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Most EMOTIONAL Goals in Football ● Football Beautiful Moments #1

  • Published on May 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Most EMOTIONAL Goals in Football ● Football Beautiful Moments
    Football is a game of emotions. There are a lot of circumstances that could move the football faithful all around the world to tears. Situations when emotions will boil over and fully-grown men and women will shed tears. These situations could include the good ones and the bad ones.
    Sometimes, some teams could make a certain comeback when all the parties involved, most importantly, the fans would have given up, or they could lose a player or a club legend, which is a normal life phenomenon, but the circumstances might be so tense that they could shake the whole football world.
    Sincerely speaking, you couldn’t be more emotional with players. Looking at them doing all they could to win a match - dribbling, being fouled, getting carded and more - only for them to be whooped, just because of some moments of error from one or more of the members of the team. How much more if they came back to win a match that wasn’t expected of them.
    There are a lot of circumstances that brought tears to faces of football fans and players all over the world, but we have taken a look at some goals that were more emotional and need to be recalled.
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  • GrdArena
    GrdArena  Year ago +164

    If you want to watch the series of this video, this is the link of the next chapter :)
    PART 2:
    The Most EMOTIONAL Last Minutes Goals In Football #2

    • Derrick Akwasi Mensah
      Derrick Akwasi Mensah Year ago +1


    • Samden Sherpa
      Samden Sherpa Year ago +1

      bro why didn’t you add belgium 3 against japan 2 ? all in all a very great video. I never knew about the lampard goal since I am just casual football watcher . that goal just hit me right in the heart

    • Silvino Araujo
      Silvino Araujo Year ago +1

      Sería mejor el título Goles más emocionantes en el fútbol

    • Khadim Fall
      Khadim Fall 10 months ago

      Vous avez oublie le senegal apres 60 ans il est devenu champion d'Afrique avec le penalty de sadio Mane🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • isaac luna
    isaac luna Year ago +1265

    Damn salah made that commentator cry like a little boy now that’s love and passion for the game.

  • Hakan yılmaz
    Hakan yılmaz 7 months ago +208

    Finally a proper football compilation. No stupid dubstep music, no flashing lights or neons, no stupid edits. Just pure commentators and fans voice. I salute you my friend. You earned yourself a subscriber.

    • درع ماس
      درع ماس Month ago

      Also the explanation notes are a nice addition

  • Akindutire Kolawole
    Akindutire Kolawole Year ago +1066

    "Manolas..The greek god in Rome" ~ Peter Drury is a Legend

    • santos 1912
      santos 1912 Year ago +12

      Só existe um Deus amigo ♥️

    • santos 1912
      santos 1912 Year ago +8

      O Deus de Abraão , Izaac , Jaco 🙏🏽

    • Timmy Ggz TV
      Timmy Ggz TV Year ago +9

      Ronaldo the🐐🏆

    • Daddy Alvin
      Daddy Alvin Year ago +15

      One of those Commentaries in my head forever.

    • Wolfbat🐺
      Wolfbat🐺 Year ago +6

      The unthinkable unfolds before our eyes❤️🥺😭

  • Ruff
    Ruff Year ago +168

    Que sensación increíble te deja el fútbol, momentos que duran para siempre

  • The Liberosis Life
    The Liberosis Life 3 months ago +10

    Nothing but goosebumps and chills up the back of your neck for 12 minutes straight... love it

    GODx ERROR Year ago +328

    Moura's hatrick was just amazing❤️

      LIONEL LIKITA Year ago +32

      And the shit of a Coach (Potcetino) kept him the bench in the final till late. An ungrateful coach. That's why he lost. In the semi final Ajax had no answer for Mourhra. So why keep your best player in the semi final on bench? It never made sense.

    • Gachobe James
      Gachobe James Year ago +10

      @LIONEL LIKITA this where I realized how shitty Poch is... speaking as a Liverpool fan

    • A Dumbass High School Soccer Player
      A Dumbass High School Soccer Player Year ago +1

      @Gachobe James especially as spurs played pretty good in the 2nd half of that final poch was the reason spurs fell short

  • Jaspion Boy
    Jaspion Boy 10 months ago +34

    Essa do Éder para Portugal foi muito emocionante ele falou para o CR7 que iria fazer o gol do título!!! E fez!

