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Iman Shumpert: LeBron's Superpower is His Basketball IQ, It's Scary (Part 10)

  • Published on Mar 22, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Part 11: • Iman Shumpert Details ...
    Part 9: • Iman Shumpert: Carmelo...
    Part 1: • Iman Shumpert: I Watch...
    In this clip, Iman Shumpert started out by sharing a story about stepping to Carmelo his rookie year for not passing him the ball when he was open during a game. Iman explained that things got heated, but Carmelo explained to Iman that he worked on instances that were presented in the game, which Iman said he respected. He went on to detail going to Cleveland and playing with LeBron, who Iman says has a huge basketball IQ, and feeling like he was a girl in between two friends. While speaking about LeBron's high basketball IG, Iman says LeBron knows all of his teams plays along with the opponents. Iman added that it's "crazy" how LeBron can get his whole team on the same page, which you can hear more about above.
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  • kingtise
    kingtise 3 years ago +6057

    That was probably the most in depth explanation of what it’s like playing with LeBron & his IQ I’ve ever seen so far. That was impressive Shump ✊🏽

    • Preston Wingate
      Preston Wingate 3 years ago +23

      kingtise agree!

    • ddp540
      ddp540 3 years ago +133

      Facts...i know exactly what play hes talking about with that baseline behind the back cross court pass🤯🤯

    • Coach Love
      Coach Love 3 years ago +38

      Blew my fuckin mind bro 🤯

    • kingtise
      kingtise 3 years ago +86

      Preston Wingate Interviewer did a great job letting him talk too. Think even he was surprised by how in depth he went. There’s a million questions he could’ve asked had he expected Shump to do that

    • Patrick
      Patrick 3 years ago +33

      Best story teller of how things happen on the court...!

  • Screw You
    Screw You 3 years ago +4847

    Damn I felt like I was in court with Lebron there. Shump is a good story teller.

    • Ethan Brewster
      Ethan Brewster 3 years ago +32

      On God he is

    • Ant
      Ant 3 years ago +165

      Lmfao that’s a fact 😂 I was about to open my hands like “I’m ready to catch and shoot”

    • sd
      sd 3 years ago +11

      Ant C 😭😭😭😭😭

    • The Flight Club Worldwide
      The Flight Club Worldwide 3 years ago +23

      That’s that Chicago in him! 😂

  • Maine
    Maine 3 years ago +3885

    Regardless of his finals record, there's a reason he's been there 9 times in 16 years. That is legendary in itself.

    • Chris Butler
      Chris Butler 3 years ago +367

      Maine championships are a team accomplishment, people don’t seem to understand that.

    • mimicduzit
      mimicduzit 3 years ago +41

      Thank you...now how many times have k.d n khawi been there n also conference finals count them up

    • ZBT
      ZBT 3 years ago +36

      mimicduzit they play in the west tho... Do you really think lebron in the west gets to the finals that many times? It’s a lot harder for KD and kawhi to get to the finals. The first season Kawhi is in the east he wins the championship

    • Chris Butler
      Chris Butler 3 years ago +85

      ZBT nigga stop it. Kawhi had Gasol, Lowry, Ibaka, Green, and Siakam. Plus they were the number one seed for the past three years before that lol

    • thekiddsean330
      thekiddsean330 3 years ago +8

      Nigga do you understand how many hall of fame players he played with

  • imightbe
    imightbe 3 years ago +219

    People really don’t realize how special LeBron really is. He’s a different level of talent; one that’s never been seen before. It’s crazy.

  • lord Beerus
    lord Beerus 3 years ago +2716

    We'll appreciate LeBron more when he retires after we did it with kobe

    • brodieben1
      brodieben1 3 years ago +52

      I really hope so.He is one of the best that i have ever seen play the game.I appreciate him now.The man is legendary 👍

    • thekiddsean330
      thekiddsean330 3 years ago +9

      I doubt he ruined the league kobe was loyal and never chase rings like him

    • lord Beerus
      lord Beerus 3 years ago +68

      @thekiddsean330 Kobe was hated!!!!!! Say whatever u want but that was facts!!!! It wasn't till towards the end he got love. That's what I was refering too.

