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  • Published on Feb 3, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Short from Ep. 363 Cody Rhodes Wins Royal Rumble, Logan Paul Joins UFC, George Janko Lied To You
    • Cody Rhodes Wins ...
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    Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.
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Comments • 1 215

    IMPAULSIVE Clips  Month ago +178

    Watch the full episode here! clip-share.net/video/B-Rj8LmKpm8/video.html

  • cameandsaw
    cameandsaw Month ago +35640

    George is a walking king, only dude on that podcast with some integrity.

    • Votive
      Votive 13 days ago

      Until bobby lee makes a joke he doesn’t like😳

    • cameandsaw
      cameandsaw 25 days ago +1

      @Retr0-spect I didnt know you were chill like that 🤙

    • Retr0-spect
      Retr0-spect 25 days ago

      @cameandsaw it's okay 😂

    • cameandsaw
      cameandsaw 25 days ago

      @Retr0-spect Oh my god.
      I feel like the worst human ever. 💀

    • Retr0-spect
      Retr0-spect 25 days ago

      @cameandsaw ohhh, you haven't seen south park. It's a reference to an ongoing joke in a tv show called south park

  • HRD
    HRD Month ago +26688

    George the only guy on the pod who’s got balls fr

    • Godly Form
      Godly Form Month ago

      For what?

    • VanCortez
      VanCortez Month ago

      And get offended by some joke? Pftt

    • Riley P
      Riley P Month ago +1

      Lmao bobby lee offended him being an actual comedian and george walked off the cast?😂 great joke tho🤡🤯 just stated a fact...

    • Spooky Skelly
      Spooky Skelly Month ago +1

      You mean the guy that got in his feelings over Bobby Lee? That guy?

  • Norman Torralba
    Norman Torralba Month ago +17971

    George comin in as always with a massive W

    • dazed wavves
      dazed wavves Month ago

      Bobbie Lee took the W from him

    • Ghost
      Ghost Month ago

      A rare W you mean he’s always taking Ls

    • aJAGGZproduction
      aJAGGZproduction Month ago

      Except for the fact he’s a comedian who can’t take jokes from other comedians

    • SmegmaCollector
      SmegmaCollector Month ago

      Lol I remember when everyone hated on George, but now ever since that shit with Logan and him happened, people are hopping on the bandwagon

    • yogurt male
      yogurt male Month ago

      @Mr Snakes shiver me timbers

  • Nate
    Nate Month ago +8083

    Man looks like he's right out of some Japanese fighting game.

    • DeadSoon
      DeadSoon 13 days ago

      He looks exactly like Geese Howard from Tekken. Good Geese wearing a suit.

    • Uzair Gangat
      Uzair Gangat 26 days ago

      @Tom Howard Cody Rhodes

    • Tom Howard
      Tom Howard 26 days ago

      Who is this guy?

    • Figured it out
      Figured it out 28 days ago

      The Sleeping dogs game bro😂

    • Vijay amin
      Vijay amin 28 days ago

      ​@boom stickguile from street fighter is the most American man that the Japanese could create 😂

  • TheMotivatedMayCry
    TheMotivatedMayCry Month ago +9012

    George is crazy for that lmaoooo

  • WilliamdenStore
    WilliamdenStore Month ago +10356

    Loving every bit of George roasting damned Logan.

  • xaviertheegoat
    xaviertheegoat Month ago +5804

    George is the only redeeming factor of this show

    • Soviet Russia
      Soviet Russia  27 days ago

      @FlacoBangaa yeah but i think impulsives a solid podcast tbh. mainly bc of how well logan uses his connections

    • FlacoBangaa
      FlacoBangaa 28 days ago

      @Soviet Russia he did bet when right back the fuck down after impulsive gottt reallyy big

    • Pops!
      Pops! Month ago

      What I don’t get is all of y’all that hate Logan and call mike a meat rider are the same ones watching the podcast EVERYWEEK😂 George has his own pod now so pls stay off this channel

  • Dwight Levinson-Gould
    Dwight Levinson-Gould Month ago +2289

    "We call those job stoppers"
    Yes Mike but without a neck tattoo you can't even do this job well.

    • Kevin Bruce
      Kevin Bruce 29 days ago

      ​@Eddie Gomez Nevada gold mines? Morning gold?

    • Starting Tech
      Starting Tech Month ago

      @Devin Silva nice brother

    • Eddie Gomez
      Eddie Gomez Month ago +1

      @gh facts I have necks tatts, but I work here in Nevada for Nevada Gold Mines. Not one issue hella dudes here are tatted even with face tatts.

