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Tesla Semi Delivery Event


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  • Joshua Ebanks
    Joshua Ebanks 2 months ago +35

    I would like to know the turn radius of this truck, any trucker knows the main benefit of a daycab truck is usually it has a shorter wheel base and can make much tighter turns and get into tighter areas to make deliveries, very useful when delivering into urban areas; for example: New York and its burrows, Chicago, etc. Driving a full size semi with a sleeper cab into areas like these are doable, but can be a nightmare.

    • nhuKer
      nhuKer Month ago

      “A nightmare” is putting it lightly lol.
      There’s nothing worse than seeing “New Jersey” on the preload… but as you said it is doable, but i imagine there are a lot of places around that simply can’t accommodate a full size truck but this certainly wouldn’t hurt anything in that regard…

    • David Henry
      David Henry Month ago +1

      @Brian B-P I was just at Giga Austin delivering parts for the new semi assembly line. It wasn't even built yet. But they are working around the clock on it. This semi is being purpose built for metropolitan areas and major cities to reduce carbon footprint. This is also the same plan for electric vehicles such as cars. I'm on board with that idea. But if you trying to come take my job as a regional tractor trailer driver, we are going to have some problems. Especially when Tesla told me that I could not have one of these trucks because my company isn't large enough.

    • Brian B-P
      Brian B-P Month ago

      The turning radius will be the same as any other truck of the same wheelbase, but of course they don't give the wheelbase. Although it is only a daycab, the "500 mile" version is extended to accommodate more battery, so it has the length of a short sleeper cab.

    • Joshua Ebanks
      Joshua Ebanks Month ago +1

      @David Henry You got a point

    • Derek Cox
      Derek Cox Month ago


  • Kelvinknk
    Kelvinknk 2 months ago +36

    Nice! It’s a start. Brands like Tesla has the power of transform the industry, you doing right. That huge screen for mirrors and infotainment looks sick. Well done!

    • ngibul avanza tahun 2000
      ngibul avanza tahun 2000 Month ago +2

      McLaren: first time?

    • Russell pinuela
      Russell pinuela 2 months ago

      THAT ALL

    • steven G
      steven G 2 months ago

      haulage companies dont give a crap about infotainment or cup holders. you get paid by load and time and this can only carry half of what a diesel truck can and takes twice as long.

  • Tate Malone
    Tate Malone Month ago +1

    The telsa semis should have a heads-up display. It keeps the drivers eyes looking straight ahead and improves comfort instead of looking to the side screens. Also all teslas should implement hud's.

  • Ernesto Ramos
    Ernesto Ramos 2 months ago +127

    Good job Tesla and team, beautiful and well done car. I see that you had put a lot of sweat and hours and it paid off.
    Even if your face don’t appear on the video, to you my fellow engineers:
    I’m proud of you!!.

    • Dan Quayles ITS SPELT POTATOE!
      Dan Quayles ITS SPELT POTATOE! 27 days ago

      @Ion C NO HES NOT! Let me guess you think he invented the tunnel? and mission achieved on that? LOL

    • popweaselcrunch
      popweaselcrunch Month ago

      It was all Musk no one else🤣

    • Bjj Kickboxing
      Bjj Kickboxing Month ago

      @Ion C no he is nor

    • Russell pinuela
      Russell pinuela 2 months ago

      THAT ALL

    • Ion C
      Ion C 2 months ago

      Elon is technically an engineer that worked on the truck so... 😁

  • Animal Loverjulian
    Animal Loverjulian 2 months ago +27

    Looks so smooth to drive, I didn’t see any bouncing or swaying. It looks like it’s floating .

  • Reggie Bald
    Reggie Bald 2 months ago +18

    My 2nd chance to watch this presentation! 1,000 V Power System! GreatGreat job. LookingLooking forward to seeing these rigsrigs on the road!
    Thanks Tesla!

  • Lab Growth
    Lab Growth Month ago +9

    The initial music is espectacular. ✨️
    Memorable event and moment for Tesla's story

    • Dan Quayles ITS SPELT POTATOE!
      Dan Quayles ITS SPELT POTATOE! 19 days ago

      @Lab Growth TIME HAS ALREADY PROVEN HES A PROVEN FAILURE AND LIAR! (but keep being a good musktard keep to the lies)
      Thats a generous way to put outright lies like he did for his robot DID I MENTIONTHE SOLAR TILES WHICH YOU FORGOT TO MENTION! LOL
      " But he and his teams are making possible a lot of impossibles"
      What impossible thing have they done?
      "Time will clear our doubts "
      Theres no doubt for the non ignorant/non musktard!
      A 130000$ BATTERY NEEDS REPLACING 2-4 yearsAND THAT COSTS 130000$!

    • Lab Growth
      Lab Growth 19 days ago

      @Dan Quayles ITS SPELT POTATOE! Time will tell who was a liar and who was an optimistic revolutionary in his era. Have a nice day!

    • Dan Quayles ITS SPELT POTATOE!
      Dan Quayles ITS SPELT POTATOE! 20 days ago

      @Lab Growth "that he is a little over optimistic, no doubt on that,"
      Thats a generous way to put outright lies like he did for his robot DID I MENTIONTHE SOLAR TILES WHICH YOU FORGOT TO MENTION! LOL
      " But he and his teams are making possible a lot of impossibles"
      What impossible thing have they done?
      "Time will clear our doubts "
      Theres no doubt for the non ignorant/non musktard!
      A 130000$ BATTERY NEEDS REPLACING 2-4 yearsAND THAT COSTS 130000$!

    • Lab Growth
      Lab Growth 20 days ago

      @Dan Quayles ITS SPELT POTATOE! that he is a little over optimistic, no doubt on that, there are a lot of evidences. But he and his teams are making possible a lot of impossibles. So nothing to add. Time will clear our doubts about what can be done and not.

    • Dan Quayles ITS SPELT POTATOE!
      Dan Quayles ITS SPELT POTATOE! 20 days ago

      @Lab Growth Well yes i can. I could say the first time I heard about him trying to do a hyper tube he was an idiot for thinking it would work and his "its really not that hard" is pure IGNORANCE!
      What do you want solid evidence for? HIS HYPER TUBE BEING A COMPLETE AND UTTER FAILURE?
      His fake solar tiles that he lied about when they didnt exist?
      His trucks by 2017?
      His self driving car?
      His stupid idea to take all the worlds space payloads to space once every two years?
      You will notice these didnt happen and his plans where absolute stupid! most of which just need common sense!

