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We Bought Back Our First Cars (And They Were WORSE Than We Remembered) | Car Trek S5E3

  • Published on Sep 9, 2021 veröffentlicht
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    In this episode of Car Trek Series 5, AutoTempest challenges the guys to find spitting images of their first cars for a $3000 budget. Freddy finds a Nissan Maxima that's more furious than fast, Ed snags a Audi S4 that doubles as an ant farm, and Tyler brings a Mercedes-Benz 300TD, a car that was famous for getting to 60 mph in nearly 20 seconds. Then the guys are challenged to perform as an iconic Clip-Sharer, and things get a bit cringey. Apologies in advance to ChrisFix, Doug Demuro, and Engineering Explained.
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Comments • 5 147

  • ChrisFix
    ChrisFix Year ago +12451

    9/10 for Tyler. The glove color was off but otherwise spot on :P hahaha

    • Carl Mister
      Carl Mister Month ago

      first in 2023

    • MAgnus K
      MAgnus K 2 months ago

      I'm giving Tyler 10/10. :)

    • Jacob Munger
      Jacob Munger 5 months ago


    • joao
      joao 6 months ago

      that clip made me appreciate your videos so much more, it's a like late 90s kids cartoon vs new movies

    • Brantly Frederick
      Brantly Frederick 6 months ago

      Just made u sound like quagmire 😂

  • Adam Baldwin
    Adam Baldwin Year ago +375

    I do sometimes wonder what ChrisFix is like when the repair isn't nearly as easy as it should be. This seems accurate.

  • Christian Gonzalez
    Christian Gonzalez 3 months ago +123

    Freddy was having WAY too much fun with that Doug Demuro impression 🤣 gotta love Doug!

  • Taylor Straton
    Taylor Straton Year ago +227

    Hoovie's ChrisFix impersonation is so so funny. "I just got back from the auto parts store and they don't stock anything for 80s Mercedes anymore, so we're just going to put these old ones BACK ON!"

  • Gabriel Malta
    Gabriel Malta Year ago +494

    I love how Tyler went from Chris Fix to angry Brian from RCR

  • Joshua Law
    Joshua Law 5 months ago +22

    “It’s alright there’s a roadside fix for this. It takes some unorthodox methods though…”
    *”Hello, I need a very durable condom and some zip ties”*
    Absolutely killed me 😂

  • Banco
    Banco Year ago +1223

    Hoovie is everyones actual experience when trying to follow a ChrisFix video

    • -M-m- / Mini-z1994
      -M-m- / Mini-z1994 Year ago +3

      Was waiting for him too accidentally hit the corner of the window with that hammer & crack it lol.

    • Alex S
      Alex S Year ago +1

      Georgia Tech… Durable Condoms and Zipties…. Gross. Lol

    • Alex S
      Alex S Year ago +5

      Hoovie Fix

    • Syrune
      Syrune Year ago +24

      the rage and the anger whilst trying to put everything back in...

    • AJ Wright
      AJ Wright Year ago +36

      It's because he forgot so say "with common hand tools" 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Aychdee
    Aychdee Year ago +178

    “It was no more attached to the ground than the dwelling behind it when I picked it up”….😂🤣…Ed is literally Captain QuickWhit and Deadpan…….Great job!!!!

    • Aychdee
      Aychdee Year ago +2

      @largol33t1 hands down without a doubt!!

    • largol33t1
      largol33t1 Year ago +6

      The way he delivered that line makes me think these three should be our version of Top Gear! LMAO...

  • Super.Sr
    Super.Sr 11 months ago +46

    That Maxima body kit is so perfect in the front!

  • Ben Blackburn
    Ben Blackburn Year ago +35

    I'm glad Tyler had his Chris fix helmet on to test his failing 80s Mercedes. This whole episode did a lot for me

  • Jared Ronkos
    Jared Ronkos Year ago +50

    I love how Freddie brings up continuity errors yet the junk in the box of the back of Ed's first drive keeps changing from a single box to a box full of junk.

  • Gregs Lair
    Gregs Lair Year ago +31

    I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Thank you for the Chris Fix impersonation.

