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The Safe Way To Freeze Your Finger

  • Published on Aug 1, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    I show you how to make clear ice
    See the full length video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Phl-m...
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  • UltimateGames78
    UltimateGames78 4 months ago +28999

    Here's a question he'll never be able to answer:

    • R
      R 2 days ago

      ​@Cephalon Plant was that quote from Portal 2?

    • Harald Brune Gómez
      Harald Brune Gómez 5 days ago

      That’s the point: hypersleep capsules

    • Shanti
      Shanti 6 days ago


    • Arturo Roca Simmonds
      Arturo Roca Simmonds 8 days ago

      Wasn't it clear when he said water and ice have the same refractive index?

    • AdEL
      AdEL 14 days ago

      يحب يبعبص

  • gutz1981
    gutz1981 3 months ago +4784

    "Look at this icehole."
    "Hey no need to swear at me."

    • Moozler
      Moozler 21 day ago

      Dad, is that you 😅❤

    • :0 lil burb returned
      :0 lil burb returned Month ago

      @Mark Ayran idiot

    • Myst yes
      Myst yes Month ago +4

      You guys wanna see my fingers turn blurry?
      Good ol' who's line.

    • Legendary Mike
      Legendary Mike 2 months ago +1


    • katkatthecat
      katkatthecat 2 months ago

      They should’ve added that as an insult for Club Penguin

  • jd
    jd 3 months ago +254

    This is perfect for when I need to make my finger look like it’s frozen in a small sphere of ice, thanks!

  • Larry Ferd
    Larry Ferd 3 months ago +50

    I love how you totally avoided telling us how to make the clear ice ball

    • TonkarzOfSolSystem
      TonkarzOfSolSystem 3 days ago +5

      All you gotta do is push the bubbles away from the area where you want clear ice. What is hard to follow, it's clear as ice.

    • everyone
      everyone 5 days ago

      Hot, filtered water and specific containers.

  • Ellis Awesomeness
    Ellis Awesomeness 3 months ago +2528

    “When you stick your finger in the hole”
    Me: *sigh* *opens comment*

  • Daddy Spy
    Daddy Spy 3 months ago +8

    Ah yes, I've always wanted to freeze my finger safely. Thank you for this video!

  • Nydak
    Nydak 3 months ago +220

    “Liquid water” never thought I’d hear that

    • Leena Bhuyan
      Leena Bhuyan 20 days ago

      He means H2O (L)

    • El Es
      El Es Month ago

      Damn girl, you got that liquid wet wet

    • Elyria
      Elyria Month ago +5

      ​@Vaishali Wasnik Really cold ice. Really hot gaseous water.

    • Vaishali Wasnik
      Vaishali Wasnik Month ago +1

      @Aaron Goldich so..is some water dry?

    • Aaron Goldich
      Aaron Goldich 2 months ago +15

      Liquid waters is the wettest of all the waters. Silly goose.

  • Neelam Verma
    Neelam Verma 3 months ago

    Thank you so much for this video man 😃 I have been searching tutorials on youtube for freezing my finger but was not able to find a nice one. Your video was very helpful 🙏 Next time please make a video on how to unfreeze your finger 😊

  • Don Lino
    Don Lino 3 months ago

    I thought the cloudiness in ice was from the expansion of water, when it can’t expand it is more densely packed causing a whiter color, but when it has room it spaces out and is clear

  • Kurzed Lyght
    Kurzed Lyght 4 months ago +3746

    Him: *said 'ball, hole and finger' in the same sentence.
    Everyone: 😳📸

  • R7kelley
    R7kelley 3 days ago

    Thank you so much. I have been trying to figure out how to safely freeze my finger my entire life.

  • David Giertta
    David Giertta 3 months ago

    Oxygen or air? Helluva difference. You are making educational science experiments, so pretty important to stay factual.

  • Wayward_dsheep
    Wayward_dsheep 3 months ago

    How does oxygen dissolve? Would Love to hear your explanation 😀

  • Janhavi Sharma
    Janhavi Sharma 11 days ago

    This is the best channel informatics as well as entertaing you really push me towards learing new concepts everytime ....so good that you upload shorts so we students won't be distracted by those irritating videos of people doing shitt ..... thanks a lottttttttt sir

  • Solvem Probler Studios
    Solvem Probler Studios 3 months ago +5

    Thank you for this. I have no idea why anyone would ever want to do this ever. But I appreciate that you put your time and effort into it.

