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Faint (Official Music Video) [4K UPGRADE] - Linkin Park

  • Published on Oct 22, 2009 veröffentlicht
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  • Redmercy
    Redmercy 6 years ago +24994

    RIP Chester.

  • grimburgoz
    grimburgoz 4 months ago +2973

    20 years and still sounds better than most of current music

    • Salamander Lucky🐧
      Salamander Lucky🐧 4 months ago +27

      Sem dúvidas ❤

    • Eyosyas Tebeje
      Eyosyas Tebeje 4 months ago +49

      I'm glad u said most instead of all ur very wise with your words

    • Richard Ferreira
      Richard Ferreira 4 months ago +16

      Verdade, mesmo não entendendo o idioma, me passa uma energia muito boa

    • Me existing
      Me existing 4 months ago +62

      To be fair most of linkin park’s music is better than most current music

    • Quasar
      Quasar 4 months ago +49

      @Me existing speicially because they actually PLAYED instruments unlike most people

  • Pan_OopZ
    Pan_OopZ Month ago +525

    After 20 years, the part "I won"t be ignored" still goes hard. RIP Chester, fly high.

  • Allan Sorriso
    Allan Sorriso Day ago +7

    Link park é para sempre. Definitivamente!

  • 901H
    901H 4 months ago +568

    Linkin park saved me. I’m 32. Hybrid Theory was my first CD. My grandmother took me to buy a CD for my new cd player and it was this. I grew up with them. As I got older, there music has been there for me in some very dark moments. This band has kept me sane during my divorce, I miss them.

  • Regina Romero
    Regina Romero Day ago +3

    Mi hijo de 8 años quisiera verte vivo Chester, vivirás por siempre en la música que nos dejaste

  • Ofentse Mwase Films
    Ofentse Mwase Films 2 years ago +4560

    My Favorite. When that guitar goes spinning!

  • Dot
    Dot 2 months ago +645

    6 years have passed. We're still here, Chester. RIP Chester .

    • Sam Art
      Sam Art 2 months ago +7

      It have been 8 years ago 😢

    • Dot
      Dot 2 months ago +3

      ​@Sam Art he died on july 20, 2023. right?
      then it's 6 years.

    • Ilian Rey
      Ilian Rey Month ago +4

      @Sam Art 6 лет, он был убит 20 июля 2017

    • Ahab Duennschitz
      Ahab Duennschitz Month ago +2

      Ok Chester. Whatever Chester. I like Cheese Chester

    • Jacob Samson
      Jacob Samson 21 day ago +1

      Poo poo

  • rapidoods doodles
    rapidoods doodles Day ago +1

    The time when music have meaning and power to boost your mood/life. RIP Chester... Thank you!

  • Jéssica
    Jéssica 3 months ago +23

    Que voz perfeita, saudades Chester 🖤🇧🇷

  • lyndonedwards
    lyndonedwards 2 months ago +76

    Band of my youth. They will never die.

  • Jaime Nuez
    Jaime Nuez 9 months ago +2800

    You cant just listen to 1 Linkin Park song and not go into a Linkin Park marathon

    • JordanDuffy49
      JordanDuffy49 7 months ago +91

      That's so true man I only wanted to listen to papercut and now I'm 5 hours into the day listening to faint lmao

    • Ken Nonami
      Ken Nonami 7 months ago +29

      You are right. found this msg middle in my Linkin Park marathon

    • braineclipse
      braineclipse 7 months ago +27

      wow so true i was supposed to go to sleep a hour ago🤣

    • JordanDuffy49
      JordanDuffy49 7 months ago +5

      @braineclipse haha

    • Stuart Pawley
      Stuart Pawley 7 months ago +9

      same with cornell and Soundgarden/ Audioslave, Staley and Alice in Chains, Kurt with Nirvana.

  • dés gyula Balogh
    dés gyula Balogh 26 days ago +61

    Here's to all the people who found solace in Linkin Park from Narcissistic Abuse, Chester you saved many a soul, but couldn't save your own. Rest in Peace.

