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Has OnePlus Fixed their Newest Phone? - Durability Test!

  • Published on Aug 16, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • OnePlus is back with the new OnePlus 10T. Its a cheaper version of the 10 Pro with some physical changes. But are those physical changes enough to survive my durability test? Today we find out how durable OnePlus's new phone really is. Watch the OnePlus 10 PRO Durability test here: clip-share.net/video/idX-x5W5O30/video.html
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Comments • 3 431

  • Mohammed habboush
    Mohammed habboush 3 months ago +5190

    It's always awesome to get a durability test AND a teardown all in the same video.
    Talk about efficiency.

    • A7X ForREVer
      A7X ForREVer 2 months ago +1

      This is a new format. He still does his normal teardowns, but with the new OnePlus phones, he also includes a brand teardown in the durability test. That dude's creative, ngl.

    • Muhammad Zeshan
      Muhammad Zeshan 3 months ago

      Another OnePlus becomes nothing phone

    • Metsane Mosehlane
      Metsane Mosehlane 3 months ago

      Good feature, if someone tries to hijack you, you just break it half.

    • I am Ok
      I am Ok 3 months ago

      @forevr okay

    • forevr
      forevr 3 months ago

      Now repeat it in Jerry's voice!

  • Vikash Mehta
    Vikash Mehta 2 months ago +25

    Kudos to OnePlus for making life easy for Jerry : Durability & Teardown in one go

  • Anas Ali Syed
    Anas Ali Syed 3 months ago +105

    Looking to what basic mistakes phone companies are repeating these days, I find it first priority to see tests like these before buying the phone for myself.

    • Anas Ali Syed
      Anas Ali Syed Month ago +3

      @Milan Delic buddy, the mohs scale test is for checking whether keys and coins would scratch your phone or not. The bend test is for occasions where you sit on your phone. All these tests are for a purpose except for the burn test that even Zack says serves no immediate purpose. These tests are necessary and help those who go beyond the basics to know about their phone. Imagine you bought this expensive one plus phien and then on one fine day, it snapped like a biscuit and your friend's age old samsung survived the same. How would you feel? If you're paying so much for it, you should know what you're getting of it.

    • LoUgandan Chad
      LoUgandan Chad 2 months ago +2

      @Jaeden 美味しいヤミー❗️✨🤟😁👍✨⚡️感謝❗️🙌✨🙌✨🙌感謝❗️🙌✨🙌✨🙌またいっぱい食べたいな❗️🥓🥩🍗🍖😋🍖🍴✨デリシャッ‼️🙏✨シャ‼️🙏✨ シャ‼️🙏✨ シャ‼️🙏✨ シャ‼️🙏✨ シャ‼️🙏✨ シャッッ‼😁🙏✨😁🙏✨😁🙏✨ハッピー🌟スマイル❗️❗️❗💥✨👉😁👈✨💥

    • Jaeden
      Jaeden 3 months ago +6

      @Milan Delic I think you should consider English classes before a new phone.

    • Milan Delic
      Milan Delic 3 months ago

      I think budd if u take this channel as a priority whennu buy phones ull never buy any lol.... U can watch one this video or maybe for some phone that u believe iys sttong but basiclly this type of test at the end is uselless.... Can undestand glass test coz u can have keys in a pocket or maybe scratch test at a side and at a back of phone but really burning it and to tryin to aplit it on half....its idiotic tbh.... Just try imagine rl situation when it can be usefull so u put all other characteristic a side and this few tests decide for u what phone ull buy....o boy....

  • RealLifeTech
    RealLifeTech 3 months ago +29

    I think you should always do the fingerprint test Zack! If a phone can detect your print even after some hefty level 7 deeper grooves we know it's a good scanner.
    I hope one day you get a Vivo phone with the 3D SONIC MAX in. (X80 Pro and IQOO 8 to 10 Pro all use it if you got curious 😉)

  • nijuo joing
    nijuo joing 3 months ago +20

    It would be great to add liquids in the durability tests as well as shocks (height drops) as they'd reosonate well with everyday use

