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I'M THE BAD GUY.. | Minecraft New Life SMP | #1

  • Published on May 26, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Welcome to a brand new modded SMP, New Life! This series sees us spawn into a brand new world, where we are given a random origin out of over 100 different ones! Everytime we die we randomly get given a brand new Origin which changes how we play! And after we lose 6 lives, we are out the series, forever!
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  • Solidarity
    Solidarity  4 months ago +1631


  • Zachery Gray
    Zachery Gray 4 months ago +4766

    So Jimmy is essentially just his limited life character but grown up as he used to be a bad boy and now he's a bad guy

    • 2carrots25
      2carrots25 4 months ago +88

      Yea basically

    • Yodabbito
      Yodabbito 4 months ago +212

      And decided to ditch the tnt minecarts in favour of just tnt

    • pls watch infinity train
      pls watch infinity train 4 months ago +177

      Wouldn't it be funny if he lost his life to fall damage? Hehe

    • Btrixx
      Btrixx 4 months ago +89

      Basically plus the ability to turn invisible and immune to fire/lava so bonus those
      I also find it ironic that when he spawns tnt, it drops from the sky which it gives... *cough cough* yk

    • Kyshe
      Kyshe 4 months ago +19

      Im the bad guy..... duh

  • Anonymous Introvert
    Anonymous Introvert 4 months ago +1149

    Tim: I’m not a toy
    Also Tim: goes from being Woody to Ken
    Very excited about the new series ❤
    P.s. the house does look lovely :)

  • Nikoli's Kitchen
    Nikoli's Kitchen 4 months ago +2426

    Jimmy being the bad guy and then immediately apologizing for trying to blow up Ollie is exactly the kind of energy I expected in this series. 🤣

    • Mystic Fox
      Mystic Fox 3 months ago +30

      I mean Jimmy is trying to be the bad guy, but he’s still nice to his friends….unless someone makes him mad. Then he won’t apologize to them after blowing up their house! >:3

    • Erica Hutajulu
      Erica Hutajulu 3 months ago +44

      Just because he’s a _Bad guy,_ Doesn’t mean he’s a *BAD GUY*

    • GR☆CE-!
      GR☆CE-! 3 months ago +5


    • Mystic Fox
      Mystic Fox 3 months ago +9

      @Erica Hutajulu Wrack it Ralph reference! 😃

    • Shelly_Shorts
      Shelly_Shorts 3 months ago +3

      OMG X-LIFE!!!!

  • Evil Tomato
    Evil Tomato 3 months ago +340

    Tim continuing his toy arc by being a barbie doll is just beautiful

  • MaximumPanic
    MaximumPanic 4 months ago +1896

    Jimmy as a Ken doll gone wrong was something I didn't know I needed until now but I'm so happy it exists🤣

    • likearadio
      likearadio 4 months ago +136

      This! “Jimmy is a Ken doll?!” was my first thought on seeing the thumbnail. LOVING the pink Dreamhouse. (But who’s gonna tell him that this makes him a T-O-Y again…) 😄

    • Telly K. Netic
      Telly K. Netic 4 months ago +54

      Somebody tell Joel immediately.

    • Red ram
      Red ram 4 months ago +29

      Jimmy the Bad boy toy

    • Julienne Berry Jimenez
      Julienne Berry Jimenez 4 months ago +5

      @Telly K. Netic oh no

    • Nether Master
      Nether Master 3 months ago +5

      I was searching for this comment

  • CoyotesVODs
    CoyotesVODs 3 months ago +47

    Oh this is amazing, "Evil Ken" is pretty much the best character choice Jimmy could've made with this origin and I SO hope he leans into it. Jimmy deserves to be the rich bad boy for once

    • Ava Moo
      Ava Moo 3 months ago

      So tru so tru

  • Zara
    Zara 4 months ago +196

    The picture on the back wall needs to be of Tim with his fellow bad boys. Be quite fun if he wanted to incorporate last life lore into the season, maybe implying that he somehow survived and escaped last life by faking his death, and now he misses the other bad boys, who he mourns. That could also be the factor that prompts his villian arc in the first place.

