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iPhone 12 Pro Durability Test - Is 'Ceramic Shield' Scratchproof?!


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  • Hussain Ayaz
    Hussain Ayaz 2 years ago +2508

    Let's accept it. We all were here to listen Zack Saying "Scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7"

  • 129_Soham Biswas
    129_Soham Biswas Year ago +2748

    When he said "it's always exciting to find out what's gonna disappear next" 😂😂😂😂😂

    • JF the absolute Kennedy
      JF the absolute Kennedy 2 months ago +2

      well, the support of physical simcards

    • Sean Emmett
      Sean Emmett Year ago +1

      😂🤣😂🤣 Did you hear him “We’ll have to see what the look like “FOREALZEZZ”!!!!!

    • Mentor Zariqi
      Mentor Zariqi Year ago

      Apparently nothing

    • Gold
      Gold Year ago

      The iPhone is next😂 you would have to buy it without the box

    • Gan Jia Sheng
      Gan Jia Sheng Year ago

      The way he tares that thing...

  • Voca- Chan
    Voca- Chan 8 months ago +22

    That sound of the screen protector breaking was interesting. I didn't know tempered glass could make bass noises.

  • Stabbify
    Stabbify Year ago +38

    This is the first durability test I’ve ever watched, and the scratchers messing with the screen and the cutter messing with the frame while making those sounds traumatize me.

  • Top Dollar Mobile
    Top Dollar Mobile Year ago +999

    Bro that scratching noise when he scratches the sides of the phone sends more shivers down my spine than when I'm going for a dental appointment.

    • Naman Sharma
      Naman Sharma 2 months ago

      That hurts my braincells

    • Dlrss1v2
      Dlrss1v2 10 months ago

      not a single song i've listened to gave me this much goosebumps lol

    • Amino Acid
      Amino Acid Year ago

      @Txrminxted 😂😂😂😂😂😂 LMFAO

    • Txrminxted
      Txrminxted Year ago +2

      When I hear It makes me want to hug my Iphone 13 pro tight as i can.

    • Nils.tv
      Nils.tv Year ago +1


  • Aryan Gupta
    Aryan Gupta 2 years ago +14410

    The whole world was just waiting for this video. People had many questions about its durability

    • Shadow Wolf
      Shadow Wolf Year ago

      That’s true

    • Electric TV Channel
      Electric TV Channel Year ago

      He should include the drop test coz we’re dropping thing in our entire life including grades.

    • expressrobkill
      expressrobkill Year ago

      Well its pretty damn good, to bad it doesn’t come with a charger and i think i’ll wait for the next one or maybe a few more.

    • TheSilentReviewer
      TheSilentReviewer Year ago

      i've also made a video about the iPhone 12 Pro , it would be great if you could leave some feedback! I'm just starting out :)

    • James Linn
      James Linn 2 years ago

      I like how jerry thought he was serious

  • Scruff
    Scruff Year ago +3

    I do have to say the lv6 scratches are less intense then on some other phones ngl after watching this and few other videos I actually dove in and upgraded to a 12 pro max from an iPhone 6 ...... honestly I’m in love 🥰

  • That's Insane
    That's Insane Year ago +477

    8:47 he never fails to make me laugh

    • Faadhilah khansa t.
      Faadhilah khansa t. Year ago

      @JimJamJon flagship android never do that

    • Andrei A
      Andrei A Year ago

      @Mahir Shahriar the funny thing is that apple is actually planning that for the iPhone 14

    • JimJamJon
      JimJamJon Year ago +2

      Funny thing is is that’s what all Android’s are called yet Apple kept their simple naming and didn’t stick “5G” at the end

    • Mahir Shahriar
      Mahir Shahriar Year ago +16

      @ThatGuyFromD12 Yes introducing the iPhone 13 with screen, battery sold separately and goodbye wired charging

    • ThatGuyFromD12
      ThatGuyFromD12 Year ago +35

      “no screen edition”

  • Bubbles RC Shed
    Bubbles RC Shed Year ago

    I’m ok with no charger block as I feel most people have already upgraded that from other devices they have or simply tried to upgrade for faster charging.
    No screen protector is lame but that would go against everything Apple said about it being stronger, I feel Apple was thinking it would contradict their durability marketing if they included one.

