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Perfect Revenge For A SLAP In MMA!!

  • Published on Nov 27, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Florid Miston
    Florid Miston  2 months ago +1383

    Hope you liked this video guys😍

    • Cristhian Lange
      Cristhian Lange 26 days ago

      It was shit

    • dubbzz
      dubbzz 27 days ago

      Do not recommend

    • Ismael Solomon
      Ismael Solomon 29 days ago

      @Laddi Scientist what has that to do with a souffle?

    • Laddi Scientist
      Laddi Scientist 29 days ago

      ​@Ali Chehab Muslims do not respect people of other religions

    • Laddi Scientist
      Laddi Scientist 29 days ago

      ​@Jitin tiwari Muslims do not respect people of other religions

  • Heathen American
    Heathen American 2 months ago +17789

    When you try to be like daddy Khabib, but don't have the fortitude to follow through.

    • Deep Breaths
      Deep Breaths 4 days ago

      That's the traditional Muslim hair and beard. It is not Khabib's.

    • Alphonsus Tanggal
      Alphonsus Tanggal 4 days ago

      Daddy who?I heard Putin's bitch..

    • Fun Only
      Fun Only 10 days ago

      Khabib gay

    • William Dunnells
      William Dunnells 15 days ago

      @xxr and he was scared to defend it against real contenders. he fought no names, beat 2 top tier fighters... he ran from his title and refused to defend it cuz he knew he would lose. remember that

    • xxr
      xxr 15 days ago

      ​@William Dunnells the guy you are talking about is not only undefeated, but also he never lost a single round in any match.

  • Hudson DeLallo
    Hudson DeLallo Month ago +821

    Bro was wall running💀💀

    • Brux
      Brux Day ago

      @Justus Fischer Like old days on the beggining of M.M.A, even a Sumo fighter apears, do you remenber?

    • Justus Fischer
      Justus Fischer Day ago +1

      @Brux ye i know but nobody actually uses it in mma and he also does a shit ton of flips and kicks off tha cage and shuff like that

    • Brux
      Brux Day ago

      This Guy fight Capoeira look like parkour but os a martial art! 👍

    • Official Finzki
      Official Finzki 3 days ago

      Bro did the superman punch

    • Justus Fischer
      Justus Fischer 11 days ago

      Look a his other fights that guy is a menace. All he does is dumb and disrespectful shit, it’s hilarious

  • Primadiuz
    Primadiuz Month ago +402

    That Superman Punch start everything 😅🔥

    • Primadiuz
      Primadiuz 23 days ago

      @Ray Romano did i say slap ? 😂

    • Ray Romano
      Ray Romano 24 days ago +2

      That wasn't a slap. That was a shove. Too many ppl try to put a narrative on something because they have no life and need to entertain themselves somehow

  • Perfection Body Care
    Perfection Body Care Month ago +1683

    The way he said to him “you like those slaps now huh” lol 😂.

  • JxCxDxL
    JxCxDxL Month ago

    The way he was slapping him killed me 😂😂😂😂😂

  • S
    S Month ago +7

    Those slaps doing damage is hilarious 😂

  • Discipleof Christ
    Discipleof Christ Month ago +3

    His revenge is actually quite gentlemanly!

  • ReallyThomas
    ReallyThomas Month ago

    That walljump 🔥

  • Alex Carson
    Alex Carson Month ago +2

    Total domination that’s crazy lol he was still fuming over that slap lol

  • Chicken Wang
    Chicken Wang Month ago

    I love Michel Pereira we need at least 3 fights from him this year UFC!

  • Ebk Merlin
    Ebk Merlin Month ago +2

    I like how you didn’t talk about the literal back flip he did on his face

  • Esaias Nathan
    Esaias Nathan Month ago

    Nah nah those willful slaps rocked him 🤣🤣🤣


    That superman punch 👌🔥

  • Gyro
    Gyro Month ago

    The disrespect by slapping him💀

  • vermili0n
    vermili0n Month ago +2

    Bro took revenge to the next fkn level lol fucked him up until the last few seconds then choked him out. Badass

  • Tjano Cruz
    Tjano Cruz Month ago

    Man of peace getting slapped😂😂😂💯

  • bhb6148
    bhb6148 Month ago

    Clearly didn’t think that one through 😂😂😂

  • Pewdiepii Pew wie
    Pewdiepii Pew wie 2 months ago +1182

    i love how michel handled his anger... this man is true gentleman..