    • PӀąցմҽ ȺղցҽӀ
      PӀąցմҽ ȺղցҽӀ 2 days ago

      Cheers ❤ tho learning his story of abuse completely broke my heart... for a while i didn't know stuff like the song "Crawling" is about his own experience with SA

  • Brian Giovani Alves
    Brian Giovani Alves 27 days ago +15

    Muito melhor do que temos hoje e a qualidade da gravação ainda é top 🔥🔥🔥🤘🎸

  • Juaniyo Pérez
    Juaniyo Pérez 19 days ago +43

    The best song ever, the best group ever, the best vocalist ever! RIP CHESTER!

  • Ian Alves
    Ian Alves 3 months ago +13

    O som da minha infância❤
    RIP Chester 🕊🌟

  • As So
    As So 25 days ago +22

    The only bad thing about this song, is that it ends!
    Thank you LP. RIP Chester.

  • Juunya
    Juunya 7 months ago +1902

    That intro sample still gives me chills to this day. I could recognize it anywhere, anytime.

    • Regular Horizon
      Regular Horizon 7 months ago +13


    • JRed
      JRed 6 months ago +59

      If this plays at a party you already know there's a chance of things being thrown out of pure joy and hype

    • Sergeant Elephant Priest
      Sergeant Elephant Priest 6 months ago +11

      Laura Lyn sounds not even remotely close. 😂

    • Daniel Films
      Daniel Films 5 months ago +5


    • Life in the Arctic
      Life in the Arctic 5 months ago +3

      Ditto! I still remember the first time I heard it, I was hooked. (ofc I was hooked back when HT came out, but still. So good.)

  • Garnet Amara
    Garnet Amara 2 hours ago

    One of the greatest groups of all time ❤

  • Rere ginting s
    Rere ginting s 2 months ago +20

    Love this song so much. Most powerful song I've ever heard and always enjoy it. Thanks LP for your timeless songs..

    TH DO YTB 7 days ago +8

    Linkin Park uma das maiores bandas que já existiram Rip chester vc era de mais 😢😢

  • Mario Maldonado
    Mario Maldonado 3 months ago +41

    2023 Y acá seguimos escuchando la mejor música de Chester 👌💯

  • Karina Araujo
    Karina Araujo 2 months ago +12

    É UM HINO!!!

  • Patrick Holt
    Patrick Holt 11 months ago +4319

    Is it rap? Is it metal? It’s neither. It’s a classic masterpiece.

  • Nick El Saiyajin Dios
    Nick El Saiyajin Dios 3 months ago +9

    Uno de los temas que jamás morirán...

  • James Hoggard
    James Hoggard 2 months ago +35

    They weren't just ahead of their time, they are timeless.

  • Dakota Shipley
    Dakota Shipley 29 days ago +33

    The best thin about LP is that there is not a bad song from them, they're all exceptional masterpieces. The only bad thing is that Chester is no longer with us. Chester, you voice will never be ignored. Your vocals are impeccably melodic and inspiring family. RIP

  • Gabbu Sensei
    Gabbu Sensei 5 months ago +31

    Seeing this in 4K is such a breath of fresh air. I've seen these videos hundreds of times since I found LP on MTV waaay back when. Seeing the detail of their silhouettes, the aggression and energy; its like watching it for the first time all over again.

    CLTTLC 3 months ago +83

    Crazy how the older you get the more you relate to these songs.

  • Mathilda Bäck
    Mathilda Bäck Year ago +2477

    Linkin was the soundtrack of my teenage years struggling with a deep depression after losing my dad at 13 and living with my abusive/gaslighting mom. Still coming back for more at 35.

    • Hartono Harijanto
      Hartono Harijanto Year ago +45

      Still here missing chester and all linkin park crew

    • ALF4 ghost
      ALF4 ghost Year ago +48

      hey... if you ever struggle again you can try to listen to NF... i'm 15 years old and he prevented my suicide

    • Jefferson
      Jefferson Year ago +2


    • Falthas 𓆏
      Falthas 𓆏 Year ago +2

      Hmm… math ain’t mathin bruh 🤔🧐☝️

    • kiczikacz
      kiczikacz Year ago +8

      Wish u all the best, i hope everything is fine and u doin well. Stay strong and survive even if it makes no sense, maybe one day something will change. Greetings

