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Seven Minutes Of Ryan Garcia's Greatest Moments In The Ring

  • Published on Apr 1, 2020 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 6 685

  • DAZN Boxing
    DAZN Boxing  Year ago +108

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  • MeLo
    MeLo 2 years ago +9613

    Ryan has homework to do that’s why he finishes his fights so quickly

    • Antonio Raducanu
      Antonio Raducanu 2 years ago +128

      Hes 22

    • Ale2k
      Ale2k 2 years ago +32


    • Ale2k
      Ale2k 2 years ago +411

      @Antonio Raducanu that’s the joke😐

    • 1_Rakoon_1 & 2_Rakoon_2
      1_Rakoon_1 & 2_Rakoon_2 2 years ago +5


    • Ofer Mashiach
      Ofer Mashiach 2 years ago +48

      The only reason he finishes his fights ahead of schedule is because he does his homework. And he's an excellent student. :-)

  • Rhizel khiangte
    Rhizel khiangte 2 years ago +6974

    The first guy was literally dying inside but forced a laugh

  • May-Z
    May-Z 2 years ago +4877

    His combinations are slick, quick, heavy, intuitive, not rehearsed. That's a concern for everyone else.

    • kevin ramirez
      kevin ramirez 2 years ago +11


    • Quentin Cook
      Quentin Cook 2 years ago +54

      Fr dude can fight

    • Mango Coco
      Mango Coco 2 years ago +9

      Who are any off thease boxers never herd off any off them

    • Nisael Torres
      Nisael Torres 2 years ago +38

      @Mango Coco these boxers have actually been boxing in the ring for 4 to 5 years now at least a few a of them

    • Alexandre Payen
      Alexandre Payen 2 years ago +2

      Could not have said better

  • Ambience Of Another World
    Ambience Of Another World 2 years ago +867

    I like the selfcontrol of Ryan, he knows when a battle has finished.

    • SurkularSinisism
      SurkularSinisism Year ago +16

      I mean, in professional boxing, there’s also absolutely no hitting your opponent once they are down so…
      Yeah, sure. He’s controlled.😆

    • Its RX
      Its RX Year ago +4

      @SurkularSinisism He didn’t hit them when they were down, he hit them as they were falling.

    • Robert Arcega
      Robert Arcega 10 months ago


  • Abwehr11
    Abwehr11 2 years ago +2595

    The second guy's dodging was freaking amazing.

    • DFS
      DFS 2 years ago +236

      I think he performed best out of the other opponents in the video

    • Whayle
      Whayle 2 years ago +127

      I mean like he def wasn't no Muhammad ali and he did get swept but yeah he DID have some swift dodges there 👌

    • sb
      sb 2 years ago +3


    • Mason Gallagher
      Mason Gallagher 2 years ago +42

      Ye, it would look way smoother if he remained eye contact with Ryan and kept his head up

    • BlueMenace
      BlueMenace 2 years ago +8

      Still got Koed

  • Young Jon
    Young Jon 2 years ago +952

    Imagine picking a fight with him in middle school

    • RH
      RH Year ago +38

      He actually got bullied a ton

    • Anindya Sundar Gogoi
      Anindya Sundar Gogoi Year ago +57

      Dude fights inside the ring and outside are very different.

    • WillFelter
      WillFelter Year ago +11

      @Anindya Sundar Gogoi true I do boxing at victory’s club and this year I only got into 1 fight because I got stabbed with a pencil and are rule there is 3 fights and your kicket off

    • Its RX
      Its RX Year ago

      @Anindya Sundar Gogoi 💥🥊🥊💯🔥

    • carlos herbert
      carlos herbert Year ago +1

      I did, knocked him out within 10 seconds mate

  • Nathan Huizar
    Nathan Huizar 2 years ago +3261

    7 minutes of Ryan Garcia's greatest moments, more like all his moments in the ring considering how quick his matches end😂 Dude is an absolute beast!

    • Arturo Estrada
      Arturo Estrada 2 years ago +59

      Nathan Huizar i mean look at the bums he’s fighting 😂🤣idk how that makes him a beast knocking out taxi drivers

    • jeff smith
      jeff smith 2 years ago +36

      the sad truth lol slow down connor is leagues above him

    • roberto5red5rocky
      roberto5red5rocky 2 years ago +12

      if only we can see him fight a boxer who has ever beaten someone

    • DarK_ MeziaH
      DarK_ MeziaH 2 years ago +2

      @roberto5red5rocky ryan garcia need To face Pacman

  • Jesse James
    Jesse James 2 years ago +632

    I gained so much respect for Ryan Garcia after seeing the way he handled Rodriguez's taunts. He kept his poise and let his fists do the talking.

