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Top 3 Pitches Mark Cuban Has Called Out As SCAMS! | Shark Tank US | Shark Tank Global

  • Published on Feb 5, 2023 veröffentlicht

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  • Keenly
    Keenly 5 months ago +11614

    I like how Kevin sees a scam and turns it into his own scam by putting it into a deal

  • Lampcap
    Lampcap Month ago +38

    I agree with Mark on the first one. Their claims seemed way off base and if they are still selling I'm hoping they released the research bc I would love to see exactly what they are doing and how they make the product. I wouldnt have taken that deal either.

    • Just vibing
      Just vibing Month ago

      Their scammer, nothing more to see

  • Fall In
    Fall In Month ago +19

    Mark is right and I absolutely admire his honesty and when he is right the rest of the sharks get upset. Why is that?

  • Mr Hexagon
    Mr Hexagon 3 months ago +2206

    We need people like Mark in our lives.
    Straight up truth no bs no sugar coating
    Just the words one needs to hear.

    • Garden GUSTER
      Garden GUSTER 3 days ago

      @꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂ when there's hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line its understandable

    • Matthew Fonseca
      Matthew Fonseca 11 days ago

      @Kirby Supercalifragilistic same 😂

    • Matthew Fonseca
      Matthew Fonseca 11 days ago

      Imagine if we had a president like him

    • Mr Hexagon
      Mr Hexagon 12 days ago

      @Jugal absolutely like Grover. I literally exclaimed with joy when i realized we got a Mark in Shark Tank india

    • Jugal
      Jugal 12 days ago

      Ashneer Grover

  • Joshua Ryan
    Joshua Ryan 3 months ago +4259

    Man, that guy really hurt Kevin's feelings. You can see it in his eyes. He just offered him exactly what he asked for and believed in him because he said he's used the technology before, and he said "anybody but you".

    • Regina Battle
      Regina Battle 9 days ago

      @Kartikey K. Poddar it's kinda insulting in a way. 3 multi-millionaires and 1 billionaire didn't believe in his dream, but Kevin did and offered him half a million to get started ; the guy still was like although everyone turned me down, I'm still not going to accept your business. Totally rude.

    • Kartikey K. Poddar
      Kartikey K. Poddar 11 days ago

      The guy was insulting n ill.mannered.. but but Mr. Wonderful being a senior and multi billionaire could have avoided abusing n using F word ... that's also not graceful...

    • D M
      D M 15 days ago +1

      @Priyam Tolani well said

    • D M
      D M 15 days ago +1

      @goatbut29 his name was Manish. He is either Buddhist or a hindu. Trust me, Buddhist/hindus will be the last ones to discriminate on basis of religion. I am an Indian Ex-muslim and i can vouch that hindus/Buddhists are the least discriminating people on planet.

    • Davis Perron
      Davis Perron 17 days ago

      @Zod exactly

  • TheBlank8234
    TheBlank8234 6 months ago +6730

    You know things are rough when Kevin is trying to bring the sharks together with happy thoughts.

    • JP Tran
      JP Tran Month ago

      I have an idea. Wake up to you damn alarm and don’t be a lazy soft person.

    • Ty
      Ty 2 months ago +1


    • Zamir
      Zamir 5 months ago +1

      @Millsy Kooksy koi

    • Olivia
      Olivia 5 months ago +3


    • Millsy Kooksy
      Millsy Kooksy 5 months ago +2


  • jrad410
    jrad410 3 months ago +1770

    It’s interesting how Mark is so quick to see through these pitches compared to the other Sharks.

    • Rita Was Here
      Rita Was Here 14 days ago

      Loved it when he called out minus Cal. He told them it was a placebo. The trick they did with putting your arm down, it's a trick I've seen people do over the years. They tell you to extend your arms and they ask you questions. If they're able to move your arm down, it means you're lying 😂
      I don't know how you could get somebody to put their arms out while you question them 😂

    • Nuwan
      Nuwan 21 day ago

      @Abdulqader Abduljalil smart enough trick viewers.

