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Cult of the Lamb: Doom & Shroom

  • Published on Mar 15, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • This woolly guy isn’t sheepish when it comes to bringing in more Cult of the Lamb followers. He can’t be: whenever The Lamb leaves camp, the goal is always to bring back at least one more Cult of the Lamb follower. It’s doubly important when your one true love can leave this world at a moment’s notice. Of course… that’s when you just quickly have yourself a Cult of the Lamb marriage. Look, when you’ve got the power, you can pretty much do what you want.
    The thing is that some supporters can turn nasty when they think your Cult of the Lamb is poop. They might just start calling it Cult of the Lamb Poop… and then want to eat poop and… it becomes a whole thing. Then you’ve got yourself a Cult of the Lamb dissenter, and no one needs that; not I, not ewe. It’s time for a mass Cult of the Lamb sacrifice, baby!
    Produced by Tom Jenkins, Ben Michael & Blake Swift
    Written, Scored & Sound Designed by Blake "ShadyVox" Swift ( ShadyVox)
    Storyboard, Layout, Design, Colour, Backgrounds, Direction & Animation by Jan F. Sorrentino ( JanAnimations) ( / @jananimationstudios )
    Additional Animation & Clean-Up by:
    Anastasia Sheri Maria Kulczytzky Spruill ( ASK_Animator)
    AnimatedZorox ( ZoroxAnimated)
    Mitzuko "Kukomitzu" Sashida ( twitter.c...)
    Jenny "Zanny" Polden ( ZannyHyper)
    Esau A. "LDranzer" Munoz ( LDranzer1)
    Dan "DZAladan" Zanchi ( DZAladan)
    Voice of Lamb, Mouse, Horse & Axolotl by Blake Swift
    Voice of Pig, Otter & Stag by Jan F. Sorrentino
    Voice of Dog by Robin Nelson ( / @xycron )
    Voice of Cat by Anna Chloe Moorey ( annachloemoo)
    Voice of Eligos by James Muckle ( / @bluemonkey )
    Voice of Rabbit by Bryony Goessens
    Voice of Wolf by Michael Nocturnel ( / @eloediel )
    Voice of Deer by Anna Kingsley ( / @annakingsley9062 )
    Voice of Frog by Ed Templer ( GameHogGames)
    Voice of Fennec by Stuart Winton ( SpookySketches)
    AE Research by RockingScorpion ( RockingScorpion)
    CG by Stuart Winton
    Compositing by Jan Animation Studios
    Prop Design by:
    TaffyTwist ( taffytwist)
    Jan F. Sorrentino
    Hieu Tran (hieumtran.wixsite.com/blog)
    VFX by:
    Esau A. "LDranzer" Munoz
    Jenny "Zanny" Polden
    Jan F. Sorrentino
    Special Thanks to Narayana Johnson
    Spyro's Bad Day (Spyro Parody)
    • Spyro's Bad Day (...
    Sonic: Clone Chaos
    • Sonic: Clone Chaos
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Comments • 7 328

  • mashed
    mashed  2 months ago +14951

    Baby sheep, doo doo doo doo doo doo
    Running a cult, doo doo doo doo doo doo

    • seesou
      seesou 2 months ago +101

      Doo Doo Doo

    • The SML Show!
      The SML Show! 2 months ago +65

      Doo doo doo

    • HumanfallOOF
      HumanfallOOF 2 months ago +90

      This video made me play cult of the lamb

    • Oliver game toys
      Oliver game toys 2 months ago +16


      NOT TODAY 2 months ago +27

      Prepare for them to take you to court

  • KNKoc
    KNKoc 2 months ago +11920

    Let's accept it.
    We *WANT* it to be a full *official* series.

  • SnazzGirl0624
    SnazzGirl0624 2 months ago +2303

    Tbh the way the cult members are ridiculously dependant on you makes you feel like you're running a kindergarten instead of a cult.

    • Running Maiitsoh
      Running Maiitsoh Month ago +155

      And they get upset if you won't let them eat excrement.

    • Chidubemmo
      Chidubemmo Month ago +23

      I thinks that's a little bit the point

    • Gabriele Wilson
      Gabriele Wilson Month ago +48

      i'd rather deal with a kindergarten, then deal with adult cult members who can't fend,eat,bathe, or do anything for themselves other then pooping

    • SnazzGirl0624
      SnazzGirl0624 Month ago +8

      @Gabriele Wilson but imagine if they couldn't even do that!!

