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  • Published on Jan 27, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • 2 more tiny forts and did an overnight challenge in all 8 apartments!
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  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Month ago +698

    I love the videos with the whole team

  • Heather Smith
    Heather Smith Month ago +116

    Love this tiny apartment series and how it’s all a bunch of adults just having a fun time together. Happy to see Andrew back! Hope his baby and wife is doing good! Also this video had me laughing so much 😂😂 So happy to see the JStu team apart of it!

  • itstipo
    itstipo Month ago +301

    these are just a bunch of adults having a crazy amount of fun, and im here for it

    • daddy bear
      daddy bear 15 days ago +1

      Obviously kiddo ha

    • Sanjay pal
      Sanjay pal Month ago

      Very nice

    • Sherry Cramer
      Sherry Cramer Month ago

      don't write nonsense

    • Rinnnnnnn
      Rinnnnnnn Month ago


    • WhiteRabbit
      WhiteRabbit Month ago

      Particle accelerators are dangerous Future viruses and life forms and more could endanger the solar system

  • Jordan Anderson
    Jordan Anderson Month ago +72

    Thanks for putting out so much incredible content lately! I love it! I'm sure it can't be easy to turn out all of these videos constantly, but you guys are doing a killer job! Still my favorite Clip-Share channel hands down!

    • Mak KinTung
      Mak KinTung Month ago +1

      The waffle house has spoken.Phase 2 initiated.

  • Sim Official
    Sim Official Month ago +8

    JStu never fails to bring his viewers entertainment

  • DJ Cay-J
    DJ Cay-J Month ago +120

    I love this Tiny Apartment series you guys have made for pretty much about 3 years now please keep it going I want see how tall it can get

  • Stylie
    Stylie Month ago +30

    Loved seeing the whole team a part of the video. Made it super fun to watch. Everyone is good on camera. From a 27 year old from TN lol. I add that in there because not just kids watch you guys

  • 818rapthatsthat
    818rapthatsthat Month ago +13

    Love to see the whole crew in one video

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man Month ago +2

    Dude these ideas are so awesome, coming back after watching you guys since 2015. And seeing how much the content has changed- I Love you guys.

  • Brian Hebert
    Brian Hebert Month ago +6

    I love the vids with the whole team. It’s cool how well you guys compliment each other.

  • Jerica Barbee
    Jerica Barbee Month ago +37

    I like when the whole team gets to participate in the challenges!

  • Sam Borowy
    Sam Borowy Month ago +5

    These types of videos never get old! Keep up the good work.

  • Terri New
    Terri New Month ago +4

    I love that y'all just have so much fun!! Love this!

  • SMToon Family
    SMToon Family Month ago +3

    I love this Tiny Apartment series you guys have been doing for almost 3 years, keep it up. I want to see how high it can be

  • Brendan VanHalteren
    Brendan VanHalteren Month ago +17

    I love that the micro complex has come back and that Rick is in it!

  • Melinda Tuttle
    Melinda Tuttle Month ago

    This is definitely my favorite over night series. LOVE THEM

    • TE_LE_GRAM👉 sarahgrace07
      TE_LE_GRAM👉 sarahgrace07 Month ago

      Thanks for watching I appreciate your comment so far✅❤️
      send me a dm on telegram to acknowledge your prize 👆👆

  • Oretho
    Oretho Month ago +7

    I'd love to see Caresse included in more videos, she seems to be a fun person to be around... 🙂

  • Joe Cozzan
    Joe Cozzan Month ago +8

    that is so cool! I love the micro build series!

  • Visored Ichigo
    Visored Ichigo Month ago +5

    I'm liking the recent videos with more of the crew. Just a bunch of lads having a great time

  • Virgy Kelana Agung
    Virgy Kelana Agung Month ago +2

    23:00 somehow I feel sorry to see Jackson's face 🤣

  • dylann luvs Tress
    dylann luvs Tress Month ago +5

    yall make my day so much better

  • Kanjiclub
    Kanjiclub Month ago +6

    I love these videos with the whole crew, extra wholesome and fun vibes

  • Alina Perry
    Alina Perry Month ago +24

    I love how Samuel put the Sports Ball sign on the only team wallpaper that doesn’t use a ball. The Avalanche 😂

  • Sapphire Doll
    Sapphire Doll Month ago +3

    Love the tiny apartment challenge !!!! The group was fun!!!! Again again!!!😂

  • Arata Shirogami
    Arata Shirogami Month ago +5

    I love your micro apartment videos since the first one. How about a ten micro apartment, including Matt, Quinn, and Aaron? And maybe this time a door that Isaac can actually fit in

    • Quasi Cloud
      Quasi Cloud Month ago

      To equal the five Emperor Penguins Of Antarctica

  • Fuzed1Hitman
    Fuzed1Hitman Month ago +4

    I'm so glad y'all did this! Loved the other videos I know this is going to be epic let's go🔥🔥

  • Brady Martin
    Brady Martin Month ago +1

    Love the micro apartments, go for 10. They are so interesting and funny. Keep up the work.

