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EPIC RIFFS: Stevie Ray Vaughan - The Hardest Blues Riff?!

  • Published on Mar 26, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Epic riff time! Today we take a closer look at the man himself: Stevie Ray Vaughan. We analyse one of his most iconic blues riffs ever and find out why it's so difficult to play.
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Comments • 3 004

  • Dave Edson
    Dave Edson Year ago +37

    Three things:
    1. Scuttle Buttin means gossiping.
    2. Thanks for breaking this down.
    3. There is still something elusive, something magically mysterious happening with Stevie’s hands in this song that no lesson can capture. And that’s OK!

  • memng4
    memng4 2 years ago +785

    i saw srv play in memphis on the river ampitheater. it was an epic blues show sure, but ill never forget that in tbe middle of the show, he paused, this is what he said, and its worth repeating. "if you are struggling with addiction or know anyone who is, please go get some help. you dont have to do this alone. There are people out there who want to help " or something like that. i learned later that some of my friends happened to be in an aa meeting with him earlier that day. so he was speaking from his heart. He helped me that night, maybe i can help him help you too? help is available, you are worth it. pass it on. peace.

    • Bobby Maitland
      Bobby Maitland 2 months ago

      @JJ FX agreed I was getting ready to show how much of a fool I was until I continued reading lol SRV was and is the tip top of the guitar goat mountain 😎🙏💯

    • JJ FX
      JJ FX 2 months ago +1

      @Bobby Maitland Crowning any guitar player the GOAT is a fool's errand... so I guess that makes me a fool.
      There have many insanely talented players, some of which arguably more 'technically skilled'. To this day I've heard nobody able to make the instrument speak like Stevie. Behind that casual speed there are countless subtleties that simply can't be taught. A product of becoming one with an instrument through shear will, replicating songs by ear and effectively living in blues clubs. A humble man from humble beginnings who was his own worst critic. There is no 'master class' for this. He lived through that guitar and luckily was around just long enough for us to witness it.
      While I truly couldn't call anyone the greatest, if there's one player I could travel back in time to see at their prime, it's SRV.

    • Bobby Maitland
      Bobby Maitland 2 months ago

      @Luke Plum agree imagine if he was still here he would be the GOAT of all guitar same with HENDRIX sad but it's life and we need to school the youth to the truth 😎

    • Bobby Maitland
      Bobby Maitland 2 months ago

      That's what makes him a real legend

    • barnesiznoble
      barnesiznoble 9 months ago

      As a non-religious person, bless you. I am/was too young to enjoy Stevie in life, but man has he meant something to me since his death. We share a birthday! I suck at guitar!

  • austin moon
    austin moon 2 years ago +220

    I’ve seen guitar teachers struggle to teach this riff for years. This man did it in less than 14 minutes. Legend.

    • Anthony Hislop
      Anthony Hislop Month ago

      Yeah no shit! Great insight into the craft of transcribing. Killer riff. I like Paul's style, he's enthused about music and guitar. ✌️

    • mirrr velll
      mirrr velll 3 months ago

      Yes but he was recording it also for a while =) but this guy do know to play from his soul so he got it quickly.

    • Sean Snyder
      Sean Snyder 3 months ago

      Lol? Not even almost.

    • JM
      JM Year ago +4

      Paul is a PhD in teaching guitar and breaking down notes. I have never played a guitar but feel I could learn from this gentleman and his genius teaching style. I’m in awe.

  • lee batt
    lee batt 2 years ago +475

    I strung a strat with 13s six years ago trying to get that “stevie tone” . I played them for about an hour and i swear my fingers still hurt from that foolish, tragic day.

    • Blinkit 4146
      Blinkit 4146 26 days ago

      What's scuttle button mean?

    • Dirty Dan The Secretsauceman
      Dirty Dan The Secretsauceman 3 months ago

      It wasn’t that anyone proved anything to him. He switched to 11s when he got off of drugs.

    • chilitoday
      chilitoday 4 months ago

      @Tyndaal Jimi used .008, .011, .016 for the high strings.