  • SacredSky
    SacredSky Month ago +950

    i love that the lamb is just casually bisexual in this and nobody questions it
    truly a cult worth joining

    • Pea Throwaway
      Pea Throwaway Month ago +62

      Also I don't think the lamb has a confirmed gender

    • Pencil
      Pencil Month ago +76

      @Pea Throwaway no one does, really. Everyone uses they pronouns

    • King Camelot
      King Camelot Month ago +60

      Considering very few characters in Cult of the Lamb have confirmed genders, I believe Pansexual would be the better term.

    • Pea Throwaway
      Pea Throwaway Month ago +17

      @Pencil I believe that heket is confirmed as female

    • S1nfu7 H0r53f7y
      S1nfu7 H0r53f7y Month ago +43

      Heket is indeed she. Shamura is they, Kalamar and Leshy are he, and Narinder has been addressed as both he and they. There are also a handful of instances where a follower will offer a quest to find a sibling, thus far I've seen them referred to as brother or sister, think the pronouns might be he or she in those instances but my memory isn't always the best😅

  • NTF Operative
    NTF Operative 2 months ago +633

    I love how you caught the feeling of how your entire cult feels less like a CULT and more like a daycare center

    • Just Stardust
      Just Stardust Month ago +28

      A heavily religious daycare center

    • S1nfu7 H0r53f7y
      S1nfu7 H0r53f7y Month ago +10

      Mixed with a zoo

    • The Judge
      The Judge 20 days ago

      Unrelated, but I love your username/user handle and pfp. Big fan of SCP here.

    • NTF Operative
      NTF Operative 20 days ago

      @The Judge thank you, always nice to get appreciation for our work

    • SwanDiveInc
      SwanDiveInc 6 days ago +2

      That's basically how it feels at times tbh.

  • Yeen.
    Yeen. 2 months ago +2029

    this interpretation of the lamb's personality is spot on. the happy go lucky careless bit in the beginning was something i already figured out, but the fact that he actually gets angry is actually hilarious

    • BoldSeth
      BoldSeth 2 months ago +15

      Haida has an opinion

    • ꧁♥︎꧂Regina꧁♥︎꧂
      ꧁♥︎꧂Regina꧁♥︎꧂ Month ago +5

      Btw Lamb uses canonly they them I think

    • Yeen.
      Yeen. Month ago +2

      @꧁♥︎꧂Regina꧁♥︎꧂ you think?

    • ꧁♥︎꧂Regina꧁♥︎꧂
      ꧁♥︎꧂Regina꧁♥︎꧂ Month ago +6

      @Yeen. I mean it’s canon if you google it and they are canonly gendernatrual but sometimes gogle it’s wrong

    • Madeline Bitts
      Madeline Bitts Month ago +18

      @꧁♥︎꧂Regina꧁♥︎꧂ The lamb is the protag, it can be whatever you want, it's not an inexplicably non-binary lamb.

  • Quinten Meng
    Quinten Meng Month ago +424

    It was rather wholesome that the lamb cared so deeply about his new wife. I mean considering he just picked her seemingly at random. Adorable

    • DrinkFromTheCup
      DrinkFromTheCup Month ago +20

      He hand-picked them all one by one, d'oh! Of course He knows who's next best to the deceased partner.

  • Blue Monkey
    Blue Monkey 2 months ago +13700

    Blake and Jan have outdone themselves on this one! The animation, pacing, comedy; it's all perfect!!

  • RavenStarMedia
    RavenStarMedia 2 months ago +592

    I love how the Lamb has a voice that sounds a little bit like Dipper from Gravity Falls, given the Cult of the Lamb developers declared an animation of Lambert doing the Lamby Lamby dance to be canon. The casting, dialogue, animation, and humor is fantastic, and I'd love if Cult of the Lamb got a full animated series like this, this is great!

    • Chilled
      Chilled Month ago +12

      My mommy says that the yellow Mouse follower Sounds like Justin Roland

    • Chilled
      Chilled Month ago +2

      Do you know him the cocreator of Rick and Morty?

    • McDonalds Worker Kyle
      McDonalds Worker Kyle Month ago +9

      They sound like max from camp camp

    • Ollie HE99
      Ollie HE99 Month ago +1

      @Chilled its by Blake swift apparently, but it does sound so much like him tho

    • Martin Markov
      Martin Markov 27 days ago +1

      I hate that his name is canonically Lambert. Can we name him something else?

  • TheCthultist
    TheCthultist 2 months ago +166

    I would 100% watch an entire series of this. The game’s been great, but this is just a masterpiece.

