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Easiest iPhone Glass Fix - WITH LASERS (Not clickbait)


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  • Umi
    Umi 3 years ago +4991

    I bet apple is going to use lasers now😉
    But they would still charge $600.

  • Mille Ferri
    Mille Ferri Year ago +741

    I like how he put "not clickbait" in the title like he's ever clickbaited us before.

    • flash9387
      flash9387 11 months ago

      @Melka Debele that's not at all what I thought...

    • J Luis Morales
      J Luis Morales Year ago

      Is like when a liar says '' trust in me' liar always say that.

    • Rdy Games
      Rdy Games Year ago

      انا ☝️ @AYo random

    • 128andrija,
      128andrija, Year ago +1

      its for the new people that never watch him


      Just lazer crack güle deplase the new glass wait 1 dY and phone iş ready

  • Jay Tang
    Jay Tang 2 years ago +169

    Next thing you know, they'll put a mirror there to fight against the laser machine. Or trigger the self destruction sequence lol

    • Benson Cheung
      Benson Cheung 9 months ago +2

      Yeah, to protect the user I'll bet.

    • Kirk Patrick
      Kirk Patrick Year ago +7

      I would not put this pass Apple, they reminds of Mom in Futurama

  • ripon alamin
    ripon alamin Year ago +162

    This is the first time I am watching him saving the life of a phone instead of destroying it 😅

  • Brian Sansone
    Brian Sansone 4 months ago +2

    Its interesting that the broken glass does not scatter the laser, and fry more than just the adhesive. Modern laser tech is totally fascinating, and incredible.

  • Your daily dose of Stupidity
    Your daily dose of Stupidity 2 years ago +3437

    When you don’t own a iPhone or laser yet the video is still great to watch

    • Ceju Online
      Ceju Online 3 months ago

      @Tjay shizo moment

    • Naved
      Naved 6 months ago

      LMAOO i watched this on my $200 xiaomi

    • Coldz
      Coldz Year ago +1

      @Tjay because murder and theft don't make up 99% of the crime while apple and android makeup 99% of phones not exactly a fair comparison

    • Tjay
      Tjay Year ago

      @Coldz and why not?

    • Coldz
      Coldz Year ago +1

      @Tjay your comparison makes no sense

  • S W
    S W Year ago +30

    Wow, I expected the laser machine to cost waaaay more than 2k

    • dnmdch
      dnmdch 6 months ago

      @Lachlan Baker those "slaves" are living in a better way than u atm and soon surpassed. make sure u got enough milk powder and toilet paper...

    • Leecorp
      Leecorp 9 months ago +1

      @Lachlan Baker Black people

    • Lachlan Baker
      Lachlan Baker 9 months ago +2

      Anything can be cheap when it’s built by slaves

  • john may
    john may Year ago +1

    If anyone want to do this make sure you block the camera with something as a precaution. The laser can mess it up if it accidentally get shot into it.

  • Michael Cardoza
    Michael Cardoza Year ago +1

    Hey, great videos man. I wanted to know if you would recommend getting a 6W laser machine or a 20W laser machine. Or is there no difference if using it specifically for back glass repairs?

  • Dr. Apple
    Dr. Apple Year ago +7

    well, if you use laser again after you remove the old glass, you could remove the apple glue as well. so your new adhesive will be more durable.

  • Linh Tuong
    Linh Tuong 3 years ago +8718

    I trust this man when he says “not clickbait”

    • EPICRULER.46
      EPICRULER.46 Year ago +1

      who doesnt?

    • Shahrukh AL
      Shahrukh AL Year ago

      @Yt User F you

    • K H
      K H 2 years ago

      Who dosent

    • Sound Crafter
      Sound Crafter 2 years ago +1

      How to notice a clickbait video:
      1. All Caps title
      2. Edited thumbnail
      3. Loud speaking
      4. Realistic editing in the video
      5. The uploader acting like he's in a kids show.