  • Jason Ellins
    Jason Ellins 3 months ago +2854

    The transition from the durability to teardown was smooth 😂😂

  • City Lock a polytechnikey llc company

    I do like the bend test, as it replicates sitting down with phone in back pocket. It really is tough to decide on a new phone. I do no gaming, use mostly for business and personal email/messaging.... do I get a flagship or a cheapo. PRice is not the concern, but security, longevity and convenience are. Seen too many videos to be comfortable trying to put a "private-secure" OS on myself, limiting androids' capability. I tend to need ready-to-go devices

  • Mohamed Amine Araibia
    Mohamed Amine Araibia 3 months ago +3

    Good job Jerry, its not only the specs but a durable phone matter, this tests are good for after market business and good for the environment ♥️

  • Pr@t
    Pr@t 3 months ago +1

    I always love your durability test and teardown in single video post..Too much impatient to wait for teardown and you nailed it in teardown 😂

  • Jamie Pile
    Jamie Pile 3 months ago +2

    I have a One+ 6s (I think) I've had it a few years now and it was cheap then, it's withstood bouncing down the stairs several times it's been dropped screen side down more times than I can count, it's been bounced off of door frames been kicked been stepped on, the back is covered in gaffer tape and still it works! The toughest phone I've ever owned by a mile.

    • Jamie Pile
      Jamie Pile 3 months ago

      @ora cle
      Not on purpose chap, it's what's known as being busy 🤣

    • ora cle
      ora cle 3 months ago

      Is that what you do with your phone?

  • Desert Sandfly
    Desert Sandfly 3 months ago +5438

    Oneplus's fall into irrelevancy is just sad. They made such huge news when they came out with budget phones that could rival other phone company's flagship for a cheap price only for them to become the same thing they once opposed.

    • sia a
      sia a 15 days ago

      just go buy an iphone already you brand lover

    • CodeF53
      CodeF53 16 days ago

      After 7 they fell out hard

    • Nathan Bartlett
      Nathan Bartlett 27 days ago

      @Alex omg I miss my OnePlus x worked great fit in my pocket mine didn't survive me getting hit by a truck

    • Narth TED
      Narth TED Month ago

      @Brady Hayes I still daily drive mine, though I am starting to notice some slowdown and battery degradation

    • RM is my oppa nd BTS forever
      RM is my oppa nd BTS forever Month ago

      bro no one does these tests on their phone

  • Matheus P dos Santos
    Matheus P dos Santos 3 months ago +2

    Hey Jerry could you do the s21 fe durability test I always wanted to see how this "Fe" line does in terms of durability for being an accessible top

  • Qiangguo Zhang
    Qiangguo Zhang 3 months ago

    Hi Jerry, I really love your video, gives insight on durability of latest phones. Would you consider doing some water splash test before start bending? So we can get to know its water resistance.

  • Big Hygiene
    Big Hygiene 3 months ago

    I don't think OnePlus is making phones cheaply, I think this is just one of those cases where the phone had an unexpected design flaw.

  • Nirmal Kumar
    Nirmal Kumar 3 months ago

    Being a One plus user since the use of one plus 3 , now looking at the things they are going down and becoming bad. My current OP7 is still amazing and I don't think the recent releases are upto the mark... OP has to redesign and come back to series like before to stay in the market

  • rin
    rin 3 months ago +1490

    Love how serious OnePlus is when it comes to repairability! Its been a long time since I've seen a phone be this easy to open up

    • Aditya Prakash
      Aditya Prakash 2 months ago +1

      i sense heavy sarcasm

    • Moisturizer
      Moisturizer  3 months ago

      LoL you are all dumb. You could probably do that with every phone if you put enough strength behind it. This snap with Jerry did DOSENT mean shit in real life. If the phone holds well when it falls then it's a buy for me. I mean who bends there phones? Even if you accidentally sit on it wouldnt snap like this and most probably wouldn't snap at all.

    • WTFireResistance
      WTFireResistance 3 months ago +5

      just made me laugh a lot haha

    • Alisa Saravo
      Alisa Saravo 3 months ago +1


    • Rennie Ash
      Rennie Ash 3 months ago +33

      Screen removal without tools, probably still actually works too

  • xZero
    xZero 3 months ago +6

    Durability test and teardown in one video. You're getting ahead of yourself, Zack.

  • Cerdic
    Cerdic 3 months ago

    That's really disappointing that they ditched the mute switch. That's something I use everyday on mine.

  • N. Bağ
    N. Bağ 19 days ago

    Was thinking about this one to replace my 8t. Well that idea did not age well after I saw the 10t snapped in half with a minimal effort.

