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How To Go From Building NOOB To PRO in Minecraft

  • Published on Dec 7, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • MrLegendGaming
    MrLegendGaming 3 years ago +4644

    Who else watches tutorials on how to get better at building and ends up building nothing.

    • Aarnio Nordli
      Aarnio Nordli 20 hours ago


    • RMJStrikeCat
      RMJStrikeCat 5 days ago


    • PandaBoy360
      PandaBoy360 12 days ago


    • CreeperFilms
      CreeperFilms 13 days ago

      I remember when I 9 years old. And my sister show me these kinds of videos, and wanted me to be creative on building. So I played Minecraft with the tutorial video, and when I was finish with it, I accidentally deleted. After when I finish, and lost all that progress, and my sister was paranoid with it!

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  • Amanda Brown
    Amanda Brown Year ago +1651

    "You can dress it up, you can put sprinkles on it, but at the end of the day, its still a poo"

    • Dont Trust No One
      Dont Trust No One 3 months ago

      Moral of the video: You can't pretty your shitty

    • Bruh Sauce
      Bruh Sauce 7 months ago +2

      _You cannot decorate defecate_

    • colappse
      colappse 7 months ago

      It's like an alternative to an adage of: "Lipstick with a pig"

    • Myia Beaudoin
      Myia Beaudoin 9 months ago +1

      @Franz Ferdinand VIII I could leave but I won't go,
      Though my heart might tell me so,
      I can't feel a thing from my head down to my toes,
      But why does it always seem to be,
      Me looking at you, you looking at me,
      It's always the same, it's just a shame, that's all...

    • Huy Tran Dang
      Huy Tran Dang 10 months ago

      Do you have the time stamp?

  • Migatte no Blakae
    Migatte no Blakae Year ago +100

    “If something doesn’t work, you change it, you add to it, you remove from it.”
    A very simple, and yet, very useful statement. It really is that easy once you get the right mindset going. I’d say 80% of building better in MC is just being able to admit that something doesn’t work.

    • TiredEyePilot
      TiredEyePilot 11 days ago

      I think playing build battle has helped me get better because you'll build such a variety of things and I've seen a lot of new techniques in others peoples builds I hadn't seen before.

    • Cleb
      Cleb 10 months ago +1

      It’s so true, but man it’s hard to incorporate that mindset lol

  • anOGuser
    anOGuser Year ago +804

    The outside : GODLY DESIGN
    the inside : *crafting table furnace chest bed*

    • Valentin Nikolov
      Valentin Nikolov 7 months ago


    • Yeah Buddy
      Yeah Buddy 9 months ago +4

      Pro tip: go in creative and build underground. Force yourself to build without an exterior, and you'll improve your interior design in no time.

    • miu is waifu
      miu is waifu 10 months ago +2

      @Jonathan Mueller mine: bed chest couch

    • Ballooncoast848
      Ballooncoast848 11 months ago +1

      @Meownoi Pastel instead of using a ladder make a bubble elevator it’s more efficient

    • Meownoi Pastel
      Meownoi Pastel 11 months ago

      My inside: crafting_table furnace chest chest chest bed bed ladder

  • Asher Choi
    Asher Choi Year ago +1428

    Me:That looks good!!
    Grian:That looks terrible.
    Me:That looks terrible.

    • B-Mag
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    • CoffeePlayz
      CoffeePlayz 4 months ago

      Got it to 1k likes

    • arainbo7227
      arainbo7227 7 months ago +1

      @loooooooooooooong naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame ok

    • Meownoi Pastel
      Meownoi Pastel 11 months ago

      @radiogutz tysm for food because my hands are sore rn

  • CozmicPlayz Games
    CozmicPlayz Games 3 years ago +23339

    Minecraft is a game of pure freedom
    *Reaches build limit*

  • Woofles Vlogs
    Woofles Vlogs Year ago +589

    Grian: Minecraft is a game of creativity and you can build anything.
    Me: Even apparently half doors 1:56

    • Barcotron
      Barcotron 10 months ago


    • Superslim Anoniem
      Superslim Anoniem Year ago +1

      @Pug yeah, only problem with that mod, it tends to do strange stuff lol

    • Jaryd Ian C. Maloloy-on
      Jaryd Ian C. Maloloy-on Year ago +4

      @Pug especially when you have bad internet and you decide to break a door

    • Josh3ko
      Josh3ko Year ago +2

      @Pug Yes lol

    • Pug
      Pug Year ago +19

      World edit does that to your doors

  • ㅤ        ‌‌   ׂ𓅓

    “But when you’ve got the shape down, *everything else* will become easy”
    Interior: Allow me to introduce myself