  • warlane
    warlane 3 days ago +1

    20ans plus tard...toujours aussi lourd

  • Harry Austin
    Harry Austin 3 months ago +29

    Still my favourite Linkin Park song of all time, makes me feel pumped every time I hear it. Rest in peace Chester ❤️🙏🏻🤟🏻

  • Rigoberto Melgarejo Guzmán

    Nosotros somos la generación encargada de mantener vivo el legado de linkin park
    Muchas gracias por todo chester bennington

  • Monique Duarte
    Monique Duarte 27 days ago +21

    Posso dizer que desde minha infância até hoje, sinto o mesmo arrepio ouvindo esse som! Qualidade pura 👏🏼❣️

    • Fred Prado
      Fred Prado 21 day ago +2

      Mano que nostalgia de quando eu jogava play 2 , era a música de música de início do bomba petch

    • Indra Otsutsuki
      Indra Otsutsuki 19 days ago +1

      Eu tmb

  • LiveShifter
    LiveShifter 3 months ago +24

    0:15 Gives me chills every time

  • Visca el Barça•
    Visca el Barça• 6 months ago +1328

    Never gets old or boring. What a master piece. It is a pity that we don't get music like this these days. This song had aged like wine, it only became better.

  • Zane SAM
    Zane SAM 3 days ago

    Song still gives me the chills

  • Наталья
    Наталья 3 months ago +127

    Какие-то песни слушают месяц, какие-то год. Песни LP я слушаю уже больше 20 лет. Спасибо за них

    • Abregú17
      Abregú17 3 months ago +14

      Es verdad, las canciones de hoy en día están de moda 2 semanas y después son olvidadas, eso hace más fuerte la música de Linkin Park porque se escucha siempre ❤

    • Георгий Ульянов
      Георгий Ульянов 3 months ago +4

      однажды и навсегда в моем сердце

  • BoomhauerSixOneNine
    BoomhauerSixOneNine Month ago +92

    Dude, I can’t listen to this without tearing up. RIP Chester. Rock on wherever you are 🫶

  • Fillipe klysman
    Fillipe klysman 2 months ago +23

    Em pleno 2023 escutando e relembrando o auge da minha adolescência 🤟🏻🔥😎

  • Isidora Lizana
    Isidora Lizana 25 days ago +13


  • iamlucca
    iamlucca Month ago +15

    I've loved Linkin Park 20 years ago when I was 12, it was pretty much my first favourite band. Now, 20 years later, I listen to them now and then, and still love this sound and I'm kinda proud of myself I had a good taste as a kid :)

  • Matt Blum
    Matt Blum 6 years ago +1499

    RIP to a music titan and a guy who guided many of us lost souls thru dark times.
    You will be missed, Chester.

  • Zgeasy
    Zgeasy 3 months ago +53

    Essa banda é lendária! Eterno Chester, que ele tenha encontrado a paz que tanto procurava

  • EP' leitez
    EP' leitez Month ago +18

    Tuve la oportunidad de tener Hybrid Teory y Meteora en CD's , cuando salieron automáticamente supe que era para mi esta música , ya tengo 35 años , hagan cuentas de cuanto llevo escuchando esto y lo más genial es que no me ha aburrido en ningún momento 🥺👍gracias Chester

  • Xty.
    Xty. 3 months ago +55

    This song never gets old, the music, the energy, better than ANY song that drops now. All of the new songs dont understand how you make a song, they just scream and get millions of followers, but Linkin Park actually understood how to make a good song. I still havn't found a better band because Linkin Park actually knew how to make songs. This band is the BEST.
    Also, if you read this you have a GREAT taste in music.

    • Adrian Garcia
      Adrian Garcia 3 months ago

      Sin duda la mejor esta cancion me hizo llorar de tanta emocion sin duda es la musica mas apasionante que he escuchado

    • Xty.
      Xty. 3 months ago

      @Adrian GarciaYeah.

    • luizlp
      luizlp 3 months ago


  • Mari :]
    Mari :]  27 days ago +6

    such a therapeutic song 💘 my soul heals every time i scream/sing it

  • Graziele Aline
    Graziele Aline Month ago +15

    Estamos ficando mais velhos ❤ ótimos tempos que sdd😉🇧🇷🤗🥰 quando ainda havia música de qualidade..