  • Julian Osante
    Julian Osante Year ago +507

    Ed was dead on as Engineering Explained, Hoovie was hillarious as ChrisFix. Did Freddy just fist that Maxima?

    • The Guy With The Face
      The Guy With The Face 2 months ago +1

      Yes. Yes he did. And I'll bet the car loved it, lol.

    • Another White Suburbanite
      Another White Suburbanite 3 months ago +1

      I feel like Tyler was doing Brian from RCR doing ChrisFix

    • younghex
      younghex 4 months ago +1

      Thank you. I was wondering who ed was supposed to be. I don't think I've ever watched engineering explained

    • Niels de Bakker
      Niels de Bakker Year ago +11

      The pg version would be carwow/matt watsons stick of truth.

    • Asle Fjeldstad
      Asle Fjeldstad Year ago +8

      It’s the Carthrottle fist test!

  • PokeIS300
    PokeIS300 Year ago +54

    You guys did this episode really good, it felt like i was watching BBC Top Gear 😀👍👍

    • Satan
      Satan 10 months ago +2

      @Dillon Catterson yes! By atleast x100 lol. They shouldve just hired them tbh...

    • Dillon Catterson
      Dillon Catterson 10 months ago +3

      @Satan still better than the new and american one

    • Satan
      Satan 10 months ago +5

      Because this is like top gear from wish

  • Lee Meszaros
    Lee Meszaros Year ago +26

    Tyler bossed this! Had me absolutely howling the whole way through, specially when he was putting the fuel filter back on and turned into the alien man from Men In Black 🤣🤣

  • Andrew
    Andrew 2 months ago +1

    I’m just super surprised over how good the z rims look on the maxima. Very fitting, maybe one size smaller, then it’d be perfect.

  • Deplorable Canadian
    Deplorable Canadian Year ago +9

    You guys together are 100 times better than alone.

  • Loek
    Loek 10 months ago +2

    Freddy got Doug's little details spot on but that ChrisFix impression by Hoovie was absolutely insanely spot on in every single way. Kudos!

  • SuperRegera
    SuperRegera Year ago +954

    Oh my god, Tavarish's Doug impression is absolutely spot-on! I'm suddenly uncontrollably laughing, didn't expect that lmao

    • matdur2000
      matdur2000 10 months ago

      Didn't trick me with no Doug score

    • Faris Hanafiah
      Faris Hanafiah 10 months ago +1

      @TheMilenkata 18:30

    • Zanjani13
      Zanjani13 11 months ago

      It was the best out of the three and Hoovie was a close second.

    • SS Camaro
      SS Camaro Year ago +1

      I love the boom mic lol

    • Minzerta
      Minzerta Year ago +5

      If he test drove the car and said "it was the most fun he's had in a Nissan" then gave it a "Fred Score" of like, 3, I would've really been sold 😂

  • RyanDirusso
    RyanDirusso Year ago +18

    Man this was for sure the best episode of car trek I have seen yet! All of your car Clip-Sharer impersonations were great! I love Fred Demuro! And when Tyler said his car was the color of a hearing aid I lost it 🤣🤣

  • NickS
    NickS Year ago +9

    I love this show. Its just the right amount of everything for all car guys. Great work guys

  • Air Spacelord
    Air Spacelord Year ago +2

    This was fantastic! I love the pure love of the automotive community! I would’ve love to seen a tandem to parody the straight pipe or throttle house.

  • Andrei
    Andrei Year ago +5

    Hoovie makes a really good TV show host for car content. He presents extremely well.

  • Daniel Stevens
    Daniel Stevens Year ago +7

    Feels just like old school top gear challenges, keep this up, I love it!

  • Vinay Kapoor
    Vinay Kapoor Year ago +4484

    Runs good needs engine - Tavarish 🔥

    • rrett44556
      rrett44556 8 months ago +2

      Typically you run with your legs, so you dont need an engine

    • Average Infiniti Enjoyer
      Average Infiniti Enjoyer 10 months ago +1

      He’s not wrong that is literally the Facebook marketplace climate right now

    • dale rogrrs
      dale rogrrs 10 months ago +2

      @deaks25 #

    • Myacidninja TheAmazing
      Myacidninja TheAmazing Year ago +2

      2009 chevrolet traverse ltz runs good but the engine knocks so needs engine

    • Andrei
      Andrei Year ago +2

      That's the story of Marketplace.