    • Jason Kamara
      Jason Kamara 3 years ago +29

      Kobe wasn't appreciated until he passed away...the media n social media included eliminated him from the goat conversation up until his demise...he was hated when he played n ignored when he retired...but people forget...the convo was Kobe vs Jordan on ESPN b4 ESPN became the LeBron apologist station...lol

  • Bell Shows
    Bell Shows 3 years ago +2356

    6'9" 270, runs like a gazelle and all anyone talks about is his brain 🤲🏾

    • Joshua McRae
      Joshua McRae 3 years ago +83

      That's crazy

    • Rap Artist
      Rap Artist 3 years ago +57

      Bell Shows he 250 now he used to be 270 when he first came back

    • Kingsley Boerz
      Kingsley Boerz 3 years ago +23

      He a complete freak!

    • Isaiah Smith
      Isaiah Smith 3 years ago +9

      He’s 6’7 for 1, he only weighs 250

  • K Dazee
    K Dazee 3 years ago +9215

    Lebron stories from other players gon be crazy when he retires

  • elgrays19
    elgrays19 3 years ago +157

    This almost as good as when Andre Berto broke down his fight with Mayweather. The respect and how specific they get when describing the GOATS in the moment. Appreciate it 💯 times more when you're actually there and witness it.

    • JP
      JP 3 years ago +4

      I was literally thinking about that as I watched this interview. I go back and watch that Berto interview from time to time cause of how insightful and detailed he got when describing fighting Floyd. I’ll probably do that same with this interview

    • ankevious oliver
      ankevious oliver 3 years ago +2

      Its better

    • beefbwpd
      beefbwpd 3 years ago +1

      Floyd = GOAT, LOLOLOLOLOLO. Silly.

    • ankevious oliver
      ankevious oliver 3 years ago +1

      @beefbwpd na bruh.

  • Mark Readin
    Mark Readin 3 years ago +486

    What is LeBron known for globally across the world? Being a 6'9 physical freak of nature. What is he known for among real hoops fans? Being a savant, unreal basketball IQ was part of why he was a child prodigy

    • Rap Artist
      Rap Artist 3 years ago +12

      Clutch7 chris paul

      PRINCE ZOMBO 3 years ago

      Clutch7 CP3?

    • Vance Hopkins
      Vance Hopkins 3 years ago

      Clutch7 they're agreeing with your OP description, lol. Chris Paul is one of the handful of players LeBron respects as a vision like his own: CP3, Magic, Rondo, J-Kidd, Russ, etc.

  • YvngGoat
    YvngGoat 3 years ago +1044

    LeBron got a PHD in Basketball IQ. 😂

    • Mike Vee
      Mike Vee 3 years ago +39

      YvngGoat I used to hate him so much in Miami but I become a fan once he went back home because he didn’t have to do that . Then proceeds to make 4 more finals like cmon bro . That’s crazy . KD probably hated him for that OKC finals and wanted to return the favor .

  • kalem rhodriguez
    kalem rhodriguez 3 years ago +2050

    I've always said LeBron is the smartest basketball player I ever witness

  • Rusx
    Rusx 3 years ago +7

    This interview, along with the passion we all know he has for the game, brings me joy knowing that LeBron will probably decide to coach after he retires.

  • Jay Harv
    Jay Harv 3 years ago +3

    Much respect to Shump for going in depth and bringing us on the court, great story

  • Underrated 77
    Underrated 77 3 years ago +145

    This is some amazing knowledge Shumpert is is giving out, especially about Bron. Lebron is a wizard and a scientist when it comes to his basketball IQ

    • Theo Burden
      Theo Burden 3 years ago +1

      Reason why he lost 6 times in the finals....they were amazed at his game knowledge and it put them in a fans position on the court which lead them to not understand how to involve themselves in the game with a player's magnitude such as his....lebron is every goat in one....true facts...lol..

  • renny6_actual
    renny6_actual 3 years ago +15

    I’m not a huge NBA fan, but I’m learning, and to see Shump talk about LeBron with such high regard makes me smile. Build up your broski, don’t tear him down. ✊🏽

  • jake snow
    jake snow 3 years ago +12

    man,shump had me rewatch this 5 times, his story telling ability had me locked in, and for the first 3 i actually thought I was in Cleveland catching passes from lebron and setting screens and cutting. # we gon miss bron when it's GONE.

