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Jelly Roll - Nothing Left At All - Official Music Video

  • Published on Mar 12, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Jelly Roll - Nothing Left At All OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO
    Official Hip Hop Music Video
    War Dog | It Goes Up Ent. (Distribution)
    Jelly Roll 'A Beautiful Disaster' available everywhere
    Merch Store: jellyroll615.com/
    Jelly Roll Socials:
    Instagram - jellyroll615
    Facebook - TheRealJelly...
    Twitter - jellyroll615
    "Nothing Left At All" - Produced by: David Ray & Eric Flemming
    SUBSCRIBE - smarturl.it/SubscribeJellyRoll
    See Jelly Roll on the ENTERFEAR Tour 2020
    - smarturl.it/ENTERFEARTOUR2020
    Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/jelly-roll-off...
    A Strange Films Production
    Directed By: Cameron Logan Cox
    Written By: Cameron Logan Cox
    Produced By: Taylor Lamb, Ryan Hood
    Line Producer: Chris Stempel
    Executive Producers: Travis O’Guin, Jelly Roll
    First Assistant Director: Trevan Jay Hiatt
    Director of Photography: Taylor Lamb
    Production Designer: Hana Smith
    Editor: Cameron Logan Cox
    First Assistant Camera: Colby Stempel
    Gaffer: James Cerven
    Behind The Scenes: Cornelius Terrell
    Police Interceptor: Jerry Vest, Have Guns Will Rent
    The Constant: Jelly Roll
    Officer Donald Manchester: Loren Ginden
    Sarah Watts: Sarah McGuire
    Jack Watts: Scott Lucas
    Angie Barra: Ellen Kirk
    Calvin Barra: Jelani Talib
    Sonny Watts: Ryan Patrick Leary
    Ellen Manchester (VO): Kaitlyn Toepperwein
    Jelly Roll has always been one thing in his lyrics - honest. He sees his music
    as therapeutic, not just for him, but for anyone who comes in contact with it.
    As genuine a modern day outlaw as you can get, Jelly's music incorporates
    influences ranging from Southern Rock to Dirty South rap. With his latest album,
    A Beautiful Disaster, Jelly Roll draws you in with his ability to tell a story that you
    didn't even know you were a part of. With songs like "Creature", "I Need You",
    "Nothing Left At All" and the dark, haunting love story "Suicide" along with features
    from the likes of Tech N9ne, Struggle Jennings, Krizz Kaliko and Lil Wyte,
    A Beautiful Disaster gives you a direct link to the life of Jelly Roll - the trials and tribulations,
    along with the celebrations and victories.
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Comments • 7 704

  • Jelly Roll
    Jelly Roll  3 years ago +6355

    The message behind this song is so powerful - it was meant to help anyone who has ever been depressed to the point of feeling like there is nothing left at all- and the video was meant to show the pain unseen by others and how multiple walks of life can go through such similar struggles with out even knowing it. How did this song make you feel? How did the video resonate with you?

    • Debbs Bravo
      Debbs Bravo 3 years ago +73

      Thank you for this I love your music Jelly Roll!!! 💚💚💚

    • Benjamin La Tour
      Benjamin La Tour 3 years ago +116

      I lost my dad when I was 20 I'm 27 he was a single father of 11 kids I'm the youngest and he was my best friend I just wish I could talk to him

    • Ray Bryant
      Ray Bryant 3 years ago +45

      I just saw the kid in the car. it took me back when i got in the car from school and my mother bluntly told me my Auntie killed her self, man i teared up from seeing the last part of the video, Thank you so much bro

    • Nunya
      Nunya 3 years ago +81

      Jelly Roll damn brotha....not even talkin bout the ending at all. Jst damn. The WORLD needs to hear you dude. And YOU need to stay here with us. If for no other reason but to give some hope to the people like me who fight those very same demons. Much love big man

    • Isaac V.
      Isaac V. 3 years ago +90

      The broken crib and the grieving couple is literally me and my wife right now with infertility. 6 years and 15 losses later. Thank you for helping me grieve through this unbearable pain.

  • Dr. Alexander Hamilton
    Dr. Alexander Hamilton Month ago +10

    Ok, let me just give this guy his flowers. Full disclosure: I am a black man from the death south from a very bad background but somehow with a lot of help made it thru. I say this not to boast, but to say that I haven't been touched this deep by an artist in a long time. I literally did not know who he was 24 hours ago and randomly stumbled upon his music on youtube. This is next level stuff. I haven't not encountered an artist whose music touched me this deep in decades. Hats off man. The world need you and all you have to offer.

  • Dennis Flores
    Dennis Flores 17 days ago +4

    This song hits home been there drinking and doing drugs living a life in sin and heartache Jelly Roll your a true angel sent from heaven to help and inspire people in this unseen world keep the music up brother

  • Jodie White
    Jodie White 15 days ago +8

    Man this music video is by far the best one I've ever seen in my entire life. Not only did jelly roll execute another hit but he told and painted out a story that is so real and still happening today. Jelly should get an award for this one one the song but the video just pulls you in and you can't stop watching.. Jelly man if you or Bunnie see this real talk don't quit you really out here helping people. You cant even imagine how many people your helping and I'm loving the direction you both are taking. Just think how many soul you could actually save and lead them all to Christ! You have a calling over you Jason for real! You could lead so many to Jesus and it looks at if that's what it doing. I love you both!! Keep going!!!!!

  • Jo In
    Jo In 2 months ago +3

    DON'T DO IT PEOPLE! I was there 23 years ago, I'm still here. I never realized so many people depend on me; and you too. Stay here as long as you can. People love you rather you know or not; they do.

