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Nicos Weg - A2 - The Movie

  • Published on Mar 15, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • It doesn’t matter if you were with Nico from the beginning or haven’t even seen him yet - you’re going to love this!
    We put all of the episodes into one film - so sit back, relax and start watching the second of three parts. Of course you can turn on the subtitles, just push “C” and get started.
    ➡ Nicos Weg - All A1/A2/B1 lessons: bit.ly/Nicos_Weg
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  • Hallo Deutschschule
    Hallo Deutschschule Year ago +538

    Danke. Diese Serie ist toll.

    • Sevda Sevim
      Sevda Sevim Year ago +6

      Sizin ki kadar değil :)

    • Barca
      Barca Year ago

      nicht war?

    • Mrs Bucksch
      Mrs Bucksch Year ago +1

      Hahaha du bist hier auch??

    • Deutsch mit Purple
      Deutsch mit Purple Year ago

      Ich stimme dir vollkommen zu, mein freund. Übrigens deine videos sind unglaublich. Ich liebe deine videos. Ich hoffe ıch kann eine erfolgreiche mensche sein wie du 💕💕💕💕💕💕

    • Deutsch mit Purple
      Deutsch mit Purple Year ago

      @Sevda Sevim True, my friend

  • phsal
    phsal Year ago +362

    This series is really amazing. Very interesting, too. Already, this episode is above my level, but I've got to keep watching because the story has me invested :)
    Also, even though Nico is supposedly a beginner, it is best that whoever wrote the story decided to give him sentences that are flawlessly pronounced and grammatically formulated.
    It would have been annoying and counter-productive for us, learners, to have Nico speak gibberish and be corrected by his friends every other sentence or so.
    Thank you so much, Deutsche Welle ! Greetings from Romania.

    • Deutsch lernen mit der DW
      Deutsch lernen mit der DW  Year ago +43

      Danke für dein tolles Feedback! Darüber freuen wir uns sehr!

    • S KHAN J
      S KHAN J Year ago +1

      Yes you are right

    • S KHAN J
      S KHAN J Year ago +2

      @Deutsch lernen mit der DW sehr gut

    • jdbshxj
      jdbshxj Year ago

      Eu ma uit doar pentru poveste :)))

    • Deutsch mit Purple
      Deutsch mit Purple Year ago +6

      I totally agree with you, my friend. He can learn fastly. I hope everyone can learn this language fastly and easily 👍👍👍👍

  • thiago silva
    thiago silva Year ago +192

    I've been learning german since 2021 and I've finally finished all the A1 lessons. I watched to Nicos Weg almost 100 times. The plot is so good that I feel motivated to learn just to undestand what's happening in the series. Now it is time to watch the second part 100 times too. haha

    • Deutsch lernen mit der DW
      Deutsch lernen mit der DW  Year ago +49

      Das freut uns soooo sehr, zu hören! 💙 Dein nächstes Feedback hätten wir dann aber gerne auf Deutsch. 😜

    • Deutsch mit Purple
      Deutsch mit Purple Year ago +9

      I hope you can learn easily, my friend. Good luck in your life 😊😊😊😊😊😊

    • Damián
      Damián 4 months ago

      that;s dedication!

    • عآشـق اذكريات😴🖤
      عآشـق اذكريات😴🖤 3 months ago +2

      اريد كمالت المسلسل

    • Ali Razmjou
      Ali Razmjou 2 months ago +1

      من فعلا در حد آ یک هستم اما این سریال منو ترغیب میکنه ادامشو ببینم اما🤣

  • Mmmm M
    Mmmm M 2 years ago +75

    Ich lerne Deutsch seit 7 Monaten. Und ich habe alles verstanden! Vielen Dank. Dieser Film ist sehr nützlich

    • Deutsch lernen mit der DW
      Deutsch lernen mit der DW  2 years ago +4

      Vielen Dank! 😊

    • Lazgen Hussein
      Lazgen Hussein 8 months ago +5

      Wow du hast zo schnell gelernt 😳

    • Die_Katze_Mascha
      Die_Katze_Mascha 5 months ago

      @Deutsch lernen mit der DW ist das korrekt "ich lerne Deutsch _seit_ 7 Monaten"? Ich glaube das bedeutet: 1. Ich war geboren. 2. Ich bin ein Kind, ich bin 7 Monaten alt und ich habe meine erste Deutschunterricht. 3. Ich bin schon alter Mensch und ich weiss Deutsch.
      Kann ich sagen "Ich lerne Deutsch vor 7 Monaten." oder "Ich lerne Deutsch schon 7 Monaten."?