  • What's Next
    What's Next Year ago +6

    You guys are still making these... gonna go binge everything I missed... You guys are doing a better job with every new series...

  • Andrei
    Andrei Year ago +8

    Hoovie's ChrisFix segment gave me an ab workout because I was laughing so hard. I can feel my abs being tighter now.

  • Travis Warmanen
    Travis Warmanen Year ago +18

    2 things: if hoovie said out with the old and in with the old I would have died, and y’all need to have vice grip and Scotty Kilmer in futures episodes.😂

  • Maskaradebannana
    Maskaradebannana Year ago +52

    I swear that this is the best top gear spin off on the internet!!! Hasnt got the budget of top gear but its just the same entertainment wise!!!

  • TomTomazack
    TomTomazack 8 months ago +2

    Thought this was good to watch right before bed, expected to fall asleep after a short while since I was dead tired. Didn't anticipate the hilarious Chrisfix bit by Hoovie. Impossible to sleep now, thanks!

  • Tim Diepstra
    Tim Diepstra Year ago +806

    Tyler’s work as Chrisfix is the most mechanical work I’ve ever seen him do lol

    • acronus
      acronus Year ago +3

      That impression...
      It's Chris Fix on Meth Injection.

    • Lance Richardson
      Lance Richardson Year ago +4

      Freddy's neighbors line is gold Jerry, GOLD!

    • Steve Wolfe
      Steve Wolfe Year ago +7

      ChrisFix... 8+ Million subscribers. The three stooges, 6 million, combined
      I'm guessing at least Tyler and Freddie are subscribers

    • Zach Chase
      Zach Chase Year ago +4

      @ 26:00

    • Avery Pavlik
      Avery Pavlik Year ago +1

      What chrisfix episode was he on?

  • AstralStef
    AstralStef Year ago +24

    Freddie really nailed Doug lmaoooo much love to both

  • Adams_1998
    Adams_1998 Year ago +1

    Freddy always gets the ribbing, but honestly that maxima design looks great and has me wanting one someday!

  • T Balogun
    T Balogun 9 months ago +1

    This episode was top-quality. Well done guys!

  • Tony Ricca
    Tony Ricca Year ago +14

    Ed's parents buy him an S4 for a 1st car because of that absolutely soothing voice😂

  • Erik Truchinskas
    Erik Truchinskas Year ago +16

    Ed doing engineering explained is just perfect

  • Kevin Rey
    Kevin Rey Year ago +521

    Tyler wins just for his "honest" impersonation of ChrisFix!!
    I was laughing out loud, with tears, for at least 2 minutes!

    • mattsee45
      mattsee45 Year ago

      Yah mean Tyler weeeennsss

    • danny jd
      danny jd Year ago +1

      @Obsidian762 you good now? You still with us? 😂

    • David Davis
      David Davis Year ago +4

      Tyler is a legit voice actor. Between this and starting that Nascar race, he's surprising.

    • Barton Motors Ltd.
      Barton Motors Ltd. Year ago

      When the glove ripped off I died lol

    • Obsidian762
      Obsidian762 Year ago +4

      I'm currently watching it and I haven't been able to breath in over 5 minutes.

  • MisterHat
    MisterHat Year ago +2

    The second car I ever owned was an 84 300D. Did 0-60 in around 30 seconds but there was something charming about it that I’ve always missed.

  • Fabi P
    Fabi P Year ago +15

    ED doing engineering explained just made my day 😂

  • Scott Leitner
    Scott Leitner Year ago

    Ed's reaction to Hoovie trying to start the wagon was priceless!

  • Swervin Media
    Swervin Media Year ago +5

    34:25 I'm surprised ed's B5 never got stolen in those conditions. They were notoriously easy to steal.

  • Memorable Rides
    Memorable Rides Year ago

    This was the best episode of all so far 12/31/21. The parodies of other Clip-Share channels is definitely a segment needed in other episodes here and there!!

  • The Questionable Garage
    The Questionable Garage Year ago +2201

    It’s a good thing the guys had lots of experience with wrenching on their first cars! I was no where to be found as I traveled with their dream cars off to the undisclosed location.

