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How to build a really SOLID shed


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  • Funny man
    Funny man Year ago +590

    This man is like the Science teacher everyone wanted at school

    • Crabb Cake
      Crabb Cake 2 months ago

      not really. Anything but science - he lacks the understanding of physics and engineering its not structurally sound/built to code. Its built in a superficial way and can collapse.

    • Von Darkmoor
      Von Darkmoor 9 months ago


    • KingChillWill55
      KingChillWill55 10 months ago


    • Ben Franklin
      Ben Franklin Year ago


    • PA1
      PA1 Year ago

      I didn't understand your message btw because English isint my first language

  • Cody Smith
    Cody Smith Year ago +891

    In 2021 with lumber prices as they are, that shed costs the same as the bunker

    • karsten missot
      karsten missot 5 months ago

      2 bunkers in 22

    • v12345vtm
      v12345vtm 6 months ago

      Now putin messes up

    • blödesau69
      blödesau69 8 months ago

      sad but true

    • Dan Gleebles
      Dan Gleebles 9 months ago

      @Stephen 1 Supply shortage. Many of the ships bringing it in were held offshore due to covid.

    • jessedanielryder
      jessedanielryder 10 months ago

      @Samuel Piekarek except they were $3 like 10 years ago. In 2019 they were $6 dropped to $3 in march 2020 and came back up to $6

  • MKDy
    MKDy Year ago +118

    Every so often I come across a video that just makes me happy , this is one of the rare ones. A happy guy builds a shed wearing a shirt and tie! What’s not to like? Off to the bunker now!

  • Kyle Keenan
    Kyle Keenan 2 years ago +25

    I actually discovered this channel because I wanted to build a shed in my garden and found this! So thanks Colin!

    • Kyle Keenan
      Kyle Keenan 2 years ago +2

      @R M if only haha!

    • R M
      R M 2 years ago +3

      Now you decided that what you really need is a underground bunker and to have the misses pleased you take her on holiday while they make the bunker. When you come back you hhave your shed and your misses never finds out that you have a mancave underneath your shed.

  • nbamtx
    nbamtx 6 years ago +34

    I love how Colin can even make building a shed extremely entertaining

  • Jezz
    Jezz 2 years ago +17

    You make building own shed look so easy 👍🏽Im taking forever to just flatten ground to put slabs down

    • Carlin Durfee
      Carlin Durfee 4 months ago +1

      It’s all editing and man power

    • samdub
      samdub 8 months ago +1

      Same 😂

    • Tommy Chappell
      Tommy Chappell 9 months ago +2

      Ohhhhh mateee.. I've been there... I had to level while garden just to put a bloomin base on it.. with pieces of wood on top of the base..

  • Sam Peers
    Sam Peers Year ago +4

    Watched this a million times. Building my own shed soon and this is great inspiration. Nice one Colin 👍🏻

    • Paul May
      Paul May Year ago

      Have to agree, I'll be following the steps on this build, beats B&Who

  • Mr Sausage
    Mr Sausage 2 years ago +4

    Love this channel! Keep up the good work Colin and team!

  • Hugh Tierney Tierney
    Hugh Tierney Tierney 2 years ago +21

    An important point about building a shed in a country with as much rain as England (where I live). Make provision for a gutter along the sides as otherwise the walls will rot quickly at the bottom where all the water runs off the roof. The polythene backing to the feather edge boards will speed up that process of rotting as the boards will not dry out readily. If you use polythene then you should nail the feather edge to vertical battens to create an air gap. This cost very little extra.

    • Greb321
      Greb321 8 months ago +2

      @Phil Butcher Not to mention that he used 2×3 for the roof...... that's under engineered for a shingle roof, let alone slate....

    • Phil Butcher
      Phil Butcher 9 months ago +6

      There are so many issues with the way he did this, I think it best to just advise people to research elsewhere. They literally threw money away and wasted time (lead tucked underneath the slate? Plastic sheet against wood? No air gap? The whole weight of a slate and lead roof on a single timber over a wide door cavity? Huge gaps around expensive insulaton?). This is considered entertainment for some people, but please don't think it is good building advice - I'd hate to see people with less resources waste them.