  • Maya Natasha Pirzada
    Maya Natasha Pirzada Year ago +93

    “If any small shavings get sucked up if can shred the speakers”
    *proceeds to wipe of the shavings in the direction of the speakers*

  • Sour
    Sour 2 years ago +1336

    This guy’s voice should be an option to digital assistants everywhere!

    • meechell
      meechell 4 months ago

      @Indominus Rex I read that right as he said it.

    • Jovrien Jon
      Jovrien Jon 7 months ago

      I WANT HIM ON SIRI to replace the American Voice number 5!

    • Cassandra Stewart
      Cassandra Stewart 2 years ago

      I know!

    • Krogen
      Krogen 2 years ago

      We need to petition google to have jerryrigeverything come in and make a voice profile for it

    • Indominus Rex
      Indominus Rex 2 years ago +1

      @Game Feed well I didnt say from what year the car was

  • Sranker
    Sranker Year ago +31

    You know the death timer for the smartphone starts when Jerry puts a sticker on its screen and starts writing numbers

  • John Robson
    John Robson Year ago +1

    That's a shame it only runs iOS. I'm very impressed with how good this phone is designed. Of course if iPhone 12 were running android, the 2,800 mAh battery would fair similar to the Pixel 4, a disaster embarrassment to the software company's reputation leading customers on to assume their software would share similar performance as iPhone. As soon as iPhone has the app selection and compatibility with Windows, I'll be switching.

    • Astorete
      Astorete Year ago

      It is compatible with windows. I’m not sure what you mean by app selection. You can certainly select apps on ios.

  • roger bakhuijsen
    roger bakhuijsen Year ago +1

    Hello Jerry, could you make an episode about the clearplex screenprotector vs glass screenprotector? Which is better for your phone to protect?

  • Whitney Hansen
    Whitney Hansen Year ago

    Got my 12 less than a month ago, haven’t dropped it or done anything that would cause concern and yet I noticed scratches on the front glass today. Seems to be from simply coming in contact with things, like keys, in my purse and running belt.

    • Lordium
      Lordium Year ago

      Yeah, same with every phone. It still scratches somehow.

  • Car Obsessed Guy
    Car Obsessed Guy 2 years ago +2857

    Jerry: "iPhone 13 Pro Max Ultra Plus 6G No Screen Edition"
    Apple: write that down WRITE THAT DOWN

    • sunny
      sunny Year ago

      @Giga Chad what r u selling?

    • Kris Varas
      Kris Varas Year ago

      same old meme template

    • AJF
      AJF Year ago

      @D K Also, speaker, microphone and camera sold separately 😂💔

    • رودي المثلي المريح
    • TheSilentReviewer
      TheSilentReviewer Year ago +1

      i've also made a video about the iPhone 12 Pro , it would be great if you could leave some feedback! I'm just starting out :)

  • Papaco
    Papaco Year ago +3

    Watching in my 12 pro. Love the stainless steel premium feel. Worth it

    • XATECK
      XATECK 9 months ago

      Me too

    • Papaco
      Papaco Year ago

      @zock me top! Extremely gorgeous. I’m loving it

    • zock
      zock Year ago +1

      What color you got? I got pacific blue

  • eghefhbge
    eghefhbge Year ago +1

    Imagine being an iPhone 12 Pro, being excited to meet your new owner, and the face you see is JerryRigEverything.

  • G.J .P
    G.J .P Year ago

    I am surprised at how tuff the 12 pro max is. Feels solid build. Thanks man. ✌🏼

  • Calvin Prior
    Calvin Prior Year ago

    I'm going to try this on my new iPhone 13 Pro max, been saving up just to experience the feeling of scratching it up, wish me luck. If it goes wrong I'll just put it on the market for £800 as Apple holds it's value..
    Actually, I think I'll go for the S21 Ultra, might throw it off a six story building to test how good the camera is and then put it through the incinerator, see how that baby handles the heat. If it still works, at least I know it has good thermals and I can play candy crush for 16 hours a day.

