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Updating the BIOS bricked this PC... You'll never guess what the issue was...

  • Published on Apr 11, 2022 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 3 757

  • Benny504 K
    Benny504 K 11 months ago +1757

    Jay, I hope you end up reading this comment, I truly thank you from the cold black abyss of my heart. I received problems after updating my BIOS about 2 months ago. Testing lead me to believe my Zotac 3080ti was the culprit, which I RMA'd. When i received news back from zotac that the card tested fine and that they were sending it back as nothing was wrong. I received it today 4/23 and it would do the same hang on BIOS black screen problem that i encountered a month ago. My friend Jeff sent me this video, and after watching it, did as you suggested and updated the DisplayID via the Nvidia tool. It posted immediately after and has been working flawlessly since... Confirmed at least one person has been saved by this video! I appreciate you buddy

    • Aimero
      Aimero 5 days ago

      I just wish they would do better titles and not these clickbait things on videos so that a google search would bring it up. But no, you have to stumble over such things by accident

    • majmunko23
      majmunko23 Month ago


    • UltraCon79
      UltraCon79 Month ago

      Should I install a new card in an existing build first before doing a fresh install on new board card cpu?

    • Mike T
      Mike T 3 months ago

      That's awesome 👍🏾 Thanks for sharing

  • Rick Wiggins
    Rick Wiggins 10 months ago +316

    Agreed. After building countless high-end PCs I can't imagine doing it without having one or more extra working PCs in the house and a giant bin of spare parts.

    • Gannibal Gaming
      Gannibal Gaming 8 days ago

      I turned on ufei secure boot in bios while i was loading a o.s and now no display.i own a dell precision t1700 any help?

    • Christopher Anderson
      Christopher Anderson 25 days ago

      @Mal-2 KSC You're doing it right. I am the same way, have had one pc my entire life and if something breaks or goes wrong, I just need a device (phone or old laptop) that can connect to the internet so I can troubleshoot things. Whenever I have issues I just figure it out until things work again. I have never not been able to troubleshoot the problem and fix my PC with only that one PC. I think one time I spilled soda on my tower and it burnt out, so I had to go buy a new power supply. That was the only time I had to go buy a replacement part because my PC wasn't working properly.
      I would say 99% of the time if my PC is black screen not booting I just have to clear the CMOS with a screwdriver or take out the CMOS battery and that will fix my issue.
      The other times that is not the case then there's something else wrong and it's off to google again.

    • SP
      SP 4 months ago

      damn skippy

    • legion2k
      legion2k 7 months ago

      Having 'known' working good parts around is always handy for many things.

    • Ty Cannah
      Ty Cannah 7 months ago

      @Mal-2 KSC same. Binned all my motherboards cpus memory etc when they became outdated. Technological obsolescence. Sick of troubleshooting and building this shit. Time to just be a user.

  • Chris Guli
    Chris Guli 3 months ago +125

    My last takeaway from this is also - when updating the BIOS - don't power down or reset anything even if the system seems hung...let it finish doing its thing even if it takes a half hour. Better safe than bricking the PC.

    • Balint Wekerle
      Balint Wekerle 2 months ago +13

      I updated my bios for get ready for win11. It rebooted so many times, I was worried. I walked away from it. Finally it come back normal. I was happy I did not interapted the process.

    • ColinWatters
      ColinWatters 2 months ago +14

      I've left one overnight before. It shouldn't take that long but also gives me a mental reset!

    • Araulen
      Araulen 3 months ago +13

      I was building my PC and when I went to bios flashback, the indicator was flashing for over an hour. I was a bit worried, but it stopped flashing shortly after. Throughout the build process i was worried if the bios updated correctly, and when I booted up the PC I found that it did! I'm glad I didn't stop the process after like 15 mins!

  • Sly Ace
    Sly Ace 10 months ago +134

    Updating bios was the most stressful thing I've did ever since building my pc. I didn't sweat that much even when I changed the paste on my cpu.

    • Danny T
      Danny T Day ago

      @Steve Mar. lol ! Yes they can ! I reflashed quite a few because people dont know what they are doing . Depending on the brand some BIOS will get bricked if they jump few versions during update . Some brands on their website have firmware image for download and only update patch that has added features . One HAS to know what they are doing ! If they download only patch update instead full firmware image and that update is a version or two ahead of of their current version - it will get bricked . Also if they are using BIOS update tool from BIOS menu itself and they power cycle it because thet think it hung up - it will get get bricked . If they are flashing BIOS from USB but they downloaded patch update instead full firmware image - it will get bricked since they are re flashing the BIOS chip and replacing it with incomplete firmware image . Do not mess with flashing BIOS if you 100 % dont know what you are doing . BIOS's arent 100% dummy proof . There is plenty of videos on YT explaining this subject , process and people fixing /re flashing bricked BIOS from high quality known brands . Some mobo brands are more finecky than others and all have their own " tricks " . Chipset and BIOS are two different things , just because you flashed the BIOS that supports newer CPU it doesnt mean that chipset supports it and now you bricked it and have to reflash it back to original firmware . Its absolutelly not cut and dry procedure and dummy proof .

    • Steve Mar.
      Steve Mar. Day ago

      Good motherboards can't be bricked by a firmware update, they're protected against that. Stop buying crap.

    • Joseph Armand
      Joseph Armand 2 days ago

      @Viktor87 Doing very similar. Going from ryzen 5 1500x to a ryzen 5 5600g. It's a 4-step bios update for m/board. Have updated my bios twice...seemingly successfully...and have two more steps to go. The problem being that the last two steps say 'Asrock does not recommend this update for those who have (my current 1500x)'. On forums they say this just means that there is nothing to be gained by updating bios for these particular chips so don't risk it. Rather than the bios update won't work with these chips. But this is where it gets scary...gulp.

    • Dejga Popički
      Dejga Popički 9 days ago

      Yep, flashing the BIOS to go from 2600 to 5700x made me look like that Key and Peele meme where he's basically a waterfall of sweat.

    • Danny T
      Danny T Month ago +3

      @[C] olosuss The chipset needs to support that CPU . You need to find out if youR chipset supports it BEFORE you flash the BIOS . If your pc wont boot now it probably means the chipset doesnt support the new CPU and now you probably bricked the BIOS also . You cant just throw in new CPU because its the same socket - you need to find out if the chipset supports it - its the most important thing

  • Jeremy Speaks
    Jeremy Speaks 5 months ago +22

    Jay steadily taking on the BS we run across with our PC's and fixing it after hours of trial and error in just a few seconds is a true gift especially since he tells you how he fixed it in the end. Dude just did everyone a solid.

  • GamingGuy
    GamingGuy 3 months ago +31

    Really enjoy this type of content! Very informative for people who enjoy troubleshooting and also helpful to those affected by the issue. I’m sure we’ve all had that moment where the 3rd page of a 5 year old Yahoo answers thread held the solution to our extremely specific problem so I’m sure this video will be helpful for many years to those people.

    • Elnk R
      Elnk R 10 days ago

      If the title explained the problem, then yeah, it'd help

    • Tibi Éliás
      Tibi Éliás Month ago +1

      You know videos like these would be more informatve if we knew what hardware is being worked on. Other than the information that it's an Asus motherboard with an intel 11900K and its a friends computer, we know nothing else about this computer.

    • Alexa Puerta
      Alexa Puerta 2 months ago

      For sure. Been down that forum road many times. I don't have the specific problem in the vid but I enjoy Jay's troubleshooting. I learn more about PCs in general and can apply his troubleshooting logic to other situations.

    • notfiveo
      notfiveo 2 months ago

      I remember the day when I could order a bios I bricked and plug it into my motherboard. Today, most motherboards won’t install the wrong bios, so I’ve stuck with bricking the bios on various older ip cameras.