  • Christie Padgett
    Christie Padgett Month ago +3

    Love seeing the the fun and creativity with everyone.

  • Alan Romero
    Alan Romero Month ago +4

    1:54 Whoops. 3:56 this part made my evening. 4:53 so are these reactions. 11:30 this reminds me of "try not to laugh" challenge. I definitely laughed so hard. 14:34: a recall from 1 of the videos when Andrew was in the virtual reality as he said that.

  • ♥ White_Pancakes ♥

    I love how you guys are doing micro things!👍

  • CNder77
    CNder77 Month ago +2

    Another great video, lots of fun:) I enjoyed watching as much as you enjoyed making it. Thanks Jstu:)

  • FakeJake
    FakeJake Month ago +1

    Love that Jstu is getting on trending regularly!❤❤❤

  • Pamela Gallien
    Pamela Gallien Month ago +3

    when i saw this i was like "HUUUUUUUUUUH?" you guys never fail to suprise me and make me launch out of my seat, keep up the good work

  • William Hunter
    William Hunter Month ago +7


  • CHC xXAC3Xx
    CHC xXAC3Xx Month ago +1

    I have been waiting for this video for a while
    Know and I’m so happy you guys did it keep up the work guys 😊

  • Mychicktruck
    Mychicktruck Month ago +3

    Awesome, I love these micro apartments challenges.

  • Taylor King
    Taylor King Month ago +1

    I loved the medieval apartment! It was so very cool :D

  • Monica Marquis
    Monica Marquis Month ago

    YES Another 1I'm so happy that you guys brought this back I have been waiting for another 1

  • Nerdtendo
    Nerdtendo Month ago +13

    Dude, I’ve been waiting forever for another one of these! Hope you 2 at the top apartments don’t fall

  • Sahil Bajaj
    Sahil Bajaj Month ago +1

    Finally the micro apartments are back!!!! 🤌🤌

  • Scrimmzy
    Scrimmzy Month ago

    I’m so happy they did another one of these tall apartment videos

  • Eli Houston
    Eli Houston Month ago

    Lets gooooo so hyped y’all did this vid!!🎉

  • Kubsztal Subsztal
    Kubsztal Subsztal Month ago +3

    Make more micro apartaments videos! it's an amazing series.


    Cheerful guys. Thank you for the positive that you give to people. This is very valuable.

  • Zero_Blade101
    Zero_Blade101 Month ago +3

    keep up the good work guys, and hope u guys can make the tiny apartments get taller, and thx for making my day
    p.s. sorry if im late i had to clean

  • EnchantedOwl
    EnchantedOwl Month ago +2

    The whole team in. Love it!

  • Rainbow Madness
    Rainbow Madness Month ago +2

    I loved this video! I've been watching your videos for a long time. Your videos are so entertaining! Glad to see Andrew again

  • Skyler Benoit
    Skyler Benoit Month ago +1

    Isaac + Gel Blaster at Night = 🦗INSTANT KARMA!! 😂

  • ItsRep
    ItsRep Month ago

    I thought this was an older video at first, I can’t explain how excited I was when I saw it was made recently!

  • 2FnafNerds
    2FnafNerds Month ago +1

    Yesss! The micro apartments are back!! Les go!!

  • Gilmer _Games
    Gilmer _Games Month ago +12

    FINALLY!!!!! MORE OF THESE!!!!!!!!!

  • GamingWithAng
    GamingWithAng Month ago +1

    Holy crap do you know how long I’ve been waiting for another one micro fort video?😂😊😊😊👌👌👌👌👌

    MKFROSTI Month ago +1

    you guys make me laugh every day love the content keep it up

  • Mar0
    Mar0 Month ago

    Love it when you guys make these videos!

  • stunnuhman!
    stunnuhman! Month ago

    I’m so happy JSTU uploaded, watch this with my keepy uppy in hand ❤️❤️

  • Jevil09
    Jevil09 Month ago +3

    I still remember the four apartment video, we have come so far! Love your vids!

    • Jevil09
      Jevil09 Month ago

      @alexa plays I know, but the 4 was the earliest.

    • alexa plays
      alexa plays Month ago

      Same but there's a six apartment video.btw

  • _Jackaroni_
    _Jackaroni_ Month ago +1

    I loved this series I'm so happy it's back

  • Random Lookchin
    Random Lookchin Month ago +1

    Ive rewatched the previous episodes of this series so many times now
    finally 8 micro forts is here

  • Sarah Lorek
    Sarah Lorek Month ago

    I’m in love with these tiny apartments

  • Roblox Beast
    Roblox Beast Month ago +1

    Love these overnight vids! Keep up the good wprk!!

