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Sean O’Malley Is The Future Of The UFC - IMPAULSIVE EP. 290


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  • Powerbang
    Powerbang Year ago +1852

    Dude I'm CRYING at the airplane story... George is ridiculous 😂

  • Persianprince P
    Persianprince P Year ago +155

    They really need to give George more air time. Dude is a legend

  • JustASmallTownGirl
    JustASmallTownGirl Year ago +594

    Sorry for your loss George, losing someone is really hard. I'm sorry that even with that going on, you have a friend with zero empathy that has no problem completely shutting you down in front of everyone. If y'all don't think George is funny that's fine, but check the comments, a lot of us do.

    • BUU
      BUU 4 months ago

      @Emma yuhr jus in2 simpz

    • BUU
      BUU 4 months ago

      bruh if it’s so damn heavy just stay home especially knowing you got bad ass friends like that

    • Yes Yeah
      Yes Yeah 4 months ago +1

      @Neacail Dhungana exactly, buddy tries to hard to be funny in the moment but usually isn’t

    • Jaedrian Berry
      Jaedrian Berry 6 months ago

      If you're just a small-town girl why do you assume your opinion matters to a multi millionaire? The problem with society nowadays is that all these SJW's get all emotional and shit. Your opinion doesn't matter that much go force it on your kids or some shit.

    • Emma
      Emma Year ago

      @NoahcVargas19 recc

  • blakbirdlok42069
    blakbirdlok42069 Year ago +94

    The way Sean right away acknowledges George for approval at 51:40 is wholesome af

    • Lee The Flea
      Lee The Flea Month ago

      @Noahhgonzz definitely strikes me as that sort

    • Noahhgonzz
      Noahhgonzz Year ago +11

      I think he noticed how George was upset and was trying to cheer him up pretty dope

  • TheLegendLynx
    TheLegendLynx Year ago +33

    y'all should keep inviting him over after ever W he gets, this podcast got me feeling like we all chilling with the boys! And poor George he didn't get to finish his story..

  • Sean O'Malley
    Sean O'Malley Year ago +14297

    🔥🔥🔥 legendary thanks for having me on

    • mike
      mike 2 months ago

      Dude u the man. Keep on slaying homie

    • Ricky
      Ricky 3 months ago

      @Jack Roberts you're a coward

    • Shawn David
      Shawn David 5 months ago

      Just keep swinging. I me an an O'Malley finish

    • Andrew Sallee
      Andrew Sallee 6 months ago

      Im excited to watch your next fight

    • Clear Jay
      Clear Jay 7 months ago

      @Elijah Earls moppp

  • Animesh Baweja
    Animesh Baweja Year ago +8

    This was a deep and motivational podcast! Logan always brings in positivity and will to do just "more" in life and suga was literally vibing on the same scale. Amazing Podcast Logan, LY, biggest fan, Keep growing and we all with ya!

  • Ethan Vaught
    Ethan Vaught Year ago +617

    -Mike talks for 8min straight
    -George begins to tell his side of the story
    -Logan "how much longer is this story"

    • Lucky Nick Diaz
      Lucky Nick Diaz Year ago

      @Lucas Yuh nope

    • Lucas Yuh
      Lucas Yuh Year ago

      @Lucky Nick Diaz fake news, incorrect

    • Lucky Nick Diaz
      Lucky Nick Diaz Year ago +1

      @Lucas Yuh Yup. Talked to those millions of people. And you must be in that 10% because 90% of people prefer George

    • Lucas Yuh
      Lucas Yuh Year ago

      @Lucky Nick Diaz really, you surveyed all impaulsive viewers? Because my survey came up with 90% think that George is cringe and unfunny

    • Lucky Nick Diaz
      Lucky Nick Diaz Year ago +2

      @Lucas Yuh 90% of people prefer George over Mike because George is actually funny

  • Cold Smoke
    Cold Smoke Year ago +9

    This shows how humble Sean is... u love to see it👏

  • Vanessa Garcia
    Vanessa Garcia Year ago +5

    I love how they literally make shit happen. Like no matter where they are, they come through with a show for us!