  • Shmuel Yonah
    Shmuel Yonah 3 months ago

    The video for the 10 Pro and this video are absolutely heart-wrenching. I honestly have no idea what phone to get next. I just want a clean, near-stock, no bloatware phone that doesn't suck.

  • G Four Gadget
    G Four Gadget 3 months ago +1478

    Two phones to fail Zack's bending test in a row, OnePlus has definitely lost its touch. It's not just another brand, it's now a brand with fragile devices. 🔨

    • All Day Day Dreamer
      All Day Day Dreamer 3 months ago

      They are just a cheap brand now as far as I am concerned. I am actually surprised he would even review another Oneplus phone after this. Who reviews cheap phones? Not many people and I expect him to drop this brand from his channel for another further testing.

    • Muhammad Zeshan
      Muhammad Zeshan 3 months ago +1

      Another OnePlus becomes nothing phone

    • Amiga Wolf
      Amiga Wolf 3 months ago

      They lost there touch, when you could not buy a new one for +/- €400, and are now €700 a €800.

    • Malakith
      Malakith 3 months ago

      I hate the bloatware that Samsung comes with, that used to be one of the reasons I got a OnePlus back in the day after having owned a Samsung. Not sure what I'd get now if my phone stops working though.

    • Solarboy
      Solarboy 3 months ago

      @Bảo Quốc I don't joke about safety. It is on their record. You should feel luck that there are still people like me ringing the bell from time to time to save your forgetful ass. You call it salty talk, I take it public supervision.

  • S.T. Boon
    S.T. Boon 3 months ago +3

    This is exactly what I'd like to do to my phone when it says it has 5 bars of 5g but no internet connection.

  • Chris Solace
    Chris Solace 3 months ago

    I like to take (unprofessional) macro shots with my phone here and there, but I never bought a phone for just the macro camera... I'd just use the regular sensor and just get close. I'd must prefer a telephoto camera to take pictures of things that are out of my reach.

  • wasted goat
    wasted goat 3 months ago +1

    This durability test turned into a teardown real quick!

  • Michael Pang
    Michael Pang 3 months ago

    I remember I had a 7t and I loved that phone until one day the sim card slot stopped reading sim cards. Couldn't do nothing with it but trade it in for an s21 ultra, which I'm still using. Oneplus fell off, too bad cause they was cool at first.

  • iaurtel
    iaurtel 3 months ago +763

    the phones aren't getting weaker, Zack's just getting stronger.

  • Ray-Mart Constantino
    Ray-Mart Constantino 3 months ago

    been fan of oneplus years ago but i can definitely say that xiaomi is a much good choice comparing to price ratio of both brands

  • lexia smith
    lexia smith 3 months ago

    I bought my 7 pro 2 years ago It's still going strong I was thinking about upgrading to the 10T but after this test no way lol, I am going to wait and see if the pixel 7 pro fixes there battery issues from last year's phone😅😆

  • Vadthya Jyothi
    Vadthya Jyothi 3 months ago

    The most satisfying durability test ever on this channel ❣️

  • Debatreyo Chakraborty
    Debatreyo Chakraborty 3 months ago

    They should just hire you (Jerry) to build their phones' outer structure from now onwards. Will help them survive these extreme tests. This problem appeared only with the 10 line-up.

  • Sivasish Kalita
    Sivasish Kalita 3 months ago +558

    The OnePlus 7 Pro was the pinnacle of OnePlus. My 7 Pro is 3 years old now and still looks and works just like a brand new phone. No problems at all. Love it today as much as the day I bought it.
    It's really sad to see OP going downhill after that.

    • sia a
      sia a 15 days ago

      brands and product you buy are two different things, i own op8t and i still think its pretty awesome

    • all games
      all games Month ago

      Loved that phone to ran it for over 2 years bud sadly my camera stopped working, wouldn't pop up

    • Mariusz Szczepanik
      Mariusz Szczepanik Month ago +2

      OnePlus ended in series 7

    • Cory Berends
      Cory Berends Month ago

      8 pro is good, the last one worth buying

    • Sivasish Kalita
      Sivasish Kalita 2 months ago +1

      @Nonstop Qs The 6 series phones are built like tanks. Even the 7 series is much more durable than I expected. Have dropped it a couple of times myself. No issues whatsoever.