    • Raine <3
      Raine <3 4 months ago +14

      You smart little bastard, thats amazing

    • Rainbow Fox
      Rainbow Fox 3 months ago +21

      I really wish, but I'm pretty sure Scott said he didn't want any multiverse lore or anything in this series :(

    • Raine <3
      Raine <3 3 months ago +6

      Awe, but that's fine by me :D

    • Zara
      Zara 3 months ago +3

      @Rainbow Fox fair enough, I know martyn would love to continue the lore that he’s been weaving ever since evo. That said, whats-his-face who crashed the plane appears to be super lore based, though without prior context of his channel, I can’t actually comment on how much prior lore there is.
      Lore aside, Through watching so many people’s POV’s I’m not sure if I’m all too keen on the way Scott has handled some things on the server. So far, my 2 gripes are Jimmy’s first death and the Geyser glitch, and I’ll explain both because I’m in the mood for explaining my feelings.
      Personally I thought Jimmy’s first death should definitely have counted. There was no glitch or fault in the game at all, and I think the only reason Scot ret-conned it was because it was his fault.
      Personally I think there were 2 main downsides to this, the smaller of the two being that it would have been another great motivator for a jimmy villian arc and the rp of jimmy VS scott would have been fun to watch in my opinion. The second issue though is that it undermines the stakes of the entire series. I understand that its not like the life series where players are competing to survive, but a big pull of the series is that the players have to be careful. Their series is limited. And other players have to be mindful of that too. Scott failed and should have to face the consequences in my opinion. I think the best argument against this states that “all players should have an opportunity to present and enjoy each origin before moving to the next” to which I would refer you Fwhip (I believe) who died twice in his first episode. My final point is that even with the canon reroll (and knowledge of it being unavoidable because the death happened in a livestream) it should have been handled better. I think having jimmy being temporary assigned another role when he respawned and then hearing scott as he explained he was giving jimmy back all his lives ruined the immersion and stuff. And yeah, as a livestream exclusive clip that would be fine, but its more the fact that that made it into the video and the death was shown in multiple peoples videos, not just jimmys. Apologies for the ramble there lol.
      Secondly is the Geyser glitch. Now I have no issue with the glitch existing, or even being shown in videos. thats fine. Its again, how it was handled. Firstly, in my opinion, in a hardcore or survival series, even in the case of glitches, teleportation commands should be off limits. And the continued use of commands overall just really undermined what this series is supposed to represent in my opinion, which is a modded survival/hardcore series.
      Anyway, sorry about the ranting. TLDR is I don’t like retconned deaths or use of commands because it undermines the theme of the series and if those have to be used, it should be done off camera where possible and mentioned as an explanation only where relevant. I think this may be a very long winded way of me saying I’m not too sure about how scott runs his series’ overall.

    • oleg fedorov
      oleg fedorov 3 months ago

      @Rainbow Fox In that case somebody should make it like a movie poster for Grease remake starring Grian, Solidarity and Joel... 😇

  • The Most Beautiful People Of All

    Jimmy sounds extra British today and I’m loving it! The zombies are dressed so formal

  • RedRidingWolfe
    RedRidingWolfe 3 months ago +103

    I feel like Jimmy needs a group photo of the bad boys for that empty wall space. It would be great because he was a bad boy in the limited life series and now he is a bad guy in the new life smp! 🥰

  • The Guestinator
    The Guestinator 4 months ago +540

    We’ve got a real b-aha-d guy here with that skillet 😂😂😂
    Also the starter house is giving ✨Barbie and Ken✨and I am HERE for it!

    • radiokiro
      radiokiro 4 months ago +15

      For real!! It's definitely got barbie and ken vibes 🤣

    • Kat Eliot Maskell
      Kat Eliot Maskell 4 months ago +8

      Barbie and Ken scream queen vibes you mean

    • AUserYouMayKnow
      AUserYouMayKnow 4 months ago +12

      What a b-aha-d joke
      Who are you? J-aha-far?