  • Ryanzz
    Ryanzz 2 years ago +442

    I like how every other creator when reviewing the iPhone say “you will see the durability test when Jerry uploads it” 😂

    • MJ3193
      MJ3193 2 years ago +2

      In one of his older videos he explains this. I think its the one where he exterminates rats. Anyways so his grandfather was really crafty and he could "rig" stuff. But I'm sure it also has something to do with the phrase jerry rig

    • The Fart King
      The Fart King 2 years ago

      @Jillian fart

    • Jillian
      Jillian 2 years ago +4

      @Muhammad Vika well it’s called that because of the phrase “jerry rig”
      but he doesn’t mind being called jerry bc it was his grandfather’s name

    • Muhammad Vika
      Muhammad Vika 2 years ago

      @MJ3193 so thats why his channel is called jerryrigeverything

    • MJ3193
      MJ3193 2 years ago +9

      Yep but his name is Zack
      His grandfather was Jerry

  • jimmy walden16
    jimmy walden16 11 months ago

    I love my 12 pro max but honestly it would be nice to get a charging brick and either a headphone adapter or the headphones with a lighting connector

  • hotwaterbottles
    hotwaterbottles Year ago +4

    This man is the only person you will hear to ever say “notice how the razorblade makes a different sound on the smooth glass vs the textured glass on my $2000 phone”

  • Ferricity.
    Ferricity. Year ago

    Hope apple engineers watch this and they literally base their phone design of Jerry's tests..
    A glass that never scratch on level 6 and have deeper groove on level 7..
    A fully colored steeled frame so it won't damage when his cutter is in it..
    Non bendable .. Jerry would be mind blown and his viewers as welll

  • itz_lexiii_
    itz_lexiii_ 29 days ago

    Maybe it's just because im an apple person but I didn't mind the charger leaving the box. Normally they give you a 5W charger and the new MagSafe can actually fast charge if you use a 20W block which would not normally come bundled. I believe the main reason the removed the block is because people like me do have charging blocks from previous devices I've purchased so it would just become a pile of E-Waste, and the boxes are also smaller so a smaller carbon footprint. IMO If you are complaining about the price of a magsafe and charger block you shouldn't be buying something premium and expensive like an iPhone in the first place.

  • I Miss My Cereal ASMR
    I Miss My Cereal ASMR 2 years ago +268

    Dude I’m sure I can echo a lot of your fans in saying your one of the best you tubers out there. From how you tear things down, to helping your wife, to your overall demeanor as a kind hearted gentle person. I can tell your a good man and well deserving of all the success that your achieving. Congratulations, stay safe out there.

    • Dan
      Dan 2 years ago

      He’s a sell out

    • Stop Media Fakery
      Stop Media Fakery 2 years ago

      Yeah, he's such a good man that once LG sent him some free TV's, he turned salty against Samsung. Must be a coincidence of course.

    • MikeDeezle22
      MikeDeezle22 2 years ago +1

      @Joe Spilzwell Volpe I was gonna say.. how can you tell this? B/C he keeps his voice very monotone and it’s soothing to your ears? He could beat his wife and kids and sacrifice kittens for all they know!

    • MikeDeezle22
      MikeDeezle22 2 years ago

      @Joe Spilzwell Volpe 😂

    • Joe Spilzwell Volpe
      Joe Spilzwell Volpe 2 years ago +1

      He's a MONSTER u have no idea...

  • Brandon
    Brandon Year ago +1

    The sound the phone makes as it shakes while he's scratching it is pretty nice

  • ??????
    ?????? Year ago

    should've done the gold color since it has a special coating that make it more scratch resistant

  • Rob Kahla
    Rob Kahla Year ago

    I could feel the pain when you had to admit the stainless steel was good, probably best in the industry. For someone who makes a living trashing Apple, that had to hurt

  • Momo UwU
    Momo UwU Year ago +1

    I have a feeling that Apple watches Jerry's phone reviews and durability tests and are constantly like, "write that down! write that down!"

  • Just Julian
    Just Julian 2 years ago +1247

    Can’t wait to hear the day: “scratches at a level 7, deeper grooves at a level 8.”

    • JayWarudo
      JayWarudo 2 years ago

      More surprising would be no scratches.... *at all*

    • Just Julian
      Just Julian 2 years ago

      @Potatopotatopotatopotatopotatopotato POTATOPOTATO I’ve seen it but I was talking about I can’t wait to hear the day an mainstream popular phone like the iPhone or a Samsung device to scratch at a level 7 and deeper grooves at a level 8.

    • Just Julian
      Just Julian 2 years ago

      @Noob master I know he’s already said this I believe it was on a sapphire screen but what I mean by my comment is it has never happened to a more ‘mainstream’ popular phone like iPhone and/or Samsung etc.