  • Ryan Rizzo
    Ryan Rizzo 2 months ago +786

    this is like the iphone moment for the trucking industry

    • Revelation Motovlog
      Revelation Motovlog 21 day ago

      If it was like the iPhone moment, another brand would have already made a better version 2 years ago. 🤣🤣🤣

    • Tobias Nance Jr
      Tobias Nance Jr 23 days ago

      More like samsung moment, they've always been better and anybody who does not just blindly follow hype would know that

    • Tobias Nance Jr
      Tobias Nance Jr 23 days ago

      ​@Newfree Nayshaun just wrong

    • Roosevelt Rolland
      Roosevelt Rolland Month ago

      My Opinion we all know at some point in time this vehicle will have mechanical issues such as a simple battery failure just remember it will cost you or a company $ 70K for a battery replacement plus installment cost in the thousands.. These underlined cost itself is proof of a very bad investment regardless of the hype by Tesla . The question is how many of you will be so misinformed..

    • Christopher Smith
      Christopher Smith Month ago

      Not really. It's got poor range compared to the ERX hyliion truck and it requires a lot of energy to charge. It is not a long haul truck

  • Alex Sander
    Alex Sander 2 months ago +2

    The presentation was pretty good but I felt some things were missing and so I re-watch the 2017 one. Many features promised are missing. Its pretty disappointing when watched compared to 2017. 2017 really now seems like over hyping and maybe even lying just to get investors.

  • grim reaper
    grim reaper Month ago

    I will say this I find it hilarious that this dude can talk perfectly fine and then you got Elon musk over there struggling to finish sentences and constantly pausing I'm just like man way to show up the CEO man

    THE REAL ZENFORCE 2 months ago +1

    I remember the 2017 presentation, "we can do it now" (FSD on EV semi trucks) and will deliver Tesla semi trucks in 2019. In less than one month we are 2023, 4 years late.
    What is the exact cargo load capacity in lbs/kg, and at full cargo load capacity what is the total range in one charge, also the cost of the semi-truck, abondance and cost of the 1MW charger, total ownership costs for the truck's lifecycle are probably the most important questions professionals have for the truck, how fast the truck does 0-60mph or wireless charging is of the lowest importance for a freight company

  • Martí Calonge
    Martí Calonge 2 months ago +15

    In that real world test, it looks like there are around 12-14 600kg boxes. Which would be around 7200-8400kg of load... Could Tesla give some numbers on how much the truck weights and what's the max load it can carry?

    • nhuKer
      nhuKer Month ago +1

      @Brian B-P they don’t. Even thunder foot got the weight of jersey barriers wrong by a factor of 4…
      The bottom line is we can guess the weight but it would only be a guess.

    • Brian B-P
      Brian B-P Month ago

      How do you think that you know what the weight of each box is?

    • JZ's BFF
      JZ's BFF Month ago

      @Robaroo So it's fair to assume that this whole presentation of his, is nothing more than a perpetuation of the Musk-scam. Well, this doggo ain't surprised. It's a pity though that we don't have those numbers.

    • Robaroo
      Robaroo Month ago +1

      ​@JZ's BFF There's nothing suspicious about it. The numbers are not good. If the numbers were good, they would roll them out on a red carpet for everyone to see.

    • Martí Calonge
      Martí Calonge 2 months ago

      I wasn't too far off 😂😂😂

  • Gavin Black
    Gavin Black 2 months ago +14

    If it’s anything like other Tesla projects they’ll never make enough. All sounds great in theory as usual.

    • Xrplorer
      Xrplorer Month ago

      you aware that the automobile business is the hardest in the world and that you can't make cars like you make candy, right?

    • Alex Sander
      Alex Sander 2 months ago

      @paradigmshift7 Dude its the semi unveil of 2017. Google tesla semi 2017 and its the first that pops up. But fine I'll spell it out for you look Tesla Semi & Roadster Unveil up on this same channel. I'm not talking about what others wrote in articles but what Elon stated himself in the reveal. Whats a confirmed promise? Does he have to say it promised or does saying something like it will call 911 when your not responsive as part of the standard just salesmanship? When he shows that the armored glass can withstand much greater impact then standard glass in a his presentation isn't that a claim that the glass is much stronger then standard glass of other semi? Sure calling it armored is salemanship but there is a claim within the salemanship
      If your best defense is that he said thinks that aren't legally binding then that means your fine with some of the worst practices of sales. An action can be legal but also shady, deceptive or shitty.
      Like seriously were you purposefully being dense I mean just googling "tesla semi 2017" and the event I'm talking about is what pops up in by far the greatest number or videos talking about that event. I thought it was incredibly obvious thats why I never clarified.

    • paradigmshift7
      paradigmshift7 2 months ago

      @Alex Sander Dude you're all over the place. There's a number of events in 2017, which one? I'm not going to watch them, you can't even tell me what you're complaining about *exactly*, so how can even I verify by watching the event, and *which* event? We've also discussed the timelines ad nauseam.
      What's reported on the news and articles is often not what is actually promised either.
      You are complaining about things you can't even confirm was promised, or what was actually promised. It sounds more like your problem is with the salesmanship, and that is part of selling your product, everyone does it. You've just illustrated it yourself citing video games. There are also things called adjectives as well, many of them are left to the reader's interpretation, and can't be confirmed quantitatively.
      "armored" glass
      "action packed" adventure video game
      "buttery" popcorn
      Usually the only things that are official and legally binding as to what you're actually getting is in the bill of sale, that's it. I don't know what else to tell you at this point.

    • Alex Sander
      Alex Sander 2 months ago

      @paradigmshift7 All I'm saying is watch the 2017 event. He doesn't "promise" he making claims of what the semi can do. The only hyperbole was that the glass can survive a nuke. He never said it was bullet proof but he did claim it was armored. The tesla site doesn't list that feature the site doesn't list most of the claims he made in 2017. He might have never actually lied but he implied that a lot of the features were ready now and one the truck he had show cased. Now since he didn't say it directly he didn't lie but that implication is deceptive in my opinion. Maybe he will be able to slowly release those features years after the semi is in production but to me that is no different for when a video game makes claims and has to fix the issues or add features after they sold them.