    • Nisael Torres
      Nisael Torres 2 years ago +23

      Yo mark my word this kid is going to the top of boxing

    • Eano Spriggan
      Eano Spriggan 2 years ago +14

      He wants to be the next Manny

    • cash money
      cash money 2 years ago +4

      i love manny but yes this kid is gonna be the next pacuqiao 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • Charely1925
    Charely1925 2 years ago +197

    Can we give Lopez some love? Though he lost, he weathered all those punches like a trooper. I'm amazed he stayed on his feet for as long as he did.

    • Steven Stynze
      Steven Stynze Year ago +3

      i was thinking the same thing! what a way to go down

    • dpeezy fire
      dpeezy fire Year ago +1

      That the problem take some hits and look for the counter not saying take the hits directly just keep your guard up and look for the counter

    • Charely1925
      Charely1925 9 months ago

      Bdhd Hshshs Rabbit punches are a brutal thing.

  • Anthony Roman
    Anthony Roman Year ago +675

    I don’t think the bullies from Ryan’s high school wanna catch his hands 💀

    • LWB Greenboy
      LWB Greenboy Year ago +12

      They wouldn't catch them fists he flash.jr

  • Mike Jimenez
    Mike Jimenez 2 years ago +2408

    “i may not speak spanish, but i got that mexican blood in me” same ryan, same

    • someramdomgirlwatchinyoutube
      someramdomgirlwatchinyoutube 2 years ago +58

      You have that kind of fighting spirit? Amazing.
      Just so you know, I'm being sarcastic. This Mike Jimenez guy doesn't even look remotely close to a fighter.

    • banana sause
      banana sause 2 years ago +72

      I can speak Spanish with Mexican blood too

    • RHLM
      RHLM 2 years ago +115

      Con el pinche nopal en la frente no mames guey 🤣🤣

    • Z
      Z 2 years ago +23

      i’m white but gotta have some of mexican blood in me too.

    • jordan
      jordan 2 years ago +7

      At least you got the spirit, thats all that matters💪

  • m c
    m c 2 years ago +5571

    The first guy is the type of person who call you cheater when he's losing in a videogame

  • Antreas Theofanous
    Antreas Theofanous 2 years ago +78

    His explosiveness is remarkable.his punches look normal but have a supernatural impact.amazing.cannot wait to see his future.a true boxer elite.

    • Marc  A
      Marc A 2 months ago +1

      Timing amd explosiveness

  • Juan Ignacio Flores Olayo

    Almiró este joven García Motiva a jóvenes como yo y como el a hacer deporte Siempre para delante nada para atrás

  • michel vandermeiren
    michel vandermeiren Year ago +17

    He hits fast and hard and he can still improve accuracy just a bit. What a champion !

  • Out back Boys
    Out back Boys 2 years ago +334

    Fly like a butterfly sting like a bee he took those quotes to heart

    • BOTO
      BOTO 2 years ago +35


    • Bradley Butler
      Bradley Butler 2 years ago +15

      Got the quote wrong mate

    • DatBoi Josh
      DatBoi Josh 2 years ago +1

      @Bradley Butler 😂😂🤫

    • LobsterBlacc
      LobsterBlacc 2 years ago +2

      You've been watching this as long as he's been fighting. Got it

    • Jaxon Goss
      Jaxon Goss 2 years ago


  • Noneofyourbusiness
    Noneofyourbusiness 2 years ago +36

    That last knock out was all film study. Garcia knew what was gonna come, invited the simple one two with a low head and basically countered the attack before it hit. Superb 👌

    • Ty Goat
      Ty Goat 10 months ago

      Same thing I was thinking he was setting that punch up

  • YyuyU
    YyuyU 2 years ago +3152

    The first guy is the epitomy of the crying guy with a smiley mask meme.

    • Winter
      Winter 2 years ago +30

      I was about to comment the same thing

    • Majuro Cayone
      Majuro Cayone 2 years ago +4

      Killer from one piece you mean?