    • Gringo TV
      Gringo TV 5 months ago +3

      @Die_Katze_Mascha "Ich lerne Deutsch seit 7 Monaten" ist korrekt.
      So wie du es verstanden hast müsste man sagen: "Ich lerne Deutsch seit ich 7 Monate alt bin."

    • Die_Katze_Mascha
      Die_Katze_Mascha 5 months ago +1

      @Gringo TV vielen Dank.

  • sv 93
    sv 93 2 years ago +2993

    nico's german is so good he even speaks spanish with a german accent

    • R. P.
      R. P. 2 years ago +87


    • Tadeo Guerrero
      Tadeo Guerrero 2 years ago +53

      While I was in England for few months, I also spoke Spanish (my native language) with an accent.

    • Defne Tek
      Defne Tek 2 years ago +105

      I think because he is really German, not from Spain😂 just a series

    • Magtazeum
      Magtazeum 2 years ago +4

      @Tadeo Guerrero Jajajaja

    • Rosa María Folgueira
      Rosa María Folgueira 2 years ago +4

      Increíble 😂

  • Prasco
    Prasco Month ago +2

    Super filmik do nauki niemieckiego - niezależnie od poziomu. Niesamowicie wciąga i naprawdę ułatwia zrozumieć ten język

  • walesbrixx
    walesbrixx 2 years ago +3722

    Nico from A1 to C2 in few days.
    Me from A1 to A2 for half a year.
    Thanks universe.

    • Mahdi
      Mahdi 2 years ago +28


    • Nevin morningstar
      Nevin morningstar 2 years ago +7


    • M. TAYMANN
      M. TAYMANN 2 years ago +15

      Grossartig Nico :D

    • Madisyn Deidel
      Madisyn Deidel 2 years ago +17

      Das passiert auch für mich aber ich denke dass ich ein B1 sein könnte

    • big bang
      big bang 2 years ago +7

      Hahahahha ich habe gleich problem

  • Arthur Döhler
    Arthur Döhler 2 years ago +1857

    I do get the jokes about how fast he learns or how he sounds like a native out of nowhere, but despite all of those plot flawns, you gotta admit this is one hell out of didactic material. And for an educational movie, the story does get your attention.

    • Omar Abdo
      Omar Abdo 2 years ago +122

      and it's just better to listen to a flawless accent instead of a broken one

    • Eduardo de Lucena
      Eduardo de Lucena 2 years ago +16

      Hahahaha, I agree. The story is pretty nice.

    • Flash
      Flash 2 years ago +32

      He's actually supposed to sound like a native, so that we can learn the "right" accent.

  • Nihad Nihad
    Nihad Nihad 3 years ago +455

    Mit dieser Serie habe ich viel gelernt, vielen dank , ich wünsche, dass ich schnell deutsch lerne wie Nico😂 💓

  • VDL
    VDL 2 years ago +87

    Nico's German dialogues are more (accent-free) in this series compared to other characters who were portrayed as native speakers. We are wondering how his skill is going to be at B2 - C2 series. He may probably become Politician in Germany?

    • LanaBanana
      LanaBanana 7 months ago +8

      I haven't learned akkusativ and dativ for years. niko made a dativ sentence in two days :D

    • Наталія Андрєєва
      Наталія Андрєєва 2 months ago

      @LanaBananawhat do you mean you haven’t? You couldn’t manage to learn it for years?

  • Yaqoob Attal
    Yaqoob Attal 2 years ago +196

    In two weeks he is at A2 and speaks so fluently and here I am watching his videos to learn Deutsch for the last 8 months. :)

    • Deutsch mit Purple
      Deutsch mit Purple Year ago +11

      Do not give up, my friend. We can face some challenges but we musn't give up. It is so hard to learn any language. I totally agree with you. But we must work hard even ıf ıt is so hard for us. I hope you can learn this language. Good luck in your life 👍👍👍👍💕💕😊😊😊😊

    • McMerry
      McMerry 5 months ago +2

      because he is a native...you need years to learn a language and speak it like a native.