    • paradigmshift7
      paradigmshift7 2 months ago

      @Alex Sander If you wanted to keep track of things Tesla related, there's a few channels here on YT I like to follow if you'd like to give them a look: Munro Live, Ryan Shaw, Cleanerwatt, Electrified. Other channels like JerryRigEverything and Engineering Explained are also pretty good when they cover Tesla-related subjects.

  • Warren Vazquez
    Warren Vazquez 2 months ago +21

    That driver view just after 43 minutes looks like a cockpit from elite dangerous

  • The Rocinante
    The Rocinante 2 months ago +6

    That megawatt cable is friggin awesome!

    • Kangenpower7
      Kangenpower7 26 days ago

      The Rocinante, A lot of people think that 1,000 volt battery, then 1,000 volt charger running DC power into the truck. Do they have to do that? Or can they do something that will be easier? Such as feeding the truck 3,000 volt AC 3 phase power, then convert that power to DC to actually charge the battery on the truck.
      The power cord they showed off has 8 wires to conduct the power, and two cooling lines inside the outer covering, to keep the wires from getting to hot. To get 1,000,000 watts at 1,000 volts is 1,000 amps. That is a lot of amps. Changing to 3 phase and 3,000 volts, that can reduce the amperage to a much easier to manage 200 amps.

    THE REAL ZENFORCE 2 months ago +2

    Several "it has wireless charging" seems to be the event's "it's got electrolytes" Brawndo argument.

  • Ryan Brink
    Ryan Brink 2 months ago +26

    None of those people in the crowd are truck drivers 😂😂

    • Ryan Brink
      Ryan Brink Month ago +1

      @Christopher Smith plus is Tesla going to install these every single truck stop? Replace gas pumps with 30+ charging stations for every 6 pumps?

    • Christopher Smith
      Christopher Smith Month ago

      They know nothing about trucks and what truckers actually want.
      800+ miles range.

    • Andrew Devine
      Andrew Devine Month ago

      Yeah, but now crypto is crashing these geeks might need to find a new career.

    • Ryan Brink
      Ryan Brink 2 months ago +2

      @Daniele G that’s me.

    • Ryan Brink
      Ryan Brink 2 months ago

      @Daniele G grew up around truck drivers my whole life, had family members who are truck drivers and now own a warehouse/over the road business and I worked in warehouses during my college years with drivers all day.

  • needmycoffee
    needmycoffee 2 months ago +9

    They look really cool. I hope they're safe and good.

  • Dr mosfet
    Dr mosfet 2 months ago +8

    It's always nice to see technology advancing in a positive direction👍, frito-lay and Pepsi himm does someone have the munchies? I hope nobody over pack those potato chips in the back of that truck, at those altitudes differentials 😂

  • Jev
    Jev 2 months ago +390

    Starts @ 20:50

    • AdrenalineRush
      AdrenalineRush 2 months ago +1

      Thanks i was 10:00 and read your comment definitely saved my other 10 minutes !

    • TARGET
      TARGET 2 months ago

      Thanks 🙏🙏

    • Zaxi0
      Zaxi0 2 months ago +1

      Thank you kind stranger

    • Christoph Rackwitz
      Christoph Rackwitz 2 months ago +9

      just now they cut those first 20 minutes off. it now starts directly into the presentation.

    • RWBHere
      RWBHere 2 months ago +5

      @Daniel Whyatt I think live streams are posted immediately after the end of a live event automatically. You can see it happen after SpaceX launches, and whenever a stream breaks for any reason. A subsequent resumption creates a new stream.

  • gsmith973 FBA
    gsmith973 FBA 2 months ago +4

    When full autonomous driving meet trucking, that will be crazy!

  • Shadd Ring
    Shadd Ring 2 months ago +101

    Elon and this amazing team. So much ahead of the rest. Brilliant

    • Alexander Berg-johansen
      Alexander Berg-johansen Month ago

      Check how much this weigh. And then check total weight allowed. This tesla truck will not be a hit.

    • J Man
      J Man Month ago

      @Tony W It is a developing tech. What they can do today is in no way reflective of what they will do in ten years. That's like saying a model T can't do a high speed drift lol.

    • Tony W
      Tony W Month ago

      @J Man Let me see that Robot dribble a basketball and then do a 360 Windmill dunk. Even that robot doesn't have anywhere near the dexterity of the dumbest human.

    • Bjj Kickboxing
      Bjj Kickboxing Month ago

      @Jonas Grundey yes really

    • J Man
      J Man Month ago +2

      LOL Boston Dynamics has a fully functional human type robot. Elon has a guy in a suit. Have you even checked what Doge coin is worth now?

  • Media Boost
    Media Boost 2 months ago +12

    Congratulations Tesla! This is the iPhone moment for the trucking industry!

    • magicker
      magicker 2 months ago

      oh dear.. straight jacket on aisle 5

    • steven G
      steven G 2 months ago +2

      i thought that wa 5 years ago lol

  • Victor Po
    Victor Po 2 months ago +4

    Love Elon’s jokes 😂

  • David Akin
    David Akin 2 months ago +11

    Wow! Thanks for the detailed statistics! A true industrial game changer for safety, efficiency, environmental quality of life all across America. Semper Decimus!

    • Ryhanon
      Ryhanon 2 months ago +1

      @David Akin wow, what an absurd response. First of all, I'm all for reducing emissions and improving the environment - but this does neither of those things for several reasons, here are two big ones:
      1) If this doesn't make good sense for the trucking industry (which you so casually dismissed) then adoption will be dismally low, doing nothing for the environment.
      2) If you need 3x as many trucks to haul the same amount of cargo that means you're regularly charging batteries for a whole lot of trucks. Batteries which are ultimately powered by carbon emitting power stations.
      But yeah, you keep stroking Elon's ego all you want buddy. These things are a pipe dream and Elon is conning all of you.

    • David Akin
      David Akin 2 months ago

      @Ryhanon Typical Hyperactive American response with a mix of attention deficit disorder. Elon Musk motivation and purpose of developing the Electric Cars & Trucks is to reduce carbon emissions to improve the environment, and not the "Trucking Industry" per se. As I stated, this is an Industrial Game Changer in terms of safety, efficiency, and environmental quality, and if you missed that you obviously have attention deficit disorder. Get diagnosed please.