    • Cheesy Mac
      Cheesy Mac 2 years ago +1

      Man looks like ludacris 😳

    • waynicliz
      waynicliz 2 years ago

      @Majuro Cayone killer refrence noice

    • Tomas Arvizu
      Tomas Arvizu 2 years ago

      It's a skinny Jay Z

  • Edmund
    Edmund 8 months ago +6

    He is a very underrated and humble boxer, very determined, i would just accept my fate if i were in the ring with him

  • Mosun
    Mosun 8 months ago +10

    His speed, accuracy, movement, all very impressive, but his timing and composure is even more so.

  • Welp
    Welp 2 years ago +9

    I'm looking forward to this young man's career dominating the boxing world.

  • it's me ash
    it's me ash 10 months ago +1

    Man he really can through such hard hooks from short distance,,impressive

  • Anthony Cruz
    Anthony Cruz 3 years ago +5071

    4:37 “he’s got speed, power, looks, charisma, the whole package” didn’t know I was watching the bachelor.

    • Malcolm Summers
      Malcolm Summers 3 years ago +83

      Anthony Cruz why would speed and power be mentioned on the bachelor

    • Anthony Cruz
      Anthony Cruz 3 years ago +254

      Malcolm Summers gets the job done quickly 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Fake Email
      Fake Email 3 years ago +142

      @Malcolm Summers For the bed work

    • A A
      A A 3 years ago +7


    • Runhiz
      Runhiz 3 years ago +11


  • IpappiM
    IpappiM 2 years ago +142

    I like how ryan is so merciless in the ring yet so humble outside of it

      ANNETTE RODRIGUEZ 2 years ago +11

      He not

    • IpappiM
      IpappiM 2 years ago +1

      @ANNETTE RODRIGUEZ ur grammar not right n either

    • jnrj
      jnrj 2 years ago +3

      @IpappiM he the exact opposite of humble

    • Max Jung
      Max Jung Year ago

      @jnrj how so?

    • dark nova
      dark nova Year ago

      @jnrj how

  • Wrzód 00
    Wrzód 00 2 years ago +1

    Aż miło popatrzeć na czasy świetności Marcina Najmana w boksie
    Był zbyt dobry by polak docenił

  • Robin
    Robin Year ago +1

    His counterattacks are on point, insane speed

  • MJorgy5
    MJorgy5 2 years ago +2

    THAT is what you call star power. Quick hands and knockout power in one package.

  • Byron Morton
    Byron Morton 7 months ago +4

    That last KO is insane🔥🔥🔥

  • MikieTheKidd
    MikieTheKidd 2 years ago +1743

    Y'all seen how he be punching the pad on someone's chest imagine how it feels on their face

    • Patrick Aaron Caoagdan
      Patrick Aaron Caoagdan 2 years ago +91

      And someone said on tiktok " that's not even hard"

    • Matt Wonders
      Matt Wonders 2 years ago +22

      Any pro boxer/ mma fighter can do that

    • MAE
      MAE 2 years ago +32

      Matt not any

    • Matt Wonders
      Matt Wonders 2 years ago +4

      MAE you don’t think cowboy can hit that hard?? Your tripping

    • Krama Nabeel
      Krama Nabeel 2 years ago +47

      @Matt Wonders Bro you're right but check his age... obviously cowboy can hit like he does. But see the experience, age cowboy has. This dude is still young bruh. Not even attained his prime.

  • Novishaa
    Novishaa 2 years ago +2

    Ryan fights with his heart, has illegal speed, crazy power and is crazy agressive, most importantly you can see that he is not scared at all but is concerned of the opponents threat.

  • MX TW
    MX TW Year ago +1

    His style reminds me of Ali with the low hands, minimal telegraphing, and strong snap with minimal weight/leaning behind the punches

  • frankswildyear
    frankswildyear Year ago +1

    Last time a fighter caught my attention like Ryan Garcia, is the first time I saw Pacquiao when I had no idea who he was. Ryan fights with intelligence and speed

  • Flávio 27
    Flávio 27 2 years ago +1

    Bom dia !!!!
    Absolutamente fantástico.
    Muito rápido, impossível de ver de onde vem o golpe.
    Muito obrigado pelo vídeo e parabéns pelo canal.
    Abraço do Brasil........