    • Ensansen
      Ensansen 24 days ago

      @BeautyMark true

    • Skratta Oppar
      Skratta Oppar 28 days ago

      Probably why one of them invested in FTX 😂

    • Abdulqader Abduljalil
      Abdulqader Abduljalil Month ago +1

      I believe that mark is the smartest one out of them, his wide knowledge appears in different section

  • joe and associates inc
    joe and associates inc 2 months ago +16

    Mark is the best bc he can see this going to his team - Marks a winner.
    He will always be one of my favorite owners

  • runa
    runa Month ago +396

    The best part about the Minus Cal pitch was Robert first getting annoyed by Mark for not letting the guys finish, then a minute later he absolutely demolishes any remaining credibility of their pitch by pointing out the banner LMAO

    • EnderSword
      EnderSword 6 days ago

      The annoying part for the rest of them is they know all that. All 5 of them know all these things are bullshit products, and they're annoyed more that Mark doesn't understand that they all 100% understand that already and won't shut up about it.
      But those the other people it being a scam doesn't mean it won't be a good product to sell and make money off of, like 90% of Lori's products on TV are probably scams, Kevin was a huge endorser of FTX... it being a scam doesn't mean they're not interested.
      People buy tons of health products that don't work

    • Rita Was Here
      Rita Was Here 14 days ago +4

      So glad Mark pointed out just because it's all natural does not mean it's safe for everybody. My mom bought some supplements at GNC and they told her when she was paying for them how great it was and yeah you can take 10. So my mom took eight, anyway it was not good for her she had to go to the hospital via ambulance.

    • Rita Was Here
      Rita Was Here 14 days ago

      The minus Cal pills may actually work only because a friend of mine in the 90s took a prescription that blocked fat from getting absorbed when she ate. I don't know if this prescription is still around. It was probably more harmful than good.

    • Rita Was Here
      Rita Was Here 14 days ago +1

      Yes, and the arm trick they did. Is funny because years ago people were doing the same thing. However it was a way to tell if you were lying. They ask you questions if your arm goes down, you are lying.

    • Alaina
      Alaina 22 days ago +1


  • Swageyc
    Swageyc Month ago +28

    “Boom boom boom give the guy a cigar” Mark Cuban legendary

  • Alex P
    Alex P 5 months ago +13997

    The Minus-Cal guy saying they never claimed it would help you lose weight just for Robert to point out on the poster that it literally says “lose weight” was legendary.

    • David Lopez
      David Lopez 25 days ago

      They started off by saying that it will help people lose weight.

    • Jin Knight
      Jin Knight Month ago

      And Robert was the one defending them at first 😂

    • Irma C Ruiz
      Irma C Ruiz Month ago

      @BACHIE help

    • BACHIE
      BACHIE Month ago +1

      @Irma C Ruiz the guy in the right Literally said “it’s a great product to help you lose weight” 1:34

    • Kara Solis
      Kara Solis Month ago

      @ninjaguyYT yeah cuz they basically eat all the nutriente in the body!

  • Lucy
    Lucy Month ago +20

    That first one, Robert really said "I'm out and it's Mark's fault"

  • Robby B
    Robby B 2 months ago +26

    okay so if the Pavlock works then he's effectively giving some of his clientele an eating disorder right? Like if you're pressing it to keep you from eating, then you're just going to keep pressing it and associating eating in general with the shock.

    • ali via
      ali via Month ago +2

      Yup that can definitely happen

  • Keenan Barr
    Keenan Barr Month ago +3

    I agree with everything mark said before the last guy. He had valid points and was overwhelmed

  • Akira Akira
    Akira Akira Month ago +520

    I like Mark since he's able to analyze scams quickly. Truly, it's a blessing to have someone like Mark in the Tank.

    • EnderSword
      EnderSword 6 days ago +1

      They all know that though, they're not morons.
      The reason Robert called him arrogant wasn't for calling it a scam, but for thinking for even half a second that everyone in the room didn't also know it was a scam.

    • Arror Defi
      Arror Defi 15 days ago +1

      he himself is a scam

    • gasper germ
      gasper germ 17 days ago +1

      Not only that, the guy really cares about people getting scammed over this kind of bs. Don't know many billionaires with morals, but I guess Mark is one.

    • SoshiHeart
      SoshiHeart 18 days ago +1

      Mark Tank

    • 金正恩
      金正恩 22 days ago

      The others know they just go with it for a while

  • darklordojeda
    darklordojeda 2 months ago +15

    The last guys pitch sounded exactly like the same pitch the hypnotists used at the fair when trying to sell their hypnotist services to stop smoking, drinking, nail biting and over eating.