  • Frej Pascua Etc.
    Frej Pascua Etc. 2 years ago +3908

    He screams like a demon
    He sings like a angel
    He lived like a man
    He died but lived in our hearts
    R.I.P. Chester Bennington

    • Shok89 Honest Opinion Vlog
      Shok89 Honest Opinion Vlog 2 years ago +77

      He helped me in worst my life moments

    • VIOZ
      VIOZ 2 years ago +35

      @Shok89 Honest Opinion Vlog im wirh u bro, same to me

    • Tokivi k
      Tokivi k 2 years ago +25

      Love you my man and Chester

    • Stone Bailey
      Stone Bailey 2 years ago +21

      Wow that’s a perfect way to describe him. 😢

    • Diego Martinez
      Diego Martinez 2 years ago +19

      his lyrics, voice and music engulfed me to conquer my troubles. Chester was an inspiration, an idol and an older brother. He will live forever in our hearts.

  • Basia Kozik
    Basia Kozik Month ago +12

    Tak wspanialli młodzi artyści, z tak wyjątkowym głosem- Nigdy go nie zapomnimy- byleś i pozostaniesz wyjątkowy i oby dla następnych nadeszła szybciej pomoc- Boże chroń

  • Charlis 15 oficial
    Charlis 15 oficial Month ago +8

    Descanse em paz Chester. 🤘🇧🇷🤘

  • Ace Ventura Pet Detective
    Ace Ventura Pet Detective 23 days ago +14

    The thing that makes this album more impressive is how much they matured in terms of songwriting . Usually following up a masterpiece is hard but to completely out do it is amazing. Two bands I can think of pulled this off. And those are Slipknot and Linkin Park. To just decide to go from D tuning to C and knock it out of the Linkin Park.

  • Francisca Aurilene
    Francisca Aurilene 3 months ago +8

    Minha música favorita

  • I.H. Khan Mishkat
    I.H. Khan Mishkat 2 months ago +11

    No matter how many times we listen this, it'll never get old...what a Masterpiece...🤘

  • Redactation
    Redactation 2 years ago +1511

    It's crazy, you listen to these songs when you're young because they sound badass. But then you return to them when you're older and realize the true meanings since you have gone through so much bullshit throughout your life. It hits hard!

  • Roberta L
    Roberta L 2 months ago +18

    Eu me lembro em 2004 ou 2005, a gente tinha cd pirata do linkin park (original era muito caro kkk) e um dia meu tio colocou essa música pra tocar no carro, em volume máximo, enquanto a gente passeava. foi tão da hora 🥲

  • adryan Rogerio
    adryan Rogerio Month ago +3

    uma banda que vai comigo até o fim

  • shyrleh yucra perez
    shyrleh yucra perez 2 months ago +11

    20 años de este gran tema, tantos recuerdos de mi adolescencia y ahora mi hija lo escucha… gracias Chéster 🙏🖤

  • Samuel Herrera
    Samuel Herrera 2 months ago +3

    Gracias linkin parck, ellos son mi motivación para emprender mi camino a la música y crear mi banda. Gracias ❤️❤️

  • Lance
    Lance 3 months ago +3

    There's so much talent on display here. Linkin Park has a bright future ahead. All love to Chester

  • Tryan B
    Tryan B 10 months ago +2400

    When Chester passed away, it was like my whole childhood got taken away. RIP Chester, and much love to the rest of Linkin Park.

  • Carter Albinson
    Carter Albinson 2 months ago +8

    Listening to this for the first time; this rocks hard, and those vocals are insane!

  • Zero TM
    Zero TM 2 months ago +7

    verlo en 4k despues de tantos años te eriza literalmente la piel.

  • sean edwards
    sean edwards 2 months ago +13

    A big part of my heart breaks with every song. RIP Chester!

  • Wendoly Molina
    Wendoly Molina 2 months ago +9

    🎧Woo woo no canso de escucharlos qué loooo cura 🤪🤪de conciertos de link Park llenazo total🔥🔥🔥 brutal mi banda qué llego para quedarse los legendarios de la historia 💔😓😩✌️

  • Justin Spliedt
    Justin Spliedt Month ago +7

    LP forever changed my life and the music industry. RIP Chester. I miss you.

