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  • Published on Jul 25, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • My take on the 80 most iconic guitar intros of all time, played through the years. All in one take, and all by heart (remembering the order was the hardest bit haha!) Hope you enjoy it :)
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Comments • 16 781

  • Paven
    Paven 5 months ago +7110

    I don't think people get how insanely impressive this is. The fact that he remembers 80 guitar intros and can do them all flawlessly blows my mind.

    • jashickey
      jashickey Day ago

      No One Knows is such a grimy, bad-ass song.

    • Dylan Sowers
      Dylan Sowers 2 days ago

      They are also in order by the year they came out.

    • Robert Lee
      Robert Lee 14 days ago

      ​@P M I've gone from playing 5 hours a day in the 80's, to just picking it up again after not playing for 3 years..I kaint remember shit, except my own blues music🤣🤣it'll come back

    • Bat Boy
      Bat Boy 14 days ago

      Message in a Bottle was spot on. The right tone. 👍

    • Analini z Otwocka
      Analini z Otwocka 15 days ago


  • Daniel Krauze
    Daniel Krauze 14 days ago +331

    Playing 80 intros in one take without making cuts or mistake is insane. People don't realise how great of a guitarist Paul is.

    • Langi
      Langi 6 days ago +3

      Yes we do

  • AmandaLeePeers
    AmandaLeePeers 17 hours ago +4

    This is actually insane. You should get some sort of award seriously. One take, 80 iconic riffs, without a break. Holy shit. Hats off man. Incredible talent.

  • TipsDown
    TipsDown 6 days ago +51

    As a kid born in the 90’s I never realized how far back some of these familiar tunes went. Very happy both of my parents were into rock of all ages. Also it was very impressive to hear all of these intros back to back. Crazy to witness so much skill and technique.

    • greg g
      greg g 7 hours ago

      I’m also thankful my mom raised me right regarding music.

  • Omar Motta
    Omar Motta 12 hours ago +1

    A história toda resumida em 15 min.
    Show! Parabéns.

  • Brocko
    Brocko Day ago +4

    This just inspired me to put everyone of these songs into a play list

  • Fraser James
    Fraser James 3 months ago +1748

    It’s not just remembering the notes and rhythm, but getting each and every tone so perfectly balanced… what a performance 🫡

    • Allen Newborn
      Allen Newborn Month ago +4

      Hmmm.. perfectly? He did good.. very recognizable, but he even knows he makes mistakes. Look in his face, BUT it is 80 songs with 80 different tones on 1 guitar. It's 100% NOT going to be perfect. For what it is though? Did great.

    • William Munson
      William Munson 2 months ago +12

      The tone work was phenomenal

    • Kirk Hammett calvo
      Kirk Hammett calvo 3 months ago +3

      the sound of this strat matches only a few, it doesn't make sense for him to play rock with a strat even more without distortion

  • Michael Evans
    Michael Evans 15 days ago +1

    The fact Dave Mattews didn’t make this list is a travesty. I know he has a whole band playing all kinds of instruments, but him and timmy reynolds are two of the greatest guitarists ever.

  • TyfoiD75
    TyfoiD75 4 days ago +2

    Impressive to say the least. What made me feel kinda old is that most of my favorites of those are from before I was 20^^ Then again.. I do still listen to them, and am alive^^

  • Treebeeman
    Treebeeman 10 days ago +2

    Loved the list. Personally I would've liked to see Money For Nothing. Super impressive

  • Al-X
    Al-X 12 days ago +18

    This is soundtrack of my 49 years in this world summed up in 15 minutes. The memories each intro brought on had me bouncing from happy to sad and everywhere in between. Didn't know if I should be laughing or crying. Bravo!

  • Artem Minaev
    Artem Minaev 5 days ago +1

    Great list! Can't stop watching it. I think Queen's Hammer to Fall would be perfect addition.