    • magicker
      magicker 2 months ago

      there is only 1 important stat... how much cant it carry.. and he failed dismally to tell us

    • Oliver
      Oliver 2 months ago

      Hahaha. Don’t take him out of his fantasy.

    • Ryhanon
      Ryhanon 2 months ago +2

      What detailed statistics? Almost nothing that matters to the trucking industry was even discussed.

  • Jess Trueblood
    Jess Trueblood 2 months ago

    I have run heavy equipment since I was about 9 years old, drove semi's since I was 16. I am now 59 and would love to work for Tesla developing elect construction equipment. I don't know if that has even been a thought for Elon . I have no education above high school just years of hands on experience with many different types, sizes and brands of equipment. This is my unofficial resume if Tesla ever goes that direction

    • Lensflare Deviant
      Lensflare Deviant 2 months ago

      They can barely meet their needs for batteries now, I suspect another big battery project like that is not in the immediate future. Once battery production ramps up..

  • Exorcist
    Exorcist 2 months ago

    Hello Elon, in today's situation you have the opportunity to access unlimited resources, you just need to look more towards Russia... Great cars, I'm glad that there is a person like you on planet earth.

  • JuiceOfSapho
    JuiceOfSapho 2 months ago +283

    What is fascinating is how the regen breaking was almost able to nulify the presence of hills on the test run graph. So, the efficiency over the entire trip was practically the same as the efficiency over just the flat part of the journey. This will probably remain true regardless of the peak elevation during the trip, if the starting and ending locations have similar elevation.
    Truly remarkable :)

    • 팩트폭력배
      팩트폭력배 Month ago

      curb weight is one of the key factors because of the 40 ton legal weight limit. the heavier the truck is, less load you get = less profit/efficiency. I wonder why Elon is still hiding this very key spec 😎😎

    • steven G
      steven G 2 months ago +1

      @oisiaathere's a reason Musk hasn't released any actual figures.

    • oisiaa
      oisiaa 2 months ago

      @steven G So you think the Tesla Semi is 10,000 pounds HEAVIER than a regular diesel truck?

    • steven G
      steven G 2 months ago

      @oisiaa lol no you are looking about 5 tonnes extra weight for a tesla truck.

    • Les Stevens
      Les Stevens 2 months ago

      @McTrex123 yea don't waste your time on that old boomer he still thinks there is lead acid in the 2170 isn't wet it has to be wet to freeze... he's so old he thinks lead acid batteries is what we use in evs like the ev one from the 90s.... I get maybe we should ask him what year it is

  • Carlos Solorzano
    Carlos Solorzano 2 months ago

    I want to drive one!

  • Davinci's Ghost
    Davinci's Ghost 2 months ago +3

    Congratulations to EVERYONE. Fucking Awesome. Plus, I got to say I LOVED the Pepsi Bro's Schwang! Noice.😁

  • Snorlax
    Snorlax 2 months ago

    I love how 40% is just a image of a semi

  • Phil
    Phil Month ago +1

    Can the X-37b have escape velocity for Huygens?

  • Damien O'Brien
    Damien O'Brien 2 months ago

    This is amazing 💪

  • MyDreaminOrbit
    MyDreaminOrbit 2 months ago

    500 miles per charge is a massive improvement compared to the 6.5 mpg of diesel trucks. That alone is worth the price of one Tesla Semi for transport companies.

  • Kevin Kelley
    Kevin Kelley 2 months ago +2

    Thank you so much Tesla team for all you are doing for humanity. Keep trucking!

    • Misplaced Starman
      Misplaced Starman 2 months ago

      ​@Calum Houston - Yes, they did. That's why they have cameras and a hell of a screen to show you what you're doing as you're backing up. Not to mention that they also help as your mirrors as you're driving down the road... please pay attention and do your research before you start speaking...

    • Calum Houston
      Calum Houston 2 months ago

      Yeah, they even put the driver seat in the middle. I guess they never considered what you would do if you need to reverse.

  • Wise Guy
    Wise Guy 2 months ago +7

    So amazing !!! I love this!!
    We are living in amazing times people!!!
    Using AutoCAD to try out different cups in the cup holder!!!! 🤯
    Tesla never seizes to amaze me!!!!!

  • Lane Johnson
    Lane Johnson 2 months ago +1

    All it takes is someone with just basic knowledge of the trucking industry to look at the design of this thing to see it was built by people that are clueless... That thing will be a living nightmare an any backup other than straight line back with the drivers seating position. Instead of having 1 blind side back they will both be blind side..
    I'd love to see the scale ticket for it's 82,000 gross weight 500 mile trip.. There is no way it made axle or bridge law weight. I also love how the weight of the tractor is basically classified. 🤣😂. With every other EV being far heavier than their ICE counterparts there is no doubt it's much heavier. Especially when it's WELL documented EV loses almost if not half or more of it's range towing a load. Being a commercial vehicle tows far more weight it's only going to compound it.. Being the average EV battery is half or more of the vehicle the battery in this thing has to be enormous..
    The 500 mile trip this thing made was in ideal conditions in ideal weather, even then it still went 160 miles less than a driver can drive a diesel in a day and carried less freight.. Something else that seems to be classified is the charging time..🤣😂.. If a Tesla plaid with WAY smaller battery takes 15+ hours to fully charge from 10% to get peak range just think how long the massive battery in this thing is going to take to get ultimate battery life.. My guess is WELL over a day, just to do less work and haul less than a diesel.
    Reading the comments here it appears to me that not only are the designer's clueless, but the people commenting are also clueless and have probably never even seen the inside of a diesel commercial truck much less set in and drove one..
    Don't even have to go into the severe lack of infrastructure that will take decades and trillions of dollars to support EV semi or the already strained electric grid for anyone that doesn't have their head so far up Elon's azz they can taste his breath mints to see how moronic this is...
    You damn sure not going to see these things going over passes like Donner and Cabbage when it's -10f or less.. 😂🤣

    • Eastern Truckspotting
      Eastern Truckspotting 2 months ago

      They canceled cabovers before and we all hated it. We’d love if they did it this second time around

    xXGENDAMAGEXx 2 months ago +8

    There’s no gears to miss in almost all other trucks. Because they are automatics now. The breaking is a big difference as well as being able to have the power to pull your load up the hills.

      xXGENDAMAGEXx 2 months ago +2

      @David Henry No I haven’t but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how hard it is. All they want to make is Totally automated computerized trucks. I’m currently driving a 2015 Cascadia Stick shift.

