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Double Life Episode 4: The Last Green - S TIER UNLOCKED!

  • Published on Jul 7, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Welcome to Last Life season 3 renamed Double Life SMP - episode 4! We start Double Life Ep4 by mining diamonds and going to the DeepDark with Bdubs to get enchanted gear at the Enchanter. We S tier status with an MLG water bucket trick to save the Jellie Pandas to the end the episode!
    Hope you enjoyed episode 4 of Double Life session 3 on the Life SMP! See you in episode 5!
    * A Very Plump Jellie Resource Pack: www.planetminecraft.com/mob-s...
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  • GoodTimesWithScar
    GoodTimesWithScar  5 months ago +1188

    S Tier
    My Links and stuff:
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    • Angelina Pearsall
      Angelina Pearsall 4 months ago +1

      Grain is cheating on you with big bee

    • Cold Warrior
      Cold Warrior 4 months ago

      I finally watched the episode your such a great player in this season sand monopoly, enchanting table and water bucket god clutch I was hoping you'd be the last green with Grian should have bet money

    • Rainbowcats19
      Rainbowcats19 4 months ago

      S TIER SCAR!! I'd also like to point out how everyone thinks you'd just kill yourself, but every first life loss for you in every life season has been from one mischief maker: Grian

    • Nasis Kahn
      Nasis Kahn 5 months ago

      You earned your S tier!! That was so epic! I heals my breath during that whole jump! I couldn’t wait to see your pov!
      Just a funny thought what if you didn’t steal the enchanter for the next season. That might issue so much confusion! Hear me out! Love your eps!

    • Zoro_B_Lost
      Zoro_B_Lost 5 months ago

      Please after this series is over make a video compilation of the Odesseys of Oreo the Magnificent Horse. everybody stealing it

  • JDLong006
    JDLong006 5 months ago +7088

    "Scar, you left the Jellys down here" and then Scar jumping down and hitting the water bucket is definitely going to get animated and look really cool

    • Elizabeth Fout
      Elizabeth Fout 3 months ago

      It is insane to see how many people have turned that moment into an animation of some sort it blows my mind that one moment in a series can lead to this I'm not complaining on ANY level because every one I've seen is amazing

    • Lost Ripple
      Lost Ripple 4 months ago +1


    • Your local bush
      Your local bush 4 months ago +1

      I’ve done it B)

    • Nina
      Nina 5 months ago

      That’s what I thought

    • Flareryl
      Flareryl 5 months ago +2

      On my way pal

  • Nathalaia
    Nathalaia 5 months ago +1817

    "Worse than arsonists?"
    "Life grows from ashes."
    LOL. That's gotta be one of my favourite quotes from this season of Life. Also, that water bucket clutch? Man, that was absolutely terrific. Thank you for being your fun, kind, and chaotic self!

  • Venti 温迪༺
    Venti 温迪༺ 5 months ago +1357

    Scar is the perfect example of “the jesters cap affords many liberties.” What a legend.

    • No name
      No name 4 months ago +8

      Cool saying I haven't heard that one before

    • Cage Nightwind
      Cage Nightwind 5 months ago +11

      This is way too true. lmao! S Tier Scar.

  • Father and Son Games
    Father and Son Games 5 months ago +1390

    Joel and Etho’s energy is literally just: *gets in you face* “you got any [desirable important item]?!”

    • Julius Roman
      Julius Roman Month ago

      friendship emeralds?

    • Father and Son Games
      Father and Son Games 4 months ago +7

      Seeing all these madlib answers is actually hilarious because I don’t know if half of these are references or memes

    • Ms L.
      Ms L. 4 months ago +1

      ...platform shoes?"

    • conan
      conan 4 months ago +4

      hello [Little Sponge] you got any [HYPERLINK BLOCKED]

    • NagANut
      NagANut 4 months ago +5

      you got any [KROMER]?!

  • Bayley B
    Bayley B 5 months ago +490

    Had to keep replaying Scar going "Bone of... Anthropods?" instantly followed by Bdubs indignantly shouting "Bone of Arthroprads?!" physically cannot move past it

    • ArthurTeddy
      ArthurTeddy 2 months ago +1

      @Lee I've now been imitating BDubs every time I see the enchantment come up while playing Minecraft 😂 I can't not laugh about it

    • tumblingartist
      tumblingartist 2 months ago +1

      Bdubs and Scar have such an amazing dynamic

    • Lee
      Lee 4 months ago +10

      You know when you laugh so hard no sound comes out, it's just wheezing and the occasional squeak? That's what I did when they said that. It's too funny😂😂😂😂

    • ArthurTeddy
      ArthurTeddy 4 months ago +11

      @Jay Harvey 7:36

    • Jay Harvey
      Jay Harvey 4 months ago

      Time stamp?