  • Luke Suarez
    Luke Suarez Year ago +1604

    I love how George is out of the Convo but Sean randomly makes him involved

    • Orange Jungle
      Orange Jungle 2 months ago

      Lmao the Bobby lee pod

    • Lord Teleportdinero
      Lord Teleportdinero 3 months ago

      @Jah take a seat With the Jedi council and the Jedi masters

    • Jah
      Jah 3 months ago +1

      @Lord Teleportdinero im in

    • Lord Teleportdinero
      Lord Teleportdinero Year ago

      @Caleb Crochet So you wish to join Lord teleportdinero. Make sure to comment your ps4 name and fortnite name I’ll add you. Do not underestimate me when I become more powerful seek me out for help teleport is friend not foe

    • Quandle dingle
      Quandle dingle Year ago +1

      @Lord Teleportdinero yes

  • The Guvnor
    The Guvnor Year ago +24

    Sean is low key the best talker you've had on. One of the best pods ive watched. Hope George is good though he seemed a bit off but maybe he was just intrigued by Seans story?

  • DakotaSaine Official

    dont let this podcast die logan!!!! best podcast in the world keep the legacy alive :D

  • Shea Hammond
    Shea Hammond Year ago +1

    George joining the podcast has been the best thing to happen to it because he's funny as hell but ALSO because it has calmed mike down and made him a better host. Less interruptions and giving much better impact on the show.

  • Joan Avilez
    Joan Avilez Year ago +46

    George from out of no where has become my favorite host on impaulsive lmao he’s hilarious

  • Tye Taylor
    Tye Taylor Year ago +267

    Glad to see Mac again! A welcome suprise for sure.

    • TheOutsider Jess
      TheOutsider Jess Year ago

      Fax I missed seeing him love seeing him on occasionally

    • Ha?
      Ha? Year ago

      Jake Paul Knockout Compilation Here clip-share.net/video/uUntJXgN9Lg/video.html

    • Easton Biggins
      Easton Biggins Year ago +1

      @Millard Filmore u can’t be fucking serious bro. I agree that you can’t beat George but to say that he has nothing to offer???? Come on man, watch back some old eps. You’re clearly not very wise for a US President.

    • Millard Filmore
      Millard Filmore Year ago +3

      ... said no one ever lmao. Just has nothing to offer. The dude is alright but not built for anything designed to display his personality or charisma

    • Ted Tates
      Ted Tates Year ago


  • Bubba
    Bubba Year ago +4

    😅 Sean is great!! Most down to earth person i ever seen on this show!! I wish him the best in his career!!! I hope he makes tons of money

  • Ryan Jenkins
    Ryan Jenkins Year ago +7

    The mental sharpness really comes out of all these guys. Some smart mfs , some points that are made make me rethink goals for the future. Number 1 podcast!

  • Lisa Michelle
    Lisa Michelle Year ago +38

    George's MASSIVE eye-roll at 27:24 is exactly how the majority of us felt this episode

  • LukeBradley
    LukeBradley Year ago +83

    I love how Suga jokes and talks to George like he’s his conscience or the devil on his shoulder.

  • Savannah Paxton
    Savannah Paxton Year ago +735

    My favorite part of this whole episode was George’s story. Should’ve let him continue with his side of the story which is was i wanted to hear. George should’ve saved it for his own show!

    • Grand Master Teleportdinero
      Grand Master Teleportdinero Year ago

      @Alejandro do you wish to join a empire

    • Alejandro
      Alejandro Year ago

      I think he said It to mike and george

    • Exp
      Exp Year ago +1

      Ya, it was boring I couldn’t continue the entire episode….

    • Mebin
      Mebin Year ago

      Yha i wanted to know

    • QW THN
      QW THN Year ago +2

      lol why y’all lying go watch the past podcasts logan stories always get cut off especially by mike. literally most people been complaining for years about mike cutting off logan and george stories.
      logan rarely do it and only do it when there is a guest cus it’s take from the guest time. when it’s just the boys podcast without guests logan doesn’t cut off anyone and they talk about everything for hours.