    • Zac Wicht
      Zac Wicht Year ago

      dam that German guy was smart he put a generic cheep inline fuel filter in before the expensive hard to get one that the car requires to run so it lasts longer , and Hovie was so clueless he did not realize it

    • Martin Wieselmayer
      Martin Wieselmayer Year ago

      In Austria you can Not find an s4 below 7000 €

    • Brooklyn Angelito Pantoja
      Brooklyn Angelito Pantoja Year ago

      @rio he cheated the Audi was heavily modified compared to the others lol and you right the Mercedes won't die LMMFAO but the Maxima is the prettiest out of the three lol

    • rio
      rio Year ago +1

      @Brooklyn Angelito Pantoja i think the audi will prolly be faster than it until it breaks lol, maxima is def the best middle ground but that merc wont die

    • Mark Smithson
      Mark Smithson Year ago

      Lol Jared. Without you they would be lost.😂😂😂

  • Austin
    Austin Year ago +3

    I have a B6 S4 and I love it to death, I know it may not last long, but so far no issues. Its cool to see the previous generation being somebody else's first car.

  • Alexandru Florin
    Alexandru Florin Year ago +3

    the s4 is just so gorgeous. absolutely love it.

  • Mike Chan
    Mike Chan 7 months ago +1

    OMG, love going back and getting the original rides- love the impersonations!

  • Seth Clement
    Seth Clement Year ago +7

    I loved my B5 S4, and subsequent B7 S4. I miss both of those cars with manual transmission, but enjoying my current S5.

    • T. S.
      T. S. Year ago +1

      S5 👌🏼
      4.2 V8 or 3.0 Supercharged?

  • Chris Bartlo
    Chris Bartlo Year ago +4

    Ed Explains Engineering and Everything Else was priceless!

  • Kyle O
    Kyle O Year ago +570

    Tyler having to open the engine bay to turn the car off when he first showed up was a total Jeremy Clarkson move, and I'm here for it

    • Taylor Straton
      Taylor Straton Year ago +1

      "nothing to see here, perfectly normal."

    • nirfz
      nirfz Year ago +1

      @Snowball the cat :-D You can leave the gear in, as long as you manage to turn the car off before you take your foot off the clutch :-D
      Fun Fact: From where i was back then, it would have realistically made it to germany without running out of Fuel...The border to germany was around 190km away.

    • Snowball the cat
      Snowball the cat Year ago +1

      @nirfz that's typical for the old Mercedes Diesels. Never leave the gear in when you drive it as manual! It would run back to germany if it wouldn't get stopped by something.
      But they were great as driving school cars because you simply couldn't choke them off

    • nirfz
      nirfz Year ago +6

      I had one of those but non turbo. And i had it happen 2 timed in severe heat, that it would not turn off when i already had taken out the key.
      I locked the car, and grabbed the roof railing and shook the car a bit. Worked both times. 😁

    • Insederec
      Insederec Year ago +6

      I own one of these, non wagon sadly and I am here to confirm that is just how w123s are if there's a vacuum leak. And even besides that you'll be under that hood most days for who knows what. But nonetheless it will refuse to die. Love it.

  • tom ingleton
    tom ingleton Year ago

    Havent really checked this channel out for a couple of years and I’m quite impressed with how far the video quality has come along

  • Ettore Laz Bazan
    Ettore Laz Bazan Year ago +2

    was an awesome show u guys are great love cartrek keep them rolling on

  • Lloyd Chambers
    Lloyd Chambers Month ago

    Holly hell Ed and his S4 were one on the reasons why I got into cars true life road rally episode came on and that was my gateway drug to bad financial decesions lol

  • Leo Von Stadler
    Leo Von Stadler 3 months ago +12

    Hoovies version of Chris Fix is my anti depressant. Lol

    • HarZoiD
      HarZoiD 3 months ago +1

      I come back just for it lol. Could be a whole series: ChrisBreaks

  • TheMar619
    TheMar619 3 months ago +22

    I never thought depreciation could be so funny 😂

  • David Snipes
    David Snipes Year ago +201

    I hope this series last several more seasons, most entertaining on Clip-Share. I almost couldn't breath from laughing so hard during Tyler/Chris' little segment, I thought I was going to have to pause the video.