  • 𝔂𝓸𝓾𝓻𝓼 𝓽𝓻𝓾𝓵𝔂

    Grian: that one fun art teacher
    Mumbo: the math teacher trying to make learning math fun, but everyone gets confused

  • Spinny
    Spinny Year ago +686

    can we appreciate grian adding the little boogie animation between segments?

    • Valentin Nikolov
      Valentin Nikolov 7 months ago

      Love it

    • CharlesALS
      CharlesALS 11 months ago


    • ghoul
      ghoul 11 months ago

      Yes of course

    • itsopzac
      itsopzac Year ago +1

      Ye sirrrrr

    • Hello There
      Hello There Year ago +9

      @Fr can we appreciate that you can't understand that some of the best jokes are taking popular ones and making them your own? Its like saying buggati isn't original because they made a car that goes fast

  • Slipknot Exe
    Slipknot Exe 3 years ago +12684

    U should do a “fixing my subscribers’ houses” series

  • Sahar Sameer
    Sahar Sameer Year ago +12

    One thing I’ve definitely realized in the past months is all the small details to your builds and small details to your world such as decoration go a long way and make your world that much better great video!:)

  • Psyk_Platinum
    Psyk_Platinum 5 months ago +5

    As a pro builder, I still return to this video once in a while to keep my skills in check

  • Porquezz
    Porquezz Year ago +22

    15:59 For this build use concrete instead of snow, they didn’t have that back when he made this.

  • A Person
    A Person Year ago +42

    4 years old and still one of the best build tutorials

  • jemo!
    jemo! 3 years ago +19218

    Me: understands everything
    Also me: steals villager house

  • burinQ
    burinQ Year ago +15

    What mod did you use to automatically make the house higher? I've been trying to find it for a long time

  • SmellTheL
    SmellTheL Year ago +26

    Been playing for 9 years and this taught me everything I know about building

    • Woblo
      Woblo 4 months ago

      Same, although since this was posted a year ago you have been playing the game longer than me

    • Grimm Soul
      Grimm Soul 11 months ago

      @Lord Meow your reply is now invalid
      delete it

    • Grimm Soul
      Grimm Soul 11 months ago

      @SmellTheL took you long enough

    • SmellTheL
      SmellTheL 11 months ago

      @Grimm Soul fixed

    • Lord Meow
      Lord Meow Year ago

      @Grimm Soul i think its a typo, maybe he meant "This taught ME"

  • Lil savage
    Lil savage Year ago +32

    Grian : giving advices for Minecraft players
    Me : remembering my first ever Minecraft Diamond house....

  • Imryn Rose
    Imryn Rose Year ago +4

    12:22 - Bell curve (Viking)
    12:30 - Slabs (modern; gradual incline)
    13:05 - Sharp bell curve (castle)
    13:40 - Basic bitch stairs
    Main takeaways
    Cube = bad
    Right angles = bad
    Depth = good
    Over-detailing = bad

  • missvyieano _
    missvyieano _ 3 years ago +4909

    0:43 Shaping
    11:43 Roofs
    14:22 Themes
    17:32 Adding Extras
    21:19 Detailing

    • Spogo
      Spogo 9 days ago

      bro think he carti

    • Clucking Chicken
      Clucking Chicken 6 months ago

      @A bruh the video is already split up

    • Clucking Chicken
      Clucking Chicken 6 months ago

      my man the video is already split up into segments. Useless comment.

    • SundayOK
      SundayOK 6 months ago

      Heck yeah thanks!

