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reasonably sized keyboard

  • Published on Jan 25, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • terrible idea, this
    discord: www.patreon.com/user?u=45206711
    thanks to keebcats for the lube: keebcats.co.uk/discount/GLARS...
    thanks to novelkeys for the switches: novelkeys.com/products/the-bi...
    Where I buy lubed switches: loobedswitches.com/?ref=bh8f5... (code 'Glarses' 5% off)
    Twitter: glarses1
    Mario Kart Wii Menu Orchestral: • Menu Theme (Mario...
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  • Glarses
    Glarses  Month ago +1824

    sign up to discord here! patreon.com/user?u=45206711

    • Tyeb Tahmid
      Tyeb Tahmid 27 days ago

      I don’t know how to join the discord server can you please tell me how to join?

    • The Real Hydro PX
      The Real Hydro PX Month ago

      set up your game, have a locals, 5$ tear a month that will have a link to the discord, also make a locals chat with some simples rules.

    • Ll L
      Ll L Month ago

      wait you already got your discord nitro keyboard? If that's what it is...burh i ordered that shit like months ago during snowsgiving and it still hasnt come out

    • mrhitsalot
      mrhitsalot Month ago

      @glarses where upi buy the large piece at ?

    • Dan Brit
      Dan Brit Month ago

      @Anthony Peters yep

  • Aiman Samat
    Aiman Samat Month ago +16152

    This channel isn’t about keyboard, this channel is about the pure sheer determination of a man doing anything to reach his goal. Respect

  • Emily
    Emily Month ago +1257

    I'm an engineer and I've been cracking up through this whole video. This is how every project I ever did during college went, including the shrug when the 1.5 spring spacebar was like... good enough?
    Also PLA and ABS is basically what super glue is made for. Cyanoacrylate should always be your number 1 go-to for anything plastic that needs to be fixed.

    • Dylanger Gutierrez
      Dylanger Gutierrez Day ago

      @Merlin Draws I use Weld-On 3. I've never had PLA-to-PLA seams made with it fail. I got the initial recommendation from a guy who makes 3D printed cameras professionally.

    • Merlin Draws
      Merlin Draws Day ago

      @Dylanger Gutierrez chemical solvents tend to fail on some plastics like pla. there's a select few that seem to work decently. which weld-on product do you use that actually works? i've heard that MEK works really well on pla but it's really hard to get around here.

    • Francis Taylor
      Francis Taylor 29 days ago

      ​@Merlin Draws or 3d paint pen

    • Dylanger Gutierrez
      Dylanger Gutierrez Month ago +5

      @Merlin Draws No reason to use heat when a chemical solvent like Weld-on will actually weld the pieces of plastic together with no risk of warping or burning.

  • qwasd0r
    qwasd0r Month ago +240

    "Everything that could go wrong went wrong. And then everything that couldn't go wrong also went wrong."
    I love that one.

    • Mr. Tophatt
      Mr. Tophatt 16 days ago +1


  • Tblaster
    Tblaster Month ago +114

    Even with all the setbacks, seeing you plow right through them with sheer determination is honestly inspiring.

  • Leo is a bell
    Leo is a bell Month ago +742

    Mad respect for being a trooper and getting through COVID and literally everything that went wrong, some incredibly inspiring shit

    • Richard Pike
      Richard Pike Month ago +1

      Yeah what a wrench in the works that must have been

  • Rengoku
    Rengoku Month ago +17

    Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong for this man but he still somehow managed to complete the keyboard at the end. Bravo!

  • GreenMan
    GreenMan Month ago +6579

    As someone who used the Giant Keyboard as the Tech Expo, I must say it felt a lot more polished than the video makes it seem! Didn't realize it was so stressful, great job telling the story as well.

    • Naokarma
      Naokarma 18 days ago +1

      tbf, when you're a multimillion company, something like a big keyboard would be something that'd be a lot easier, given how they kinda have every possible resource and more than 2 days to make it.