  • Amal S. Kuriakose
    Amal S. Kuriakose 3 months ago +1

    People who came to see the durability test of this phone got a better deal to see the teardown as well! Amazing job, Zack! 🤣

  • Dr. Pizza
    Dr. Pizza 2 months ago

    I legit don't know what my next phone will be since I can't rely on OnePlus anymore. I got an 8t now, one year old and I'm happy with it. Some bugs here and there but after this one kicks the bucket in a couple of years what do I do? I normally buy prev gen phones at a discount rather than latest ones but I don't see myself buying 10t or 10pro

  • Mysty
    Mysty 3 months ago

    I've had the OnePlus 1(which was zombified with another broken OP 1 into a well working phone), OnePlus 2 which had horrible screen tear internally. OnePlus 3t only had burn in issues, OnePlus 5t my 2nd favorite was a strong brick and a hell of a phone, my dad has that now. I have the OnePlus 8 5g which is by far my favourite. Was wanting to upgrade but oh nawh nawt after this

  • Ethan R
    Ethan R 3 months ago +1

    I love how Zack made this a durability and teardown all in one

  • Odin Hagen
    Odin Hagen 3 months ago +244

    What was once feared has vastly fallen. I really enjoyed my 3t and while my 8t has seen the software decline I was hoping they would correct the faults. Unfortunately they have seemingly became that what they despised. Maybe they will fix their issues in the future, but for me the 8t shall be my last OnePlus phone as I don't think I can trust the brand anymore.

    • doriang63
      doriang63 Month ago

      The same thing for me with the Oneplus 6T.

    • divyesh choubey
      divyesh choubey 2 months ago


    • BigHolmes
      BigHolmes 2 months ago

      ​@Reeve I have a 6t but same. Is almost as fast as the day I bought it, the battery is draining faster but barely noticeably tho

    • jurchiks
      jurchiks 2 months ago

      I'm still rocking my 3T. I just barely use it, mostly just as an alarm clock and watch, internet 99.9%% off, screen 99.5% off, and it's fine, battery lasts about a week usually. I have looked at many new phones over the years, but most of them are just too expensive to justify for how little I will use them.

    • Andy A
      Andy A 3 months ago +1

      Got the 8 pro and while amazing hardware...the software is such a mess.
      Not to mention everyone seems to have forgotten Oneplus rendering the infrared camera unusable with a patch. Never before have I seen a company tampering with hardware after purchase .

  • Erik Ulmer
    Erik Ulmer 3 months ago

    I hope other phones eventually get to the same charging capability as one plus

  • XxxR3DR3DWIN3xXx
    XxxR3DR3DWIN3xXx 3 months ago

    OnePlus started going down hill after the 7. I had a 8t but it broke really easily.

  • MM
    MM 3 months ago

    Wow, finally. A foldable device from Oneplus. 😍

  • Akhil S
    Akhil S 3 months ago

    After a very long time, durability and teardown in one video.. Credit to OnePlus.

  • Jona W.
    Jona W. 3 months ago +114

    More impressively, OnePlus made an almost-foldable phone!

    • MAXIY
      MAXIY 3 months ago

      They used a flexible oled display

    • Jona W.
      Jona W. 3 months ago +2

      @Łukasz Kmiecik See that's why it's made by OnePlus, and not OnePlusPlus

    • Łukasz Kmiecik
      Łukasz Kmiecik 3 months ago +16

      It is foldable.
      Just once.

  • Cris
    Cris 3 months ago

    This is one one the reasons I’ve switched to iPhone from my 6T. OnePlus has lost it’s identity as cheap reliable and fast phone, and now they have removed the alert slider. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Trouble Maker
    Trouble Maker 3 months ago +2

    OnePlus has finally settled down 😅
    They broke my heart, as currently I use the OnePlus 8 Pro. I am eagerly waiting for the iPhone 14 Pro Max -256 GB. Love from Newfoundland, Canada 🍁

  • S W
    S W 3 days ago

    Just bought at op10 pro. Veery cheap on black friday... I love it. I had a op7pro. Have nothing bad to say about it. Other than the big ass stove looking cameras.
    The frontcam puncture hole could be somewhere else tho, but I don't mind it.
    And yes. It charges crazy fast

  • Joseph
    Joseph 3 months ago

    Super sad that OnePlus is going downhill. My 6T is going strong for almost 4 years and still love it. Might have to switch once it dies

  • BubbaOfTheZew
    BubbaOfTheZew 3 months ago +174

    Flashback to 5 years ago when these phones were such an incredible value… now they bend in half when you leave it in a back pocket.

