Negrenau loves his work so much. Genius.

  • John Sikes
    John Sikes 2 years ago +1

    Phil's always a riot, but he was right, it sucks to keep being the favorite and getting whacked on the turn or worse, the river. Daniel and Phil together are like to brothers at each other, with COMPLETELY different personalities....it's almost always funnier when Phil's on the downside, though....especially with bad beats.

  • Jett Rink
    Jett Rink 2 years ago +71

    You got to admit PH has stayed consistent over the past 25 years.

    • PWR_GuNr
      PWR_GuNr 11 months ago

      Consistently shit lmao

  • joel simms
    joel simms 2 years ago +22

    Phil blows a gasket! Daniel laughs his ass off!! It's great!! Iove it.

  • Themad H8r
    Themad H8r Year ago +5

    God bless Phil and his meltdowns

  • FivePointStrike
    FivePointStrike 3 years ago +7

    Daniel is a poker genius, plus he's an entertainer. All that shit talk is being used to read his opponents

  • gürel arikan
    gürel arikan Month ago

    4:25 That gesture 🤣 Daniel such a great guy though, waits for Phil to turn around because he doesn't wanna be boasting after winning despite salty Phil deserving all the trolling that comes his way.

  • Dick Macgurn
    Dick Macgurn 6 months ago

    This clip never gets old. Dneg bluff was immaculate

  • Barry Huxley
    Barry Huxley Year ago +9

    Love him or hate him, Phil is entertaining. Especially when Daniel is winding him up or better yet Tony G.

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith 19 days ago

    Phil helmuth was my favorite growing up but, I’m not sure he’s very great against the new school players. He was above everyone In The 80s and what he accomplished is amazing. I just think the great players now can read him very well and they can bleed him out like that guy online that is fulltilting.

  • MattyYoungcloudsArt
    MattyYoungcloudsArt 3 years ago +69

    If there was a video of Hellmuth reacting to watching this video, it would be priceless

  • JG1894
    JG1894 Year ago +36

    "Oh I think I'll call you with a 5!"
    Lmfao that was great rant he went on.

  • Tink Ertime
    Tink Ertime 3 years ago +9

    Phil almost hit himself, and still didn't see it coming, just like a short bus ninja!

  • pabloalarroyo
    pabloalarroyo 3 years ago +45

    Just don't get tired of watching this 🤣🤣🤣

    • algo
      algo 3 years ago +1

      I swear I return to this vid like once every two weeks 😂

  • officialghetty
    officialghetty 3 years ago +30

    I love Phil’s rants 🤣🤣

  • Lewis Quick
    Lewis Quick 3 months ago +3

    Legend has it Phil Hellmuth is still waiting around for the one mistake to trap Daniel Negreanu!

  • james chan
    james chan 8 months ago

    I really enjoyed Negreanu's glee filled response whenever Hellmuth ignites.

  • Lance Loris Music
    Lance Loris Music 6 months ago +1

    Tight fold on Hellmuth's part. That seems crazy to me. I know an ace beats him but it was an instant fold!

  • Craig colon
    Craig colon 8 months ago +1

    we love watching phil steam..its the greatest..but we love phil. great for poker

  • Bradley VanTassal
    Bradley VanTassal Month ago

    Daniel making the explosion gesture never gets old.

  • Vlokens
    Vlokens 2 years ago +8

    Awesome video! I had seen the 2nd and 3rd hands, but the first hand is the best, what a play from Negreanu! And helmuth, man... how can a man be so bitter in defeat after having won so much in poker... It's just sad... he tries to justify his losses and bully players calling them idiots, I mean, it's poker! If you can handle unlucky hands go play a game with less luck and more skills, like Rocket League or something

    • Luvz
      Luvz Year ago +1

      It's part of what makes him a star. If he wasn't like this, how many non-poker diehards would know Phil's name? This is one of the most beloved poker vids of all time and it doesn't happen without Helmuth being Helmuth.

  • geoffrey keating
    geoffrey keating Year ago +2

    If Phil knew how happy it makes his opponents to see him freak out , I wonder if would continue his actions , or can he just 🚫help himself 💥

  • Jivvi
    Jivvi 2 years ago +4

    2:54 I love that they replay this clip so often, and it's hilarious because what he's talking about is what just happened, and he still lost.