    • alex
      alex Month ago

      @ghit’s the face tats that are questionable, because hands and neck you can hide pretty easy

    • Z.J. Elston
      Z.J. Elston Month ago


  • Yung Pop
    Yung Pop Month ago +491

    Logan needs to be humbled like this everyday

    • Atlas Moth
      Atlas Moth 12 days ago

      @Jamas Woody Yea, real humble. He's a narcissist bro

    • Lunchbox15
      Lunchbox15 19 days ago +1

      Humbling shouldn't need to happen more than once ideally. If you need it everyday, then you're not actually being humbled.

    • Jamas Woody
      Jamas Woody Month ago +7

      He does Logan is a pretty humble person he’s just oblivious sometimes

    • Sly Oasis
      Sly Oasis Month ago +33

      Honestly, though. Realize how lucky he is to still be able to show his face on the internet.

  • Aldair rocha
    Aldair rocha Month ago +351

    Cody said I’m so sorry not knowing it’s Logan’s fault 😂

    • Jmerrellsavage 21
      Jmerrellsavage 21 Month ago +1

      I’m pretty he already knows Cody doesn’t seem like the type to judge on past mistakes

    • CW Volcano
      CW Volcano Month ago +1

      @🖤Emily🖤 why tho?

    • Iem Dunn
      Iem Dunn Month ago +4

      ​@🖤Emily🖤 Not necessarily, it could be looked at in the context of Logan being in that situation, one he's admitted to regretting.

    • Sergio Pinon
      Sergio Pinon Month ago +3

      What he do

    • 🖤Emily🖤
      🖤Emily🖤 Month ago +23

      He's gonna retract that I'm sorry so fast once he learns why lmfao

    PAID IN FULL THE LABEL Month ago +398

    George is a madman😂

  • 805_TJ
    805_TJ Month ago +146

    The genuine “im so sorry” 😂😂😂

  • Drake Wilson
    Drake Wilson Month ago +105

    I love it when people make him relive that moment and you just get to see his regret wash over him

  • Larry Legend
    Larry Legend Month ago +518

    W George

  • Me
    Me Month ago +516

    He’s got that Mandela effect American flag on his neck

    • Cactus Malone
      Cactus Malone 28 days ago

      I don’t know what this means because I’m not fucking dumb

    • Dalton Riser
      Dalton Riser Month ago +1

      @S yeah except nobody thinks that is the traditional American flag that is the nightmare family logo aka one of the branding cody had back in AEW
      Mandellaxeffect is misremembering things due to cultural amnesia like the classic barenstain bears

    • Brass Tax
      Brass Tax Month ago

      🤓 so true totally not just someone who didn’t bother to reference a real flag

    • Zack Wyatt
      Zack Wyatt Month ago +8

      I don't think you know what the Mandela effect is

    • Drehgon den
      Drehgon den Month ago +21

      It's not the American flag its the American nightmare logo

  • Cariamas alt
    Cariamas alt Month ago +10

    George is the only guy who isn’t obnoxious

  • Adam Rose
    Adam Rose Month ago +47

    Thought George was out of place until I realized how big of clowns the other two are

  • Facesofevildead
    Facesofevildead Month ago +23

    The definition of “ we’ll look back on this moment and we’ll be able to laugh about it.”

  • Stylistics Guy
    Stylistics Guy Month ago +21

    Filming dead bodies and running their pockets can also be a job stopper🤣🤣💀

  • Where the Hoochies at
    Where the Hoochies at 26 days ago +1

    George knows how to throw jokes and roasts but not receive them. Let Bobby come back on rq

  • DrillGod
    DrillGod Month ago +1

    George been a W to me since he called out island boys

  • Slow V6 Mustang
    Slow V6 Mustang Month ago +10

    George carries the show once again

    SKY HIGH Month ago +2

    George just hit him with the emotional damage 🤣😂

  • Puccan
    Puccan Month ago +59

    Being famous and known for being Logan’s friend and being a jackass is a job stopper

    • Zeroxer
      Zeroxer Month ago +3

      Being a Clip-Sharer is a jobstopper, all thanks to Logan. Ever stereotype in the book was fulfilled by that man.

  • 320speed
    320speed Month ago +7

    George is a legend for that 🤣

  • HungryJ
    HungryJ 5 days ago

    That was a good one George, notice how he didn't cry and walk off the podcast

  • Kellogg's CornFlakes
    Kellogg's CornFlakes Month ago +2

    Cody was so genuine 😂 “Im so sorry”

    BUNCLE Month ago +7

    That joke was hard😂 but are we not gonna talk about CODY RHODES, THE AMERICAN NIGHTMARE, JUST SITTING THERE ON THE PODCAST?!