    • Archangel Michaël
      Archangel Michaël 4 months ago

      lol Perhaps it's because we're watching a movie 🤣

    • Christopher Columbus
      Christopher Columbus 4 months ago

      @Deutsch mit Purple easy for you to say

  • Aadishree Verma
    Aadishree Verma Year ago +112

    Love how Pepe brought the Spanish telenovela energy into the German series.

    • Thanos
      Thanos Year ago


    • F W
      F W Year ago +4

      Ich habe geLOLt.

    • C
      C 4 months ago +3

      I am waiting for the evil General to show up and kidnap someone.

  • Andrija Mirkovic
    Andrija Mirkovic 2 years ago +81

    After watching all of those 3 episodes twice, already understand 65-70% of what they talk about. Great way to learn, hope there will be more episodes in the future!!

  • Daniel
    Daniel 3 years ago +172

    What I really like about the movie, they managed to put so many realistic life situations in just 2 hours course and give it all a plot!

    • Deutsch mit Purple
      Deutsch mit Purple Year ago +3

      I totally agree with you, my friend. This is useful and helpful for everyone 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Kirill Novik
    Kirill Novik 3 years ago +969

    Nico speaking perfectly fluent German on a native level. Also Nico one hour into the movie: "Was ist schwanger?" 🤣🤣🤣

    • Val-schaeffer
      Val-schaeffer 3 years ago +41

      Twist in the plot. He is the cause, and was merely expressing his bewilderment.

    • ater367
      ater367 2 years ago +15

      pomegranateorange I don't mind that as much, but I do find it hilarious in the first film when they keep on using English as the back-up language.

    • akathbt
      akathbt 2 years ago +2

      Genau 😂😂😂

    • Homeskillet359
      Homeskillet359 2 years ago +1

      @ater367 But they don"t have english subs...

  • kay
    kay 9 days ago

    I LOVE this series. Sure Nico learns fast (but also it's been weeks, so it's not even that far fetched), sure Nico would speak Spanish with his family and Selma Arabic with hers, but it's worth suspending your disbelief a little as in the end it's an educational material, not a documentary or a real life story 😂 and in the end the story is engaging enough to keep watching and rewatching! I'm watching the series to supplement a course I'm taking, I pause a lot and note down the words, and it's helped me so much!
    I wish there was more!

    • Said
      Said 6 days ago

      Is really funny hearing the Spanish interactions, because Nico nor Pepe are Spanish or maybe they got so good at German that they now speak Spanish with a German accent

  • Elena Abramova
    Elena Abramova 4 years ago +393

    Ich bin sehr glücklich, das ich diesen Kanal gefunden habe! Ich lerne Deutsch und habe Angst zu sprechen, aber die Sprache verstehen ist für mich auch ziemlich schwer (( Jetzt kann ich die Filme anschauen, um die Sprache besser verstehen. Vielen Dank!

    • nela Imeraj
      nela Imeraj 4 years ago +17

      Hallo ...auch ich lerne dutsche sprechen aber ist sehr schwer für mich ...und ich habe viele Angst zu sprechen mit leute ..ist schwer 😟

    • Ahmed Abdulaahi
      Ahmed Abdulaahi 4 years ago +2

      @nela Imeraj hallo auch ich lerne deutsche aber deutsche sehr schwerig

    • nela Imeraj
      nela Imeraj 4 years ago +1

      @Ahmed Abdulaahi hallo ...ja deutsche sprache ist sehrr schwer ..auch ich lerne Deutsch seit 3 monaten...ich mache kurz B1 und du ..du sprechst gut detsch oder ein bisschen

    • Ahmed Abdulaahi
      Ahmed Abdulaahi 4 years ago


  • María Paula Sevillano

    I wrote a comment almost one year ago on this video saying that I was starting this level, and I finished it just one week ago, certainly, it was more difficult than A1, It took me a lot of time and was pretty challenging but I´m watching the whole video without subtitles so I can get to know what I have to review before starting B1. This course is great and has helped me a lot

    • Deutsch lernen mit der DW
      Deutsch lernen mit der DW  Year ago +6

      Thank you! 😊

    • Ashwin Raphael
      Ashwin Raphael Year ago

      Do you use German subtitles or your native?