  • Rilson Reis
    Rilson Reis 2 months ago

    Chamar de emocionantes esses momentos é pouco, incríveis, inesquecíveis , espetaculares, falta adjetivos para descrever!❤❤❤

  • Franklin Machuca
    Franklin Machuca Year ago +88

    El gol del Watford... nunca vi algo igual. Un momento así difícilmente se repite.

  • beti beti
    beti beti Year ago +725

    "Only football can make you feel like this!"

  • Akira otw
    Akira otw Year ago +378

    "DO NOT SCRATCH YOUR EYES...." , That commentary moment still gives me serious hype chills, feels like I'm back there again.

    ATF SHORTS PRODUCTIONS 8 months ago +6

    Sergio aguerooooo😭😭😭

  • Jeferson Shoereder
    Jeferson Shoereder Year ago +25

    Essa é verdadeira história nem tudo é como se imagina .... valeu Nogy grande abraço Jeferson e Francini

  • Joseph Ejeh
    Joseph Ejeh Year ago +89

    I don't think there's anything else with pure and genuine emotion like football.

  • Amy channel
    Amy channel Year ago +329

    Sergio Aguero's goal touched my heart the most

    • Moeska is Bulao
      Moeska is Bulao Year ago +1

      Hello kurt cobain :)

    • TARIQ
      TARIQ Year ago +2

      Yeah the pain.

    • Hirbo Abila
      Hirbo Abila Year ago


    • J B
      J B Year ago

      It felt corrupt. QPR players started to play like girls in 2 half and celebrated with City players at final whistle

    • Rukeme Peter
      Rukeme Peter Year ago

      I cry everytime

  • Airiohuodion Israel
    Airiohuodion Israel Year ago +90

    Even the Egyptian commentator broke down in tears …THE LOVE OF FOOTBALL❤️💯💫

  • Kezala Lungu jr
    Kezala Lungu jr Year ago +46

    Eder & Aguero's goals still gives me that memorable feeling....

    LUIS GARCIA 10 months ago +1

    Y la mejor remontada de todos los tiempos la tienen en Argentina RIVER PLATE 🆚 BOTAFOGO River le remontó 4-1 con 9 JUGADORES en la cancha eso sí que fue una locura

  • Artini Breww
    Artini Breww Year ago +23

    Crazy how both semi finals in the 2018/19 season were incredible comebacks

    • Samkelo Rashuza
      Samkelo Rashuza 3 months ago +1

      Best champions league ever it wasn't just the semi finals

  • Nanda_Silva
    Nanda_Silva 2 months ago +1

    Meu ídolo cristiano ronaldooo te amo ver ele feliz é tudo

  • Generalplan Ost
    Generalplan Ost Year ago +24

    Not only the best, but Football is also the most beautiful sport in the history of mankind.

  • flordelotus16
    flordelotus16 Year ago +69

    The historical Eder goal for Portugal will forever live in the nations hearts.

  • Dummy Lion
    Dummy Lion Year ago +35

    That Lucas Moura goal hurt me so much, I love Tottenham but those Ajax boys put so much into it that year, I wanted them to win Champs

    • e
      e 4 months ago +1

      Funniest goal ever, ajax a very arrogant team

  • KingDoms Kingdom1985
    KingDoms Kingdom1985 5 months ago +8

    As a Leicester supporter, the Troy Deeney one still hurts to this day... even after all our recent success.

  • Jean Daren
    Jean Daren Year ago +38

    Ronaldinho goal was incredible

  • Solomon Abianamiwe
    Solomon Abianamiwe Year ago +61

    Ronaldinho and lampard , that's straight from the heart,

  • Kazzy DiCaprio
    Kazzy DiCaprio 11 months ago +1

    To me, the most sensational last minute goal is that of Troy Deeney against Leicester City. With that of Mo Sallah to qualify his country. I felt really emotional... 😰🤭🥰🙌

  • ronsky ronald
    ronsky ronald Year ago +8

    I really wanted Ajax to advance to the final against Liverpool but it felt bad seeing the squad lying on the ground helpless after that goal from Moura...This Ajax was special

  • Marco Cipolla 🧅
    Marco Cipolla 🧅 Year ago +2

    El gol de Agüero fue el mejor de todos.