  • Raymond Thumper
    Raymond Thumper Month ago +78

    After watching this a few times, I started looking for more episodes, only to find it was a one off from a group making animated memes.
    But seriously, these guys should dive right into this and create a series. The animation, story lines, voice actors... This is Gravity Falls, Helluva Boss quality stuff that could really pull in the numbers on Clip-Share.
    We need more Cult of the Lamb!

  • Klaus O'Shaunacey
    Klaus O'Shaunacey 2 months ago +94

    The part where the lamb wrote down “absent” and then tapped the book with his pencil tickles a weird part of my brain

    • MJ600300
      MJ600300 27 days ago +4

      Yeah, it feels satisfying for some odd reason………we’re weird

    • fré Tienkamp
      fré Tienkamp 24 days ago

      Is it your teacher kink?

    • Klaus O'Shaunacey
      Klaus O'Shaunacey 24 days ago

      @fré Tienkamp …. Don’t call me out like that lol

    • MJ600300
      MJ600300 24 days ago

      @fré Tienkamp bruh………perhaps……🤔

    • Sus Sus
      Sus Sus 11 days ago


  • Sonic Speed Dash
    Sonic Speed Dash Month ago +37

    I will be genuinely sad if this does not get made into a full show

    • RavenStarMedia
      RavenStarMedia Month ago +4

      Good news, they're in talks to make one, and the Doom and Shroom animator is helping!

    • Sonic Speed Dash
      Sonic Speed Dash Month ago +2

      @RavenStarMedia yoooooo let’s gooooo thx for the info Raven!

    • RavenStarMedia
      RavenStarMedia Month ago

      @Sonic Speed Dash No problem!

  • Dunmaglass
    Dunmaglass 2 months ago +14735

    The fact the Lamb genuinely cared about his new wife was so wholesome

    • YouNeedHealing
      YouNeedHealing 2 months ago +877

      everybody gotta have someone to hold onto

    • Random Cookie
      Random Cookie 2 months ago +761

      Good job she didn't eat the shrooms.

    • Mido Mido
      Mido Mido 2 months ago +177

      I agree

    • dragon1130
      dragon1130 2 months ago +837

      He seemed to genuinely care about everyone in his village...ya know, until they went crazy and burned the town down.

    • SilverJ17
      SilverJ17 2 months ago +728

      I mean, he genuinely cared about Tobias as well and was utterly appalled no one buried him.

  • NotTheWheel
    NotTheWheel 2 months ago +110

    This was an expertly drafted animation it almost feels like a pilot for a cartoon series. So competent. The humor and the story boarding and the animation are beyond measure of excellence.

  • Brendan Fisher
    Brendan Fisher Month ago +861

    Psilocybin, LSD, shrooms and ketamine are absolutely life changing substances that have so much potential to help people with mental health issues.

    • Esmeralda Ralda
      Esmeralda Ralda Month ago +4

      Does anyone know where I can source

    • Geffery Stones
      Geffery Stones Month ago +1

      Is he on instgrm?

    • Belinda Myriad
      Belinda Myriad Month ago +1


    • Angel Rebecca
      Angel Rebecca Month ago +4

      Psychedelics definitely have potential to deal with mental health, they really helped me.

    • Peter Benis
      Peter Benis Month ago +1

      dr.larryshroom has been my supplier for over a year now. No problems.

  • Commando kitty
    Commando kitty Month ago +14

    To the people who put this together, you have graced me with the blessing that is this masterpiece!
    The characters are exactly as I imagined they would be like. And damn the voice for the cult leader is spot on!

  • The MZ-FIT G-MRS (Misfit Gamers)

    Man, it started off cute and funny, but it got super serious at the end. Great work you guys! The hand-holding at the end was adorable.

  • gaahinalover
    gaahinalover Month ago +26

    I love how he shows genuine love and respect for both his spouses, deceased and newly wed by random selection xD

  • Argon
    Argon 2 months ago +4482

    The cult being utterly incapable of taking care of itself while you're on a mission is terrifyingly accurate and hilarious

    • Sundrop
      Sundrop 2 months ago +32

      Would be nice if someone told me that weird usage of "Them" when he was refering to a single person

    • killerdoodlebug
      killerdoodlebug 2 months ago +125

      @Sundrop Without a time stamp, I can only guess that you mean when the lamb was talking to Eligos? "I was able to guide them to the right path" The answer is that, yes, they/them is used for groups of people, but it is also very commonly used when you don't know a person's gender. Think of when a family member answers a phone with an unknown person, and after hanging up, you ask "What did they say?" or phrases such as: "When a child cries, I hug them." If you revisit conversations with people, it is positively littered with such examples and is referred to as the "Singular They".
      Almost all the npcs in Cult of the Lamb don't have an outright gender, and some, like Eligos, are quite unusual and ambiguous, making they/them more than understandable.