    • Just Julian
      Just Julian 2 years ago

      @The Divine Djin why never? Never say never.

    • Andrew LoBosco
      Andrew LoBosco 2 years ago

      I think the Essential phone had that

  • Dum Neptune Bacon

    Well my issue with lightning to USB-C is I cant find any 10ft cords that fit those connections so im stuck using a slower charger so I can use a 10ft cord. Since they make plenty of USB-A to lightning.

  • Gabriel Toruño Pineda
    Gabriel Toruño Pineda 11 months ago

    Hello Jerry! Merry Christmas for you and your wife!!
    Just a really weird question for you. I’ve always watched your videos here and I was wondering if you have a brand new 12 Pro Max screen? I’m trying to fix my iPhone but is out of warranty
    Well, the screen of my phone is working but the front glass is the one damaged 🙁
    Maybe you could call me crazy but I just imagine that you have a lot of replacements from your videos!
    Or maybe I can send the iPhone to you and get it fixed for a lower price! That would be magical!! 🥺
    And of course I will pay you!!

  • Michael
    Michael Year ago

    the iphone held up extremely well. the thing wasnt bending at all lol and the scratching wasnt much except for the sides. the screen and back did very good.

  • Aspyn
    Aspyn Year ago

    It’s nice how Apple gets rid of the charging block and the earphones and they make us pay more yet we still fall for it

  • Omar González
    Omar González 2 years ago +971

    How to find the magnets?
    MKBHD: Uses magnet paper
    Zack: Just throw metal shavings smh

  • Gnosis7
    Gnosis7 Year ago

    When will Apple realized that only Sapphire or Diamond is truly scratch resistant? Many watches already use sapphire and are practically scratch resistant. They could also use synthetic diamond solutions. It may cost more but they should make it available for certain models like the Pro.

  • Syoval
    Syoval Year ago

    I still have the iPhone X. The first stainless steel phone and it was definitely one built to last

  • SnoopySnoo
    SnoopySnoo Month ago

    0:23 “it’s always exciting to find out what’s going to disappear next” *proceeds to grab the sim tool*
    this man clearly saw the future

  • bintou
    bintou Year ago +25

    I don’t know why but his lighting makes the pacific blue look more beautiful 🤩

    • SathvikOP
      SathvikOP Year ago

      @PreNix lmaoo

    • PreNix
      PreNix Year ago

      @Loading… mans looking for a wife on youtube 🗿💀

    • ontop
      ontop Year ago

      @Loading… nice

    • ontop
      ontop Year ago

      @Loading… simp

    • bintou
      bintou Year ago

      @Loading… 🙃❤️

  • The Kraken
    The Kraken 2 years ago +208

    Literally everyone in this universe was waiting for Jerry to make this video.

  • Re M K
    Re M K Year ago

    If Apple:
    Improves camera to 24mp, adds another camera, adds 20w charger, adds support for 30w charger, makes screen 120hz and adds cooling to phone for iPhone 13 pro; they might be able to get a lot more customers.

  • G.G. Hochstetler
    G.G. Hochstetler Year ago

    I have the mini and I’ve dropped it on tile from a 3-4 feet a few times with no cracks. I had to exchange the screen on my last iPhone ever couple months.

  • Yair Ben Tzion Strauss

    I personally really don’t mind that they left the charging brick out

  • Jamie C 1967
    Jamie C 1967 Year ago

    Had this phone for a while now and definitely no complaints, great video as usual mate and hope to see you build more legos

  • Bisyri
    Bisyri 2 years ago +1589

    "It's always exciting to find out what's going to disappear next". LOL

    • Jonathan
      Jonathan 2 years ago

      Less is more

    • ericplays2021
      ericplays2021 2 years ago

      @Kiro_Luv if they remove the port they must include Meg safe wireless charger. I don’t mind

    • Shvsus Akabah
      Shvsus Akabah 2 years ago

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    • Nixx
      Nixx 2 years ago

      In iphone 13, you’ll just buy the box

    • Loveday Ezika
      Loveday Ezika 2 years ago

      @Shvsus Akabah very soon iphone will sale empty boxes

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Year ago +211

    When you found out you spend $1000 on a phone but no charger include:

    • R C
      R C Year ago

      @The Schwifty Man trillion dollar company>flop

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous Year ago +2

      @Drake Daraitis S21 is 800 Dollars dumbass.
      S21 Ultra is 1100 and it is a competitor to Iphone 12 pro max and that thing is also 1100.
      Research before commenting

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous Year ago +2

      @Luke VandeKieft Dont pay apple any money.
      Just buy a case and cover it up and call it a day

    • Drake Daraitis
      Drake Daraitis Year ago

      @The Schwifty Man did you watch the video? He barley damaged the phone.