  • Rich White
    Rich White 11 months ago +1795

    In essence, Phil was right when he asked, "Maybe, it just doesn't like 3080 Tis?" 🤣

    • That Guy
      That Guy 5 months ago

      @Lachie Giles you sure it isn't Thai?

    • The Law_v1001
      The Law_v1001 7 months ago

      Really it was the 3080tis not liking it. 😆

    • Jeff Nickels
      Jeff Nickels 10 months ago

      Asus has the worst bios update behavior ever. I updated an old dual GPU laptop bios and it was only halfway "finished" according to the animation then it just shut off. It rebooted fine but I had to physically remove the battery and clear the cmos to get it not to do weird stuff when changing settings. It seems to be fine and runs way better now so I guess it worked correctly.

    • Terry Rodbourn
      Terry Rodbourn 10 months ago

      To me the original user interrupted the bios updater restarts and it borked the connection to graphics cards!

    • Gentle Whispers
      Gentle Whispers 10 months ago

      @Kevin Young ...You miss your Mom, huh?
      Don't cry.

  • kraftsandkats
    kraftsandkats 9 months ago +3

    New to PC building, will mainly use for Digital Artistry. Will eventually build me one in the near future once the price for cards have gone down some. I am DEFINTLY keeping this video saved just in case. Been watching Jayz and others on how to build and what to do after the build installs, drivers etc. Keep these kinds of videos coming will absolutely help those that know very little to nothing about building PC's

  • Bighappy
    Bighappy 2 months ago +6

    Great video and I am glad this is starting to be talked about. I have started telling people, just because it's new, doesn't mean it works. This is especially true when it comes to computer hardware. Parts can sit on shelves for months, some times years before ever being used or sold.

  • Steve Quinn
    Steve Quinn 10 months ago +2

    Thanks guys. You just saved a tonne of work for others. I normally suffer through discoveries like this in silence through a few sleepless nights. It's nice to know you've got our backs.

  • Can8ian
    Can8ian 2 months ago +1

    I was a computer technician in a computer store going back to the win95/98 days. I saw lots of similar looking problems back then but back then it usually added up IRQ conflicts and more than one device using the same IRQ. I wouldn't have known how to fix this issue though and would likely have assumed a motherboard fault after testing the GFX card in another system and it working fine. Good job Jay!

  • poetnk
    poetnk 8 months ago +3

    Similar issues to what was seen in the start of this video this were very common in the early days. CMOS batteries stored Bios settings, so it wasn't uncommon to have your bios constantly "not saving" the settings, which led to a lot of frustrating back-and-forth unplugging like the start of this video. New UEFI compatible motherboards did away with this entirely which saves a ton of time in the troubleshooting process.
    That said, I think we take for granted onboard graphics now, especially as it's starting to be phased out. The first thing I would have tried if I could POST to CPU graphics was a different GPU installed.

  • Ice Tea
    Ice Tea  11 months ago +613

    Choosing pc parts and building it is the fun part. Updating the bios is the scary part.

    • Silgrim Marak
      Silgrim Marak 7 months ago

      When most of the 400 series motherboard came with dual bios while most of the 500 series dont

    • north wiebesick
      north wiebesick 8 months ago

      To be honest, I don't worry about updating my BIOS because I don't have BIOS flashback, which I have heard is the cause of most BIOS issues... Also, I've not had any problems with my ASUS TUF "X570 gaming" motherboard updating my BIOS, to where it didn't boot, or do anything wrong at all...

    • JustSomeGuy
      JustSomeGuy 8 months ago

      Hey. I updated my bios over the weekend and I believe this is what my problem is.
      Only thing is my PC doesn't run. It will turn itself off after a few seconds. Started today when I tried waking my computer out of sleep just turned off and won't turn back on for more than 10 seconds. Have solid light on the cpu and dram mobo. Not sure what is the issue. I reset all the cables and still nothing..

    • Manuel Munguía
      Manuel Munguía 11 months ago

      @Leon Vasiliadis yep, power out means most of the time a bricked mobo.

    • Leon Vasiliadis
      Leon Vasiliadis 11 months ago

      everytime i upgrade bios i m super nervous and the first thing i fear is the power out.

  • I skunnt I
    I skunnt I 2 months ago +3

    One thing I learned about PCs and especially with building them is to not panic when something goes wrong. You gotta give it time because sometimes the best thing you can do is to wait and let the computer process what it needs to do and usually it will work out the problem itself….unless you got a virus then you can panic lol and always make sure everything is up to date for all your software.

  • Arijit Guha
    Arijit Guha 10 months ago

    Great video and kudos for the solution. This also signifies the importance of VBIOS updates as with main UEFI updates. Most manufacturers still do not share publicly available VBIOS updates at all. Heck, one might even be needed for recovering a bricked card. Sure, TechPowerUp database covers a lot of it but it is not the proper way of doing stuff like that and I have often found the BIOS versions are not the newest one there especially on the "non-Unverified section".

  • Web Ranger
    Web Ranger 10 months ago +3

    I'm so glad that you made this video. I had a recent experience quite similar to yours. I built a brand new x570 system this past December. I assembled my system with all standard top brand out-of-box components. I hadn't installed the video card at first because you normally don't need an external video card. No post, no video. I was able to go into BIOS and check all the components. After a ton of troubleshooting I was ready to conclude that I had either a bad CPU or mobo. Just for laughs, I plugged in my graphics card to see what would happen and BAM! The system posted and started to boot up! I'm sure that my system out of the box had a problem with its BIOS straight from the start. So, there may be a BIOS snafu out there that could make you misdiagnose a bad mobo, cpu, or video card.

    • Mike the Mechanic
      Mike the Mechanic 3 months ago

      My mobo wouldnt even boot without an external GPU. The GPU was the last component i got when building so I had to wait a couple weeks to see if it would work. Luckily it booted up just fine after that.

  • William Ladewig
    William Ladewig 7 months ago

    Question: For an AMD platform, if updating the motherboard bios creates a UEFI motherboard BIOS mis-match with the Nvidea VBIOS ID tables (loss of DisplayPort), is it just effecting the DisplayPort connection? In other words would connecting, using a HDMI cable, instead of the DisplayPort at least allow the video display ability to update the Nvideo VBIOS for a RTX 3080TI graphics tier GPU?

  • Kyle McGowan
    Kyle McGowan 9 months ago

    Really unfortunate that a BIOS update would cause that. Is this a fault of ASUS? Can the update be handled better? Do other mobo manufacturers handle this differently?

  • Nope Rope
    Nope Rope 11 months ago +733

    "I spent 2 1/2 hours on a 25 second fix" sounds exactly like every computer repair I've ever done.

    • Space Cadet
      Space Cadet 2 months ago

      What's better, 25 minutes or 2.5 hours of billable time? Murphy can be your friend.

    • Xlerb
      Xlerb 2 months ago

      Like the old joke about justifying a $100K repair bill for a piece of manufacturing equipment, Hitting the machine with a hammer: $1 Knowing where to hit it: $99,999. Most every fix is simple once you've figured out what the heck is going on.

    • Fred Becker
      Fred Becker 5 months ago

      @Brian and you guys missed the fun of doing the programming with the old IBM punch cards. Yes, I am really old.

    • RobBCactive
      RobBCactive 6 months ago

      Compared to some software bugs, you can spend weeks on them, then once found it's just a second to correct a typo to fix it completely 😆😆😆

    • Vis
      Vis 7 months ago

      Lol, but why does this have to be true

  • Brian Serafin
    Brian Serafin Month ago +8

    Many of us would've spent hours reposting on Reddit, forums, and other places waiting for an answer or solution. You should share this in the NVIDIA subreddit if the mods don't act like dictators and remove it. Many people are upgrading their systems from 5 and 6 years ago and may run into this issue especially with some Z690 boards needing a BIOS update to detect the 13th gen chips.
    Great work J

  • James Brown
    James Brown 2 months ago +1

    That’s why it’s good to update periodically to latest drivers and firmware if applicable on any peripheral before flashing the bios. I have been in the same position with a few situations just like that. Very frustrating indeed.