  • JF. deodatti
    JF. deodatti 2 years ago +1

    Mis Respetos al Futuro del Boxeo

  • Daniel Chigurh
    Daniel Chigurh 3 years ago +3205

    Evolution of Rodriguiez:
    1) Smile
    2) Fall
    3) Cry

    • Wilbur Ash
      Wilbur Ash 3 years ago +26

      I like that. That's funny

    • Acoustic
      Acoustic 3 years ago +23

      I kinda felt bad for the bloke 😫

    • Joyzzy
      Joyzzy 3 years ago +9

      hahaha exactly like 2 year old children do

    • Apex Berlinetta
      Apex Berlinetta 3 years ago +14

      He tried mocking him because he’s younger

  • AstralMirage635
    AstralMirage635 2 years ago +1

    Ryan is the meaning of a fighting Beast

  • thatchickxox1089
    thatchickxox1089 2 years ago

    He has so much power in his punches that there deadly. One of the hardest hitters in the boxing world all he has to do is work on his speed a little bit and thats it. He's gonna be one of the greatest a future hall of famer for sure.

  • Jehangir Pirzada
    Jehangir Pirzada Year ago +1

    You can tell Ryan studies his opponents. That last guy, Ryan knew he was going to jab with the left and then come with the right and he had the left hook ready. But he is also fast enough to make that a knock out punch. That last one was beautiful.

  • Joker Gunser
    Joker Gunser 2 years ago +30

    7:00 that’s some serious super sonic move, he can land a punch first even loose the starting time

  • Miggy Mann
    Miggy Mann Year ago +1

    The speed of those little guys is just super and the follow through is rewarding. Don't just hit something... Hit past it.

  • Huckleberry
    Huckleberry 4 months ago +5

    Ryan Garcia is a phenom but Gervonta Davis is going to send this kid into the next stratosphere…into the shadow realm! They both have slick and tricky foot work, both have speed timing and precision. Both are tremendous counter strikers. The difference is the KO power Gervonta generates in comparison to Ryan. In my humble opinion, there is no comparison.

    • Pedri Demperi
      Pedri Demperi 2 months ago +4

      All of those Davis powestrokes are in countering. He hasn't tasted powerful accurate combos yet.

  • Baby Playmaker
    Baby Playmaker 2 years ago +145

    When Ryan opponents start gaining confidence for some reason he gets mad and just turn into a totally different monster.

    • ChampagnePapi
      ChampagnePapi 2 years ago +6

      No monster is unbreakable, the sooner or later he'll get taken down

    • Randomguy123
      Randomguy123 2 years ago

      He enters a different consciousness inside the ring

    • Jeffrey Pimentel
      Jeffrey Pimentel 2 years ago

      Dont do that to a counterpuncher

  • Kenni
    Kenni 2 years ago +30

    I like Garcia’s energy and confidence

  • vagos 13
    vagos 13 Year ago

    Orgullo mexicano chingao 🇲🇽

  • Whyinem
    Whyinem 2 years ago

    Wish him all the best! Hopefully many more wins to come!

  • 209
    209 Year ago

    Last time I seen you you seen how happy I was for this victory. You were with me. Rest In Peace Tatyanna🖤

  • Abdul Wahid
    Abdul Wahid 2 years ago +3352

    Guaranteed... Ryan's first loss is going to come from someone who can fight on the inside. He throws a lot of "air balls" in his combos. A counter puncher will capitalize.

  • Light Yagami
    Light Yagami 2 years ago +1

    Just love the fighting spirit of this dude. I want this dude to see as the legend of boxing.

  • Malphas Mikaelson
    Malphas Mikaelson 2 years ago

    Garcia has a great combination of speed and power, he's getting better and better during this video. But every time his shots land you hear a lot of noise. I think he has the ability to beat anyone in his division.

  • Dan KH6DAN
    Dan KH6DAN Year ago +2

    It's amazing how he catches you coming in. Then when you try to recover he's just relentless. Abadee abadee abadee that's all folks.

  • Vero Mora
    Vero Mora 2 years ago

    Been following Ryan Garcia for 2 years now and I can tell he will be a big name!

  • SlamClamBigelow
    SlamClamBigelow 4 months ago

    Not only did we get this seven min masterpiece about Garcia, we got a bonus thirty-six seconds also.

  • Khaphung Jingdam
    Khaphung Jingdam 2 years ago +1477

    This 22 old dude is killing it and here I'm 23 old wasting life.

    • Khaphung Jingdam
      Khaphung Jingdam 2 years ago +2

      I am rad Haha...Wbu

    • Potato Wedges
      Potato Wedges 2 years ago +69

      You got this man, get back up man, you can do this.