  • Crème Puffletté
    Crème Puffletté 5 months ago +2426

    This episode was just filled with Scar exceeding and surprising everyone's expectations. From the deep dark to that amazing water clutch and boat escape 👌 S Tier Scar indeed

    • Elias
      Elias 5 months ago +3

      I'd say this is exactly what I'd expect from Scar. the signs were always there and he definitely took the time to get better at the game not just building. Scar been doing Water clutches for a while now and impressively succeeding each time.

    • Ephemeral Panacea
      Ephemeral Panacea 5 months ago +3

      @Daniel Wilson oh skoosh you're right i'm sorry. This was meant for Etho

    • bruh mode active
      bruh mode active 5 months ago +2

      11:51 "we don't want to make enemies with Joel and etho"
      Later makes them enemies

    • Daniel Wilson
      Daniel Wilson 5 months ago +5

      @Ephemeral Panacea i think you might have sent this to the wrong place

    • Ephemeral Panacea
      Ephemeral Panacea 5 months ago +4

      its just not what they weren't saying. You can't stand being the one your mother and father loath and you lie and cheat and steal. Sternal. The sternum has been intercepted. So there are precisely two options left for you at this point in time. Either we dance or we sing. The ball is in your court, buddy. Choose wisely.

  • Leon Mercury
    Leon Mercury 5 months ago +909

    Grian: "We don't want to be enemies with Joel and Etho"
    Also Grian: *Gambles with a game of fishing rod, putting Joel and Etho onto red*

    • Shaden Knight
      Shaden Knight 4 months ago +1

      @SykoJr5135 I've been on all seasons on the Grain Man's channel.

    • SykoJr5135
      SykoJr5135 4 months ago +4

      @Shaden Knight you must have not watched the past seasons of this series, scar is like that chaotic evil or chaotic neutral of the story in almost all of them

    • Shaden Knight
      Shaden Knight 4 months ago +5

      They probably would've left them alone if Scar gave up the table

  • Sarah Landis
    Sarah Landis 5 months ago +404

    I'm pretty sure the hermits stuck the enchanter down in the deep dark specifically because scar kept monopolizing the enchanting table.

    • K is Okay
      K is Okay 4 months ago +4

      And then he STILL went on to steal and monopolize it

    • Snow
      Snow 4 months ago +10

      @hot wheels Reviews gapples (including the enchanted version) are banned in double life bc they mess with the heart-linkage
      but yeah the diamond gear is definitely a valuable thing, tango used a some leggings he found there to barter with BigB

    • hot wheels Reviews
      hot wheels Reviews 5 months ago +8

      @Aron Tilborghs I mean, you can get Notch apples, enchanted diamond armor, and a ton of other valuables down there and in a server like this, lets just say notch apples are OP

    • ItsLegitCraft
      ItsLegitCraft 5 months ago +8

      They aren't all hermits

    • JamVsJam
      JamVsJam 5 months ago +4

      @Aron Tilborghs agreed

  • JaybirdBaby
    JaybirdBaby 5 months ago +256

    I love that scar confirmed that he’s suspicious of Grian cheating on him but it’s sooo overshadowed by the rest of the chaos in this episode e

    • JaybirdBaby
      JaybirdBaby 4 months ago +13

      Around 14:27 is when he says it, but he gets talked over so the others don’t know he said it.

    • Crazy Cosmic Cakes
      Crazy Cosmic Cakes 5 months ago +14

      @Orion 13:51 plus I have seen Grians pov and won’t spoil a darn thing :)

    • Orion
      Orion 5 months ago +5

      Do u have a time stamp?

  • SkylightCiel
    SkylightCiel 4 months ago +159

    There's absolutely NO REASON why Scar should've survived confronting everyone like that but the Water Bucket Clutch was just SO GOOD that the rules of the honor code said he got to keep his life.