    ISEE YOU 11 months ago +7

    Great find... The big thing is having the resources to throw other hardware at the issue and throw potential bad hardware into known working machines. The average users just doesn't have these resources. Who had 5 video cards to throw at a problem right now? Glad you got it figured out. That would have had me confused for sure lol.

  • G - Wolf
    G - Wolf 3 months ago +2

    This is an excellent troubleshooting video. A lot of people don’t understand the tiers of troubleshooting for modern day computers. Luckily, this ended up being a quick fix where you didn’t have to walk away, have a beer and have an aha moment write when you’re about to fall asleep.

  • skilz8098
    skilz8098 10 months ago +2

    Use the onboard integrated graphics. Boot the system up and once your operating system is loaded uninstall the graphics drivers completely then reinstall them. See if that fixes the conflict between UEFI and the video card. Also, in between the uninstall and reinstall of the graphics drivers, try reinstalling the chipset drivers for the main board. This may help to resolve those conflicts. It could be an issue with the one of the bridges and the PCI express lanes.

  • XadowMonzter
    XadowMonzter 11 months ago +352

    Amazing video! This is basically an impossible task for a standard user to actually figure out. Aside from the knowledge and 'know-how' to even know where to start with, just to have all the extra equipment to check the hardware to see what's working is already the worse problem. We appreciate your work on these obscure issues. Thank you!

    • Pharya
      Pharya 11 months ago

      This is why having a large network of gamer friends that trust you is important and can save you a LOT of money

    • Keaton Django
      Keaton Django 11 months ago +1

      @CurvingFyre I have built dozens of gaming PC's for myself and friends, and have worked in IT for 10 years. I've swapped mobos and displays between laptops, ive replaced sockets on motherboards.
      I don't think i would have figured this out. Having access to the hardware he has made all the difference and led him to the vbios being the issue. Without that I would have been dead in the water like any other user.

    • NCProductions
      NCProductions 11 months ago +5

      Agreed, I've been in IT for 15 years and have built multiple systems. This would've taken me quite a while to figure out. This just firms up that Jay is on a whole nother lvl.... lol

    • LordSeth1000
      LordSeth1000 11 months ago +1

      at least a 3-4 day job for someone trying to find a solution

    • CurvingFyre
      CurvingFyre 11 months ago +11

      standard user is a reach. Most standard users can't identify a bad cap or bent pin, let alone BIOS issues. Even an enthusiast isn't likely to have a WAREHOUSE full of spare parts to swap out and test with, or a mountain of firmware knowledge and resources. I've had similarly unidentifiable issues before, and its only because my board is a high end desktop server board and not a consumer board that I was able to deal with it at all. Those LED codes saved my ass, and I'm *still* working through minor errors. I'm lucky enough that I have a spare board to work with for PSU and GPU validation, and a mess of ddr4 sticks to swap between, just cause of how I built my systems. if it had turned out different, I'd be up shit creek.

  • Jasmin Abdurahmanovic
    Jasmin Abdurahmanovic 15 days ago

    I am not sure if someone asked this already, but do you need another computer to put in the graphics card so you can do the Display ID update, or could you start the system through the integrated graphics and then perform the Display ID updater on the same computer aswell?

  • J R (FreeAgent)
    J R (FreeAgent) 3 months ago +1

    I have been watching this man's videos for a while but never subscribed until I watched this one. For no particular reason did I not subscribe. But as a technician and a PC builder I appreciate seeing someone else put in the time and effort to problem solve. Yep, 2 hours, 2 days, 2 weeks that you spend on solving the issue leads to 2 minutes to fix it in the future. Been there, done that. I also follow the 'golden rule' for techs, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'. Great Video. I too have suffered from BIOS update failure.

  • electroman0076
    electroman0076 7 months ago

    I love you Jay for the most part you toot my own horn, but I value it most when you challenge me and I learn something. This comes from a computer nerd who built their first system in like 1994 by going to micro center. I remember buying my first CD ROM drive and playing doom!

  • Jonathan Pacheco
    Jonathan Pacheco 8 months ago +1

    I really enjoy these general troubleshooting videos, I know the pain of trying to fix something that in the moment is cause for so much frustration and then finding the solution.

  • Carl Engstrom
    Carl Engstrom 10 months ago

    Great video and thanks. I've seen weirdness like this, but never had the kind of gear you have to troubleshoot and verify. As you said, I would have just returned the GPU and then maybe the Motherboard. I can test against other systems, but there is no way I have an extra GPU laying around. My one question for you is this: Should we always look to update the UEFI on the GPU as a general "care and feeding" step? Should we do that regularly? And should that be mandatory before we update BIOS? And can that also in itself cause issues?

  • USS Liberty Incident
    USS Liberty Incident 11 months ago +418

    Thank you so much for this kind of content. You never know when someone else will encounter the same issues.

    • OriginallyHam
      OriginallyHam 11 months ago +4

      jayz is our greatest ally

    • Illusive
      Illusive 11 months ago +3

      Nice username my man

    • Nightcore Clips
      Nightcore Clips 11 months ago

      Unfortunately this does not even help in my case, since my device doesn’t even post, I’m pretty sure it’s corrupted video chip or something, but whatever it is, I’m just gonna stick with a new mobo.

    • Rick Sanchez
      Rick Sanchez 11 months ago +3

      I'm having this same issue right now, unfortunately my system is even older than this one and not an nvidia card.....

    • Chappy
      Chappy 11 months ago +6

      @HowlingWolf Ikr...

  • Kevin Kellogg
    Kevin Kellogg 10 months ago

    Many times when I do a BIOS update, I have to do an interim update by installing a lesser BIOS Firmware upgrade. Kind of curious why a backup of the existing BIOS wasn't save to a USB stick or on a drive where I can stick the drivers in the root directory for ease of use. I wondered how old the BIOS was and what was technology was listed on the Mfg QVL sheets and subsequent addendums.

  • Ajay Patel
    Ajay Patel 11 months ago

    Timing of this video is excellent. This is literally happening to me right now. I built my first pc. Upgraded to windows 11, system shut down right after it installed windows 11. I’ve had a black screen since. All the fans, motherboard, gpu, lights are on but no display. Monitor works, hdmi cable is fine too.

  • Tech DIYer
    Tech DIYer 2 months ago +4

    Hey Jay, there are devices that can upload a new bios , but there are specific tools... Basically you plug a few wires in and reprogram the chip. I think that's how they fix a bricked bios.

  • Chris Ibbotson
    Chris Ibbotson 10 months ago

    Hi Jay, always enjoy your videos. Having a similar issue on my new EVGA 3080ti FTW Ultra gpu. Was working fine for 6 days then suddenly I get random solid green screens. Could happen at Windows 11 login screen, casual web browsing or under load using MS Flight Simulator. Was random but occured each time after a max 5 mins. Troubleshooted for hours on Wed night, removed driver with DDU, reinstalled latest, disconnected all devices, reset BIOS to remove cpu overclock on Gigabyte Z390 board (i9 9900K cpu), used system restore and went back a week, posted on evga forums and one responder suggested disabling CSM Support in BIOS, nothing worked. Checked psu cables and swapped modular sockets, changed gpu mode switch between OC mode and Normal, reseated card, tried different display post outputs. It seemed to work longer in Safe Mode though I didnt perhaps test long enough nor able to run the simulator. My 1080ti which I have plugged back in works fine. Green screen on the 3080ti occured not long after simulator downloaded a mandatory update, the XBox app or MS Store also downloaded a few updates too. You'd think perhaps unconnected given Windows Restore failed to help. Card was RMA's back to the retailer yesterday though I am terrified waiting to hear their test results. I should add sometimes the green screen resulted in a system lock which required a reboot, other times it eventually went back to Windows desktop with errors logged in Event Viewer, the errors read like the card has vanished and not detected

  • Correy Keen
    Correy Keen 8 months ago

    This seems like a pretty straightforward problem. If you update your BIOS and then a previously working component no longer works...that component probably needs to be updated as well. That was my first thought when you initially described the problem. Why did you put the card back in your test bench to update it, could that not be done with the card in the system it came from? Would you need to rollback the BIOS to the working version, update the card, then update the BIOS again to get it to work? I don't have another system to toss a card in to do the update. How would a "normal" user get this done? I had to update my BIOS to get 11 to install as well, it was fairly out of date and I'm surprised I didn't have this problem. I did make sure all my components had the latest firmware and all the drivers were updated before I did the BIOS.