    • Captain Alieth
      Captain Alieth Day ago +1

      @Hi There! Eh I doubt they're poor. Probably just value fashion over utility. Personally I think it's stupid but you know, people.

    • Hi There!
      Hi There! 14 days ago

      @Trinity I was perplexed too when I first visited Canada and saw phones peeking from people's behind. poor people can't even afford a decent pocket for their iphones.

    • Jesse Meester
      Jesse Meester 3 months ago +2

      5? more like 10 years

    • BubbaOfTheZew
      BubbaOfTheZew 3 months ago +14

      @Trinity I think it's pretty common. Mostly among women, because the front pockets on their jeans tend to be smaller and tighter. But I've definitely seen men pull a phone out of the back pocket too.

    • Akiva Weil
      Akiva Weil 3 months ago

      Dude, the iPhone 6 was just as weak. Additionally, you would probably end yourself after feeling how slow those phones were compared to now.

  • Hauke F
    Hauke F 2 months ago

    Im still happy with my 7pro... Just asking myself what might be the new OnePlus? Is there a company that does the things OP used to do?

  • Francisco d. S
    Francisco d. S 3 months ago

    I wished more companies put a mute switch on their phones - underrated feature in my opinion!
    Xiaomi owner here :D

  • Good Nefario
    Good Nefario 3 months ago

    Battery replacement should be really easy thought 🙂

  • Tizian Gottschlich
    Tizian Gottschlich 3 months ago +1

    this is the teardown test we've been waiting for 😉

  • Yellow Green
    Yellow Green 3 months ago +392

    The self awareness is what makes these videos what they are.

    • Uncrustable
      Uncrustable 3 months ago

      especially the deeper slow voice he puts on 😂 I seen his videos when he's talking normal to his wife and his voice is different 😂 idc what you say about the mic the SPEED changes

    • Smit Patel
      Smit Patel 3 months ago +9

      "I don't take pictures of smaller things" 😏
      (Right after he scratched the cameras)

  • InoriMaster11
    InoriMaster11 3 months ago

    From durability to teardown, no one knew that it gonna happen until the screen didn't even crack 🥲 instead snaps the back fully.

  • somebrid
    somebrid 3 months ago +1

    Shame... I'm still rocking a OnePlus 6, it hasn't failed me in 4 years but when it does, I might go with an Asus Zenfone 9 - looks interesting.

  • Johnathan Gonzo
    Johnathan Gonzo 3 months ago +4

    Zak is a game changer , he's going to make phone manufacturers rethink before they try getting one over the Customers. I truly believe you are the reason so many of the phones are becoming more and more structured and durable 🤜🤛

  • Marshaler
    Marshaler 3 months ago +1

    OnePlus started as a company who resisted the establishment by making unique and cheap phones in every sense of the word
    from the product to marketing.
    Now they have become the establishment along with the others.

  • mtn silviu
    mtn silviu 3 months ago +147

    That is the 10T official teardown as Oneplus recommends, see the screen worked just fine but it's rated to open at 89 degrees not 90. Still great phone with easy battery replacement method.

  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf 3 months ago

    I love the OnePlus 10 series, they are a normal phone and foldable at both times. Samsung should learn something from them.

  • elektroencefalografista

    The display being able to bend so much without cracking is legitimately impressive.
    If only the phone wasn't so bad

    • elektroencefalografista
      elektroencefalografista 3 months ago

      @Lord Reset I know that most new phones use bendable plastic OLEDs, but I'm impressed with the front glass being able to hold up so well

    • Lord Reset
      Lord Reset 3 months ago +1

      The display bending is pretty standard for a flexible OLED like most higher end phones use. The bendable display can be used to reduce the bottom chin.

  • mushieslushie
    mushieslushie 3 months ago

    I remember back in the earlier days of Clip-Share it was a thing to do a drop test and people would be shocked that someone bought a phone just to drop it and break it. Zack meticulously damages a phone in every way possible and nobody bats an eye.