    • Darrel V
      Darrel V 2 months ago +1

      Watch what happens in winter with these batteries lol lol . people think there so smart and yes all vehicles will wreck on ice .Elon says they won't jacknife on ice they will .and there will be exploding batteries watch .no one seeing the none safety factor.See Elon cannot relate to what a person who is responsible and qualified to drive a semi knows.Elon doesn't know it all.cant jacknife I will proof him wrong .put the semi on a icy highway watch what happens.people who are not on the trucking industry are clueless

    • David Henry
      David Henry 2 months ago +5

      @camaroman101 Clearly you haven't tried ordering a class A heavy truck lately. It's next to impossible to get one with a manual transmission without putting in a special order and waiting 1-2 years.

    • camaroman101
      camaroman101 2 months ago +5

      That accident with the semi driver that killed a bunch of people going downhill wasn't that long ago.

  • hen ko
    hen ko 2 months ago

    Amazing work.

    KENthePOLYMATH 2 months ago +56

    What an amazing time to be alive in human history. This was all in the sci-fi movies I used to watch as a kid.

    • Andrew Devine
      Andrew Devine Month ago

      That's my favourite sci-fi movie. Where a guy drives a truck that can't pull as much as regular trucks but is more expensive.

    • magicker
      magicker Month ago

      @The Adventure Insider lying to investors.. is fraud. Not "inspirational" or "aspirational" .. fraud. The important bit for any trucks is now.. how heavy it is.. it is How much cargo can I carry,.. he failed to answer this one simple... essential question.

    • The Adventure Insider
      The Adventure Insider Month ago

      @magicker They are capable of carrying the maximum payload allowed. Also, the initial launch date was 2019. I don't get why people pretend that it's a problem that they don't make it to the projected date because it was simply not possible

    • RilvX
      RilvX Month ago +1

      In just a century we went from inventing the light bulb to paper-thin laptops and electric super-cars. Ehem, Tesla. Imagine what we could do in a million years.

    • Richard Blais
      Richard Blais 2 months ago

      @magicker that's what y'all said about the Models S, X, 3 and Y ... there's no sense debunking half-wits like you anymore ...

  • SMHN
    SMHN 2 months ago +1

    The average haulage journey for artic trucks in the UK is 150km so that battery length of 500mil smashes that but a two way journey London to Scotland is 400-500 miles so would be cutting it fine. Important part would be being able to recharge and start to turn back. Obviously drivers can only drive for a certain amount of time but they should be able to drive up, charge quick enough and start heading back ?

    • Christopher Smith
      Christopher Smith Month ago

      The real life range is not 500 miles.
      It can possibly be 500 miles if you don't carry a heavy load and run the battery to 0 miles. In real terms, the lorry will be running down to 30% if you want to save the battery life. That's 350 miles.
      Now throw on a heavier load of cargo. Well..300 miles. Now we need expensive infrastructure to charge these energy demanding trucks. Expensive and challenging for the grid. We're far from what we thought the truck is.

    • SMHN
      SMHN 2 months ago

      Sorry I mean a journey from London to Scotland is 4-500 miles each way so that's why you would be cutting it fine in one hit and then want to turn around and head back making it a two way journey you would need to charge but would the charge time be efficient enough for you to start to head back within the allotted driving hours a trucker can drive

  • a schidlov
    a schidlov 2 months ago +13

    I never understand why people decide to pull their phones out to record this on their own at the event. Be present!! Total black mirror vibes

    • Alter Verwalter
      Alter Verwalter 2 months ago +5

      most of them are problably influencers or jounralists who want to post the footage on their channels before the official footage is coming out as video on demand.

  • Lemony Snicket (Uni-T)
    Lemony Snicket (Uni-T) 2 months ago +6

    Starts @21:00

  • Hass Mchasserson
    Hass Mchasserson 2 months ago

    Gotta love how Elon half jokingly says that we should support nuclear energy...but he knows (better than anyone) that nuclear is the cleanest and most sustainable energy generation on the planet. It's really pretty crazy how long nuclear has been demonized, but if the world switched to nuclear energy tomorrow, the "climate catastrophe" would pretty much be over.

  • Yin Yang
    Yin Yang 2 months ago


  • Ben
    Ben 2 months ago +12

    watched this whole thing with a smile on my face. Remarkable achievement and a huge development for road transport. I get the impression truckers are going to love the TS

    • Russell pinuela
      Russell pinuela 2 months ago

      THAT ALL

    • Stonks Inwestycje (nr ewidencejny 5004)
    • Russell pinuela
      Russell pinuela 2 months ago


  • Viktoritch
    Viktoritch 2 months ago +6

    Just Insane !

  • W47k3r5 J01N
    W47k3r5 J01N 2 months ago

    semi's tire looks different than before

  • Van Poll
    Van Poll 2 months ago +15

    I can't wait to see them on the road over here in Germany.

    • Baal Netbek
      Baal Netbek Month ago

      Das Ding ist ineffizient und unpraktisch wie sonst was. Niemand außer den Tesla Fanboys wird den Schrott kaufen

    • P A
      P A Month ago

      @UCljtPW_f50VsRhIXN6vP6KA I agree. All challenges.
      What's interesting is that Tesla built out 40,000 super chargers over the past decade, so it's obviously an embedded cost in their operating model.
      Perhaps their supercharger build out with the new Semi ecosystem technology has given them the courage and smarts to get others, customers, more involved in this infrastructure cost?
      A significant strategic component of Tesla next to their automobiles is their super charging infrastructure. No one. Absolutely no one is close to having that super charging ecosystem and it's a significant competitive advantage.

    • P A
      P A 2 months ago

      @Ballerheiko Tesla has 40,000 Super Chargers around the globe.
      I have full confidence Mega Chargers will be constructed by fleet truck operators like PepsiCo and many others.
      I'm hopeful Tesla, with the Semi, will give insights on how the Cybertruck can deal with towing problems that have been demonstrated in other EV trucks this year (Ford Lightning, Rivian, etc.).