  • SdSavage54
    SdSavage54 5 months ago +2446

    The fact that scar doesn’t care about going on the deep dark but just scared that Grian forbade him is hilarious

    • 🎗CallMeAspen🎗
      🎗CallMeAspen🎗 4 months ago +2

      @꧁Velvet_Cakepops꧂ which is why i can literally see it 👉😎👉

    • ꧁Velvet_Cakepops꧂
      ꧁Velvet_Cakepops꧂ 4 months ago +3

      @🎗CallMeAspen🎗 He basically has been a mom friend on half the servers he's been on, he's either the wine mom friend or the chaotic aunt

    • 🎗CallMeAspen🎗
      🎗CallMeAspen🎗 4 months ago +2

      I could see Grian as a stereotypical wife/mother

    • Lego
      Lego 5 months ago +2

      @ChibiChubby :D I love that show

    • ChibiChubby
      ChibiChubby 5 months ago +10

      As Toph says: “ YEAH! Let’s break some rules!!!!”

  • RAE
    RAE 5 months ago +406

    i like how grian and scar were worried abt being paired with each other but then they became the last green pair

    • Teresa r
      Teresa r 5 months ago +19

      History repeats itself

  • Ilakkiya Venkat
    Ilakkiya Venkat 4 months ago +89

    Scar: “Bone of Anthropods?”
    Bdubs: “BONE OF ARTHROPRADS?!?!?!”
    Favorite interaction, I laughed so much!!!

  • SpookyCrown
    SpookyCrown 5 months ago +346

    Seeing Etho being absolutely stunned silent by suprise, fear, and amazement of your skill.
    That's truly a historic accomplishment..
    you "MLG bucket'ed" like a god, saved the Jellies and you made your smooth escape on the river.
    You were Stunning, Scar!..

  • Lego
    Lego 5 months ago +564

    The conversation with SmallEtho is so much more fun to watch from Scar's pov then Grian's, Grian left out the part where Scar straight up lied to SmallEtho about where the enchanter was, I loved it. This session was the best so far I think, it was so caotic, I loved it.

    • Lego
      Lego 5 months ago +3

      @Dying2Survive I totaly agree

    • Lego
      Lego 5 months ago

      @upside uʍop Lol yes

    • upside uʍop
      upside uʍop 5 months ago +7

      You mean the boat bois

    • Dying2Survive
      Dying2Survive 5 months ago +106

      They have their recordings set up so you really have to watch everyone’s episode to get it all. Honestly I’m all for it cause it keeps their videos from all having the same conversations over and over again.

  • Liam Engram
    Liam Engram 5 months ago +2363

    Everyone: This season we made a pact that the enchanting table would stay where it is.
    Scar: Are you new to this series? That's my enchanting table...always has been.

    • Kunarastar
      Kunarastar 5 months ago +3

      @Username 1123 Yeah, everyone's first reaction to finding out it's missing was to instantly think it was Scar.

    • Ifal M
      Ifal M 5 months ago

      He's so greedy

    • S F
      S F 5 months ago +6

      Given that Scar had to trek the Deep Dark to get it, it feels very much deserved.

    • Dimond5819🎗👑
      Dimond5819🎗👑 5 months ago

      @EmilyTheDemon same😂🤣

    • EmilyTheDemon
      EmilyTheDemon 5 months ago +6

      I’m honestly surprised that it lasted this long 😂

  • Andrew A
    Andrew A 5 months ago +286

    Hey guys, if anyone wants to do a 3rd Life kind of thing with their friends, I have a bunch of ideas I made.
    AfterLife- Everyone starts with 3 lives. When you are on your last life, you become hostile and kill other players. The twist is that whenever you kill someone with direct combat, you gain their life. If a red name aggresses you and you kill them, you gain their life and they are out of the game.
    LifeSwap- Everyone starts with 5 lives. When you are on life 2 and 1, you become hostile and kill other players. At the start of each session, assuming at least one person is on life 4 or below, you spin a wheel to assign new life amounts to players.
    LifeHunt- Everyone starts with 3 lives. When you are on your last life, you become hostile and kill other players. At the start of each session, someone has a bounty put on their head. Every player’s goal is to kill that person. Whoever kills them gains one life. If the person with the bounty dies, they do not lose a life. If they manage to survive the entire session, they gain one life at the start of the next session.
    Please like this so Scar sees. Scar, if you’ve seen my comment, please bring this to Grian’s attention, I would love to see you guys use these ideas.

    • Andrew A
      Andrew A 4 months ago

      @StuffandThings thats a really cool idea but seeing as i'm not good with command blocks or coding, i have no idea how i'd set that up

    • StuffandThings
      StuffandThings 4 months ago +1

      I have another one to add to this:
      NewLife: typical 3 lives, red players are hostile. But each time you die, instead of losing your inventory you lose your dimension. As in, green lifes are in the overworld. Yellow are in the nether. Red are in the End, but will have the ability to access the other dimensions (with limits like a cooldown and a reasonable time limit to being in other dimensions) to fulfill their role. Inventories and enderchests (if those are even achievable) will be kept upon death so you can bring stuff like saplings and food to the Nether and whatnot. Portals will be disabled so players are stuck in their respective dimension.