    • Martina G
      Martina G 6 months ago

      Ty! ^^

  • Aperson101
    Aperson101 4 months ago +1

    Ok, here’s what i took from this video:
    1/ Avoid giant flat walls (bc they are harder to fill with decor)
    2/ Try to make each side of the house look a bit different from eachothers (to create visual interest and make the build less monotonous)
    3/ Build struts to make it pop (its like an outline but in 3D)
    4/ Go outside, touch grass, look at houses irl for inspiration (style, color pallet)
    5/ It’s like drawing, go from general basic shapes, to refining those shapes match your vision, and then add details to increase visual interest
    6/ Like in drawing, small additions can make huge impacts on how the build looks, so go easy on the detail work

  • stariy
    stariy 6 months ago +2

    Thank you for this tutorial :), it really helped me! My dirt house can finally look good 😅

  • An Okay Channel
    An Okay Channel Year ago +1

    Man this video has reminded me how much better the old textures generally looked, even if they weren't as artistically designed. They just stood out better as what they're meant to be and had a slightly more serious, gritty feel instead of every texture necessarily needing to be an artistic centre of attention.

  • Atifa Omer
    Atifa Omer Year ago +9

    Me: I'll build the first house, the one with the large roof because it looks cool and is satisfying and symmetrical.

  • Georgian Bay
    Georgian Bay Year ago +5227

    you know there's a problem when your roof has more living space than your house.

  • Markus Kjøsen
    Markus Kjøsen Year ago +1

    I really feel like i learned a lot in this video. I’m definetly interested in seeing more of this type of content

  • Nathan Stafford
    Nathan Stafford Year ago

    This is a very well made video. He does a really good job of explaining generally how to build well, and also provides examples of how that might come together, making this video a really good one to look back on, even in later versions of the game!

  • René Albrechtsen
    René Albrechtsen 8 months ago +1

    This is honestly an incredible tutorial for all types of building games.

  • Hello There
    Hello There 4 months ago +1

    I really appreciate the"adding extras" segment of this video because I usually watch building tips whenever I'm finished with my house but I'm not quite happy with it. But there's not many tips to improve an already finished house other than add some details I guess.

  • 4AKurei
    4AKurei 2 years ago +2467

    It doesn’t matter if you live in a mansion or a dirt house.
    We all sleep in the same sized bed.

    • King of the Bricks Kid
      King of the Bricks Kid 2 months ago

      50TH REPLY

    • Petkovic 21
      Petkovic 21 4 months ago

      But imagine having a survival world for 6 years and just living in a stack of dirt you collected and built a shed from it in 2 minutes bro

    • Kushida
      Kushida 4 months ago

      Yeah, you’re privileged enough to sleep, these zombies won’t go away

    • Jason Sancho
      Jason Sancho 5 months ago

      bruh we play the game to make builds farms progress we do not play for survival only

    • King Techa
      King Techa 5 months ago

      shut up

  • The adventures of scruffy

    Grian: is easy.
    Me: gets exited thinking I can build something as good as this.
    Also me 5 mins later: I think I did it wrong 😑

  • Rainy VA ASMR
    Rainy VA ASMR Year ago

    This was very useful and informative. Can't wait to use some of these techniques!

  • Meme Slayer
    Meme Slayer Year ago +5

    Now this is way better than building someone else's builds just by watching their tutorial

  • Aflay
    Aflay Year ago +1

    I personally find it best to practice with villages. Not actual village homes, but extend the end-points of these villages with additional houses as big as the ones in the village.
    Experiment with different techniques big and small, practical and extravagant, until you’re ready to build the MUCH bigger houses for yourself and your friends.
    Eventually, you‘ll master a unique technique to your style. Even consider various materials and biome locations. The more you experiment, the more impressive your homes look, especially if they stand out or locate in obscure places like mountains, oceans, or even the Nether.

  • Art_By_ Hails_76
    Art_By_ Hails_76 2 years ago +3860

    Me: I’m not bad at building, I’m just very talented at screwing everything up...

  • Jaydon Chan
    Jaydon Chan Year ago

    I first found a perfect shallow cave entrance just facing a beautiful river and birch forest. I worked on the entrance of my ‘underground home’ and made the entrance look like a mouth of a creeper, and dug a few floors beneath for my storage and stuff like that. However I wanted to have a house on land, so I decided to make a house above the cave and I could access both cave and house by ladder and doors. I can’t think of ideas for the exterior for the house so I came here. Thanks Grian!

  • Slink Gamer X
    Slink Gamer X Year ago +2

    Grian you are an awesome teacher!!!
    Thanks for the building tips
    It really helped me on improving my builds!