  • Thadd G.
    Thadd G. Year ago +1

    Gotta give a hat tip to George. Every damn podcast he listens and responds at the right times always ❤️

  • Eric Chronister
    Eric Chronister Year ago +1

    Bro I swear to god I would kick it with this group of dudes any day of the week. Sean is a legend. And Logan has a bad rep but all in all I bet he is a chill ass dude.

  • Rylan Birkbeck
    Rylan Birkbeck Year ago +57

    The start of this podcast is why we love George Janko he’s such a normal dude we all done stoner shit

  • Cool Breeze 432
    Cool Breeze 432 Year ago

    one of the best podcast episodes ever. top quality!

  • Bryan H
    Bryan H Year ago +270

    Sean adding George into the conversation shows good character.

  • Thomas Daly
    Thomas Daly Year ago

    George is so funny he kills it every episode!!😂😂

  • Tyler Trajnowski
    Tyler Trajnowski Year ago

    Been watching a few of these and I gotta say I’ve had more revaluations about my own personal life than I have listening to any other podcast.

  • Bobby
    Bobby Year ago

    This guy is so dope. Inspires me. Love his relationship with his family too. Seems like a great dude

  • Anjuli Mack
    Anjuli Mack Year ago +1

    At the end of the day actions have to align with your goals 🔥 loved this chat guys!!

  • Savag31ife
    Savag31ife Year ago +213

    I wanna hear the rest of George’s story. That was the absolute best part of the pod. Logan, you a dick. It was really the best part. Love y’all

  • Austin Lauderdale

    Love this man and hearing his story dope ass episode.

  • omgurheadsgone
    omgurheadsgone Year ago +43


  • sdb4life
    sdb4life Year ago +1

    Gotta get him back on the podcast this was 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Clay
    Clay Year ago

    Initially I thought Sean was a major buster. Now? I think he’s a badass stud. Winning. That’s what this man does. Good on him!!!

  • hsimah
    hsimah Year ago +866

    George talking about his perspective, quickly goes into why he was in that situation (sorry for your loss George), gets interrupted by Mike and Logan goes "how much longer is the story bro?" I get yall have time limits per segments but cut it after. At least show George the respect he deserves for opening up.
    EDIT: not pressed, I'm pointing out some parts where they (as a whole podcast) could improve.

    • Mark F
      Mark F Year ago

      im so glad logan cut off george and is starting to be honest with george that he is not funny and so stop fucking interupting and saying these dogshit jokes that 100% are not funny at all. Thank you logan!

    • Quad Video By Reggiexp
      Quad Video By Reggiexp Year ago +2

      watch nelk podcast (fullsend podcast) what ever kyle does it with some random dude nobody liked
      last podcast with shaq they ended it so quick, there was so much more to talk about but nope that dude tried to end it real quick shaq even had more shit to say...

    • jose rivas
      jose rivas Year ago

      This episode shows how it’s all bout Logan or else it doesn’t matter 🤦‍♂️ poor George I wouldn’t like having friends like that

    • Rajhae
      Rajhae Year ago +2

      fr happens every episode

    • Pabz
      Pabz Year ago +2

      and then Logan brings it up later as a joke.. lol

  • Jerred Conway
    Jerred Conway Year ago +88

    27:17 shows the brilliance of sugar Sean. He says “I keep interrupting” when Mike was clearly the one interrupting…in hopes maybe mike will get the clue. Obviously he doesn’t

    • Kyle Worden
      Kyle Worden Year ago

      @Teleportdinero the chosen one🇮🇹 gravity bro

    • Jerred Conway
      Jerred Conway Year ago

      @coin slot people will use anything to feel more intelligent than others lmao

    • coin slot
      coin slot Year ago +1

      The bar for brilliance is low.