    • Gold Head
      Gold Head 2 years ago +1

      @Yt User Dumbass. Title is "Easiest iPhone glass fix - with lasers". How come lasers fix the glass? Hahaha! dumbass

  • Arbitrary CN X
    Arbitrary CN X 4 months ago +1

    Really like the way you explained everything so well

  • Swapnil Pawar
    Swapnil Pawar Year ago

    Repairability of a device should be measured and clearly mentioned on the box itself. More repairable devices should be given some incentives for being eco friendly, as one can use the device for longer period. There should be heavy tax on less or non repairable devices and also fines for companies who intentionally make devices difficult to repair.
    Save precious natural resources, save the planet.

  • Super SS
    Super SS Year ago +53

    “Apple is going to hate me” like ordinary people own a NASA laser machine at home 😂😂

    • master shooter64
      master shooter64 7 months ago

      @Vindicate that's good!

    • Vindicate
      Vindicate Year ago

      @Anon ymous they've had those since the first phone with a back glass panel

    • Anon ymous
      Anon ymous Year ago +5

      Obv not practical for one fix for a diy job. But repair places could definitely own this, Make there money back in say 5 or 10 fixes.

    • Anon ymous
      Anon ymous Year ago +1

      Actually this this is pretty cheap. only 1400$

  • MickyMouseLimited

    Can you talk about the eye protection when you use this machine? The reason why I asked it is because you can get permanently blind in split second if you get flashed by laser .

  • Karthik Nagarajan
    Karthik Nagarajan 2 years ago +3517

    Plot twist:
    Apple uses the same technology to fix the broken glass and charges $600 just to seem sophisticated

    • Nathan Greger
      Nathan Greger 2 years ago

      @That Onion i8iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiooooobiîïïïjjjj hi

    • Eddie Barrow
      Eddie Barrow 2 years ago

      @R R obviously jokes on you for believing the internet once again vs. the rest of us in reality land. You know, the place where stuff "actually" happens instead of manipulating trivial facts and reporting them as "it's the truth"

    • R R
      R R 2 years ago

      abc def Jokes on you, iPhones are among the easiest to repair in smartphones. Go watch iFixit or something. iPhone 11 Pro Max has a repeatability of 6 while Galaxy S20 Ultra has 3. Similar thing applies to many other android phones because they open through the back and iPhones open through the front. Go check you facts before posting comments.

    • T22 Rohan nagarkatte
      T22 Rohan nagarkatte 2 years ago

      Not surprised!!

    • Eddie Barrow
      Eddie Barrow 2 years ago +1

      @Kork Just kork too much time and energy. Just take aim and put hole through it with your favorite firearm and then you can put a hook through it and decorate your Christmas tree. There's a joke that runs through the IT community that says "why don't they write viruses for Apple products. Because why screw up something that is already messed up.

    KEEVVY Year ago +1

    I think apple should go without glass back & wireless charging at least for the mini series, could drop the price & even make more people buy it

  • Arvotuopp
    Arvotuopp Year ago

    Bent metal frame (if your rear glass is shattered, the frame is probably also unnoticeably bent) is a risk to the display and the rear glass, as it may crack either of these under a very slight pressure applied, if it fits badly around the glass

    • Ohh Bradley
      Ohh Bradley 6 months ago

      Inaccurate and not always true . Apple just repaired my iPhone 12 back glass and the frame was not bent

  • mofosoto
    mofosoto Year ago +1

    I thought that the laser was going to disintegrate the actual glass off of the phone. I wonder if that's possible though. It would make it even easier.

  • Connie Romanishan
    Connie Romanishan Year ago +1

    Wow! Wish I had a laser. Or at least knew where I can send my phone to have this done. Great video!

  • Chekesh One
    Chekesh One 3 years ago +5537

    Dude: "So Apple is gonna hate me for making this video."
    Apple: "We've never liked you!"

    • Lintrix Gaming
      Lintrix Gaming 11 months ago

      They’ve never liked anyone ...