  • John Neal
    John Neal 2 years ago +11

    I used this design for my shed. All the neighbours have complimented me on it and are envious :) Thanks Colin!

    • Ralph Nathaniel W. Paguio
      Ralph Nathaniel W. Paguio 2 years ago +1

      @karpetcabin from the materials and the expensive roofing option, I can estimate 1300 USD

    • karpetcabin
      karpetcabin 2 years ago +1

      How much did you spend on it?

  • Sam Peers
    Sam Peers 2 years ago +5

    Building my own 6x3m shed/workshop soon, using this as great inspiration. Nice one Colin👍🏻

  • Alias Skip Stevens
    Alias Skip Stevens Year ago +15

    When I'm sad or depressed, I watch Colin. His humor, energy, and cool tunes motivate me to get on with it. Thanks, bro'.

  • Fruit Gums
    Fruit Gums Year ago +1

    You may still have come under budget if you had of used OSB board instead of premium grade marine ply.
    The DPM used should have been a breathable membrane, as you did not batten it out to create a 15 to 25mm void the DPM will attract moisture and eventually rot your timbers but you should still get 10 to 15 years out of it.
    Also if you had of... Nah I'm just nit-picking :) Great video for any DIYer wanting to try his hand at building a shed.

  • AlabamaTree
    AlabamaTree 2 years ago +1

    Great looking shed and great video. I’m planning something similar. What did you do for the base ? Did you lay a concrete slab to work on or is that just the top of the bunker? If it’s a concrete slab how thick did you lay it? Cheers ,
    A.T 🤓

  • ToiletMorphGaming
    ToiletMorphGaming 2 years ago +2

    You made this look so easy, I'd love to do this

  • Gareth Bartlett
    Gareth Bartlett 2 years ago +1

    I enjoyed seeing the finished shed it looks real quality. You made it look too easy, great job.

  • Hugo Stiglitz
    Hugo Stiglitz 2 years ago +16

    Brilliant shed, imagine if the shed was on rails and it moved to reveal the bunker, Thunderbirds style!

  • TD Smith
    TD Smith 3 years ago +10

    Must be nice to know you could always fall back to doing DIY videos and take over the industry (no offense intended I know you can and are doing much more). Seriously, this is one of the best shed building videos I've ever seen. This is textbook content updated for a modern audience rather than the current offerings that resemble a TV show shoehorned into a digital platform, IMO. Really well done. Great use of the medium to your advantage which, I think, is the key reason your ceiling is so high. Thanks for providing such great content.

  • Steve Wright
    Steve Wright Year ago +2

    Great job, just one thing lets this down. I could be in there in under 10 seconds without a key for the padlock, you need at least one bolt through each section of the T hinges, and the same for the padbolt, saying that though, I'd throw the padbolt away and try and get a deadlock on there, the part where the padlock goes can easily be knocked off with a hammer, but just 2 screws are holding the keeper on, removing those will give anyone access, this is why so many garden shed gets broken into, owners don't realise how vulnerable their garden tackle is.

    • Caleb Fuller
      Caleb Fuller Year ago

      Of course, anyone who breaks in gets to deal with Colin bursting out of the secret bunker armed with Wolverine claws and a flame throwing guitar!

    • Lydia Anderson
      Lydia Anderson Year ago

      @Hello Steve Wright, How are you doing?

  • Matthew Thornton
    Matthew Thornton Year ago +5

    Very cool. Curious how the weight of that roof has done over time. I didn't see any jack studs or header over the door. Cheers mate.

  • Build It Simple
    Build It Simple 2 years ago

    I have it in the works to build a really solid shed. You gave me a lot of ideas.
    Good work and thanks for the video.

