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6900 Elo Chess

  • Published on Mar 26, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • @jeffjoff1985

    Gotham, I am truly disappointed with these lazy clickbait titles

  • @xusion794

    Rarest things in the world:

  • @NomiKabomi7

    Every time Levy says "THE ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOK" it just makes my day

  • @timjenkins7903

    One of the most insane things about this video is the fact that the only pieces Hikaru even took the whole game were four pawns and a bishop

  • @jakemiller3026

    Gotta respect Wesley for taking that like a champ. I’m sure he knew the game was over long before it ended. But instead of resigning he let it play out. It really was the perfect kings Indian game from hikaru.

  • @cocacolacan1550

    Bro is giving us chess lessons, boxing lessons, life lessons... This guy deserves 10 million subs for sure.

  • @YesPlatinum

    "You can't stop an avalanche with a horse, but you definitely can't stop an avalanche without a horse"

  • @linknotzelda1080

    Respect to Wesley for not resigning during this beautiful sequence

  • @vess2855
    @vess2855  +68


  • @dunngyllite7883

    Wesley the true MVP here - he sure saw it coming a long time before but gave Hikaru the room to play that beautiful sequence until the end.

  • @Ayura0
    @Ayura0  +55

    His short smile just before

  • @smallmoe2931


  • @kookiesenkrem8101

    Great game for Hikaru but man, props for Wesley for being a class act. One of my favorite SGMs. Humble yet deadly.

  • @flawedra843

    amazing game by hikaru. props to Wesley for finishing the game as well. He knew that Hikaru was playing one of the best games of his life and it wasnt fair to resign.

  • @dawsonschopp184

    Levy is the only content creator that can get away with “react” videos. Comedic and informative

  • @fsepubnite3395

    Levy is the most wholesome guy, he went out of his way to make an amazing video just to share a game we would all enjoy, great guy ❤

  • @anthonygosselin1997

    I did not expect to be laughing so much by clicking on a chess video, hahaha absolutely love the flow and the storytelling that Levy manages to breathe into a chess game

  • @Incepter.

    Wesley must have felt humiliated and proud at the same time for watching this amazing game from Hikaru in 2015 where he made 6 brilliant moves in one game

  • @franck6360

    I love the way Levy gives life lessons within a chess game

  • @markandrewasia6498

    i litterally cried of how beautiful this is, you mad my day levy