  • Jerado Talbot
    Jerado Talbot 3 years ago +17

    I watched LeBron play the Indiana Pacers in a regular season game in Miami, I was in the nose bleeds. During the game he caught the ball that was going out of bounds with one hand balancing on one foot and from that same position threw a bullet pass thru the key for an easy layup from the three point line.

  • David Walters
    David Walters 3 years ago +189

    Shumpert really been impressing me with his explanations whether it Be what (JR) did in the finals or Kobe and now this he’s really a highly intelligent person...

    • Roy Wenton
      Roy Wenton 3 years ago +6

      David Walters yeah he went to my high school OPRF one of the best high schools in Chicago. He competed in poetry all 4 years there and obviously he’s a rapper today so yeah he’s a great story teller. Great with words. One of the smartest dudes I’ve met

  • Travis G
    Travis G 3 years ago +2423

    So basically LeBron is the Professer X of the NBA

    • Dragon Jay Z
      Dragon Jay Z 3 years ago +75

      Yep cuz even if he was in a wheel chair in the court he still be destroying ppl

    • umar b
      umar b 3 years ago +178

      Kobe might be the better 1 on 1 player but Lebron is the best 1 vs 5 player in league history

    • Memphis Topics & World Newz
      Memphis Topics & World Newz 3 years ago +33

      umar b , why you got to bring up Kobe ? You can’t give LeBron his props with out bringing up another nigga ?

    • cortez smith
      cortez smith 3 years ago

      @Dragon Jay Z lies

    • Mike Vee
      Mike Vee 3 years ago +34

      Travis G he is Professor X in Juggernauts body🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ thats not even fair

  • Jay Thompson
    Jay Thompson 3 years ago +25

    Stories like this will happen more often once Lebron is done playing!!!
    Amazing stories

  • AB Capone
    AB Capone 3 years ago +1410

    This one of the best Lebron stories I’ve heard

    • RedDotRob
      RedDotRob 3 years ago +3

      It’s G Herbo nigga welcome to the Jugghouse

    • KayTheDon
      KayTheDon 3 years ago

      TBouttaBag 😭😭😭

    • AB Capone
      AB Capone 3 years ago

      TBouttaBag yeaaa🔥

    • Irithel Jungle Heart
      Irithel Jungle Heart 3 years ago +1

      That story also from former Cavs GM David Griffin about Lebron telling Patrick Patterson on what to do because he don't know the play

  • Travis Simpkins
    Travis Simpkins 3 years ago +98

    Love the way he explained Lebron 🤣🤣🤣

    THE BIG FREAKING CAT 4 months ago

    Great in-depth conversation, Iman. Out of all the qualities James has, it's his mind and basketball IQ that's his greatest asset!

  • DwadeFL4SHMV3
    DwadeFL4SHMV3 3 years ago +887

    Dudes really disrespected Lebron his whole career, won’t ever be another career like it. Always had the weight of the world on his shoulders.

    • Keith Elliott
      Keith Elliott 3 years ago +4


    • Richie Black
      Richie Black 3 years ago +51

      He's one of the few chosen ones who actually surprassed their expectations

    • Sports n Shorts
      Sports n Shorts 3 years ago +20

      Just him spanking warriors by himself should.be enough he beat the greatest regular season team in nba history basically alone smh he is thy goat

    • AS
      AS 3 years ago +2

      ZenGod Splash he beat Warriors by himself?

  • C. J. Tyler III
    C. J. Tyler III 3 years ago +6

    This was hands down one of, if not, THE best explanations of LeBron All Time Great level IQ

  • Imann Fletcher
    Imann Fletcher Year ago

    Can’t wait for Iman to have a show. He’s a great story teller!

  • Trev WIlliams
    Trev WIlliams 3 years ago +154

    People don’t realize how sharp of a mind LeBron is. If he went to college whatever team he was on would have won a national title.