    • Robin On
      Robin On Month ago

      I made ur comment 1k likes

    • Resal Mathew
      Resal Mathew Month ago

      @triger1 r u a Muslim? Seems like it😂

    • I am a Pokerface
      I am a Pokerface Month ago


    • triger1
      triger1 Month ago

      are you blind, the michel guy tried to headbutt the other dude, that's why he got the slap.

    • Bulelani Mazibuko
      Bulelani Mazibuko Month ago +1

      More like a gentle Fist

  • Jeremy Budd
    Jeremy Budd Month ago

    I love watching him fight he's so nuts

  • Satellite Y. L.
    Satellite Y. L. Month ago

    Hahahaha he kept slapping him again and again that was beautiful

  • Patrick
    Patrick Month ago

    Bro ended it in the last 30 seconds man just wanted to torture him 💀😂

  • 454chevy
    454chevy Month ago

    He was showing him the hand he was gonna slap him with 😂😂

  • Link
    Link Month ago

    He was power by rage and revenge 😂

  • Vhutshilo Mobadi
    Vhutshilo Mobadi Month ago

    Those slaps had me 😭😭

  • mariluisa flores
    mariluisa flores Month ago

    That dude is a real life Tekken fighter love watching him fight

  • Ayan Wani
    Ayan Wani Month ago

    The thing that khabib came to ur mind means u are living legend😂

  • Montilivio   Monty
    Montilivio Monty 2 months ago +65

    Only time a slap hurts more then a punch ! Pride !

  • Jar Head
    Jar Head Month ago

    The way he slaps says I’m unskilled

  • lola
    lola Month ago

    Lmao he got punch and tossed around like a NPC 💀🤣

    RAKESH ROSHAN Month ago +2

    best way to take revenge 😂

  • DSVoid
    DSVoid Month ago

    disrespect must always be met with even greater disrespect so long as it's justified.

  • Biko Weeks
    Biko Weeks Month ago

    He already fought that man 1000x mentally lol

  • A T90
    A T90 Month ago

    I love them guys who act all tough at first, makes their loss way more humiliating 🤡

  • Dragon killer 2235
    Dragon killer 2235 Month ago

    The most humiliating part is making him last 30 seconds

  • Claude The Mogger
    Claude The Mogger Month ago

    The way he waved his slapping hang before he slaps was so satisfying

  • Scafaro
    Scafaro 2 months ago +23

    When he slapped him on stage, i know how this will end! Bravo👏

  • Renzo
    Renzo Month ago

    Michel Pereira is a Brazilian fighter, also known as in english "The Demolisher" you understand why

  • Shawna
    Shawna Month ago

    He gave him a REAL reason to kick his ass way beyond the sport and money!

  • BoB n fishy
    BoB n fishy Month ago

    That point. Dude said "not everyone deserves the beatings they get, but you do"

  • Not_Ezn
    Not_Ezn Month ago

    bro got humbled real quick lol

  • TyrranicalT-Rad
    TyrranicalT-Rad 2 months ago +7650

    He slapped the Dagestan out of him. 💥👋🤣

    • VG
      VG 5 days ago

      @Amid Həşimov 😂🤦 all you had to do was google keywords Dagestan Sassanid and 6th century. 🤣

    • Amid Həşimov
      Amid Həşimov 5 days ago

      @VG Dagistanis, Chechens, Georgians, Azerbaijanis, Circassians all are middle easterns but Russians are the locals of the Caucasus mountains 😂 print it and hang on your wall so you can laugh eternally 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • VG
      VG 5 days ago

      @Amid Həşimov 🤦still waiting for you to say that Dagestanis are native to caucuses, please write that in a sentence so I can screenshot and print it out and have a laugh whenever I'm feeling down.

    • Amid Həşimov
      Amid Həşimov 6 days ago

      @VG bruh 😂 dude. You don't smoke, I swear you are one something else

    • VG
      VG 6 days ago

      @Amid Həşimov 🤦 That's exactly what happened, there were several migrations in Europe/middle east over the last 10k years and almost always from Africa/middle east to Europe. You should google haplogroups, it maps out movements of people across the world, and middle easterns like Dagestanis are definitely not more native to the region than Europeans.