    • Joel Jackle
      Joel Jackle 2 years ago +25

      You got this bro! Keep ur head up, stay focused, follow your goals👊🏼

    • john jacob jingleheimer schmidt
      john jacob jingleheimer schmidt 2 years ago +38

      You're still young bro what are you talking about. I'm in my late 30's I'd wish to be 23 again😭

    • The Son Man
      The Son Man 2 years ago +3

      Come on MAN!!

  • VloneRakim🤘🏼
    VloneRakim🤘🏼 2 years ago +9

    He's talented . Once he hits his combination you know it's over .

  • Edwin Calle
    Edwin Calle 2 years ago

    Me gustaría que le den este mensaje a Ryan García que siga así siempre humilde que nunca cambie porque sólo siendo siempre humilde va a llegar mucho más lejos de lo que saludos y bendiciones de parte de Edwin Burbano conocido artísticamente como slay de ecuador El triunfo

  • Kibaba lefobaki
    Kibaba lefobaki 10 months ago +1

    One of the greatest of all time!

  • Jenna Lavena
    Jenna Lavena 11 months ago

    that first uppercut Ryan was able to make was crazy, his hands are fast af. if he wanted to hit someone I bet they wouldn't see it coming

  • Dale wilson
    Dale wilson Year ago

    That last knock out was deadly 👊

  • Ur Dad
    Ur Dad 2 years ago +3536

    Imagine being a pro boxer, and losing to someone who looks like a 13 yr old lol🤣

    • SgS Clan
      SgS Clan 2 years ago +6


    • XxketamineaddictxX
      XxketamineaddictxX 2 years ago +33

      idk man there was barrera

    • CreamofTheCrop
      CreamofTheCrop 2 years ago +49

      Yea he shaves but if he grows out a stubble beird he looks like Superman he should get a beard

    • 100 Cents
      100 Cents 2 years ago +90

      Bruh this is featherweight boxing not heavyweight

    • ttt ttt
      ttt ttt 2 years ago +10

      Mr. ET 5'10 13 year old sounds about righhht

  • Hector Cardoza
    Hector Cardoza 2 years ago +4

    No hablo español pero tenga la Sangre Mexicana en mi y es lo que importa"
    He's a badass fighter & represent Our Raza,Viva Mexico

  • David Vacarciuc
    David Vacarciuc 2 years ago

    How can a man be this fast at punching? Incredible!

  • Raimen
    Raimen Year ago +1

    6:23 the fact that you can barely see the punch is crazy

  • Mario Jaramillo
    Mario Jaramillo 2 years ago +1

    This kid has a lot of potential. Fast with a lot of power.

  • Fuma Kaiko
    Fuma Kaiko Month ago +1

    Much respect for you Ryan you still the champ 🏆

  • Wolken
    Wolken 2 years ago +432

    7:00 extra ordinary reflexes. The way he reads his opponent's movement is superb!

    • O X
      O X 2 years ago +10

      At that point for him it’s all instinct that’s what happens when all you do is box

    • Ousama Berrag
      Ousama Berrag 2 years ago +8

      I was skeptical of the pretty boy at first, but that knock out convinced me. Incredible timing and reflex!

    • Toasted Bread
      Toasted Bread 2 years ago +1

      Lol watch muhammad ali

    • Wolken
      Wolken 2 years ago +5

      @Toasted Bread r u really comparing this kid to that legend?

    • bob baker
      bob baker 2 years ago +3

      @Ousama Berrag are you kidding? When I first saw this guy practicing like 5 years ago on a video, I knew right off the bat he was going to walk through all his opponents....and it looks like I was right. Also, it wasnt only his reflexes he just used, he saw that opening coming from a mile away, he actually baited him into that knock out punch by pretending to defend/put his arms up for a split second to "block" the combo. This kid is a phenom.

  • Last Rumbler
    Last Rumbler 2 months ago +1

    his connection to speed an power is killer,some elite stuff there

  • Jordan Catalan
    Jordan Catalan 2 years ago +335

    6:58 The guy on bottom right paid thousands to miss the KO perfectly

    • Breeze
      Breeze 2 years ago +19


    • Young Floki
      Young Floki 2 years ago +7

      Johnny Sins at the bottom right as well

    • Chalil Barber
      Chalil Barber 2 years ago +1

      @Young Floki 6999

    • Chalil Barber
      Chalil Barber 2 years ago

      @Young Floki 自己…

    • Loading
      Loading Year ago +1

      he was using his camera so he captured the KO perfectly

  • Sam I am
    Sam I am 8 months ago

    Garcia has got such great reach.....and he knows how to take advantage of it.....its those punches from far back that win him the fights.....