  • MrJlaklak
    MrJlaklak Month ago +18

    Mark: I hate scammers
    Also Mark: I love to get in crypto scam😂😂😂

  • Ignacio Pardo Ibáñez
    Ignacio Pardo Ibáñez 2 months ago +22

    17:00 funny how Mark is already annoyed before he even started😂😂

  • Carlos Marcano
    Carlos Marcano Month ago +12

    Mark's face at 27:18 😂

  • Alpha-sama
    Alpha-sama 5 months ago +3828

    I love the chemistry between the sharks. One moment they're screaming and calling each other dumb an arrogant, and the next moment they're a crazy but wholesome little family XD

    • Phantom Kahn
      Phantom Kahn Month ago

      There's nothing wholesome about them

    • Nunya Bis
      Nunya Bis Month ago

      Just like a real family

    • Ayxrex
      Ayxrex 2 months ago +1

      Just like real sharks 🦈

    • Pieyerown
      Pieyerown 2 months ago +1

      @Stradskie say that when theyll make more than youll ever own

    • Zoey Zee
      Zoey Zee 2 months ago +6

      They are honest and tolerant I respect the ability to provide their opinions without conflict

  • Michael Mejorada
    Michael Mejorada Month ago

    He was a clear cut scammer, swindler or whatever you wanna call it. I've heard the same pitch before and witness how it turned out.

  • Maya Daniels
    Maya Daniels 2 months ago +777

    I cry at Lori’s reaction vs everyone else’s “I barely feel it” 🤣🤣🤣

  • DepthFromAbove
    DepthFromAbove 2 months ago +3

    It’s odd to me that people ask for a years salary or a few credit accounts worth of debt. 50k? It’s peanuts. It won’t do anything for a company.

  • Elite Pest Control
    Elite Pest Control Month ago +5

    Funny the pavlok guy, you can get the same results with a rubber band around the wrist. If it was made to shock you on its own and you not having to hit any buttons and had your own clinical trial info. It would be something that would appeal to me.

  • Max Reide
    Max Reide 6 months ago +15583

    The Minus Cal guys partner stood there in sadness and disbelief that they finally got a spot on the show and this was how it was going 😂

    • Victor Bizuett
      Victor Bizuett 8 days ago

      If you see a pitch of a "new molecule" you have never heard of it's a scam.

    • singstreetcar
      singstreetcar 16 days ago

      That young dude is his lover

    • Dillon Gage
      Dillon Gage 24 days ago

      @04mzwach except they showed no proof of that, and at best you could just drink green tea and get the exact same benefit, if not more because now your stomach is also full of liquid so you will eat less.
      Not to mention they increased the effectiveness of a molecule by 20 times? How? Blood sacrifice? Thats not how that works at all. Theyre morons who dont know what theyre talking about at best.

    • Bailey SantaMonica
      Bailey SantaMonica 27 days ago

      @Lyle Walker 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Erick Rocha
      Erick Rocha Month ago

      Neither the sharks, nor you guys, know anything about nutrition, but love to judge.
      The pitch was clear before Mark started to confuse everyone. And you guys are too stupid to think for yourselves.

  • T y
    T y 3 months ago +1449

    The Pavlok guy actually said “You guys are making me so ADD.” That should be a sign right there that he isn’t someone who can be taken seriously.

    • karn33333
      karn33333 18 days ago

      @Swarnava Banerjee and I've watched videos where they claimed and "proved" we never went to the moon.

    • Swarnava Banerjee
      Swarnava Banerjee 19 days ago

      @karn33333 i literally saw a video where it doesn't ,it shocks randomly and most of the time it doesn't shock or shocks after 5 min delay

    • karn33333
      karn33333 19 days ago

      @Swarnava Banerjee its not a scam because the product does work.

    • CreativeUsernameEh
      CreativeUsernameEh 19 days ago

      @TheBombaytube Scammers don’t deserve respect and ADHD does not mean you get the bar lowered for you.

    • Pmoney
      Pmoney 19 days ago

      @John Georges source?