    • Jerred Conway
      Jerred Conway Year ago

      @Jbo well…thank you…,my Clip-Share comment career has officially peaked

    • Esmeralda
      Esmeralda Year ago +3

      Even better-> 27:24 george his eyeroll

  • TONE
    TONE Year ago +4

    These podcasts are my favorite. I work 12 hour shifts at Tesla and its often i find myself replaying these episodes in full to pass the time. Thank you all for making the grind that much easier. Keep it up, guys.

    • joed crabtree
      joed crabtree 5 months ago

      Elon said he isn't happy to hear this

    • TONE
      TONE Year ago

      @Shawn No sir, im out in Fremont but ill be transferring to Austin in April.

    • Shawn
      Shawn Year ago

      Tesla? Austin?

  • SubliminalLyrics
    SubliminalLyrics 7 months ago +1

    Yep, Sean was right, his one “loss” was actually called a no contest.

  • Divine Pressure
    Divine Pressure Year ago +3

    55:55 spot on impression by O’Malley, facial expression and all 🤣

  • Matthew Perry
    Matthew Perry Year ago +620

    Sean O’Malley sounds like Andrew Garfield in the Social Network. Tell me I'm wrong!!!!

    • Matthew Perry
      Matthew Perry Year ago

      @K.M.V S believe it or not that is the first time anyone has said that to me.

    • AKz
      AKz Year ago

      You’re wrong

    • Echo
      Echo Year ago

      Tell you you're wrong

    • K.M.V S
      K.M.V S Year ago +2

      Your name sounds like a guy on friends.

    • AlphaTV
      AlphaTV Year ago


  • Kevin R.
    Kevin R. Year ago

    This crew would be insane to party with- just a bunch of cool chill ass dudes

  • SubliminalLyrics
    SubliminalLyrics 7 months ago

    The plane story, having Sugar on this episode was such a good move. Episode started great and never f&@in let down.

  • Jinx
    Jinx 9 months ago +1

    Two words. Poor George. Guy gets a hard time constantly and goes through a lot

  • Prepper King
    Prepper King Year ago

    Sean O'malley you are one hell of a mix martial artist and seem like a cool ass guy out of the cage. Would be awesome to hang out with you and logan. the storys are great

  • Abel El Jackson
    Abel El Jackson Year ago +774

    Bro does Logan even know how much he entertains us with these podcasts. I literally wait the whole day for these to come online. Thanks bro 🔥

    • Super Spike
      Super Spike 5 months ago

      I was like meth Logan blah blah till he got my attention and I couldn't stop watching

    • Derek Davis
      Derek Davis Year ago

      @Also Feelnlikepablo why don’t you get a life bruh 🤣 maybe quit bein a clown while you’re at it 🤡

    • Pedro Antunes
      Pedro Antunes Year ago

      everyone is so triggered in these replies 💀 what’s wrong with being excited for the podcast, it’s not like it takes the whole day. like is also about having fun and relaxing, not just work

    • Eddie Wisnowski
      Eddie Wisnowski Year ago

      @Okkkkkkkkmmmmmddghcfg hahaha it was joke brotha I saw the timing and opportunity so took it

    • Sam Myers
      Sam Myers Year ago

      @Zooski says the person commenting not long after it’s posted..😂

  • BigRobEnergy
    BigRobEnergy Year ago +9

    George was so checked out of this podcast that he put his mic on his lap 😂😂😂😂

  • Chee Bee
    Chee Bee 6 months ago

    respect to every dude on this pod. they’ve all matured so much, each in their own ways. i wish Suga would start SERIOUSLY training wrestling & jiu jitsu. good luck to him in his next fight vs Yan

  • Tre’ Kruger
    Tre’ Kruger Year ago +7

    This may sound like a minor detail to appreciate but I do enjoy the fact that they’re ad reads are NEVER long and obnoxious (don’t even need to skip through like other podcasts) and they’re usually kinda humorous

  • Lexi Wilson
    Lexi Wilson 3 months ago +1

    I wanted to hear more of George. his face when you just shut him down hurt my heart oml. George needs his own podcast!!!