    • Drake Daraitis
      Drake Daraitis Year ago +1

      @Sygneg and the S21 is $1,100. That’s more than this phone dumbass. Even this guy says they’re decently built and beautiful.

  • Ash Law
    Ash Law Year ago

    You made it sound so cool and serious that I forgot you are making joke about no screen phone. I know people who would buy that and justify Apple's logic for removing screen.

  • A_kz
    A_kz Year ago

    Apple can reduce the size of the box once in for all by including a magsafe charger in the box.

  • Gangreen
    Gangreen Year ago +25

    So much shade being thrown at apple i’m surprised it didn’t activate dark mode.

  • Mike O'Brien
    Mike O'Brien 2 years ago +773

    That metal scratching was hard to listen to

  • Shawn Hultman
    Shawn Hultman 8 months ago

    Hilarious how the dishes out the hate on Apple yet, Apple out performs Samsung 10-1 in gross sales. ROFL. Love it. Keep up the bias there Jerry. ;)

  • Kshitij Rane
    Kshitij Rane Year ago +7

    Jerry Rigs everything with his sarcasm 😂

  • Misty Blackfoot
    Misty Blackfoot Year ago

    Watching him scratch this thing was anxiety inducing!!

  • sunny
    sunny Year ago +13

    "6g with no screen edition" that's what I am talking about, we want virtual phone, never need charging or caring for damage 👍

    VISUAL LEMONADE 2 years ago +681

    Apple ; cErAmIc shield is beyond glass
    Jerry : scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7

    • Steve
      Steve 2 years ago +1

      @A. Nabih Well I’m perfectly fine with them keeping that design. When I saw the drop test in a bunch of videos I was honestly impressed.

    • Sagar Jain
      Sagar Jain 2 years ago

      @Alex Hein zack (the man in the video) with his little jerry (i hope you understand bloke). Get my point?

    • John Robert
      John Robert 2 years ago


    • Rohan Mathews
      Rohan Mathews 2 years ago

      @Steve That's because of the aluminum frame covering all 6 sides of the glass as Jerry said in this video.. not because of the glass being hard..

    • T Wang
      T Wang 2 years ago

      @VampyreCat Zack is the owner of this channel and Jerry is a short for this channel, that makes sense to most people

  • Jango Beast
    Jango Beast Year ago +47

    "I also like the texture on the back" his brain meanwhile "let's scratch this phone to death"

    • Anand Singh
      Anand Singh Year ago

      Hahahahahah Exactly what he did :D

  • AxelSoSauve
    AxelSoSauve Year ago +6

    That’s cool and all but today I was in a car accident and then when I waited and sat in the back of the squad car my phone was in my back pocket (12 pro max pacific blue) the entire back of the phone shattered, the seat was made of plastic so clearly not durable 😂😂

    • Lordium
      Lordium Year ago

      Only the screen has ceramic glass, the back remained the same.

    • Austin S.
      Austin S. Year ago +2

      @Jim The thing what language are you attempting to communicate in?

    • Jim The thing
      Jim The thing Year ago +1

      Ok think about this plastic can still Shatter glass if throw at it hard enough

    MAKSUDUR RAHMAN Year ago +11

    "It's always exiting to find out what's gonna disappear next"
    My mind-
    "The Phone"

    TARUN KARODDEO 8 months ago +2

    He is savage in his words "iphone 13 pro max ultra Plus 6g no screen"🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Imperators 101
    Imperators 101 Year ago

    Scratching noise makes very uncomfortable but I must watch to inform myself on my next upgrade

  • Alcatraz1015
    Alcatraz1015 Year ago +3

    You just gave me a level of anxiety I didn't think a Clip-Share video could achieve. You earned a sub.

  • antiyou
    antiyou Year ago

    Okay. This is defintely my youtube channel for when it comes to picking a phone. You made me laugh super hard.
    Liked and subscribed.