  • Perry Carr
    Perry Carr Month ago +163

    Said it before, I'll say it again. Mark Cuban is an expert businessman. His ability to detect and pick apart the bs in people's explanations is exactly why you'd want him around. Mr. Pavlok is still my favorite. You can tell when Mark's bs alarm starts going off by his change in facial expressions before anyone even finishes their pitches. Still my favorite shark!

  • Simple
    Simple Month ago +1

    They dropped the ball with Pavlok, that company has boomed since

  • TJ Bellah
    TJ Bellah Month ago

    I love how the second guy starts with bashing the elites….bro you are sitting in front of the elites.

  • TECHEAD100
    TECHEAD100 Month ago +3

    Kevin loves his money 💰 sure does. After FTX, he claims he lost 6Mil but was paid 15Mil by FTX to be a promoter. But yet he wants all his money back before everyone else.

  • Cesar Punski
    Cesar Punski Month ago +119

    “I smell jail time” is exactly what you want to hear when you start your pitch 😂

  • iin_spire
    iin_spire 2 months ago +6

    The minus cal at ending when he said personal trainer saying I will help you lose weight but not lose is a scam. A TRAINER WOULD NEVER MAKE THAT CLAIM. Trainers are to monitor and assist you on activities you do and add activities for you to do if necessary. They just prove to more dumber and dumber the more they get a chance to talk.......

  • Brad Thumudo
    Brad Thumudo 2 months ago +289

    Love that Tycoon Real Estate was founded in 2014 and closed in Nov of 2015. Guess the sharks understood more than the owner did.

    • Bussiness Name
      Bussiness Name 9 days ago


    • Onkar Ss
      Onkar Ss 26 days ago +4

      He should have taken the deal stupid that he didn't

    • Matt Venit
      Matt Venit Month ago +5

      then fundrise and stuff opened

  • memphisrainezzzz
    memphisrainezzzz 5 months ago +5284

    “I would take a deal from anybody but Mr Wonderful” 😂😂😂 the fact that Kevin gave him a legitimate offer makes it 100x funnier 😂😂😂 so good

    • Pmoney
      Pmoney 19 days ago +1

      @PizzaFan he literally said he liked the offer. Everyone seems to be conveniently ignoring that

    • Waymen Reed
      Waymen Reed 2 months ago +1

      lol no lie though if you didn't know him from this show he would definitely seem like a shady person imo. I think its the way he sits with his hands out like a mob boss lol. But to turn down an offer that you wanted is asinine.

    • karn33333
      karn33333 2 months ago +1

      @PizzaFan it was a good offer, but it wasn't the right person making the offer. not for this guy. he was right. his product works, and I can buy it right off of amazon for almost half of what the pre-orders were going for.

    • xRip666x
      xRip666x 2 months ago +2

      And also, he respects him enough to call him by his nickname "Mr. Wonderful. But doesn't respect him enough to take a generous offer from him..guy's a weird-o!

    • Buyereno GurlFwendo
      Buyereno GurlFwendo 2 months ago +1

      @Simon Aaronson the evaluation was bs though; he didn’t even have the numbers to back it up. He just pulled it out of his rear end because of his ego.

  • Matt Murdock
    Matt Murdock Month ago +1

    Kevin O’Leary invested in the FTX scam, he loves investing in scams 😂

  • Gus
    Gus 20 days ago +36

    Kevin gave a great deal on the second offer, something most people would kill for and guiding the business into a much less exploitative model.

  • Marc Kuban
    Marc Kuban 2 months ago +3


  • Shavonne
    Shavonne 2 months ago +555

    “You’re not losing weight, you’re losing fat” 😂
    That guy next to him looked so defeated.

    • ThePandaSupreme
      ThePandaSupreme 19 days ago

      @Rexcept that molecule doesn’t help block fat lol

    • Ken
      Ken 23 days ago

      @R you dont understand how nutrition works in the body

    • R
      R 24 days ago

      @Dillon Gage You could say the same for vitamin C.

    • Dillon Gage
      Dillon Gage 24 days ago

      @wizardman35 there are actually drugs that can lower your ability to metabolize fat. But.... they already exist and are FDA approved so....

    • Dillon Gage
      Dillon Gage 24 days ago

      @Avi Law protein builds muscle and muscles is much denser than fat, which does lend some credence to the "cant claim youll lose weight" argument. You can lose fat but still gain weight.