  • Jason Burgess
    Jason Burgess Year ago +1

    Tavarish is showing just how much Skill Doug Demuro actually has.

  • Ethan Howard
    Ethan Howard Year ago +6

    Tyler’s Chris Fix had me howling 😂😂😂

  • Ajskateman
    Ajskateman Year ago +1

    Tyler's ChrisFix tutorial sounds like something from Meat Canyon. Very impressive and i am shaking from the laughter of how accurate it is. Tyler weeeeens

  • Gina's Speedy Pit Stop

    Hilarious.. I like to see friends from different channels getting together like this.

  • Cxncentrates
    Cxncentrates Year ago +1

    Tyler’s ChrisFix was the best one because it just describes perfectly how it goes when you watch a ChrisFix video 🤣

  • Paul Simon
    Paul Simon Year ago +209

    Ed is so close to nature... ants, water, nothing discourages him from a nice piece of vehicle.

    • Chris Droste
      Chris Droste Year ago +7

      honestly I was looking for a bug bomb and a shop vac. spraying down leather with insecticide is no bueno.

  • Ameer DASTAGIR
    Ameer DASTAGIR Year ago +1

    Getting some real top gear vibes well done guys

  • Sean O'Callaghan
    Sean O'Callaghan 6 months ago

    Very good! Jokes aside thoough i'd love to see all these automotive youtubers do a big top gear/ grand tour/ car trek style colab mission across the world

  • Andrew Oakley
    Andrew Oakley Year ago

    My first car was a mk2 ford cortina, try to get one of them for less than £6k! Well one that actually moves and stops by its own motive power! Loved the 'reviews ' just so funny 😆. Great work guys.

  • MCRideout
    MCRideout Year ago +4

    This episode has me intrigued so I looked up my first car. In 1999 I bought a 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme with a v8 engine from my aunt for $400. I found two of these cars on Craigslist in my area. One, which is rotted out and generally a POS is selling for $8k. The other, which is in decent shape with a v6 is selling for $18k. What is happening!?!

  • BroloPlays
    BroloPlays Year ago +3

    The Chris fix part was spot on I love it... God I would love to have that s4 though... As a parts car to finish my car lol

  • as10076
    as10076 Year ago +725

    Tyler killed the Chris Fix imitation. I died laughing through the whole segment. I’m sorry you got shocked by the battery but you know the old saying it’s only funny up until someone gets hurt then it becomes hilarious.

    • obese person
      obese person 9 months ago +1

      @CasperE. now whyd you say that

    • Justiceforfunnyman
      Justiceforfunnyman 10 months ago +3

      I didn't think of doug demero i thought of aging wheels

    • CasperE.
      CasperE. Year ago +9

      How true, and Women never understand this.

  • Eternal Being33
    Eternal Being33 2 months ago +3

    That 300 td is awesome. I just bought a 300 sd for $1100 and i love the way it drives. They do not make them like they used to.

  • Andrew Alvarez
    Andrew Alvarez Year ago +1

    You know, watching shows like this and Top Gear, I've, on many occasions, wished for the opportunities these guys have had to drive some of the most iconic vehicles ever made. That being said, I have grown more grateful of my vehicular life, going from a 90 Celica GT-four Turbo to a 91 JDM mkIII Supra TT to a C6 Corvette. As much as I'd love a Lamborghini or Ferrari, I can at least be happy that my Corvette outperforms nearly all the cars I've seen on this channel.

  • Jonathan Pike
    Jonathan Pike Year ago +6

    When they said "do a review in another car Clip-Sharer's style", I was like "THEY HAVE TO DO CHRISFIX!!!" Hoovie did not disappoint!