    • -Ohokk0-
      -Ohokk0- Month ago +1

      @Myselph oh fair enough
      i haven't seen one personally, good luck finding it though

    • Myselph
      Myselph Month ago +7

      @-Ohokk0- No, I meant if there was a vlog or something I'd like to see

    • -Ohokk0-
      -Ohokk0- Month ago +7

      @Myselph there isn't a link lol it's an expo

    • Sjors Houkes
      Sjors Houkes Month ago +4

      @Myselph Link to what?

  • Bry
    Bry Month ago +427

    His friends were so sweet for helping him with such a random thing so relentlessly 😂

    • Dia Jasmine
      Dia Jasmine 29 days ago

      His friends are called Jamie and Fraser!!! 🤣 (If you know, you know)

    • CheeseboyYT
      CheeseboyYT Month ago +4

      Yeah especially as they were locked in

  • Doreen Larson
    Doreen Larson Month ago +167

    I used to be in a competitive cosplay group, and man, the sense of con crunch in this video is such a good encapsulation of the feeling. I almost miss it, emotions all running high and frustration even higher, but you’re surrounded by your best friends

    • I’m stupid, but
      I’m stupid, but Month ago

      i like cowboy brbop

    • 有牙秋蓮
      有牙秋蓮 Month ago +3

      That’s what this reminded me of hahahaa
      I was never competitive, but just con crunch in general and the fatigue and determination that comes from it

  • The Twisted Truth
    The Twisted Truth Month ago

    You could have added 2 extra springs on each side of the spacebar to support it, and continue its original function. Superglue+random extra plastic for retainers would have worked for that. I have to say, you guys did an EPIC job! Not many people would take on such a task, bravo, imo! :D Also, I have no idea how you managed to spend THAT MUCH, what an insane waste of money, regardless of where it comes from. I just hope you were able to get a justifiable amount of happiness out of it, if that happened, well done.

  • Isaiah Quantz
    Isaiah Quantz Month ago +101

    I've never felt this tense watching a bloke and his friends assemble a keyboard. Complete opposite of most keyboard channels and I love it!

  • Theleema Aeras
    Theleema Aeras Month ago

    I am impressed, I bow down to your determination and your skills - that's a MAD keyboard you got there, respect and admiration ♪

  • GrassHopperMouse
    GrassHopperMouse Month ago +2499

    I'm not even particularly passionate about keyboards (I use a mechanical keyboard but I'm not a hobbyist) but when youtube suggested this video going "Hey you wanna watch a man build a big ass keyboard?" I couldn't not answer "yes please".

    • The crap lord Sell
      The crap lord Sell Month ago

      @Glarses Based comment

    • tumblingartist
      tumblingartist Month ago


    • 42chompii
      42chompii Month ago +4

      @matterno that's not quite how it works, but leave while you still can, this hobby is heroin

    • matterno
      matterno Month ago +3

      Stop here or you will become a keeb

    • Asagao
      Asagao Month ago +5

      @Glarses based

  • Tenseigod
    Tenseigod Month ago +40

    Absolutely huge respect to this guy. I can’t believe he’s uploading every day for the next decade.

  • Athener
    Athener Month ago +1

    The level of extent this man went to is amazing 😂

    • Athener
      Athener Month ago +1

      Like seriously as a person who does work in design and project managing, as well as sales and I was previously a machinist, the engineering and extra details behind making the components is crazy. Congrats dude

  • eri
    eri Month ago +28

    The passion, tense and awesomness to every detail and hard work he puts in to this was a lot!