  • marguita100
    marguita100 Month ago

    He handled the situation quite appropriately.

  • Rick -phyrtiv
    Rick -phyrtiv Month ago

    Bro got slapped inside the ring 💀

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab Month ago

    When you try to be like daddy Khabib, but don't have the fortitude to follow through.

  • diondagsil2480
    diondagsil2480 Month ago

    He slap the shit out of him😂

  • Chiquicat
    Chiquicat 2 months ago +314

    Can all fights please have added sound effects?? 😂

    • Its Just Me McKee
      Its Just Me McKee Month ago

      It was like watching the three stooges 😂

    • Dhruvil Shah
      Dhruvil Shah Month ago +2


    • Paul G
      Paul G Month ago +5

      It was such a let down to watch karate fights live without the sound effects in the movies.

  • Noah Allen
    Noah Allen Month ago

    So he literally slapped the shit out of him until the fight was over then slammed him and choked him out pretty much instantly

  • Surprise I
    Surprise I Month ago

    "You disrespect me I humiliate you"

  • Connorgames
    Connorgames Month ago

    Definition of ‘you get what you give’

  • Hello!  this is Chris

    I thought it was Khabib.
    Khabib would never do that

  • Maksym Triukhan
    Maksym Triukhan Month ago +3

    The sound from the first slap 😂💀

  • Henry
    Henry Month ago

    when the slap at the weigh in was the only hit you got in

  • Anant
    Anant Month ago

    Everybody wants to be like Khabib.....but they don't know....THERE'S ONLY ONE KHABIB👑🔥

    HITHESH Month ago

    That slap sound effects though 💀

  • Diet Bleach
    Diet Bleach Month ago +6

    The slap sound effects I can't 😂😂😂

  • Poe😍
    Poe😍 Month ago

    The slap sounds caught me off gaurd🤣🤣

  • Soleng Ly
    Soleng Ly Month ago

    respect is everything

  • BridgeB Music
    BridgeB Music Month ago

    This is realistic and the best way to have handled it 😂 treated him like a woman the whole match 😂

  • Kenny
    Kenny Month ago +484

    He kept that punishment and humiliation going right to the end, great work!

  • Iceman850 None
    Iceman850 None Month ago

    How was it “unrealistic????” He actually did it so it is quite realistic.

  • Uncle John
    Uncle John Month ago

    Never slap a man, unless you mean it…

  • ChinHobbyToys
    ChinHobbyToys Month ago

    This is satisfying… who brought slapping game into a fistfight? 😂😂😂😂

  • Onion Knight
    Onion Knight Month ago

    Having Beard like that doesn't make you invincible 🤣

  • Abdikadir
    Abdikadir 2 months ago +3079

    Such a satisfying ending

    • AllusiveStorm
      AllusiveStorm Month ago

      I love every second of pereira winning but ill be honest and say he never tapped, though I guess it didn’t matter because pereira was going to win either way

    • Gunjan
      Gunjan Month ago


    • Watch My Channel
      Watch My Channel Month ago

      @Tommy Boy "Happy ending" friendly person you're.

    • Tommy Boy
      Tommy Boy Month ago +1

      That’s what my dad said

    • Watch My Channel
      Watch My Channel Month ago +2

      That's why in Thailand we invented a Happy Ending. ®Thaniland 2022.

  • Kgnll87
    Kgnll87 Month ago

    I wonder if a slap was a kinda offset swing to a punch which is why it connected so perfectly although he tried to block it lol

  • de0509
    de0509 Month ago

    This the guy who once spent half his energy doing backflips walking to the cage before the fight

    • Axe Manners
      Axe Manners Month ago

      yea, i love his fights but he gasses out most of the time and shouldn't be wasting energy on that crap.