  • Randy
    Randy Month ago +1

    The Pavlok dude knew that if he took Mr. Wonderful’s investment, he’d be bankrupt in 3 months lmao

  • Magic Legume
    Magic Legume Month ago

    Robert is such a nice guy

  • Lonely Firetruck
    Lonely Firetruck Month ago

    Robert got a point in the beginning about mark

  • Vee P
    Vee P 2 months ago +6

    "I smell jail time.
    WOW mark, that's aggressive."
    Way to deflect..

    • Vee P
      Vee P 2 months ago

      "It's a rip off name" -- Mark

    • Vee P
      Vee P 2 months ago

      Love Laurie's Class and Barbara's Grace.

    • Vee P
      Vee P 2 months ago

      Love how Mark has to rub his eyes at the "Anyone can be a real estate tycoon" close

  • genesiscda
    genesiscda 6 months ago +9133

    Mark has really great, logical points. If he would calmly talk to the other sharks, he would get his point across sooner. They always agree with him in the end, it just takes them a while to understand him because he yells over everyone.

    • JBoxy
      JBoxy Month ago

      Poor robert🤣

    • Block Source
      Block Source Month ago

      @Scruffy I'm pretty positive bro is a scammer too.

    • Noble Wolf
      Noble Wolf 2 months ago

      Lmaooo I love mark he has great discernment

    • Allan Bird
      Allan Bird 3 months ago

      @Brandon It's also frustrating when somebody who knows something you don't yells at you, cuts you off, and won't calmly explain the thing to you.

    • Raul Abarca
      Raul Abarca 4 months ago

      @Cheffoster you’re def right. He could bet the combined wealth of the rest of the sharks on poker and still have billions left… he’s the one you want an offer from and he’s the one you should be listening to.

  • shookSZN
    shookSZN 2 months ago +577

    Crazy that people come on the show seriously expected to scam 5 billionaires.

    • Adi Praja
      Adi Praja 13 days ago +1

      ftx, theranos, twitter… billionares are not all knowing demigods, in fact they might be more reckless with their money since they have tons of them

    • Novice Lifts
      Novice Lifts 25 days ago +3

      @abdelrahman ibrahim no she is not. She even said in a interview that mark is the only billionaire in the show. Lori’s net worth is 500M , they even say it in the commercial/oppening of every episode of shark tanks

    • Jessica Fuller
      Jessica Fuller 27 days ago

      @abdelrahman ibrahimshe is not a billionaire

    • Pavle Lippert
      Pavle Lippert Month ago

      One billionaire haha

    • Earthling
      Earthling Month ago +4

      I think only one of them is really gullible - Kevin. He'sthe only one who gives offers to shady products and look SBF successfully scammed him with FTX 🤣

  • JJ
    JJ Month ago

    Pavlok is selling pretty well I think 😳

  • T
    T 2 months ago +1

    How did he not take that 50% for 50k... Man was handed success and said no

  • MrJlaklak
    MrJlaklak Month ago

    Kevin: I don’t want my investor loss money, I’ll protect my capital
    Also Kevin: invest FTX 😂😂😂

    • Vivien
      Vivien Month ago

      Good Lord you are right!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Amber Johnson
    Amber Johnson 2 months ago +137

    Ah yes, the Shark Tank family put the “fun” in dysfunctional! Mark is like the awkward-genius investor that can smell a “BS deal” a mile away. The sharks think it’s arrogance, but it’s just a really accurate “BS detector” that Mark has. Good times. 😎

    • Blue Radium
      Blue Radium Month ago

      @Bjorn Langoren pseudoscience and scams rely on your willingness to "hear them out" - Mark just skips to the part where he tells them they are deluded and/or unethical, so they don't have a chance to get their claws in. Energy crystals and miracle supplements and get rich quick schemes do not create value, so talking them up is the only option. In cases of clear scams, the scammer needs to be shut down and called out ASAP. If you stop them before they pick up steam they fall apart, because they have nothing else. If it turns out to not be a scam, at that point a compelling case can be made. Presenting a weird alternate reality where their thing works so they can ground the conversation in that fake reality and live in it how they get a platform, so stopping that from being crafted is how you keep people from being used.