    • Sundrop
      Sundrop 2 months ago +36

      @killerdoodlebug Thanks my guy, ive asked that before to my english teacher and all she did was excuse

    • RandomPerson :]
      RandomPerson :] 2 months ago +30

      @Sundrop it could be used if you don’t know the persons gender or the character is non binary

    • Sundrop
      Sundrop 2 months ago +7

      @RandomPerson :] someone responded already..

  • Sammy Jones
    Sammy Jones 2 months ago +44

    What's special about Mashed is that they don't just make video game/movie/tv parodies, they make videos which feel like legitimate television adaptations

  • King Magikarp
    King Magikarp Month ago +22

    They need to make this into a full series because this is awesome as hell! 🥰

  • CrimsonDemon
    CrimsonDemon 2 months ago +66

    Dude, I wanna see the whole storyline of Cult of the Lamb animated & voiced like this! It's so cool!

  • Yuuki Mizushima
    Yuuki Mizushima Month ago +22

    Is there a kickstarter or petition to get more episodes of this, this is just TOO GOOD TO NOT BE A SERIES ❤

  • Rodrigovisk
    Rodrigovisk 2 months ago +30

    I really want a part 2, this would be a great series, see the lamb rebuild the cult with its newly acquired bridge, it's gold comedy.

  • Mike Noob
    Mike Noob 2 months ago +1896

    I love how everyone outside the cult treats the Lamb as a monster
    but inside the cult is treated like a kindergarten teacher

    • gamer blackjacket
      gamer blackjacket 2 months ago +127

      This whole video is a step by step of the entire game

    • Stiff Meister
      Stiff Meister 2 months ago +72

      I also love the realization Lamb has that NOBODY can do anything without him around😂

    • TarotMom86
      TarotMom86 2 months ago +27

      @Stiff Meister It's a perfect recreation of probably every player on their first playthrough, and the collective frustration we have all felt xD

    • Parthernnixx 🐀ART🐀
      Parthernnixx 🐀ART🐀 2 months ago +15

      @TarotMom86I came back from one crusade and there was poo EVERYWHERE , my Faith was down and a follower was calling for a revolution.
      I was gone for two days…

  • SolarSystem
    SolarSystem 28 days ago +11

    You should totally make this an ongoing series!!

  • Not Even Irish
    Not Even Irish 17 days ago +5

    I would love a full series of this. The characters and voicelines are all brilliant

  • andrew dao
    andrew dao 29 days ago +6

    this has to be the cleanest cult of the lamb animation ive ever seen

  • Tuume F
    Tuume F 5 days ago +3

    Excellent! The gags hit, the dialogue felt natural, and the tender moments between the Lamb and his/their wife were lovely. The voice actors did a magnificent job.

  • Bluecho4
    Bluecho4 2 months ago +3976

    I like that the leader, despite how quickly the marriage happened, seems to genuinely care about his wife.

    • Thomas Jetzer
      Thomas Jetzer 2 months ago +221

      He never says her name in the whole skit. Which is weird, considering he adresses everyone else by name.

    • xhiumra
      xhiumra 2 months ago +360

      @Thomas Jetzer New married couple. They call each other sweet nicknames, but never their actual names.

    • MARMAJE69
      MARMAJE69 2 months ago +15

      @Thomas Jetzer lol

    • Thomas Jetzer
      Thomas Jetzer 2 months ago +51

      @xhiumra But he also calls her "you" when he decides to get married to her. Not by her name.

    • PhantomPh1re
      PhantomPh1re 2 months ago +121

      @Thomas Jetzer Cults are all about dehumanization and stripping you from your individuality. Being able to just select a new wife and feign care and love with them is just one of the perks of being a cult leader.

  • Terra The Dragon Girl
    Terra The Dragon Girl Month ago +13

    Here's hoping for a part two!! I'd love to see the appearance of the Bishops and The One Who Waits! If there's a full on storyline of this, I'M ALL FOR IT!!