    Cerca de 98 % DOS Lutadores dessa categoria já se Tornaram Amadores em Comparação ao Fierce King 🥇✔💰 Ryan Garcia !!!

  • Terrance Kattes
    Terrance Kattes Year ago +1

    I don't think that he has enough for gervontae davis but this kid has a nice technique specially given he's 21 years of age

  • LikedCascade
    LikedCascade  3 years ago +20

    An absolute superstar in the game. It' gives me hope for boxing - seeing motivation from a fighter this young

  • FreeThinker
    FreeThinker 2 years ago

    *Ryan Garcia is almost a complete fighter... one thing he needs to improve is his head movement. Once he masters that, he'll be really hard to beat. Cuz he's got the speed, power, timing and precision. And he's a deadly counter puncher.*

  • electricprince98
    electricprince98 2 years ago

    6:22 Literally Deadly. The other boxer that died had his eyes rolled back hard, too.

  • Luis Sanchez
    Luis Sanchez Year ago +12

    He boxes well, has the hand speeds, a great left hook. But he will need to keep his hands up when he fights Tank Davis.

  • Larry Norman
    Larry Norman 2 years ago +1

    The contemporary Oscar De La Hoya !!!! Amazing how generation’s repeat themselves!!!!

    • Freddie With The Vests
      Freddie With The Vests 11 months ago

      I know right. Eerie. Just shows you it’s the training - the players change but game stays the same.

  • Saivion
    Saivion 2 years ago +1506

    jake should fight this guy, so i can finally see him fall.

    • Jrizzle
      Jrizzle 2 years ago +77

      thats the worst thing, he is a friend of jake paul so its unlikely unless they have some sorta beef

    • Haroon Khan
      Haroon Khan 2 years ago +115

      So you’re saying it takes an elite level fighter to put Jake down? That’s a compliment to him lol

    • Saivion
      Saivion 2 years ago +70

      @Haroon Khan nah i’m just tired of him fighting bums that can’t box.

    • Coding with Python
      Coding with Python 2 years ago +1

      @Haroon Khan 😂😂😂

    • Haroon Khan
      Haroon Khan 2 years ago +16

      @Saivion he’s fighting Woodley now who has striking experience unlike funky Ben lol but also has knockout POWER. Should be interesting

  • Alfredo Trujillo
    Alfredo Trujillo 3 years ago +1575

    "I may not speak Spanish." Never too late to learn my guy.

    • Black Blood Cell
      Black Blood Cell 3 years ago +28


    • 1eljugo
      1eljugo 3 years ago +153

      There's a great scene in the movie "Selena" where the dad explains how you'll get eaten alive if you don't speak perfect Spanish in Mexico. You gotta be more Mexican than the Mexicans, you gotta be more American than the Americans. Both at the same time. It's exhausting! Awesome scene...and the story of my life!

    • MrD3vitamin
      MrD3vitamin 2 years ago +8

      jehovers he definitly got some spanish in him

    • lou Albino
      lou Albino 2 years ago +34

      jehovers That kid clearly has Spanish blood in him. No native is able to grow to that height without help from others. 😂

    • Emmy Whiten
      Emmy Whiten 2 years ago +8

      I mean this is America and our first language is English

  • Thiago Henrique
    Thiago Henrique 2 years ago

    É o melhor!!

  • stack0413
    stack0413 2 years ago +4

    He’s actually a really nice kid! Best of luck Ryan!

  • Peppermint
    Peppermint 9 months ago

    I hope he don’t get taken over by his ego or anything , hope he stays to the ground and be humble and be great!

  • Don Merguez
    Don Merguez 2 years ago

    Woah! this the first time i watch Garcia and i don't regret it! Excellent speed, accurate, will power burning in his eyes!