  • Spacky Jack
    Spacky Jack Year ago +118

    I love the chemistry between Sean and the cast on this podcast it’s just so easy to watch

    • Ha?
      Ha? Year ago

      Jake Paul Knockout Compilation Here clip-share.net/video/uUntJXgN9Lg/video.html

    • Ted Tates
      Ted Tates Year ago


    • D R
      D R Year ago

      @Mitchell I love the chemistry between Sean and the cast on this podcast it’s just so easy to watch

    • Mitchell
      Mitchell Year ago +2

      @D R I love the chemistry between Sean and the cast on this podcast it’s just so easy to watch

    • D R
      D R Year ago +4

      I love the chemistry between Sean and the cast on this podcast its just so easy to watch

  • Justin Johnson
    Justin Johnson Year ago

    This is one of my favorites, Sean’s personality is top tier 🤙🏼🤙🏼

  • alberto rodriguez
    alberto rodriguez Year ago +9

    Sean is a solid Guy . Gave the man a Shout Out on his upcoming fight

  • Flippin' Eddy
    Flippin' Eddy Year ago +61

    Logan can learn a lot from Rogan. Rogan has mastered the art of the podcast, and let people speak..

    • Geoffrey Haidar
      Geoffrey Haidar 4 months ago

      this didnt age well LOL

    • Earl Simmons IV
      Earl Simmons IV Year ago

      Are u kidding? Rogans constantly chiming in and speaking his super strong opinions. Most definitely wrong here they're humans they do want to talk too. U people always finding something to say

    • Kevin Coady
      Kevin Coady Year ago

      He is still young and seems to be getting better as they go, but no ?, anyone can learn from watching Joe Rogan, he has truly mastered the podcast interview format, with the variety of different guests, JR is the best!!

      TARKATAN WARKAMP Year ago +1

      Ever tried DMT with chimps ?

    • Dio
      Dio Year ago +1

      Nobody has better podcasts than Rogan, nobody.

  • Aamir Matabalao
    Aamir Matabalao Year ago +1

    is it just me or is Sean O'Malley just genuinely a nice guy?

  • socialeesy
    socialeesy Year ago +43

    George is the nicest grown up. He straight away gave up his position in the podcast without hesitancy. A good person to have around and sooo funny to listen too.

    • Jen & Juice
      Jen & Juice Year ago +1

      He's a humble guy. Doesn't let his ego get the best of him. George is the best.

  • Hardik Nangia
    Hardik Nangia Year ago +1

    Mike's storytelling skills are too good

  • United HVAC & Fans
    United HVAC & Fans Year ago +1

    Sean is such a cool guy. Not all heros wear capes 🦸

  • Rogue Onlict
    Rogue Onlict Year ago

    George is a legend!! Keep it up bro, he’s funny and has the funniest stories❤️❤️❤️❤️sucks we couldn’t hear his perspective!!!

  • Michael Cuneo
    Michael Cuneo Year ago +4

    I love how George almost died and lost consciousness and Mike is just like “He’s clearly ok” like wtf

  • Aavant RHEC
    Aavant RHEC Year ago +246

    I'm so glad Logan brought this up to him. I sincerely hope that Sean doesn't become a "late bloomer". Most people get majority of their partying/drug use out of their system in their teens, low 20s. However some, like Sean, don't experiment or aren't exposed to any of that until mid 20s or later. Some drop it, and others like it. Sean LIKES to party. I can see it in his eyes, and hear it in his voice while talking about it. The late exposure to that life can be detrimental. Him being a well known pro athlete offers more & easier access too. Not sayin don't have fun. Live it up...he should. Just hope he doesn't fall off track. Stick to blowin back. Keep real ppl in your circle. We're rootin for ya my guy.