  • Pablo_Escobear
    Pablo_Escobear Month ago +19

    I just found this song. You ever think a song is just made for you? This song saved my life today. Thank you Jelly Roll, 😢

  • AngelB
    AngelB 3 years ago +2687

    A lot of people say that we need an artist who speaks the truth. But when finally someone does no one really pays attention to them. This man is a great rapper. I like him

    • Randall
      Randall 3 years ago +43

      Highly underrated! Dudes fire 🔥🔥🔥

    • Destiny Bradley
      Destiny Bradley 3 years ago +14

      Yeas but I love him

    • Chris Blevins
      Chris Blevins 3 years ago +11

      That's because NWA and Tupac is hard to beat when it comes to speaking truth. We do need another truth spitter... but an original, unique one, and a leader. I love Jelly Roll, but his style isn't original. Dope lyrics for sure. He has definitely gotten better in the last 5 years.

    • Rick Lee
      Rick Lee 3 years ago +9

      look up some of his old stuff haystack is fire to

    • Arr Jay
      Arr Jay 3 years ago +33

      What you mean? Dude is loved and apprecieted by many....
      Thank u jelly, 💜much love

  • Deborah Horton Guerrero
    Deborah Horton Guerrero 5 months ago +86

    No words can express how awesome he is .. totally getting it out there .. speaking for MANY of us. 💕

    • Murphy Cormac
      Murphy Cormac 2 months ago

      Hello Deborah 👋 Simple music can make you sing, a simple hug can make you feel better, simple things can make you happy, I hope my simple hello will make you smile.

    • Freedom Family
      Freedom Family Month ago

      Keep it coming we feel your songs on another level Jelly ty for what you do I will never stop listening.

    • Kenny
      Kenny 19 days ago

      A simple hello can save someone's life

  • Richard Dorling
    Richard Dorling Month ago +2

    I seen jelly roll in Syracuse last summer, he opened for shinedown, and at the time I didn't really know who he was. It was 2 days after my mom had passed, and he had me in tears. Thank you for helping me heal❤

  • Shannon Anthony
    Shannon Anthony Year ago +129

    I LOVE Jelly roll!!!!! He's a BLESSING TO ANYONE that struggles in life with depression, pain or addiction. His music captivates me. I wish I could speak to him.

  • Andrew Cloutier
    Andrew Cloutier 8 months ago +14

    This song has single handedly saved my life on multiple occasions. I am a recovering addict and am in the process of getting divorced, I play this song anytime I am struggling. Jelly Roll has saved my life repeatedly. I love you brother. Keep up the great work brother!!!!

    • Tranquily Serene
      Tranquily Serene  7 months ago +1

      Sending you love from South Africa 🌍 Andrew keep on ,keeping on .you are worth the fight my Brother .

    • Arka Valentine
      Arka Valentine 2 months ago

      I feel your pain...I'm in a similar situation

  • Justyna Smoszna
    Justyna Smoszna 5 months ago +36

    I love this guy. So much truth in what he sings..

  • Trenton August
    Trenton August Year ago +682

    I was in my vehicle on my way to some woods so i could finally end my own pain and i happened to play this song, if it weren't for this song, my family and friends would be at a funeral.
    Jelly, this one song saved my life

    • Zach Abbey
      Zach Abbey Year ago +26

      Damn this hit hard.

    • Angel Giammusso
      Angel Giammusso Year ago +40

      Don't leave. You are not Alone. You are Loved. Your purpose here is so incredibly important there are others that you will touch and guide..so many you'll never know all the souls that you will help. Your good heart will be blessed with so many memories. So always just Stay. Find your light so u can be the light! We need you!!!
      And the love of Jesus will always have your back. Reach out whenever you need to u got this..💯every little thing gonna be alright!!! Promise👥🙌

    • duckettk0831
      duckettk0831 Year ago +27

      Glad you're still with us. I want to do the same but I'm holding on.

    • SouthJerseySound
      SouthJerseySound Year ago +20

      ​@duckettk0831 you're not alone......theres days that my depression damn near got me too. But I was too stubborn and decided to fight it and managed to pull through although I felt like I'd never truly smile again...... But then one day while taking a walk that too came back. it sounds corny but try and find one thing you enjoy and do it. for me fishing helped and diet and exercise really helped.....but start with one thing and you'll get there..... just know it ain't gonna be tomorrow because it takes time.

  • eric welsh
    eric welsh 24 days ago +1

    Jelly Roll, your music is so powerful because it hits real life right in the mouth. Thank you sir!

  • Fred
    Fred Month ago +1

    This song hits me really hard cause I was the guy sitting on the bed thinking about squeezing the trigger,thank you for ur music it's absolutely helped me

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts Year ago +25

    Even 2 years later, been fighting suicide for 4 an a half years now, thank you jelly roll, your words are keeping me going morning by morning💯🙏

    • Catlyn Felts
      Catlyn Felts Year ago +1

      You got this. Realize you are stronger then you think you are.

    • Peanut Nitti
      Peanut Nitti Year ago

      Everything gone c alright 🙏🏼 never commit suicide that's custer 💩 on hk55d

    • Jcrandaman
      Jcrandaman 3 months ago

      Hopefully you’re still here with us You matter and everyone has a purpose in life even when you can’t see it or life feels impossible keep pushing

    • Peter willner
      Peter willner 3 months ago

      Hoping this message of love and compassion reaches you
      I lost wife and son 2 yrs ago
      Fighting a good fight to keep myself here
      Got to stay to find out my true reason I still here hope that makes sense
      Fight a good fight cause u are as special as any other god bless u ♥

  • JC94🪶
    JC94🪶 5 months ago +27

    Not only this man a Tennessee music legends but the way these videos are directed to make you feel the visual with the words.
    As a Tennesseean native this mans music and stories have helped some of us thru our darkest days. ❤❤

    • Mike
      Mike 3 months ago +1

      I agree 💯 I've personally felt his pain I've been through some of the same hell he's been through but some how i keep a smile on my face..