    • Bjorn Langoren
      Bjorn Langoren 2 months ago +5

      That may be true, but he might want to try a compelling argument instead of just shouting over the presenters and the other sharks.

  • Clown Duckkky
    Clown Duckkky Month ago

    Holy crap that last guy should’ve taken that offer

  • Thicc Cheese
    Thicc Cheese Month ago

    Pavlok is something Michael Reeves would make

  • J_THE_Don
    J_THE_Don Month ago +2

    The young guy in the Minus Cal was begging the old dude to just be quiet lol

  • hypar beem
    hypar beem 6 months ago +10204

    I like how Mark smelled the bullshit on Minus Cal immediately and called them out. Then the other sharks got on Mark's case for being arrogant, and Mark was just like , "Ok, let them explain then." Then the Minus Cal guys explain further and everyone is like "Oh wait, this is bullshit."

    • Heisenburger
      Heisenburger Month ago

      ​@Paralysisbyanalysis it doesn't allow extra fat to enter body. So ur weight doesn't increase when ur trying to decrease it. Some people exercise and still don't lose weight because they gain weight by eating. But the pill won't allow extra fat in. Ig that's what they were tryna say.

    • Julius Thalon
      Julius Thalon Month ago

      No, it’s BS. Calorie deficit from a good diet/lifestyle combined with genetics is the only way to get results and maintain those results.

    • Jimmy Her
      Jimmy Her Month ago

      @Josh Their poster literally says LOSE WEIGHT FAST. Their entire slogan "Minus Cal." do people know how you lose weight? You burn calories, burn more than you take in. That's what their product is, it's a scam.

    • Just vibing
      Just vibing Month ago

      @Grayson Sisley bro that Josh guy is not right, his either trolling or his super slow

    • Just vibing
      Just vibing Month ago

      @Josh this can't be real, please tell me your trolling. You can't be that slow

  • Matthew Fonseca
    Matthew Fonseca 11 days ago +12

    I'm not sure what the Tycoon guy was initially expecting but being told that Mark was out less than 3 minutes in definitely wasn't it 😂😂😂

  • Daniel Skimask
    Daniel Skimask 2 months ago +1

    For the third one, so what i’m hearing is he DOSENT wanna have the straight up head honcho MONEY expert represent his company because he dosent like him? His ADD must be crazy huh? 😂😂

  • Millsy Kooksy
    Millsy Kooksy Month ago +69

    Barbara really had the best response. You really have to make sure that whoever is preparing the deal knows what they’re doing and not getting taken advantage of and how would you have any confidence in that?

  • Vivien
    Vivien Month ago

    That dancing dude Mr Cho Yun Fat...is hilarious....I lost weight laughing...Minus Cal really does work...great workout guffawing!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Phoenix Delaney
    Phoenix Delaney 4 months ago +3227

    This is why I respect Mark, seeing through bs immediately and calling it for what it is. That’s how this stuff should be treated, no need to let them go on and on trying to sell crap

    • Mayank Sharma
      Mayank Sharma Month ago

      @Facts_only do you have any scientific fact? Or judt insults

    • James Fetherston
      James Fetherston Month ago

      there is no science supporting the claim of this product.

    • Millsy Kooksy
      Millsy Kooksy Month ago

      This isn’t necessarily a scam, though we have companies like Fundrise now which does exactly what this guy is pushing….if people would rather invest in a more intimate way with real estate then let them 😤 like he said REIT’s are boring…fine let other people invest in a way that where they feel more connected to the buildings that they are investing in. I don’t see anything wrong with that and I don’t feel like this is necessarily a scam although it would be less risky just to buy a REIT

    • Michael Loomis
      Michael Loomis Month ago

      He’s currently in a huge lawsuit because of the voyager Ponzi scheme he participated in.

    • basedjafar
      basedjafar Month ago

      but he endorsed dogecoin

  • Star Wars Bunker
    Star Wars Bunker 2 months ago

    Those minus-cal guys got DESTROYED. Insane lol.

  • Mohammad Suhaib
    Mohammad Suhaib 2 months ago +175

    Wow I'm in awe of Mark's intelligence and he sees the rippers just like that !!!! It is insane 😨

    • ugly duckling 🐤
      ugly duckling 🐤 19 days ago

      thats the reason he is worth 5 billion

    • magma kaze
      magma kaze 24 days ago

      @I Exist idc

    • I Exist
      I Exist 24 days ago

      @magma kazeWhat?