  • Devin Fish
    Devin Fish 3 months ago +25

    That edit between the ending and beginning was SMOOTH!

  • Fobo
    Fobo 3 months ago +2

    "Scientist are fundement figures in society, and are vital to our progression as a species"
    Scientist: "guys look i can make it kinda look like my fingers frozen in this ice cube"
    "Oh thats cool you made some sorta anti frost bite advancement?"
    "Oh no it only looks like its frozen its just water"

  • Chris Mooneyham
    Chris Mooneyham 3 months ago +1

    Use a vibrational motor on your ice trays while freezing the cubes, much easier than using a vacuum chamber.

  • Daniel Jordan
    Daniel Jordan 4 months ago +830

    I've never heard "ice-hole" pronounced so carefully in my life! 😂😂😂

    • Thunder_Mouse_2014
      Thunder_Mouse_2014 2 months ago +1

      I wonder if far Northerners who go ice-fishing and drill a hole in the ice feel it necessary to be so careful. OR, if in an argument and they call the other, "You Ice-hole!" if it's taken as an insult.

    • Katie Kawaii!
      Katie Kawaii! 3 months ago


    • Xiaolin Draconis
      Xiaolin Draconis 3 months ago

      @Asaf really? You never watched Shameless or any other show that has ice fishing?

    • The PreferredUncle
      The PreferredUncle 3 months ago +3

      Now you can fill that icehole. Nice

    • Asaf
      Asaf 3 months ago +7

      I never heard someone say ice hole before

  • nijuo joing
    nijuo joing 3 months ago +1

    "If there is a hole, there is a goal" He took that scientifically

  • Garron Hill
    Garron Hill 3 months ago

    I've tried some of your experiments and they don't always work I just laugh and move on like u got me haha a lot of really do work thanks for making life more interesting keep on doing the experiments

  • Anubis™
    Anubis™ 3 months ago +1

    Can you freeze water in a ballshaped ice cube while it's spinning?

  • Nightrush
    Nightrush 2 days ago

    Then your finger got stuck after filled with water..

  • Kono Veldora Da!
    Kono Veldora Da! 4 months ago +2927

    The Kid named Finger be like: *Yeah officer, this guy right here.*

    • james wedler
      james wedler Month ago +1

      I don't get it.

    • Alexander Corbett
      Alexander Corbett 2 months ago

      Waltuh, get me out of here Waltuh.

    • Mr. Vinster Guyster
      Mr. Vinster Guyster 2 months ago

      @Zohaib Tariq Then grow up and learn how to take a joke

    • Dark V01d
      Dark V01d 3 months ago

      @RedKnight07 r/whoosh

    • - Trinity -
      - Trinity - 3 months ago

      @RedKnight07 there’s lots of whacky names around the world and there’s probably atleast 1 person named finger

  • Arif Ali
    Arif Ali Day ago

    ok but why should we do that?

  • Person
    Person 3 months ago +9

    “And if you stick your finger in that hole” 💀

    • Rohail
      Rohail 3 months ago

      @Lothu Waltuh

    • Lothu
      Lothu 3 months ago +2

      Kid named finger:

  • Turismofoe Gaming
    Turismofoe Gaming 3 months ago +2

    “ on the top there’s a cloudy portion“
    -shows us the ice cube with the cloudy portion on the bottom😌

  • Nikki Berry
    Nikki Berry 3 months ago

    I briefly would for a water filter company that told employees to tell costumers that ice was cloudy because of all the debris in their tap water. I can't believe they weren't sued over that.

  • Wilder Mcwaters
    Wilder Mcwaters 4 months ago +12123

    Anyone else notice how he slowed down “ice hole “ so it wouldn’t sound like asshole

    • Geraldine C L.
      Geraldine C L. 8 days ago

      Take your like number 12, 000. Simply facts

    • Zek Sanchez
      Zek Sanchez 3 months ago

      @oceanlawnlove yeah lol it's normal speaking

    • Turismofoe Gaming
      Turismofoe Gaming 3 months ago

      You gotta watch out for those “ice holes“
      They’ll give you blue balls for sure

    • Turismofoe Gaming
      Turismofoe Gaming 3 months ago

      Yeah cause there’s a lot of people putting water up there “ice hole” these days…
      .. so that there ain’t no chocolate pudding on the end result🫢

    • elisa chicken nugget
      elisa chicken nugget 3 months ago

      @Sham Shab p

  • Abstrxkt
    Abstrxkt 3 months ago

    Thank you for the tutorial 😊

  • Jashhh Deadbroke
    Jashhh Deadbroke 3 months ago

    I think getting an ice cube that is clear is more impressive than anything else you're saying.