    • Helix Adam Oxford
      Helix Adam Oxford Year ago

      @Rano Pathano they do since he buys every new phone (they dont care what je does with it

    • Xtremegamer 3D
      Xtremegamer 3D Year ago

      Everyone: hello Apple
      Apple : hello I like money
      Everyone : what is the reason the glass repair on your phones are so expensive
      Apple: money

    • Pokémonpulls10 YT
      Pokémonpulls10 YT 2 years ago

      BIG BRAIN 🧠

    • Blue Clouded Leopard
      Blue Clouded Leopard 2 years ago

      I can't belive jack_* liked this*_

  • Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé

    Perhaps I'm the only one thinking about this but can you do a video on how to convert a glued battery cover into a detachable battery lid to make servicing your electronics a lot more easier and less prone to failure?

  • ChiefGunny
    ChiefGunny 8 months ago

    These can do alot more than just remove back glass. We use ours for laser etching also.

  • Evan Green
    Evan Green Year ago +1

    I work at a CPR Cell Phone Repair and we have one of these. Can confirm they are really cool, taking off the backglass however is definitely not

  • wcaba001
    wcaba001 Year ago +2

    Those "sensitive bits" at the bottom are the antennas for LTE, Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth - pretty essential bits

  • DJ Original
    DJ Original 3 years ago +3854

    Apple in 2020: Now we need to make laser resistant glass😂

    • Aldy Pranatha
      Aldy Pranatha 2 years ago

      So that they can cost you more

    • NeedForSpeed2004
      NeedForSpeed2004 2 years ago

      I think they use the same method to remove the glass

    • El Homo
      El Homo 2 years ago

      @Luedog loved my old s7, unfortunately i got a small crack from a pretty ruthless drop which spread into utter phone death quite quickly. If I hadn't got that initial crack the phone likely would've lasted me at least another year.

    • Abu Nadia
      Abu Nadia 2 years ago

      Apple: We need a phone that’s JerryRigEverything proof!
      Jerry: Hold my Laser!

    • AlbMemes
      AlbMemes 2 years ago


  • Autumn Renae
    Autumn Renae 2 years ago

    How much do you charge for repairing the glass on the back of the iphone ?

  • Vam Monaco
    Vam Monaco Year ago

    Is there a dual use for one of these machines?
    I don't get very many people asking for back glass repair (only once a month), but I know they would if I offered this service. The only question is, what other use does this laser machine have around a repair shop?

  • Ali_foxx
    Ali_foxx 2 years ago

    Oh that hurt me lol a good tip to anyone replacing a shattered glass screen is to put packing tape over it to keep the glass together and a heat gun would be good for the still adhered parts just don't overheat it. Good luck my fellow repairers

  • Greatsoutherntrendkill79

    The repair kits come with super thin wire to separate the two

  • Slodin
    Slodin 3 years ago +4494

    “Apple, if you’re watching, you can buy one of these yourself."
    Apple: Proceeds trying to ban this laser machine.
    That's how it works right?

    • Eson Igwe
      Eson Igwe 3 years ago


    • tigro sabertooth
      tigro sabertooth 3 years ago

      @Anonymous and if you like to be technically accurate - it is not a glass. It's some kind of glassy plastic, or "fiber glass" - depends on manufacturer and model.

    • tigro sabertooth
      tigro sabertooth 3 years ago

      @Anonymous most smartphones with glass back are made of plastic, and just melt down while burning the adhesive. But, most of them don't have such hard adhesive, and their glass covers are easily separated by heating up to 75-85 degrees of celsium.

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 3 years ago

      @tigro sabertooth that's why i mentioned "glass back" you smartass.🙄

    • tigro sabertooth
      tigro sabertooth 3 years ago

      @Anonymous most of the phones are made of plastic. It would just melt down while burning the adhesive.

  • Vinny Jay
    Vinny Jay Year ago +1

    I repaired mine (X) buying a full assembly taken from an original phone including the battery and small parts for less than CA$100 and swapped the screen and motherboard instead of paying $80 to a shop with this laser device to do it. The replacement part had a better battery than mine, no water damage to the charging port (I went in the water with it on a trip in Mexico) + I feel pretty confident about the water resistance of my job even thought I haven’t tested it. Seems like a much better avenue for the DIY folks.