  • Dmnick155
    Dmnick155 8 months ago +4764

    0:17 Me and the Devil Blues
    0:25 I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man
    0:32 I Walk the Line
    0:39 Johnny B Goode
    0:47 Apache
    0:56 Boom Boom
    1:07 Misirlou
    1:17 The House of the Rising Sun
    1:25 Oh, Pretty Woman
    1:31 You Really Got Me
    1:38 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
    1:46 Day Tripper
    1:56 Wild Thing
    2:07 Sunshine of Your Love
    2:15 Brown Eyed Girl
    2:23 Little Wing
    2:36 A Little Less Conversation
    2:43 Fortunate Son
    2:50 Roadhouse Blues
    2:59 Paranoid
    3:05 Black Dog
    3:14 Hocus Pocus
    3:24 Smoke on the Water
    3:30 Long Cool Woman
    3:38 Sweet Home Alabama
    3:48 La Grange
    3:56 Wish You Were Here
    4:07 Walk This Way
    4:18 Don't Fear the Reaper
    4:25 Blitzkrieg Bop
    4:35 Ain't Talkin' Bout Love
    4:51 Le Freak
    5:00 Sultans of Swing
    5:13 Hold the Line
    5:20 Should I Stay or Should I Go
    5:29 Message in a Bottle
    5:37 Crazy Train
    5:46 Limelight
    5:54 Eye of the Tiger
    6:05 I Love Rock 'N' Roll
    6:15 Beat It
    6:23 Pride and Joy
    6:39 2 Minutes to Midnight
    6:50 Purple Rain
    7:05 Glory Days
    7:15 Master of Puppets
    7:27 Big Love
    7:40 Sweet Child o' Mine
    7:48 Personal Jesus
    7:56 Thunderstruck
    8:03 Still Got the Blues
    8:16 Smells Like Teen Spirit
    8:24 Alive
    8:34 One
    8:46 Pull Me Under
    8:55 Walk
    9:04 Are You Gonna Go My Way
    9:12 When I Come Around
    9:26 Wonderwall
    9:33 Song 2
    9:40 The Kids Aren't Alright
    9:52 What's My Age Again?
    9:58 Drive
    10:08 Kryptonite
    10:19 Plug in Baby
    10:27 Last Resort
    10:38 One Step Closer
    10:50 Chop Suey
    11:02 Like a Stone
    11:13 No One Knows
    11:30 Seven Nation Army
    11:42 Are You Gonna Be My Girl
    11:55 Mr. Brightside
    12:09 Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
    12:23 Snow (Hey-oh)
    12:33 The Pretender
    12:45 I'm Yours
    13:02 Sex on Fire
    13:15 Do I Wanna Know?
    13:26 G.O.A.T.

  • C W
    C W 18 days ago +7

    I always thought music became weak around the mid-nineties. This certainly proves it. Bang on with every intro. You're quite the talent!

    • Langi
      Langi 6 days ago

      Agreed 100%

  • bigdecodeco
    bigdecodeco 6 days ago +1

    This was absolutely amazing!

  • Sentium
    Sentium 12 days ago

    who ends 80 songs with the hardest and nails all of them.... legend...

  • Tyler Turkington
    Tyler Turkington 2 days ago

    That first chord of purple rain is INSTANTLY recognizable

  • Kris Calverley
    Kris Calverley 15 days ago

    Great stuff. My kids say dont I ever finish a song... this topped it all over the mountain. Awesome memory

  • Brandon D'Eon Music
    Brandon D'Eon Music 8 months ago +13692

    For those of you that think this is hard, you're wrong... It's actually way harder

  • marshflower87
    marshflower87 21 day ago +13

    Every song intro made me smile...my dad would've loved listening to this if i showed this to him. He passed away 11 years ago, but his memory will forever stay. He's the reason i'm such a music lover. ❤️

  • Érick Bobson
    Érick Bobson 10 days ago +5

    I can't imagine how much work it is to remember so many introductions like that. How amazing, man! Congrats :)

  • Peter M
    Peter M 14 days ago +8

    I was surprised that AC/DC’s Back in Black didn’t make your list. Such an iconic intro…

    • Lerpus B. Derp
      Lerpus B. Derp 5 days ago +1

      I’m always surprised when someone is surprised that one specific song of billions isn’t on a list of 80

  • Sid's vids
    Sid's vids 17 days ago

    This is what Clip-Share is made for, perfect and very entertaining. Thanks for the upload dude

  • Dick Jamer
    Dick Jamer Day ago

    I'm not sure if you do this for a living or a hobby, but I must say I'm impressed. Excellent video.

  • Jake Matzkows
    Jake Matzkows Month ago +695

    No cuts and every riff is flawless. That’s talent. Practice and dedication is key.

    • Marky Mark
      Marky Mark 14 days ago

      The G.O.A.T. intro was far from flawless.