  • Sire Panfried
    Sire Panfried Month ago +1

    Yes! I always hoped they would bring this back!

  • Patrick Acocks
    Patrick Acocks Month ago +3

    Your videos always make me laugh so hard🤣

  • Ryan Poulin
    Ryan Poulin Month ago +1

    AWESOME MICRO apartment buds! How about a MICRO TITANIC! I got the idea from the video of the MICRO Yacht which I thought was cool and hilarious! And for the MICRO TITANIC instead of using just 1 boat for the hull, 2 boat would make it more bigger, cooler and more roomier. Do you guys think that would be a interesting idea for a project and video? Please leave a comment, 200 likes and your opinion for this video and my idea. Please, Thank you and.......Must Have SNACKS!!!

  • Anti-Furry Chad
    Anti-Furry Chad Month ago

    The long awaited sequel, ahhh yes OG jstu

  • trew turnbull
    trew turnbull Month ago +1

    It's great to see longer videos coming out now specially the overnighter with the crew I love these

  • James Gaither Jr
    James Gaither Jr Month ago +1

    Love the micro apartment vids!👏🏾

  • ~§Jemma§~
    ~§Jemma§~ Month ago +1


  • riffiin ruffin
    riffiin ruffin Month ago +4

    Wow! Love the vids guys, keep the good work up!

  • Mason Smoth
    Mason Smoth Month ago

    This is my number one favorite series from J stew. I’ve been trying to ask for this video for over two years.

  • Brady Gilmore
    Brady Gilmore Month ago +1

    Love the tiny apartment idea, I bet that water was cold.

  • Seth clipz
    Seth clipz Month ago

    Yesss I love these apartment video’s I just watch your old one again just yesterday😂!! Keep making more of these videos plzzz

  • Ace Adventures
    Ace Adventures Month ago +1

    Love it when he said I think the Rockies are volleyball 😂😂

  • Lino Lopez
    Lino Lopez Month ago +1

    Keep the series going please this is one of my favorite series

  • Country Life In The Town

    I've watched your other micro hotel videos over and over, so I was SOOOO Excited to see this!!!

  • Catherine ferguson
    Catherine ferguson Month ago

    Poor Isaac, he always gets the worst deal, the mini forts were awesome, a lot of fort went into designing them, well done guys great video. Thank you xxxxxxxc

  • Friendship King
    Friendship King Month ago

    I can’t explain how happy I am🎉

  • Jony Baloney
    Jony Baloney Month ago +1

    I thought the micro apartment series ended at 6 so happy that its back!

  • John Mysinger
    John Mysinger 27 days ago

    I love this video so much too. They’re so awesome. You need to make more room on the site.

  • Debbi Vaughn
    Debbi Vaughn Month ago

    👍👍Now that was pure entertainment!🤣😂🤣Welcome back Andrew!

  • John 456
    John 456 Month ago +498

    OG army. Engage the play button!

  • the_infinity
    the_infinity Month ago +1

    You guys deserve more than a million subs u are are the best u spend all the money on us and u never make me bored and will never fail

  • Patrick Terry, Jr
    Patrick Terry, Jr Month ago

    This gave me youth group trivia vibes and I love it

  • TheRManProds
    TheRManProds Month ago +1


  • Jesus Saves
    Jesus Saves Month ago +1

    Nice apartment fort. Cool themed rooms. Thanks for sharing

  • Infinibility
    Infinibility Month ago


  • rachel may
    rachel may Month ago +7

    I love these micro apartment challenges.

  • Speculite
    Speculite Month ago +1

    I always look forward to these videos :)

  • Gust_The_Man 8000
    Gust_The_Man 8000 Month ago +1

    imagine doubling that , it would be a mini skyscraper

  • Mr beluga
    Mr beluga Month ago

    jstu never dissapoints

  • CatchersPersepctive

    Let’s go! You guys should do a 10 micro apartment

  • Rey Kaf
    Rey Kaf Month ago

    Thank you for involving everyone in the vid. It's always fun when everyone is involved.

  • Thunder joeda
    Thunder joeda Month ago +3

    They never disappoint us

  • Ruby Withington
    Ruby Withington Month ago

    love your videos and the amazing vibes

  • SleepySlime
    SleepySlime 7 days ago

    I was a kid when I watch jstu but I'm here for the fun of it.

  • Riding Acres
    Riding Acres Month ago +1

    Yes I loved these micro apartment videos

  • HunterFezza
    HunterFezza Month ago

  • Siem Mackenschins
    Siem Mackenschins Month ago +3

    Just where I was waiting for

  • Tumelo Mothapo
    Tumelo Mothapo Month ago

    So glad Andrew is back😎😎😎

  • Cupidzzvlogzz
    Cupidzzvlogzz Month ago


  • Ellie Østergren
    Ellie Østergren Month ago

    I love the tiny apartments vids ❤