  • Music Friday
    Music Friday 3 years ago +9

    Getting to the finals 8th straight years shows you his love for the game and how locked in he be

  • pay-it-forward franklin44
    pay-it-forward franklin44 3 years ago +342

    somebody: "he threw a no-look!"
    shumpert: "nawl, he looked"

  • Pizzaiolo Kavesh
    Pizzaiolo Kavesh 3 years ago +2

    This is the respect I got for Lebron! Nobody can say anything. Shump just dropped some scary inside knowledge

  • Robert Downey Jr
    Robert Downey Jr 3 years ago +599

    After he retire, he's gonna be the most expensive head coach of all time.

    • sange yasha
      sange yasha 3 years ago +1


    • Ace de Pica
      Ace de Pica 3 years ago +19

      i dont think he will coach

    • Robert Downey Jr
      Robert Downey Jr 3 years ago +28

      Ace de Pica yeah he will be Lakers or Cavaliers GM

    • PmK96
      PmK96 3 years ago +55

      @Robert Downey Jr He's gonna be an owner, dude's already almost a billionaire

    • Worrystone
      Worrystone 3 years ago +10

      ​@PmK96 he doesn't need to be billionaire. which owner would want to piss of lebron james? Yea none of them. he gon get them teams cheap

  • ItsOffSafety
    ItsOffSafety Year ago +3

    Shum ability to tell stories , the details and his humor is amazing 😂😂

  • khairul hafiz
    khairul hafiz 10 months ago +1

    I can listen to him all day. What story teller.

  • Jhon Agha
    Jhon Agha Year ago +7

    When shump said "Yes Sir!!" I died laughing 😭😭

  • DJB 25
    DJB 25 Year ago +2

    I could listen to Shump tell basketball stories for days 😂

    NÈG LAKAY 3 years ago +195

    Instead of working on his defense and passing, Melo was busy practicing taking Jump shots while double teammed.😂😂😂😂

    • bryan lopez
      bryan lopez 3 years ago

      NÈG LAKAY facts 😂

    • Rap Artist
      Rap Artist 3 years ago

      NÈG LAKAY kobe had to teach him that

    • Rap Artist
      Rap Artist 3 years ago +4

      Clutch7 apparently a lot of people practice defense kawhi leonard lebron Michael jordan kobe bryant just to name a few

    • Rap Artist
      Rap Artist 3 years ago +4

      Clutch7 so you must have never been in a basketball team

    • Rap Artist
      Rap Artist 3 years ago +2

      Clutch7 they do

  • HB Dismuke
    HB Dismuke 3 years ago +6


  • Fire🔥Face
    Fire🔥Face 3 years ago

    Man explained it how i thought he would. LB is a king in ball. May not be the greatest in every time era but hes def a legend in this one. Well deserved words and great interview 💯

  • IRVremy
    IRVremy Year ago

    Why does Shump not have a Podcast already? Every time he tells a story, he makes you feel as though you are there

  • Zay
    Zay 3 years ago +2

    This man is amazing at breaking down stories! I love it. He needs to be a storyteller when he retires or dagone market in storytelling lol

  • bizz 84
    bizz 84 3 years ago +1

    Bruh he tells the best on court stories👌🏼 makes you feel like you there with him watching everything happen 😂🤣

  • b richardson
    b richardson 3 years ago +1

    Bro, this was one of the most enjoyable 8 minute Vlad segments ever. Watered my soul.

  • farrellcityking1
    farrellcityking1 3 years ago +273

    When Lebron retires, the stories players tell are going to be otherworldly.

    • Vg Drent
      Vg Drent 3 years ago +1

      Exactly just like with Michael and Kobe.

  • Jackson
    Jackson 3 years ago

    That Melo story was real af. Absorbing everything that comes your way. Testament to being a good player.

  • Timothy C.
    Timothy C. 11 months ago

    I could listen to Shump tell basketball stories all day long.

  • Paschal Wilborn
    Paschal Wilborn Year ago +2

    Wish every LeBron hater could see this… Speaks volumes on how great he truly is…

  • Tokyo Trap
    Tokyo Trap 2 years ago +3

    This story of how bron sees the game gives me chills!

  • Jason Bright
    Jason Bright 3 years ago +10

    That's why he's in the conversation with the greatest. Great explanation Shump.

  • Andy Simon
    Andy Simon 3 years ago +19

    LeBron is a rare bred!! One of a kind!! Will never be another!! Kudos King!!