    • Congele
      Congele 4 months ago

      Those are great ideas! I hope Scar / Grian sees this, it could be a great inspiration for the next season!

    • Jace Reyna
      Jace Reyna 4 months ago

      the first is just the life swap smp with less lives

    • Kyla Forbes
      Kyla Forbes 5 months ago +1

      Mabye with LifeHunt the one person chosen could try to kill the rest of the server instead of being hunted, or multiple people could be chosen to be hunted, or the one person chosen have special ability eg extra speed or infinite ender purls. These abilities could be randomly chosen from a list of like, 10 other abilities to make it more fair on the person chosen.

  • The Trainmobile
    The Trainmobile 5 months ago +145

    Scar: Everyone underestimates me, but then they turn their backs and I'm like BOO and they're like SCAR WHERE'S THE ENCHANTING TABLE!?!?!?

    • Catsgirl32
      Catsgirl32 3 months ago

      Stop before I animate this omg hahahha x')

    • K is Okay
      K is Okay 4 months ago +2

      My favorite comment ever

  • jelina h
    jelina h 5 months ago +248

    when scar is on his last life he needs to title the episode "turning red" and put one of the jellie pandas in the thumbnail because it's the perfect opportunity

    • China Kny
      China Kny 4 months ago +2

      You got the jellie pandas correct at that part

    • Nintendo Mii
      Nintendo Mii 4 months ago +1

      Wonder if he'll talk about 9/11

    • Just_ISe
      Just_ISe 4 months ago +4


    • absolutely not
      absolutely not 5 months ago +6


    • Varshini.K
      Varshini.K 5 months ago +10

      OMG that's an amazing idea!!!

  • Eesha Jamil
    Eesha Jamil 5 months ago +60

    Scar has just been ON IT this season!
    When scar got the notification "Diamonds!" everyone assumed he was given them, but nope, he mined it himself. Same with the enchanter - everyone assumed he went with grian, but nope, the madlad snuck in quite literally and yanked it himself.
    Not to mention all the burnt bridges he's been mending! that's character growth y'all! (too bad Bdubs' loyalty lies with Etho, otherwise Scar giving him that sword is mad alliance points!)
    And then hiding the enchanter was quick thinking and of COURSE that MLG water bucket this ep! I'm here for S-tier Scar!!

  • WizardExtra
    WizardExtra 5 months ago +7213

    Scar acts stupid so everyone underestimated him, he’s not stupid, he’s quite the opposite, he’s pulling a big brain move on the entire Minecraft community.

    • Nico & Indy
      Nico & Indy 4 months ago

      @Hayseed LucyLouReally ? This comment is so annoying, and is becoming really tiresome. It drags down the comment section when people are enjoying the series, and absolutely love Scar… only to find your here being rude. It turns me off to the point I don’t think this reply is very worth anything.

    • PixelatedNova
      PixelatedNova 4 months ago +1

      he is a funny jester man :)

    • Slussshy
      Slussshy 4 months ago

      I’m glad someone else has been having the same suspicions.. lol

    • StuffandThings
      StuffandThings 4 months ago

      @Thatcher Cornwell Oh my god that is the most accurate analogy I have seen yet
      his name even sounds somewhat piratey lmaoo
      now someone just needs to teach him how to make good TNT cannons

    • Dodisturbedtv
      Dodisturbedtv 4 months ago +1

      This is what I keep telling people and think I'm crazy. 😆

  • Xeno Morph
    Xeno Morph 5 months ago +98

    24:16 the way Grian stops and turns around after Tango asks that question is 10/10

  • PlaytoPlay
    PlaytoPlay 5 months ago +63

    26:30 I am pretty sure Etho feared for his life in that moment bc he knew scar is crazy enough to fight them 1 vs 4 for the pandas

  • Sara GemZ
    Sara GemZ 5 months ago +82

    "Is the pillar up here made out of wood?"
    *Everyone looks at Scar*

  • Zpanazura
    Zpanazura 5 months ago +27

    "Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak."
    Sun Tzu, The Art of War

  • The Bwah Boi
    The Bwah Boi 5 months ago +3523

    The long silence after Tango asked “is the pillar up to this made out of wood” absolutely killed me

  • Crimson_Nord
    Crimson_Nord 5 months ago +94

    “Life grows from ashes, tango.”
    Both reminiscence and foreshadowing.