    • Seushimare Jikaze
      Seushimare Jikaze 7 months ago

      i no pro expert, but "normal user" that doesn't have ability to troubleshot by swapping parts, should first look around internet, if there might be any issue with the update (mainly considering your hardware). so you do this, by accumulating knowledge beforehand, not just blindly updating the bios/uefi and then looking for a solution in the dark. for example, if Jay didnt have some spare hardware, it would be literally no way of troubleshooting this, besides saying that it does not work with this card anymore or trying to roll back to the old version of uefi. anyway for installing win 11, i would advise you that instead of updating your bios for this crappy system, just look up a workaround (there are some tutorials on that on the net -including video tutorials) that allows you to install and run win 11 on ANY machine, tpm and secure boot be damned.

  • NorthwestAudio
    NorthwestAudio 11 months ago +367

    This is brilliant, I wouldn't have ever imagined that a unique id would change in a piece of hardware, or that it would be removed from a module to continue operating.

    • Seushimare Jikaze
      Seushimare Jikaze 7 months ago

      @Kentaro Nagame you can bypass the requirements, look it up. not that w11 is worth it anyway, its another crapware.

    • Dennis Bunik
      Dennis Bunik 11 months ago

      @Marco Genovesi I dual boot with windows 10/Linux-Umbutu

    • Marco Genovesi
      Marco Genovesi 11 months ago +1

      @Dennis Bunik just not use windows I guess

    • lv Killa Wolf vl
      lv Killa Wolf vl 11 months ago +3

      @Kentaro Nagame and ur def right windows 11 is shit lol

  • Johannsen Lemort
    Johannsen Lemort 10 months ago +5

    I am not a compuetr expert and I admit that most of the things you say and do I have no idea about and would not dare do myself. BUt, I truly enjoy your videos. You are so down to earth and the way you explain things is so simple it makes me want to try myself, but still won't. Congretulations on what you do and I have become a fan.

  • Blod Hgram
    Blod Hgram 10 months ago +2

    Been watching for years, just got to say as a Heavy Diesel Tech, this always amuses me with problems like this. I get it all the time in my field, epically when the lights, hvac, engine, trans and body control is all different computers. Ive seen everything from a LED to a wrong flash causing stupid things. Hope to keep laughing at your problems, as mine can be as stupid!

  • Ray Thompson
    Ray Thompson 10 months ago +3

    This has literally just happened to me. Updated the BIOS on my ASUS Strix B450 F Gaming so I could upgrade my CPU from a Ryzen 5 1600 to a Ryzen 7 5700g. My GPU, a Sapphire Pulse RX 580 8gb now has no display. I have display from the integrated graphics and the GPU works fine on my test rig. Will be doing lots of head scratching and going though all the settings in the BIOS.

    • Ray Thompson
      Ray Thompson 7 months ago

      @Adham Mansour For some reason, BIOS screen only worked on HDMI, as I was using the DVI-D port on my test bench. I installed windows on a new SSD, and it all works fine now. But the BIOS still only displays on HDMI. Very odd.

    • Adham Mansour
      Adham Mansour 7 months ago

      did you find the solution?

  • Oogieboogie
    Oogieboogie 10 months ago +2

    Had similar problems last year on my new gigabyte board for my 10700k, carried forward my GTX970. Would hang at boot with my TV connected over HDMI, no BIOS revision fixed the issue. For 6 months or so I had to disconnect the HDMI on every boot, reconnecting once in Windows. Once I upgraded to a second hand 1080ti, the problem disappeared.

  • Competitive Steam
    Competitive Steam 11 months ago

    Jay, you could try a CH341A Programmer. You clip it onto the motherboard and run firmware through it.

  • Ripley HRGiger
    Ripley HRGiger 11 months ago +288

    I've been building my own custom PC's for 25 years and have been in the IT field as a technician, analyst, and system admin for 23 years and never have I EVER seen something like this happen! This is a rare gremlin to discover and no doubt has helped to educate all of us of this potentiality of occurring during system building/updating. Phil, your problem became a boon for so many of us because we learned a lot from it. I'm very glad you didn't have to replace your video card! Good work Jay!!!

    • IvoK
      IvoK 10 months ago

      @Dod interesting issue in my case was how the heat was transient, it was not constant: intel cpus always had thermal throttling, that's why i run it without heatsink, so to think heat will somehow affect booting and system will only boot without heatsink after that, is highly weird.

    • Dod
      Dod 10 months ago

      @IvoK have similar issue with GTX 280, it was starting after it heats up. Oven probably will solve this issue but it was old card back then do I get new one.

    • IvoK
      IvoK 10 months ago

      here's this story from times of past, i rather doubt explanation can be found:
      Posted: Mon Jan 03, 2005 9:10 pm Download Post Post subject: cpu
      swap story [for 'rofl' ]
      i bought celeron 1.3ghz to take place of my cel600 (wonderfull machine; encoded/processed god knows how many video-images).
      was looking for p3 at simillar freq. but didn't found any.
      so i put the new cpu, and i power-up the machine: i didn't put cooler, as i wanted to see if it works first_just the boot screen, and i would turn it off; also note that there was a possibility that BIOS update
      was needed (because 1.3 ghz cpu is listed as "working" but only with recent BIOS)..i knew that at the time: nothing happens (can you
      imagine the horror?).
      i put back my cel600 (again no cooler): nothing happens (2x previous horror)
      i'm off to my friend to get a bios, and let the cpu's cool down a bit ( ).
      after that, i notice a weird thing(back to trying cel600); a machine
      boots without the cooler, but if i try to boot it with a cooler, then it stays silent.
      when it boots without the cooler, it doesn't last long (probably cpu overheats and switches itself off).
      so i employ my friend to act as a clever cooler; as soon as the machine boots (without cooler) he should put a cooler back on, and
      hopefully we'll get a working 600mhz system, upgrade the bios, and then put 1.3ghz cpu.
      and it works!
      the tough part now is to come up with a good explanation what happened and how did cpu and mobo interacted to cause such weird behaviour.
      we know few things;
      -when i put 1.3ghz for the first time, it (more than likely) didn't initialize (unproper bios), and probably overheated on top of that.
      -when i put the cel600 back, somehow the mobo seems to have been left in this "protection" mode where cpu is not really initialized (or
      perhaps chipset overheated together with cpu (?)) and cel600 probably got overheating as well(first the mobo halts the things, and few seconds later cpu overheats)
      -after cooling down of everything (mobo and cpu) the cel600 works if it's not cooled!
      how the hell will i explain that?
      it seems as if mobo has "temperature memory" so it only worked with some value from the 'overheated' period.
      i think my explanation sux, but i can't think of anything.
      how about you? you must admit it's a brain-breaker, though.
      everything happened just as i say; this friend can testify, as he saw it too.
      uncooled cpu worked, and cooled cpu didn't!
      let's hear your theory.
      (heh...yes, you can dload i815 datasheet and search for "temperature"....i didn't...i'm just happy it works now.)

    • Dod
      Dod 10 months ago

      Did you heard about manufacturers releasing bios patches because windows update .... servers?

    • DrHarryT
      DrHarryT 10 months ago

      Hopefully ASUS is also educated as well so that they integrate the display ID patch into their bios update package.