  • khdhxgkcnchkxsbc
    khdhxgkcnchkxsbc 9 months ago

    Tougher glass but still breaking 😂

  • LA Kid 500
    LA Kid 500 2 years ago +1254

    “But still its better safe than sorry” then slides the shavings over the speaker 😂

    • Aiden
      Aiden 2 years ago

      @That’s Robophobic yup

    • That’s Robophobic
      That’s Robophobic 2 years ago

      @Aiden oh so others have the same opinion as me. Cool.

    • Aiden
      Aiden 2 years ago

      @That’s Robophobic refer to what I explained to the other guy pal

    • LA Kid 500
      LA Kid 500 2 years ago +1

      Jesus why this blew up 😂

    • That’s Robophobic
      That’s Robophobic 2 years ago +2

      @Aiden Then y did u comment on it.. you really don’t have to be jealous because a comment got like 1k likes :)

  • Mach III
    Mach III Year ago

    Calm voice, subtle callout posts summarized into a simple clause, and pure professional destruction testing of an expensive product with little to no bias on failure points.
    I think I'm catching corona or I'm laughing so hard I can't breathe.

  • Mian Sarmad Fayaz - MSF

    The way he said
    ”I’ll wait for next year’s Iphone 13 pro max ultra plus 6G with no screen addition” 😂

  • Burnt Ham
    Burnt Ham Year ago +4

    I love how he teases the phone before torturing it

  • Blaze Cummer
    Blaze Cummer Year ago

    It's always comforting to see something beautiful destroyed.

  • Dr. Arun Mangalath
    Dr. Arun Mangalath 2 years ago +262

    I am sure some apple engineers have high fived when Zach said "I'm impressed"

    • dheeru
      dheeru 2 years ago +1

      @Nathan yes that what I meant

    • Nathan
      Nathan 2 years ago

      @dheeru. Not that the sides are protruding though to protect the glass but flat

    • dheeru
      dheeru 2 years ago +5

      @Ronaldo Vera you need to understand they didn’t say 4x stronger, they said 4x better drop performance. That means like this dude in the video said, the glass is covered on all 5 sides by the body of the phone, so it’s more of a probability than actual strength. Apple marketing is smart, you have to accept that 😂

    • Ronaldo Vera
      Ronaldo Vera 2 years ago +2

      They did a force meter test, and the ceramic shield is only 1.26x stronger not 4x

  • Naresh Khadgi
    Naresh Khadgi Year ago

    Hey Jerry, thanks for uploading awesome videos. We want MacBook teardown as well.

  • DiY o wHy
    DiY o wHy 6 months ago

    I noticed the way u scratched 2 to 5 the tool slightly slant and when its in6 and 7 the way you hold the tool is upright straight so it will scrath the glass.nxt time scratch it in same position upright straight all over the phone.

  • Brendan McCann
    Brendan McCann Month ago

    Have had Apple apply first the Belkin and then the OtterBox screen protectors to my 14 Pro Max, within days they have bubbles forming at the edges. I don’t know why none of them can stay adhered. Any tips? I gave up on the screen protectors and already have loads of scratches, it’s only been a week, and I have no clue how they’ve gotten there, I haven’t even left the house. Ugh.

  • PewDieePiee
    PewDieePiee Year ago +1

    Honestly after the test its still super usable

  • red
    red 2 years ago +2126

    “An Apple a year makes your money disappear”.

    • ajc
      ajc Year ago

      @An Unknown Person If you want to be like that, Samsung ripped the idea of touchscreen mobile phones in the first place. Apple pioneered the new generation of smartphones so if you want to talk about taking ideas from other companies you can perhaps do your research.

    • TheSilentReviewer
      TheSilentReviewer Year ago

      i've also made a video about the iPhone 12 Pro , it would be great if you could leave some feedback! I'm just starting out :)

    • davidcone 2
      davidcone 2 Year ago

      Im the 69th

    • davidcone 2
      davidcone 2 Year ago


    • davidcone 2
      davidcone 2 Year ago


  • Manny Cano
    Manny Cano Year ago

    It's crazy to just watch him just scratch that phone up and tinker with it but I like it because marketing is always going to make you think that the phone can fly you to your own private island print money for you etc 😉👍

  • Travis Piercy
    Travis Piercy Year ago +1

    Love this new phone I am happy I upgraded.