    • P A
      P A 2 months ago

      @Ballerheiko Go and actually watch the video YOU sent a link to. Jason shows mathematically how an electric semi operating cost ALONE is half that of a diesel semi. Ignore the performance and self driving, and ignore that a Tesla.semi has 1/5 the breakable maintenance parts of a diesel semi, and this is game changing tech.
      Oh and an EV semi will reduce emissions by 80%. Semis comprise 20% of all emissions, so, YES, the Tesla Semi will also make a huge dent in emissions reductions.
      I'm NOT a tree hugger.
      I own a Porsche 911 and a Mercedes, but I also have a Tesla Performance Model S.
      Tesla is a game changer.
      Enjoy your equivalent horse and buggy tech. Gas cars, SUVs, and trucks only make sense for long distance driving.
      Tesla Semi and fleet-operated Mega Chargers will change trucking in the next decade. The cost benefit alone will drive adoption. [THIS IS ALL IN THE VIDEO you TOLD ME TO WATCH, Dr Von Braun].

    • Ballerheiko
      Ballerheiko 2 months ago

      Basically it seems more like a toy for gigacorporationa to help them show off and do some green washing than a revolution in trucking for the mass market.

  • Ondřej Havel
    Ondřej Havel 2 months ago +1

    Will it tow the normal semi-trailer or some type with regenerative brakes? Because I think you need to brake not only the truck…

    • ShotGunner5609
      ShotGunner5609 2 months ago

      Most brakeing is done with engine brakes right now as it is. Which only brakes the tractors drive axels. A not badly load balanced trailer doesn't need seperate braking outside of inclement weather. It's fine man.

    • Imcons Equetau
      Imcons Equetau 2 months ago

      The Semi & trailer brakes are only needed/used for emergency level deceleration and parking. As you can hear, the two axels and three motors are doing all normal acceleration and regenerative braking.

  • Steve Harkins
    Steve Harkins 2 months ago

    No doubt Tesla will be their own biggest customer delivering thousands of semi’s for part’s delivery. Gaining yet more vertical efficiency,,,buying no “6$” diesel for the fleet that competitors will have to budget. GM/Ford/VW can not compete with that.

  • APB Reports
    APB Reports 2 months ago +33

    Amazing work Tesla 💪

    • Andrew Devine
      Andrew Devine Month ago

      Yeah, an amazing con and waste of time as usual. Trevor Milton has nothing on Musk, the most boring sociopath on Earth.

  • OnlyProSkills 1
    OnlyProSkills 1 2 months ago +183

    Starts at 20:51

    • RandomSmart
      RandomSmart 2 months ago

      @Christoph Rackwitz ok thx

    • Christoph Rackwitz
      Christoph Rackwitz 2 months ago +5

      they edited the upload just now, to start directly into the presentation.

    • RandomSmart
      RandomSmart 2 months ago +2

      Hey, you just prevented me from watching 20 min of nothing, thx lol!

    • Sameer Sharma
      Sameer Sharma 2 months ago +2

      Bless your soul.

    • Chatos
      Chatos 2 months ago +1

      Thank u

  • Darrel V
    Darrel V 2 months ago +3

    I'm all for the EV but I'm not sleeping in one where a battery might burn my ass up when they explode and catch on 🔥

    • Darrel V
      Darrel V Month ago

      @T’s Life Also children in other countries are digging for the material for batteries.are dieing from it

    • Darrel V
      Darrel V Month ago

      @T’s Life either plan brain washed and cannot research or just a one way person.

    • Darrel V
      Darrel V Month ago

      @T’s Life You are brain washed.EV before it is in your driveway put out more pollution in the air then Diesel.It takes 100000 miles before any EV starts to loose percentage of pollution.Look it up research VW research not political 🐂

    • Darrel V
      Darrel V Month ago

      @T’s Life dipshit diesel doesn't catch on fire like that

    • T’s Life
      T’s Life Month ago

      @Darrel V The petrol is raw the acid is contained in a cell.
      Man what do you think runs the accessories in your “Diesel” beast ?
      A battery 🔋 😜

  • Z Jalil
    Z Jalil 2 months ago

    New invention are good but Tesla can’t compete with demand there delivery time is insane

  • Darrel V
    Darrel V 2 months ago

    Watch out on the highway in the winter ,wow common on Elon you are a genius but not in the real world of truckers

  • Mr Sensible Time Wasting Arrogant Tosser.

    What's it's load carrying capacity Elon?

  • Bruno Scokaert
    Bruno Scokaert 2 months ago +3

    What’s the load capacity vs truck (& battery) load?

    • JZ's BFF
      JZ's BFF 2 months ago +3

      Q: what's the max cargo weight of the truck?
      Musk: yes.
      Q: what's the max utility weight of the truck?
      Musk: It drives 500 miles and you didn't see it recharge.

  • tuan (Ivan) Do
    tuan (Ivan) Do 2 months ago

    Just to make sure, he did roll it down the hill. :) Maybe I will be a truck driver when I retired from my current job.

  • Jens Ericson
    Jens Ericson 2 months ago +2

    Exciting to see what Tesla can do for the transportation sector. We need to reduce those emissions drastically. I hope this will be the rock that sets the world in motion.

  • MANCAVE Studios
    MANCAVE Studios 2 months ago +7

    Let reviewers get a hold of these before we get too excited

    • Baal Netbek
      Baal Netbek Month ago

      @Construction TikTok Simple math, a battery will never reach the energy density of liquid fuel.

    • rustable
      rustable Month ago

      @Construction TikTok no

    • Construction TikTok
      Construction TikTok 2 months ago

      @Gilbert3000 wow no faith or hope in future technologies?

    • Lensflare Deviant
      Lensflare Deviant 2 months ago

      One advantage to selling the early ones to Pepsi etc while they ramp production is they'll find all the bugs and kinks before they go mainstream.

    • Lensflare Deviant
      Lensflare Deviant 2 months ago

      @Gilbert3000 You are reduced to just lying. Shameful. What a small and dishonest person you are.

  • SMHN
    SMHN 2 months ago +1

    How long does it take to re fully charge ?

  • TJ Blaidd
    TJ Blaidd 2 months ago +2

    Where's the Tesla Truck already Elon? Starting to feel like vaporware

    • Echo
      Echo 2 months ago +2

      Elon is still trying to put out the burning husk that is his Twitter fixes.