  • Richard Amos
    Richard Amos 9 months ago

    Hello Colin everything you do is brilliant,keep up the good work. I’ve worked in the building trade all my life ,straight from school and have many life threatening moment’s,now 66 wish I had your safety tie to look after me 👍🌞🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿😀🔨👍

  • FreshCoffeeParts
    FreshCoffeeParts 5 years ago +25

    This is actually a very informative video showing some really neat techniques and shortcuts for build a shed from scratch.

    • FreshCoffeeParts
      FreshCoffeeParts 5 years ago +3

      I don't want to know what those manikin legs are doing there in the background.

  • Robin Forrest
    Robin Forrest Year ago +125

    "It's raining but it's England. So let's get on with it"
    My French friends when planning a day will say "what do we do if it rains?"
    I invariably reply "We get wet, so what ? Are you made of sugar?"

    • someone
      someone Year ago

      Nēesi no cukura taču

  • M. Taylor
    M. Taylor 3 years ago +140

    Can't help but imagine what it must be like to be Colin's kid, it must be like having some kind of Wizard for a dad.

    • Dalila Manna
      Dalila Manna Year ago

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    • R. A.
      R. A. Year ago

      Best comment lol

    • The Dusty Shed
      The Dusty Shed Year ago +3

      He's going to be brilliant. He's also going to grow up and find the majority of people are useless.

    • Sir Stan
      Sir Stan 2 years ago +1

      His lord wizard king

    • TAMMY Sanders
      TAMMY Sanders 2 years ago

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  • Book Worm
    Book Worm 2 years ago

    What size timber do you use for the door trim (architrave) and frame?
    I like the centre post in the middle of the walls incidentally meaning you can use the much more available 1.8m lengths of featheredge rather than having to source longer stuff.

  • Gav T
    Gav T Year ago

    Do you have any concerns for damp gathering between the plastic liner and the ply underneath? Is this an issue at all ? Anyone know?

    BOODRO 3 years ago

    Beautifully done!

  • dave campbell
    dave campbell Year ago

    Hi mate. I based my shed on the one you built over the bunker. What did you use to treat the outside of the shed? It looks great.

  • I like my own comments
    I like my own comments 2 years ago +2065

    Day 12 in isolation, just watched a guy build a shed, I don't even have a garden.

    • Fuscous
      Fuscous Year ago

      I don't even have a house. I live in an apartment.

    • Dominic Homm
      Dominic Homm Year ago

      Day 493 here

    • --
      -- Year ago

      Ah like me :)

    • v1nce brtitish
      v1nce brtitish Year ago

      Same here

    • Alexandra Benitez
      Alexandra Benitez Year ago

      Nice video content! Apologies for butting in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you tried - Mahorrla Wooden Paradise Method (just google it)? It is a good one off guide for building better sheds and woodworking without the headache. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my best friend Jordan finally got great success with it.

  • TheLoOPerMAN
    TheLoOPerMAN 2 years ago

    Very informative video, I will like to use this as guide to build my shed altough there are alot of things you need to consider not showing which are important such as not mentioning the importance of leaving a gap when building the door, ect'.

  • tvsinesperanto
    tvsinesperanto Year ago

    I think slate will prove to be a mistake in the end. I have a slate roof on my house and it's horrible. It leaks, it drops black dust everywhere, it chips and cracks. It's pretty horrible.
    Might have been the best stuff around 200 years ago but there are much better alternatives now.
    Does look pretty damn smicko though.

  • Mark Hanoi
    Mark Hanoi Year ago

    I would have doubled up the horizontal top of the frame, which are carrying the roof. Other then this, great build!

  • Tommy Murphy
    Tommy Murphy 2 years ago +5

    The lead strips will crack as they are too long, should be shorter and overlap for expansion and contraction. Everything else looks top notch though

    • herzwam
      herzwam Year ago +1

      How do you fix the lead on top of the roof?

  • P mb
    P mb Year ago +1

    Bloody good shed , spent weeks looking for one for my daughter, my diy knowledge and skills to produce something like this would mean it would take weeks and a fair bit of wasted material. However the off the shelf ones are absolute crap in comparison .