    • Pedro Lantyer
      Pedro Lantyer 6 months ago

      I used 11s for my first 5 years of guitar playing, it gave me a lot of endurance but after a while I tried using 9s after reading about Billy Gibbons using 7s and Yngwie using 8s, I was able to play a lot faster after I changed to 9s so I made the decision to change. I switched to 9-42 on my Ibanez and 10-46 on my other guitars, while keeping my acoustic in 12s. After a while I moved the Ibanez to 10-46 as well as the other guitars, currently I'm planning on moving to 10-52 in my next change so down tuning becomes easier

  • 196LT
    196LT 2 years ago +254

    Paul, your approach to teaching far exceeds so many wanabe instructors.
    I'm 72 years old so I won't have much time to even get close to this.
    But I'm gonna give it one hell of a try....Great job Paul

    • jimle22
      jimle22 Year ago +1

      Wow! I'm 72 also and just saw this video. Being a big SRV fan, I saw him in 1980 when I lived in Austin, Tx and played in a band . I have been playing again for 10 years now again but will never get close to his sound and ability. Will give it a try though, got nothin' to lose do we?

    • Ray Smith
      Ray Smith Year ago +2

      Rock on brother OG ( for us that means old guy). Hahaha, me: 71 and still playing.

    • Jeep Guy
      Jeep Guy Year ago +6

      @Suck mah I'd do SO MANY things differently if I was 25 again, and learning guitar would easily be in the top 5. I'm just starting my third 25yrs as I learn to play guitar. Consistent, daily practice is paying off, but I've got soooooo far to go I feel like I'll never get there. I'm trying to enjoy the journey though, rather than being impatient about the destination.

    • Brandon O'Sullivan
      Brandon O'Sullivan Year ago +3

      I want to see your progress in a year. I'm a newbie (47), but I'm going to give it a go too.

    • 196LT
      196LT Year ago +7

      @Suck mah I've been pick'n for 60 yrs. But always looking for something new....
      25? Hmmmm That's not to late keep at it.

  • BagdadBill
    BagdadBill 2 years ago +158

    Many years later, Stevie is still badass. There are plenty of guitarists who can "shred" but Stevie poured hot sauce and bacon grease all over it and then turned the volume up.

    • Thomas Albert
      Thomas Albert 3 months ago

      @BagdadBill right on!! My friends call me Mister motivation. They wait till I show up before we camence to getting something done. I have taught beginner guitar lessons to a number of people and I always say if they are interested enough, they will be motivated to practice. Personally I have found when I discipline my practice I can achieve things that I thought I could never play. Jamin with bands is when I would have 10 to 30 songs I had to learn in 2 weeks or so. Some songs I was not even familiar with.

    • BagdadBill
      BagdadBill 3 months ago

      @Thomas Albert Awesome reply Sir! Sorry bout the finger but I suspect you're long over it now. I am 60 and I got lazy, thinking that I couldn't learn and build. If I live another 60 in this hell hole I intend to play well enough to pretend to be someone who used to be well known. Just maybe, SRV was the last of the black Texas Blues guitarists. Yes, I know. His skin color is a road block but even the best black blues players nodded their head to him before they left the earth. God bless them all.
      Maybe Stevie would have turned out to be an insane guitar arranger for a restitution of the blues as a popular art form. He got closer than anyone else.

    • Thomas Albert
      Thomas Albert 3 months ago +1

      I have played guitar from 9 years old. Lost the tip of my left 1st finger at a refrigeration company. Shortly there after SRV hit the air waves . I taped up my finger and played mostly with 3 fingers with the most inspiration I think I have ever been given. I'm 60 now and still play every day. You can't avoid playing music that is arraigned so well. It's addicting, just like buying guitars or motorcycles!! Yes I still stretch the cable hard on them to. It's all the same. It's about the rihum.

    • BagdadBill
      BagdadBill 6 months ago

      @Jesus loves you I agree. Time is short

    • Jacob Paulson
      Jacob Paulson Year ago +1

      @duffman18 What? When he got clean he played even better.

  • Lucho24cr
    Lucho24cr 2 years ago +1163

    SRV passed away today 30 years ago. Let's take our hats off for a legend.

    • Free Bee
      Free Bee 11 months ago

      You could make the case that SRV was the BEST guitar player ever, the reason why hendrix, page, clapton, evh are considerd better is because stevie wasnt a very good song writer.
      But NOBODY plays 12bar blues better than stevie ray.

    • LiamX
      LiamX Year ago +1

      He'd keep his hat on.

    • Rich Heart
      Rich Heart Year ago


    • Ray Smith
      Ray Smith Year ago +1

      Oh my God, please don't remind me that it's been 30 years already!!