  • Ace Par
    Ace Par 2 years ago +80

    5:07 the guy who trained for hundred's of years vs the guy who learned the power of friendship

  • Geofazo1
    Geofazo1 3 years ago +593

    That Fonseca ko was nasty you can see him waiting for him to throw that jab , he slipped it and timed it perfectly 👌

    • BardockThaRawest
      BardockThaRawest 3 years ago +9

      I couldn't believe he split his 1-2 like that

    • G Bruce III
      G Bruce III 3 years ago +5

      fonseca hedd bouncd like a basketball 🏀 lol

    • Geofazo1
      Geofazo1 3 years ago +4

      BardockThaRawest timing baby that’s all it is , you can actually take a hard right hand in between but the purpose is to hit him when he’s not even expecting it

    • Henry Dickerson
      Henry Dickerson 3 years ago +11

      Exactly. King Ry has a boxing acumen far beyond his years. If I were other boxers from 135 to 154, I'd be very worried. Barring an early career ending injury, he's going to be a Hall of Famer and multiple division champion.

    • Henry Dickerson
      Henry Dickerson 3 years ago +6

      We all die Anyway Honestly, I think Oscar de la Hoya is his better mentor simply because he's no longer an active boxer and can focus more on developing him. Garcia has a Hall of Famer and a future Hall of Famer on his side. Oscar and Canelo provide a wealth of experience at the top. That experience is probably worth as much as his lucrative contract.

  • Dustin McCoy
    Dustin McCoy 2 years ago +1

    Vicious left hook lord have mercy that knockout was clean I could watch it over and over

  • AIR 666
    AIR 666 Year ago +4

    This guys the real deal. The look in his eyes. Sheer focus. He was born for this

  • El Profanador De Culos
    El Profanador De Culos 3 years ago +605

    Imagine starting a bar fight with Ryan, thinking he's just a 16 year old teenager that you're going to beat easily...

    • Dylan M
      Dylan M 3 years ago +146

      Why would a 16 year old be in a bar

    • Beto24
      Beto24 3 years ago +38

      Dylan M He means that because Ryan looks like a kid

    • whey protien
      whey protien 3 years ago +21

      mac andrews yeah boxing different from fighting put hands on him he going for a ride

    • kristina brown
      kristina brown 3 years ago +5

      @mac andrews He's got actual skill

  • Thais ionara
    Thais ionara Year ago

    Como o Ryan é rápido!!!!

  • Vigilante
    Vigilante 2 years ago +1

    A lot of people like to hate on Garcia but hes a dangerous puncher that knows how to put combinations together and has great hand speed. Hes def gonna be a problem for anyone.

  • Hasdaboss22
    Hasdaboss22 Year ago +1

    Idk why but seeing Logan pop up shocked as can be made me laugh so hard 😂

  • Lord water Farts
    Lord water Farts 3 years ago +530

    I remember seeing him on yt with title like 'fastest boxer' but he was only like 17 - 18 so I didn't take it too serious but now I see he's the next generation putting on for the yungans 💯💯💪

    • Full Bull
      Full Bull 3 years ago

      Indeed, even his style of fighting is similar to Tyson Fury. Soon he’ll become the first ever mexican welterweight champion.

    • Luka Pop
      Luka Pop 3 years ago +5

      Full Minsp canelo?

    • A. Med
      A. Med 3 years ago


    • Abdallah Abu-Hawash
      Abdallah Abu-Hawash 3 years ago

      First time I saw him on a boxing fan page on IG in 2017, I was impressed by his speed but after signing with the Canelo team he turned into a beast.

    • Joshua Griffis
      Joshua Griffis 2 years ago

      Full Minsp he’s a lightweight 135. Welter weight is 147.

  • tOT
    tOT 2 years ago +8

    I've been watching boxing for a long time and I can undoubtedly say that Ryan's boxing is the most entertaining

  • Juank Perú
    Juank Perú 2 years ago +2

    Soy Peruano, viva México cabrones.
    Tierra de grandes cantantes y boxeadores 😎❤

    SPORTS BETTORS 6 months ago

    He Gives me De la Hoya vibes when De La Hoya was in his Prime!

  • Regie
    Regie Year ago

    Ryan Garcia is so inspirational

  • Keane Gong
    Keane Gong Year ago

    Ryan physically hurts me with what he achieved but younger than me, while i am still counting pay days .

    PACKLYFE_NYC 2 years ago

    Wow Ryan’s speed and accuracy is excellent. Everybody talking about issues for inside boxing, dude didn’t even have to play inside boxing so far at all why would he 😂

  • duma.
    duma. 2 years ago +208

    Logan’s reaction was priceless after the knockout

  • G Longoria
    G Longoria 2 years ago

    This kid is WELL TRAINED! Very patient and meticulous.

  • Regardless!!!
    Regardless!!! Year ago

    Reminds me of a young Manny Pacquiao. Reckless and Raw Power.