    • magma kaze
      magma kaze Month ago

      @ツ yea if it what that easy..

    • ツ
       2 months ago +11

      Tbh you don’t need to be a genius to see how magical fat loss is a scam 💀
      but you’re right mark is super quick to cacth on these things

  • KG
    KG 6 days ago +8

    Barbara’s insight into real estate was very helpful. Learned a lot

  • MrBeatboxmasta
    MrBeatboxmasta Month ago +44

    Robert told the story about how his poor parents got scammed out of the very little money they had, into buying a vacuum. He of all people, should understand why Mark did not even want to give a single second of airtime to those pill pushing scammers.

  • Frank Joseph Daniels
    Frank Joseph Daniels 5 months ago +1675

    Imagine someone offers you 500,000 dollars to follow your dreams and you tell them “I don’t like you” in front of all their friends who declined and ridiculed your product and called you a scammer.

    • Sven Rademackers
      Sven Rademackers 7 days ago

      @Nix Lock company is worth only 2 mil so 🤷‍♂️

    • Tweecq Productions
      Tweecq Productions 8 days ago

      @Fish40 But whitout the exposure and the name behind it....

    • Bussiness Name
      Bussiness Name 9 days ago

      @Kaan Zaimoglunah he didn’t like the equity

    • Bussiness Name
      Bussiness Name 9 days ago +1

      @Nix Lockno he’s not! Dude came from a rich family. Indian people got money in their family. It ain’t his own. He’s there just to get air time

    • walkycoky
      walkycoky 16 days ago

      Shetty people are indian bramhins who are known for scamming people in India in the astrology

  • Arabinda Narayan Das
    Arabinda Narayan Das Month ago +84

    Damn, Mark's ability to call out bullshit almost instantly is legendary 😂

  • casper
    casper Month ago

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  • SNista
    SNista Month ago

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  • Josh
    Josh Month ago

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  • Keenan Barr
    Keenan Barr Month ago

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  • Himesh Shah
    Himesh Shah Month ago +51

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    phanum Month ago

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  • Keenan Barr
    Keenan Barr Month ago

    I agree with everything mark said before the last guy. He had valid points and was overwhelmed. He only has a certain amount of time to demonstrate his product and mark rudely interrupted him. Uncalled for. I actually just bought his product after watching this (2 months ago) and lost 35 pounds from not overeating or drinking. It works and the sharks missed out because of Mark. I usually agree with Mark but not for this.

  • Archszn 9410
    Archszn 9410 6 months ago +3333

    I love seeing Mark’s face when the other Sharks start seeing what he saw initially.

    • Pmoney
      Pmoney 19 days ago

      @USEMYNAMEM the point is mark is trying to prevent them from getting all this air time waiting for them to figure it out

    • Noel R.
      Noel R. 3 months ago

      @USEMYNAMEM How did Mark go too far? He let the guy off easy, eff those scammers.

    • GH0rochi
      GH0rochi 3 months ago

      @Wonderland well they may not be stupid but they are dumber than him and make less money than him so I'm turn should be more open to listen to him.

    • David Lee Hawks
      David Lee Hawks 5 months ago

      @Tom Sweeney hehehe huckster

      USEMYNAMEM 5 months ago +2

      @Elite Nation there’s a whole process that goes behind every deal it takes an hour atleast sometimes more

  • Keenan Barr
    Keenan Barr Month ago

    I agree with everything mark said before the last guy. He had valid points and was overwhelmed. He only has a certain amount of time to demonstrate his product and mark rudely interrupted him. Uncalled for. I actually just bought his product after watching this (2 months ago) and lost 35 pounds from not overeating or drinking. It works and the sharks missed out because of Mark. I usually agree with Mark but not for this.

  • Arnold shabalala
    Arnold shabalala Month ago +1

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    Erikk Shupp Month ago

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    ShienXIII Month ago

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    H C Month ago

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    thow Month ago

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    i can see it in his eyes

  • Damien Wong
    Damien Wong Month ago

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    You're right, it's bullsh*t!