  • J D 80
    J D 80 Year ago +3

    Just need to say Jelly you are a godsend the words you speak touch my heart and soul and millions others I'm sure. You put into words what I can't seem to find the words for. I keep being tested but when Im bout to snap I put your music on and it makes think instead of react. Thank you. Do ever fade away the world needs you!!!! Facts

  • Jerilynn Childress
    Jerilynn Childress Year ago +354

    My dad took his life when I was 13. I carry that pain. It keeps me fighting. I don't want my kids to feel that pain. But sometimes that battle gets so hard that the bottle of pills and bottle of jack would just help me end it all. I'm considered high suicidal tendencies because of my dad. I'm 51 . I will keep fighting. I am strong. I am worthy. I am enough.

    • thomas25082
      thomas25082 Year ago

      You alive and how you figure it out ?

    • Gary Boyar
      Gary Boyar Year ago +19

      I'm 50 with bipolar and major depressive disorder, also a recovering alcoholic and addict. I've had high suicidal ideation even after seminary and a counseling degree from 2018, but Christ took most of that pain away. I pray you find peace and happiness.

    • Diane Sills
      Diane Sills Year ago +10

      I was 10 when my dad committed suicide. I am 56 now and the struggle is real. Prayers for you ♥️

    • Southern Cali Royalty
      Southern Cali Royalty Year ago +8

      You are amazing... Do you know that?? Look in the mirror and see the real you... Not the person who the devil whispers to.. Hung in there Mr. Greatness.. The light is coming.. Its up to you to break through all of the darkness.. Its really really possible trust me it is.. Smile friend...

    • Marcus Hensley
      Marcus Hensley Year ago +3

      God bless your heart brother kinda similar story my mother took her life when I was 14 years old in 1992.... My heart still hurts losing a parent at a young age..... Stay strong bro one day at a time

  • Nick Reckner
    Nick Reckner 5 months ago +38

    Buddy of mine made me listen to till the wheels fall off… never heard of jelly before then and now it’s all I can listen to… every damn song I can somehow relate to. My anxiety and depression has been eating me alive lately but idk why… I have a job, nice house, nice toys, a wife who loves and supports me.. I should be the happiest person alive but on the inside I’m dying I wish I could fix it and be happy without taking prescriptions… anyways I know you won’t see this but keep these tracks coming man. Got millions of us listening and tearing up daily

    • Sleepless Aquarius
      Sleepless Aquarius 5 months ago +4

      I see it :) Ive been you. I understand 100. Hang in there. I hope things get better for you soon. Ive had severe anxiety & depression most of my life, & for me, it hasnt been something I could explain to those around me who dont have to deal with it themselves. It isnt as simple as 'get over it' or 'stop overthinking'. Jelly Roll's music is truly AMAZING. He is singlehandedly helping a LOT of people ❤

    • Thelma Worth
      Thelma Worth 4 months ago +1

      There is always " SOMEONE " that you can talk to. Please don't keep ur emotions inside like that. You are loved and you need to open up to ur wife, you be surprised how much better you will feel afterwards. I'm praying for you and just know YOU ARE LOVED 🙏🙏
      God bless you sir....

    • Rick Rodriguez
      Rick Rodriguez 3 months ago +1

      Man Nick, my anxiety and depression, pain I believed it to be because I have none of the things you mentioned. If only I had a wife a family and a job, toys..

    • Peter willner
      Peter willner 3 months ago +5

      Find God
      He listens and saves souls
      Helped keep me alive when I shouldn't be
      Praise and live a thankful life
      counting blessing
      Many people love and I am one of them
      Live ur best life

    • Cathy Clarridge
      Cathy Clarridge 3 months ago +3

      Me too. I only discovered him recently, and now I can't stop listening. Sending peaceful vibes.

  • SoledUp
    SoledUp 10 months ago +8

    Jelly is more than just a rapper, he is an artist for the people, he makes music 90% of the world should be able to relate to in one form or another…keep progressing, your journey has been long and hard but it’s far from over, you touch so many ppl thru words in a way that helps not promotes more tragedies…blessed

  • John Milliron
    John Milliron 3 months ago +3

    Lost my wife of 33 years to a long illness. This song hits hard. And yes, I almost made the wrong choice....

  • MrToa510
    MrToa510 5 months ago +11

    "I'm the go-to-guy, so who do I go to when I need some help." THIS lyric hit me harder than any words I've ever heard in a song. Everyone can lean on me but there's nobody on the other side keeping me up.

    • Jeremy Lemp
      Jeremy Lemp 4 months ago +1

      You're not the only one who feels that way, trust me

    • Mandi Marie
      Mandi Marie 3 months ago

      Same here

  • Debbie Olson
    Debbie Olson Month ago +3

    it speaks volume I struggle everyday with depression and anxiety . I love hearing your music it takes me away for a bit.

  • Lisa Coenen
    Lisa Coenen 3 years ago +47

    Oh my God! This just hit home HARD! Jelly, I'm a recovering alcoholic drug addict and your music has helped me tremendously. Thank you!!

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia 6 months ago +3

    Only song ever that gave me goosebumps, something I actually relate too. After all the crying and shaking I smiled so hard. Jelly your an inspiration brother man! Michigan 📍

  • Home on the Range
    Home on the Range 8 months ago +9

    I can't pinpoint exactly why this young man is my favorite artist, but the character in his voice tells me the whole thing is real.