  • Alex Lala
    Alex Lala 8 months ago

    ive watched this video about 10 times in the last 2 weeks. I just can't get over the salt from phil, i love it

  • Ken Chall
    Ken Chall 2 years ago

    I think when you get down to it the elite players have tremendous respect for each other.

  • Glen buyer
    Glen buyer 2 years ago +6

    It would be so satisfying having phil accuse you of being lucky in a televised game, just imagine his reaction watching the replay.

  • Lucifer 69
    Lucifer 69 Year ago

    You see Daniel at the table a lot when Phil's going full tilt. One is a better person, the other is a better poker player (despite what you see him do when he loses).

  • Christian Scott
    Christian Scott 2 years ago +2

    Still my favourite poker moment

  • cabaGGe
    cabaGGe 2 years ago

    Phil is so funny when he blows up and Daniel knows it. Phil Laak in the booth is also very funny.

  • Ryan A
    Ryan A 2 years ago

    You have to admit Phil is pissed but handling it well and being funny.

  • PSNGauder
    PSNGauder 3 years ago +121

    "Oh, he's tilted!"
    My favourite.

  • Guzman Palacio
    Guzman Palacio Year ago +3

    Hellmuth you are the best and love the way you play You are awesome character great dude love watching you play

  • galkanftw
    galkanftw 2 years ago +3

    One of my all time fave video,this was hilarious to watch.

  • Andrew Migneault
    Andrew Migneault 9 months ago

    Nothing is funnier than Phil when he's having a meltdown!

  • willtommo13
    willtommo13 Year ago +34

    Funniest shit is Daniel turning to Jungle: “I played it perfectly! I played it perfectly!”

  • 9milNorm
    9milNorm 4 months ago

    God I wish I had the money to be on a Hellmuth, Negreanue and Tony G table. Pure comedy.

  • Corey Thomas
    Corey Thomas 3 years ago +1

    Daniel bust up laughing the very second he turned over that 7-2 off 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Who doesn't love fucking with Phil 😭😂

  • John Armon
    John Armon 2 years ago +1

    This is one of the best videos!! Totally love it!

  • Purple
    Purple 4 months ago +1

    Phil's biggest weakness is sometimes he plays too weak/passive and Daniel knows this about him.

  • Leo 1
    Leo 1 5 months ago

    Phil still got the most WSOP titles and is suppose to be treated like a king on a throne. However, there are tons of Phil are getting bad beats and losing video compilations. So funny, and I would think of it seriously if I were him.

  • zinger22
    zinger22 2 years ago +1

    Hellmuth on tilt is 100% entertainment

  • Hooded Justice
    Hooded Justice Year ago +4

    I've been learning poker fundamentals the last few days, I feel like a part of Daniel Negreanu's game is being a pest lol

  • Orange Fish Bad
    Orange Fish Bad Year ago +2

    I loved when the Q ♠️ came floating down the river and the commentator started laughing

  • Aufeis _______
    Aufeis _______ Month ago

    Phil is a gracious winner but a total baby when he looses. He is the most entertaining player to watch, hands down.

  • Francis Hora
    Francis Hora Month ago

    It's hilarious how the other players are laughing at phil too

  • BigMug Bob
    BigMug Bob Month ago

    "I hear ya buddy" is one of the best responses in poker ever

  • Lee Retaschen
    Lee Retaschen Year ago

    There is nobody I enjoy watching lose more than Helmuth.

  • Respected Gentleman
    Respected Gentleman 8 months ago

    At the very least, good of Phil to shake hands with everyone at the end.

  • CJ
    CJ 3 years ago +139

    Hahaha 10:06 some people believe if you walk ten yards away from the table u gain an extra 2% juice😂

    • Kasper
      Kasper 10 months ago

      I know, it's ridiculous. 🙄
      Everyone knows you have to be at least fifteen yards away to get that extra deuce.

    • Nick Thompson
      Nick Thompson Year ago

      @cabaGGe bruh, copying top comments and putting them under other top comments isn’t a winning strategy.

    • cabaGGe
      cabaGGe 2 years ago +1

      On the one hand, seeing Phil freakout is hilarious, on the other, this is absolute what every player who goes against Daniel is like on the inside, Phil just let's it out.

    • baseballsux2
      baseballsux2 3 years ago +8

      It's bad luck to be supersticious

  • Shay Nailer
    Shay Nailer 10 months ago

    I love watching this man child loose it just makes my day an every one laughing at him an he's still adamant its anyone's fault except his

  • obscurity
    obscurity 19 days ago

    Negreanu is an absolute beast. I love this guy.