  • Julio Laviena
    Julio Laviena 2 months ago

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    Lexx Leoppard 6 months ago +4476

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    • Infinity Bless
      Infinity Bless 4 months ago +2

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    • Nouton
      Nouton 4 months ago +1

      well the last one is still going good: In 2022, Pavlok revenue run rate hit $371K in revenue, revenues of approx. 4 million currently totalt, How much is Pavlok company worth?
      What is the net worth of Pavlok? The net value of Pavlok was estimated to be $15.9 million during the pitch. However, the current information estimates this company's net worth to be between $1 million and $4 million in 2022.

    • Christopher Borum
      Christopher Borum 4 months ago +1

      @Kaden Stimpson She's only worth about a half billion

    • Nick Paine
      Nick Paine 4 months ago +2

      That’s why he’s the richest there

    • hellegennes
      hellegennes 4 months ago +1

      @CaliCal68 Is he a university or a peer reviewed study or is he an investor?

  • Mary Opel
    Mary Opel 28 days ago +10

    Barbara is highly intelligent and can see when things don’t add up. Mark Cuban calls it out! I do the same thing in my life. I too get extremely frustrated with arrogance, stupidity, unpreparedness and scammers! Usually these types of people sadly prey on the elderly, poor and uneducated. Walking into Shark Tank with highly educated professional millionaires with a scam, you get what you get! 🦈

  • Brett Wohlford
    Brett Wohlford Month ago +34

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  • Diwas Sharma
    Diwas Sharma 5 days ago +2

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  • Eric
    Eric Month ago +23

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    Matthew Brooks 5 months ago +2400

    I think the last segment proves that a valid concern to consider before going on Shark Tank is whether or not you would be willing to do business with all of the Sharks because he burned a horrendously large number of bridges with that move

    • Arai Daisuke
      Arai Daisuke 2 months ago +8

      @KingKran I've heard it actually has issues triggering at times, having massive delays on shocks, etc. And if I recall correctly, there's this one Clip-Sharer that tried using it during his video, and maybe 1/2 times out of 10 it triggers, but it takes almost a minute for it to happen

    • NerdyHippy
      NerdyHippy 3 months ago +1

      Burned more bridges than there are in the whole city of Pittsburgh I feel.

    • KingKran
      KingKran 3 months ago +10

      @Trey Daniel what do you mean 'unfortunately'?? I mean, I don't like the guy based on his demeanor, but it doesn't mean his company has to fail because of that. If it's doing well, then it's because his product actually has potential. Which is good.

    • Trey Daniel
      Trey Daniel 3 months ago

      @Kenneth Simmons still in business so can’t be doing too bad

    • Kenneth Simmons
      Kenneth Simmons 3 months ago +1

      @Trey Daniel it did not

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    kino gaming Month ago

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    Farhan Abdillahi Month ago

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    Yung Lumi 2 months ago

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    Jeff L Month ago +35

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    • xneilaelprupx
      xneilaelprupx Month ago +1

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  • Soulite
    Soulite 13 days ago +3

    Mark wants to make sure that these businesses don’t get out on the streets, making regular people waste money / lack of knowledge investors invest. He’s helping by calling them out on National TV. And these people aren’t probably the only ones who tried to pitch business ideas to him and others.

  • Roman Adrian
    Roman Adrian Month ago

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  • Wolf BearInTheWoods

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  • William Haynes
    William Haynes Month ago +1

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    Jeff Diggs 3 months ago +50

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  • HazelBolton
    HazelBolton Month ago +41

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  • gm679
    gm679 6 months ago +3721

    I love how Kevin is only interested in the valuation and not the product. Brilliant.

    • Sarthak 13
      Sarthak 13 5 months ago

      He himself said once that he is a financial investor. If the numbers make sense to him, hi gives an offer, irrespective of if he likes the product or not

    • taintdshadw
      taintdshadw 5 months ago

      Because, he cares deeply about HIS money

    • Shawn Private
      Shawn Private 5 months ago

      Whole point bud..His point is money..

    • G Falk
      G Falk 5 months ago +1

      nick kozinski stupid comment. It can have

    • here2thrive
      here2thrive 5 months ago +5

      But the problem with that emotionlessness, it circulates products that are harmful to people out there, so there’s got to be some moral boundaries too

  • Jadd Xynon Defensor

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  • Glenn Watson
    Glenn Watson Month ago +1

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