  • phayro ent
    phayro ent 5 months ago +25

    Everyone was in such shock at the S Tier play by Scar that they automatically went into respect mode and gave him a free pass.

  • Darth_Vorthin
    Darth_Vorthin 5 months ago +26

    For the longest time I have wondered if Scar was as…nice as he seems in his streams and Hermitcraft. Well I am attending Play On Con with JoeHills and I straight up asked Joe and he truthfully told me that Scar is a really great guy.

  • Zane Wright
    Zane Wright 5 months ago +47

    "You're in so much trouble, Scar...and it's all my fault."
    - yeah that pretty much sums up the Grian-Scar relationship

  • mistciara
    mistciara 5 months ago +1848

    bdubs: “your adventures are always so safe and fun”
    scar: “oh yeah, we’re gonna go to the deep dark”

    • MCTM
      MCTM 5 months ago +2

      that moment proves everyone thinks scar is gentle and weak but in reality hes s tier

    • King-AZP
      King-AZP 5 months ago +10

      And then bdubs actually just died at pool party, I saw grian POV too

  • Elijah cabacungan
    Elijah cabacungan 5 months ago +12

    It's hilarious how this is all a huge misunderstanding on Grian and Scar's part, though I can still see Etho and Joel killing scar for the enchanter as soon as they get thier targets.

    GHOSTS KNIVES 4 months ago +5

    Scar keeps getting better at the game slowly throughout the years he playing lol
    He got better at bows and now he is clutching with water buckets
    And he is threatening people

  • Jeneric
    Jeneric 5 months ago +37

    “We don’t want to be enemies with Joel and etho” he says.
    Later, grian and scar become enemies of not only Joel and etho, but the whole server

  • CluelessYukan
    CluelessYukan 5 months ago +31

    Scar's such a good businessman, he can negotiate himself out of death.

  • Mash
    Mash 5 months ago +22

    You were born for the S tier Scar. True fact: the “S” in a tier stands for Scar

  • SlyFox
    SlyFox 4 months ago +8

    1:07 the voice change when Scar realizes something is wrong sent shivers down my spine, he really went from all energy and on top of the world to "...what happened- what is this?"

  • DaanDanx
    DaanDanx 5 months ago +23

    22:44 This, Joel spying with the three simultaneously turning, has meme potential

  • jelina h
    jelina h 5 months ago +39

    "worse than an arsonist?"
    "life grows from ashes"
    so wise :)

  • The BlOb
    The BlOb 5 months ago +1193

    Never in a million years did I imagine Scar and Grian's team to be the last ones on Green. Good job Scar, you've really gotten a lot better at surviving

    • Дарья Левченко
      Дарья Левченко 5 months ago +1

      I did. They had the whole 3rd Life round to practice how to keep each others' lives count on the same number. Scar was both first yellow and red life back then and he came second. Grian stayed green for almost all of the season.
      They are quite powerful combination that had already spend whole season in co-op, which gives them a HUGE advantage. Don't know if these advantage would be enough for them to win, but they are definitely not gonna go without a struggle.

    • Ckinggaming5 Bucket Madness
      Ckinggaming5 Bucket Madness 5 months ago +2

      No, he’s just transformed, into S-tier scar

    • The BlOb
      The BlOb 5 months ago +2

      @Aug 101 you've got a point there, but still I think Scar's improved a lot

    • smarty rasor
      smarty rasor 5 months ago +2

      @Creeper Pug more like grian trying to babysit scar and failing when its actually dangerous and scar just somehow not dying

    • zen 23
      zen 23 5 months ago +4

      @Jr. yeah 99% cause of his die was from elytra.. but still scar really good at convince people think he's stupid.. but he's never to begin with.. he's really good at hiding his intelligence..