  • Ninja Snorlax143
    Ninja Snorlax143 Month ago +1

    The fact that Spite was the inspiration for this is what makes it great......in my opinion. greatness is achieved through spite

  • Chadam
    Chadam Month ago +2616

    huge respect to his friends who worked with a man recovering from covid so we'd get our entertainment

    • Richard Pike
      Richard Pike Month ago +2

      I thought the same thing, what fearless pals

    • Masift
      Masift Month ago +100

      fr they are MVPs, if they didn't help it would'nt have been possible

  • XenoGenesis
    XenoGenesis Month ago +13

    I normally dont watch this kind of content but this was and is amazing, we should all support creators like you. The world is made a better and more beautiful place by people like you, thank you.

  • G_Boy
    G_Boy Month ago +23

    Huge props for pushing through this nightmare build

  • Astarte66
    Astarte66 Month ago

    There is a Clip-Sharer who is 7’1” tall that could benefit from this legendary giant keyboard. I love this.
    Your keyboard is brilliant! I’m glad you popped up in recommended videos. Consider me subscribed.

  • Lincoln Humphries
    Lincoln Humphries Month ago +7

    The extreme dedication to getting that keyboard finished in time is amazing! Keep up the great work!!

  • Lochness Monster
    Lochness Monster Month ago +7

    “This seems like a bad idea, but I’m all out of good ideas” words to live by

  • Manjushri
    Manjushri Month ago +1374

    The fact you scaled up *the PCB itself* and didn't just use multiple smaller ones is legendary.

    • BIT
      BIT Month ago +8

      Couldn't you just put a wire from each switch to a tiny board?

    • MuriSan
      MuriSan Month ago +22

      ​@Pepega You would handwire the switches in a matrix and only need a small pcb would have sufficed

    • Pepega
      Pepega Month ago +4

      How would he use multiple smaller ones when the gap between keys is much bigger?

    • Manjushri
      Manjushri Month ago +24

      @Trevor yeah that's was kinda my thought too lol

    • Trevor
      Trevor Month ago +174

      Could have just used one small one and wired the switches which would have been a pain but this pcb probably cost like 2k lol. Still infinitely cooler though

  • Emilio793
    Emilio793 Month ago +8

    People who put this kind of effort into their videos deserve so much more recognition.

  • DreamerSeeker
    DreamerSeeker Month ago

    Take the like, dude. You deserve it :0 I’m exhausted just thinking about all that hard work.

  • Logan Dawson
    Logan Dawson Month ago

    You deserve so much more admiration than I could put in 1000 comments, but the fact that you got through covid with a week time limit where literally anything reasonable that I can think of went wrong actually makes this video way more inspiring than I ever thought a video about making a giant keyboard could ever be.

  • Simon Derb
    Simon Derb Month ago +3

    Man, I don't care about keyboard that much as long as they do the job and feel nice under the fingers. I usually don't get half of what makes a good feel, sound or whatever. But I am addicted to your channel now.
    You really share your passion in an awesome way !

  • Good King Entertainment Inc

    Soo proud of you brother. Great job!!

  • Autismo
    Autismo Month ago +2901

    "If you stab me I can tank it"
    He truly is that guy

    • Willow
      Willow Month ago

      sniper tf2

    • Drill_Don
      Drill_Don Month ago

      As a person who has been stabbed, I can say most people can tank it

    • Gavin Smith
      Gavin Smith Month ago +5

      That's an evolutionary adaptation for being British.

    • Dhairya Singh
      Dhairya Singh Month ago +1

      me not gonna like you kej not going ttouch this comment kek

  • Ramby
    Ramby Month ago

    This man has created Angry German Kid’s ultimate weapon. Mad respect.

  • Fleimillo
    Fleimillo Month ago +2

    this guy can put more effort into one dumb idea than the effort i put into anything in my life

  • Crim Sama
    Crim Sama Month ago +4

    Imagine how razer felt with their "the biggest keyboard" on the show floor when you rolled this in lol.

  • Bean Gobernador
    Bean Gobernador Month ago +1

    the story telling is truly spectacular, such tragedy, such triumph, just for a reasonably sized keyboard

  • Art2om (Артём Светличный)

    You should be careful around Razer now.
    Never know when they will get their revenge.