    • Deutsch mit Purple
      Deutsch mit Purple Year ago

      I hope you can learn this language easily, my friend. And I hope you can reach your goals easily. I am proud of you. Good luck in your life 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • Aristo Kratos
    Aristo Kratos 2 years ago +16

    Danke für dieses Video. Das ist nicht realistisch aber trotzdem hilft uns viel. Es gibt kein Mensch, wer genauso wie Niko Deutsch lernt. Obwohl die Geschichte und der Ablauf unrealistisch ist, gefällt mir diese Serie sehr. Danke Ihre Team damit uns helft.

  • L Musima
    L Musima 7 months ago +5

    Interesting storyline. I’m understanding much more German event without the subtitles. Please 🙏🏾 is there a part 3? I want to see more if Nico and Selma ♥️♥️

  • felix.gulsrud
    felix.gulsrud 4 months ago +2

    As good as it goes! Vielen Dank für diesen Film. Die Schüler lieben ihn und der Deutschunterricht ist ein Vergnügen geworden. Besser wird es einfach nicht. Man kann die verschiedenen Folgen mehrmals wiederholen, weil sie so gut sind. Wunderbar!

  • Gayan Bandara
    Gayan Bandara 2 years ago +4

    There are soo many things to learn. And practice.. Doesn't matter whatever the story. I enjoyed your both films. Thanks you very very much 💕

  • Rosana Vieira
    Rosana Vieira 2 years ago +7

    Estou adorando a série e feliz por estar entendendo . O primeiro filme deu para eu entender tudo. Espero me sair bem no segundo.

  • F4RAJU420K
    F4RAJU420K 6 months ago +8

    I love this series
    it's very helpful for a German learner

  • Theresa Mwaanga
    Theresa Mwaanga 2 years ago +58

    My A2 wasn't this good 😂😂😂 first time I watched this I didn't understand a thing but now that am doing B1 i understand better.
    Nico is a genius 🥰wish I could learn Deutsch that fast, even his sentence constructions are perfect 😏

    • Cole Heideman
      Cole Heideman Year ago +2

      ja ich auch- when I was actually at A2 this was really difficult. now that I'm somewhere between A2 and B1 this is good, I've had to pause and look up words at least to be sure I'm understanding each word, but it wasn't too bad. Wondering how B1 will be though!

    • Ashwin Raphael
      Ashwin Raphael Year ago +2

      I’m still learning and I believe I understand at least 65-70 percent of what they talk, do you think I’d also be in A2?

    • cooper 08
      cooper 08 Year ago

      14 Champions

    • Deutsch mit Purple
      Deutsch mit Purple Year ago

      Du hast recht, meine freundin 👍👍👍👍

  • Shivesh
    Shivesh 2 years ago +219

    Fun fact: Lisa Brunner (Charley Ann Schmutzler) was the winner of The Voice Germany. She is indeed an amazing singer.

  • Anya An
    Anya An Year ago +12

    The series are really well written in scripts and the well made in production. I even so worry about Nico's fate in Germany.
    Back to the important point, I like the designs of the conversations that related to the daily life. And I can see the producers purposely always repeat the texts to let learners, us, to catch how to use the terms. I have to work very hard to understand!
    Indeed, no wonder German movie industry is in a good position in the world.
    BTW, where did you get this Spanish cute guy?

  • Mahmood Ahmadi
    Mahmood Ahmadi Month ago

    Dankeschön, danke herzlich für ihre Bemühungen, total intressant. ❤

  • Vander
    Vander 4 years ago +20

    Ótima série! Já olhei tudo duas vezes, desde o A1 ao B1. Poderiam fazer mais algumas séries para iniciantes. Fica a dica DW

  • Drian Ch.
    Drian Ch. Month ago +1

    This man will always be legendary to me everytime when i have motivation to learn german 😂

  • JRusso
    JRusso 4 years ago +347

    This is where the series turns in total telenovela mode. I love it 😂😂

  • ali yous
    ali yous 4 years ago +135

    Ich finde den Film echt hilfreich, spannend aber auch
    Mann kann die Zeit genießen und Deutsch lernen
    Besonders finde ich den Charakter von Nico sehr witzig
    Und ich bitte euch darum, einen Film für B1 und B2 zu drehen
    Vielen Dank

    • Artur Berg
      Artur Berg 4 years ago +4

      Und ich auch so zu denken

    • Nicolaus Hess
      Nicolaus Hess 3 years ago +3

      Ja, Nico ist witzig und sehr hübsch.

    • Nicolaus Hess
      Nicolaus Hess 3 years ago +2

      Jeremias Larroca Cool answer guy, thank you so much!