  • Door Numb
    Door Numb 5 months ago +34

    I'm so looking forward for an enemy-to-lovers arc with the Jolly Ranchers and a friends-to-enemies with Smalletho

  • Dheeraj MV
    Dheeraj MV 5 months ago +12

    I'm more impressed by Scar demanding the red names to move out of the panda reserve thzn the bucket clutch lmao

  • ApexBrachydios
    ApexBrachydios 5 months ago +22

    "Wow, Bdubs, so aggressive but still charming at the same time"

  • Sparrow T
    Sparrow T 5 months ago +12

    Aw, Grian just wanted to hang out with him at the party. Get some rest, Scar. :)

  • iGlowBerries
    iGlowBerries 5 months ago +1191

    I find it very poetic that Grian and Scar are the last green lives

    • Toren Novotny
      Toren Novotny 5 months ago +5

      Who would a thought that scar would actually be the last green life with grian but some things never change, like scars idiocy over an enchant table

    • Vriechorin Slat
      Vriechorin Slat 5 months ago +20

      especially now that there’s 8 red lives this session
      crazy how it’s legit all of the dysfunctional relationships on the tier lists that are the ones surviving

    • Apri
      Apri 5 months ago

      @sherlinn shut up bot

    • Apri
      Apri 5 months ago +19

      it's the most ironic too since Scar was the first one to turn to red during the 1st season, and now they're the last green lives this season.

    • ZamLikes2Draw
      ZamLikes2Draw 5 months ago +7

      Really i find it Crazy

  • GalaxyWolf
    GalaxyWolf 5 months ago +8

    The pairings this season:
    -CodBoy and Wizard Chap, gatekeepers of Red Velvet Keep
    -SmallEtho, captains of the RelationShip
    -The Jolly Ranchers, wranglers of The Warden
    -BigDog, residents of Box (and a semi-stable relationship involving secret soulmates)
    -Martin and Cleo, jealous exes
    -The Scarlet Pearl and Tilly, bringers of chaos
    -Scott, constantly afraid for his life.
    I love how this season is playing out so far. Thank you to all the creators involved!

  • Eva Kazoo
    Eva Kazoo 5 months ago +5

    The way Scar can just say lies so easily and without hesitation

  • uneasycylinder. png
    uneasycylinder. png 5 months ago +5

    The s in S Tier stands for Scar FR !! Absolute banger episode I’m so proud of how far Scar has not only survived, but THRIVED!

  • Edgemaster72
    Edgemaster72 5 months ago +16

    Scar just so casual about the "danger" he puts himself in, guess that's what happens when you're SSS tier

  • Bobolton Gleason
    Bobolton Gleason 5 months ago +5

    When you realized the pillar was made of wood, I immediately thought to dig down a few blocks on it and light it on fire yourselves, thereby burning it down from the top, but far enough away that it won't set you on fire. Actually a similar technique is used in fighting forest fires.

  • Daniyal Syed
    Daniyal Syed 5 months ago +8

    Scar: we don’t want to make enemies with Joel and etho.
    Grian: that’s true
    Little did they know.

  • Felix’s friend that gave him the egg

    I love that scar’s episode is one of the most chaotic this session and he didn’t even go to the pool party.

  • Ryone Fuushiba
    Ryone Fuushiba 5 months ago +9

    Scar is now MLG. Should threaten Grian that "every time he doubts your decision, you own him a water bucket challenge".

  • Andrei Arddem Bartolome
    Andrei Arddem Bartolome 5 months ago +974

    Everyone can agree: the MLG water bucket was epic

    • anna z
      anna z 5 months ago

      @SkSkNutella🤍 thanks!

    • Double_Illusions
      Double_Illusions 5 months ago +2

      seems like someone’s very insecure

    • Plo Koon
      Plo Koon 5 months ago +1

      It was a normal one.
      Ur just bad

    • Will Kelly
      Will Kelly 5 months ago +1


    • SkSkNutella🤍
      SkSkNutella🤍 5 months ago +4

      @anna z first episode of double life on Scar and Grian’s povs can’t remember if it was in Joel’s tho

  • nijuo joing
    nijuo joing 5 months ago +2

    when scar is on his last life he needs to title the episode "turning red" and put one of the jellie pandas in the thumbnail because it's the perfect opportunity

  • dekuneki
    dekuneki 5 months ago +14

    Grian at the start of the session to scar: "we don't want ti be enemies with Joel and Etho".
    Then ge proceeds into fishing rodding them ti death.

  • Serothil Music
    Serothil Music 5 months ago +2

    It took me 4 episodes to realize how terrifying the Etho and Joel combination is... O_O

  • LoLickyPeePee23XDD
    LoLickyPeePee23XDD 5 months ago +4

    im in shock by a lot this episode but most of all by scars plays at the end of the episode, holy hell he played the entire server like a cheap plastic kazoo securing the enchanter and his life and saving his pandas

  • Nena 🔥 F-'ck M'-e - Check my P'ro'fi-le🔥

    "Scar, you left the Jellys down here" and then Scar jumping down and hitting the water bucket is definitely going to get animated and look really cool

  • Pdbrighteyes
    Pdbrighteyes 5 months ago +3

    Great water clutch move there Scar! That’s the best shock and awe moment from the other players reactions ever! It’s like watching you In real life getting jump scared I bet would be a hoot!