  • Naanbread steve
    Naanbread steve 5 years ago +155

    That shed is epic,well done 😊

  • John kearns
    John kearns 6 months ago

    Brilliant job love the added slate on the roof that should really be a stranded on all sheds

  • paul davison
    paul davison 2 years ago +8

    Taking inspiration and planning a build but one question. Should the membrane on the walls be a breathable one. Is polythene not going trap the moisture in

    • BushWookie Alpha
      BushWookie Alpha Year ago +1

      I did a similar one with vis-screen for max rain resistance but applied it horizontally so I could put a lap gap near the top.
      4 years and not a patch of dampness on the inside of the structure.

  • Joe
    Joe Year ago

    What was the total cost of materials for your shed, Colin? I recently started watching your videos and loved that they were funny, educational, and clean. My kids love the beach hut. Thanks for another source of fantastic entertainment.

    • Candace Potter
      Candace Potter Year ago

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  • Julian Alcock
    Julian Alcock 2 years ago +2

    Colin, how is the lead strip on the ridge attached to the roof? Thank you for this video. I am going to do exactly this, except that the door will not be in a gable end because I want to have a work bench running the length of the shed. There will be two windows in the gable end so that light falls on the work bench. Other than that I will follow your design. Were the fence posts 3" or 4"? I have always thought that the usual felt roofs are not up to the job, so I will be using slate too. thanks

    • Julian Alcock
      Julian Alcock Year ago

      @BloopTube Thanks for the reply. The shed is built (thank heavens before all the materials rose in price), following the design in the video quite closely. I decided not to nail the ridge strip of lead down because I didn't want to puncture the roofing tiles underneath. It hasn't blown off yet! Because of the 12 degree slope on my roof, I used rubber tiles made from recycled black plastic bin bags. I also installed a small gauge gutters and downpipes leading to a soak away. I installed Rhinovent under the tiles and behind the feather edged strips. Thanks again for giving me the inspiration to do this

  • Sig Guy
    Sig Guy 5 years ago +156

    Buddy, nice work! However, a store-bought shed would A) NEVER be that nice, B) would cost 2-3x that much if it WERE to be that nice, and C) would not be something as cool to be proud of. Well done!! Gave me ideas for the one I want to put in my backyard. Yeah!!

    • Bas Hartman
      Bas Hartman 4 years ago

      Vokma Auopll whenever I read spam comments I vomit

    • d s
      d s 4 years ago

      Excellent Video! Excuse me for chiming in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you considered - Mahorrla Wooden Paradise Method (google it)? It is a good one of a kind guide for building better sheds and woodworking without the normal expense. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my cousin at very last got excellent success with it.

  • Dinesh Sinhal
    Dinesh Sinhal 3 months ago

    Hi Colin, do you have a project sheet for your shed build? Size of timber, types of timber, angles cuts etc?

  • PMG
    PMG 8 months ago

    Great stuff, would also like to know how you did the floor.

  • Macgyverjr
    Macgyverjr 2 years ago +1

    Colin, i wish i has a friend like you. I love your videos man !

  • robert soza
    robert soza 2 years ago

    What machine did you use to bend the square tubing? What size was the tubing?

  • Murray Ball
    Murray Ball Year ago

    That's the problem with Colin - he makes everything look perfect and makes it look so easy!! I love that shed.

  • mark duneclift
    mark duneclift 2 years ago

    Without a doubt the best uk shed video on you tube, wish I'd seen it before building mine, the 100mm fence post corners are the work of a genius.

  • Galerak
    Galerak 2 years ago

    While this shed has obviously stood the test of time, I was a little concerned by the fact that the whole thing is only anchored to however many bricks the frame was screwed down to. Unless those fixing screws went through the brick and into the concrete (and they didn't really look long enough for that) then the whole shed's rigidity is based on the amount of mortar between the anchor bricks and the concrete base.
    I'll admit that the amount of weight in this build will probably hold it down through a tornado but come on, there's right ways to do things ;o)

    • bryonysays
      bryonysays 10 months ago

      Sheds are not generally screwed down in the UK. They aren't going to get blown away here.