    • Andy Simon
      Andy Simon 3 years ago

      Big Balls Still de King!! Will never be a better basketball player even with 3-6 record in the Finals. Lebron faced better competition and by far, better players.

  • B4MAN Productions
    B4MAN Productions 3 years ago

    This story is so good. It actually brings me to tears.

  • Sbo da Handsum
    Sbo da Handsum 3 years ago

    I love this dude his a good story teller and he gives props where they do... that's a king right there

  • JeoLOKO
    JeoLOKO 2 years ago

    You can easily tell Lebron has high basketball intelligence by dominating the league long time he knows what he needs to be doing to improve his teammates like himself he always takes the advantages of his physical physique combining it with his deeper view for the game dude is scary fr he doesn't have all the talent and skills but he's able to gather talents for himself, orchestrated not just his team but the teams front office man that dude is beyond everybody else.

  • Yasumi
    Yasumi 3 years ago +5

    shump is a good story teller man, i felt like i was in the court envisioning his story. props my guy!

  • Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez Year ago +2

    I love how LeBron was always a team player he always knows what’s best for team

  • kedP
    kedP 3 years ago +4422

    Lebron will never get the respect he deserves

    • Lòs Padrè
      Lòs Padrè 3 years ago +151

      Hes really only starting to get his respect recently, but if he keeps balling and winning, itll get louder and louder. Over the years, more and more people have come out and have called him the GOAT and i believe that'll continue

    • GO END
      GO END 3 years ago +28

      @Deandre Ray Isiah Thomas

    • Finesse Fasaad
      Finesse Fasaad 3 years ago +17

      Deandre Ray I’m 26 and he at least number two dawg

  • Richard Mcall
    Richard Mcall 3 years ago +4

    The one thing I love about LeBron James he always make the right play winning or losing a basketball game but always make the right play

  • freepotatoez
    freepotatoez 3 years ago

    No idea why Shump isn’t on a roster. He’s a nice rotation piece and a great locker room guy from what I’ve heard

  • Meditation Mayham
    Meditation Mayham 3 years ago +1

    That is why any team Lebron plays he has such a omnipresent impact because he see’s everything. He is kind of like Goku mastering ultra instinct. Sometimes LeBron does stuff that unless you really understand basketball you’ll never understand what was so special about that. I cant remember the last time Lebron played against a team that was just as good as his and his team lost... other than the games where Lebron just didn’t really care

  • Kimberly Jackson
    Kimberly Jackson 3 years ago

    He's Always going to be the " GOAT" not just for his on the court play as well as his Greatness he gave to his fellow teammates...

  • Test Account
    Test Account 2 years ago +3

    Really wish we had footage of these exact plays he's describing

  • Terry Barnes
    Terry Barnes 3 years ago +3

    The way he was explaining that pass to Kevin love had me dying. It was so fluent.

  • S4h4r4
    S4h4r4 Year ago +5

    "Threw it like a bowling bowl behind his back" 😂

  • #Bboldgaming
    #Bboldgaming 3 years ago +1

    This guy is a God of story telling.

  • jan279
    jan279 3 years ago +1

    I think my respect for LeBron just went up by a hundred after this. Everyone talks about Kobe being an obsessive student of the game, turns out LeBron is the same, but in his own way.

  • Cordero Davis
    Cordero Davis Year ago

    Shumpert is a damn good story teller! He should have his own show frfr!

  • jonah jameson
    jonah jameson Year ago

    Can we have Shump start narrating more. Very intriguing how he explains things.

  • Edgard Benjamin Cruz
    Edgard Benjamin Cruz 3 years ago +1116

    Dont be mad next time, cause you not getting it next time😂😂😂😂

  • iJUDAH Reviews
    iJUDAH Reviews 3 years ago

    I love when Shump tells stories

  • Keith
    Keith 3 years ago

    Shump has great stories, I hope he continues to tell them.

  • Tanner Davis
    Tanner Davis Year ago +11

    Shump might be the best nba story teller I’ve ever listened to, captivating

  • Eclectic Clips
    Eclectic Clips Year ago +22

    4:17 “The Setup”
    4:44 “Basketball IQ”
    5:43 “Yes sir…..bro” - Quote of the Decade
    6:08 Crazy perspective on playing pickup wit Bron
    7:00 “Perfect Play”

  • Jason Calvin
    Jason Calvin 3 years ago +56

    The casual fans will never understand nor appreciate the depth of Lebron's game.