  • Qwerty
    Qwerty Month ago

    George wild for that💀💀

  • Matt Eberflus
    Matt Eberflus Month ago +1

    Even Logan was like “come on bruh you didn’t have to bring that up man” 😂

  • Bone
    Bone Month ago +3

    That’s why they could never live without George, he’s their connection to reality lol

  • Hennything is possible

    Crazy how everyone loves george all of a sudden, ya'll switch up real quick💀

  • chris_a1224
    chris_a1224 Month ago

    Logan should get humbled like this everyday

  • Troy Flynn
    Troy Flynn Month ago +132

    Logan 100% deserves this and needs less yes men around him

    • Jmerrellsavage 21
      Jmerrellsavage 21 Month ago

      He literally making money off those insults wwe wants him cuz he makes a great heel

    • John Gael Nox
      John Gael Nox Month ago

      ​@kmbmusic average L of a Logan fan enjoyer

    • Scott Webber
      Scott Webber Month ago +7

      ​@kmbmusic haha that was no riddle 🤣 what is there you couldnt understand about it? There is no way to make that more simple for you except you explain it word for word and probably even define each word for you lmao

    • Ben Zepp
      Ben Zepp Month ago +18

      @kmbmusic He said that Logan deserved that insult, and that he needs less "yes men" around him; which, are people that constantly agree with somebody no matter what the topic may be.

    • kmbmusic
      kmbmusic Month ago

      what? stop talking in riddles🤣

  • Joey vlogs
    Joey vlogs Month ago

    Man I love George 😂😂

  • zack nino
    zack nino Month ago +1

    George be gettin real ballsy these days 😆

  • Loc
    Loc  Month ago +3

    George seems like one of those honest friends and not a yes man

    GARBAGE FIRE Month ago +1

    Those tattoos are called the " Im in denial I'm old"

  • Stefan Patrick
    Stefan Patrick Month ago +1

    My guy looking like the next Albert Wesker

  • cowboy_jd cool
    cowboy_jd cool Month ago +21

    It’s Cody the American nightmare let’s go

  • Cole744
    Cole744 Month ago

    George a true king bruh

  • Advanced MMA
    Advanced MMA Month ago

    George on that revenge tour 💀👑🤟🏼

  • NoCap
    NoCap Month ago +5

    George aint takin no prisoners😂

  • Cmac 613
    Cmac 613 Month ago

    That was the best thing George has ever said

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker Month ago +1

    It has become a dead joke and it’s been repeatedly milked by these people till its drainage

  • Westside DB
    Westside DB Month ago +5

    Logan’s only real friend tbh. Not throwing the situation in his face constantly but bringing him back to earth when he gets all big headed

  • Ni-Van Frosty
    Ni-Van Frosty Month ago +1

    Memories of his apology video smacked him right in the face 😂

  • Snap-off
    Snap-off Month ago

    I call "job stoppers" "success repellent".

  • Frøst
    Frøst Month ago +6

    I feel like Logan would wanna get rid of George but he knows the fans would be pissed 😂

  • Lukas Fogt
    Lukas Fogt Month ago

    George getting his last jabs in b4 he gets replaced

  • Igitsali
    Igitsali Month ago

    George is a W

  • Grizzly
    Grizzly Month ago +12

    George carries this podcast entirely

  • christian rodgers
    christian rodgers Month ago

    Crazy how Cody changed his career just shows Vince don't always know what's good for business

  • Acorn to Icon
    Acorn to Icon Month ago

    George deserves to be knighted for that comment 😂

  • Matt Parker
    Matt Parker Month ago +5

    George is a real G. Only guy on the pod with any balls

    • urchi
      urchi Month ago

      I would watch him if he was making jokes like these tbh he’s my favorite for sure

  • Geno Generations
    Geno Generations Month ago

    In the words of Druskin “Hehehe, we fucking got ‘em.”

  • Martin Jimenez
    Martin Jimenez Month ago +1

    If Logan gets rid of George it’s because he doesn’t like someone who keeps it real.

  • Joshua Walker
    Joshua Walker Month ago +51

    George is the best

  • Pacman4K6
    Pacman4K6 Month ago

    he really went there ☠️

  • Jacob Rogers
    Jacob Rogers 27 days ago

    I like how Logan just shows pure shame

  • Helio Ortiz
    Helio Ortiz Month ago +9

    Logan should b barred from social media for what that guys referring too 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • John Gael Nox
      John Gael Nox Month ago

      ​@Justin Hargrave Said no one

    • Efficiency
      Efficiency Month ago +2

      @Justin Hargrave No he’s not lol

    • Justin Hargrave
      Justin Hargrave Month ago

      Bro ppl change. Ppl make mistakes and learn from them. He’s a way better person he was back then

  • Montega Zo
    Montega Zo Month ago

    Bro said “That’s tough “💀

  • Wesley Robinson
    Wesley Robinson Month ago

    Can't see why I had the slightest bit of dislike in George.
    Man is a King

  • Saint
    Saint Month ago +4

    Bros fresh outta the next Yakuza game

  • GamerPops
    GamerPops Month ago

    Never let that shit go that’s what got you famous so that’s going to stick with your name for life and George will make sure of that

  • Breakdown
    Breakdown Month ago

    No hesitation, I love it

  • Brah, Trumpwon,bigly
    Brah, Trumpwon,bigly Month ago +3

    Man, his apology back in the day was so sincere that now he's posting jokes about what he did to that poor guy! Hilarious!