  • shinmon
    shinmon 5 months ago +3

    That water bucket jump was one of the best moments ever. Had to pause and process it for a sec before replaying it a few times. S TIER episode.

  • jagruti thakur
    jagruti thakur 4 months ago +2

    Never ever I thought that I will see scar doing a mog waterbucket trick,
    That was the best moment in this episode, I am very impressed
    Very good scar!

  • Understanding YourExperiences

    You had such a good angle on SmallEtho The Double kill Killcam was such a good replay. 😂😂

  • Chronos
    Chronos 5 months ago +2

    I love Joel’s and Ethos's just kill strategy 😂😂😂 I hope there's more chaos next episode

  • Piet Poepjes
    Piet Poepjes 5 months ago +1

    Everyone underestimated how well he'd do. Great job Scar!

  • Deku Kitty
    Deku Kitty 5 months ago +1473

    Scar: "Are you kidding me, Bone of Anthropods?"
    Bdubs, without a moment of hesitation: "BONE OF ARTHROPRADS!?"
    Edit: 7:36 so everyone can experience it with ease.

    • ArthurTeddy
      ArthurTeddy 4 months ago

      It kills me 😂😂😂😂

    • NotASpyReally
      NotASpyReally 5 months ago +1

      That was hilarious XDD

    • LukeTheSchoolBoy
      LukeTheSchoolBoy 5 months ago +3

      I love bone of arthropods. I run into spidey bois a lot so I need a good enchant specifically for that.

    • NovaStella
      NovaStella 5 months ago +14

      the subtitles make it sound like bdubs just went, "BONE OF MARTHA BRANCH!?!?!"

    • Th1rt3n_tn
      Th1rt3n_tn 5 months ago +7

      The dynamic is so funny-

  • TheAdvertisement
    TheAdvertisement 3 months ago +1

    Love how this series started off with funny drama, Grian getting goat horns, Scar not realizing Grian was his soulmate, Grian trying to get a monopoly while Scar plays with pandas. Y'know, trying to strategize and make a future... and now they're public enemy number 1.

  • Peregrine5
    Peregrine5 5 months ago +1

    This episode was so fun to watch and made me laugh so much! Definitely the best mlg water bucket I’ve ever seen. Thanks for the amazing content!

  • CookieNook
    CookieNook 5 months ago +3

    “We don’t want to be enemies with Joel and Etho” foreshadowing

  • Josh Renall
    Josh Renall 5 months ago +1

    My whole body tenised up when you jumped...Expecting death..Scar that was amazing. You could clearly see all the other were amazed by what you did..I am sure you all had a good talk after/before the next session. Amazing S Tier!!

  • NikJ
    NikJ 5 months ago +1

    This episode was just EPIC! You're amazing Scarr, the mlg was epic, the escape was hilarious. Ufff i laughed my brains out 😂 Amazing video! 🔥❤

  • Sunfish
    Sunfish 5 months ago +1

    This episode felt like a movie the plot twists the deaths the incredible S tier skills from scar and then both grain and scar being the last green and ending up escaping the same way: by boating

  • Avidator 360
    Avidator 360 5 months ago +2

    Scar really digging into his Vex instincts again

  • Evi Vander Zouwen
    Evi Vander Zouwen 5 months ago +1

    Never under-estimate the bond between a man and his pandas.

  • Elijah cabacungan
    Elijah cabacungan 5 months ago +823

    He got trouble, talked his way out of trouble, talked his back into trouble, then jumped into deeper trouble, then somehow escaped everything. Dangit Scar, what an episode!

  • Qocket
    Qocket  5 months ago +4

    That clutch was God Tier, Scar is the next Dream.

  • James Burke
    James Burke 5 months ago +1

    Very proud of S Tier Scar for saving the Jelly's with a mlg water bucket. This season of double life couldn't be more epic.

  • time_to_teaparty
    time_to_teaparty 5 months ago +1

    I must apologize, I underestimated you scar. I never expected you to be the last one on green. Respect for that bucket.

