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  • Published on Aug 1, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Hermitcraft season 9 episode 17! We start out big with our Minecraft 1.19 let's play ep 17 on the Hermitcraft 9 server by being pranked by Grian and Pearl organizing my chest monsters. I'll finish my mega build inspired by Disneylands Main Street. This is the biggest and most complex build I've ever done in Minecraft. I hope you like all 12 of the new building added to Main street. Also, we finish a few Kings quests from Ren the King. Thank you for watching and see you in the next Hermitcraft episode!
    See you in the next episode of Hermitcraft!
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  • @GoodTimesWithScar

    This took a long time to deaign and build. I hope you like it :D

  • @felix8xd549

    Grian: "This episode i will do absolutely nothing!

  • @Goozer
    @Goozer  +115

    Scar - "Whats the red wood called?"

  • @anepicsquaredorito3845

    I'm still rooting for, "Good Times Park" or "Scar's Wonderful World" as the parks name

  • @bgodwin123

    You talking so happily over main Street at the end made my day. Thank you for all the love and joy you bring to this platform 💜

  • @Paopou__
    @Paopou__  +112

    Scar : "how am I going to repay all of those diamonds ?"

  • @sophianaughty

    The dedication Scar puts into these videos is a true show of how much he cares. The details and story behind every building, all the realistic touches, everything really just makes me and so many others happy. Thank you Scar <3

  • @SpectralArchivist

    You apologize?! You APOLOGIZE that this has taken so long?! The fact that this even

  • @Trident_Gaming03

    The chicken on the coocoo clock is such a nice tough, a small recommendation is to change the minecart it's in to a boat of the same wood type as the trap door it's resting on, that way it blends in better and you can see the chicken more from the ground, I love the little chicken so much though!

  • @RoninWaffle


  • @francreeps4509

    I love how enthusiastic Scar is about everything. He's so energetic and puts so much love in his builds. I wish I could be that motivated when I build 💖

  • @bambinilambini3920

    I love the part when Scar comes down to grain playing the "You Speak When Spoken To!" horn plays and he says "so many Moms" rather than "so many Mobs" It gave it quite the laugh! <3

  • @petlover3344

    I’d love to see Cleo make an armor stand Jellie giving out hugs kind of like Mickey Mouse out front of one of the buildings near the entrance.. might be kind of cool!

  • @stormbarnard2899

    I know Scar already has a lot planed for this build. HOWEVER, wouldn't be cool if he made underground tunnles like the ones at Disney?!

  • @user-zf3rw5ds9v

    When that time lapse started I immediately noticed the amount of detail that was being put in. Main street is absolutely amazing the way you put story and life in your builds is inspiring

  • @scytheraptor4546

    omg scar this is mind boggling!! I genuinely can’t choose a favorite building b/c they’re all so detailed and unique!!

  • @williamnewell1921

    I love the idea of the chicken in the cuckoo clock building but I think it would look better in a dark oak boat

  • @Ligands23

    The air conditioning units on the rooftops really just take it to the next level. Man, they look so good!

  • @goldenmatrix9987

    “Mango” wood is definitely the new best wood