    • Paul V
      Paul V 2 years ago

      @Bob Hara « jimi wanabe » « copycat »
      What a pile of crap you’re generating there
      « I ve been playing for 48years just because I heard Jimi play »
      I guess that explains a lot of thing

  • PD
    PD 4 months ago +8

    This is the first riff I learned how to play, by slowing it down and figuring it out. 20 years later I can still do it! …and still at half speed.

  • M Lankford
    M Lankford 2 years ago +52

    I saw Stevie play twice, was a huge fan. Was driving home from his concert when I heard his helo went down. Just when he hit it big, he died. So happy to see that he's not been forgotten. RIP SRV.

    • JT
      JT 29 days ago

      Clapton gave up his seat so Stevie could catch an earlier flight because he was on tour and Clapton was not. Wild tbh.

    • Rufus Explorer
      Rufus Explorer 8 months ago

      @Cody Kuo such a weird way to spell China there pal

    • Cody Kuo
      Cody Kuo Year ago +1

      Even in my country Taiwan, SRV is still a guitar hero for many

    • Roscoe J
      Roscoe J Year ago

      Tick tock people .. that song really hits home knowing what we know now.

    • Nick
      Nick Year ago

      its sad to think that we may never get someone like him again

  • PapaShongo25
    PapaShongo25 2 years ago +6

    Stevie could play like everyone else but no one could play like Stevie

  • Christopher Brothers
    Christopher Brothers 2 years ago +40

    I’m a drummer but love the strings, I just love that srv was who he was

    • Raffaele Angius
      Raffaele Angius Year ago +5

      Srv could have bended even your drumsticks probably

  • Ozgur Oz
    Ozgur Oz Month ago +1

    This is one of the best videos of Paul! There is huge production behind the scene, a lot of work and effort. 🙏

  • Low Rising
    Low Rising 2 years ago +2492

    This is a masterclass in how editing makes things so watchable.

    • Stefan
      Stefan 17 days ago

      For real, I don’t even play guitar

    • Daniel Ganley
      Daniel Ganley 23 days ago


    • Father Ratner
      Father Ratner 28 days ago

      Paul is top notch.. followed by musiciswin and Rhett shull

    • Wesley alan
      Wesley alan 7 months ago

      Anyone here ever trip on mushrooms/Lsd, and watch this? There's no words in this whole entire universe to describe it.

    • alastair mackay
      alastair mackay 9 months ago

      @Chris Tebo each to there own I suppose Chris. I just think he loves himself a wee bit too much but hey, I don’t know the guy, I could be totally and bitterly wrong and it wouldn’t be the first time!☺️

  • Acousticmarine
    Acousticmarine 10 months ago +1

    I get teary eyed every time I see him play. God loves the Blues and couldn't wait for Stevie, he was an incredible human being. First heard him play in the Austin area at one of the Blues club in the early '80's.

  • sofort99
    sofort99 2 years ago +22

    The most epic/ awesome/ terrifying thing I've ever seen is the SRV sound check video where you can tell they just woke him up and dragged him off the bus. He stumbles on stage, picks up his guitar, makes sure it's in tune, picks his nose, and fires full speed into this. The day I saw that was the day I realized I would never play close to that level.

  • Rabbitohs Rule
    Rabbitohs Rule Year ago +5

    Stevie Ray Vaughan was and still is the most influential guitarist in my life, he had a natural gift from God, that most of us mortals have to work extra hard to achieve. R. I. P. STEVIE.

  • James Wyre
    James Wyre 10 months ago +3

    Fantastic job! That live version also sounds like he has a leslie or univibe going also. Have to try that with the Kemper. So much depth to what SRV was doing and he always kept working at it. His earliest kinda demo stuff had something interesting in that his guitar skills weren’t as fully developed as more towards the first album, but the voice was always there and I think his singing was under-rated. Bravo!

  • Gary Narducci
    Gary Narducci Year ago +3

    Stevie Ray was inspired by his idol, Lonnie Mack. He played like that because he was paying tribute to Lonnie's song "Chickin' Pickin'. He also used a Leslie speaker to get the vibrato sound. That was Lonnie's signature tone. The exception is Lonnie played through a Magnatone amplifier with a stereo Vibrato channel. I have seen both Lonnie and Stevie play live.

  • Dwarvenlord
    Dwarvenlord 2 years ago +299

    I vividly remember the first time I heard Scuttle Buttin'. I was a teenager metalhead who only listened to death and thrash metal, but hearing that lick was the most in-your-face and unapologetic thing I ever heard on guitar, it had so much attitude that it just made all the metal music I was listening to lame in comparison. It blew my balls so high into the ceiling that I'm still scraping them off today. SRV is a legend.