    • MattP
      MattP 25 days ago

      So, so good!

    • padarousou
      padarousou 26 days ago +1

      Its almost as good as the guy who did 100 riffs some years ago

    • FiftyFifty
      FiftyFifty 28 days ago

      @viralent It's both.

    • viralent
      viralent 28 days ago +6

      That makes it a skill.

  • GMA
    GMA 15 days ago

    Someone who hasn't heard these intros in his/her life time .... isn't in any position to judge about the music legacy of the past! This is collective music memory ....

  • Pava backing track
    Pava backing track 15 days ago +31

    only guitarist knows how difficult it really is what you did in this video with a suitable sound and without interruption and without a mistake, congratulations

  • John McCarthy
    John McCarthy 9 days ago +11

    This is beyond astounding!
    Thank’s for putting this together. You’re an amazing musician!

  • Frank Ortega
    Frank Ortega 6 days ago +8

    Wow Paul. The sheer number of intros all performed back to back is very impressive. Thank you very much for sharing your playing with us. Btw, love that Fender Strat.

  • Tom Pipes
    Tom Pipes 2 days ago

    This was a lot of fun to watch, thank you for sharing and making this look a lot easier that it really was!

  • donkyuhbuhts540
    donkyuhbuhts540 3 months ago +932

    Let's be real. The 70s held it down so hard. That decade is so pivotal for rock / metal. Also it was cool to see the progression of the years. Well done

    • rockero1313
      rockero1313 19 days ago

      to me the best rock music came from between the late 60s to the middle 80s

    • Digitalfiendscom
      Digitalfiendscom 26 days ago

      Great work! Two obvious ones for me that are missing: The Eagles’ Hotel California (but probably because you don’t want to get sued 😂) and Boston’s More Than A Feeling. Van Halen alone could have probably taken 10 slots by themselves but Ain’t Talking ‘bout Love was a good choice. Songs were so recognizable back then…with the 70s-90s being my favourite three decades for rock guitar.

    • Luka Trdina
      Luka Trdina 27 days ago +1

      @Gruuvin1 Nirvana brought a whole new thing onto the map, it was the pure raw emotion that pushed away the sellout, celebrity status hair metal… Like them or not, they changed rock, gave more variety, and most importantly, it wasn’t some commercial bs

    • Yee Haw
      Yee Haw Month ago

      ​@testa da lordYeah but that doesn't change the fact that at least 90% of popular music is objectively garbage. Just because it sells doesn't mean it's quality.

    • Gruuvin1
      Gruuvin1 Month ago

      And the 90s is when the party was over.

  • MC Burner
    MC Burner 17 days ago

    must be one of the best videos ive ever seen on yt! thanks for sharing your talent! 👍👏👏

  • O Calango Responde!
    O Calango Responde! 2 days ago

    Muito bom! Excelente!!!

  • Blake McK
    Blake McK 17 days ago +15

    I had literally the most incredible time listening to this. The sheer amount of time to do all 80 in a single cut is just mind-blowing

  • Steven Hibbs
    Steven Hibbs 20 days ago

    Very impressive!!! Well done and great selections! GnR Sweet Child of Mine is a personal favorite.

  • Gigi B
    Gigi B 16 days ago

    Holy!! Segues soooo smooth... Every song NAILED it!! You're beyond impressive!! Hafta share it!

  • trevor Hayden
    trevor Hayden 8 months ago +1009

    Not only did he nail the riffs, but the tone for each riff was almost spot on. Thats crazy

    • Thomas Ouwerkerk
      Thomas Ouwerkerk 4 months ago +7

      @MysteryMeat 121 "I've been studying tone for quite a while now" jesus stop it man, dude played 80 intros to teach and entertain. Your not fooling anyone, youre no guitargod, just a troll.

    • MysteryMeat 121
      MysteryMeat 121 4 months ago

      @Nathan Wahl I was correcting the original commenter. He said the tones were perfect yet they were incredibly far from their originals. I've been studying tone for quite awhile now.

    • Nathan Wahl
      Nathan Wahl 4 months ago +3

      @MysteryMeat 121 Exact tones? Well of course not, sheesh. Close enough to give you the idea, for 80 songs/tones, in 15 minutes? Yup. Pretty freakin' awesome and close enough no matter what you say.

    • G Charlton
      G Charlton 6 months ago +1

      @Faceless and Nameless Yeah, but how much better and more fun was this than cutting together 80 video clips from music videos.