  • Ozymandias ➊
    Ozymandias ➊ 2 years ago +4474

    A message to the future generations. Don't let this song die.

    • Alexia Aleong
      Alexia Aleong 2 years ago +92

      Oh honey we ain't gonna let this song die, this a masterpiece, you can't compare Linkin Park to anyone else.

    • GroxPL
      GroxPL 2 years ago +66

      Don't let Linkin Park and bands like it die in general.

    • Triinankur Biswas
      Triinankur Biswas 2 years ago +21

      It is in the right hands don't worry ✌

    • BLAST XY Official
      BLAST XY Official 2 years ago +2

      @Alexia Aleong pñ

    • Ranger360YT
      Ranger360YT 2 years ago


  • Marie Tanner
    Marie Tanner 5 days ago +1

    Saw them in concert 3 times! They rocked every show!

  • l e
    l e Month ago +2

    What a masterpiece! RIP Chester.

  • Ahmet Dağ
    Ahmet Dağ Day ago

    Really miss the days I was listening to you live, especially Chester! RIP Bro!

  • James Murphy
    James Murphy 26 days ago +8

    Still one of my all time favourites :3

  • Олександра Рогожкіна

    I started listening LP when I was a 12-year old girl and keep listening it up today for 16 years already. Chester, your voice was special, how many more beautiful songs you could present us if you were alive...

  • Κυαδρών
    Κυαδρών 5 years ago +91

    A year passed, but you're, and you'll be, always in our hearts.
    Thank you Chester Bennington!
    Thank you

  • Matheus Moreira
    Matheus Moreira 3 months ago +8

    Essa sem Sombra de dúvidas é a melhor música deles.
    Na minha opinião.
    This without a doubt is their best song.
    In my opinion.

  • Mattia
    Mattia Month ago +10

    One of the greatest songs of all time.

  • L D
    L D 4 days ago

    Can't even imagine how his family felt listening to this after he passed. I can't get thru it without shedding tears

    DEXTER DRIVER  2 months ago +4

    Qualidade espetacular ❤️‍🔥🙏
    Rip Chester, jamais será esquecido

  • Wiliyo Rodman
    Wiliyo Rodman 2 months ago +3

    las legendas nunca mueren

  • WeGottaSituation
    WeGottaSituation 9 years ago +3124

    Linkin Park is simply amazing.

  • Bone0616_YT
    Bone0616_YT 3 days ago +2

    This music is so amazing

  • Trent Meaux
    Trent Meaux 3 months ago +8

    Went to their concert back in 2005 at The Woodlands pavilion. It was raining and people were using the 100ft long hill as a mud slide and mosh pitting at the bottom. It was such an amazing concert!

  • Roberta Bezerra
    Roberta Bezerra 2 months ago +6

    Thank you Chester for understanding our pain in so many differents levels and ways...

  • DoubleFive
    DoubleFive 4 months ago +63

    My parents fight everyday and I keep listening to this song, it gives me the motivation to not go crazy. Love you linkin park ❤❤

    • Dean Jordan
      Dean Jordan 4 months ago +7

      Stay up homie, all of that is nothing to do with you.
      Our parents are just people, full of flaws. Keep rocking LP and keep your chin up, everything works out in the end. Worked for me.

    • Испанский горячий Альфонс
      OORIEKON 3 months ago

      I feel you bro, my mother and father also fight everyday😢 we're same

  • Stefany Pizão
    Stefany Pizão 3 months ago +7

    A melhor deles! Toda vez que eu a escuto parece a primeira vez.

    • Renan Santos
      Renan Santos 3 months ago +1

      Eu todo dia e toda hora kkkkkkk
      Como q sai daqui kkkkk

  • Liam Storey
    Liam Storey 2 years ago +967

    fucking masterpiece, the world will never be the same without Chester. He is one of the few that sounds just as good live as he does recorded, a true artist.

    • Adam Jackson
      Adam Jackson 2 years ago +4

      I'll second that.