  • Shef K
    Shef K Year ago +151

    Manolas the Greek god in Rome...chills in my spine

  • Adam Francis
    Adam Francis Year ago +47

    To this day Aguero's goal remain my favourite football moment as a Man City supporter⚽️💙💯

    • G.M. burpees
      G.M. burpees 8 months ago +1

      I’m Chelsea all my heart, but I like that scene too.

  • Florence Chikwanah
    Florence Chikwanah Year ago +72

    I got chills, football is life❤️⚽

  • Elbrokis17
    Elbrokis17 Year ago +23

    Soy panameño y no me espera el gol de Román q nos dio el pase al mundial 🔥🔥🔥

  • Woo
    Woo Year ago +24

    El gol de Salah madre mía ❤️

  • Ian Podmore
    Ian Podmore 2 months ago

    I don't think there's anything on this planet that matches Football in its ability to give moments of unimaginable joy and equally unimaginable despair. That's why we love it.

  • E A
    E A 8 months ago +6

    Esto es lo mejor del futbol, los goles de ultimo minuto

  • matt.
    matt. Year ago +34

    Aguero retires, We will miss you in football, Legend.

  • D S
    D S Year ago +1

    Emotions only football can give you!
    People who never played it or do not understand it, do not know how it is actually hard to score a goal, and how it is hard to make other team not score.
    And when you are losing, to still believe in yourself and your team mates, to find that last piece of energy and fight till the end. And to live through the magic of the moment when you finally are winning or tragic if you are on the losing side.

  • Ambrose Luchivya
    Ambrose Luchivya 4 months ago +1

    Just how much that Eder goal meant to Cristiano Ronaldo makes it unforgetable for me then also the pain in the Aguero goal

  • Light Trade
    Light Trade 11 days ago

    Football is full of emotions 😊😢❤

  • Mário Correia Correia Tavares

    Grandes Momentos do futibol 😊😊

  • Uzodinma Nwabunike
    Uzodinma Nwabunike Year ago +49

    OGS & Sheringham scoring in the dying minutes for Man Utd's CL win against Bayern. Now that led to a roller coaster of emotions for both teams.

  • Mohammed Suleyman
    Mohammed Suleyman Year ago +25

    Agueroooooooooo, always gives me goosebumps 😭

  • Faf
    Faf 10 months ago +1

    nothing comes close to Aguero's last minute goal against QPR it's so gorgeous😭 even for rival fans except united

  • derrick mugume
    derrick mugume Year ago +23

    That commentator when Salah scored....just wow!

  • Nico Khumalo
    Nico Khumalo Year ago +32

    Another chapter of the incredible story of this Little Man 🙌

  • ArandomChidi
    ArandomChidi 10 months ago +8

    Troy Deeney's goal still gives goosebumps. I would say pretty close to Aguero's for Manchester City

    • Speechy Israelite
      Speechy Israelite 9 months ago +1

      It's the other way around, aguero's goal is close to Troy Deeney ...that's goal touches the soul and I'm not even a fan of watford

  • Marianela Buenaño
    Marianela Buenaño 8 months ago +6

    El de Panamá a su primer mundial🇵🇦♥️🇵🇦♥️ yo puedo decir que estuve hay***♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • 45 Askel
    45 Askel 4 months ago +1

    Agueros PL winning goal hurts to this day, they snatch it under our nose 😢 remarkable

  • Sebi
    Sebi 10 months ago +2

    The all tym goosebumps ❤️🥶

  • Eddie DeSantiago
    Eddie DeSantiago 4 months ago +1

    That's what soccer does ~ Brings lots of joy to fans and people suffering countless adversities day to day ~ Enjoy the winning - But never get down for the losing - It does not pay your bills and players don't really care for your pain, suffering or frustration ~ Count your blessings NOT your troubles - greetings :)