    • Nicolaus Hess
      Nicolaus Hess 3 years ago +5

      Wirklich ein sehr guter Film und die Rolle von Nico ist sehr ansprechend angelegt.Ich würde meinen, dass Deutsch, Russisch, Niederländisch und die skandinavischen Sprachen einen mittleren Schwierigkeitsgrad haben,während die romanischen Sprachen eher leichter zu erlernen sind, die Meisterklasse dürfte dann Arabisch und Mandarin Chinesisch sein. Jedenfalls stärkt der Film die Motivation und darauf kommt es an.

    • Deutsch mit Purple
      Deutsch mit Purple Year ago +1

      Ich stimme dir vollkommen zu, mein freund. 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Jens Welke
    Jens Welke 3 years ago +5

    These shows are really good for learning. You should make more series.

  • INsAnE pAIn
    INsAnE pAIn Year ago +13

    Thank you so much really. I never expected an education series would be this interesting. Thanks a lot.

  • Elliott Lockwood
    Elliott Lockwood 4 years ago +18

    Diese Filme sind mir wirklich sehr hilfreich, uns die Sprachkenntnis zu verbessern. Danke Vielmals an diejenigen, die so hart daran gearbeitet haben! Ihr seid die Besten!

    • Deutsch mit Purple
      Deutsch mit Purple Year ago

      Ich stimme dir vollkommen zu dir, mein freund. Das ist sehr nützlich für alle 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • Leonardo
    Leonardo 5 months ago +5

    Ich wird immer wieder dankbar mit DW für Nicos Weg. Ich habe mit diesem Kurs die Sprache gelernt und ich bin extrem glücklich. Wenn ich mit Deutsche menschen rede, sie fragen mich wie habe ich so gut die Sprache gelernt: Goethe institut? an der Universität? Und ich bin ganz stolz zu sagen das ich habe total kostenlos mit Nicos Weg gelernt (+ viel Podcasten, Clip-Share videos, Musik und so weiter haha) Danke danke dankeeeee DW

  • Noor
    Noor 2 years ago +12

    Damn, that brother reveal haha. This series is awesome. I'm loving the learning process. Very well done. This encourages students to learn German.

  • Steve Hall
    Steve Hall 2 years ago +310

    Nico: Speaks perfect conversational German.
    Also Nico: I can't describe this photograph or my brother.

    • Arkadiy Palenik
      Arkadiy Palenik 2 years ago +12

      He could do it, but at that time he had a bad mood. And as you remember, they are in... [how is that in English] Streit

    • Deutsch mit Purple
      Deutsch mit Purple Year ago


  • Flo uw
    Flo uw 4 years ago +7

    Ich bedanke mich bei Ihnen sehr für Ihre Hilfe, um uns Deutsch Sprache zu lernen👏👏👏👍
    Ich kann dir vorstellen, ich kann es nicht die nächste Folge erwarten, um zu sehen!

  • My Own Way ~嵩命~
    My Own Way ~嵩命~ 11 months ago +6

    ...Was für ein wunderbar Lernmaterial. Ich bin sehr glücklich diesen Kanal gefunden zu haben.
    Für die Deutsche Sprache gibt es einfach so vielen tollen Ressourcen man kann benutzen um die Sprache zu beherrchen.
    Für so eine schwere Sprache finde ich, dass das total beruhigend ist, solchen Kanal zu haben, denn sie das Lernen fast einfach und genießend machen.
    ...Ich habe vor zwei Monaten Deutsch lernen angefangen. Ich bin etwas überrascht, dass ich fast 100% dieses Films schon verstehen kann (mit untertitel).
    ...Ich bin mir noch nicht sicher, aber ich glaube nicht, dass A2-Niveau für disen Film ausreicht.
    Ich finde die Themen und den Wortschatz einfach viel zu fortgeschritten für ein A2-Niveau. Ich denke mal, dass um diesen Video total ohne schwierichkheit verstehen zu können, muss der Lernender zumindestens auf B1-Niveau sein.
    ...Auf dieser Sufe bin ich noch nicht (aber mein Niveau ist von es nicht zu entfernt), das ist darum ich brauche immer noch untertitel, um diesen Film ohne schwierigkheit verstehen zu können (sonst würde ich nur 90% verstehen).
    ...Es is für mich noch nicht einfach auf Deutsch zu schreiben (das ist mein zweiten Kommentar komplett auf Deutsch), aber ich denke, dass mit solchen tollen Lernmaterialien werde ich es bestimmt schaffen.