  • Robert Artwohl
    Robert Artwohl 10 days ago

    This reminds me of the old "How Do I Get to Carnegie Hall?" joke -- Practice! Practice! Practice! Yes, Mr. Davids has talent, but what he really needs to be admired for is his dedication to putting in long hours of practice toward his craft.

  • eezyCLsmooth
    eezyCLsmooth 18 days ago +4

    A 14 minute video that can evoke Passion, Emotions and Memories.
    All true rockers will have feelings for EVERY riff. Great Job!

  • Jakub Gregorowicz
    Jakub Gregorowicz 4 days ago

    Over 60 years of music in less than 15 minutes :)

  • Ron Taylor
    Ron Taylor 17 days ago

    Wow! That’s awesome and totally amazing. Great job!

  • captain & co.
    captain & co. 17 days ago

    Well done - you nailed it!

  • photoshopCAFE
    photoshopCAFE 24 days ago +353

    Not even was he able to play these flawlessly, he nailed the tone on most of them. Very impressive considering it was all done in a single take.

    • Tio Swift
      Tio Swift 13 days ago +1

      It was edited

    • Christopher Taylor
      Christopher Taylor 23 days ago +5

      And with one guitar. Its not an exact match but its pretty close

  • live wire
    live wire 18 days ago

    Very impressive I will watch this over and over again spot-on licks

  • Juan Martins
    Juan Martins 15 days ago

    Amazing, almos unbelievable you did this all in one take. Such a beast. Hail to the king could be in there too!

  • Rebekah Caron
    Rebekah Caron 4 days ago

    I don't know how I am just seeing this on YT but WOW. Just WOW. You are Insanely awesome, that was Flawless, Epic, & so much fun to listen to!!! Mind Officially Blown 🎸❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥👏👏

  • BadKarma6
    BadKarma6 15 days ago

    As the great Jeff Spicoli once said, "Awesome! Totally awesome!"

  • JJones
    JJones 19 days ago

    Great video, only songs I think that deserve to be added are both from Megadeth, Tornado of Souls and Holy Wars...The Punishment Due, both from their 1990 Rust in Peace album

  • Kristen Kuhn
    Kristen Kuhn 26 days ago +593

    I didn’t even realize he was going In chronological order until minute 10 😂 this was so impressive !!

    • Atom D
      Atom D 16 days ago

      me neither

    • Alejandro Sánchez
      Alejandro Sánchez 17 days ago

      ​@X X ¿Pearl Jam crap? Ok, man

    • X X
      X X 19 days ago

      Everything after 1990 is a pure crap.

    • JustRecentlyI
      JustRecentlyI 20 days ago

      @German enjoyer The iconic part of Free Bird isn't the intro, though...

    • Matthew Stroh
      Matthew Stroh 20 days ago +1

      I was today years old when I realised that... it's amazing enough without appreciating they're in order.

  • Bill Hartman
    Bill Hartman 16 days ago

    Pretty much nailed it. Just to pick these songs, let alone play them flawlessly back to back! Must be a full-time artist. I will be researching!

  • Nathan B
    Nathan B 14 days ago +4

    I love how you went through the years!!! Love to hear the different progressions of the decades. Incredible 👊

  • jeremy zielinski
    jeremy zielinski 20 days ago

    Absolutely brilliant… I just wish there was pdf of them all to learn…at least some of them!!!

  • uhhhclem
    uhhhclem 3 days ago +5

    So many beautifully executed riffs here, so many of them memorable and iconic, and "You Really Got Me" leaves everything else feeling wan and lifeless by comparison.

  • Guy Steele
    Guy Steele 12 days ago +2

    Yes. This is difficult in many ways: digital dexterity and memorizing are just two obvious ones. But the really, REALLY impressive feat on display here is the mental facility with which this guitarist goes instantly from one key/time signature and style/technique to another. Truly incredible!

  • True Stories
    True Stories 3 months ago +649

    Dude you're a freakin legend for playing all of that flawlessly in a single take!

    • J B
      J B Month ago +1

      @Allen Newborn just needs more pedals

    • Allen Newborn
      Allen Newborn Month ago +6

      Flawlessly? Interesting. Listen to the songs from the artists. Quite a few flaws, but he did fantastic. Only so much he can do on 1 guitar with so many songs.