  • Ted Tiger
    Ted Tiger 5 months ago

    I watched this video as someone quite fluent with organic builds, but a little struggling with making interesting buildings. I really enjoyed it, and the tips are really good. I will say however the over-detailing thing you discussed with stairs/slabs/walls can be nice for certain parts of the build, specifically if you've got a stone foundation underneath that is visible, like on a hillside, it makes the foundation look nicer simply because otherwise there wouldn't be much there.

  • Roshank231
    Roshank231 Year ago +2

    this video let me build my own house, and it actually looking good for once! rather than just stealing a villagers house or living in a glorified box.

  • Valad
    Valad 2 years ago +3304

    Grian: Im not trying to build this house very good. Everything is very Random.
    Also Grian: **Accidentally builds a mansion.**

    • Gaminghamz22
      Gaminghamz22 9 months ago

      Yup goat \_(''ر)_/

    • Sahar Sandoqa
      Sahar Sandoqa Year ago

      @Kaiser jahan I-its a-an e-experssion. I-idiot

    • Blaepic
      Blaepic 2 years ago

      Mansion? I’ve heard that word before hehe

    • CaptainLeefy
      CaptainLeefy 2 years ago +1

      In Grian’s eyes, it’s not mansion. It’s a lowly civilian house.

    • mr.banana
      mr.banana 2 years ago +3

      @Blastpro normally by accident

  • Jayden Post
    Jayden Post Year ago +2

    To the people who don't understand... Just build houses from tutorials and pick up the techniques they use...That way you can get better at building.

  • 321B Productions
    321B Productions Year ago +13

    "Your first build will be awful, but your 50th build will be perfect. Just keep practicing."
    -Some random guy on the internet

    • N.N
      N.N 4 months ago +2

      "Your first building will be awful, along with the rest. Just stop it."
      -Me to myself

  • EsquireVideos
    EsquireVideos 11 months ago +1

    Ya know, I feel this video deserves a lot more views than it has. Then again, in time, that shall change for the better…

  • ThatOneKid
    ThatOneKid 5 months ago

    I thought I was good with my new house, but after this video it had open my eyes to so many more options and opportunities!

  • Benson Mowrey
    Benson Mowrey 3 years ago +4265

    "Minecraft is a great game"
    Feels good to hear something that hasn't been said in a while.

  • DJIJ SpeakerGuy
    DJIJ SpeakerGuy Year ago

    I have sometimes used the slabs in Minecraft to make a less steep roof if I am going for a certain style house, especially rectangular ones. I actually made models of our real life house, and some relatives’ houses as well.

  • Edward kaczorski
    Edward kaczorski 10 months ago +1

    when I was younger, about 5 or 6, for me when I started Minecraft pallets were most important. I made always small houses and my skills of making shapes evolved. But from the beginning as mentioned before: Colour was what mattered.

  • Gabriel Emerson
    Gabriel Emerson 11 months ago

    I really liked this, and I think videos like this really help some people to improve by giving them these tips and tricks.

  • Ag74
    Ag74 5 months ago +1

    the most informative and helpful Minecraft tips a beginner could ever find on yt. thanks alot for the effort

  • Vaishak P
    Vaishak P 2 years ago +2626

    when this guy goes for architecture, he teaches the architect

  • Timimi 09
    Timimi 09 Year ago

    Thanks Grian.
    This helped me lots with my building.
    I normally made houses like the first you made.

  • Dragonee
    Dragonee Year ago +16

    Grian: wool is 1 of the worst blocks in minecraft
    Also grian uses white wool 14:48

  • desertrose0601
    desertrose0601 4 months ago

    Love it! Lots of good tips for new players and veteran players alike!

  • ZLD Smogless
    ZLD Smogless Year ago

    Well done Grian! This video is how I learned how to build houses well. Hats off to you

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo 2 years ago +951

    Not just that it's a great "tutorial" on how to build, it also gives TONS of inspiration with all the builds shown in the video... just WOW

    • Primal Inferno
      Primal Inferno 2 years ago

      I wish I could like this comment 10000 times

    • CountyManager
      CountyManager 2 years ago


    • mr.banana
      mr.banana 2 years ago

      @DankMemes .... Dont look at my worlds

    • mr.banana
      mr.banana 2 years ago

      @DankMemes well its takes 2x time for me to make something better so yeah and i keep making new worlds quz im bored of one so i never make progress also i never have enough materials/patience to make my house better i dont even spend that much time in it so its useless to make better houses

    • CountyManager
      CountyManager 2 years ago

      @Chili Cactus why wouldn't i have known

  • Linuxx _
    Linuxx _ 8 months ago

    This helped a lot!! Building just doesn't click in my head for some reason, so these kinds of videos really help with developing a bit of a building skill!