  • Dyllan M
    Dyllan M 2 years ago

    Does anyone know how well a shed like this would hold up against 60-70 mph winds? Here in the South, we have some bad storms, and really don't want to have to worry about replacing it, and the stuff inside it.

  • Jim Dangleslang
    Jim Dangleslang 2 years ago

    Interesting to see how people in other countries build things.👍

  • Lee Etchells
    Lee Etchells 2 years ago

    That king span polyurethane insulation is very good for retaining heat but has no sound insulation properties.
    If you want sound insulation use a dense fibreglass or similar.

  • spamviking
    spamviking 2 years ago +6

    I'd love to build my own shed, but I'm in a rental, and even if I owned this place Colin's shed has a larger area than my entire excuse for a yard.

    • Aaron Vallejo
      Aaron Vallejo 2 years ago

      Slowly build a mini house on a trailer you can take with you: high insulation, roof top solar pv

  • tea&cake
    tea&cake 2 years ago +3

    How was the lead on the apex attached? Really inspired by this magnificent shed!

    • David Williams
      David Williams 10 months ago

      I came into comments looking for an answer to this. Did you find out elsewhere how to attach?

  • Tracy Nish
    Tracy Nish 2 years ago

    Love this guys he’s obviously got bags of energy and he’s definitely talented people. 💥

  • John Limrick
    John Limrick 2 years ago +2

    Love the jig for lining up the weatherboards. Nice one Colin.

  • Callum b
    Callum b 8 months ago

    2:30 Colin is such a machine that when he hand saws something it sounds like a circular saw

  • manofweed1
    manofweed1 2 years ago

    An almost perfect shed, except I'd have battened the roof first to accept the slates. But still a wonderful shed and like he says, much, much better than a premade one.

  • DumpsterJedi
    DumpsterJedi 6 years ago +46

    How strange, Colin furze building something practical that can actually be helpful for a lot of people, instead of something ridiculous and spectacular.

    • Tribunal Custodian
      Tribunal Custodian 6 years ago +4

      +JacksonNomad Yea, I can think of a ton of uses for a firework rocket launcher

    • E Blackadder
      E Blackadder 6 years ago +11

      I don't know what you're talking about, all his builds are useful. A pulse jet has numerous household applications.

    • Stranger
      Stranger 6 years ago +3

      Its not exactly secret when million of people know about it.

  • Joachim Marke
    Joachim Marke Year ago

    Quite solid. Copper as alternative to the lead might be a thought

  • Michael Balsley
    Michael Balsley 2 years ago

    Do you have a video on putting together your fence? Love the look.

  • venemous gaming
    venemous gaming 2 years ago +5

    Its so satisfying when the two put the things in the perfect shape

  • Fishy tank
    Fishy tank 2 years ago +1

    He never would’ve known he would actually need the bunker 3 years later, such a great place to self isolate

  • Growth Curve Marketing

    Brilliant! Did you leave the soffits open with some sort of mesh?

  • Mark Lowe
    Mark Lowe 2 years ago

    Timber shed looks much better too. What a great design.

  • fill in the lines ___
    fill in the lines ___ 2 years ago +4

    rewatching this for when i get a garden. Still amazing 👏

  • Stuart Chapman
    Stuart Chapman 2 years ago

    Everyone appreciates a decent Garden Shed and this one is Proper!!!

  • Beth Hildick-Smith
    Beth Hildick-Smith 2 years ago

    Can you supply the measurements and materials needed to build your shed?

  • Chris Lee - UK
    Chris Lee - UK 9 months ago

    Colin, your shed is stronger than some bunkers I've seen hahah, nice job!

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent Year ago +4

    When I build a shed this will be my inspiration, cheers mr Furze!