  • Youroboros
    Youroboros 4 months ago +1

    24:15 "let me just ask one important thing... Is the pillar up to this made out of wood?"
    *everyone states intently at scar* 😂

  • DropsteR
    DropsteR 5 months ago +1626

    Scar was way too cool this episode LETS GO S TIER PLAYER

  • Respect Real Person
    Respect Real Person 5 months ago +2

    Scar you shock and awed them. GG!!! I'm just out the hospital after a week. Don't know what's going on yet. Might be cancer back. So if something is not figured out, and I move on to the next. I want you to know that you are one of the most admirable persons I have ever had the pleasure of watching play Minecraft. Your sense of humor is like a light that fills peoples lives. Hearing your voice is amazing. Wish I got to be your every day friend. You inspire me. Keep being you. Your fabulous. And if I get some more years; hopefully. I'm going to keep enjoying your Minecraft game play videos. Thank you!!!

  • JJ
    JJ 5 months ago

    I love the ending to this one. It's quite resounding and haunting but in a good way. Love it.

  • AwesomeDavid2012
    AwesomeDavid2012 5 months ago

    This whole episode was so amazing. Who knew the jolly ranchers would end up being your closest allies. And the pure skill on your part, impecable

  • Admiral Knusperbacke
    Admiral Knusperbacke 5 months ago

    I just love it when Bdubs and Scar are doing stuff together :D

  • Candy
    Candy 5 months ago +422

    the moment Scar sees Grian in the deep dark is like a cheating husband sees his partner

  • gaia aoi
    gaia aoi 5 months ago +5

    The doubt in Bdubs voice: "You and Me?!" I never chuckled so much.

  • TistheLiz
    TistheLiz 4 months ago

    Scar's love for the pandas makes so much more sense now that I've seen that he has a Jellie skin for them.

  • Plurple mahn
    Plurple mahn 5 months ago +4

    The reds: *starts burning Pandas*
    Scar and his amazing MLG water bucket skills: *It's Showtime*

  • thegameplayer125
    thegameplayer125 5 months ago

    you gotta love how the team that has scar who is by far the most reckless player on life is now the only green team left. gg to grian and scar

  • sycOwood
    sycOwood 4 months ago +1

    I love how both Bdubs and Scar say bane of arthropods wrong
    Scar said “bone of anthropods”
    And Bdubs said “bone of arthurpants”

    • Jerry Loveless
      Jerry Loveless 4 months ago +1

      “Bone of an-throw-pods!”
      “Bone of are-throw-prads?!”

  • QualiaQuartz
    QualiaQuartz 5 months ago

    this was the PERFECT payoff for the mlg water bucket arc, I can't wait to see Grian's pov

  • Life by the seaside 🌊
    Life by the seaside 🌊 5 months ago +5

    I’m actually shocked that Scar has the last green life. Being honest I thought they would be the first on red 😂

    • Charlie Chivot
      Charlie Chivot 5 months ago +2

      I think what happened is that he decided to be careful because he's paired with Grian and he just KNOWS that if he dies he's gonna get an earful

  • Maithax
    Maithax 5 months ago +1

    Being the last pair on green life is definitely an S tier move and that mlg solidified it

  • Marlin
    Marlin 5 months ago +1401

    I have a feeling this season scar won't get away with stealing an enchanting table

    • hima 2007
      hima 2007 5 months ago +1

      @Morph .

    • Leandro Bravo
      Leandro Bravo 5 months ago +1

      He already did... so... Yes, that's that, we are back to normal for that part.

    • WizardExtra
      WizardExtra 5 months ago +1

      @Scott Gamble I was about to do the exact same thing 😂😂😂

    • Random Axolotl
      Random Axolotl 5 months ago +1

      if scar see`s this your comment will be deleted and you will be CRUSHED and hes gonna keep it for the entire season

    • Alexander Morgachov
      Alexander Morgachov 5 months ago +5

      Stealing the enchanter is such good content, I doubt they resist xS

  • Blazehearttt_byu
    Blazehearttt_byu 2 months ago

    I’m still watching double life even months later, no regrets. Also good bringing bdubs, I love your guys’d friendship

  • camwyn256
    camwyn256 4 months ago

    “Your adventures are always so safe and fun.”
    No truer words have been spoken

  • Mathias Stokholm
    Mathias Stokholm 5 months ago

    What an S-tier episode. Hope we get to see hawkeye next session!

  • nounbeast
    nounbeast 5 months ago +1

    Lmao @ Etho just... silently staring at Scar like "who are you, and what have you done with Scar while I was away?!"

  • SarOnly
    SarOnly 5 months ago +561

    Joel: kills a panda to scare scar
    Etho: gives the pandas bamboo in the back

    • Sean Basu
      Sean Basu 5 months ago +33

      Lmao I missed that! Nice catch.
      Edit: 20:30, for anyone who’s wondering