  • trying my best lol ,
    trying my best lol , 2 months ago +27

    6:46 this part is just so amazing, like the music the animation the color scheme EVERYTHING it's just so cool AAAAAAAAAAAAA seeing the lamb sacrifice like every single follower in their rage is so cool, plus the little flashes of inverted color make it seem so supernatural and creepy

  • Golden Artist
    Golden Artist Month ago +3

    I- I- I honestly don't know what to say- This is- EVERYTHING IS PERFECT 😭The design, the animation, the comedy, the-- *last braincell got sacrificed to Narinder* Bro. Why did'nt I watch it earlier-

  • TheAdvertisement
    TheAdvertisement 13 days ago +3

    Goddamn this looks official! Seriously I can't even tell the difference between this artstyle and the trailer. You guys did awesome!

  • StealthSC 18
    StealthSC 18 Month ago +5


  • A9ollo
    A9ollo 2 months ago +6385

    For a relationship that started with “You we’re married,” it really feels like they are a loving couple.

    • Green Axolotl
      Green Axolotl 2 months ago +237

      straight facts

    • Silver- -Nexus
      Silver- -Nexus 2 months ago +181

      2:07 😂

    • A9ollo
      A9ollo 2 months ago +42

      holy crap this blew up

    • Kenshi
      Kenshi 2 months ago +180

      it always be like that too. They may have been picked at random but so help me God if anyone tries to hurt them

    • Bitsy83
      Bitsy83 2 months ago +87

      Yeah, I was expecting him to turn on her and force her to “protect her leader”.

  • Dinomatrix21
    Dinomatrix21 2 months ago +16

    Oh wow, it just ends on a horribly sour note.
    Overall, great voice acting, animation and story. This could definitely pass for an official animation like they did for some of their adds!

  • lament sorrow
    lament sorrow 2 months ago +15

    Unironically amazing. Needs to be a full series. I would pay money to see this.

  • Blankslate
    Blankslate 29 days ago +1

    Can’t believe it has already been one month since this amazing animation came out.

  • Mr.Chezit
    Mr.Chezit 26 days ago +1

    Honestly I think this could work as a full series. It’s hella funny and it’s just too perfect not to.

  • Colossal Chaos
    Colossal Chaos 2 months ago +8

    This feels like it was made for television, like Disney doing their own version of Adult Swim. Please let there be more sheep cult antics in the future.

  • Jay Free
    Jay Free 2 months ago +2482

    The concept of a bunch of cult members taking mushrooms and accidentally realizing they’re in a cult and not in control of their lives is extremely interesting, I love it and I can’t wait to see more.

  • Chaotic Loose Aipom
    Chaotic Loose Aipom Month ago +3

    y'know, if there's another episode, I want it to be The Lamb trying to reform his cult from scratch...again, but this time, teaching his followers how to do things when hes gone, it would do well with the new buildings that were added to the game

  • Robert Ruelas
    Robert Ruelas 28 days ago +1

    I would love to see a series done like this with this same style and humor! I'll PAY!

  • firebreathing fish
    firebreathing fish 2 months ago +6

    No joke, that was genuinely good. I'd love to see more episodes.

  • Yalva
    Yalva 3 days ago +1

    It took me a while, plus playing the game again to noticed how they nailed the faces in this animation. Such a goofy charming detail that they didn't overlook

  • Bri1Iiant
    Bri1Iiant 2 months ago +5

    Poor Peter, stuck endlessly without being able to die surrounded by a burning forest.
    Other than that, the video is a amazing!

    • tails230
      tails230 Month ago +1

      I hope that in future videos, Peter would be the reoccurring cult member where everything unfortunate happens to him, yet he never dies.

  • Katcl0uds
    Katcl0uds 2 months ago +1685

    The animation, plot and voice acting all goes so freaking hard, it could really pass for an official animation

    • sophi otadena
      sophi otadena 2 months ago +64

      Dude, totally. At the begining I actually tought it was official!

    • Quack Zack
      Quack Zack 2 months ago +23

      I though the animation studio paired with CotL took hand in this at first, extremely faithful to the animation style.

    • MrUnknown
      MrUnknown 2 months ago +7

      Honestly, i hope the official creators see this and make a collaboration together

    • FailAtEpicFail
      FailAtEpicFail 2 months ago +3

      When I saw this on another platform I actually thought it WAS an official animation that might be on Netflix or something

    • Lawful Gray
      Lawful Gray 2 months ago

      I was wondering why there was a series on a game. I honestly thought it was real.