    • Mike Simpson
      Mike Simpson Month ago

      Yeah and they have snakes

    • Metal Pipe
      Metal Pipe Month ago +5

      @resdamalos you might need a cheeto to get into your apartment 🤔

    • resdamalos
      resdamalos Month ago +10

      @BinkSayres dibs on living in one of the keys

    • Stray Cat
      Stray Cat Month ago +17

      they will just make Glarses's triple keyboard but in this scale as a revenge.

  • GorillaApple
    GorillaApple Month ago

    Every credit to you mate, I know how long that would’ve taken, Jesus, I would’ve had a massive constant headache 2 days into it 😂

  • Ango,M
    Ango,M Month ago +1

    First time I have ever watched one of your videos.
    Very inspirational bro. I've been sick a lot this month and all of my plans seem to keep getting pushed back. But even with you having to deal with the exact same thing, you didn't let that stop you.
    While it might have been a struggle.. you completed it. And that's something to be proud of. Good job man. Loved the video.

  • BeeHiveMate
    BeeHiveMate Month ago +2

    I walked into this expecting a little clip of an above average keyboard, but this has been one of the most anxiety inducing 19 minutes I've seen in a video, nice job on the video and the keyboard!

  • Genji
    Genji Month ago

    Brooooooooo, the way I admire the determination in this video is unreal. Great job 👌🏽 new sub from me. Keep up the good work

  • Treavy the neko
    Treavy the neko Month ago +3

    Now all you need is a giant mouse pad and a giant gaming mouse to really flex on razor

  • Ok Boomer But It's a Cat
    Ok Boomer But It's a Cat Month ago +1569

    Truly one of the keyboards of all time

    • Yash Fofaria
      Yash Fofaria Month ago +5

      I give it a rating /10
      Truly one of the keyboards

    • J05HY06
      J05HY06 Month ago +1

      Where's one of the mouses of all time

    • Max Wang
      Max Wang Month ago +29

      My favorite part was when he said "it's Glarses time" and glarsed all over it.

    • pumob
      pumob Month ago +1

      What does this mean

    • Blake Maghan
      Blake Maghan Month ago +1


  • Illusory Bucket
    Illusory Bucket Month ago

    This was the most stressful but also satisfying thing to watch

  • Internalized Happyness

    This man holds within him the indomitable human spirit!

  • Ulen Grau
    Ulen Grau Month ago

    You are fucking wild my dude. This was so awesome to watch. Your sheer willpower and determination! Subbed!

  • wyatt
    wyatt Month ago +1

    Love this video so much :D
    I've always been lost in finding a keyboard of my size (Most keyboards sit around the 18in length range) but I'd need a keyboard of around 20 inches (Hopefull with blue switches and RBG, etc) which apparently doesnt exist. And in my almost monthly search for bigger keyboards I found this and I honestly love your persistence and dedication to making a custom keyboard, let alone a huge huge keyboard.

  • Zixt S.
    Zixt S. Month ago

    Great video. I'm sorry it was such a difficult journey relatively speaking, but I am impressed with the recovery processes you and your team performed.

  • Trove
    Trove Month ago +1491

    Man, Glarses doesn’t deserve multiple sponsor brands pulling out like that. This man has never failed to make encouraging, entertaining videos that push the limits of custom keyboards. I always get a laugh out of it, and some hype like some shonen anime.

    • MorsManet
      MorsManet Month ago +2

      @Racer Pepe The world first Macintosh was built in Steve Jobs garage in 1976, in Cupertino, California. 😅
      I’d say if he ever moved to an actual office he could probably retire the iron board for a set prop.