  • Rick C
    Rick C Year ago +1

    Tavarish doing Hoovie was nearly perfect, if I wasn't watching I would have thought it was Hoovie xD

  • Bernhard Ire
    Bernhard Ire Year ago

    It's funny how the interior on the merc looks way better than the one I had. It had 90.000 miles on it, and the previous owner told me "the counter stopped just a few months ago" 😄

  • Ross Bowman
    Ross Bowman Year ago +166

    I almost spit out my coffee with Tyler being Chris Fix. He needs to do that more. The best Chris Fix impersonation ever. 👏

    • K-Peezy
      K-Peezy Year ago

      Eddie's Doug DeMuro was also awesome

  • Leroy Jenkin
    Leroy Jenkin Year ago

    Tyler nailed Chris Fix! But Tavarish had me with the perforated seats

  • Chris GoCrazy
    Chris GoCrazy Year ago

    Bruh the Chris Fix one killed me 😂😂💀 he did a good job on that one

  • Zanjani13
    Zanjani13 11 months ago

    The impressions made me pee myself. I was in stitches with Freddy's Doug impression and Hoovies Chrisfix. Bravo 🤣🤣👌👌

  • Professor Black
    Professor Black Year ago

    Haven’t laughed this hard in a long while - thanks guys :)

  • Mr_Kettle
    Mr_Kettle Year ago

    I picked up my ‘83 240D last year for $500 and I love it! Dangerously slow is an understatement but I’ve had it up to 75 on the highway. It took 10 years to get to that speed but it’s a blast!

  • Ronald Thompson
    Ronald Thompson Year ago +238

    I'm actually crying over Hoovie's Chrisfix scene. Oh wow.

    • Simon Buse
      Simon Buse Year ago +5

      And let's face it that will be easy because hoovie is hardly likely to recognise chrisfix's face!

    • scottjua
      scottjua Year ago

      Lol same

    • Pavel Hujar
      Pavel Hujar Year ago +10

      If Chrisfix will see this video, he will find Hoovie and kill him for this.

  • OOZ Didit
    OOZ Didit 6 months ago

    The Doug cameo was epic 😂

  • Lucas Oberon
    Lucas Oberon Year ago +1

    I'd love to find my first car I bought it from my grandpa, it was the most comfortable and best drive I've ever had, the only downside was it got about 8mpg (12 when the carburator was fixed but the 74 delta 88 I think was the best!

  • Sig Spear Thumb
    Sig Spear Thumb Year ago

    I feel Ed lol. One of my toughest heartbreaks was buying a 02 bug-eye WRX. More or less beefed up with nothing done to the block. Blew up on me and 10 grand later I finally had to part ways with it 😂😅😢

  • Richard Long
    Richard Long Year ago +3

    This has to be the best Clip-Share motoring content cross-over series yet and at 1 million views!

  • samurai s
    samurai s Year ago

    This whole episode was freaking hilarious 🤣

  • Elliott Alvis
    Elliott Alvis Year ago +95

    This is about the level of mechanical experience I expect from Tyler. That poor Mercedes! 😱

  • EriX
    EriX Year ago +3

    The Tavarish cut of him making fun of Tyler lmaooo 9:07

  • CJ
    CJ Year ago

    It’s fun to watch this and try to play along. My first vehicle was a 2000 Ford Expedition with the 5.4L v8. It blew 3 of the 8 spark plugs and leaked water but when it ran it ran good.

  • Peasant Garage
    Peasant Garage Year ago

    Pretty nice first cars! Mine was not comparable at all. I pulled a 1982 Scirroco out of my neighbours yard for $200. Engine has blown frost seals (due to engine being filled with water instead of antifreeze). Put in new frost seals...slapped on some breaks..and a set of mini light mags...and drove it for 2 years like it was stolen! Great content guys!

  • Alejandro Herrera

    This is by far one of the best episodes.... 😂

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    zwartepjotr 4 months ago

    So cool to see tyler actually working on a car

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    Andy Pudvah Year ago +151

    I’m not sure which one was more hilarious. Tavarish fisting his Maxima’s tailpipe, or Tyler putting the dipstick across the battery terminal. Good laughs, thanks guys.

    • Eazzy
      Eazzy Year ago +2

      😂 😂 😂 Fisting was hilarious. CARWOW stick of truth moment

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    Braxton Vittori 10 months ago +1

    The Doug impression was so good if I close my eyes, I legitimately would believe I'm watching one of his videos.

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    Burger Boys Garage 9 months ago

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    above all odds 22 days ago

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    CHROME GOOGLE Year ago +667

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    Shagi Rani Year ago +1

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