  • John Paul Cabildo
    John Paul Cabildo 3 months ago +56

    “So if you stick your finger in that hole~”
    My Mind: 🤯🤯🤯

  • Divan Gibran
    Divan Gibran Month ago

    Damn.. I've been freezing my finger the wrong way this whole time?!!

  • Purple wooden custard
    Purple wooden custard 3 months ago

    At last!!! I've been looking for a safe way to do this unfortunately I have no fingers left to pick up the air free ice cube now!!!

  • Noel Marcus
    Noel Marcus 3 months ago

    Give this guy an oscar for the best loop
    No honestly i didnt even noticed that the video restarted

  • Katnip Bardot
    Katnip Bardot 3 months ago

    Please, please, oh please can you give us further clarification on "Pushing those air bubbles away from the area where you want to have clear ice."?
    We first need step one: making clear ice, before we can proceed with step two: freezing our fingers.
    Please & thank you! 😁

  • Wanted 32!
    Wanted 32! 3 months ago +2

    Thanks I was just thinking about freezing my finger! And something else similar😋

  • CodenameLoser
    CodenameLoser 4 months ago +12593

    This implies that some people want to freeze their fingers
    To everyone who replied that they want to freeze their fingers, please call a therapist. That’s kinda concerning
    Don’t take the therapist part seriously. Did I really have to clarify that?

    • Pickles r Life
      Pickles r Life 3 months ago

      @CodenameLoser Stop capping dude. You meant it. You wouldn't have said that if you didn't miss it.

    • CodenameLoser
      CodenameLoser 3 months ago

      @Pickles r Life I’m legit a 12 yr old watching science videos on Clip-Share, why would I be seriously telling people to go to a therapist?

    • Pickles r Life
      Pickles r Life 3 months ago

      "Don't take the therapist part seriously" LMAO stop capping you meant it

    • Riri A
      Riri A 3 months ago


    • Gnoch Huos
      Gnoch Huos 3 months ago

      Kid named freeze

  • The Hierophant
    The Hierophant 10 days ago

    Water and ice have the same refractive index in ideal circumstances of temperature, density, etc.

  • Ryder Robinett
    Ryder Robinett 3 months ago +1

    wow! I always wanted to freeze my finger,thanks

  • AaA
    AaA 3 months ago

    Can you do a video where you freeze Sound waves or have soundwaves move with some type of liquid?

  • Tim Mccoy
    Tim Mccoy 3 months ago

    How did you do the directional freezing?
    Can boiling the water first do the same

  • A Bird
    A Bird 4 months ago +245

    "Now watch what happens when we fill that ice hole with water!" That's hilarious

  • ♡piper♡
    ♡piper♡ 3 months ago

    Everyone: *amazed*
    Me: *wondering how he's holding ice and sticking his finger in it without a reaction*

  • [[[ *Dragonier* ]]]
    [[[ *Dragonier* ]]] 3 months ago +1

    “Watch what happens when you fill this hole with water”
    > Freezes around his finger

  • Miles Hemmers
    Miles Hemmers 3 months ago

    This was very usefull, always wanted to know how i could freeze my finger, tnx

  • Thor Odinson
    Thor Odinson 2 months ago +1

    In order to avoid the air bubbles, just boil the water and then freeze it.

  • boblab
    boblab 3 months ago

    The question we all have is how do you make clear ice?

  • Bahzley
    Bahzley Month ago

    Finally. I’ve been looking so stupid these past 13 years trying to make it look like my finger was frozen in this white-ass oxygenated ice. The struggle is over!

  • thebirdbrand
    thebirdbrand 3 months ago

    “Fill that ice hole with water”
    *Proceeds too finger ball of ice”

  • Ryan Riaz
    Ryan Riaz 3 months ago

    School and colleges teach you simplest things in most complicated way that its hard to understand and this guy does it in 1 minute. Is anyone else doesnt like study but for some reason find his way of explaining interesting ?bc i get F but if im gonna listen to this guy for few more years I’ll be operating a patient with anal cancer.

  • Zachary Bergman
    Zachary Bergman 3 months ago +30

    Yes, this is exactly the science questions I've always asked for on Clip-Share shorts

  • Majd Sabbagh
    Majd Sabbagh 3 months ago

    Thank you. Now I will be able to freeze my finger without worrying

  • Jack Thompson
    Jack Thompson 3 months ago

    So, if I were to say, get a 7 foot tall block of clear ice, hollow it out, fill it with water and get inside I can finally live out my fantasy of being a caveman frozen in ice?