  • Mad Mike
    Mad Mike Year ago +4

    Jelly has the ability to take all those fucked up feelings and problems we have and put it in a song that reaches into your soul. Sometimes I get goosebumps!

  • Vickie Thomas
    Vickie Thomas 5 months ago +38


  • Brandon Miller
    Brandon Miller 3 years ago +409

    When you listen to a song and as a man alone with his thoughts you start balling your eyes out because the song hits heavy and home and deep in the soul. But knowing I'm not the only one. And that I wouldn't be judged by the artist for my tears as this song was from an artist by an artist and lived by the artist. Lifes worth living and when a song touches you like this all you can say is thank you. Thank you Jelly Roll. I needed this more than.......nevermind you already know how much I needed this. Thank you

    • Brandon Lowe
      Brandon Lowe 3 years ago +6

      Ur not alone sir

    • Cody Renfrow
      Cody Renfrow 3 years ago +5

      Definitely not alone.

    • adubbz23
      adubbz23 3 years ago +7

      Amen Brother when the struggle feels like 6' down is the answer take a bow and close your eyes and breath. There is always light at the tunnel everyone just has to find there path!

    • Connor Lhamon
      Connor Lhamon 3 years ago +2

      You're okay man. I wouldn't be drinking this moonshine if i didn't feel you

    • Brandon Lowe
      Brandon Lowe 3 years ago +6

      Always here for someone to vent to that understands an thinks he is alone because you are definitely NOT that... anything to help my fellow man

  • coolness
    coolness 9 months ago +2

    A life saving song and one of the best music videos of all time. Thanks Jelly Roll. Love y'all!

  • Lynette Berg
    Lynette Berg 26 days ago +1

    Dear god, Jelly Roll is pulling it out of us.......this shit is hitting hard.

  • Gene Mavoides
    Gene Mavoides 5 months ago +3

    I love every song you make. You can feel the personal struggle and pain. It resonates my guy. #Jelly Real

  • southsideplayer1224
    southsideplayer1224 Year ago +9

    This song is the perfect example of, You never know what people are going through in their own life

  • christine anderson
    christine anderson 6 months ago +6

    Reality. This world is hard enough. One of my all time favorite artists. Been listening to his stuff for years. He never disappoints on his honest words.

  • Heather Groves
    Heather Groves 3 years ago +572

    I’m in tears right now 😢 be kind to everyone you have no idea what they have gone through or are going through. 💔

    • Jelly Roll
      Jelly Roll  3 years ago +120

      That's the truth!

    • James Kyser
      James Kyser 3 years ago +26

      People tend to forget that. You never know someone else's struggles. Some of us hide them well.

    • Ian Howard
      Ian Howard 3 years ago +20

      So true....gotta get up everyday and put on that fake 😃 and act normal and say I'm fine when really you feel dead inside....just trying to get through another day

    • James Kyser
      James Kyser 3 years ago +7

      Just remember to make the changes you need to make behind that smile. Jellys music has helped me with that

    • terry paul
      terry paul 3 years ago +7

      That's what I tell my children be nice to everyone you have no idea what they go through everyday

  • Hangtown Savage
    Hangtown Savage Year ago +2

    This song got me thru some hard ass times. Literally sitting up at 4 with a pistol but I look into my 3 beautiful little girls eyes and I definitely couldn't leave them with bad news. Thanks jelly real shit!

  • Hollie Charon
    Hollie Charon 5 months ago +3

    You always get me through my hardest times. I have P.T.S.D and all your songs I turn to thanks Big Guy. I'm PROUD OF YOU

    • Tomas Lagle
      Tomas Lagle 2 months ago

      Thanks Holly but there ain't and won't be a future with her she destroyed me and any chance she ever had tell her to move on I will take care of my kid that's it she hurt me beyond words can say I hate her sorry

  • pmarine81
    pmarine81 Year ago +1

    My wife of eight years took our three children, the house,everything in our home,both cars even my dog five months ago. I haven't seen them since. This man speaks the truth no matter how ugly it is. Much respect brother.

  • Selina McKenzie
    Selina McKenzie 6 months ago +1

    I really appreciate your music.. ❤️ Everyone suffers from metal health or doesn't understand life... Until they hear your music then they realize

  • Gregory Walter
    Gregory Walter 2 months ago +1

    Jelly roll is one of the realest in my book! He's a realist and speaks truth and reality in his songs his pain comes out. Love this guy no homo lol and all of mako!

  • Daurian's Writing Desk
    Daurian's Writing Desk Year ago +168

    My wife died this year. I stay up almost every night holding my phone wishing she would call me. This song is magnificent. Thanks Jelly Roll.

    • ryan _
      ryan _ 9 months ago +7

      Jesus man I’m sorry..

    • james
      james 9 months ago +6

      I love you brother.

    • Bee Wideman
      Bee Wideman 9 months ago +1


    • trina justice baker
      trina justice baker 8 months ago +1

      My prayers are with you!

    • jessie grant works
      jessie grant works 7 months ago +5

      my mom died on the 3rd of october. she was sick in hospital for 5 weeks before she passed away. i would wait by my phone all night awake incase drs called me as they did to let me know what was happening overnight. now that shes gone I keep thinking I have to keep my phone charged incase I get a call..... fkn sucks, this song gets me too

  • Jonathan Edmondson
    Jonathan Edmondson Year ago +2

    This man really has his finger on the pulse. Thank you, Jelly Roll. You will be helping more people than you know x

  • Shelby Steele
    Shelby Steele Year ago +2

    My husband and I lost our baby a few months ago and this video hit my soul unlike any other, please don't ever stop making music like this. You are amazing

  • Teresa Watson
    Teresa Watson Year ago +3

    This song hit me like a truck because i'm there .... So much so Ive had to call my Dr for help. I finally get to talk to someone for help. Background on why I'm this way is my husband decided his employee was worth me his wife of 38 yrs... I feel like Im dying. My heart is so very broken . I have three adult kids and 10 grands . I am struggling . I and praying that this "help" works. My children and grands mean the work to me. The chest pains are so bad ... the pain is just that real. Thank you for this song.