  • Victor Brown
    Victor Brown 2 years ago +7

    I really like this series, I have it on Yabla and it's very helpful for my German studies.. That said it always seems strange to me that brothers and sisters would talk to each other all the time in a language that is not their mother tongue.

  • dm
    dm Year ago +4

    Diese Serien gucke ich mehrmals (c. 8 Male) und finde ich sehr hilfreich, vor allem um die Ausprache richtig zu lernen. Danke für Ihre Mühe!

  • Poli Adicto
    Poli Adicto 2 years ago +178

    I love this German Telenovela, wish it never ends

  • Lacrima
    Lacrima 3 years ago +20

    Ich bin schon auf C1 (oder: ich war einmal, ich hatte sehr lange nicht so viel Kontakt mit Deutsch) aber ich schaue diese Serie trotzdem 😀 Inge und Jacques sind so süß zusammen, die sind die beste! 💜 Grüße aus Polen, ihr seid klasse, DW! 👍

    • Sebek Sebek
      Sebek Sebek Year ago

      Ich bin auch Pole. Ich habe zuerst B1 niveau...

    • Deutsch mit Purple
      Deutsch mit Purple Year ago


  • cecilia lisbon
    cecilia lisbon 2 years ago +9

    Vielen Dank für den Film. Es hat mir sehr geholfen, besser Deutsch zu sprechen

  • france Lavergne
    france Lavergne Year ago +4

    I was a Student in Germany for three years, 21-24. Now i am 60! These movies are genius. I understand everything and it’s my level. Thank you so much. They are so well done!!
    Vielen vielen dank.

  • JENYFFER Rodrigues
    JENYFFER Rodrigues 3 years ago +2

    Aprendendo alemão 🇧🇷🇧🇷❤

  • Berkan
    Berkan 2 years ago +19

    In this world, everybody learns everything so fast. Niko learned German so fast, Selma learned to ride a bicycle so fast. I wish i could live in this world :D
    But this is great content for learning German. Thank you DW.

  • Busysaru
    Busysaru 3 years ago +10

    Thank you very much for making these series, it's really helping me.

    • Deutsch mit Purple
      Deutsch mit Purple Year ago

      I totally agree with you, my friend. This serie is useful for all people. 😊😊😊😊

  • Average Stan
    Average Stan Year ago +5

    When he asked what does schwanger mean at such a serious moment, my god that’s so relatable and hilarious 😂 I love this series

  • Greyngreyer
    Greyngreyer 4 months ago

    I have to say I am surprised how much I understand. Guess my high school teacher did an amazing job. I knew things i wasn't even aware of until they came up as points in conversation. Wow. I expect B1 to be a bit more challenging, but this was challenging enough, despite being relatively understandable (I had a lot of new vocabulary items to take down, but I seem to be familiar with the grammar and overall message of each utterance). Danke sehr, DW :)

  • Никита Буров
    Никита Буров 5 months ago +2

    It’s funny how Selma struggles to choose an article “ihm”, “ihr” and in the next scene speaks perfectly with long texts:D
    But the videos are perfect and interesting, thank you:)

  • Leonhard Sullivan
    Leonhard Sullivan 4 years ago +2

    Ach! Wäre ich doch bloss in DE, um meine Deutsche Kenntnisse zu verbessern, aber dank diesem Film kann man ein paar neue Dinge erlernen. Danke nochmal! Eigentlich halte ich dieses Werk für wichtig! Je mehr man schaust das, je mehr lernt man die Sprache! LG aus Brasilien. 😍

  • Ahmet berkay Yüksel
    Ahmet berkay Yüksel 4 months ago +1

    Ich habe am Dienstag A2 Deutsch Prüfüng. Ich war stress, aber ich bin jetzt kein stress. Ich habe dieses Film geschauft. Dank für dieses Film. ❤❤❤

  • serdna565
    serdna565 2 years ago +3

    This is a great tool. Thank you for all the efforts, it's not easy to find movies that I can understand as a beginner. I love the jokes too, it means people is finding it interesting. Although it would be even nicer from people to acknowledge how good this is before making the jokes. And for free....A 1000 congrats.