  • Carter West
    Carter West 11 months ago

    U bring up so many good points about how to get better. I can definitely say my ego kept me from getting better at building because I was so dead set on the starting framework of a build

  • Trevor Lueth
    Trevor Lueth 5 months ago

    It's starting to look amazing I'm in love with the house

  • Beau Vizenor
    Beau Vizenor 6 months ago

    Loved it thank you so much for making this. It helped : )

  • emilie w
    emilie w 4 years ago +11984

    *This is a note to self to watch this again when im playing minecraft and it's not three am.*

    • Sam
      Sam 11 months ago

      Hahaha, 11.
      (It's for a good reason I have a Minecraft house that I want to improve.) (Trust me it's good)

    • Mulniir
      Mulniir Year ago

      XD I’m not playing Minecraft and watching at 3 AM too

    • Kendall Boyd
      Kendall Boyd Year ago

      Broo its 3 am exactly rn

    • amogus sussy balls
      amogus sussy balls Year ago

      do it

    • Ender
      Ender Year ago

      i am also in this exact situation

  • The AnnaZ
    The AnnaZ 10 months ago +1

    This is by far the best house build tutorial ive ever seen

  • Toby Russell
    Toby Russell 8 months ago

    This is one of those tutorials that actually help instead of saying what you already know in a different way

  • ballsgaming
    ballsgaming 9 months ago +1

    Nice guide dude, the only thing I need now is creativity lol
    Also I wonder what the world's first house looked like... What if it was a box

  • Chipfry
    Chipfry Year ago +7

    Me: Wants to make a haunted house
    Grain: Here, have some *A d v i c e*
    Also me: *Oh it actually works*

  • Cyhopsycho
    Cyhopsycho Year ago +3648

    Grian: building is an art

    • Zealous
      Zealous 15 days ago

      @Eris It's torture.

    • Cass
      Cass 3 months ago

      "so this starts with just a simple flying machine-"

    • Jay L.
      Jay L. 3 months ago

      Knuckels you arent very sharp.

    • littledeku
      littledeku 10 months ago


    • Eris
      Eris 11 months ago +1

      Whats wrong with math?

  • VibrantSky
    VibrantSky  2 months ago +1

    Me watching this when im sick and not at school so I can still learn things😂
    Thank you Grian you have taught me so much😊

  • Stef Putmans
    Stef Putmans Year ago

    Had a bit of a creative block lately. Decided to check out this video again and this has helped me build again, thanks grian

  • Jerremy Morgan
    Jerremy Morgan Month ago

    Not at all information overload, in fact, it's just about right. Thank you for the content, very helpful.

  • Susan Katz
    Susan Katz 11 months ago +1

    around 12:25 when he mentions the roof design, I normally do stair block stair block block stair. it looks rather good if you wanna try it!

  • Cool Kid420
    Cool Kid420 2 years ago +1918

    Grian: Here we have quite a common shape.
    Also Grian: *Shows Mansion*.

    • Splenced
      Splenced Year ago

      @Cool Kid420 you have 1.8k likes :)

    • Prabhav
      Prabhav Year ago

      @Justine Sedesky ???

    • Vortex Jax
      Vortex Jax Year ago

      Glenn this is a very good series I like it it’s very nice and I really like it and if you are going to continue the series please if you’re going to turn this into a series please and I really like please if you respond to this and please I wanna do and can you teach us based what’s more and basic and two story building better and not wooden and modern houses

    • Cool Kid420
      Cool Kid420 Year ago +1

      @DonutDude10 Thank you.

    • Jazo
      Jazo Year ago

      bruh its very simple I think hard is to build a minecraft chinese house mansion

  • GOAT Mode Gaming
    GOAT Mode Gaming Year ago

    One of the best videos you’re had, thank you! 🙏

  • Exotic Crash
    Exotic Crash Year ago +1

    Thank you man! I’ve recently just got into Minecraft and this is very helpful! I’m a little late tho.😅 you just earned a sub man! Keep up the good workk!