  • Denton Fender
    Denton Fender 2 years ago +3

    That shed will last a long time even in England with its wet climate compared to California where I live. Our sheds aren't even close to the quality that shed has especially its roof. I built one on the rainy side of the big Island of Hawaii, and used all marine studs, and plywood, but only used inexpensive corrugated metal roofing. That roofing material wood have made it look way better.

    • Semantic Samuel
      Semantic Samuel 2 years ago

      You can buy cheap and nasty sheds in the UK too. Always a false economy though in my view. There's no substitute for proper construction. Always better to build it yourself, if nothing else for peace of mind that it is actually sturdy and all the wood has been treated properly.

  • Heartless Boy
    Heartless Boy 2 years ago

    That's very cool. I'm very confident that I could build that.

  • blutey
    blutey 2 years ago

    These building skills are skills I wish I had.

  • Skylarius
    Skylarius 2 years ago

    this looks like a solid shed... You made it look so easy to build

  • deana sophia
    deana sophia 9 months ago

    we built a patio and gravelled yesterday in the rain / cold on and off, it looks perfect

    GPOTOM 3 years ago +14

    This was the inspiration for the large and very solid shed I built this summer. I used treated 4x2s for the frame and went for a polycarbonate roof so there's plenty of light inside. I then installed a large Lister generator which powers the adjoining garage and probably, in time, the house. The shed floor is 6" thick reinforced concrete to cope with the weight of the generator and insulation in the walls reduces the noise.

    • Tim Tim
      Tim Tim 21 day ago

      I’m building a shed/workshop using polycarbonate roof as well only problem is condensation on underside however I’m still building & their gaps not finished yet I’m hoping condensation goes away after I finish, putting polystyrene insulation in walls if any one has any suggestions to this issue please advise, maybe time of year & plus side it’s not dripping!

    • Winjin
      Winjin 8 months ago +1

      @Henry Wright thanks a lot for clearing this up, I was confused a bit!

    • Henry Wright
      Henry Wright 8 months ago +1

      @Winjin No, I think they are referring to the UK company, Lister Petter, which makes engines for generators, pumps, etc.

    • Winjin
      Winjin Year ago

      Do you mean like the Lister magnetic generator? The shady story one? I couldn't find any proper info on it, only, like, Facebook sensationalist talks.

  • RicktheRecorder
    RicktheRecorder 2 years ago

    Always amusing and inspiring but screwing slates to a flat surface without battens is asking for condensation and ice damage problems. No soakers at gable ends means rain will pour under slates there, the headlap for such a shallow pitch looked very questionable, and the lead ridge appeared to be unclipped so will blow off in high winds.

  • Osian Willy
    Osian Willy 2 years ago +141

    Estate agent-“so the house comes with 3 bedrooms,2 bathrooms,1 living room, a solid shed and an underground apocalyptic bunker”

    • Toby Marshall
      Toby Marshall Year ago +1

      In addition to that , the estate contains a secret underground tunnel network

    • Robert Nichols
      Robert Nichols Year ago +3

      There will also be a tunnel running from the house to the garage, to the shed, and underground bunker.

    • Endey
      Endey Year ago +5

      Actually it's a bunker with an attached house, believe me, I was shocked when I found out first too

    • Chu Thieu Bao
      Chu Thieu Bao 2 years ago +4

      I built a shed with these plans from Ryan [ Details Here?> *WoodBlueprints. Com* ] . The instructions were clear and easy to implement. Even a novice can be able to build fast using this plan. I'm happy I bought the plan. It also saved me much cost.

    • Maurice O
      Maurice O 2 years ago +17

      To be honest if he would sell, he would have to sel it as an underground apocalyptic bunker with a house with 3 bedrooms,2 bathrooms,1 living room and a solid shed. Acording to UK reall estate laws lol. If you have a bunker attach too your house. You have too sell it as a bunker with a house. Someting left from WWII i think

  • Leon
    Leon 2 years ago

    I’ve never been so interested watching a shed get built

  • byw
    byw 2 years ago

    I watched this video years ago and was critical of how you built it.
    And watching it again I'm face palming again.
    Maybe things are just built different over there but jeez. You'd think as a plumber you've seen a lot of framing.