  • anuroop dalavayi
    anuroop dalavayi 3 months ago

    Hi! Your durability test will let us know if I can buy it or not. There are several examples.
    The iPhone 6 bend test made it look into the structure of the phone and it is never repeated.
    I bought a Motorola phone that has an issue with camera scratch. Which is pretty bad.
    Only you help me understand which has the good structure. Software can be updated and is easy to use in my opinion. Without you cannot know the durability.

  • ERWIN b0nus
    ERWIN b0nus 3 months ago +191

    Nice to see that you do Durabiltiy and Teardown tests at once now, thumbs up!

  • Lourico JT
    Lourico JT 3 months ago

    This was intended for foldables without the hinge, the new attemp for future technology.

  • Robert Arutunian
    Robert Arutunian 3 months ago

    Durability and teardown in one video! Nice!

  • EugeneFromYouTube
    EugeneFromYouTube 3 months ago

    Durability test + teardown in one video = peak JerryRig content

  • SignalStealer
    SignalStealer 3 months ago

    Oh yes, I remember the iPhone bendgate which started it all. Thinking about it, it gave us Zack. So all in all, Apple had a positive impact on the world.

  • M Morgz
    M Morgz 3 months ago +36

    The fingerprint test is still good to have, it's nice to know what readers are forgiving to damaged prints. My finger prints can often get damaged when working or if I injure myself, so I always set multiple prints in the phone incase I can't use my main finger/thumb.
    It's also good to see phones that have faster readers. The back reader on my previous redmi note 8 was significantly faster and more forgiving than my current redmi note 11's power button reader and I find that irritating.

  • Steve Wilson
    Steve Wilson 3 months ago

    I defies the durability test of the 7t and it was a great phone. Went to the 9 pro, and it too is pretty good. But, if they don't get back on track......well ...I'm looking to make sure the nothing will work with t mobile

  • Mohammadjv Okhdad
    Mohammadjv Okhdad 3 months ago

    The screen durability was amazing
    And seems the screen in already ok
    But phone shutdown because disconnected flex cable
    It's will be interesting if you able to turn it on in teardown video

  • Lawrence Chen
    Lawrence Chen 3 months ago

    Well, I suppose it is always a good idea to use it with a SUPCASE UB Pro to resist such force. 😂

  • Betz Vicente
    Betz Vicente 3 months ago

    Nice video Sir, its a 2 in 1, the durability and teardown..wow..

  • SubmarineMagnet
    SubmarineMagnet 3 months ago

    OnePlus is not a phone I'm looking forward to in replacing my old Oppo R17 Pro. I see that SuperVOOC on the battery of the OnePlus, so I assume Oppo and OnePlus is under the same Group.
    Im not buying a mid-high end phone if it breaks like that. Imagine how many butts could accidentally bend it like that. I think its partially because of the camera itself that's causing failures for durability

  • Tis tee Call
    Tis tee Call 3 months ago

    Wouldn't it good to include a drop test (hip and chest level) in durability test?

  • kadi jomi
    kadi jomi 3 months ago

    redmi note 8 was significantly faster and more forgiving than my current redmi note 11's power button reader and I find that irritating.

  • Lyle Thomas
    Lyle Thomas 3 months ago

    I bought a one plus 9pro and love the feel and software. But it completely broke in half in about 4 months of me babying it. They seriously need to fix this

  • Trafton Browne
    Trafton Browne 3 months ago +48

    It would be great to add liquids in the durability tests as well as shocks (height drops) as they'd reosonate well with everyday use

    • oOp Digdigfig
      oOp Digdigfig 3 months ago +10

      Drops are very random. You can't possibly drop a phone the same way twice in a row. Let alone different phones. Meaning you could get very different results that are not necessarily representative of the structure of that phone

  • 7teen7t7
    7teen7t7 3 months ago

    I had the op3, the OP6 and now the op8t
    I've enjoyed them all, but man, I miss my 6.
    It really bums me out to continue to see no reason too look at a one plus phone

  • Mario Sergio Araujo
    Mario Sergio Araujo 3 months ago

    Mais outra decepção!! Agora, queremos saber o que a Oneplus vai falar ou fazer pra melhorar? É muito negativo . Seus clientes mais exigentes, se abdicarão da marca.