  • elsellodesalomon
    elsellodesalomon Year ago

    Hola, en 2021 que modelo de maquina láser recomiendas ?? supongo que en 2 años habrá evolucionado mucho este tipo de maquinas. Gracias por la ayuda desde España

  • Mehdi
    Mehdi 9 months ago

    Im rocking a iphone 8 plus I bought from my mom once she upgraded to 10, one time broke the screen/backglass from a nasty 2 story fall, managed to repair it to almost new condition with refurbished parts myself, did several battery replacement over the years, did a jailbreak and stopped updates, I gotta tell, 5 years later, still using it rock solid.

  • Suculentus
    Suculentus 8 months ago +1

    I just removed one of those this afternoon with no laser, just a cutter, some flying glass to the eyes, two fucked up hands and several hours later i finally did it, the best worthed $20 work ever.
    Recomendation: Don't do it guys.

  • ANML Hippie
    ANML Hippie 3 years ago +1279

    He literally just gave so many people a business opportunity 🙌🏼

    • Nemanja Savic
      Nemanja Savic 3 years ago

      @Ismail I know. I can read. It doesn't matter, Kosovo is still Serbia

    • Ismail
      Ismail 3 years ago

      @Nemanja Savic He Said he lives in The US not His Uncle

    • Aidan Clair
      Aidan Clair 3 years ago


    • ShooterFPS
      ShooterFPS 3 years ago

      heck yeah !

    • Samsung Tablet
      Samsung Tablet 3 years ago +2

      @Nigiri Sushi mmm look at it like this, machine costs $2000, glass itself costs $20. Let's say we make each repair cost $40, still cheaper than Apple warranty. It would take 100 repairs to break even. Imo for a business owner, it seems like a good investment.

  • TDMN
    TDMN Year ago +1

    Moment of silence for people that tried to fix the glass with a normal laser at home

  • David Plenderleith
    David Plenderleith Year ago +1

    Great and interesting video as usual thanks

  • Edwin Arcilla
    Edwin Arcilla Year ago

    Clear adhesive tape would have helped you peel off that glass without the shards flying off all over the table.

  • Eric H
    Eric H Year ago +1

    Wouldnt running the lazer in a X pattern (two passes different directions) help with the broken parts and getting the glue burned? Or would it hurt the phone?

  • Ganesh T
    Ganesh T 2 years ago +1337

    Knowing Apple, they'll take a look at this machine and make the glass back in future iPhones opaque just enough that it doesn't let the laser pass through.

    • brianchan8
      brianchan8 Day ago

      Seems like they decided to nuke their profit margins, and make it easier, just to stop this laser shenanigans.

    • E E
      E E 4 months ago +1

      Nah they just put tiny gaps in the frame of the phone exposing flex cables or essential parts of the motherboard so that your laser will slice through something by accident if your alignment is slightly off

    • Toni D
      Toni D 5 months ago +1

      Next back glas from apple has a serial , which is bound to the phone. You only can swarp it out when you buy a " fix yourselve " pass code, for 19.99 which is shipped for free over email or buy the original at apple for 521.

    • trent williams
      trent williams 6 months ago

      @Thomas Rosebrough thank the dumbasses who still buy into their shit because they think the brand Apple means is good and do no wrong
      me...im gonna keep laughing at those idiots because they are DUMB,those times when they were trolled into dunking their phones in water,drilling,bending and microwaving iPhones are proof enough for me 😂

    • Thomas Rosebrough
      Thomas Rosebrough 9 months ago +3

      @Pod the Charizard They replace the whole frame and just swap the motherboard. The part is $10 more expensive and theyre charging $600 anyway so they don't care.

  • e
    e 4 months ago

    Thanks for sharing this info Johnny Sinz, I love your tech videos.