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 3 months ago +20

    Him: continues talking
    Me: still stuck on "liquid water"

      EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 3 months ago

      @ShadowPony well, water is originally a liquid so shouldn't the ice be called solid water🤔

    • ShadowPony
      ShadowPony 3 months ago

      well water technically does have more than one state, so is accurate to say liquid water

  • Jaz Digance
    Jaz Digance 3 months ago

    Did I miss the part where he explains why this method makes it safe to freeze your finger?

  • Aleksandar Đurić
    Aleksandar Đurić 3 months ago

    So for anyone asking why
    If you burn your finger it’s good to cool off your finger to prevent the painful feeling and it feels better as a cool off to your burnt finger

  • Nanaelp
    Nanaelp 3 months ago

    Thank you for giving the answer I've been wondering about

  • XanthraX
    XanthraX 3 months ago

    even something as simple as ice....he thinks of everything doesn't he ..🤓

  • Melissa Moonchild
    Melissa Moonchild 3 months ago

    Hey man, keep an eye on that mark under your finger nail. It can indicate underlying health issues

  • Bill Pitt
    Bill Pitt 4 months ago +139

    "How to make it appear your finger is frozen in a ball of ice"
    You owe me one frozen finger. 😐🤣

    • ahall
      ahall 3 months ago


    • Stardust
      Stardust 3 months ago +3

      @King Dugg Kid named finger:

    • King Dugg
      King Dugg 3 months ago +3

      Walter: You want a frozen finger, i can get you a frozen finger. There are ways Dude, you don't wanna know about it Believe me
      Dude: yeah but Walter
      Walter: hell I can get you a frozen finger by 3 o'clock this afternoon....with nail polish

  • Dakeyras41
    Dakeyras41 3 months ago +5

    That loop was so clean

  • teacup
    teacup 3 months ago

    "We need completely clear ice-"
    That one bartender guy:

  • Dustin
    Dustin 3 months ago

    Water and ice have different refraction indexes though, right? They’re different densities and have different thermal conductivity.

  • Andriy Shapovalov
    Andriy Shapovalov 3 months ago

    You just need to boil water before freezing. Boiling removes dissolved gases.

  • b9y
    b9y 3 months ago

    I just finished watching a Tipsy Bartender video about clear ice, and how it freezes first and you can drain away the imperfect water. Now I'm watching a video about how to use it to me bits! I love Clip-Share.

  • Jonathan Huerta
    Jonathan Huerta 3 months ago

    This is one of the most random experiments, but it's really cool too

  • Josh Kelsey
    Josh Kelsey 3 months ago

    Could you fix it by freaking the water in a vacuum chamber?

  • Your friendly neighborhood demon R3D

    You should put water in a vacuum, then freeze it. I curious on if it would be cloudy.

  • Watchyojet
    Watchyojet 4 months ago +711

    *shot in the chest… but fills the hole with water* “You can’t even tell there’s a hole” wise am I.
    Edit: Mom im famous

    • zombiefisting
      zombiefisting 3 months ago

      @Watchyojet idk of you know this sir bit that's guns n roses song. They were talking of bonjovie

    • Watchyojet
      Watchyojet 3 months ago

      @Kaiser you’re bringing up some nostalgia 🥲 sweet child of mine

    • Watchyojet
      Watchyojet 3 months ago

      @Carson Thompson it was just a prank bro 😳

    • Carson Thompson
      Carson Thompson 3 months ago +5

      Was enjoying the comment until the edited part.

    • Irfan Hakimi
      Irfan Hakimi 4 months ago +1

      @Kaiser noice 👌🏻

  • •Sunset• ★
    •Sunset• ★ 3 months ago +1

    *How to safely freeze your finger*
    This guy will really do anything

  • Laygoz
    Laygoz 3 months ago

    Does this mean if you Vacuum seal water, it will be perfectly clear?

  • Ivelios Xilosient
    Ivelios Xilosient 3 months ago +8

    "and for tomorrows video I'll be teaching you how to treat frostbit-"

  • The Overseer
    The Overseer 3 months ago

    personally could almost see this type of thing used in a movie that specializes in practical effects

  • Jose Gomez
    Jose Gomez 4 months ago +201

    He didnt at all show how he made the ice clear. He just said “there” 🤣

    • Darryl Taylor
      Darryl Taylor 3 months ago +1

      Precisely what I thought.