  • aMunch10
    aMunch10 9 months ago +8

    *Update Below* Jay, I just ran into this issue and I’m so happy I found this. I gave up and gave my pc to Microcenter to fix it so if they don’t figure it out I can use this video instead. Mine was with a 3060 ti but this happened to me the exact same way, thank you so much!
    Update: Even though I had this same issue, it turns out I shorted out my motherboard by installing the standoff screws in my case incorrectly. This caused an improper connection to the back of the motherboard.
    Just goes to show how so many things can go wrong. FYI: Yes I had to buy a new motherboard, but this was also my first build, so lesson earned!

    • Mr idiot
      Mr idiot Month ago

      How do u install those screws incorrectly? I dont get it. U forgot to install them?

    • aMunch10
      aMunch10 7 months ago +1

      @Zakk Bryan Check out my updated response, I hope it doesn't cost you extra but hey it happens to all of us.

    • Zakk Bryan
      Zakk Bryan 7 months ago +1

      @babylorvbeatz i was wondering if amunch tried the displayid fix since he also had almost the exact same issue as in the video, but after your comment I'll definitely double check the bios settings to see if I missed something.

    • babylorvbeatz
      babylorvbeatz 7 months ago +1

      ​@Zakk Bryan I don't know if you want my input but micro center was talking about the GPU being defective which was a lie. They wanted me to buy a new GPU from them but I said no. So my issue was that my CPU was overclocked which for some weird reason doesn't display anything when I put the GPU in but when I go into my bio setting and put all the bio setting to default my new GPU came on. That was my solution. You can also try updating the motherboard bio also. Before I can update my motherboard I put all my bio settings to default because if I try it with my overclock settings in bio my computer will crash during the bio update so be careful. Just put bio settings to default before updating the bios. That's what worked for me.

    • Zakk Bryan
      Zakk Bryan 7 months ago +1

      Do you have an update on if this worked for your 3060 ti? I have one as well and I'm having the same issue but can't try it outbfor a few days and would like some peace of mind while I wait lol

  • Larry Cloud
    Larry Cloud 2 months ago

    Thanks Jay & gang, you've saved someone from a lot of grief, on more than one occasion. Keep doing what you're doing.

  • Dennis Fahey
    Dennis Fahey 5 months ago

    We tend to think of BIOS as a motherboard thing but it is modular, always had been since the 1980's. In fact that was the whole point - to let upgrades bring the code they needed with themselves. Yes the MOBO starts the journey, it has to to initialize chips that will talk to PCI resources. Once that is setup the BIOS extensions (LAN, VGA, RAID, etc) are sequentially given control to initialize. This specific issue is not uncommon for Reconfigurable BAR. REBAR is both a MOBO and GPU (and later OS) evolution. It may require more than one BIOS subsystem update. Note more PCI enhancements are in the works so this may happen again. (Compute Express Link)
    Interestingly I had a similar issue but a different root cause. On an ASUS MOBO the system would not boot after a MOBO BIOS update failed with no detailed reason why. In the end I found that low and behold the EEPROM that hosted the BIOS image had a singular bad block. The old BIOS, that had run for years, had all FF's in this block. The new BIOS had operational code. I had to buy a new EEPROM and flash that with an external programmer to bring the system up to date. Never seen that before. (Justification - the new BIOS image supported bigger/badder/better CPUs. Thus the reason to undertake the update in the first place.)

  • naj
    naj 11 months ago +1

    In the future it would be helpful for BIOS updaters to warn when attached peripherals would be RMA'ed.

  • SyViperZ
    SyViperZ 5 months ago

    You are life saver J. I updated my Z390e gaming bios to 2004 and I was getting the errors. I updated the gpu drivers and installed NVIDIA display updater and it worked like a charm.

  • Martin Øvstebø
    Martin Øvstebø 11 months ago +202

    As a car mechanic, I cant even imagine how many times that problem happens to me.
    Car makes noises or has a fault for months. When they're at the dealer for troubleshooting, it's all fine.
    It's happened so many times I've started to think the cars becomes self aware and is just messing with us...

    • Nobody
      Nobody 5 months ago +1

      @Zach Roberts Lol, well, you know, NO ONE likes going to the doctor!

    • Zach Roberts
      Zach Roberts 5 months ago +2

      As a mechanic can confirm cars are scared to make noise around us.

    • Nobody
      Nobody 5 months ago +1

      @That Guy you should upgrade your car to a hollograpic video card, that way you could just project your presence!

    • Mike Anderson
      Mike Anderson 5 months ago

      No fate but what we make!

    • That Guy
      That Guy 5 months ago +2

      @D P damn even cars have graphics cards rolling with them? I really need to upgrade from Intel hd graphics to save face now.

  • Buck Graham
    Buck Graham 3 months ago +13

    I love this style video! it reminds me of all my funky build roadblocks that I learn the most from! please do more of these!

  • Glenn Quagmire
    Glenn Quagmire 11 months ago +26

    Everything went to hell when UEFI got introduced. It was supposed to be more secure and what it created were more security problems and compatibility issues.
    Like others, you demonstrated what our job entails. Hours of troubleshooting and eliminating that it is not until you hit upon what IS causing the issue. Then comes the quandary. Say you bill $100 per hour normally. That's $250-$300. The customer won't be happy and definitely won't be back in most cases. So we eat some time, and charge them what its worth to do the same job again and the customer will use our services again. Hopefully, we can amortize our new found knowledge on someone else's machine and bill a saw buck for what took15 minutes.

    • Dokgo
      Dokgo 2 months ago

      @PoisonHeadcrab That's fine but I have NEVER had a single issue with legacy boot, but have had MANY issues with UEFI over the years, especially with Linux.

    • PoisonHeadcrab
      PoisonHeadcrab 2 months ago

      @Dokgo You do realize that legacy/CSM boot means nothing other than the UEFI firmware trying to emulate BIOS for compatibility's sake with older hardware, and is usually much more prone to issues than just native UEFI only boot.

    • Celdur
      Celdur 3 months ago

      That first time you find a new way to fix an issue, its like getting paid for education, since the next X times you'll make all the money back.

    • Dokgo
      Dokgo 10 months ago +3

      This is why I Legacy boot in 2022…

  • legion2k
    legion2k 7 months ago

    Good job, never give up and keep testing. Example, went into the store, came out and my car would not start.. was thinking of calling a tow but didn't really want to spend the cash. Popped the hood and I know the car pretty well, started to go over stuff.. Everything seemed fine. Checked all the fuses, battery even though it would crank.. nothing. Remembered there is a fuse panel inside.. I go look at that and I find one blown fuse.. I have a spare.. Pop it in and I've been driving it for months now. It would have cost me 100's to have it towed and a mechanic to find the same thing. It was the fuse to the computer for the motor.. Never give up.

  • Chris Guli
    Chris Guli 3 months ago +10

    My takeaway and lesson learned from this is if the same problem happens to a mere mortal builder at home without access to a huge hardware inventory, it's safe to presume the vbios/Display ID parameter needs updating as well following a system BIOS update. Kind of makes sense - old and new versions mixed together don't always work and often do not! My other takeaway from this and past experiences is BE CAREFUL with updates, especially when it comes to BIOS! "If it ain't broke don't fix it" applies to PC technology often. Actiual personal experience: I had an i5 MSI system (gen 9) from several years ago and I attempted several times a BIOS update "just for the hell of it". The update failed and would not load, but I did not brick the system fortunately. I went back to the MSI site and it did note in the BIOS update section - "Do not update BIOS if everything is working okay." and it was in my case. So it was the MSI PC gods warning me to leave well enough alone. Unless there is a particular reason to update the BIOS, DON'T.

    • redmanticore
      redmanticore 14 days ago

      lenovo marks every bios update as "recommended" on my lenovo legion 5 laptop. nope. not touching.