  • FilthyGameFreaks
    FilthyGameFreaks Month ago

    This dude would make a good Wesker

  • Ajjie
    Ajjie Month ago +1

    George went back to the writing board after the podcast with Bobby Lee

  • Nesi
    Nesi Month ago +3

    “Guys, I think someones hanging over there”

  • Manaf The dungeon'ist
    Manaf The dungeon'ist 14 days ago +1

    That joke left me hanging💀

  • cole becker
    cole becker Month ago

    George got fired for this

  • D dub
    D dub Month ago +4

    All the sudden everyone loves George when a few months ago everyone wanted him off

    • MrSirFluffy
      MrSirFluffy Month ago +1

      That's the internet for you. The interwebs has a 1 week attention span, even for the craziest events.

    • Skyler loggins
      Skyler loggins Month ago

      Exactly lol

  • Bradwurst
    Bradwurst Month ago

    George is too quick for this pod, he deserves better

  • Stumme-40203
    Stumme-40203 Month ago

    George is the man!

  • Nikos Tsatsis
    Nikos Tsatsis Month ago +3

    Most american looking guy

  • TextbookFire
    TextbookFire Month ago

    notice how logan didn’t cry his way out of the podcast 😂

  • Power Speaker Now
    Power Speaker Now  Month ago

    Balls of steel right there!

  • Joey Briggens
    Joey Briggens Month ago +7

    God damn dude lol 😂

  • Kirsty Mackenzie
    Kirsty Mackenzie Month ago

    Dude that is so intense man and actually really funny, don’t really know what happened overly, though roughly enough to be aware of the seriousness. Here’s some empathy and humour for yah. I care for tha people and you are one of them too.

  • A Casual Human
    A Casual Human Month ago +1

    George would have been perfect as an actor. He have the whole attitude for entertainment.

  • Alexander Zukic
    Alexander Zukic Month ago +4

    Logan can only blame himself

  • king potato
    king potato Month ago

    Cody looks like how Japanese people think American look like, man got blue eyes, platinum blonde hair, an AMERICA tattoo, 6 foot tall, great physique, runs around in a suit mans the most American American, man can literally play live action guile

  • Eli
    Eli Month ago

    I love how for so long, people hated on George being in the pod and now everyone hates Logan and Mike and love George.

  • aaron1573000
    aaron1573000 Month ago

    not a big george fan but this was a fucking W 😂😂😂

  • Depressey Wolf
    Depressey Wolf Month ago +1

    Just hearing this man's voice gave me a Chad beard

  • JR
    JR Month ago +41

    Job stopper? Join a trade…

    • Green light
      Green light Month ago

      For real

    • Tex
      Tex Month ago +11

      @Hans landa see a doctor

    • Hans landa
      Hans landa Month ago +7

      I can’t stop shitting dude

  • Jason Prendergast
    Jason Prendergast Month ago

    He’s obviously getting an accumulation of face warts too. That’s a proper conker on his face right there! 😂

  • Sdoob
    Sdoob 15 days ago

    You know maybe I would listen to this podcast more if George said more things like that 💀

  • MM
    MM Month ago +3

    They don’t even deserve George. Only real man in there

  • MandosCulture
    MandosCulture Month ago +1

    💀🤣😭 love George

  • Dr. Math (Previously Dr Surreal)

    Looks like a real life Steve Fox lol.

  • Ploopy Fudgewink
    Ploopy Fudgewink Month ago +7

    That “I’m so sorry” at the end was more sincere than Logan’s original apology video 😂

  • Colin Rogers
    Colin Rogers Month ago

    Incredible roast by George

  • Jan Haayer
    Jan Haayer Month ago

    Surprised Logan did not challenge him to a boxing match

  • NotChris
    NotChris Month ago +19

    Finally he says something funny

    • Ethan Tremblay
      Ethan Tremblay Month ago +1

      That’s cause he writes his own material😂

  • Jbeez
    Jbeez Month ago

    George need to be the host of this shit

  • bus Bear
    bus Bear Month ago +2

    George redemption arc going fucking NUTS.

  • 10pm Memes
    10pm Memes  Month ago +6

    Man looks like the next American Tekken character

    • Levi Samom
      Levi Samom Month ago

      I mean he's kinda in street fighter...kinda