    • Thomas Hightower
      Thomas Hightower 23 days ago

      Same thing happened to me with several musicians. I spent my time learning Marty Friedman solos and Jimmy Page Licks, but a friend of mine in high school blew my mind with someone who wasn't even a guitarist. Oscar Peterson's C Jam Blues (on Clip-Share) was about the most grooving, hardest, and funkiest riffing I'd ever heard. Really compelled me to listen to music that I hadn't listened to before, and listen in a way I didn't know I could.

    • dallasonfire604
      dallasonfire604 Year ago

      @Rob Kurtz using the term unapologetic to describe a guitar riff is so pretentious and doesn't actually mean anything lol. Sounds cool though.

    • dallasonfire604
      dallasonfire604 Year ago

      @ZoSo 2002 so unapologetic is more bpm and apologetic is less bpm. Noted

    • ZoSo 2002
      ZoSo 2002 2 years ago +4

      @dallasonfire604 I'd say anything by Clapton lol. Amazing riffs but their simplicity is great for any listener, as if his guitar is saying "don't worry, ill give you some time to catch up so you won't miss a thing." Meanwhile SRVs guitar is like "hang on to your butts"

  • David Colin
    David Colin 2 years ago +2

    I had the extraordinary pleasure of seeing him play this live at the Hammersmith Apollo in London on the Live Alive! tour. This was his opening number and he came on stage playing this from the sides. What blew everybody's mind was that he came on playing the whole thing one handed, waving at the audience and running down the front, touching hands.
    To this day, I can't figure out how he played it, but I swear he did.
    This was the second time I'd seen him play and I was going to see him a third time, but we all know what happened before that European tour.
    Such a sad day, but what a glorious legacy of extraordinary playing.

  • Lauro Stampacchio

    I love this masterclass very much. Thanks Paul.

  • HeyLiem
    HeyLiem 2 years ago +1

    I saw SRV on tour for this album in Oklahoma City. As SRV and the band came on stage and tested all the sound connections, etc., SRV repeatedly played the scuttle buttin lick without any chords, just a pause in between, about a dozen times. I was coming through the ticket turnstile and I could hear them starting! so then my friends and I had to run down the grassy slope to the outdoor cement stage and watch my best blues concert ever, with SRV 10 feet away. The encore climax was a bunch of Hendrix songs and finally he lit his number one guitar on fire to reenact Hendrix at Monterey Pop!

  • jimsaharov
    jimsaharov Month ago

    Thanks for the detailed review. indeed, there are a lot of subtleties in the blues that SRV uses. And you showed us these nuances!

  • Sylvain Clere
    Sylvain Clere Year ago +1

    Il y a vraiment du boulot dans ses videos,il doit mettre un temps infernal à les preparer...génial en tous cas

  • Solar Flare
    Solar Flare 2 years ago +271

    This is hands down, the best, most educational, most fun to watch, intersting guitar channel on youtube. And the editing is fantastic, props to you Paul, fantastic work!

    • Joshua Booth
      Joshua Booth 2 years ago

      Don't forget to check out Ben Eller!

    • Ramzo Calrissian
      Ramzo Calrissian 2 years ago

      IDK what TGP is but i gotta step in and rep Tomo Fujita are for guitar wisdom. Thank you

    • Jason King
      Jason King 2 years ago

      Absolutely agree

    • Adam
      Adam 2 years ago

      @vetlerradio sorry typo TPS That Pedal Show

  • Stashman FPV
    Stashman FPV Year ago +1

    67 THOUSAND LIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥
    You’re certainly onto something Paul!
    Best always! ✌🏼

  • Quantum Racing
    Quantum Racing 2 years ago

    I don't see very many people get this right. There is a part coming down you're not doing right, but I'm surprised you left the G# out. Not very many people know that. Awesome lesson man! One of the most accurate I've seen.

  • drcockles
    drcockles 2 years ago +1

    Lovely playing and gorgeous tone, plus your videos really chill me out, love them, cheers 🤟🏼

  • M T
    M T 2 years ago +7

    still one of the hardest riffs to play. SRV was an amazing guitar player.

  • Tiago Alves
    Tiago Alves Year ago

    Paul Davids is the man, excellent quality video in all ways

  • Onuma
    Onuma 2 years ago +403

    Bending, not sliding, is how I was taught to play Scuttle Buttin' over 20 years ago. Glad to see my teacher was on the money.