  • Random_boyFR
    Random_boyFR Year ago +1

    I have a tip don’t make the house super big to fit everything so instead add many rooms in a small house 😀

  • TobybGaming
    TobybGaming 4 months ago

    It’s been years since I watch this video but watching these videos really really helped my building I wasn’t the worst builder before I watch this video but I was not anywhere near as good as I am now

  • clobbered
    clobbered Year ago +4574

    My real-life house is a rectangle, along with my whole town, Grian is now looking to buy a nuke

    • Sociod
      Sociod 4 months ago

      Are you in a villa?

    • the dumbest silesian you will ever meet
      the dumbest silesian you will ever meet 4 months ago

      i live in poland, lower silesia, every house in my suburb is an cuboid/rectangle, either with flat roof or a roof going up from both sides

    • Karol'S playing
      Karol'S playing 4 months ago

      eastern europe?

    • new channel
      new channel 6 months ago

      My house is also a box lol

    • Onezyytq
      Onezyytq 6 months ago

      bro my house irl looks like the better one i the thumbnail

  • deadly jam
    deadly jam Year ago

    Grian: Here's 20 great tips and tricks for building!
    Also Grian: Uses spruce wood mixed with oak wood

  • Jessica Kania
    Jessica Kania 11 months ago

    love the effort put into this video!

  • shadow
    shadow  5 months ago

    this definitely was in information overload but after a few minutes i came to my senses.
    Thanks for the help!

  • Levithegreat2009
    Levithegreat2009 Year ago

    This video is what finally made me start building houses as bases instead of just making a giant cave in a mountain

  • Ethern
    Ethern 3 years ago +1723

    Him: *Looks at my house*
    What he says: It could use improvement...
    What he means: Burn it. Burn it all.

  • Lhurgoyf Witcher
    Lhurgoyf Witcher 10 months ago

    i never thought someone could teach building in a logical way. i thought either you can do it or not. gonna try this out soon, building the most evil mansion i can think of.

  • MidNightFreak
    MidNightFreak Year ago

    Super video chap, like a professional architect/designer. Now I'm going to be able to build my MC dream mountain mansion.

  • Nixie Dusk
    Nixie Dusk 8 months ago +1

    4 years old, but still a great video to learn from.

  • It's Me Aiden!
    It's Me Aiden! 9 months ago +1

    Just got back into Minecraf again glad I watched this again as my builds weren't as good as they used to be when I played Minecraft again

  • Elan
    Elan 2 years ago +959

    Me: Don't know how to build good houses.
    Grian: Doesn't know how to build bad houses.

    • Orangutan
      Orangutan 2 years ago +3

      hhmm if I hit my head on a rock and forget everything I wont know how to build bad buildings

    • Elan
      Elan 2 years ago +5

      @Gurkenplayer HD Oh god, sorry man my bad, thank you. Didn't see that.

    • Gurkenplayer HD
      Gurkenplayer HD 2 years ago +3

      ...build a good houses.
      Where is the mistake?

    • Dead Inside
      Dead Inside 2 years ago +5

      LOL this is so sad.. :(

    • Sky The Dragon
      Sky The Dragon 2 years ago +11

      You should teach eachother

  • ChipGaming
    ChipGaming Year ago

    Thank you this really improved my building skill!

  • Always_Almai
    Always_Almai Year ago

    Thank You For This, Grian! i am making now my minecraft home even better! it was a box but now, im making a house with a balcony, front porch, pool, you name it! Thank You Again Grian!

  • nika andriadze
    nika andriadze 5 months ago

    I am happy to announce that even after the addition of a much-needed texture update of 1.14, this video hasn't aged a bit... Even though the visuals themselves look outdated.

  • Just some guy having a very long name because yeah

    21:21 those emeralds bring memories

  • Jetex
    Jetex 5 years ago +330

    Quick tip: I find that making a list of all the rooms you want is a great way of planning a house without leaving bland empty rooms or cramming to much into rooms.
    -A Fellow Builder

    • La Lu gurl Momo
      La Lu gurl Momo 3 years ago

      I suck at building, I build wooden boxes with windows and nothing that have one room only.

    • The golden Master vloggers
      The golden Master vloggers 5 years ago

      Jetex nice idea

    • my name is Jeff
      my name is Jeff 5 years ago +1

      Jetex Gaming y

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