    • Ace_ Jellyfish
      Ace_ Jellyfish Month ago +29

      @Racer Pepe
      I mean Michael Reeves gets sponsors
      I would trust him with 12k far less than some guy making a keyboard lmao

    • Racer Pepe
      Racer Pepe Month ago +4

      @Ace_ Jellyfish I guess the fact that it's all being done on an ironing board and a dremel in an appartment with failing electricity..? Solely based on that description, would you trust someone with 12k?

    • Trove
      Trove Month ago +9

      @Ace_ Jellyfish I would think inconsistent upload schedule probably but that’s about it.

  • Noobly Walker
    Noobly Walker Month ago

    The moral of this story is to make sure all of your custom parts are ordered to fit, so you don't have to jury-rig it.

  • Edwardo Edwardo
    Edwardo Edwardo Month ago

    “And then he pulled out a normally large keyboard, and he wept, for there were no more worlds left to conquer”~Louie Armstrong

  • Joseph
    Joseph Month ago

    stay strong brother. Your videos are amazing and crazy and i love them. I really enjoy watching your content and it also inspired me to buy my first mechanical keyboard.

  • RamDragon's Art Studio

    I'm a General Hobbyist because I like to at least try making anything at least once. I've never been tempted to build a mechanical keyboard, despite how many videos I've watched covering the process. Until now. Not a giant one, but I did source a kit. Just what I needed, another way to avoid doing laundry.

  • roan
    roan Month ago +1

    mad respect bro this is impressive and im proud of u

  • Lucy Ferguson
    Lucy Ferguson Month ago +832

    "This feels like a bad idea but I'm all out of good ideas" feels like a way too badass line to be in a video about a guy building a giant keyboard

  • 2dragonfire
    2dragonfire Month ago

    u know that u could have used a soldering iron to weld the broken pla stabilizer back together without having to hold the glue for so long (although u have to clean the soldering iron after). Also when 3d printing interlocking parts, u wanna leave a couple (2-5) mm of extra free space for the parts to fit together, as 3d printing usually can't get dimensions perfect for a perfect fit.
    great vid tho :D. I loved the designated solder fan holder person XD.
    Also, 14:22 - I feel that. Literally my projects in a nutshell.
    PS. It looks like u bought ur 3d printed parts from a online service. If u use a lot of custom parts, its a lot cheaper if u can buy a 3d printer and learn how to print yourself (there is a learning curve cuz they never want to work quite right). Go for a resin one cuz its a lot more accurate. U can make parts bigger than the printer if you use the plastic welding technique I mentioned before w/ some sanding for aesthetics.

  • SpicySix
    SpicySix Month ago

    My god man, this video was a ride. I really hope you're able to make back the money you put into this thing. The stress, ingenuity, more stress, and the fact that you managed to actually pull it off.... huge props to you. Wish I had the balls. Good luck to you on everything in your future. Seems like you have the guts to get through it all. Mad love and respect from the states.

  • B W
    B W Month ago

    You 3 together are a lot of fun!

  • D Negrete
    D Negrete Month ago +1

    Enthusiasts: bouncy typing feel is good
    Glarses keyboard: 11:26

  • Skogsgroen
    Skogsgroen Month ago +1

    Wow, this was amazing! I must say that was probably the best 19:04 minutes I've spent all of 2023! It had everything, failures upon failures, stress, good friends (make that amazing friends considering what you made them go through) and that last minute fixing!
    Sir, sir, am I allowed to finish my exam while you're correcting it?

  • Fox Aviation
    Fox Aviation Month ago +203

    my man could afford a 12k keyboard but has an ironing board as a desk😂

    • notTerabyte
      notTerabyte Month ago

      "afford" a $12000 keyboard

    • Kha Banh
      Kha Banh Month ago +14

      thats priority for you!