  • CheezyBurg3r
    CheezyBurg3r 3 months ago

    First of all, I enjoy all your video and it makes my life easy to understand the basics. This time I'm building a new system pairing 13600k with a ROG STRIX Z690-A GAMING WIFI D4 along with an ASUS 3080 white edition and I am afraid to break the sealed of the bran new CPU box so just in-case I need to swap out to 12600k. As I understand, I have to flash the BIOS (using the BIOS Flashback button in the back) for the system to even recognize the 13600k and post. However, according to Asus' firmware website, the Intel ME firmware needs to be updated prior to updating the BIOS. I hope you can help me

  • Johnnie Williams
    Johnnie Williams 11 months ago +188

    These types of videos have helped me solve a many issue. I like watching the over the top builds, but these are the ones that have kept me from replacing parts so many times.

  • Kissker Venwrath
    Kissker Venwrath 3 months ago +20

    Just purchased parts for my finally new PC. Had the same i7-920 for about 17 years now and well, it's time to get a new system. I don't know if I will personally benefit from this video - but I still wanted to thumbs up and comment to make sure others could find it easier. One of the most nerve wracking things for PC builders is this kinda stuff - we all expect "updates' to just "improve" our systems, and not possibly break them.

    • Fuzzylumpkins
      Fuzzylumpkins Month ago

      @chris cs I still have 3 rigs with sabertooth 990fx boards and 8120 (2) and 1 with an 8150 that I have only upgraded too ssd and the gpus (rx 580, 2060 etc) . There is still no reason for me to get rid of them so I just dont . I really dont have room for them or want to pack them in so the kids just use them for whatever.

    • Redaktor Podlaski
      Redaktor Podlaski Month ago

      the i7-920 was launched 14 years ago, not 17 years ago.

    • goku
      goku 2 months ago +1

      @David Wanklyn P4 was junk to begin with. I think it was all AMD at this time with the new AMD64.

    • David Wanklyn
      David Wanklyn 2 months ago +1

      @Dan dan I feel sad now that I junked my 2005 Pentium 4 when maybe with a SSD it would have run windows 10 or Linux. 😀😃😄😁😆😅🤣😂

    • Lierofox
      Lierofox 2 months ago +1

      @chris cs and for a while people would say X58 doesn't play nicely with Windows 10.

  • RebelRedRollo
    RebelRedRollo 11 months ago

    Similar thing happened to me when I had an empty microSD to SD card adapter placed inside an external reader.
    When the reader and this empty adapter were connected, it would take a couple minutes to post and another several to boot into the OS.

  • Caster-
    Caster- 8 months ago +1

    This just shows how useful it is to have any spare parts at home. Anything compatible that you do not need to sell can be useful at some point.

  • DS Kim
    DS Kim 11 months ago

    Great find Jay! That would be a bugger to figure out without spare GPUs.

    SHOCKWAVE STUDIOS 5 months ago +1

    Your videos are always so helpful I can't say thank you enough for all that you and your team do

  • vanveenmatt
    vanveenmatt 11 months ago +210

    I've been on the fence about whether or not I should upgrade the BIOS in my computer. I think I'm just going to leave it as it is. It's working just fine. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    • llames joyd
      llames joyd 3 months ago

      After the day I’ve had, I’m never doing it again. Had to wipe all my drives in bios and fresh install windows because it messed with the security settings

    • MannyFresh
      MannyFresh 11 months ago

      @RIPTIDE FPV so mine says “recommended users upgrade due to vulnerabilities”. But I’m not having issues.

    • tencents
      tencents 11 months ago

      Usually, I'd only update the bios if I just put new pc parts together and I encountered a compatibility issue, in attempts it would solve the problem. I'd also update the bios if I was after a very specific feature I knew was released in a later revision. The very first thing I did when I got my 3080 is downgraded the bios. 'Update' doesn't mean upgrade. Update means to modernize, for the better or the worse. Often times updates can create as many compatibility issues as they solve.

    • The BozzHogg
      The BozzHogg 11 months ago +1

      Unless you have AMD because they roll out agesa updates that can enhance performance all the damn time....

    • Fred Leggett
      Fred Leggett 11 months ago

      @Tyler Stephenson Yeah, I've been getting lazier the older I get and the more mature these codebases become, but I still clearly remember not that long ago trying to use an Asus motherboard that I could not get Windows to install on without updating to the latest BIOS. What Jay ran into here was a pretty wild edge case. And even if he didn't figure it out in the end, he still always had the BIOS rollback option, so it wasn't as if the system was doomed by trying to use that particular GPU.
      I personally don't trust manufacturers when it comes to divulging everything that gets fixed with a software or firmware update. I can easily envision a scenario where an engineer stumbles across a critical bug that might not affect users in the here and now, but could months down the line, so he couches it in vague language for fear of getting sacked or putting the company in a PR kerfuffle.
      Besides, whenever someone calls in for support, the first or second thing techs want people to do is to install the latest version of X, Y, and/or Z, so you may as well just go ahead and do it before dialing the number.

  • UpRoaryus
    UpRoaryus 10 months ago

    had similar issues with the nvidia drivers refusing to install because of a "participation program" that oem manufacturers had to request inclusion to that meant I couldn't take advantage of the modern openGL function on an older but capable Sony laptop. It refused to update because the product ID was not on a list somewhere, but once you modified the .inf in the setup with the proper information it was fine.

    THE_NERVOUS_GAMER 13 days ago

    Okay Jay I have a question on this. Did the fans spin up on the GPU? I am having a similar issue with a 3090 in a Crosshair 8 formula

  • Philip Huffman
    Philip Huffman 10 months ago

    Great video, Jay. Why are the radiator hoses at the top? Couldn't that lead to problems?

  • brian lindsey
    brian lindsey 5 months ago

    Love these videos. They teach people everything in the world about computers and how to fix and diagnose problems. I have been watching these videos for years and learned a lot. People in my city now call me grampa gamer. 70 yrs old, but my mind is still 25 yrs, and i custom build gaming desktops and fix computers all over the city. Thanks jayz for teaching me how to be a pro.

  • Daniel Petrov
    Daniel Petrov 11 months ago

    Man, thank goodness for this video. Now at least I have a way to continue my troubleshooting. Here is what the problem I face is, if anyone is interested in helping or suggesting ideas.
    Basically, I have an ASUS mb with AMD 5800X and TUF 6800XT. There was Win 10 installed on the system, however, I removed it to install Linux. But while playing in the BIOS I had to disable secure boot. After doing that the system now doesn't start. What happens is, I see the initial POST screen, but after you try to enter the BIOS the screen just flashes white and then the GPU just stops. I have cleared the CMOS and swapped the RAM sticks and started with only one stick. Question is - what the f is going on. I already returned one 6700XT (TUF again) to ASUS claiming that it was bad (in that case the card didn't even start - same as in the video) and ASUS are now returning the card to me, claiming that it is perfect. So yeah, there we go :-D
    Anyway, thank you for the video once again Jay and team. Even if it doesn't solve my problem, it is extremely relieving to see that at least my hardware may not be faulty. Keep up the good work

  • George Marandianos
    George Marandianos 11 months ago +510

    So Jay confirms what i 've been saying for 25 years now that i am building PCs myself : never update any BIOS in anything unless you absolutely have to! (and certainly never for fun, or if you are bored or if you are crazy about having the latest version in everything or whatever) 😅 GOLDEN RULE : if it works fine....do not touch it!

    • maiafay
      maiafay 2 months ago

      @George Marandianosno, dell bricked my machine. Their support assist anyway. I will never do dell again.

    • maiafay
      maiafay 2 months ago

      Learned this the hard way. My new pc is on its way. 😔

    • Dan dan
      Dan dan 2 months ago

      @f8ed4fun To me people trying to update the wrong BIOS brings me money so I say people should attempt to update the BIOS to each and every single motherboard or video card. I love them when they try to do that and something is going wrong.
      For the rest of the people who are normal people who mind their own business, Let's have a beer or two LOL

    • Louie Satterwhite
      Louie Satterwhite 2 months ago

      @Michael FlamingSword if a bios chip is surface mounted, you can either desolder it, or use an spi clip like a Pomona. Those clips attach to the bios chip itself without the need for soldering work.