    • RooFx
      RooFx 2 months ago +13

      far from flaw free but indeed well done.

  • Hamza Jemal
    Hamza Jemal 11 days ago

    I'm looking forward to seeing more videos like this one 🕜⏩☺️🙂🤠😉😜

  • Jeff Beynon
    Jeff Beynon 14 days ago +7

    What a fantastic way of showing the evolution of guitar music over 7 decades or so. I really enjoyed listening. Thanks for the video.

  • Blake_SVT
    Blake_SVT 11 days ago

    Teared up hearing Like a stone, Beautiful work man!

  • Brian Bruemmer
    Brian Bruemmer 5 days ago

    Great list! Really thought Funk #49 would make the list, one of my favorites.

  • Nathaniel Ralstin
    Nathaniel Ralstin 18 days ago +4

    That was sick as hell. I’d have thrown in Purple Haze, Where The Streets Have No Name (especially on the Strat!), and, maybe for a curveball, Meant To Live by Switchfoot. But I can’t play like this, so you get to do whatever you want. 😂 This was fantastic.

  • Craig O
    Craig O 7 months ago +219

    Seeing the dates next to the songs is really surprising how old some of these songs are and are still played day in day out all over the world. Timeless classics

    • Nicolás
      Nicolás 7 months ago +5

      Bach has been played all over the world for about 300 years 🤣

    • Peasy Love
      Peasy Love 7 months ago +5

      Oh my gosh, I'm 62 and seeing the dates made me feel like Methuselah... terrific vid, well played! You said it, Timeless Classics...

    • B & B
      B & B 7 months ago +6

      Hey Hey, My My, Rock and roll will never die.

  • I deadlift 20kg
    I deadlift 20kg 18 days ago +1

    Awesome man! There is a popular song (1960/70s I believe) that is VERY similar intro wise to La Grange. It starts with a electric guitar that then merges with what sounds like a saxophone. I can't for the life of me find it :(

  • *Da-Tant*
    *Da-Tant* 14 days ago +11

    As a teenager starting guitar, I have to say you are one of the people I hope to play like one day!

  • AddYourEnergy
    AddYourEnergy 20 days ago

    That was impressive as hell. Thank you!

  • Michael FamPers22
    Michael FamPers22 15 days ago

    Absolutely Amazing - next level solidified!

  • Andy Gor
    Andy Gor Day ago +1

    По волнам моей памяти... On the waves of my memory. Bravo, Maestro 😊👍👍👍

  • Chadd2D
    Chadd2D 6 months ago +452

    Can’t tell if the pure happiness at the end was doing all 80 intros in a row or just absolutely nailing that Polyphia intro

    • Edward Noel Castro
      Edward Noel Castro 6 months ago

      I thought the same thing lmao

    • Reinaldo Prado de Camargo
      Reinaldo Prado de Camargo 6 months ago +14

      Wow! I've took a hard time trying to learn that intro, got it, but now I've just forgot because I've learnt Playing God, my braind can't support more than 1 Polyphia song, it's too difficult.

  • Jord
    Jord 18 days ago +1

    To have the skill to play/change the effects accordingly/do it in annual order proves one thing…YOU ROCK. I would love to see you do the “Black Sabbath Planet Caravan” solo, as it suits you to a T. God bless you Paul. 🙏🏻

    AH HENG 2 days ago

    Since I heard the lead guitar on Beat It when I was 15 years old, I was so fascinating with the it...
    I keep listening to lead guitar masterpieces... prior & after 1983.
    Greetings from Malaysia

  • CARTER squeeze
    CARTER squeeze 17 days ago

    This was awesome!! Thank you for your efforts...

  • mrblablablabla
    mrblablablabla 20 days ago +2

    I’m absolutely blown away by this, Paul! 🔥
    How much practice and how many takes did it take to pull this one off?

  • Opie Brockett
    Opie Brockett 15 days ago

    Just amazing, slipping The pretender in there was perfect timing !

  • Tommygun
    Tommygun 8 months ago +937

    Playing 80 riffs in one take and choosing polyphia as the last one is a gutsy call 😄
    Great job! 👍🏼

    • David Brock
      David Brock 2 months ago

      Agreed. Should've ended with Another World by Gojira, much better guitar intro. There's an excessive amount of rock intros on this video and not nearly enough metal.