    • Josh Shrum
      Josh Shrum 2 years ago +7

      It’s funny how new this comment is because i have been listening to a lot of Linkin Park, but honestly Nu Metal, never gets old for me it’s always relevant, and timeless.

    • Liam Storey
      Liam Storey 2 years ago +3

      @Josh Shrum yeah i always come back to linkin park, been listening to them since the release of hybrid theory in 2000.

    • Corey .Taylor
      Corey .Taylor 2 years ago +9

      I agree.... Chester is a master in voice. Man this guy helps so many people with his voice and his lyrics. He is my favorite. Forever.

    • Luvis Paul
      Luvis Paul 2 years ago +2

      true if you hear his voice and the sonngs he made youl be wanting to play it again

  • fernando moraes
    fernando moraes 4 months ago +3

    lembrança adolescência. Banda boa. Linkin Park é lenda

  • Zack Pack
    Zack Pack Month ago +4

    The first time I heard LP it was easy to see they were destined for greatness! They didn't disappoint either! RIP Chester, man we miss you!

  • Fled From Nowhere
    Fled From Nowhere 2 months ago +25

    "But I'll be here cuz you're all that I've got" hits home for me.

  • The Goblin
    The Goblin 3 months ago +8

    Just caught this song on the radio and the nostalgia hit me like a truck

  • MiST
    MiST 21 day ago +14

    Easily one of the most talented vocal artists. That 18 second scream gives me goosebumps every single time.

  • Shomo Sen
    Shomo Sen 2 years ago +431

    Me during college days: Linkin Park was just a phase.
    Me, 35 years old: Linkin Park makes more sense than when I was growing up with them.
    We won't turn our back on you, Linkin Park. RIP Chester.

    • jeremiah fernandez
      jeremiah fernandez 2 years ago +1

      Rory Carignan cool

    • Soumojeet
      Soumojeet 2 years ago +2

      Just never leave them , keep LP in ur veins

      CONSOLETRUTH2 2 years ago +1

      Dude I'm 41 and still listen

    • Red Donut
      Red Donut 2 years ago +2

      I found linkin park when I was like 6 through my Christian Grandma. Just think that’s funny. This has to be the first time I’ve listened to them in around 4 years

  • FoxTrotWiskey
    FoxTrotWiskey Month ago

    Rock In Peace Chester 🙏

  • fissurado em aves extintas

    Minha nova música favorita

  • stig3243
    stig3243 Day ago +3

    Rest in peace, Chester.

  • Charles Victoria
    Charles Victoria 3 months ago +9

    Still my favorite Linkin Park song of all time.

  • In your honour💗
    In your honour💗 4 months ago +6

    Linkin park created a new area, a new sound, something fulfilling form many. This record as a teenage girl helped me cope through so many insecurities, although the record was fairly overproduced compared to their later records),:it’s still definitive for me. I do have that connection because I somewhat think everyone has insecurities to battle with still.m

  • Gabriel Sousa
    Gabriel Sousa 3 years ago +1318

    Today, is the Chester's Death Anniversary.
    Let's prove our love and proud of him.
    And take your music and legacy forward, until the end.
    In the end, you mattered, Chester.
    You weren't ignored.
    You don't ended up failing, you won.
    When we feel empty, we will remember you.
    You were a important crack of the castle.
    He sang like an angel
    Screamed like a demon
    And died as a legend
    @ @ @

    • gg wew
      gg wew 3 years ago +4

      90s. Feels like yesterday.

    • SADat4AM
      SADat4AM 3 years ago +3

    • Davy
      Davy 3 years ago +6

      He ve helped me in very bad moments of my life...

    • The Freak On A Leash
      The Freak On A Leash 3 years ago +7

      Chester won't be ignored.

  • Jhonattan Muto Taboada
    Jhonattan Muto Taboada 2 months ago +5

    Tiempos aquellos de Adolescencia...😅 Grande Chester

  • Abyss
    Abyss 2 months ago +27

    I WONT BE IGNORED......... 2:05- 2:10.... wow the power and the brutality of Chester's vocal Simply Amazing rest in peace you don't have to cry no more

  • Kevlar
    Kevlar Month ago +2

    after listening to this song for all my life, i still get goosebumps