  • rascalb
    rascalb Month ago

    Thanks for all the effort you put in to make this video happen. The end product is incredible. Keep up the good work! 👍

  • Pigmaschine
    Pigmaschine 18 days ago

    "Everything that could go wrong went wrong and then everyting that couldnt go wrong also went wrong" my new favourite quote

  • Kyle Eames
    Kyle Eames Month ago +1

    The sheer determination of this man… to build a keyboard so big that the only viable way to use it is hunt and peck… and the key caps don’t even have lettering on them. 😂
    Cool build. When’s the mass production starting?

  • Securityism
    Securityism Month ago

    Here is Glarses secret:
    The channel isn't just about keyboards but is secretly a keyboard itself.

  • CD Voices
    CD Voices Month ago

    If you have an issue with the stabilizer bar later, try using a first aid pad, they are very thin and will provide better support. Soak it in a super glue and wrap it around once and let it dry completely, then if you want, put another layer to double down. sand away the rough parts and it should be strong enough.

  • Nick Haddon
    Nick Haddon Month ago +261

    It's insane that you were so mad that Razer wouldn't sell you their giant keyboard, that you went and custom made your own even bigger one. Props to you my man!

    • Kurt Lamprecht
      Kurt Lamprecht Month ago

      @Chill out lil bro k

    • Luckyshot
      Luckyshot Month ago

      Your reasons for using the internet is not more valid than other peoples reasons for using it.

    • Luckyshot
      Luckyshot Month ago +1

      Yes it was a sentence. It was however *also* a comment. They don't exclude each other.
      Sentence: "a set of words that is complete in itself, typically containing a subject and predicate, conveying a statement, question, exclamation, or command, and consisting of a main clause and sometimes one or more subordinate clauses."

  • KingSMP
    KingSMP Month ago +1

    Such a shame that 880k people saw his video and only 10% of them liked it. He spend a week building this keyboard, this should have a lot more likes.

  • Travelling studs
    Travelling studs Month ago

    How have I only just found this channel. It’s brilliant and I can tell you put in a lot of effort.

  • Yapap1234567
    Yapap1234567 Month ago

    Came here out of curiousity, but fell in love with your innovative determination. Subbed!

  • Admiral_Marc
    Admiral_Marc Month ago

    .. I never thought I'd think of a man who makes epic keyboards as a legend. But I was wrong. Legend.

  • Hurairahs Art And Craft!

    1 month ago
    I'm an engineer and I've been cracking up through this whole video. This is how every project I ever did during college went, including the shrug when the 1.5 spring spacebar was like... good enough?
    Also PLA and ABS is basically what su

  • Kushagra Chaturvedy
    Kushagra Chaturvedy Month ago +197

    This guy is a man of focus, commitment and sheer fucking will

    • heartsofmen
      heartsofmen Month ago

      hell hath no fury like... man with pure spite in his heart after brand refuses to sell giant keyboard.
      - shakespeare, probably

    • Balala
      Balala Month ago +1

      john wick with a stick

  • Quill Clock
    Quill Clock Month ago +1

    nice to see you outside your comfort zone using some actual tools and fixing things

  • MrRoomba
    MrRoomba Month ago

    Just wanted to mention that since you had a soldering iron you could melt the broken 3D printed stabilizer back together and the weld would be way stronger than any of the glue or tape being used.

  • anthony
    anthony Month ago +3

    14:22 spoken like a true developer 😂

  • Cold Chikn
    Cold Chikn Month ago

    Just a tip: when something 3d printed breaks you can put a soldering iron on ~200C and more or less “weld” the two bits together. Holds really strong as well

  • Fraser Nicol
    Fraser Nicol Month ago

    The tension throughout, I was literally gasping at points. Amazing video thank you

  • TheHannelorian
    TheHannelorian Month ago +1

    This looks like some found footage horror movie for keyboards, and yeah this project looks terrifying :D good job!

  • HueOfFun
    HueOfFun Month ago

    what an amazing accomplishment! very cool seeing it come together, hope you got a good rest after!