    • kiiturii
      kiiturii 4 months ago

      @Devon Day usually I'd be the "don't read before watching" guy, but chilling in the comments is completely fair on this one

    • James Mayle
      James Mayle 6 months ago +1

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    • G Charlton
      G Charlton 6 months ago +1

      Polyphia is the only band on the list formed in the last 20 years. We guitar 🎸 lovers are dinosaurs.

    • Musefan
      Musefan 6 months ago +3

      @Devon Day well of course there’s a risk. And that’s why you don’t “read the top few comments” while watching. Like I said, it’s fair game to comment on any aspect of any video.

  • Stephen S
    Stephen S 21 day ago

    That was fantastic, nice selection.

  • Greig Ritchie
    Greig Ritchie 16 days ago

    This cheered me up no end. Well done.

  • Roberto Flávio Compositor


  • Leon van der Weide

    Put these songs in a playlist ,that's all we will ever need!

  • Michael Kerins
    Michael Kerins 3 days ago +1

    the arrangement is unreal seamless - some of those intros sound really good next to each other.

  • Austin Finley
    Austin Finley 7 months ago +201

    Damn not only did he get the riffs, tone and transitions but also all in chronological order?! Sick

    • KNOWER
      KNOWER 3 months ago

      hmmm... 🤔
      I wonder, I wonder... could he, perchance, have resorted to using some modern day technological hack to say... prep a list of all the songs he was to play, in their proper chronological order, so as to use said list as a reference guide?... then maybe, just maybe, placing alluded list in position off-camera, so as to then induce the resulting effect of wondrous bewilderment within his audience's psyche...
      oh, how I wonder... 🤔

    • Austin Finley
      Austin Finley 6 months ago

      @JP Fair enough, but i think we're splitting hairs at this point.

    • Austin Finley
      Austin Finley 6 months ago

      Dean Allison Good Point, Dean! You fuckin got me dude. However, I don't remember seeing a video on your page playing all of these intros note for note, or any guitar intro, or any content at all for that matter. Must've missed that. Have a good day, pal.

    • Tristan Raine
      Tristan Raine 6 months ago +1

      @JP and Plug In Baby by being from 2000, it was technically only released in 2001

    • JP
      JP 7 months ago +1

      Apart from Should I Stay by the Clash 82ish🤔

  • James
    James 18 days ago

    this is insanely impressive!

  • Kevin rouse
    Kevin rouse 5 days ago

    Cementery gates es mi favorito suena oscuro me encanta

  • toshigem1
    toshigem1 Day ago

    amazing. everything from mid 90s and on you would always hear in all the teen films that came out so I was VERY familiar with them. definitely about to put some on these songs on my spotify.

  • Martyn Ridley
    Martyn Ridley 5 days ago

    I don't know how you remember that many, let alone play them! My favourite guitar intro of all time has got to be Steely Dan's 'Don't Take Me Alive', played by Larry Carlton. Genius!

  • dayne746
    dayne746 14 days ago

    This is one awesome Spotify playlist haha nicely done, man!

  • Erwin de Gruil
    Erwin de Gruil 8 months ago +120

    This is insanely impressive. 80 intros, different effects, different musical genres, seemingly from memory and all in one take without noticable mistakes. Not too many musicians around who could pull this off.

    • KNOWER
      KNOWER 3 months ago

      hmmm... 🤔
      I wonder, I wonder... could he, perchance, have resorted to using some modern day technological hack to say... prep a list of all the songs he was to play, in their proper chronological order, so as to use said list as a reference guide?... then maybe, just maybe, placing alluded list in position off-camera, so as to then induce the resulting effect of wondrous bewilderment within his audience's psyche...
      oh, how I wonder... 🤔

    • Tyler Durden
      Tyler Durden 8 months ago +12

      @TJM mate maybe you can send us a link to the video of you doing this?

    • TJM
      TJM 8 months ago +1

      Do it in 10 tunes chunks. It's WAY easier to do it like that. I'm SURE he had apprx 3 weeks to shed all that. Totally possible

  • Marshall Wethy
    Marshall Wethy 16 days ago

    This was fantastic. Good work

  • Shanghai Mat
    Shanghai Mat 18 days ago

    Just FANTASTIC man !! I litteraly have no words after this fabulous video !

  • tobaccoroad1000
    tobaccoroad1000 16 days ago +2

    Had me smiling the whole time thinking about all that great music. Well done sir! Bravo!