  • David Quinones
    David Quinones Year ago

    I love technology and it's nice you shared this video it's ridiculous for the price on Apple charges

  • MisterJer
    MisterJer Year ago +3

    As an apple employee and supervisor I don’t advise this, the camera could get seriously damaged and the magnetic coil could get destroyed. Also Jerry, this IS illegal, 3rd party repairs such as replacement of glass violates Subparagraph of the Terms of service 1384: “3rd party Replacement of any of the apple hardware will lead to suspension or eradication of the user’s Apple ID for it is illegal”. Be careful and as always, like and subscribe. Cause I’m kidding.

  • Steve Devney
    Steve Devney 7 days ago

    What settings did you use for the fiber laser?

  • Tyler Cai
    Tyler Cai 3 years ago +1522

    Zach: so apple is gonna hate me for making this video...
    Every other phone brand: I love this guy!

    • KIRB S T O M P E D
      KIRB S T O M P E D 2 years ago

      Olivia's Wilderness man I can’t imagine the lag you have😩

    • *Olivia idk*
      *Olivia idk* 3 years ago

      Watching this on the S7 Edge

    • pump
      pump 3 years ago

      @Alpha Royal :(

    • E. Y.
      E. Y. 3 years ago

      Tyler Cai I dont think samsung for example is any better with replacing stuff than apple, maybe cheaper but their phones are not replace friendly, looking at the battery the whole screen with glass you have to change just to make the phone work again

    • #978628711
      #978628711 3 years ago

      xiaomi: you are accepted
      digma: pls buy our company
      inoi: he is god

  • Eurico Junior
    Eurico Junior 7 months ago +1

    Not a clickbait, but hardly a secret. Even here in Brazil, this laser repair is commonplace.

  • 刀冰
    刀冰 Year ago

    They should’ve used acrylic instead of glass since it more durable and looks similar to glass

  • Mike Brady
    Mike Brady Year ago

    Wonderful and thanks for the education.

  • thebeans66
    thebeans66 10 months ago +3

    Just a quick FYI, the S in laser stands for stimulated not simulated. Awesome video as always.

  • Sri Ravi Kumar Birada
    Sri Ravi Kumar Birada 3 years ago +1753

    At Apple's office: Now, we need to redesign the back glass

    • Zeus Show
      Zeus Show 3 years ago

      Apple has entered the chat:

    • Sh4d0wch40s
      Sh4d0wch40s 3 years ago +2

      @Jun or the more satanistic approach: Mirror finish inside the glass panel, so the laser would be reflected.

    • Red55911
      Red55911 3 years ago

      Apples gonna make a mirror back

    • Itz Rambo
      Itz Rambo 3 years ago

      😂 facts!

    • Jared Falgout
      Jared Falgout 3 years ago +2

      They'll probably use a reflective coating on the back glass, it just reflects the laser back instead of letting it through, and call it revolutionary mirror power or some bullshit.

  • Mari Ferreira
    Mari Ferreira Year ago +5

    I have no idea why I watched this whole video, but it was so satisfying... his voice is so soothing and his explaining is great, loved it even tho I dont even own an iphone

  • Avinandan Nag
    Avinandan Nag 2 years ago +3

    I dont know why but I still am awestruck by that laser machine....:-0

  • Dino
    Dino 10 months ago

    This is so Cool. I wish I could toy with this sort of stuff

  • DUAL 777
    DUAL 777 3 months ago

    That's a nice idea for a business actually. Wondering how much does that laser cost.

  • Kyle Scully
    Kyle Scully 2 years ago +5073

    ahh yes my favourite home repair and to think my laser machine was just sitting on my shelf collecting dust

    • SmartSung
      SmartSung 3 months ago


    • FrostNaut50
      FrostNaut50 4 months ago


    • Ezout
      Ezout 8 months ago

      @Donnie Azoff Hilarious 🙄

    • Peyton Burton
      Peyton Burton 8 months ago

      Lol, the replies are just as good as the original.😂

    • Jonathan Micday
      Jonathan Micday 10 months ago +1

      I'd like to make a long comment, but I'm busy using my laser machine right now.