  • stave
    stave 24 days ago +1

    Hilarious, well animated, and an accurate portrayal of the problems and fun of the game. I really grew to loathe the animals I had to look after

  • Martyn
    Martyn 2 months ago +8

    I seriously never get tired of rewatching this! Everything about this animation is perfect lmao

  • Shakez
    Shakez 15 days ago +1

    I love this so much! It’s so well done, and exactly how the game goes for me 😂

  • BlazeInferno360
    BlazeInferno360 2 months ago +6

    I keep watching this over and over again hoping a second episode would exist. This is too good 😢

  • Lyria
    Lyria Month ago +3

    The animation is so good! More of this please and I'll start a cult in your honour!

  • Rosebud’s Alt
    Rosebud’s Alt 2 months ago +1707

    I love how Lamb doesn't 'pretend' to be Kitty's husband. He (seems to) genuinely cares for her. It's refreshing

    • Dark_Cloud
      Dark_Cloud 2 months ago +46

      And yet it also had me scratching my head.

    • ZenFr0g
      ZenFr0g 2 months ago +240

      Lamb just be like that. "You. We're married now." And instant, unconditional love goes with it

    • Homer
      Homer 2 months ago +26

      Don't you get it, everyone is "them" in this show. I don't know why, but even obvious men are referred to as "they".

    • Parthernnixx 🐀ART🐀
      Parthernnixx 🐀ART🐀 2 months ago +50

      @Homersome people don’t catch on the first time, and technically you can call the lamb what ever you want because they don’t have a official name or official gender so it all falls on who’s play the character.

    • Homer
      Homer 2 months ago +4

      @Parthernnixx 🐀ART🐀 but the voice is obviously male in this version.

  • Ashley Downs
    Ashley Downs 2 months ago +3

    this is insanely good holy shit! Is it crazy to say I want a whole series of this??

  • Joe Minutillo
    Joe Minutillo Month ago +5

    The game is great and this animation was fantastic and hysterical. Please make this a series! \m/

  • Felice Sciaraffia
    Felice Sciaraffia 2 months ago +5

    this is too perfect. we need a whole series, it would be a hit!!

  • TreMonsterDrawing
    TreMonsterDrawing 27 days ago +1

    I’d definitely watch a full animated cartoon series of this game styled like this

  • Keegan O.
    Keegan O. 29 days ago +3

    I want this to be an actual show.

  • Monday
    Monday 2 months ago +1738

    the guy who voiced like 50% of the cast has some insane range with his voice. Went from deep to 3 different flavors of normal and all the way to Morty. I respect it and shall now scour the internet for more of his work.

    • Watch maker
      Watch maker 2 months ago +36

      Look up YuGiOh DX Abridged. He voiced Jaiden, and probably a few others. He's done work for a few others, including Team Four Star.

    • jcub
      jcub 2 months ago +60

      I had to do a double take because I genuinely thought that was Justin Roiland so I had to check the description to make sure it wasn't lmao.

    • YeetusHiatus
      YeetusHiatus 2 months ago +25

      that's the work of the legendary ShadyVox baby

    • Boozled BamBoozeler
      Boozled BamBoozeler 2 months ago +13

      He should replace Justin, he does such a good voice

    • TheArtemisFalls
      TheArtemisFalls 2 months ago +5

      Shadyvox has come a long way since Yugiod Abridged GX

  • Coffee
    Coffee 13 days ago +1

    I loved this soo much! The animation is incredible! And I adored the voice acting! The comedy was also super clippy and fun!

  • Zaximus Prime
    Zaximus Prime Month ago +2

    T-this was amazing. The voice acting and animation was top notch. The comedic timing was just perfect in every way. I want a series of this now. I'd watch the heck out of it!

  • Sascha Knoch
    Sascha Knoch 2 months ago +1

    This is epic! So well done! Love the voice acting, the humor and animations. This needs to be a whole series! Please!

  • Donald Tyler
    Donald Tyler 2 months ago +2

    That was amazing. Y’all captured the game perfectly. The constant jokes calling out the game’s mechanics were hilarious. 🤣

  • guy who exists
    guy who exists Month ago +3

    I really hope an actual cult of the lamb show is made someday, this is perfect

    • RavenStarMedia
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    • RavenStarMedia
      RavenStarMedia Month ago +1

      @guy who exists Yup! If I link it directly here Clip-Share will eat the link, but in ABC Gamer's video "We Made Cult of the Lamb's Director Pick Up Sheep Poo IRL", the director talks through the video about the game's development, and then around 12:52 in the video he mentions that they're in talks to make a cartoon adaptation.

    • guy who exists
      guy who exists Month ago +1

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    • Senro Bot
      Senro Bot 2 months ago +133

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      THE KING OF REGRET 2 months ago +172

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