    • Anonymous Thinker
      Anonymous Thinker Year ago

      100000% .. if he gets too caught up in the lifestyle and clout world he will look back with a ton of regret because nothing of value will come about from it .. just fake friends, energy sucking women, and a weaker body and mind .. his legacy is on the line ..

    • TheDonofthsht76 -
      TheDonofthsht76 - Year ago +2

      When he said he didnt drink til he was 21 made everything make more sense. And you have to be a dedicated worker to be a fighter. So I just hope the fame and party doesnt bite him. I actually think its better for kids to get partying out of their system in high school. Always weird seeing someone who didnt back then hit booze hard in their 20s and 30s

    • Quin Mulligan
      Quin Mulligan Year ago +1

      You have to much time on your hands

    • SkepticalDopeFeind
      SkepticalDopeFeind Year ago +5

      why do you need to get drug use "out of your system"? have you bought into the lie that sobriety is a virtue? as long as your productive and happy, and aren't trying to get trashed and impossible to rationalize with, do whatever drugs you want. people dont have to be doom because they need any drug. legalize already goddamnit

    • FamousStephen
      FamousStephen Year ago +5

      @BilboFaggins L

  • All fax no caps
    All fax no caps Year ago +1

    These guys could take any old simple story and make it funny haha

  • Nathan Lehn
    Nathan Lehn Year ago +16

    “At 16 they said I need good grades. What the fuck. So I quit those sports.” 😭. He explains shit so funny.

  • CaptainMaakasu
    CaptainMaakasu Year ago +2

    This episode had amazing stories back to back x'D

  • Jordan The Explorer
    Jordan The Explorer Year ago +11

    yo im not even 10 minutes into this podcast and this is BY FAR the best story I've heard EVER on Impaulsive

  • Ariana Pomai
    Ariana Pomai Year ago +158

    the first 14 mins of this podcast was absolutely incredible

  • Løøp3r
    Løøp3r Year ago

    Mikes story telling is mint😂

  • Tyler Frey
    Tyler Frey Year ago +5

    Loved Evan at the end.. should have him and George on for a boys only for sure

  • Taran Sahota
    Taran Sahota Year ago

    I wanted George to finish his story and it was the best part of this podcast!!!!

  • Miral Abualjadail
    Miral Abualjadail 11 months ago

    You can tell it hurt George when Logan said: it better be good. He just cut it and moved on. He nearly died in that, and Mike told the whole thing. Poor guy.

  • China-Leigh Samuels
    China-Leigh Samuels Year ago +625

    Glad I'm not the only one who wanted to hear Georges perspective-he's hilarious

    • PeanutButterGlazedDogTreat
      PeanutButterGlazedDogTreat 10 months ago

      Where is this infamous moment everyone won’t shut up about

    • Leonel Iglesias Vega
      Leonel Iglesias Vega Year ago

      Logan is honestly such a cheap shot andy. Why is he going after his girl “look at his girl, she knooows” this moment right here says a lot about the kind of friend logan is. The type to make you look like shit and over flex himself infront of your girl.

    • no cap
      no cap Year ago

      @britanyJ man you are right but if u dont interrupt george will till his story for the entire podcast. george still new to the podcast he does not know when to switch topic

    • Statue
      Statue Year ago

      When in video is this?

    • Noetic
      Noetic Year ago

      @Exp while the guest was on Logan and Mike still talk about there experiences in Ohio and totally off topic story about his aunt idk that seemed a little unfair to me.

  • CNCZY 10
    CNCZY 10 Year ago +1

    Logan at 36:24 hittin Mike with “it’s actually probably better if he doesn’t get you one” is one of the funniest things ever 😂😂

  • Dabzi
    Dabzi Year ago

    Been watching him since contender series and lemme tell you he improves every single fight F the haters

  • Dilan TL
    Dilan TL Year ago +1

    I know Logan has a show to run but George and Mike’s story was really entertaining so why not keep it going tbh

  • Rosenberg Abel
    Rosenberg Abel Year ago

    George is getting better, love sitting to him

  • Raja Samra
    Raja Samra Year ago +198

    Kris Moutinho deserved EVERY single follower he got. Man took the fight on 10 day notice, stopped his job as a painter, flew in and took hundreds of strikes to the face, from a great technical striker in Suga Sean and did not back down. Then flew back home and taught a kids MMA class the NEXT DAY. Put some respect on that mans name

    • Trayvon Martin
      Trayvon Martin 5 months ago

      @Sean Hokanson sean didn’t get beat up that fight because, unlike kris, he didn’t block with his face.