  • 0l1v3r
    0l1v3r Year ago +8

    One day apple will think about a quote in nearly every durability test from this channel. It is still scratching at level six with deeper grooves at level seven.

  • Rick Pontificates
    Rick Pontificates Year ago +2

    I just bought my daughter this phone. When I commented that the charger was gone, the salesperson said, “Apple did that for environmental reasons.” GOOD COVER STORY! Make people PAY EXTRA to “save the environment” WINK WINK

  • Abhishek Agarwal
    Abhishek Agarwal 2 years ago +1269

    “With deeper grooves at level 7” the world was waiting to listen this!

  • VidTmaR
    VidTmaR Year ago +1

    0:08 nothing is more satisfying then hearing plastic getting unwrapped away from the box.

  • Danjls Long
    Danjls Long Year ago

    That’s why it’s always good to put a screen protector on your phone

  • Win Embedded POSReady 11

    Apple: *upgrades charger in their iPhone 11 Pro to an 18 watt one*
    People: nice! Now all flagships will have a fast charger
    Apple: um actually.....

  • Abe Dillon
    Abe Dillon 8 months ago

    Ruining credit card magnetic strips should become less of a concern as support grows for chipped cards and NFC.

  • SuperSaf
    SuperSaf 2 years ago +41920

    "iPhone 13 Pro Max Ultra Plus 6G No Screen Edition" 😂

  • Doktor ALLES
    Doktor ALLES Year ago

    In my opinion every phone should be build in a screen protector.

  • WalkDawg
    WalkDawg Year ago

    Impressive! This will be my next phone

  • Max The Dog
    Max The Dog Year ago

    Apple: makes product
    This guy: lest see how strong
    When the product is hard to damage
    Apple: we did it

  • Nates Channel
    Nates Channel Year ago

    I bought an xr from apple recently and they don’t include the charger with them either, and to make it worse they have to make the end a usb type c and literally nobody uses that kind of charging brick

    EBOLAVlRUS 2 years ago +925

    Everyone: "The iPhone 12 just dropped"
    Jerry: "I just dropped the iPhone 12"

  • Superkoopatrooper

    I was going to get an iPhone but legit what stopped me was the connector. I have an air 4 with usb c. My previous phones are USB c. I have USB chargers everywhere in my house. Most of them at least 20w fast chargers. So when I walked into t-mobile, I ended up walking out with a s21+ instead.

    ICE CREAM CLOUD Year ago

    Got my iphone 12pro two weeks ago after having 6s for 5 years I’m super happy with my purchase

  • Lord Hampton-Wick
    Lord Hampton-Wick Year ago +1

    I’ve just purchased a 12 pro max and the reason is because iOS is in my opinion a superior operating system. Also Samsung supplied the Galaxy Note 9 with a slower chip if one lives in the UK instead of the USA. So that means that if one lives in the UK one pays more for less. I have operated Galaxy Note phones side by side with iPhones for the last 8 years. Having said that I don’t necessarily think that iPhones are better than Galaxy Note phones. It’s just that I prefer Apples OS. I am definitely not an iphone fan boy, but I am not a Samsung fan boy either. One thing I can say about both of them is that they are both bloody expensive. Also they have both adopted the same bulls**t by charging more and excluding essentials, which given their reasons, don’t stack up, means their behaviour is shameful. 🤬😡🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧

  • DashyZ
    DashyZ Year ago

    wow this time apple actually made it more durable

  • 5K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge

    Jerry: "iPhone 13 Pro Max Ultra Plus 6G No Screen Edition"
    Apple: *write that down WRITE THAT DOWN*

  • SMR0M
    SMR0M Year ago

    I love my 12 pro, but I wish it came with THE 18 WATT CHARGER

  • Toby B
    Toby B Year ago

    Does anyone else think they can easily bend their 12 pro but will never try? 😂

  • LazyStayz
    LazyStayz Year ago

    🧢 they give you a bigger brick charger separately(comes in it’s own box)

  • dog 123
    dog 123 Year ago +3

    My heart went in my throat when he started scratching it with the razor blade

  • Keshanth
    Keshanth 2 years ago +671

    MKBHD: Look at my fancy magnet paper!
    JERRY: Here's a few metal shavings 😂