  • mark thomas
    mark thomas 3 years ago +3

    Hi Colin what did you use across the ridge of the roof ? Was it lead flashing ? If so how did you fix down the flashing

  • Irfan
    Irfan 2 years ago

    Awesome shed ! What colour did you use to paint the shed Colin? Which brand aswell please. I need paint mine and im using this video for inspiration for my shed build. :-)

  • fmobus
    fmobus Year ago

    I honestly half expected you to build an actually solid shed, as in, entirely filled with material inside

  • JoannaH 2405
    JoannaH 2405 2 years ago

    Amazing well done!!

    CHRIS BROESKY Year ago +1

    Nice. I do the same when I frame, pre-drill everything.

  • rolar
    rolar 3 years ago +29

    The bottom wooden rule in the walls has probably rotted now.
    Normally you put a rubber strip underneath, alternatively, roofing paper between the wooden bars and in your case, the bricks.
    If you have them in pressure-impregnated wood, it will last even longer

    • Lydia Anderson
      Lydia Anderson Year ago

      @Hello Ronnie Larsson, How are you doing?

    • AJ
      AJ 3 years ago +3

      just put DPC membrane on the engineering bricks before you put down your wood and you'll be fine.

    • iamaparanoidandroid
      iamaparanoidandroid 3 years ago +2

      Agreed, that's probably the only bit where the wood should have been tanalised.

  • Fred7640
    Fred7640 2 years ago

    trés jolie cabane ! trés bon travail ! Bravo

  • akaday
    akaday 2 years ago

    Was that membrane breathable or not, looks like normal membrane, if it’s normal membrane have you had any issues with rot or mould? Building one now and just wanted some advice. Quality build fella.Cheers

  • Jacob Nederskov Andersen

    Love your broadcasts, especially the ones with the bunker.
    And there were some great ideas in your shed.
    But do you not lack tar between your roof tiles on the shed?
    (Thank you Google translate)

  • Mark Wells
    Mark Wells 2 years ago

    Just built my shed with the same methods. Solid shed. Only difference I used a true 75x50mm timber. So the feather edge sticks out slightly from the 100mm post. Think Colin must have used 75x50mm nominal?

  • Philip Roper
    Philip Roper 2 years ago

    Hi Colin, do you have any plans / dimensions for the shed please? Cheers, Phil

  • Fortnite
    Fortnite Year ago

    This is mint mate fair doos. Out of internet if you were making that for someone what labour would you charge on top of the cost, I’d love to make something like that in my garden

  • Michael Ord
    Michael Ord 2 years ago

    Class video :)
    What colour did you stain the shed ?

  • robleake
    robleake 5 months ago

    Inadvertently made the best shed building tutorial on you tube. I am going to build one soon

  • Alpha Chinoz
    Alpha Chinoz 3 years ago +3

    Omg, this is what I've had in mind for years, actually - making a small (two floor, though) cabin with a basement bunker!

  • Tim Grimes
    Tim Grimes Year ago

    Great job & inspiration, Colin! I'm planning to use the same 4-corner post idea, but with 6x6". Thanks!

  • Dreamsmith
    Dreamsmith 4 months ago

    Love the build, Furze!

  • Roxter Sene
    Roxter Sene Year ago

    Well done Collin You are an inspiration I've just gone past 59 Got a second wind of energy and I will be trying correct that I will be making a shed approx 16ft by 20ft any suggestions are welcome ..May Lord Jesus/Krishna Bless You

  • Emilio Husak
    Emilio Husak 2 years ago

    Estaría bueno si por favor pudieras subtitular en español tus videos. Muchas gracias

  • TK
    TK Year ago

    A SOLID shed, interesting project. I see how you could achieve the Single Responsibility, but how would you meet the requirements of Liskov Substitution? :)

  • Elliot Yamamoto
    Elliot Yamamoto 2 years ago

    Does having this in wood avoid planning permission opposed to brick?