    • Eli Summer
      Eli Summer 11 months ago +1

      Im proud of u for holding on dont give up !!

    • Teresa Watson
      Teresa Watson 10 months ago

      Thank you Eli❤️

  • Mike Banks
    Mike Banks Year ago +2

    I don't suffer from depression but the lyrics touch me just the same.

  • Kris Hollins
    Kris Hollins Year ago +2

    At a loss of words with this man again. I'm sure I've responded to this video before, but just in case....OMG!
    He's too good to try n place into any genre. Hes a REAL man who'd been there done that who we can all relate to for one reason or another. He speaks the hard truth about it and makes us get in touch with our feelings. Helps us get thru our hard times and personal issues. Hes like the worlda personal therapist. Hes a fucking amazing poet, and just dude idk what else to say besides everyone needs to hear this amazing man sing, rap, whatever hes doing, just listen, close it eyes and absorb it. He can bring u closer to God and heal u i swear. No preacher needed. Just a lily jelly roll n we'll be good. Keep it up PLZ!!!! Everytime u come on YT, I pull in a parking lot n take our words in. Everything u release is beautiful and so true we don't wanna hear it but know we need to. Thank u

  • Blacklisted
    Blacklisted 2 years ago +637

    To the ones that read this; the ones with broken hearts; the ones that hit rock bottom; the ones struggling with addiction; the ones fighting depression; we are here, we do care. Keep fighting for the better days because you will succeed. May your life prosper

    • tbrocato143
      tbrocato143 2 years ago +5

      Thank you!!!

    • Heidi Hammond
      Heidi Hammond 2 years ago +17

      Thank you for that, really. I'm 50yrs old, my son is 30 and we both fight addiction, depression, eachother... it's a broken heart I wake up to every day, knowing there's another 24 hrs full of dread, praying I don't ever have to breath for him again, hoping I can throw all the narcan away I keep on hand, begging God to make me the mother he deserves. I end every day thanking Him tho that my 2 girls only inherited my blonde hair and wicked sense of humor and NOT my demons.

    • Edward Thomas
      Edward Thomas 2 years ago +4

      Hey yeah I've been ptayin for them better days

    • Edward Thomas
      Edward Thomas 2 years ago +12

      Praying for them better days 10/8/20 I know its not a long time but I feel like its been a lot longer than that I've tried to get clean before but its always been court ordered or in prison I jus did to get out of the cell for an hour and go to the NA meeting they would bring in for us but I've never jus done it for myself yeah bruh I'm off parole now I'm not court ordered I'm jus doin it for myself and my FAM cuz FAM is all we got at least it is for me but yeah it feels way different this time cuz its for me know what I mean idk maybe I'm trippn

    • Jasmine Mathis
      Jasmine Mathis 2 years ago +3

      @Edward Thomas keep on keeping on

  • Nathan Mertz
    Nathan Mertz 6 months ago +43

    thank you for all your great music!! I won't ever be able to explain what it has done for me!

    • Primitive Outlaw🏹🪓
      Primitive Outlaw🏹🪓 5 months ago +2


    • Robert
      Robert 5 months ago +2


    • Primitive Outlaw🏹🪓
      Primitive Outlaw🏹🪓 4 months ago

      Ive seen him several times live and its like a religious experience seeing him ! His music has brought me through some really hard times, i can remember coming off of heroin without methadone or suboxone. I listened to every album hes released multiple times and puffed on really good reefer throughout withdrawals and countless sleepless nights. Sometimes i felt like i was literally dying slowly but i kept pushing through it because i wanted to set examples for my son and with help from his therapeutic music and good green i was able to make it through pure hell. Life now is so much more enjoyable and im thankful everyday for him sharing his incredible lyrics and musical genius with us. He deserves every bit of the fame and fortune that has come his way. The Bridgestone show was absolutely phenomenal ! Thank you so much Mr. Deford !!! Im forever grateful for you bro.....

    • Primitive Outlaw🏹🪓
      Primitive Outlaw🏹🪓 4 months ago

      Very well said 👏

    • Leanne Gray
      Leanne Gray 4 months ago

      i love you all mine mire than i can say n mire than you will ever know . mom lu

  • D R
    D R Month ago +1

    This song is straight fire OMG ❤

  • Erebus Ros
    Erebus Ros Year ago +18

    I'm officially 5 months sober now. Thank you Jelly Roll your music is a huge help tbh.

    • Brandy
      Brandy Year ago +3

      Keep going for those of us who can't even make it a month. Please

    • MusicWhore
      MusicWhore Year ago

      Brandy praying for you love! You’ll get there!

    • MusicWhore
      MusicWhore Year ago

      @Brandy Im praying for you love! You’ll get there! 💕😘🙏🏻

    • David Swartz
      David Swartz Year ago +1

      @Brandy never give up, take it one day at a time! You are not alone!

    • J Pizzle
      J Pizzle 11 months ago +1

      Hopefully closer to 1 year now!!

  • Kevin Taft
    Kevin Taft 2 months ago +2

    I’ve showed this to my little bro that has lost his mother…. He says this song hits hard! He finds it hard to not drink trying to just get to the next day. I’ve been along his side for a lot and this is definitely the hardest thing he has taken. Thanks Jelly Roll for given us something to know it’s not only us! Love the music brother!

  • Becky Moore
    Becky Moore Year ago +1

    When you are feeling low.. or sad about your situation just know there is always someone who has got it worse..