  • OmegaTangent
    OmegaTangent Month ago

    OnePlus has gone from being a brand that none other can oppose to another Oppo...
    Very disappointing.
    I'm switching to Pixel this week and couldn't be happier. Last good OnePlus was the 7 Pro imho.

  • Tudor Coman
    Tudor Coman 3 months ago

    Haha, I wonder if the next Flagship from them, The OnePlus 10 Ultra will be more different. That will be the top of the line with the top spec Soc either from Mediatek Or Snapdragon and it will include as well that slider from the 10 Pro. It will cost a whole lot a bunch of money as well. But after recent rumors maybe will see it in the Q1 Q2 2023. :))

  • Raksh mukhiya
    Raksh mukhiya 3 months ago +257

    OnePlus is no longer the company it used to be, prices are now on par with other flagships with the same specs, there's nothing really unique about the company or the phone any longer, so why should choose OnePlus?
    I started out with the OnePlus X. Major reason was the impressive specifications at great price. Fell in love with it the moment moment I got it out of the box (still have the box, by the way)
    Sleek, beautiful screen, great specifications, amazing camera. I dropped it many times, without the screen ever cracking. (well until it finally did, after three years of constant, rough use)
    I used to be a real fanboy, used to love going on the forums, discussing the phone with others, asking questions and answering them..
    After my OPX was finally put to rest, I bought THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PHONE I've ever seen. Indian variant of the OnePlus 7T. Still wonderful OS, great camera, top notch specs, mesmerizing body with those frosted panels, blazing fast phone wonderful touches here and there that truly made the phone a joy and delight to own. Such as the braided charging cable and the carbon fibre and alcantara case.
    I've been using my OP7T just as I used my previous phone, and still in love with it. But it's starting to show it's age: the battery dies faster, warp charging sometimes doesn't work, the camera is no longer as good as it used to be. I'll use it for as long as it lasts, probably even send it for servicing. But after that, I don't think I'm buying another phone from OnePlus.
    Each year, I've eagerly watched OnePlus launch events, hoping they do something good again. Each year I'm disappointed. Some of the reasons are:
    The first few batches of OnePlus 8 and 9 phones having display problems.
    OnePlus merging with Oppo. (Especially hate the merger of Oxygen OS and Colour OS. OP said that the OSS will be separate, but under a single dev team. Hah) Carl Pei leaving OnePlus.
    Prices matching other flagships. Nothing really unique.
    OnePlus was once a phone company with a niche following of tech nerds with tight pockets. Now it's a phone company that wants to cater to everyone. That might be in the company's best interests, but OnePlus and many of its long-term costumers don't align with each other.
    Thank you for everything so far, OnePlus. Thank you for two great phones, 6 years of great memories. I'll be looking at Samsung for my next phone.

    • Whale Hunter
      Whale Hunter 3 months ago

      if carl pei made phones that changed your life. you should be looking at nothing phone (1).

    • Kiel Vostro
      Kiel Vostro 3 months ago +2

      Yes, I'm crying as well because I'm a OnePlus fanboy. It's 2022 and I will still complain on these things as if they will listen to me. 🥲

    • Childe
      Childe 3 months ago +1

      @Philipp G. I am happy to say bye to those cheap ios knock offs

    • Alexander GK
      Alexander GK 3 months ago +1

      My current phone is 1+8pro and I love it!
      But I agree with you: if OnePlus don't change their policy then my next phone will be Samsung or Google Pixel.

    • Philipp G.
      Philipp G. 3 months ago +1

      @Goja :3 really? They have stolen patented technologies from Nokia so they are forbidden to make phonesails due to lawsuits. They recently also lost half of their last year income together with (especially) Xiaomi because of years of money-laundering and sneaking out of tax payments. How do you think they make souch cheap phones?

  • RoadMode _
    RoadMode _ 3 months ago

    I have had my LG Escape for like the last 5 years...i need a update. Its really just a memory problem. I can only do minimal gaming and saving thing if i can always go to my card. I really like the phone...still looks ABSOLUTE brand-new. LG makes durable long lasting stuff. Still have one of the first 32" lcd flat panel tv that came out. It's like 16 17 years old and perfect conditon too. Just is 65 pounds...LOL. But works and has a descent pic. MY POINT IS KEEP YOUR STUFF IF IT STILL WORKS..Just take care of it and NOT TOO MANY defects these days if you stick with a great brand. THIS SHOW KILLS ME. JERRY YOU ARE KILLING ME. BUT, i know its for science i suppose. God bless you and your wife and new baby too. Keep up the good work. Cant wait to see the HUMMER ALL DONE!!