  • Ken Robinson
    Ken Robinson Year ago

    Honestly, I like Phil Hellmuth and respect his play...but this shit was pure comedy gold LMFAO.

  • Vasu SHUKLA
    Vasu SHUKLA Year ago

    The second hand was INSANE!!!

  • Bryan Fuselier
    Bryan Fuselier 7 months ago

    Wow, if you can just slay someone poker this is it. Helmuth folds a full house to Daniel’s bluff and says “wait until I have your hand and the tables are turned”

  • Mr Smith
    Mr Smith 2 years ago +21

    “You have no idea where you are in these hands” 😂😂😂

  • Leandro Domingues
    Leandro Domingues 8 months ago

    This is my whole time favourite of poker moment , matters not every time i watch it i just die !!!

  • ZombieNationLTD
    ZombieNationLTD 2 years ago

    Only Daniel could empathize with Phil the way he does haha, Canadian stereotype at its finest

  • Split
    Split 3 months ago

    Never played poker and so don’t know what a good hand is etc but still love watching these !

  • bobo44 donemilking
    bobo44 donemilking 5 months ago

    I've never seen Phil helmuth win a hand yet 😂

  • GrimbeL
    GrimbeL 5 months ago

    i remember after phil lost 3/4 outs and daniel said the legendary quote: "why is everyone so happy except phil" xDDD soo legendary

  • H A N S
    H A N S 12 days ago

    This is really fcking good to watch... It just one of those moment where the odds and everything chain together that make this content possible.

  • ItsAboutThatTime
    ItsAboutThatTime 3 years ago +101

    “I hear you buddy” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ForeverOfTheStars

    To this day I don't think I've seen hellmuth win a hand

  • Darksword 1309
    Darksword 1309 Year ago

    Perfect play ✨

  • Ace Hole
    Ace Hole Year ago +1

    Yet come 2021 WSOP and Daniel's the one launching a chair as Phil battles for Player of the year - how the tables turn

  • Fatty McBastard
    Fatty McBastard 8 months ago

    Gee, and here I thought Hellmouth was a _good_ folder, instead he thought Negreanu's pre-flop raise meant he was holding an ace even though he checked all the way to the river. 😆

  • Silas Greene
    Silas Greene Year ago

    7 Duce used to be my luckiest hand no lie. Full houses, two pairs, and trips. Had a straight with jack 7, folded and the straight came on the turn 🤦 we don’t talk about that night

  • Yankee Inmissouri
    Yankee Inmissouri 3 years ago +3

    Not even a poker player but I love Daniel.

  • Chase
    Chase 3 years ago

    Too good, haha. So glad he got to turn over that last hand, lol

  • TJ Gulley
    TJ Gulley 2 years ago +35

    “Some people believe if you walk 10ft away from the table you get 2% juice”

  • Pedro Henrique
    Pedro Henrique 3 years ago +203

    "When I have one of the hands you have against me and you have my hand agains me, we're gonna see how it goes"
    You mean, when Negreanu actually have the better hand? Alright then.

  • Mac of All Trades
    Mac of All Trades 3 years ago +59

    3:46 - Negreanu knew exactly what he was doing by calling with that five - he was tipping over an ATM.

  • blameiton CARTMAN
    blameiton CARTMAN Year ago +4

    Man, Phil playing scared with that full house at the beginning of the video. I know the 2 Aces scared him a bit, but come one man you’re gonna lay down the full house b/c you think he was slow playing you with trip Aces?

  • Nichoz fpl
    Nichoz fpl 3 years ago +9

    i have watched this many times before but its just too good

  • Alex
    Alex 2 years ago

    Many might match his skills, but no-one could top Negreanu’s supernatural LUCK. With that kinda luck on your side, you don’t even need the ability to read other people’s hands.

  • Vaxan
    Vaxan 11 months ago

    Phil's too paranoid, pocket aces aren't that common my man 😂

  • adoredpariah
    adoredpariah Year ago

    Folds the full house on a double paired board, calls the 50k with a straight on a 4 spade board. Greatest poker player of all time folks ;)

    • pLay HD
      pLay HD Year ago

      He called becouse he was fuming over the last round, he's still one of the greats