    • Louie Satterwhite
      Louie Satterwhite 2 months ago

      @Dan dan I also have an eeprom programmer. It's funny, you can get a cheap one on aliexpress for literally $1+shipping (can spend a little bit more for add-ons so you don't need to do any soldering/desoldering), yet people prefer to spend the money on a new motherboard rather than fix it themselves

  • Vermilicious
    Vermilicious 10 months ago +4

    Well, I saw Asus recommends resetting the BIOS to default values first and then only updating one version at a time. Perhaps this didn't happen, and so the BIOS ended up in a faulty state.

  • Sparky64
    Sparky64 Day ago

    Last Sept when the GPU prices finally dropped to reasonable prices, I got a Rog Strix 3080 12g OC. I had the very same issues as in this video. I even tried to reflash the VBIOS and no change. I went back to a previous version of BIOS on the MB and it seemed to clear up for a few days then it all started all over again. I contacted ASUS and they had me return that card to Amazon and ASUS sent me a new card. Have not had any issues at all with the new card and using the most current MB and V BIOS's. So there does seem to be a quirky issue with the 3080's.

  • Jon Hastilow
    Jon Hastilow 5 months ago

    Jay, thank you. I had a very similar issue with different things going on. I enabled resizable bar, and this issue started after a second reboot. I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out what happened, reset cmos everything and nothing fixed it. I knew the pc was fine because the monitor would come on after 2-4 replugs of the cable. So I could use my rig, after googling to hell I came across this and the NVidia tool, updated my 3080ti’s bios and boom, problem fixed. I hope this gets to you and anyone else who has this issue it helps.

  • ProffAndy
    ProffAndy 4 months ago

    I had a similar scenario with my first Nvidia card (a GTX470 ?). Would crash my PC after a few minutes under load. It worked perfectly in two other PCs. I swapped my PSU and RAM, but it still did the same. RMA'd my motherboard, returned with no fault found. Gigabyte asked me to send the motherboard and the graphics card for testing. Turned out to be a fault on the graphics card. 🤔

  • Acrobat1s
    Acrobat1s 5 months ago

    Would like you to have tested it without the test PC.
    Since it does post with the onboard graphics, I guess that Windows could be installed and work just fine. At that point I would like to see if Windows do recognize somehow that the 3080ti is plugged in the system. Does it register as an unknown device? Does it register as intended but does not work?
    And for those people who do not possess a test bench and have a lot of cards to try-n-error, The best piece of information would be if they can apply your method in the same system, doing so with the onboard graphics, for the unrecognized (or whatever) 3080ti in order to save a lot of time and effort to find a willing friend to go through all the trouble.
    Your opinion plz :)
    PS Great Job btw troubleshooting it.

  • TerryblyMe
    TerryblyMe 11 months ago +111

    Thank you JayzTwoCents for posting videos like this!! I think this is literally going to solve my problem... I have a 3080TI that wouldn't work on one computer but it works just fine in my other pc!

    • rcrotorfreak
      rcrotorfreak 10 months ago +2

      Not always going to be the same problem. Tell us if you fixed it and what methood.

    • Slackaveli
      Slackaveli 11 months ago +5


    • Sage TX
      Sage TX 11 months ago +11

      He's the One.

  • Dr. Morbius
    Dr. Morbius 8 months ago

    I've built a lot of PCs for myself and since the advent of BIOS updating not once did I think it would be a good idea to do that. This video only confirms that. Also, I didn't know video cards had their own BIOS.

  • Pete Raybon
    Pete Raybon 11 months ago

    This one concerns me a bit as I have a ASUS Maximus CodeX Mobo with a I7 8087K and a TUF 3080TI OC (yes I know, I am leaving some PCIE performance on the table, this is a mid upgrade until I do 12th or 13th Gen full new build) I am failing the Windows 11 precheck for the TPM 2.0 not being enabled also. I am a bit worried now to try to turn on TPM and what it may or may not do.. I am not sure I care that much about Win 11 yet, this is my Banking, Clip-Share and Gaming rig, with Gaming being it's main priority. any thoughts on if mine might hangup and value vs reward doing so

  • Martin Katz
    Martin Katz 7 days ago +1

    THANKS, as a repair tech. little bits of information like this are invaluable. Also thanks for your channel . No one can know everything but having learning opportunities like these makes life easier.

  • Paul Vallance
    Paul Vallance 10 months ago

    I feel for you... Have spent two weeks troublehooting my GPU fan issue. The automatic updating of BIOS in my Alienware laptop screwed the GPU fan, making it run at 100% when system was idle (39 degrees C). Have gone back 5 revisions as the fan has been acting really odd for a while, and a year ago all was fine. I switched off the UEFI auto update to prevent this crap from happening again and now the problem is fixed with the old BIOS. it's almost as if Dell only test their BIOS with latest versions of the Alienware laptop. If only I could bill Dell for the 500 hours of troubleshooting graphics, thermals and power issues.

  • Caity Trina
    Caity Trina 5 months ago

    This video convinced I wanna be an assistant to tech youtubers lmao the ease of having multiple components hanging around to check each part seems game changing

  • lost in a box
    lost in a box 11 months ago +38

    Compared to my friends I have always been plagued with weird PC hardware compatibility, so from all my experiences trying to figure out what is going on these kinds of problems have started to intrigue me more than annoy me. This was an awesome video, loved the process of figuring it out.

    • 1337Ox
      1337Ox 11 months ago +1

      @Lucas Beccon hahaha I know right! Last night I was playing some CSGO when my game froze, which I found very weird, so I tried to alt tab and it worked just fine, and I had task manager opened, and I noticed my NVMe with CSGO was on 100% usage and then the game crashed with message that it cannot read some files. Then the game wouldn't start at all so I decided to restart the computer, and it just wouldn't boot, stuck on motherboard logo! I had to take out my SSD with games, boot without it, shut down and plug it back, then everything just started working as usual.

    • Lucas Beccon
      Lucas Beccon 11 months ago +2

      I know that feeling! hahah
      it just happens to me to almost everything that I buy, it could be just a sensor not working, to usb that ignores mass storage devices, to videocard that I can't change settings in software/driver to even motherboards that the bios reset randomly (even in first uses).
      But when my friends buy, even the same hardware, doesn't happen to them, even though I'm the one that build their PCs, It's bizarre

  • ezecskornfan
    ezecskornfan Month ago

    I had a problem like this before. The GPU wasn't working on a PC of my client, but it worked on mine. I tested the on his presence and I told him to update the bios since his PC had a bios that was older than I expected. After that, he got display. It was an nvidia too.
    I wonder if only Nvidia's have this problem.

  • Samol Hok
    Samol Hok 2 months ago

    Good content. I'm new to building PCs but I'm not new to diagnosis processes so this is fun to watch

  • HollowArt
    HollowArt Month ago

    I'm new to watching this video but what are the steps after updating the BIOS for the motherboard? Do you install the graphics card after updating the motherboard BIOS, ME Firmware, etc, then install your graphics card to the motherboard and do the graphics card updates through NVIDIA? I'm asking because I'm building a new computer, using a z690 motherboard but I'm using an i9 13900K processor. I have to update the BIOS before installing the processor in order for it to post. The graphics card I'll be using is the 3070 Ti. Any advice, suggestions, help, etc would be great. Thanks

  • Andrew Williams
    Andrew Williams 10 months ago

    Great vid ... it's easy to shove a load of new stuff together but investigation of mind fuddling issues is not covered very often Cheers Jay

  • tacothief2147
    tacothief2147 3 months ago +7

    I had the same issue but switched video cards and it continued to fail. I was not able to Q-flash until I removed the cpu. I was a little hesitant to remove since I have never done it but I was then able to update bios and it posted after. I hope this helps someone else.