  • Jakub Lizon
    Jakub Lizon 10 days ago

    OnePlus could do one device that's more an all around flagship, and a T variant device that's more old school one plus. Great performance at all costs. Is the 10T really that bad? It seems to be more OnePlus than the 10 pro.

  • steve_kemp70
    steve_kemp70 3 months ago

    Hey Zack, Oneplus makes battery replacement pretty easy it looks like, easier than Samsung and Apple, gotta be happy with that 👍🏼👍🏼🇦🇺🇦🇺🦘🦘Cheers from Melbourne Australia

  • Taiba Rossi
    Taiba Rossi 3 months ago

    Agree. Mute slider switch was one of the things that made one plus unique. Now it's just another mainstream brick.

  • Contagious Ingenuity Agency

    Hey Jerry!
    Still waiting for a durability test/teardown of the Zenfone 9.

  • phil
    phil 3 months ago +1

    Zack should be at the end of a smartphone conception to give the jerryrig approval

  • nm
    nm 3 months ago

    Wow, congratulations Oneplus, you have just entered the 2mpx macro camera too expensive phone list. This phone will probably be the least sold Oneplus phone ever.

  • Cortley Burns
    Cortley Burns 3 months ago

    i have a oneplus 9 pro and i absolutely love it its fast and has a great camera just wish it was eaiser to get cases for it

  • Naam me kya rkha hai
    Naam me kya rkha hai 3 months ago

    Wow! Jerry created new OnePlus 10T Fold. Congratulations
    Btw Love your videos ❤️

  • Junaid Dar
    Junaid Dar 3 months ago

    You have been an influence for me to drop my idea to buy phones sometimes. Like OPO 10Pro

  • Dr. Kesasan
    Dr. Kesasan 3 months ago

    I have OnePlus 3 full metal body. Has been dropped, smashed and yet little scratches that are barely noticeable. Still running like a pro after 6yrs

  • Alexander Butchvarov
    Alexander Butchvarov 3 months ago

    I really like everything you show. I'd be very happy if you would share a review of Motorola edge 30 pro.

  • David Tanner
    David Tanner 3 months ago

    After having a OnePlus 7T for almost three years and seeing the junk that both 10 series phones, my new and last OnePlus phone will be be the 9 Pro. Both 10 series phones are a disappointment. OnePlus has lost their way and the loyalty that they once had earned

  • KeqL ing
    KeqL ing 3 months ago +1

    I REALLY do miss the OnePlus 7 pro times ... that phone was literally perfect , it had such a simple yet so clean design, clean smooth software (not the crap they are using rn) , no holes in the screen, a mute switch and it was actually priced decently . OnePlus really fell so misreably in the last couple of years and it makes me so sad that i would hardly consider them a good option nowadays

  • Matt Weger
    Matt Weger 3 months ago

    The three was great the five was great the 8 t was okay but they simped for carriers and enabled bootloader locking. Now the whole thing with color OS makes me think that they're going to do what Samsung did after the s3

  • jonathon1799
    jonathon1799 3 months ago

    My 6t is going strong with zero issues not been impressed with the phones that came after it though so I am sticking with it

  • Damo_Kezz
    Damo_Kezz 3 months ago +33

    These phone videos that I have been watching for over 4 years are awesome and very useful! Thanks Jerry for making me a tech geek. 🤣

  • Levi
    Levi 2 months ago +1

    After this, OnePlus is officially off my roster. Forever.

  • Christian Del Rosario
    Christian Del Rosario 3 months ago

    Legit curious question: what are instances that it can suffer this much damage? Does accidentally sleeping on it or sitting on it make strong enough force to fold it?
    Edit: thanks!

    • The pain.
      The pain. 2 months ago

      Bruh this thing will surely turn into a wallet when sitting on it

  • Gamer Technology
    Gamer Technology 3 months ago

    "And just because the device snaps in half during my extreme durability test does not make it a bad phone. Tacos fall apart and they aren't bad." -Zach Nelson 2022