    PHONE ZONE Year ago

    That’s soo cool I am still replacing them without laser🙈

  • Chey Thompson
    Chey Thompson Year ago +4

    I'd love to save money however I think that laser machine might set me back a few life times

  • Dave A
    Dave A 2 years ago

    Great video, thank you!

  • Chocolate_boy01
    Chocolate_boy01 Year ago

    So once you remove back glass can you repair front glass ?

  • Jared Martin
    Jared Martin 3 years ago +3264

    Breh. Why did I think this laser was going to fuse the glass back together?!?

    • WonderMePartyStrip
      WonderMePartyStrip 2 years ago

      then you need temperatures above 1000 degree Celsius to melt the glass, and the phone probably would explode.

    • Bruh Momment
      Bruh Momment 2 years ago


    • Ebisu
      Ebisu 2 years ago


    • Wish
      Wish 2 years ago

      same here

    • 八神こう
      八神こう 2 years ago +1

      glass is an amorphous solid, so it would theoretically be possibile
      major downside thoe
      the tempratures and forces typically required would likely destroy the internals of ur phone beyond repair

  • Ruben Koassechony

    I trust jerry he never clickbaits and this video especially proves my point

  • Hun Lee
    Hun Lee Year ago

    I feel like the laser machine is gonna cost more than just sending it to Apple to be fixed.

  • Hun Lee
    Hun Lee Year ago

    I feel like the laser machine is gonna cost more than just sending it to Apple to be fixed.

  • Waka Maka
    Waka Maka Year ago

    is there a test on a perfect phone? still helpful for people that want to repair battery damage etc.

  • xTheRedShirtX
    xTheRedShirtX 2 years ago +3291

    "So Apple is going to hate me for making this video"
    Apple: We hate everyone.

    • gridiish
      gridiish Year ago

      @X Æ A-Xii yes. But apple gives up on old iPhones that’s the problem. Why cut the updates on iPhone for like nooobs. What if I was to love iPhone 4 more than any iPhone. By cutting the updates they force me to buy a new phone. But maybe I don’t have the money and I just happen to simply love iPhone 4. Maybe it’s perfect for me. Maybe I don’t want to move forwards so fast with life. See my point?! I have iPhone also but it’s newish. But what about my parents!! They don’t like iPhones above x because they use Face ID my parents don’t understand that shit. They 70 years old. They still love the home buttons. Also they are very poor can’t afford new or newish iPhones. See where I am getting at. Most of the world are poor. That’s the truth. And that’s the problem with apple. They need to start covering all planet. I know iPhones are better than Samsung. But Samsung makes sure to cover all world that’s why it wins so many people. Of course you’ll never see a millionaire with a stupid android. Loool but like I said most are poor so the higher number will always go to Samsung. Unless apple opens their eyes to the world 🌍

    • Dominique Torreblanca
      Dominique Torreblanca Year ago

      Still is: Copy 'n paste

    • gridiish
      gridiish Year ago

      @PurblePink8678 actually apple don’t suck. Apple prices and limits do suck very much. The idea is great but the bullshit is too much headache because they use the lie of oh but it’s something perfect. As a creation it is. But it’s so expensive it turns humans into slave just to buy a home button for a iPhone 1 😅

    • PurblePink8678
      PurblePink8678 Year ago +2

      Yea @Apple sucke

    • M McElveen
      M McElveen Year ago

      @bUbBlEs you actually do, check your vids

  • commandersprocket
    commandersprocket Year ago +3

    Thank you T Verhoeven for the correction. There has been no price drop in this technology. The following was inaccurate: 20 months later the laser Separator is now ~$140. So it's dropped 12% per MONTH ($2000*.88^20=$155), Jerry's assessment of the price drop was quite accurate.

    • E J
      E J Year ago

      Respect for correcting yourself. I try to do that myself. Lol

    • commandersprocket
      commandersprocket Year ago +1

      @T Verhoeven you are 100% correct, thanks for the correction.