    • KoreanBookie69
      KoreanBookie69 2 years ago

      1 min in but to the best of my memory, when I use to play, it’s a bend on the 1st note and slide into the 5th and rest.
      SRV was a GOD 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    • wapudblues
      wapudblues 2 years ago +1

      It’s how I was taught, too, by bending. It’s what has made my hands and fingers strong for bending. Moreover, Steve also bent on the studio album but finger slide live; due to the fact Stevie used heavy strings and it had the wear and tear on flesh.

    • Marcus C
      Marcus C 2 years ago

      Yeah, I learned it off the record years ago and it was bent. Then on a lark I checked out a few how to play Scuttlebuttin' vids a couple of months ago and a few people were using all slides. I thought okay...that's different. it gets the job done, it might even be a little easier. SRV did play it both ways as has been mentioned. As we know it's one killer riff!

    • Sarah Jade
      Sarah Jade 2 years ago

      I wonder if you and I had the same teacher? I had one really good one that really believed un my goals and helping me get there.

    • Bishop
      Bishop 2 years ago +1

      Sliding is the best but hard to do because of awkward timing but effective in performance if you want to show off

  • James Carpenter
    James Carpenter 2 years ago +2

    Whoever disliked this video must really not appreciate skill lol. Keep up the great work Paul, love your music man. Truly a great in our time

  • Rapid Rhino Plumbing - Monrovia

    Stevie knew what he wanted, had high aspirations, and he did the work. The world is witness to that. Few played better.

  • Michel Krier
    Michel Krier Year ago

    Je ne comprend pas correctement l'anglais mais cette leçon est extraordinaire ! toutes les subtilités du jeu sont là. Félicitation !!!! Grace à vous j'arrive à jouer cette partie. Un grand talent

  • Joe Hahn
    Joe Hahn Year ago +3

    I saw Stevie at DAR Constitution Hall in D.C. not too long after"Couldn't Stand the Weather" was released.
    I've seen most of the great guitarists of my generation, Blackmore, Gilmour, Page, Malmsteen, Van Halen, Satriani, May, Iommi...the list goes on.
    Stevie had a natural ability that none of the other greats seem to possess...it was like he had a connection to another realm or something. He just NEVER ran outta steam!!! So glad I got to see him!!!

  • Tom Autera
    Tom Autera Month ago +1

    So good, thanks for the break down! RIP SRV ...

  • AustereReligiousScholar
    AustereReligiousScholar 2 years ago +13

    A lot of the stuff Stevie played combined with the showmanship was not easy, but he just walked out on stage and did it like it was nothing. So amazing! Thirty years ago 8/27/2020.

  • regbale
    regbale 2 years ago +2

    By far a likable guy, very creative, great player, teacher, and a main reason to continue to use Clip-Share and view his channel

  • Jonathan Blaine
    Jonathan Blaine 2 years ago +2

    One of my favorite licks (riffs?) by my absolute favorite guitarist. Love SRV. What a beast he was.

  • takedownrecords
    takedownrecords 7 months ago

    Thanks for breaking... and slowing... this epic SRV riff down for all us average humans. Scuttle Buttin was the song my boss recommended when explaining why SRV was his favourite guitarist.

  • Kelly Goerbig
    Kelly Goerbig 2 years ago +4

    I'm a trumpet player, however, keep in mind that most jazz, blues, and rock musicians also have lightening improv skills. Many of these licks come from straightup improvising these melodies, and then composing the rest of the song building from that improv riff. Straight from the mind to their toy, whatever instrument they've mastered.

  • Tom Cope
    Tom Cope 2 years ago

    By far the best analysis of Scuttlebuttin' I've seen. Bravo! ...and thank you.

  • Edan
    Edan 2 years ago +21

    Just wanted to say Paul, your consistently great video editing and creative ways of teaching guitar does not go unnoticed. Thank you for putting so much thought and creativity into it your tutorials.

  • drioood
    drioood 4 months ago

    My feeling of this riff and alot of other blues riffs is that the imperfection of it is What makes it perfect. :D

  • Leander Shah
    Leander Shah 2 years ago +1

    Has anyone told you how amazing your video editing is apart from your playing?👌🏻🔥

  • Madmax
    Madmax 2 years ago

    How many years does it take to get as good as this guy...let alone SRV..damn... awesome video... I’ll never be able to play this...wow...