    • Alma Longaquit
      Alma Longaquit 4 months ago +2


    • The Guestinator
      The Guestinator 4 months ago

      @Alma Longaquit LOL SOMEONE TELL HIM 😭😂

  • Crystal
    Crystal 3 months ago +46

    I love how Jimmy is writing down coordinates instead of using the in game waypoint system

  • mayra !
    mayra ! 4 months ago +839

    jimmy finally getting his villain arc

    • Racoon
      Racoon 4 months ago +34

      Hope Lizzie doesnt destroy it agian lol

    • delitaTactics
      delitaTactics 4 months ago +13

      He's back to full size but we all know he is a small man

    • Geek With A Pen
      Geek With A Pen 3 months ago +11

      he's really ready for the Barbie movie inn July

    • Mystic Fox
      Mystic Fox 3 months ago +6

      But would Jimmy really be a “villain” though? I guess we’ll find out on this video!

    • ash
      ash 3 months ago +2

      @Mystic Fox not really, he apologised for blowing Ollie up

  • Dania
    Dania 4 months ago +118

    your building skills have genuinely drastically improved. I know you say you're not really a builder but that's mostly because all of your friends are some of the best Minecraft builders out there. Your starter house looks so cool, be proud!

  • ~Flower_Productions~
    ~Flower_Productions~ 4 months ago +121

    I honestly love how we have a Bad Boy living in a fabulous home. It gives off MAJOR bad boy energy.
    Looking great Jim!!

  • STAYing Together
    STAYing Together  3 months ago +14

    Jimmy basically just made himself into Bad Boys' Comeback + Scar in quite literally every series he's been in

  • Nolan Blaire
    Nolan Blaire 4 months ago +48

    Tim: im a bad guy
    Also Tim: proceeds to build a barbie house
    We stan a bad guy

  • Alexander Hoak
    Alexander Hoak 3 months ago +13

    From Bad Boy to Bad Guy. Glad to see you moving up in the world Jimmy.

  • Oaklynn
    Oaklynn 4 months ago +361

    Cant wait to watch yours and Scars povs, they seem like the most interesting

    • Budgie Cute
      Budgie Cute 4 months ago +37

      SCAR'S IN THIS??

    • Rosie Pinder
      Rosie Pinder 4 months ago +11


    • Oaklynn
      Oaklynn 4 months ago +31

      Yep, it was announced a few hours ago that scar was in it, idk when scars posting though

    • aid. en
      aid. en 4 months ago +28

      @Budgie Cuteyep, Jim tagged scar’s channel in the description cause he’s here

    • Kniaziowna
      Kniaziowna 4 months ago +11

      Now I’m really hyped!!!

  • L1sa
    L1sa 4 months ago +51

    Jims and scotts powers atm are gonna be creating pure chaos atm. Needa see everyone elses pov to see how mental this series be 😂

  • Summer12•Animations
    Summer12•Animations 4 months ago +16

    Yay! New Life SMP! Your house building is looking great so far! And your origin powers are very useful, I can’t wait to see how your gonna use them in future episodes! Thank you Jimmy & to all of your friends for this awesome series you’ve brought to us all! 😁🙏

  • Darel H
    Darel H 4 months ago +10

    Dude, I'm seriously impressed by how far your builds have come. When I saw the thumbnail I was wondering whether you were posing in front of someone else's house, but you built that!! Good job!

  • JustAsh
    JustAsh 4 months ago +41

    I’m gonna be completely honest with you Tim this is a good build it just needs some details on the outside (like bushes and stuff) and maybe a second staircase on the left so it’s symmetrical but expect that it’s a really good build and I like that it’s pink

  • Polymori
    Polymori 3 months ago

    Honestly been neat seeing how much you've improved with your building. Loving this new series a lot so far!

  • A Slytherin Chicken
    A Slytherin Chicken 4 months ago +185

    From Sheriff to evil. Wow. This will be interesting

    • Aryan Chhita
      Aryan Chhita 4 months ago +13

      From Woody to Barbie's Ken

    • Kuni
      Kuni 3 months ago

      @Aryan Chhita ok, but who’s Barbie

  • Sophie
    Sophie 4 months ago +10

    Yay, another new series.
    Great first episode, Jimmy... but I got to say watching you build your new starter building compared to what you built during X life, and even afterlife.... shows how much you've continued to improve.
    The build looks great!

  • Rose Ivory
    Rose Ivory 4 months ago +3

    So excited for this series!! The creators on here are all incredible and I can't wait to see the shenanigans that happen :)

  • Aanshdeep Oberoi
    Aanshdeep Oberoi 3 months ago +6

    5:51 Jimmy has got so used to being called Tim that he has just accepted it as his name lol

  • Rowan
    Rowan 4 months ago +6

    Jimmy's building has come a long way. The house looks really nice! I'm proud of ya!