  • Dajizoids
    Dajizoids Month ago

    If these quick things are any indication it seems that the person that usually starts too much trouble or gets a little physical in these showdowns usually is the one that gets beat up that would make me not even wanna mess with anybody like that

  • RC & Tamiya Hobbies
    RC & Tamiya Hobbies 2 months ago +2730

    He think his beard make him like Khabib? 🤣

    • Angelo Costas
      Angelo Costas Month ago

      Oh, it's you again and your Khabib. 🙄

    • blizzride
      blizzride Month ago

      They love the pubic hair on their face

    • Swagger nautilus
      Swagger nautilus Month ago

      @OXY Gaming YT He absolutely does what are you talking about

    • Bornean Dayak
      Bornean Dayak Month ago +1

      ​@Marci 244 i thought it waa Cha Cha, the Spanish dancing 😆

    • Bornean Dayak
      Bornean Dayak Month ago +2

      Kebab? 😆

  • indian streaming
    indian streaming Month ago

    Khabib never disrespect opponent 🙌 don't compare anyone with khabib

  • A White
    A White Month ago

    Khabib has taught them all to be lost souls thinking they are above all 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Randy Stockton
    Randy Stockton 2 months ago +1

    It pays to be a good sport and respectful even if you win because theirs always someone that will beat you or at least slap the taste out of your mouth..

  • All Year Player
    All Year Player  Month ago

    Lmao the zoom in got me dying bro

  • Mark L.
    Mark L. Month ago +230

    Don't ever give your opponent anymore fuel than they already have.

  • AllMighty⚡️⚡️

    Imagine if that Superman punch hit em in the face he probably would’ve been done

  • Soar60lead
    Soar60lead Month ago

    “So unrealistic”? He really did it, so…

  • Jordan Bahena
    Jordan Bahena Month ago

    Before trying to be like your daddy Khabbib you must to learn many of he’s fighting secrets 😂😂😂 creía que por la barba estilo khabbib iba a tener súper poderes pero nada 😂😂

  • Jun Kang
    Jun Kang Month ago

    bro you gotta love mma what other sport lets you mock you opponent by slapping them

  • Joe A
    Joe A Month ago +10

    I absolutely loved this fight, when Pereira isn't messing around, he is a scary individual. The power from each shot was insane

  • kram mago
    kram mago Month ago +1

    Motivational slap😆

  • Game Boy
    Game Boy Month ago

    Moral of the story never slap your enemy. Punch them.

  • keeping it real
    keeping it real Month ago

    He's bleeding after being slapped 😶

  • Zero Negative
    Zero Negative 2 days ago +8

    Never mess with a man who looks like he's just finished wrestling a giant octopus!

  • theophrastusbiology

    man he is comletely outmatched

  • Don't Care
    Don't Care Month ago

    I would rather get knocked out in front of the world over being pimped slapped for multiple rounds. That is the most humiliating loss ever. This is the real BMF.

  • Monkeketron
    Monkeketron Month ago

    he switched sports for a minute and started throwing him

    BEATNGU Month ago

    Idk who these people are but I’m glad he got slapped back with a smile lol

  • Kenny Jr
    Kenny Jr Month ago +3

    “Rear naked choke” I've never heard something so sussy

  • Adf Afads
    Adf Afads Month ago +1

    How can he slap?!?

  • WorldTrendsVirals
    WorldTrendsVirals Month ago

    Taste of your own medicine 🤣🤣🤣

  • Leaves
    Leaves Month ago

    Punked him till the end, dope

  • Bailey Baldwin
    Bailey Baldwin Month ago

    He should've leaned back at him and loosened his grip with his hands

  • Airborne Spires
    Airborne Spires Month ago +43

    Great to see a professional fighter keeping all the violence inside the octagon. It’s not a good look to violate law by attacking each other on the streets or in face offs. Props to that guy.

  • Ade Ona
    Ade Ona Month ago

    Pereira was clearly stronger..

  • NewExperiences
    NewExperiences Month ago

    When karma actually comes

  • Mike Hilbert
    Mike Hilbert Month ago

    Russian slap fighting has entered the MMA arena. 😂🤣😂🤣

  • david palmer
    david palmer Month ago

    When UFC first got popular on TV, I used to go watch it every day with a paraplegic. We called it Whoop ASS TV.

  • Diashawn Coles
    Diashawn Coles Month ago +88

    These sound effects are everything

  • Alimamul Ma3sum
    Alimamul Ma3sum 2 months ago +1

    Thank you for humbling him

  • अनहद
    अनहद Month ago

    Wanna be khabib, ends up being gregor😂😂😂