  • opio Andrew Ramsey
    opio Andrew Ramsey Year ago +38

    I dont know if it happens to everyone for me even watching a game highlights of 15 years ago I can still get emotional n shades tears even

  • michael Trife
    michael Trife Year ago +71

    Drogba's goal
    Africa is proud of him💪💪💪

  • Oshoma TV 11M
    Oshoma TV 11M Year ago +88

    The last one touched me. I love Arabic honestly 😊


    Для меня самый эмоциональный это гол Лэмпарда за МС в ворота Челси! На втором гол Реала в ЛЧ в ворота МС (3:2 на 90') когда Моуринью рванул на поле и на коленках проехал!!!!

  • Kelly Villanueva
    Kelly Villanueva Year ago +7

    There is no sound that brings more joy to my heart and tears to my face than that of GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!

  • Peace Uchehara
    Peace Uchehara 7 months ago +1

    Football is indeed more than just a sport!!!

  • Boyle Taiwo
    Boyle Taiwo Year ago +11

    Iniesta's goal still breaks my heart

  • Ro Dollaz
    Ro Dollaz Year ago +36

    Deeney!!! Gets me emotional everytime. Football is love. ❤💯

  • Fungus_Am0nguz
    Fungus_Am0nguz Year ago +64

    AgueroooOOOOOOOOOAAAOOOAOOOAOOO. Gets me every single time.

  • Kingsley Mugisra
    Kingsley Mugisra Year ago +136

    Aguero goal was so memorable, first tittle for city

    • Loaded Currency
      Loaded Currency Year ago +3


    • Khosta
      Khosta Year ago

      No shit

    • Pedro R
      Pedro R Year ago

      @2:58 why it says after 44 years if it's their first title

    • honoris causa
      honoris causa Year ago


    • Vz8cX
      Vz8cX Year ago


  • Iwuoha Precious
    Iwuoha Precious Year ago +18

    'Roma has risen from their ruins'..... Peter Dury 🥺🥺🥺 really got me there

  • Ratu firdan
    Ratu firdan Year ago +2

    Aguero the real epic emosional moments

  • Martin Mutonga
    Martin Mutonga Year ago +1

    That Warford vs Leicester city game never gets old

  • Andrés  Chun
    Andrés Chun Year ago +2

    I'll never forget the Agüero's goal

  • Simon Busquets Pique Mucheriwa

    that Aguero moment makes me emotional every time even though im a Chelsea fan

  • Leo Contreras
    Leo Contreras 6 days ago

    Para mí fue la final de Italia y Alemania, fue una locura

  • Mhlaliseni K Ngcobo
    Mhlaliseni K Ngcobo Year ago +2

    Agueroooo!!!...that was a an epic game I have ever seen.

  • Alleymanov Yavuz
    Alleymanov Yavuz 3 months ago +1

    11:54, I'm Muslim and this scene it touches me very much

  • Joel Sanjur (Forastero)

    Uff me emocioné con todos ❤️😭🇵🇦

  • van manuel
    van manuel Year ago +1

    Was in tears throughout. Football really is something

  • IVAL Channel
    IVAL Channel Year ago +5

    Ramos's late goal against Atletico in the final Champions League needs to be added on the list

  • Baki Retsu
    Baki Retsu 11 months ago +1

    If it’s not English commentary, I’m not watching lol makes it more epic with the legendary words they use. For me is Eder, since I’m Portuguese, “how bout that!!l” still makes me tear up

  • Hello.
    Hello. Month ago

    There's always the happiness on one of the teams, all cheering and smiling.
    And there's the other team.

  • Jonathan Gonzalez
    Jonathan Gonzalez 10 months ago +1

    el mas emocionante sin dudas fue el aguero recuerdo eso como si fuera ayer

  • Mohammed AlShawi
    Mohammed AlShawi Year ago +8

    for me, Mario Gotze’s goal in the world cup 2014 final made me genuinely cry

  • Pnb Rock 〽️
    Pnb Rock 〽️ Year ago +14

    Ronaldhino 😢😢😞 gives me Goosebumps

  • Andres Mata
    Andres Mata Year ago +12

    This video is incomplete without Sergio Ramos’ goal on minute 92 vs Atletico de Madrid in Lisboa for the UEFA Champions League.