  • sarah shikaze
    sarah shikaze 3 months ago

    i love this so much seeing how far jimmy has come in the sense of building!!! like comparing his house here to some of his older builds, it’s so awesome to see how much progress u have made so fast!! jimmy u won’t be able to get away with “i’m not a builder” anymore LOL

  • Ally
    Ally 4 months ago +63

    Hey Jimmy, good to see you again, I've really missed you! I can't wait to see what you get into with this new series!

  • DragonX
    DragonX 4 months ago +2

    Can't wait to get home and watch this new series! Looks very promising to me , definitely will watch it till the end :D

  • TopOceanKitty
    TopOceanKitty 4 months ago +12

    Careful having your abs out jimmy! A certain transporter might start picking flowers!

  • C3dar-Ish
    C3dar-Ish 3 months ago

    I like that Tim may be a Bad guy, but he's not afraid to be himself through his surroundings. I really like the build! It adds character to your character!

  • Farli
    Farli 4 months ago +3

    Looking at that house, and my brain immediately went "He's just (bad boy) Ken."
    Can't wait to see what else you get up to, Jim!!

  • Vicki Patterson
    Vicki Patterson 3 months ago

    I was so looking forward to this series starting on Saturday, just legit couldn't wait. I ended up in the hospital on Friday and had major surgery Monday. This is the first day this whole time I've felt like doing anything other than sleep. Yours is the first episode I've watched because you just make my day. Hopefully I'll be able to get to Sausage's episode, but he makes me laugh so much I don't want to pull the staples out of my belly. I love you guys

  • Mel Cox
    Mel Cox 4 months ago +524

    Bad boys 2? I ain’t seen em

  • Tyto Alba
    Tyto Alba 4 months ago +8

    Only jimmy can be a bad guy and instantly neglects to fill a bomb hole he made.

  • Bucket
    Bucket 4 months ago +11

    Interested to see what sausage thinks of your house… I’m sure he has some interesting things to say

    • Cameron Collins
      Cameron Collins 4 months ago +3

      There’s no way that it won’t get pointed out lol

  • Lily Boop
    Lily Boop 4 months ago +4

    I can just imagine Scott yelling at Jimmy for leaving ugly holes all over his beautiful server.

  • ThebreadthatcausedLesMis
    ThebreadthatcausedLesMis 4 months ago +12

    Even in this new series he can't escape being a toy. First Woody and now Ken, thanks to that skin and Barbie Dreamhouse.

  • 56mcfly
    56mcfly 3 months ago

    Seems like this is gonna be a fun series to watch! What do you use for your background music on your livestreams?? It's always good!! Just found Can You Feel Me by Love Beans and it's on repeat 😂

  • o1Sooty
    o1Sooty 4 months ago +21

    So excited for this series! Can't wait to see what happens!!

  • Taracinablue
    Taracinablue 4 months ago +3

    So excited for the new series!
    Somehow I suspect the Bad Guy will go out with a bang =P

  • Musings of a Mild Mannered Man

    Loving the start to this new series and I hope you last for a while on the server ;)
    One slight critique, the slow zoom effect is quite motion sick inducing when you use it quite liberally. I understand it is habit for you to use the zoom feature, but if you could cut more of it out in the edits it would help me keep my dinner down, lol...

    • August Jones
      August Jones 4 months ago +1

      I have motion sickness too and noticed this, so I am commenting to boost this

  • ArticOutlaw aka csm2
    ArticOutlaw aka csm2 3 months ago

    I love how Jimmy and Scott both named their land after themselves lol

  • Danielle_your_local_ghibli_girl

    Jimmy’s building skills actually really improved!! Im exited for the new series and all the shenanigan’s Jim going to end up in

  • Jason So
    Jason So 3 months ago +1

    When I saw you with that rubber ring, I immediately thought of something your house needs... a pool! Would definitely fit the spoilt rich kid vibes your character seems to be giving off. Maybe Create contraptions could fit in some way too! New Life is going to be awesome!