  • Phil
    Phil Month ago

    I got a bug for ya. Security Convoy: a combination of Semi and Cybertruck transport for high profile cargo. Seamlessly integrated 5 Semi, 3 Cybertruck convoy for high efficiency and versatility in all terrain with integrated Starlink network solutions.

  • Maxico Anleitungen und Tutorials

    Event starts at 21:06

  • InfinitySpectrum YT
    InfinitySpectrum YT 2 months ago

    Finally, an epic car for me to drive and take all things to the workers. Good Job Tesla. :D

  • Echo
    Echo 2 months ago +1

    So, how many pedestrians will it run over after you put self driving into it?

  • Lool Amma
    Lool Amma 2 months ago +8

    Cant wait to see them in Europe 😉

    • Lool Amma
      Lool Amma Month ago

      @Baal Netbek meh

    • Baal Netbek
      Baal Netbek Month ago

      That't not a truck made for truckers, that's an inefficient toy to hype the Elon fans.

    • Lool Amma
      Lool Amma Month ago

      @Andrew Devine meh...

    • Andrew Devine
      Andrew Devine Month ago +1

      You won't. Trucking is a cost intensive industry and this stupid thing is impractical in every regard.

  • Max Noneed
    Max Noneed 2 months ago +9

    Meanwhile I'm still waiting on my cyber truck. Multiple delays and now with x2 the price what I was supposed to pay.

    • Lensflare Deviant
      Lensflare Deviant 2 months ago

      Well, there was that big pandemic thing that caused a lot of problems... What is the final price you were quoted? I haven't heard anyone getting a quote yet.

    • Christoph Rackwitz
      Christoph Rackwitz 2 months ago +1

      doubled, you say? what did they promise initially, and what are they asking now?

  • Andy Boyd
    Andy Boyd 2 months ago +86

    The master stroke - central driver position…… so Semi could sell into US (left hand drive) or UK (right hand drive) type markets without the need for “versions” - brilliant thinking! Oh yeah and it’s a clever mode of transport. 👍🇳🇿

    • Marc Malka
      Marc Malka 2 months ago +3

      Nope, it doesn't work like that. American truck design only works... in america. Different regulation. In america, only the payload size count, while in europe, the whole truck lenght count. So american truck cabines looks much bigger. They'll need an european version if they're serious about it. Unless the european market is OK with losing a bit quantity over a nice electric solution.

    • Kvejk
      Kvejk 2 months ago +8

      @Darrel V You can appreciate spacecraft without being an astronaut.

    • Darrel V
      Darrel V 2 months ago +3

      People who talk how cool the semi is but do not drive one WOW.

  • Steve Harkins
    Steve Harkins 2 months ago

    Congrats on the tri-motor efficiency cut out of the 2nd & 3rd motors at highway speeds, just outstanding engineering….and efficiency. One only needs one Plaid motor to do hi way speeds. 2nd & 3 rear motors do acceleration/decceraleration/ charging . Eat it Freight liner, class 8 electric is here.

  • Lee Stewart
    Lee Stewart 2 months ago +1

    Can this pull existing trailers? What sort of hydraulic system does it have to power the brakes on the trailer?

    • Lensflare Deviant
      Lensflare Deviant 2 months ago

      Of course it can pull existing trailers. It works like like a regular semi.

    • Martinit0
      Martinit0 2 months ago

      What would be the point to manufacture a semi that cannot pull existing trailers?

    • Lee Stewart
      Lee Stewart 2 months ago

      @canadian V stig
      Yes, air brakes. I misspoke.

    • canadian V stig
      canadian V stig 2 months ago +1

      Umm.. you mean air brakes? Semis don't use hydraulics. You can see the air lines and gladhands in many of the videos and pics shown.

  • Abraham Galvez
    Abraham Galvez 2 months ago

    That sounded like Cybertruck, AND Roadster will have 1K volt powertrain.

  • Arthur Wagar
    Arthur Wagar 2 months ago

    A big congrats to Tesla. Well done presentation.

  • Harraz Masri
    Harraz Masri 2 months ago

    i can't wait for the review

  • alfie
    alfie Month ago

    Can’t wait for Tesla airplanes :)

  • TerminallyUnique95
    TerminallyUnique95 Month ago

    Elon: Yup, efficient, yup...

  • MegaDime
    MegaDime 2 months ago +14

    Which songs play at the intro those beats are sick! The world needs the Tesla original soundtrack

    • proxy
      proxy 2 months ago +1

      Scrolling to find out

  • Damon T
    Damon T 7 days ago

    Looking forward to seeing one of these on the road, it looks pretty unique.

  • MkS1000 ms
    MkS1000 ms 2 months ago


  • AgW
    AgW 2 months ago +1

    Excellent video but please cut the first 20 minutes, it is just a static picture of the truck with music playing. We have seen it already, not that interesting to look at for 20 minutes.Besides that well done.

  • Ian Barnett
    Ian Barnett 2 months ago +1

    This is the future

  • Xavier Chung
    Xavier Chung 2 months ago

    Would of been cool for it to be in a transformers movie 😂

  • Keith Bilyeu
    Keith Bilyeu 2 months ago +1

    Pam here….this event was the ‘real’ news of the decade…relevant, life changing, revolutionizing breakthrough tech that will disrupt trucking, save countless lives of truckers, and others in trucking wrecks…..yet all the media could talk about was Elon suspending an idiot Twat from Twitter who is a meaningless, self aggrandizing, useless human. Meanwhile more purposeful, impactful, and lifesaving work is overlooked.

  • Audio Within Music
    Audio Within Music 2 months ago +12

    Nice! Can't wait to see the Robotaxi. Elon is a masterful visionary

    • Oliver
      Oliver 2 months ago +1


    • Karnalitones
      Karnalitones 2 months ago +3

      You could maybe look up thunderfoot on Clip-Share. He has some good Videos on elon musk

  • E Gold
    E Gold 2 months ago

    The Wipers....anyone see the wipers actually move over the 8 hour 500 mile journey?

    DEBOSS GARAGE 2 months ago +2

    How much does the truck weigh on its own?

    • John Theux
      John Theux 2 months ago

      No idea, but at 1.7 kwh per mile there is about 3.3 tons of cells or around 5 tons for the battery pack.