  • Louis De Guzman
    Louis De Guzman 3 years ago +542

    Lebron's IQ is higher than all his haters combined. That's a fact.

  • Face
    Face 3 years ago +2

    Iman has a unique NBA career he played with a lot great teams and players

  • Joshua
    Joshua Year ago +1

    one of the best storytellers of all time

  • Bruno Guedes
    Bruno Guedes 3 years ago +32

    Lebron will always make the best play. He is a chess master making the best choice thinking way ahead of other players. This is something special and teammates know it.

  • BigSnow23
    BigSnow23 3 years ago +43

    It's gon take Lebron dying early to truly get the respect he done earned. People only love you when you die even though they've been diminishing everything while you alive

  • Rossana Glasgow
    Rossana Glasgow 3 years ago +7

    Shumpert explain Le Bron actions accurately. Bron's scary, No one can read the game like he does. The GOAT and MVP

  • Rence Jeorge Rodeo
    Rence Jeorge Rodeo 2 years ago +3

    Iman is the GOAT at Story Telling, he's Kobe story too is so immerse.

  • Common Sense America
    Common Sense America 3 years ago

    He tells some of the best stories.

  • Saggar Squad
    Saggar Squad Year ago

    Shump has the beat stories. Terrific storyteller. 📖

  • Christopher Shanklin
    Christopher Shanklin 3 years ago

    😂😂You can listen to this man all day

  • beefbwpd
    beefbwpd 3 years ago +1

    Melo is easily one of the greatest SCORERS in NBA history. Loved watching him in Denver.

  • Fizzi Fedrizzi
    Fizzi Fedrizzi 3 years ago

    Shump is way more articulate than I realized he is. Wow great story telling skills

  • David Frye
    David Frye 3 years ago +5

    Wow!!!! Loved hearing that. That's what u call a professional. It's not all about how high you can jump or if u can shoot

  • lilwitt420
    lilwitt420 Year ago

    I could hear Shump tell stories all day

  • Trey Hardy
    Trey Hardy 2 years ago +2

    Best story teller in sports 🐐

  • ariamhe 032
    ariamhe 032 2 years ago +2

    I like Shumpert. He's a good storyteller too. 👌👌

  • Badah Bang
    Badah Bang Year ago +2

    Shumps storytelling is incredible, it's so visual.

  • Tay Playz
    Tay Playz 3 years ago

    He is hilarious describing Melo😂😂😂

  • Ra
    Ra 3 years ago +6

    Best Bron story I heard from anybody in the league. Good to see the REAL appreciate him

  • John Sparrow
    John Sparrow Year ago +1

    Shump is a prime storyteller

  • Soul Brother
    Soul Brother 3 years ago

    This is what makes him great! He works on his craft!

  • Major Factor
    Major Factor 3 years ago +1

    You don’t have to be a die hard bron fan but if you’re a true fan of the game you gotta appropriate it. We’re all witnessing greatness don’t take it for granted enjoy it while we can

  • Oyame
    Oyame 3 years ago

    Amazing story, I could see Lebron as a great coach one day.

  • Freya
    Freya 8 months ago +1

    8 minutes felt like 5 minutes, Iman Shumpert, respect

  • Liam Dunn
    Liam Dunn 3 years ago +1152

    shump needs a podcast

    • Andrew Powell
      Andrew Powell 3 years ago +9

      Liam Dunn fax

    • JTR20LLXN
      JTR20LLXN 3 years ago


    • Ace 500
      Ace 500 3 years ago

      Liam Dunn yea that would be dope

    • Fat Man
      Fat Man 3 years ago +9

      Trust Me yeah but Shump is a really good storyteller and he has played with some of the greatest nba players

    • Ian Dunlap
      Ian Dunlap 3 years ago +3

      Liam Dunn he is entertaining af

  • N.R
    N.R Year ago

    Iman is a true story teller

  • carlsong643
    carlsong643 3 years ago +1

    Shump is actually a really good story teller

  • Miah Freeman
    Miah Freeman 3 years ago +1

    Iman is a low-key good story teller.