  • Golden Wither Phoenix 13
    Golden Wither Phoenix 13 4 months ago +19

    10 seconds in and he's already the villain! Amazing!
    Update: Best! Bad guy house! Ever!

  • Incine Akechi
    Incine Akechi 4 months ago

    I remember this being announced and being super excited to see you in it. obviously since it isn't the life series I didn't know you'd be in it. I was worried someone else would die first for a moment.

  • m00n
    m00n 4 months ago +1

    absolutely obsessed with your new house jim. looks like a dollhouse with the open windows and staircase and all. super swag!!!

  • syndahra
    syndahra 3 months ago

    You have become one of my favorites out of the last year. Love your humor.

  • Jenny May
    Jenny May 4 months ago +4

    Yep this series going to be so fun, the TNT drop going to risky but very helpful, and the pink house is so cute I love how Jimmy makes fun of himself, the rubber ring just so funny and Ollie going to play some pranks hiding as a chest in others bases, he could sneak in and sing and they would go crazy trying to find him 😁.

  • Wandalena
    Wandalena 3 months ago

    This is going to be an amazing series

  • YourLocalGinger_
    YourLocalGinger_ 4 months ago +11

    Im so excited to see what New Life SMP brings! 🎉

  • starzzdontshine
    starzzdontshine 4 months ago +16

    we love tim entering his bad boy phase (again)

  • Constant Sorrow
    Constant Sorrow 4 months ago +4

    100% agree withJimmy. The plains is the best. I can spend hours wondering a new world, travelling through many biomes, looking for somewhere to live and still end up in the plains.

    • Sarah Landis
      Sarah Landis 3 months ago +1

      I also agree with plains. I just... would have loved to see him settle in the badlands for the irony

  • Cadan
    Cadan 3 months ago

    I really like that you explained your origin at the start because most people just slipped all the abilities

  • Haden
    Haden 4 months ago +2

    Yay! The Bad Boy is back! Best of luck in the new series, Jimmy!

  • Hailoow
    Hailoow 4 months ago +5

    Jimmy please find a picture of the bad boys for your living room I think it would fit pretty well

  • LucyPhoenixx
    LucyPhoenixx 4 months ago +15

    He graduated from a Bad Boy to a Bad Guy 😂

  • Rhino The Tanker
    Rhino The Tanker 4 months ago +2

    Jimmy's starter house has definite Ken and Barbie vibes 😂

  • Mahmoud Dagher
    Mahmoud Dagher 3 months ago

    Jimmy has matured from a bad boy to bad guy let's hope he's not as bad at this series as he as he is at the others

  • Tommy Boy
    Tommy Boy 4 months ago +1

    Woowww jimmy! I think your commentary has evolved for this new series🤩🙌🏽 very nice! Also take advantage of having that skelly spawner‼️

  • itz illy
    itz illy 4 months ago

    Omg Jimmy’s building journey has come so far!! Like, this looks like a simple but genuinely cute house!!

  • radiokiro
    radiokiro 4 months ago +7

    The song jimmy used when he showed around the pink house is a song katherine usually uses, i NEED katherine to see this house 🤣 this bad boy origin sounds so fun, i'm so excited for this series!!

  • Lone Wolfe
    Lone Wolfe 4 months ago +1

    Wow. A new series and he's already a bad boy :D Can't wait to see where this series goes!!

  • Keori Kat
    Keori Kat 3 months ago +1

    Jimmy still being a toy by becoming a ken doll is so iconic 😂😂

  • John Severn
    John Severn 3 months ago

    Jimmy's character started out as the reason women-only gyms exist, and it gradually transitioning into the guy who gets invited to girl's sleepovers.
    I am loving every second.

  • Clara Springman
    Clara Springman 3 months ago +2

    I’m LIVING for Jimmy being a bad guy who lives in a barbie dream house 😂

  • Angharad Cat
    Angharad Cat 3 months ago

    I adore the pink house, the baddest house by far. I feel like some texturing/more textured blocks will make it look more complete :), I look forward to seeing it evolve :D

  • SCG
    SCG 4 months ago +2

    Jimmy has one of the best origins so far. Better do some bad good with it.

  • Weird_Warden
    Weird_Warden 3 months ago

    Jim, if you want to learn the create mod, just play around with it, and it helps you with a guide by holding shift on each create mod item :)

  • Beapachu
    Beapachu 3 months ago

    God Jimmy definitely deserves more love what an underrated boyo!