    • T Verhoeven
      T Verhoeven Year ago +2

      I think you misunderstand the link, the $140 is a deposit, you pay 140 up front, and when it’s produced you pay another 1260.

  • Aria Mohaghegh
    Aria Mohaghegh 9 months ago

    Apple: We don't want to repair the back for a cheap price
    Jerry: Fine, I'll do it myself

  • Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi

    before working with any glass!!!! wear safety glasses!!!!. very tiny 3 shards went into my right eye some years back, while I was working with something else. my eye turned red like cherry immediately, had to go to hospital in emergency. doctor said you are right on time. otherwise we would had to take out eye to get the shards if they would went behind the eye ball.

  • S M
    S M 2 years ago +13

    I felt like you were flicking loads of glass bits in my eyes 😂👌🏽

  • Surprised Pikachu
    Surprised Pikachu 3 years ago +1221

    Apple: Its takes a serious effort to replace the back glass panel.
    Jerry: Hold my Lasers.

  • Clearprototype7
    Clearprototype7 Year ago

    i think we should remove the logic board before removing the glass with laser

  • Jr Arias
    Jr Arias Year ago

    Where do you get the back glass?

  • alizcool1
    alizcool1 10 months ago

    This was awesome. Please do it on a non cracked glass for my OCD

  • Paul Mac
    Paul Mac Year ago

    Is it possible to remove without a laser? Just as a DIY project?

  • Geminii Equinox
    Geminii Equinox 2 years ago +3154

    Plot twist: Apple has been using lasers this whole time yet charge 600 bucks

    • joe bloggs
      joe bloggs 2 years ago

      @nikos koutsi ???????????'

    • nikos koutsi
      nikos koutsi 2 years ago

      @InfernoDragon sorry that i dont speak good English im not born in us or uk i dont speak English on regular base

    • nikos koutsi
      nikos koutsi 2 years ago

      @joe bloggs cry

    • joe bloggs
      joe bloggs 2 years ago

      @Initrox What kind of person are you wishing ill on another? I think you have just shown the whole web world what kind of person you are which is more than an idiot! Typical of a keyboard warrior Android fanboy!

    • joe bloggs
      joe bloggs 2 years ago

      @Initrox See you did it again that same small closed minded attitude! Idiot!

  • hamishfox
    hamishfox Year ago

    You should point out that it has to be a fiber laser and not a co2 laser on account of the co2 laser will just burn the glass.

  • JustWasted3HoursHere

    LASER stands for "Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation". Not simulated.

  • theo wink
    theo wink Year ago

    What about removing the breakable frontglass as non-repairable

  • James B
    James B 2 months ago

    Wait... that machine is only $2K? I was expecting at least $10K. How well is it built?

  • Mamoun -
    Mamoun - 2 years ago +3718

    I trust this man cuz he looks like mr clean

    • wouter himschoot
      wouter himschoot 2 days ago

      Yes. I trust him also. Will buy machine asap, eventhough i dont need it !!!

    • Rick
      Rick 2 months ago

      Although looks can be deceiving.

    • Boss Ged
      Boss Ged 3 months ago


    • Omkar Tamkar
      Omkar Tamkar 3 months ago

      U mean Jhonny sins 🤣🤣😆

    • Kingstoncid
      Kingstoncid 4 months ago


  • Nuna Yobusiness
    Nuna Yobusiness Year ago

    Something very important that either I missed or was not mentioned was repair cost using laser by you.

  • theking991
    theking991 Year ago +1

    I bought a used one thinking it was for engraving only, but it didnt come with the software. Do you know of where I can get SeaCAD? I tried emailing Rewa but I received an automated message that their inbox was full. Hope you can help, thanks

  • Tony
    Tony Year ago +1

    The phone looked bent to me after he put the new black glass on the back. Did anyone else notice that? It looks warped.