    • hunter
      hunter 8 months ago

      My buddy actually knows kris they went to school together the guy is really cool super chill

    • Raja Samra
      Raja Samra Year ago

      Imagine leaving a Clip-Share comment talking shit about a guy that would beat you senseless and fold you into a pretzel

    • nigga with a sword
      nigga with a sword Year ago +3

      Imagine losing a fight, then coming home to teach kids MMA. Lmfao. Fuck that, embarassing.

    • HamishCxnxry
      HamishCxnxry Year ago +1

      @Sean Hokanson Sean’s the one who fucking beat his face man what are you on about

  • Bob Larry
    Bob Larry Year ago

    When Mike brought up about frat boys trying to pick a fight with Sean I lost it. Have a friend that was nationally ranked in wrestling that was smaller than everyone in our group of friends who people would always target. He would murder them without them even knowing what happened ahh it was magical every time.

  • Anjuli Mack
    Anjuli Mack Year ago

    The way Logan speaks about Jake is awesome, you can tell how proud he is.

  • Antonio Fermin
    Antonio Fermin Year ago +8

    George barely talked and he was still the best part of the show

  • Nolzad (Leandro)
    Nolzad (Leandro) 11 months ago

    man i laughed so fucking hard you and mike are fucking awesome so much like me haha when u guys asked him about the 14-0 but his jrsey says 13-0 fuck man i died hahah

  • Raul
    Raul Year ago +425

    So Mike can spend 20 hours telling the story, but George can't even speak for a minute about it. No one else has ever been cut off like that. Ridiculous.

    • TruthBeTold
      TruthBeTold Year ago +9

      im going to play devil's advocate here: George seems like he has smoked his body weight in weed this week and now and his stories ramble and end on made up punchlines, where as Mike legit knows how to keep your attention.

    • Raul
      Raul Year ago

      @Bailey Miller So Logan was talking to himself? LOL. Go watch the podcast again.

    • Arlene Ahern
      Arlene Ahern Year ago

      The jealously is real. Mike, George is just a better human. ✌️❤️

    • Bailey Miller
      Bailey Miller Year ago

      @Raul George and Logan...

    • Raul
      Raul Year ago

      @Bailey Miller No, it was about George.

  • Sk8ForEva12341
    Sk8ForEva12341 Year ago

    absolute gold, i never watch full podcasts till today

  • SpidaLIVE
    SpidaLIVE Year ago +1

    Sean O’ Malley is phenomenal

  • D V
    D V Year ago +23

    I always thought O'Malley was going to be the face of the UFC, then I seen how he handled his loss to Chito and realized he doesn't have the mentality of a champion. Now he's admitted to partying too much so I see he doesn't have the discipline of a champion. I stopped wearing my Suga Sean shirt after seeing who he really is, he's got hella talent tho.

    • BlakeLovesPoland
      BlakeLovesPoland Year ago

      @Cameron Cox shut up

    • Dr. Seuss
      Dr. Seuss Year ago

      @D V If you listen to his interview he talks about how he mentally didn’t feel it’s a loss he knows he still physically lost, the next fight after results speak for it’s self

    • D V
      D V Year ago

      @Dr. Seuss he very talented and a great fighter I still wear his shirt around the house but how he handled that lose to chito turned me off of him. He didn't handle it like a champ should.