  • Pablo Picaro
    Pablo Picaro Month ago

    Should calculate COST/MILE(or KM) Tesla: (1.7kwh/Mile) * cost / (charge efficiency)=1.7* $0.15/kwh / 90% = $0.28 /mile TO COMPARE Diesel truck (6.5 mile/gal): (0.154 Gal / mile) * ($5 / gal) = $0.77 / mile That is a BIG difference.

  • Juan Andres Montero
    Juan Andres Montero 2 months ago +3

    Amazing Tesla Semi Truck

  • alfian dwi anugerah
    alfian dwi anugerah 2 months ago +24

    I wanna know the truckers opinion about the single centered seat layout
    I think it’s really good to increase visibility and reduce blindspot

    • David Henry
      David Henry 2 months ago

      @Yaad Abraad 🇯🇲 You don't have to worry about a thing driver. These things will back and slam themselves into the dock then explode. Mission accomplished! 😎

    • Yaad Abraad 🇯🇲
      Yaad Abraad 🇯🇲 2 months ago

      9 years experience trucker here, for me personally not a fan, sometimes I need to stick my head out when doing certain backing maneuvers because it's to dark, rainy or snowing and my seat being next to door helps me get in and out of the truck fast while swapping trailers/making deliveries.

    • Darrel V
      Darrel V 2 months ago

      @warman35king There not gonna increase the range they cannot.So be prepared for the long haul to go bye bye .it will be by train or a relay

    • warman35king
      warman35king 2 months ago +2

      Problem is it will only be good for solo drivers already driving. Won't be able to train since it's one seat and won't be able to team drive which most companies like of course until batteries get more efficient team driving is mute anyway. Driver training is the biggest issue atm

    • David Henry
      David Henry 2 months ago +3

      Centering the cockpit seating increased the blind spots. Knowing Tesla, they have integrated collision mitigation and exterior cameras to compensate for the increased blind spots.

  • Sasikumar Sasikumar
    Sasikumar Sasikumar 2 months ago

    Nice work

  • inevitable
    inevitable 2 months ago

    The video doesn't start until 20:50

  • PeaceChanel
    PeaceChanel 2 months ago +1

    Thank You Everybody for All that you are doing for our Planet Earth.... Peace.. Shalom.. Salam.. Namaste .. 🙏🏻 😊 🌈 ✌ 🌷 ☮ ❤🕊

  • TheeLaffingMan
    TheeLaffingMan 2 months ago +32

    I'm looking forward to seeing the numbers of its performance after a few months time. I'm excited for this. The truck looks great.

  • ekber can
    ekber can 2 months ago

    looking good elon!

  • Run
    Run Month ago +3

    The video is glitched out. It's missing like 10 mins from the beginning.

  • Aid Vllasaliu
    Aid Vllasaliu 2 months ago +1

    The incline acceleration is the biggest shit on Nikola Motors I've ever seen ahhahaha

  • cody4282 jr
    cody4282 jr 2 months ago +5

    Why are these hipsters cheering like any of them are ever gonna drive one of these? We’ll see if truck driver’s embrace them.

    • Corey DRIZZLE
      Corey DRIZZLE 2 months ago

      bro every long nose pete driving old head wont let a 18spd go like its the last thing on earth, much less a electric truck. people are stuck in their ways. same shit happened when automatics started getting good now you have to look hard to find a manual on the road. once al the old heads die off or retire the more open minded new truckers will thankfully take their place. im sick of oldheads anyways. them mfs got a ego bigger than the sun

    • Imcons Equetau
      Imcons Equetau 2 months ago

      Even if many private owners are reluctant at first, the fleet purchases for spoke operations are certain. The financial incentives are huge with a three year pay back just from energy and service savings alone.
      At first, V4 infrastructure can be custom installed for each new fleet purchaser, while the national infrastructure can be installed or upgraded gradually to support nationwide+ Cybertruck and Semi V4 Supercharging.

  • Justin Anderson
    Justin Anderson 2 months ago +153

    Absolute slam dunk of an event. Was ecstatic watching this live. Awesome music when the truck first rolled out!

    • Christopher Smith
      Christopher Smith Month ago

      Slam dunk? Explain. There are a whole load of big question marks with this.
      500 miles? Well... 500 if you run the truck from 100% down to 0%. What if I carry a heavier load and want to save the battery life? Then keep the battery life above 30% so realistically 300 miles is the range.
      What is the cost of fleets to install charging infrastructure to charge 1000volt batteries and how much energy does each truck consume? Existing charging stations with the capacity of charging these things in less than an hour is time simply not readily available.
      Pretty important information because I can tell you it is very expensive to set these things up. And what about long haul? Tesla simply are not long haul because who will pay for these charging stations on the highways and how long will it take to set them up?? It is a bit of a pipe dream. I like what Hyliion are doing. Natural gas is a better alternative at rhe moment. No excessive batteries with demanding charging. No need for expensive charging infaustracture that will become obsolete the moment greener fuels become cost effective and available. The upfront cost of owning a tesla truck is high. It is pointless if you need to charge during a journey and fleets will almost certainly need to install their own expensive v4 charging stations. It will take a long time to get a return on investment if you buy tesla trucks for long haul, slightly less if you buy them for shorter haul. But in the states and europe, they're interested in 700+ miles range and fast refilling. Tesla is not there yet.

    • Justin Anderson
      Justin Anderson 2 months ago

      @Alex Sander your so right

    • Alex Sander
      Alex Sander 2 months ago

      Naw compared to the 2017 event and claims this was absolutely flat. Like where was the claim of armored glass that could survive a nuke? Or the feature where the truck will call 911 if your not responsive. Talk of wireless charging and autocad cup holders was plain boring.

    • pangrac1
      pangrac1 2 months ago +1

      @Carlos Gonzalez There a tons of videos with fluent intersting flamboyant presenters who say nothing at all a they know nothing about the shit they talk about. You are free to search and enjoy them. 😜😂🤷‍♂️

    • Steneo X
      Steneo X 2 months ago +1

      He always wants to make sure, the important systematic benefits are talked about and not the marketing speech about the product. So sometimes he searches for words to find the right way to get that across. I really like his way of thinking and presenting too.

  • Tudor Coman
    Tudor Coman 2 months ago

    ATS in reality?
    Another reason in plus to get my Rig License.