  • OddGuy
    OddGuy Year ago +5

    That hardware is straight up sexy. The precision and speed of the beam(s) are mesmerizing.
    So when is the teardown? :P

  • EM instinct
    EM instinct 3 years ago +953

    When someone says it’s not clickbait Jerry you’re the only one I’ll trust

    • JulianVist
      JulianVist 3 years ago +1

      @Jake Ryan Yeah but it's still kind of obvious we don't have that technology yet.

    • cayde
      cayde 3 years ago

      X Ravenger his name is Zach

    • Jake Ryan
      Jake Ryan 3 years ago +1

      The Beat Channel it’s pretty clear what MP-Tuners Productions was expecting

    • JulianVist
      JulianVist 3 years ago +2

      @MP-Tuners Group what did you expect?

    • Edward Ramos
      Edward Ramos 3 years ago +2

      MP-Tuners Productions how is that even possible though

  • Rob Schmitt
    Rob Schmitt Year ago +2

    "Im not a professsional" You are the best phone repairer.

  • yutubve
    yutubve Year ago

    The real solution: don't buy phones with a low repairability index (like iphones for example) until apple make their products easy and cheap to repair. The more people keep buying their stuff, the more they will keep making them hard and expensive to repair

  • NeverendingindnereveN
    NeverendingindnereveN 4 months ago

    Interesting video!! I applaud your practice and efforts!! On a side note... As an Apple user I am becoming more and more fed up with their move from user centered and on the user side to the capitalistic centered and on the side of money strategy. Think of the was of materials they have become resposible for. Such a shame. In the earlier days, you would buy an Apple for a considerable part of your life...and now? Now we start repairing (I applaud that too!!) and debrand their products, how can that be Apple's strategy as they always wanted to love their products and the brand??

  • Frank_Diesel
    Frank_Diesel Year ago

    That's freaking awesome. I don't buy iJunk so thankfully I don't have that problem.

  • Mr. Heisenberg
    Mr. Heisenberg 3 years ago +1304

    Jerry: *fixes the glass in 20$*
    Apple: wait that's illegal

    • Demon Zebr ♪
      Demon Zebr ♪ 2 years ago


    • Gwyn’s AMV
      Gwyn’s AMV 2 years ago

      Mr. Heisenberg you should say that’s legal but that is also illegal

    • Tomek Dyrc
      Tomek Dyrc 2 years ago

      Apple: also fixes the glass but not for 20$ only for 600$

    • Masni
      Masni 2 years ago

      @Mr. Heisenberg mashine is bout 20k

    • Maepong
      Maepong 2 years ago

      I though like apple threat independent repair

  • Sinny Navarro
    Sinny Navarro 9 months ago +1

    I got my phone repaired like this 2 days ago, and the sim card reader stopped working an hour later.

  • HomAc
    HomAc Year ago

    The only advice I'll give is that
    Whenever you buy a new phone just get a protective back cover and a tempered glass on the screen.
    That's it.
    No repairing problem 😂

  • Bananemoji
    Bananemoji Year ago

    Can you use this to fix the screen on an iPad Pro 2018 11 in.? My iPad screen spin broken since July and I was hoping to get it fixed by January, it’s just that we are too poor to afford it.
    Edit: where do you get your pry tools

  • Atom
    Atom Year ago +22

    "we wanna make sure most of the overflow goo is gone"
    "it's easier to clean up when it's wet"

  • josue castillo
    josue castillo 3 years ago +2730

    Apple: we have a unrepairable phone
    Jerry: hold my beer ..
    Apple: crap..

  • A V
    A V Year ago

    What is the problem to remove glass with heating?

  • Billy Jones
    Billy Jones Year ago

    That's criminal to charge 600$ especially after they charge so much in the first place

  • Gerald Delgado
    Gerald Delgado Year ago

    I love your content amigo, on my last climbing 🧗‍♂️trim my iPhone 8+ fell and broke both screen 😞. Can you fixed it please, I’m from SLC, Utah.
    New phone are too expensive for my right now.

  • Luis Caraballo
    Luis Caraballo Year ago +1

    Jerry, does this work on the front as well; I mean the eastern?