  • Dakota Harbin
    Dakota Harbin 2 years ago +556

    I wish I could personally thank this man for his music.

    • Leland Korbel guitars
      Leland Korbel guitars 2 years ago +10


    • Angel Bazydlo
      Angel Bazydlo 2 years ago +16


    • Nancy McAdams
      Nancy McAdams 2 years ago +6

      His songs really Speak to you. Is he only on Clip-Share?

    • Bobby King
      Bobby King 2 years ago +9

      Me to he's saved my life so many times

    • Dawn Michele
      Dawn Michele 2 years ago +10


  • morgan neff
    morgan neff 10 months ago +2

    I was at a point last month where I was just done with life. Lost my bestfriend 5 years ago. Lost my grandfather in March and my sister had a miscarriage 2 weeks out from her due date. Jellyrolls music saved me. His music gave me all the words I wasn't able to find. His music helped my loved ones understand what I was feeling. God Bless this man and his music.

  • Tom Cole
    Tom Cole 6 months ago +1

    Just watched this video for the first time....WOW!! Very Powerful. Great job, I still have tears rolling down my cheeks

  • Angela Thomas
    Angela Thomas 20 days ago

    I suffer bad mental health and listening to this man every day helps me so much ❤❤

  • Chris Wilkerson
    Chris Wilkerson Year ago +4

    This man can make a movie outta most of his songs he touches ppl that live through the struggle I'll always have big love for #jellyroll

  • matsauvagea
    matsauvagea 8 days ago

    I'm not sure there's an artist more real and I mean ever . There is nothing I can even compare to the depth his music hits the soul

  • papahet86
    papahet86 3 years ago +17

    Jelly, my brother.. I have no words.
    Wasn't ready for that at all. Each new track gets more real, and hits home harder than the one before it. If I were any more paranoid, I'd say you've had a first hand look info my life before writing this music. God has given you a gift that has the ability to move people and literally touch their soul.
    Thank you.

    • Kris Tutor
      Kris Tutor 3 years ago +2

      Yesss I couldnt agree more brother if ive never been able to say or show how I feel he does it with his music and beautiful disaster hits deeper than any before

  • Shelby Cox
    Shelby Cox 5 months ago +20

    I love Jelly Roll.
    There's some serious meanings with songs.

    • Murphy Cormac
      Murphy Cormac 2 months ago +1

      Hello Shelby 👋 Simple music can make you sing, a simple hug can make you feel better, simple things can make you happy, I hope my simple hello will make you smile.

    • Shelby Cox
      Shelby Cox 2 months ago

      @Murphy Cormac Simple music isn't usually what makes me sing. It's music that touches my souls that makes me sing. Simple makes me smile.
      My world usually stays in a state of chaos. Honestly, nothing Simple here. I do try Simple, but it usually backfires on me.
      Your Hi did make me smile. Thank you for taking the time to say Hi

    • Murphy Cormac
      Murphy Cormac 2 months ago

      @Shelby Cox oh you’re much welcome 🤗 then. It’s actually my pleasure to meet you here.. where are you chatting from??

  • GuennieKnight
    GuennieKnight Year ago +2

    I love Jelly Roll, his music touches my soul.

  • Shanna McNay
    Shanna McNay Year ago +1

    Your music is so powerful and speaks to the very depths of my soul

  • Jiminy Cricket
    Jiminy Cricket 7 months ago +6

    His vocals hit differently when you're going through what he is talking about. Its relatable in today's society to feel more alone because of the internet. We need to fix this in today's society.

  • GenoSackDaddy
    GenoSackDaddy 26 days ago +1

    I lost my daughter & mother.
    This song gives the absolute disabling sorrow I’m going through, have a voice.

  • Dorie Garcia
    Dorie Garcia Year ago +2

    This song gives me the chills these lyrics are real whatever anyone is going thru may god bless you and heal you 🙏 jelly roll keep doing you I love your music 🎶

  • Stoney Entertainment
    Stoney Entertainment 2 years ago +377

    i sat here with a gun to my head last night after walking in on my wife and another man on the anniversary of my mothers death. you words stopped me. you're an amazing man Jelly thanks for all the wisdom

    • Spirit Ellington #2
      Spirit Ellington #2 2 years ago +7


    • Chet Knight
      Chet Knight 2 years ago +31

      Man!I'm glad your still here! I get it! I don't know what I would have done! You are loved! If not anyone else from me! I'm sure my wife loves you too! Message me anytime!

    • krazyhippy
      krazyhippy 2 years ago +13

      Glad you are still with us. It always gets better. Please remember that!!!

    • Wyatt McCoy
      Wyatt McCoy 2 years ago +25

      Hang in there brother I've been through the same thing the exact same thing but because of that I left her and met my wife and have beautiful children this too shall pass God bless you

    • Amy Rakow
      Amy Rakow 2 years ago +14

      Chris Courtway, my heart hurts for you 💔 I am so glad you held on! Bless you.

  • Tony Sims
    Tony Sims 10 months ago +5

    Jelly roll will go down as one of the great rappers of all time. He is blowing up because of what the world went through this last few years he is the realest rapper. I know he has changed my life in so many ways. I lost my mom to Covid and went to pills and other hard things almost Overdosed a few times. It’s because of his music I’m clean right now

  • Melissa
    Melissa 5 months ago +2

    This hits home. But you can explain the crazy mess in some heads..the pain sometimes cuts like a knife. It's finding the other path that's hard. Your music is a gate way to the soul!

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie Year ago +1

    Jelly Roll is an amazing artist. Not many songs can make you feel like it's coming from your own heart. I think his music is saving my life. It's unreal how much I relate. To the drinking and smoking and heavy depression and being broke and feeling helpless and fighting your own demons.