  • Park Avenue LASEK
    Park Avenue LASEK 21 day ago +3

    It’s stunning how you were able to play 80 intros with no list or more music, from memory, in chronological order, without any mistakes! How many weeks & takes did this take? Meanwhile I spent months during covid not mastering the ONE intro from G&R that you featured 😝

  • kunome
    kunome 17 days ago

    Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria is an iconic intro from the 2000s

  • Alan Alvarez
    Alan Alvarez 8 months ago +225

    So many things we can learn from this:
    Paul is an absolute beast playing guitar.
    Paul talent has no limits.

    • John G
      John G 8 months ago

      @Crap Tacular You should try a MIDI pickup. 😃

    • My Channel
      My Channel 8 months ago

      @Erik Kraan, hush your mouth!

    • Alan Alvarez
      Alan Alvarez 8 months ago +3

      @Erik Kraan I was talking about how versatile is a Strat, I never said "don't ever buy any other guitar", just that with a Strat you can play anything. Yes, you can play anything with any guitar, if you have 35 guitars, that's awesome, if you can have a guitar for every genre, amazing, my comment is not about the Strat being the only guitar the worlds need, it's just a "wow dude, how versatile a Strat is".

    • IsaacRossMusic
      IsaacRossMusic 8 months ago

      @Pete Shegog Now THAT'S a good choice!

    • Erik Kraan
      Erik Kraan 8 months ago

      @Alan Alvarez I think that it doesn't have to be a strat. Guess you could play all this on a tele as well, with a good sound. But it does mean you don't need to own a couple of guitars to play a lot of different styles.

  • Kevin Fox
    Kevin Fox 2 days ago

    Brilliant. It would be fascinating to listen to your explanation of the selection process, what to include, exclude.

  • Tom Conneely
    Tom Conneely 20 days ago

    Great vid, variety and very well performed. I'd have had Gary Moore's Parisian Walkways instead of the one you played, personally, but that's just me. Really enjoyed the performance.

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    Joseph Nadeau 16 days ago

    Thoroughly disappointed that not only was Funk #49 not at #49, but wasn’t even on the list at all!
    On a serious note, damn impressive! I don’t think I could remember that many riffs at one given time, much less play them all perfectly in one take.

  • Yeeterson Peeterson
    Yeeterson Peeterson 17 days ago

    Is it just me or somehow the first two song kinda flowed into each other oddly well

  • Arif Setiawan
    Arif Setiawan 20 days ago +4

    'Do i wanna know' is still fresh in my mind when it's released, and that is 10 years ago. Time flies sure really fast

    • Nicotine Cat
      Nicotine Cat 19 days ago

      I had heard it somewhere before and then I rediscovered it watching Peaky Blinders. That guitar riff is something else.

  • Luke Prov
    Luke Prov 8 months ago +182

    Not only did you memorize 80 guitar intros and do it in one take, but you captured each songs guitar tone as best as you could as well. Absolutely incredible.

    • AirmanRobertson
      AirmanRobertson 6 months ago

      @Pyr0nEx I agree, there were a handful that I was like, "yeah, those are the notes, but it doesn't sound quite right because of the setup". Obviously, by doing it in one take certain sacrifices have to be made, and most of them sound very close to, if not exactly like, the original recordings.

    • Pyr0nEx
      Pyr0nEx 8 months ago

      @Luke Prov damn, thought I said I was impressed.

    • Luke Prov
      Luke Prov 8 months ago

      @Pyr0nEx lol cant please everyone 🤷‍♂️

    • Pyr0nEx
      Pyr0nEx 8 months ago

      @Luke Prov I am impressed but I disagree with the tones being accurate as you basically described. He could’ve had his Les Paul or SG next to him and we would have a perfect video.

    • Luke Prov
      Luke Prov 8 months ago +1

      @Pyr0nEx with what he had, he did a damn good job. He could of easily just plugged in his strat and played each intro on a clean channel, but he went the extra mile and plugged in his pedal board and tried to capture each tone as close as he could by switching pedals/pickups. Not to mention he had to remember 80 songs worth of guitar tones. You may not be impressed, but I damn sure was.

  • Randy Wissler
    Randy Wissler 21 day ago

    I was kinda shocked you didn't have Back in Black. That and Lay it Down by RATT. Overall a super representation of opening riffs.

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    Andrew Duckett 11 days ago

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    Dean Trower 4 days ago

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