  • Iv Mo
    Iv Mo Month ago

    Love your content man, glad you're monetising for bigger projects now

  • Gaurav
    Gaurav Month ago +1

    ngl i don't watch your videos to watch keyboard related content but rather your videos are just so entertaining and you should keep making them i love the humour and editing style

  • Vertigo
    Vertigo Month ago

    Never in my life would I have thought someone could make me binge multiple videos about keyboards, but here we are I love this man it’s so good lmao

  • LovelyDevilish
    LovelyDevilish Month ago +440

    Literally every single thing that could have gone wrong went wrong even the sponsors
    (this is my most liked comment :DDD)

  • Vixe
    Vixe Month ago +1

    The determination of this man is something else, wtf

  • InfernoGames
    InfernoGames Month ago +1

    Mission Passed! Respect +
    this guy is truly amazing

  • Manuel Weiss
    Manuel Weiss Month ago +1

    What I enjoyed the most is not the big keyboard, is how you handled all your challanges!

  • Kyle Carter
    Kyle Carter Month ago

    For the "STABILIZER WIRE" the best thing to do would have been use super gluse and then once you join the two pieces, you sprinkle BAKING SODA on the joint and it swtrengthens the glue and also dries it instantly... Next time get piano wire or just thin steel wire and heat up the wire where you want to bend the corners with a plumbers torch and you're good! You can even use a piece of wood like a 2x4 or fence slat as a stencil. Just cut the wood to the length you need the wire to be and bend the wire around the three edged of the wood...

  • Smoke
    Smoke Month ago

    OMG this man has talent love the vids And what a cool keyboard

  • Eclypse
    Eclypse Month ago +279

    The storytelling in this video is incredible. Your videos cheer me up so much, hope you make more.

  • Official Rz
    Official Rz Month ago

    This mans dedication to keyboards is insane.

  • naota3k
    naota3k Month ago

    Glarses proving once and for all that he is the most insane keyboard youtuber. 10/10 mate.

  • Zaiden / Sonicn't
    Zaiden / Sonicn't Month ago

    I really don't know what to say except this feels like one of those diy shows, but really personal and interesting. First video I've watched from this channel and I'm immediately hooked.

  • Rainbow Nati
    Rainbow Nati Month ago +1

    Using what sounds a lot like Raise My Sword at 1:53 was a powerful low-key shout-out

  • Marcus Galvin
    Marcus Galvin Month ago

    Its super cool and good work was put on it, would have been nice to see a full practical run-through of it working though.

  • 6 Crazy Bros
    6 Crazy Bros Month ago +596

    Oh my im glad the ironing board didnt break! And also, Nice Video!! I loved every second of it! Thank you sir, for the entertainment.

    • 6 Crazy Bros
      6 Crazy Bros Month ago

      @njnj Nice to know im not the only one haha!

    • njnj
      njnj Month ago

      I was worried about that too. I have no idea how much the case weighed, but seeing him lift it, it looked heavy.

    • 6 Crazy Bros
      6 Crazy Bros Month ago

      Thats quite a lot of lieks, wow.

    • 6 Crazy Bros
      6 Crazy Bros Month ago

      @Curious Lamp ?

  • Vertix V6
    Vertix V6 Month ago +3

    Got utterly shocked by the fact that you used that song in the intro. Absolute banger although It would be nice if you put it in the description aswell. For anyone wondering what the song is it's 337x6 by Cateen

  • Onion Zest
    Onion Zest Month ago

    Watching them try to use glue makes me feel competent. Great video and a fantastic example of the indomitable human spirit.

  • Artastic_Friend
    Artastic_Friend Month ago

    I love how much pettiness and spite is in this video😂
    It's great

  • DEV ENV Bok
    DEV ENV Bok Month ago

    I would love to see someone coding on that. Do you have to extend your arms to reach the "ESC" and "backspace" keys?
    Thank you for the lovely video. 😀

  • MoonFlux
    MoonFlux Month ago +4

    4:35 My boi got racing stripes to go faster.