  • Tony's Tech & Car's
    Tony's Tech & Car's 11 months ago +58

    Amazing video Jay! I had some weird issues from time to time with my 980Ti ever since my new mother board and would sometimes get a black screen or some sort of static screen. Turns out my card also needed a display port firmware update to resolve this! I wish nVidea were more clear with this sort of thing or included such checks on the driver updates as I never knew this was a "thing". You are a legend Jay!

    • Kanaal JB
      Kanaal JB 11 months ago +1

      Ye, it seems manufacturers are not always transparant about these issues. Keeping it as small as possible i suppose.

    • Dalsecco
      Dalsecco 11 months ago +2

      @hArDsTyLe2259 Damn, my brother is having the same issue on his MSI B550 Tomahawk + 5600X + GTX1650 (running on DisplayPort), so annoying. Also it simply won’t turn on once every one or two weeks lol.

    • hArDsTyLe2259
      hArDsTyLe2259 11 months ago +1

      My new b550 MB sometimes hangs on the VGA light when booting and i have to reset, could this be the same for my 5700XT?

    • yotoprules
      yotoprules 11 months ago +1

      I had the same problem on my 1080. the firmware update also solved the problem :)

    • Kridian01
      Kridian01 11 months ago +4

      I have a 980Ti so I'm filing this in the memory banks.

  • Dean Decker
    Dean Decker 17 days ago

    I had a similar issue however mine wouldn't post at all or shiwba signal and my fans and everything where spinning I'm still over here wondering what really happened but from what I can tell the power rail went on the mobo because my card checked out good and after getting another board exact same one no issues. At first I thought maybe cpu. I love watching these videos I've come a huge way on my PC building and diagnosis. Thanks Jay

    • Dean Decker
      Dean Decker 17 days ago

      However I am still very curious if my old board is a gonner or what. Idk what happened I was playing cod and cod kept crashing next thing I knew I had a boue screen it was as if my cpu over heated but my temps where fine.

  • Shadow Wolf
    Shadow Wolf 7 months ago

    As a prospective new builder, this video is so helpful because it validates me getting a cpu with an IGPU as an emergency redundancy measure. Thanks Jay.

  • bubba longfellow
    bubba longfellow 10 months ago

    i had an interesting experience. i updated my bios on my msi arctic motherboard. i had to so i could use my onboard graphics. anyway, after i updated i lost my onboard sound. i then tried to roll back the updated bios and the board wouldnt let me. i have no idea why.

  • MrDimn
    MrDimn 10 months ago

    @JayzTwoCents - Thank you for uncovering this. I was planning on updating my 5 yr old bios to work with TPM 2.0, and I have a EVGA 3080Ti. Is there any way you could create a video that would provide directions on how to update a bios, and using the Display ID updater. If a person doesn't have another video card to work with, what are the best steps to update everything without having to switch a video card... especially since mine is a hybrid, and pulling out the radiator and everything is a pain.

  • William Ramey
    William Ramey 3 months ago

    This is a great trouble shooting video. Thank you very much for posting it. I am beginning to build a computer with a EVGA 3080TI. If I receive the same issue, I will know where to come to get some help. Again, a great video.

  • ScaerieTale
    ScaerieTale 11 months ago +113

    "I'm jus- *stares*" lmao my eternal struggle with weird computer problems right there. It always makes me smile when an expert like Jay gets this weird crap too (like that time the screen went magenta)

    • SomeGuy1997
      SomeGuy1997 11 months ago +1

      @UnimpressedGojira Eh, it happens. Even the best quality stuff can break prematurely sometimes.

    • thislooksfun
      thislooksfun 11 months ago +1

      Which video was the magenta screen?

    • UnimpressedGojira
      UnimpressedGojira 11 months ago +1

      We've ALL been there. Had my PSU crap out on me (an EVGA with 1 lifetime warranty guaranteed to last at LEAST 10 years....this is year 3 at the time).
      I was troubleshooting EVERY component, and thinking I'd solved it each time after general gaming and usage...but then it'd hard crash again.
      And then, my buddy brought his PSU over and it posted and everything...so then I got the PSU to be RMAed....and voila! Back to life again!
      I was flabbergasted xD it was so unwarranted.

    • SomeGuy1997
      SomeGuy1997 11 months ago

      My screen sometimes pisses itself.

    • CaRdBoArD 01
      CaRdBoArD 01 11 months ago

      Lmao same

  • fallingspears77
    fallingspears77 8 months ago

    I had a similar thing happen to my first rig. But I didn't even know how to update bios back then, it might have been a windows update. My computer wouldn't recognize r9 390s. My buddy had the same model of card, and we swapped them. His system will worked and mine didn't. Switched to a gtx 1070 when those came out, and my system worked just fine. it was so strange.

  • Def Justice
    Def Justice 10 months ago +2

    This is the almost exact three time RMA issue I went through with a 3080. It was the power supply. Good old PSU ports were apparently ALL damaged. From factory.

    • Seushimare Jikaze
      Seushimare Jikaze 7 months ago

      yeah psu's can be a bit strange sometimes, i have one that has 2 8-pin gpu plugs on the same line, but only one allows the 8pin gpu to boot, the other one only works for 6pin gpu even though it should work well too. only difference between them, that i can notice, is to what point is the 7th and 8th black connected. on working one, its connected to to other black pins from 1 to 6 range, but on one not working fully, its connected to itself (so line goes from 7th to the 8th directly). it makes not much sense to me, as to why it doesnt work, but that how it works from the "get go". didnt replace it, because issue is minor and voltages are stable(cooler master g600).

  • Hurk
    Hurk 10 months ago

    late to this video, but sorta a similar really rare issue. occasionally my primary display would not work on reboot, but would work after reseating the HDMI cable. i eventually ended up cutting out the motherboard slot separators from the case, as it was bowing with the card screwed in and ejecting the cable just enough to mess with boot time detection, but not run time detection.

  • Darren Wilkinson
    Darren Wilkinson 8 months ago

    This video helped me as I’m about to update my bios on an asus board and the multiple restarts would have freaked me out and could have easily led to me bricking it halfway through. Thanks Jay

  • Gero
    Gero 3 months ago

    Thanks for this video. It scared me. Ordered a GeForce RTX 3060 for an AMD system, were i'll likely have to update the Mobo BIOS, so am i doomed to run into this same issue? (my first PC build)

  • J. M.
    J. M. 11 months ago +84

    16:30 Even though I haven't encountered this type of problem, it's really nice to know that there are some complicated pc problems which I now know how to troubleshoot.

    • SlyStarling4145
      SlyStarling4145 8 months ago +2

      vliduu zeeb Why would you reply to someone who A isn't jay and B isn't in the main comment section?

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 11 months ago

    I had something similar happen where my pc was failing to post. I thought it was a problem with my cpu (i7 11700F) as the red light was on on the motherboard. My thoughts were did my cpu go bad, did my motherboard start to fail, or was i drawing to much power from my power supply. I went through all of the trouble shooting I could and wound up taking it back to Best Buy for warranty repair. Fast forward 3 weeks or so, and it turned out to be the power button had shorted out and was causing my pc to crash and fail to post.

  • upakritikrsna
    upakritikrsna 10 months ago

    I had exactly the same issue with the factory-released version of BIOS on ASUS Z690M. The computer only posted when the monitor was connected to iGPU. Later I found out that the problem lay in the old version of my HDMI cable, HDMI 1.2. I finally replaced it with HDMI 2.1 and the problem was solved. My computer can post now with the HDMI 2.1 cable connected to Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti. By the way, my old monitor doesn't support DP.

  • [yxp]
    [yxp] 4 months ago +1

    Just gonna throw this out there, if ur using a pcie riser cable for your gpu, set your pcie mode accordingly. Had to set my pcie mode to Gen 3 again after the bios update reset my settings.