  • Muhammad Haffejee
    Muhammad Haffejee 3 months ago +1

    Ronaldinho had me tearing

  • YT_Roshil
    YT_Roshil 10 months ago +1

    6:55 the best assist of all time

  • chilaka ikechukwu
    chilaka ikechukwu Year ago +4

    My best moments were
    Aguero's goal versus Qpr and Divock origi's goal❤️⚽🔥 versus Barcelona

  • ronsky ronald
    ronsky ronald Year ago +12

    That Messi goal vs Real was one hell of a clasico match one among the best....Despite Messi having a bright career the guy has seen horrors in the pitch from Barca bottling first leg advantages in Roma and Liverpool to being crashed 8 by Bayern also losing world cup final and how many times has he lost copa america before winning it recently and leaving barca to now suffering at psg

  • the nswer was nmixx
    the nswer was nmixx Year ago +32

    That Aguero goal as man united fans just make me 😭😭

  • KetraboO_O
    KetraboO_O Year ago +8

    Messi's goal against real was the best moment of my football life

    • JRR-06
      JRR-06 Year ago +2

      And Roma s comeback is the most ridiculous crap in my life

    • JRR-06
      JRR-06 Year ago

      Barca maybe had cool moments but they also got the most upset ever

    • JRR-06
      JRR-06 Year ago

      @CROW _G Haha yes another pessi stan

    • Kyyron
      Kyyron Year ago

      funny thing is ronaldo does the same in the next match against barca lol

  • 山田
    山田 8 months ago +1

    Lampard’s goal for his mother has the most beautiful background😢

  • Kid The Hutt Gaming

    I liked Cristiano's goal for the Undecima. But SR4 goal to tie and open for the Decima win was far more emotional

  • Jérôme Bernard
    Jérôme Bernard  11 days ago

    The final score of Italy-Germany in 2006 was 2-0 ! Another goal from Del Piero after Grosso's but of course it wasn't so emotional but i noticed this little mistake ! Good video and for me the Deeney's goal is the best so far !

  • Lord Zonas
    Lord Zonas 3 months ago +1

    Salah's Goal made the commentator cry. Now that's really emotional there! 🥺💪

  • Stuck In Bronze
    Stuck In Bronze Year ago +1

    The goal of agüero always gives me goosebumps and I aint even a city's fan

  • Angel Joel Cruz
    Angel Joel Cruz Year ago +7

    el deporte más hermoso del mundo 🤩😍👍🇵🇦

  • Nedu Dee
    Nedu Dee Year ago +2

    2:27 Marcelo got me tearing up...

  • Andile Ncube
    Andile Ncube Year ago +3

    The aguero goal iz just something else🔥🔥

    • Sanele Mbele
      Sanele Mbele Year ago

      Different kind of emotion. The commentator gace everything🙌

  • nings soyui
    nings soyui Year ago +3

    Watching this types of emotional football video make me want to play football more and more... It's my passion

  • Milen Metodiev
    Milen Metodiev Year ago

    Ronaldinho goal hits so hard.. this was god gift for Ronnie... man Blessed we are we saw him play

  • Claudio Desideri Films

    Literally in tears. The Aguero one makes me cry every single time

  • Aliyu Kabir
    Aliyu Kabir Year ago +4

    Grosso's goal is the most emotional scene I have ever seen in football

  • Edgard Salinas Z
    Edgard Salinas Z Year ago +2

    Dentro de esta muy buena recopilación colocaría el gol y el pitazo final del partido de Perú vs Nueva Zelanda por que Perú regresaría a un Mundial después de 36 años.

  • Sulleh Tz
    Sulleh Tz 7 months ago +1

    Football is game we all love ❤️✊🙏

  • Joe N
    Joe N 5 months ago +1

    I watched the portugal/France Euro championship in a bar in Peru. I'm portuguese. Was 3 of us and about 40 French people. Best game I've ever seen in my life.