    DELETED CHANNEL 2 years ago +1

    SRV was just a monster guitarist. Loved your analysis of sucha a difficult piece, I really appreciate all the effort and attention to details and nuances. It was also very funny, excellent video edit and, by the way, the visual quality of your videos is stunning. Thanks for such a high quality content on every way. Good job!

  • Billy Rocca
    Billy Rocca Year ago

    I already saw that video but watched it again. You nailed it man! Razor sharp riff for razor sharp players!

  • RC32
    RC32 2 years ago +17

    SRV is essentially a God at rhythm guitar. Pride and Joy I think very captivates that. Scuttle Butting is also such a guitar driven song, it's what made me fall in love with his guitar work!

    • Boxing For Fitness
      Boxing For Fitness 2 years ago

      SRV is dead. GOD loves for ever.
      Be saved. Ask JESUS to save your soul, repent of your sons, and live for HIM. JESUS will be coming for His bride, the church very soon. .

    • Bruno MONASTERIO
      Bruno MONASTERIO 2 years ago +1

      @RC32 SRV is the greatest of all time🤷‍♂️

    • RC32
      RC32 2 years ago +1

      @Bruno MONASTERIO Definitely, but his technique in Rhythm always fascinated me.

    • Bruno MONASTERIO
      Bruno MONASTERIO 2 years ago +1

      @Snip Snap Doggo a lot of steroids... A lot... And a lot of cocaine too

    • Snip Snap Doggo
      Snip Snap Doggo 2 years ago +1

      Rude Mood too. SRV took the Hendrix skills of blending lead and rhythm and added steroids to it essentially

  • scott stutzman
    scott stutzman 2 years ago +1

    Saw an interview with Stevie and his brother while I was in Texas it was a local tv show and they both talked about the pain they fought off through continued practice for hours. He was one of the great players of our time and his brother Jimmy isn't anything to sneeze at.

  • Piano Ninja
    Piano Ninja 2 years ago +5

    Did he knock on a curtain to tell himself something? What a Legend 🎸

  • Christopher Norman
    Christopher Norman 2 years ago

    Wow the slide vs bend discussion is alive and well. Learned it with bends, always heard the record was bends and live was slides. Not really sure why that one bend in that one song would release any tension-his live sets were always filled with incredibly strenuous bends. if I had to guess, he just decided he liked the sound of slides better when played live.

  • Isaac
    Isaac Year ago +1

    I learnt this long ago and the first challenge was the most difficult because of how close the bends were to the nut, which meant it needed a lot of force and finger strength to bend up one full tone, and keep it that way through the whole song.

  • Desi Serna Guitar
    Desi Serna Guitar 2 years ago

    Well done! One of my favs. You did a great job breaking down the picking scheme which many instructors completely disregard yet it’s so important because it’s literally half of what you’re doing. 👏🏼

  • Kelly Coleman
    Kelly Coleman 2 years ago +452

    Keep in mind that Stevie could strum and bend steel prison bars with his fingers.

    • Jack Dawson
      Jack Dawson Year ago

      I mean that's what he preferred, I don't know if that's so impressive if that's what he found more enjoyable

    • Mike Johnson
      Mike Johnson 2 years ago +2

      Excellent point, I wanted to mention this but would not have been able to as succinctly. His fingers and hand must've been massively strong especially since he used heavy, heavy gauge strings.

    • Peddy Tendergrass
      Peddy Tendergrass 2 years ago

      @Gary Walker fill the shoes. Cable or get out the way...Play and hush

    • Gary Walker
      Gary Walker 2 years ago +2

      @Kane Stevie did an interview explaining how he literally repaired his finger tips with superglue to finish out the show.

  • Mihir Beg
    Mihir Beg Year ago +2

    Paul you've gotten so good at making videos that you can read my mind while the video is happening and give me a perfect explanation and then shred in my face. Thank you so much!

  • Dave Spears
    Dave Spears 2 years ago +1

    I saw Stevie in 1986 in Sydney Australia and he came out on stage playing that riff jumping and I'm saying jumping all over the stage best concert I've been to and ever will again apart from Jimmy Vaughan.

  • Frank Delgado
    Frank Delgado 2 years ago

    Increíble trabajo amigo!

  • Rex Jamerson
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    I find I get better results practicing and walking away in short periods, 5 to 20 minutes. If I over practice I do not gain the skill as quickly. Maybe 6 months to get to Stevie Speed....Also play clean and on an acoustic often. You will be forced to slow down or it sounds bad. Then when you pick up the electric, you will feel like you are flying. Thank you!

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