  • Roy Sullivan
    Roy Sullivan Year ago +1

    He’s made tons of great music I remember watching the 10 minute freestyle and thought man this guy is really talented He has the ability to move people through his music

  • Investing Orca
    Investing Orca Year ago +1

    Man Jelly this one hurts me the most. I love you dude. Lost my mom last November and this song... 🎵

  • D Wills
    D Wills 3 years ago +108

    2 years ago I was at the lowest point of my life l. I was addicted to drugs homeless and depressed. I listened to your songs everyday to help me deal with my pain. I am now 2 years sober and your music still gives me goosebumps reminding what it was like back then. Thanks bro u helped save my life!

    • Euro Black ice Chronicles
      Euro Black ice Chronicles 3 years ago +5

      5 years here,beat the pills but the bottle does have its roots deep into the ground. Therapeutic music i made my way into rehab. Jelly is always a wake up to where you are fucking up in life.

    • goat Dezsi
      goat Dezsi 3 years ago +1

      So you still homeless??

    • goat Dezsi
      goat Dezsi 3 years ago

      @Euro Black ice Chronicles you need jelly to tell you to stop drinking and taking drugs??

  • Maria Barajas
    Maria Barajas Year ago +4

    I heard this song not to long ago. I never had the time to just listen to music cause all I did was work 2 jobs. But when my boyfriend played Mary Jane." I was hooked".... I love every song. Your voice and style and your words make me cry. It really hits my soul on how your songs relate to me so well. KEEP IT COMING... I need more and can't get enough. LOVE YOU so much.

  • Sarah McClain
    Sarah McClain 3 months ago +3

    As a recovering addict...so many of Jellies songs/lyrics speak to my soul..it's good to remember that place that we all as addicts once came from that way we never go back to that shit.

  • Jae
    Jae 9 months ago +2

    He’s not only a fantastic rapper did you know he sings Country Music, Rock, and religious songs. Such a versatile talent. Instant fan

  • Tamar Stinson
    Tamar Stinson 10 months ago +4

    Wow that was an extremely powerful, deep, emotional video. And so true to how we never know how are actions and the ripple affect can change someone elses life so drastically. Stellar work JELLY ROLL. One day we're gonna do a duet together because we sound really good together you just don't know it yet.

  • Private Panzer
    Private Panzer 5 months ago +3

    Many days these thoughts went through my head but I've found the good shit in my life. The happy life. I'm glad this song exists. No one deserves to lose hope, and I'm glad some have changed their path cause of this song

  • April Showers
    April Showers Year ago +139

    I’ve known Jelly Roll since we were kids… of course I’ve heard his music… when I say finally he has a voice he can use to heal, speak truth, or just fucking bang too… FINALLY!!! I’m proud of you and your accomplishments, I’m so happy you and your beautiful family! Keep speaking, keep banging, keep climbing to the top and don’t stop then either!!! Blessings to you jelly 💙 catch you in the Ville 🕊

    • Kimbo Blake
      Kimbo Blake 10 months ago +2

      I think he's fucking awesome. But you are to. Never forget that.

    • Ryan Scott
      Ryan Scott 10 months ago +3

      That's awesome been listening to him before he was recognized, one man tht speaks the truth and very relatable. Someone everyone should hear!! Glad he is being recognized for his great music. He is bringing back real music!

    • April Showers
      April Showers 10 months ago +9

      Jelly is koo ppl. Has a hella sense of humor. I’m glad he gets to be and stay him ( dude is humble) while telling his story. He is who he is, and he won’t let anyone change him…So many can relate to the addiction, mental health, poverty itself… the friends and family we have buried due to addiction. He is doing great things and living a life he deserves. We all have ups and downs, music is therapy for many and I’m so glad that he is getting the recognition he deserves. I’m the type of person that loves to lift others and support. There’s so much hate in this world and industry and he is climbing proving ppl wrong. I wish you guys well too. Stay positive. 💙🕊

    • Matt 2ski Humphrey humpinski
      Matt 2ski Humphrey humpinski 10 months ago +2

      @April Showers real recognize real, point blank thank you 🙏

    • Jonathan Mayberry
      Jonathan Mayberry Month ago

      right, im sure he wouldnt be like april who at all. you prolly besties huh, thats why you thought no better way to drop a personal note to him than on youtube. OTH, lets look into why u are so insecure you need to publicly announce a fake friendship to someone somewhat famous on youtube. smh

  • Bull Dog
    Bull Dog 5 months ago +67

    One of the best male singers out there. Stay healthy. Want you around a long time.

  • CashNhanD2
    CashNhanD2 Day ago

    This song hits so deep rn I'm on the edge and I don't know how to get right. I watched your special on Hulu and couldn't stop the tears. Hopefully it will work out for me. If not, just know your songs kept me around a little bit longer.

  • Juanita Smith
    Juanita Smith 6 months ago +7

    Jelly Roll sir, you saved me and my partner's relationship. Thank you. See our son drowned 2 years ago at the age of 6. If it was not for your music. Our daughter would have lost her parents. Bless you.

  • Jeremy Oswald
    Jeremy Oswald Year ago +1

    This song, hits hard to the heart. Within 4years, I've lost my mom,my dad,my aunt,and my grandma. Me n dad we never close till I almost lost my life in a motorcycle accident, I could hear my dad coming, always on a harley. He come over to smoke, and we talked n got closer. Till a massive heart attack took him.

  • Tatoo Santillanes
    Tatoo Santillanes 8 months ago +1

    Im going throu a big depression rite now, luckly I found Jerry Rolls music about 3 weeks ago, this song and "save me" have been on repeat ever since when I wake in the morning to get ready and during night time. . I never felt a song hitting me as much as these two did. Great fucking music that you make and musician that you are mr. Jelly Roll.