  • adeereo
    adeereo 3 months ago

    To keep with the bad guy theme, a picture of the bad boys in the house would be glorious

  • no wallet
    no wallet 4 months ago

    Soo excited for the season! The house eould look sooo good w/ flower boxes and ❤❤❤ the skin

  • Stephanie Homeyer
    Stephanie Homeyer 3 months ago

    I would pay GOLD to see jimmy build a multi-level pool, possibly with a slide.

  • Rae
    Rae 4 months ago +6

    I haven't watched the video yet but the thumbnail is immediately giving Ken from Barbie vibes and I'm excited

  • Vanilla Orchid
    Vanilla Orchid 4 months ago +1

    Its always a joy to watch Tim

  • Emma the 2nd
    Emma the 2nd 4 months ago

    Oh thank goodness, Jimmy got a powerful origin!
    He might live longer than usual!!

  • Elsa
    Elsa 3 months ago

    Jimmy never fails to make us laugh

  • crxft1ue
    crxft1ue 4 months ago +1

    you know this series is going to be amazing when it starts off with a flynn rider lookalike holding a skillet in a pink house...

  • Mystic Fox
    Mystic Fox 3 months ago

    I think Jimmy is going to have lots of fun being the bad guy on this series 😏 especially now he can blow up stuff

  • Oaklynn
    Oaklynn 4 months ago +3

    I love how the first thing that came to my mind and probably Jim’s when seeing the amethyst was “Aha!”

  • Béatrice Robidoux
    Béatrice Robidoux 3 months ago

    The minimap mod allows you to set waypoint thus no need for the white board

  • K1NQ_M0RoN__
    K1NQ_M0RoN__ 4 months ago +1

    He went from bad boy to bad guy i am absolutely loving this

  • oddgorl23
    oddgorl23 3 months ago

    jimmy continuing the legacy of the bad boys as "the bad guy" :)
    you love to see it

  • shadow
    shadow 4 months ago +1

    Love the skin!! Looking forward to the new series!

  • Cheezit The Squirrel
    Cheezit The Squirrel 3 months ago +1

    Jim’s house is giving off 2023 Barbie movie vibes with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, and I’m here for it 💅 💕

  • Simsley
    Simsley 4 months ago +3

    I’ve only just started watching the video so idk what’s gonna happen, but his skin and the pink house in the thumbnail is giving major Ken doll vibes which has me psyched for both the new Barbie movie AND this episode!

  • Aiden_er
    Aiden_er 4 months ago +1

    Hey Jimmy if you want someone who can explain the create mod, you can look op for a guy called Shalz, He is pretty much family friendly and is really good with explaining and showing off the stuff from create mod

  • Stephanie Diamond
    Stephanie Diamond 3 months ago

    Loving the Barbie dream house energy with this one 😂, this series is gonna be great!

  • Tayler LikesDogs
    Tayler LikesDogs 3 months ago

    Jimmy’s first episode is just “Just because you’re bad guy. Doesn’t make you bad guy.”

  • Alex Tourangeau
    Alex Tourangeau 3 months ago +1

    Jimmy’s basically a Ken doll with a bad temper! I love it! 😂

  • pantzz2
    pantzz2 3 months ago +1

    I swear no matter what I cannot see Jimmy as a bad guy, it’s physically and mentally impossible for me💀

  • Ice
    Ice 4 months ago +3

    Wow... Timland has got to have a rival with Scottland through the series

  • Emmah Sue
    Emmah Sue 4 months ago +1

    The Bad Guy declaration of "We live, we laugh, we learn," just about broke me. XD

  • Sarah Dougall
    Sarah Dougall 3 months ago

    Tim really said that he needed a limited life redo. 6 lives as a bad boy, what could go wrong?

  • beckyh2112
    beckyh2112 3 months ago

    Farmer's Delight is a pretty fun farming and cooking mod. The knife is part of that, iirc.
    Y'all might try adding the Jade mod. It's a client-side mod that just tells you what the block/entity you're looking at is.

  • รђเภเภﻮ ๔คгкภєรร

    Jimmy is trying to be a bad guy again for the third time, let’s hope he doesn’t fail this again.