  • Matt C
    Matt C 4 years ago +6

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    macrocosmique 4 years ago +767

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      Sara Rami 4 years ago +9

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      Gauri Kale 4 years ago +14

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    • Okeke Cynthia Gold
      Okeke Cynthia Gold 3 years ago


    • Marcio Goncalves
      Marcio Goncalves 3 years ago +14

      Yep, this is annoying me as well. He does look like a Spaniard but his accent is too perfect and it's absurdly unrealistic that he never says anything in Spanish.

    • Ngoc Tran
      Ngoc Tran 3 years ago +45

      Relax, guys. It's not a commercial series. It means to expose German speaking as nature as possible. Taking this one to Oscar nomination, it would be a joke, but for German learners, it's good enough.
      Do you watch porn because of good content and drama? :D

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    Sleepless Head Year ago +6

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    snail007y069 4 years ago +57

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    • Anastasia Dro
      Anastasia Dro 3 years ago

      Skeptical Slim I did, but it was English language)

    • Anastasia Dro
      Anastasia Dro 3 years ago +2

      Skeptical Slim then bad education system

    • Kojitsu
      Kojitsu 3 years ago +5

      @Anastasia Dro The time you spend in the classroom is small compared to how much exposure of the language you actually need to acquire it, but it can be a very good starting point. A good teacher can equip you with a method and tools to speed up the process, but it is up to the student to spend enough time in the language to make everything click.

    • Kahn
      Kahn 3 years ago

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    • GameOn
      GameOn 3 years ago

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    Danke schoen Herr Moeller und DW Akademie!

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    • Deutsch mit Purple
      Deutsch mit Purple Year ago

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    TOUROPIEN TURİZM 7 months ago +1

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  • Emin Karimli
    Emin Karimli 4 years ago +9

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    Alli P 2 years ago +4

    The option for captions in English would really be helpful, at least for the first play through. I can just about follow this with German subtitles but some parts are going over my head, which is a shame because it’s a very good series for learning German.

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    • Ádhamh Mac Conchobhair
      Ádhamh Mac Conchobhair 3 years ago +1


    • Ádhamh Mac Conchobhair
      Ádhamh Mac Conchobhair 3 years ago

      Josue2018 he means nico the character jesus

    • Kojitsu
      Kojitsu 3 years ago +18

      Josue2018 That's good that he has no accent, otherwise I'd be repeating the words to myself with the wrong pronunciation.

  • Said
    Said 5 days ago

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    Ich hoffe mein nächstes feedback besser als dieses ist.
    Wow, is been 6 months of learning Deutsch. I love this film, and I'm really excited for the B1-kurz. Thank you for everything.
    I hope my next feedback is better than this one.

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    Kazi Amzad Hossain 3 years ago +240

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    • Sovereign Boss 1
      Sovereign Boss 1 2 years ago +3

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    • Schatz )
      Schatz ) 2 years ago

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    • The lagger
      The lagger 2 years ago +1

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    • Licky .
      Licky . 2 years ago

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    • Deutsch mit Purple
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  • Jan K
    Jan K 2 months ago

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    Vince D 2 years ago +3

    Well, this is been an interesting experiment, I speak both Romanian and English and here I am watching a German movie with French subtitles. It's amazing how much I was able to understand. Not gonna lie, English subtitles would've been nice to have.

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    влад лва 2 years ago +11

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  • Александр Егоров Задачи Специалист 1С (платформа)

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    • Алексей Воробей
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  • Vishal
    Vishal 3 years ago +244

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    A2 (first 20 mins): a man struggles with his uncertain future and his strained relationship with his family; a woman discovers she is pregnant and wrestles with how to proceed

    • FavJam
      FavJam 2 years ago +16

      And by “learns some German” you mean learn fluent German 😂

    • Gabriela Antonioli
      Gabriela Antonioli 2 years ago +69

      A1 (entire movie) colours, nature, sports, numbers: the world is beautiful and simple.
      A2 (first hour) capitalism, lies, sales tatics, generation and familie conflicts: the world is a grim horrible place.

    • Kakmaka22
      Kakmaka22 Year ago +7

      @Gabriela Antonioli A1 Movie: Lord of the Rings
      A2 Movie: Warhammer Fantasy

    • Deutsch mit Purple
      Deutsch mit Purple Year ago

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    • Deutsch mit Purple
      Deutsch mit Purple Year ago

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  • C
    C 4 months ago

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