    • Dr. Seuss
      Dr. Seuss Year ago

      @D V he’s gonna aim champ in a small 135 pound division ain’t gonna be that hard

    • Dr. Seuss
      Dr. Seuss Year ago

      @D V give it time he’s young as hell he ain’t even 27 years old yet

  • AKz
    AKz Year ago

    The start of this with the story telling was the best I swear so funny😂

  • Creative Lending
    Creative Lending Year ago +125

    I’m glad everyone else loves George here. He’s a good dude

  • Jack_ssr
    Jack_ssr Year ago

    Its cool that sean is exploring boundaries

  • Andrew Bohannon
    Andrew Bohannon Year ago

    George is too funny 😂

  • Dadrunkenkage
    Dadrunkenkage 11 months ago

    I had to comment this on something about the man Suga Sean but I’m mad hyped for his next two fights he’s already gonna be in the top 5 no doubt. If he fights Pedro munhoz, after he claps him all his other fights are gonna be insane bruh. Can’t wait to see mans get the belt 🙌🏽 best of luck g

  • Joker Brain
    Joker Brain Year ago +1

    I do love Georges 10 min story's

  • JP
    JP Year ago +368

    George literally said I’m gonna let mike tell his side of the story, and then I’m going to tell it from my perspective. He lets mike tell his side, who feels the need to make every conversation a story book, and then they cut him off like he was the one talking to much when he only got to tell 30 seconds of his version. Logan is becoming a douchebag towards anything that doesn’t gratify him instantly.

    • TruthBeTold
      TruthBeTold Year ago

      "becoming" dude he is one of the most vapid empty people on the planet

    • Aleigha Khan
      Aleigha Khan Year ago

      Real shit man. I wanted to hear George’s story so bad😒

    • axisapex
      axisapex Year ago

      @Ashton What did you think they did it for before hand ?

    • Ashley Marie Bernard
      Ashley Marie Bernard Year ago

      @Terry Dowd not blaming, he just took to long telling his side.

    • Terry Dowd
      Terry Dowd Year ago +1

      @ℕ𝕠 𝔹𝕦𝕖𝕟𝕠 I think he was going to talk about why he did this to himself.

  • Stubysz
    Stubysz Year ago +3

    When Sean says "Georgie".. you can genuinely see that bond between them lol

  • Dustin Creel
    Dustin Creel Year ago +1

    Evan looking at Sean like "you gone pass that shit my guy" got me dead af

  • crispin klapproth
    crispin klapproth Year ago +3

    Please have Stevewilldoit on your podcast

  • Tara Nuzum
    Tara Nuzum 11 months ago

    Just seeing this now, AMAZING podcast guys bravo

  • Maddie
    Maddie Year ago +297

    also how sweet is george just getting up straight away and leaving, i don’t know if that’s because his friends cut him off from telling the end of his story, or because he is just a beautiful soul ( let’s be honest probably both ) we love george 💕

    • Tony M
      Tony M 5 months ago

      @Joshdubyuh he knew he was being a dick for no reason lmao Sean has talked highly of George on his podcast so why treat him like a guest who only cares ab talking ab himself?

    • Joshdubyuh
      Joshdubyuh Year ago

      But Logan wanted him back

  • M J
    M J Year ago

    His striking is amazing ! There’s something About when he gets in that Octagon the switch turns on

  • Jaide Dennison
    Jaide Dennison 8 months ago

    I legit think I can beat Logan. Then afterwards I'd feel SO SO incredibly GREAT about myself.

  • BigDaddyZ_4
    BigDaddyZ_4 Year ago +2

    When Sean said I'm slightly jealous shit had me 💀🤣 bros funny asf

  • John Calgelia
    John Calgelia Year ago

    Jake definitely thought Woodleigh extremely smart every time he wanted to circle towards Woodly power hand he fainted and froze would be and then got out of the way and then every time he threw the overhand right that left hook had Woodleigh afraid to commit so Jake had an escape in both directions with his faint and his left hook.And Jake definitely has power and he made it afterwards his legs weren’t there which was probably an adrenaline dump and he worked his way through that. Do you have to make Woodleigh gun shy and Jake did that with left hooks that they may not have been ready for