    • Saad Khan
      Saad Khan 3 months ago +2

      There's another video about clearing the ice on his channel if you're curious to know

    • Axuwu
      Axuwu 3 months ago +3

      These shorts are usually clips from his full, much more detailed videos on his channel! Not sure if this one is, tho

    • Brad
      Brad 3 months ago +5

      Yeah the shorts usually don’t capture everything bc they r just part of a much larger video typically. The link is n description for full video

    • Fregley
      Fregley 3 months ago +4

      You need to buy an ice mould that has directional freezing, they're more expensive than normal ice moulds but they freeze the water evenly, meaning no air gets trapped inside because the edges froze before the centre

  • The High Value Cat
    The High Value Cat 3 months ago

    I've discovered this on my own time , don't ask how 👍🏼

  • stxdude
    stxdude 3 months ago

    I had heard the white part was impurities in the water being grouped together upon being frozen. This is good to know

  • Misty Mane
    Misty Mane 3 months ago

    But how do you get your everyday ice cubes to not have the bubbles?

  • Lusamine
    Lusamine 3 months ago

    Using the equivalent refractive index was really smart

  • TinyKqi ._.
    TinyKqi ._. 3 months ago

    I don’t understand what that did to get him clear ice, but I’ve always been told if you want clear ice boil it and then freeze it right away!

  • Vrixx
    Vrixx 3 months ago

    Me just trying to figure out how he is holding the ice without litterly dying from coldness

  • ShatnerLover
    ShatnerLover 3 months ago

    How did making it spherical push the oxygen out?

  • renthiya vijayan
    renthiya vijayan 3 months ago

    Watching this video gave me the sudden urge to go eat some ice cubes. I don’t eat them ever…

  • Ashwin S Nair
    Ashwin S Nair 3 months ago

    Ah yes. Thank god, I was looking for a safe way to freeze my finger

  • MrBishbashbosh2012
    MrBishbashbosh2012 3 months ago

    So how did you get rid of the air to make it clear?

  • Ryan
    Ryan 3 months ago

    If you had a vibrating ice tray would that make the ice clear when it freezes?

  • Rodrigo Aguirre
    Rodrigo Aguirre 3 months ago

    If you vacuum seal the water and then freeze it will it come out super clear? Maybe do that experiment.

    XENDER XENDER 4 months ago +23

    From where do so many ideas come to this man?
    He's just amazing

  • Xavier
    Xavier 3 months ago

    I tried this and the ice was so cold it froze my finger!

  • Thiago da Silva Moraes
    Thiago da Silva Moraes 3 months ago

    What if you make ice somehow in a vacuum chamber?

  • slim shirry 404
    slim shirry 404 3 months ago +6

    "When you stick your finger into the hole"
    *Dirty Mind Activated*

  • Osama JT
    Osama JT Month ago

    I've been looking for this my entire life

  • ZyFerRoy
    ZyFerRoy 4 months ago +150

    “so if you stick a finger on that hole”
    why are you telling me this 😳

    • ZyFerRoy
      ZyFerRoy 3 months ago +2

      @BadDadio apparently him

    • BadDadio
      BadDadio 3 months ago +3

      Who would think to stick their finger in an ice hole?

    • Marcus Neko lover
      Marcus Neko lover 3 months ago +2

      looked for this comment🤣

  • Mani Ghimire
    Mani Ghimire 3 months ago

    The cloudy part is the best when eating ice

  • Solomon Alexander
    Solomon Alexander 2 months ago

    You can boil water and freeze it . It will also give crystal clear ice

  • Sage of Four Winds
    Sage of Four Winds 3 months ago

    The ice is white because of impurities, not just air. Get a zero water filter and make some ice with it. You'll notice you're cubes get much clearer. Especially after 2 or 3 rounds of making one (some impurities are left on the wall of the tray)

  • DosDee
    DosDee 3 months ago +2

    "Drill a hole in it"
    Me: I guess that's what we're doing. 👀

  • Chummy
    Chummy 4 months ago +542

    Where there is a hole, there is a goal

  • Riya Bridget Roy
    Riya Bridget Roy 3 months ago

    Fun fact: you can test your silver if it's real or not by putting onto ice.
    If it melts It's real and if not It's fake.

  • Isaac L.
    Isaac L. 3 months ago

    You should make a mold that already has the hole for your finger so you don't have to drill into the ice and break up half the sphere