  • Lala
    Lala 3 years ago +154

    "I still feel fucked up till this day" I totally understand! This is why It annoys me when people say "it'll get better" been twenty years and I'm still waiting. Thank you for this beautiful track

      RAWPAPRSxLONG1s 3 years ago +4

      I know that it’s very hard to think about that statement being true: “it’ll get better”, but as I’m sure you know it’s the small things that take our minds off the shit we’ve gone through and the shit going on in our lives that matter. Our whole lives don’t have to suddenly be great for things to “get better”. Every time we smile, laugh, or just momentarily forget about all that is a victory. I hope you find those moments in your daily life🙂

    • Midnight
      Midnight 3 years ago +10

      I think that phrase carries a negative feeling for a lot of people now. Sometimes it feels like the person is dismissing your pain, or not giving you a chance to vent and grieve. I get it, I've heard that phrase a lot and it pissed me off too. But, things do get better in of that not everyone fully recovers, but gradually things get a bit better in some ways (sometimes subtle or easy to miss). Sometimes the better is still very painful, but that doesn't erase your progress ❤️ try to not give up hoping and working for a bit of betterness, you deserve all that and more

    • Hell Houndz Productions
      Hell Houndz Productions 3 years ago

      its a lapse in communication and language imo. what they mean seems to be more "you will learn how to manage your pain as it becomes more frequent"

    • James Adam Gleason
      James Adam Gleason 3 years ago +2

      If your drinking/drugging and smoking it will never get better.

    • Hell Houndz Productions
      Hell Houndz Productions 3 years ago +3

      @James Adam Gleason You're not wrong with the exception of maybe medical cannabis for diagnosed conditions of mental illness. Most times these things will only make you feel worse in the end

  • OmgItzPoof
    OmgItzPoof 6 months ago +1

    This song hits home so hard....thank you Jelly Roll. 🖤

  • Maryjane Beaton
    Maryjane Beaton 10 months ago +2

    Your song's ALWAYS hit me in MY FEELS!

  • ra. j. elasri
    ra. j. elasri Year ago +1

    Such an amazing voice 🤗

  • kevin scott
    kevin scott Year ago +1

    Love ya Jelly. Finally an artist thats hit my heart and soul now days!! Your videos are amazing as well!!!

  • Tom grant
    Tom grant Year ago +18

    I pray this man is telling his story about how he used to be, and he's telling those who listen that they can survive it.

  • Judy Swift
    Judy Swift Year ago +22

    I am only 40 but lost my husband,bf, soulmate of 23 years on 7/20/21, in a horrific car accident and our 4 teenagers and I had to say goodbye to a sealed body bag and our lives have been turned upside down... I listen to this song on repeat, thank you for being such a genuine artist 💯❤️

    • Anthony Byrge
      Anthony Byrge 8 months ago +1

      I'm so sorry for that judy!Your poor kid's too, I lost my mom to a horrible accident I understand your kid's feelings. Jelly is good at hitting you in them feels lol. His song pain no more is one I keep on repeat.

    • Going off grid in AZ
      Going off grid in AZ 7 months ago

      My heart goes out to you and your kids.

    • mostgrossdanger04
      mostgrossdanger04 6 months ago +2

      How are you and the Kids doing Judy.... even strangers care. Strength to you in your darkest hour.

  • bll lindsey
    bll lindsey 2 months ago

    All his music hits close to home. Keep pumping out those awesome songs!

  • Joey Sky
    Joey Sky 8 months ago +1

    Amazing song by such an amazing human being Jelly Roll.
    This song has such deep meanings. I have on and off depression that I hide from my family and my friends. I put a smile on my face and act like everything is fine on the outside but there are times were I'm became majorly depressed.
    Thank you Jelly Roll your songs have helped me get through this crazy rollercoaster we call life

  • Benji Julian
    Benji Julian 6 months ago +6

    You have a big heart I admire what u put into ur music true love glad to hear the truth put into a song God bless u

  • Tina Mcdonald
    Tina Mcdonald 2 months ago +1

    All I can say is this really hits home I have been listening to all your songs and man I am sitting here balling my eye's in a good way though I have sober now for 5 yrs so yeah love your song's

  • Rachel Laurent
    Rachel Laurent 11 months ago

    I must've been living under a rock. How is it this long that I've just heard him?!! Very talented. Voice, music that's actually good. Congrats!

  • Midwest Native
    Midwest Native 3 years ago +16

    NO WORDS CAN DESCRIBE WHAT I JUST HEARD!!!!!!! THANK YOU Mr. Deford for just being you.
    That "better man than I was" reference is epic.
    Me: face full of tears.
    Lost my grandpa a few years back to terminal brain cancer. He chose for us to keep him at home and take care of him til he passed. He ain't hurtin no more tho, streets of gold now.

  • Brian Fox87
    Brian Fox87 Month ago +1

    Love your music never thought jelly roll would be a superstar, keep telling it how it is Bubba

  • jayme carlson
    jayme carlson Year ago +3

    jelly you the man ! I'm glad you getting the shine you deserve brother. Canada 🇨🇦 loves ya

  • Stefolou♡
    Stefolou♡ Year ago +3

    This particular track. I can feel to the bone. Whenever I do feel like there is almost nothing left at all I listen to this and watch the clip to help me remember that all walks of life can feel like this, too. As jelly roll said above.
    Whenever I go back to this, it just has more meaning. It never gets old.
    That high pitched ringing at the end before the cop ends his life just seems so scarily familiar in those times you honestly feel like it's too late. What do I have left in this life and for how long until there is honestly nothing left at all.